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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  January 25, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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sent her tumbling rag doll style for 1,000 feet but somehow she came away from the crash unscathed. she just lost everything that was in her backpack. miraculous. thanks for being part of the real story. i'm gretchen carlson. here's shep. it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 p.m. on the east coast where the deadly and historic blizzard is still causing misery for millions. washington d.c.'s mayor says they'll be dealing with snow all week. hundreds of flights cancelled again today. it's also slow going on the roads and rails. and a guy is headed to court on charges of killing a good samaritan who came to his rescue during the storm. plus one week until iowa. the democrats hours away from their final showdown before voters go out to caucus. now president obama weighs in on the race. the republicans have also one more debate in iowa right here on fox news channel. and how serious is donald trump about winning? he did stay in the holiday inn
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express over the weekend. let's get to it. first from the desk this monday, donald trump has taken the lead in iowa one week before the nation's first presidential contest. that's according to a brand new fox news poll. he now leads ted cruz by 11 points. three weeks ago ted cruz was up by three, a statistical tie. marco rubio, the only other candidate in double digits. now there's word another billionaire might be getting into the race. the "new york times" reports the former new york city mayor michael bloomberg would likely launch a third-party run if it looks like the nominee will be trump or cruz versus bernie sanders. mayor bloomberg has been a republican and a democrat. he's now registered as an independent. he is richer than donald trump, and trump is apparently getting serious as we head into the home stretch. he normally flies back to one of his homes after his rallies, but
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the "new york times" reports he actually stayed overnight in iowa this weekend at a holiday inn express no doubt. how was it? he told the times, quote, i actually enjoyed it. it was good. it was clean. good mattress, staff was great. good mattress, good everything. we have team fox coverage of everything good. ed henry following the democrats who have their final face-off of sorts in iowa tonight. first carl cameron who's live in des moines. marco rubio launching a new attack on ted cruz. >> reporter: donald trump is going to want to listen to carefully as well. rubio today in des moines was campaigning alongside iowa's junior senator joanie ernest. she welcomed him to iowa and said she appreciates all that he's done in the senate and would be a good candidate.
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afterwards rubio was talking with reporters and i asked him specifically about reports of a florida businessman who had some intellectual property stolen from him by a chinese company and that chinese company lost in court and had to pay the florida businessman $26 million and appealed that judgment for the theft of intellectual company. that chinese company was represented by ted cruz. ted cruz, that's right, in 2008 after he was a solicitor general for the state of texas for the supreme court he was with a private firm. this is what marco rubio had to say about that. >> he was choosing to represent a chinese company that stole secrets and a product from an american company. so you can't go around saying you're tough on china but then have a legal record in which you were paid a lot of money to defend the chinese who had taken a product away from an american unjustly, unfairly and illegally. >> reporter: if you ask donald trump he'll tell you that the chinese are killing us, stealing
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intellectual property and beating the united states in trade and manipulating their currency. mr. trump has yet to weigh in on this. his campaign is fully aware of the story. mr. cruz has yet to respond, though he is campaigning in iowa and will have an event in manchester, iowa a little while from now. it's almost a sure thing that he will be asked about it, opening up yet another criticism. rubio is in third place in iowa and new hampshire. it's been said there are only three tickets out of town to get to the new hampshire primary. right now rubio is the only other candidate besides donald trump and ted cruz in double digits. rubio has not led the polls for the whole last year and a half. throughout this campaign his aides have been criticized for not sometimes getting him to iowa and new hampshire enough, missing a lot of votes in the u.s. senate, but he is poised potentially to time it just right to get that third ticket if, in fact, there are only going to be three. >> how is the battle between trump and cruz going? >> reporter: epic.
