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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  January 25, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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"your world" with kneneil cavuts coming up. "your world" starting in a minute. if we see you later it's because things have gone badly. i'm hoping we'll see you tomorrow. have a great afternoon. i hope that i week from tonight i can earn your support in these caucuses so that together we can be the authors of the greatest chapter in the amazing story of america. >> 177 hours. that's how long we got until the iowa caucus. >> on february 1st you got to go out and do your thing because we want to have a mandate. we want to make it big, and i promise you i will work my ass off and we're going to make america great again, okay? thank you. the battle is on. iowa a week away. this is how serious it has become as you are looking live at ted cruz campaigning right now in manchester, iowa.
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apparently they have a manchester in iowa as well as new hampshire. i just found that out. here's something that i didn't have to just find out. everyone is serious about pulling out the stops to make this happen, including donald trump himself who we're told went to church yesterday and even stayed at a motel. wow. we're in des moines, iowa with the very latest. >> reporter: he's a man of the peeps, neil. everyone stays at those places here in iowa. it's become a little crazy here in the last week actually. generally speaking you get to see last minute momentum in the last ten days