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it's not stopped at all. you're right, trump spent a night here in iowa over the weekend. cruz has been campaigning aggressively here as he has been in new hampshire. the business about the bromance being over, there never really was one. they don't really know each other and clearly both of them had massive portfolios ready to attack each other. they have repeats over and over again of donald trump talking about how pro choice he used to be. shep? >> carl cameron in des moines, thank you. you can watch the final republican debate before the iowa caucuses thursday night right here on fox news channel. bill hammer and martha mccal um will host the first round 7:00 eastern time. then bret baier, megyn kelly and chris wallace with the primetime showdown 9:00 eastern this thursday right here on fox news channel. the democrats getting ready
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for their final face-off tonight in iowa before voters go off in caucus next week. hillary clinton, bernie sanders and martin o'malley will take part in a town hall meeting of sorts in des moines. the democrats added this event last minute as most polls show sanders is closing in on hillary clinton in iowa and beating her in new hampshire. in an interview with the website politico, president obama cautiously weighed in on the 2016 democrat candidates. the president called senator clinton wicked smart and said her strengths are also her weaknesses. team fox coverage continues. ed henry is live in ames, iowa this afternoon. the president also suggesting bernie sanders is firing up progressives more than clinton is. >> reporter: that's right, shep. he was talking about how basically bernie sanders stops at nothing to go hard left and tell the people what they want to hear out here in these early states like i wa, talking about
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free college tuition. he had a big crowd behind me moments ago here at iowa state university. the reason why he's leading in new hampshire so strong and now cutting the gap here in iowa in part is due to the fact that he is getting a lot of young people out at these college campuses. why does that tie back to president obama? that's a key part of the obama coalition that helped the president win two races. bernie sanders is feeling so strong in iowa and new hampshire right now he's looking ahead to the next few contests. listen. >> we're doing better and better in south carolina and nevada so i think the campaign that many thought was a fringe campaign is now becoming a very serious campaign and many think is a winning campaign. >> reporter: talking about south carolina, that has been referred to as a fire wall by the clinton camp. they believe because of support among african-american voters they may have that fire wall
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even if sanders does well in iowa and new hampshire. just this afternoon justin b bamburg, african-american lawmaker said he had endorsed clinton and now he's switching to sanders. the sanders camp hopes they get momentum. >> to try to beat that back, secretary clinton talking about her experience today. >> reporter: all over the air waves. obviously candidates in both parties flooding tv stations with these ads. hillary clinton's ads all about her time as first lady, senator, secretary of state. by the way she said i would also make some history. >> and of course, you know, i think one of the best things we can do for women's rights is elect the first woman president. i think that will send a very strong signal about where we are in our world here. >> reporter: remember she spoke about history and experience right here in iowa in 2008,
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finished third in those caucuses. >> ed henry, thank you. word is it snowed on the east coast over the weekend, an entire winter's worth of snow in fact fell in two days in some spots. areas from the gulf coast to new england are still receiving from this weekend's deadly blizzard. here in new york this morning people were digging a path for their neighbors on the sidewalk there. it was the city's second biggest storm on record. just one-tenkts of an inch short from the all-time high. there's a ten-foot mound of snow outside our building. sadly, we could get in here today. floods were the problem in jersey after the winter storm sent walls of ice water crashing down on the state's southern tip. some images in our slide show to show you this afternoon. crazy. we've been seeing the snow everywhere but look at this. this is wild wood, cape may
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county during the height of the storm. you can see the water inundating the entire road there. you can see a firefighter helping this man get to safety as freezing waters are rushing through the doorway there. emergency workers say tides as high as ten feet flooded homes and left people without power for more than a day. residents in that area say this storm was worse in particular areas than was hurricane sandy or super storm sandy. since this is 2016, people have been posting video of the storm's aftermath from the advantage points of their drones. the snowy landscapes look serene from above but emergency crews report the blizzard was a killer and blame the storm for at least 37 deaths, including a u.s. capital police officer who died of a heart attack while shoveling snow at his home in dell air delaware. sanitation crews are still clearing streets. choppers showing video of roads still coated from snow, preventing people from getting
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out. that's just as well since the federal government offices were closed today and many students took the day off. the airlines are also getting back to a somewhat normal schedule. they resumed limited services today after cancelling nearly 12,000 flights, the worst of it may have been in new england where the worst of it wasn't actually snow, was it? time for the obligatory reporter today in the snow and today's winner is peter doocy live in arlington, virginia. is life getting back to normal there? >> reporter: not an residential streets like this one and you can see that homeowners are trying to do the right thing. they are shoveling the driveways and the sidewalks but there's no getting out of a driveway when there's 2.5 feet of snow in the street. look at this. arlington, virginia has not even tried to plow this since the really heavy stuff started coming down and since the state only promises or tries to promise that they will have the
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main roads cleared within 48 hours after the snow stops falling, there's no telling how long it's going to take to get all of this snow off of a less traveled road like this one. now, the main roads in arlington and throughout northern virginia are a different story. those look a little bit better. the problem though has been that snow piles are too tall and they're blocking traffic, so crews have been picking up the piles, loading them into trucks and hauling them away. in d.c. they're doing that as well, dumping tons of snow at rfk stadium, but since the snow comes with a lot of junk from the road and chemicals and runoff from cars, there's already concern when all of these massive mountains of snow melt at rfk, what it's going to do to the river when it runs in there. >> this is where i would normally ask you to do something stupid but we'll avoid that. as i mentioned, the blizzard also brought record floods to
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some spots. we'll get a live report from the new york city area coming up at the bottom of the hour. once again, it snowed over the weekend. a new york city police officer on trial for killing an unarmed black man, prosecutors say it happened because the officer broke rule after rule. they say he was more worried about losing his job than helping the victim. defense attorneys call it a terrible tragedy but not a crime. we'll get a live report from outside the courthouse coming up from the fox news deck on this monday afternoon where i'm just getting word it snowed over the weekend.
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opening statements are under way in the trial of a rookie police officer who's accused of fatally shooting an unwarmed black man 8 years ago. prosecutors told the jury today that the officer stood there whining and moaning about how he could get fired instead of helping the victim who was dying. the officer named peter liang faces manslaughter charges in the death of a 28-year-old named akai girly in 2014. investigators say the officer and his partner say that they had been patrolling a brooklyn housing problem when the officer fired his gun in a stairwell. it ricochetted and killed him.
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prosecutors say the officer should not have had his finger on the trigger. the case is being covered by laura inningle. prosecutors are painting an unflattering picture of this officer. >> reporter: they are, shep. they're working to show that the actions and reactions of the officer not only took the life of akai girly that night but also prevented him from receiving immediate medical care. officer lee ang has not expressed much emotion today as prosecutors tell jurors what they call his reckless behavior that night and then didn't assist the victim, adding, lee ang didn't even check gurley for a pulse, didn't kneel down to even try to undo what he had done. lee ang's defense lawyer countered with a description of the rookie officer being in,
12:18 pm
quote, too much shock to help, saying his ears were ringing, he was hyperventilating after he shot gurley and leaning up against the wall crying and only could say it was an accident. lee ang could get up to 15 years in prison if convicted on that most serious charge which is second degree manslaughter. >> there were 911 tapes. did they get to those today? >> reporter: they did. a court did just recess for the day but jurors did hear the echoed panic cries for help from akai gurley's friend. they could hear it in the background as a 911 operator is speaking to a neighbor, that neighbor is being told to give direction to the friend in the stairwell. she's relaying cpr instructions. at one point tells the operator on the line that the police are there. >> let me ask you something, are the cops assisting her? >> they're right here. they're not with her.
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they're trying to, i guess, call back-up. i don't know. >> all right, does she have anybody else with her? >> no. she's alone with him. >> reporter: that neighbor also told the 911 operator that stairwell is used day and night by people avoiding the elevator because it's slow and everybody knows people are in that stairwell all the time. >> thank you. it was a daring and elaborate escape from a maximum security jail in southern california. these three inmates are now on the loose after they cut through metal, crawled through plumbing tunnels, climbed a roof and repelled four stories to freedom using ropes made of bed sheets. now investigators want to know who helped them out and where in the world they are. no sign of any of them. that's next.
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there's a manhunt under way after three inmates made a daring escape from a maximum security jail. officials say the men may be armed and are extremely dangerous. each has a violent history. from left to right, hossein knee airy is accused of kidnapping and torture. prosecutors say he burned a man with a blow torch and cut off the guy's privates. in the middle is jonathan tieu. he's believed to be in a gang and in a murder that's gang related. on the right, bach dong. investigators say the men escaped from the central men's jail in santa ana, about 30
12:24 pm
miles southeast of los angeles. first investigators say the men slipped behind some beds and made their way through a hole in the wall. then you can see they cut a screen there. after that, police say the men swirmed their way through the jail's plumbing system, cutting through multiple layers of steel and repelled four stories. they tied bed sheets and towelled to make that rope. the cbs station in los angeles sites a source who says a search dog followed the inmates' scent to the street and lost it. aside from the search, the sheriff says a separate investigation is under way trying to figure out how the inmates got their hands on the tools they used to cut through everything and whether they had any help on the inside. he says that the first escape from the facility has happened, the first time in 20 years. let's bring in candace trun zoe,
12:25 pm
senior news editor for the daily i guess there was some lockdown or something? >> there was a fight and the theory is that somehow this fight was caused so that these guys could slip out or not be detected when they were doing a head count. >> that' help from the inside right there if true. >> right, right. this is a dormitory type space. you have 65 prisoners and this is a serious prison. this is not like something that financial guys go to. these are murders. these are really threatening serious prisoners. >> yet they're in common space largely. they're allowed to sort of roam. >> right. it's like a dorm. they say they can't really contain them because there are too many things going on. they have to be able to go to court, go to doctors. they have exercise time. so there's -- >> wait a minute. they can't really contain somebody who's accused of murder? >> they can't. they have kind of a free-wheeling space. this may be because the prison
12:26 pm
was built in the '60s and it's not the high security type prison that it should be. >> now, i understand that they have ties, a couple of them, serious ties to a local community and the cops are going to this community, help us. >> right. two of the men are vietnamese and one of them is in a very close knit family, sister and mother has already talked imploring him to turn himself in, that he's been made to do this by these other two who are nastier dudes than this guy is. but it seems to me that these guys had this planned for weeks, for months. that's what authorities are saying, that this is not something that they did a few days ago. this has been in the works. >> no sightings at all? >> no sightings at all. they were wearing theirjump sui that somebody picked them up in a car. there was a blood hound, and then the blood hound lost a
12:27 pm
scent. >> that usually means they got in a vehicle. >> that's it. they may have been picked up by a car. seems to me there's an inside job and an outside job. they had to have the tools to do this. >> candace, thank you, appreciate it. an update on the weekend blizzard. a guy tried to help a stranger whose car got stuck in the snow. now that stranger is accused of killing the good samaritan. that's coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news. ♪song: "that's life"
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bottom of the hour, time for
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the top of the news. it snowed over the weekend. the recovery from the deadly blizzard that brought america's east coast to a stand still is still under way. the storm set a one-day record for the amount of snow it dumped in many places, including in new york city. two feet two inches, the official measurement in central park. now the problem is where to put it all. plows are pushing snow into parked cars and as drivers try to dig out they're tossing it back into the street which is not helpful. today the mayor pleaded for patience. >> if you do not absolutely need to use your car, leave it where it is. do not shovel it out. things will, in the next few days with the help of the weather, we'll have some of the melting of that snow. >> parking rules are suspended for the rest of the week to enjoy. the storm caused flooding along the new jersey coast, knocked out power to thousands of homes. emergency crews blamed the weather for the deaths of at least 37 people. in one small central pennsylvania town, 42 inches, so
12:34 pm
stop your whining. meantime, plenty of folks have found themselves stuck at airports as the airlines worked to get a normal schedule after cancelling about 12,000 flights. one of them should be running the show in here today, but apparently he's stuck at where? oh, yeah, a football game in carolina. abby huntsman has the news. she's at laguardia this afternoon. how is it looking there, abby? >> reporter: shep, good to see you. yeah, you mentioned the storm is over but it is still a nightmare for a lot of people. we're here at laguardia airport. we were here on friday and believe it or not there are still some people here waiting to catch their flight. as you mentioned, according to, from last friday to tuesday about 12,000 flights cancelled all together. today alone 1500 flights either cancelled or delayed. you compare that to yesterday at laguardia, about 80% of flights didn't go anywhere. today that's dropped to 23%.
12:35 pm
newark 44% cancelled. jfk 7% of flights cancelled. it looks similar in the d.c., baltimore area. philadelphia international only about 9% of flights cancelled. the big problem though is getting the snow off the runway. we took some video this morning of tractors taking off the snow. it's essentially a massive field with more than two feet of snow. you can see the tractors dumping the piles of snow into what they call snow melters. it's basically hot boiled water that drains it into the sewage system. it's getting the snow off and getting the planes to where their flights are. the flight crew are all scrambled so the next two days are about getting pieces together to get people to where they need to go. >> abby is in new york and with that as a beginning, how are the wanna-be passengers acting? >> that's the big story and the sad story. as i mentioned, some people have
12:36 pm
been here since friday. they're finding anywhere they can to sleep, whether it's just on the floor or on top of a table. they're making the most of it. they're playing cards, listening to music, reading books. i have to say, for the most part, the people i talked to, they're remaining quite optimistic. >> for me when the flight was overbooked, they helped out a lot. they gave me a voucher for a flight and also paying for a car service to take me to and from manhattan which is pretty rad. >> she has an interview tomorrow and we have to go. we've been back and forth trying to get a flight and just got one from jfk. >> i'm very optimistic because i'm very strong russian lady. >> reporter: shep, that last woman you heard, anna, she's been here three nights and has to sleep here another night. she said at least it's a good story to tell my friends. that look good and sound good and they're smiling. at the end of the day, they want to get home and want a decent meal. they want to get out, hopefully
12:37 pm
tonight. >> abby, thank you. a man appeared in court in north carolina today after cops say he shot and killed a good samaritan who tried to help him during the storm. investigators say this guy, marvin lee, spun out on an icy road outside charlotte on friday and that three men got out of their trucks to help and that's when lee started acting weird and belligerent like he was drunk or on something according to investigators. when the men told lee they were going to call police, he jumped out of the car and opened fire, shot and killed one of the men. cops say he then walked over to the victim and continued to shoot him. sheriff's deputies say they later ordered lee, the suspect, to get out of the car but he wouldn't do it so they called in a swat team and after an armored truck pulled up, they realized he was passed out. the guy's sister said he went out every storm to help drivers
12:38 pm
and their father started the tradition before he died in a car crash 13 years ago. what do you do with this guy? >> this guy has an uphill battle. i have to say, this is a tragedy. i know the defense attorney -- >> sounds like a murder to me. >> there is no question that this man will be accused and will be on trial for intentional murder. as a defense attorney, they're going to come in and argue, hey, there's evidence that he was intoxicated. but voluntary intoxication is not a defense to murder. it speaks to your mind whether or not you can form the requisite intent, but i have to say, in this case where you have someone after the initial shot come and shoot several more times someone that's on the ground, you have a really tough road ahead of you as a defendant. >> then you wonder, the way he's acting with cops, they called out the swat team and realized the dude's passed out in a car. >> right, absolutely. i mean, this is one of those cases where they're going to say that he just could not form this
12:39 pm
intent. i would say any time you see erratic behavior, a defense attorney is going to look to the potential for insanity defense or insanity by virtue of intoxicati intoxication. they're going to look to grab at those straws because there's not much you can do for this guy. >> there will probably be victim impact statements. >> no question. >> can't you hear the family talking about this tradition of when it snows we go out and help people and this time shot and killed. >> oh, my goodness, the victim impact statements in this case would be heartbreaking. it certainly would take away from anything from the defense. >> i don't know how you -- i'm guessing this one won't get to trial. it kind of feels like it, right? >> this is the type of case where a defense attorney comes and says let's cut our losses, you have 12 years to life in prison on second degree murder. let's see if we can reduce that sentence because it's too sympathetic of a story. good samaritan, single dad, always wants to help, you're not going to get too far with the juror on this one. >> thank you. >> thank you.
12:40 pm
part of niagara falls could soon go dry. they say they have to temporarily shut off the falls on the american side to fix some bridges. one proposal is to divert the water to the horseshoe falls in canada. there's a meeting on wednesday to try to figure out what to do. if they approve this plan it would be only the second time that the u.s. side of the falls is shut down. the first was back in 1969 to study the effects of erosion. major signs of trouble for peace talks to end the crises in syria which are already delayed. secretary of state john kerry is putting a happy spin on it or trying to. we'll tell you what he said. plus one group that couldn't care less about the peace talks, the islamic state. they're now telling us where they plan to carry out their next attack. across the pond where it's 40 minutes past 8:00, you might want to get a heads up on this one. that's coming up on shepard smith reporting.
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officials for american airlines say seven people were taken to hospitals after a flight from florida to millen, italy had to make an emergency landing in canada because of turbulence. it left from miami yesterday afternoon on its way to milan. then the pilot diverted to st. john's in newfoundland. one passenger told cbc that the plane rolled on its side and that everything went flying. officials say three flight attendants and four passengers were taken to the hospital. luckily none of those injuries is life threatening. negotiators have pushed back the talks over the crises in syria and can't even agree on who should take part in them. the secretary of state john kerry says he's hoping for clarity in the next couple of days. the talks were supposed to start today. the united nations envoy to syria says he expects them to begin on friday and last six months. secretary kerry says it's better
12:45 pm
to delay the negotiations by a few days than to have them crumble out of thegate. syrian government officials say they are ready to talk but the rebels say they won't sit down until the assad regime stops bombing them, lifts barricades and lifted detainees. turkish officials warn they'll back out if kurdish forces participate. the kurds have played a key role. the islamic state has released a new propaganda video showing some of the suspects in the deadly paris attack training in syria and ends with the militants threatening to carry out their next attack in the united kingdom. former n.a.t.o. commander and the author of a book called the accidental admiral is live with us. we're going to attack in great britain and we're not interested in talking. i don't know why we even report what they say, but i guess maybe
12:46 pm
the britains need to know. >> i think that's really the only reason we should even have the conversation, shep. other than letting people know that they've selected a target, all we do is kind of agran dies their glorious approach to things. better less said about the islamic state as a general proposition. >> four years into this civil war and beyond, they can't get a start date set. they tell us it's going to last six months and they don't even know who's participating and the secretary of state is all happy about it. i don't understand it. >> i don't think there's much to be happy about in these negotiations, shep. let's face it, look at the participants. you've got the united states and russia who are in complete disagreement about this. you've got turkey and russia with the turks just having shot down a russian airliner. you have iran and iraq who are in the middle of a proxy war in yemen and syria. there is so little to put
12:47 pm
together at the table, i'm extremely pessimistic about where these talks go. >> don't you have to say we're going to pause the shelling, pause this bombing of civilians and allow people to get to some sort of refugee camp or to safety somewhere before you can begin talking? isn't that how this normally works? >> it is how it normally works, and i think unfortunately because we're having so little success, we've seen a million refugees make it to europe. there are 6 million refugees outside of syria in the region, total of 7 million. there will be another million this year, shep, who are going to fight their way to europe. so we've got to put this on two tracks which is to say deal with the refugees, try and get these talks going, but unfortunately, i don't think we've seen a situation as dire as this going back 20 years to the ball kins is probably the last time we saw something of this magnitude. >> and the refugee crises seems
12:48 pm
to be the most underreported story of recent years. the europeans now don't have a place. the united states obviously it's a political football, there's nowhere for them to go. there's no safe space, clean water. we're talking about little kids and people who need medicine and nothing to do with them by the millions. >> it's tragic. pre-war population of syria was 21 million. there are 7 million pushed out of that country. that would be like in the united states, shep, 100 million people in canada and mexico. it's unimaginable the humanitarian crises that the world is facing here, and we have got to step up in at least a humanitarian dimension. a lot can be done with turkey by giving them resources and using part of turkey itself and southern turkey to create safe spaces as you suggest. >> they're not going to play right if you don't do something about the kurds. that seems unfixable at the moment. >> yeah, that's an entirely
12:49 pm
additional problem set that is exploding in eastern turkey. here what you've got is a trans national movements, syria, turkey and iraq, of a people who want their own state. it is a separate but interrelated problem that has distracted turkey from doing what it needs to do in the syrian context. >> the former n.a.t.o. supreme, thank you as always. the islamic state is going global and planning to carry out more large scale attacks like the one we saw in paris. that's the warning from the european union's police agency which is now reporting that isis seems to be shifting its strategy after that attack in paris where isis gunman and suicide bombers killed about 130 people. the eu's top cop said today that isis has the willingness and the capability to carry out other
12:50 pm
attacks across europe. the supreme court has given a second chance to juveniles convicted of murder and sentenced to life. the judges have announced a new and controversial decision that's sparking debate is you might imagine. that's coming up. if legalzoom has your back.s, over the last 10 years we've helped one million business owners get started. visit legalzoom today for the legal help you need to start and run your business. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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whose long dayis sheldon setting up the news starts with minor arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news.
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prisoners serving life terms for murders that they committed as teenagers could get another chance to fight for their freedom. the supreme court justices extending a ruling that kids under 18 years old convicted of murder cannot be sentenced to automatic life terms. that means new sentencing for juvenile murders or at least a chance to argue for parole. shannon bream covers this for us. how much of an impact could that have?
12:54 pm
>> reporter: the has the potential to affect more than 1,000 inmates who have been jailed under similar circumstances. today justice kennedy said, prisoners must be given the opportunity to show their crime did not reflect irreparable corruption and if it did not, their hope for some years of life outside prison walls must be restored. it does not mean they will automatically get out of jail or have their sentences tossed but it does give them a legal way to challenge their sentences. justice scalia called the ruling devious way of limiting a sentence. he wasn't a fan. this is a case involving a law banning most abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected. lower courts have ruled against the law and today announced it will not take up the challenge and the supreme court leaves
12:55 pm
those lower rulings in place. it's been ruled unconstitutional. in a little over a month the justices will hear argument where the law requires that doctors who perform abortion have to have admitting services in hospitals. top of the hour headlines coming up after a look back at a landmark for technology and science fiction that happened on this day in history.
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12:58 pm
super bowl is all set. peyton and the broncos taking on cam and the panthers. denver's defense keeping toim and the patriots offense in check most of the afternoon. the pats with a last minute score but couldn't complete the comeback. at 39 peyton manning is the oldest starting quarterback to lead a team in the super bowl. it will be his fourth appearance. he has one ring, and this could be his final game. the panthers pounding arizona from the get-go.
12:59 pm
newton unstoppable, ran for two touchdowns and threw for a couple. cam is but 26. he'll get his first crack at a championship. he says he's excited to face off against the sheriff, peyton manning. on this day back in '21, a play introduced the world to robots. a czech playwright came up with the term basing it on the word for forced labor. his play was about a group of robots that replaced human workers and eventually wiped out almost the entire human race. over the years movies and books have taken robots and run with them but scientists are still warning us about the dangers of artificial intelligence after crowds first learned to look out for robots 95 years ago today. when news break out we'll break in because breaking news changes everything on fox news channel.
1:00 pm
"your world" with kneneil cavuts coming up. "your world" starting in a minute. if we see you later it's because things have gone badly. i'm hoping we'll see you tomorrow. have a great afternoon. i hope that i week from tonight i can earn your support in these caucuses so that together we can be the authors of the greatest chapter in the amazing story of america. >> 177 hours. that's how long we got until the iowa caucus. >> on february 1st you got to go out and do your thing because we want to have a mandate. we want to make it big, and i promise you i will work my ass off and we're going to make america great again, okay? thank you. the battle is on. iowa a week away. this is how serious it has become as you are looking live at ted cruz campaigning right now in manchester,


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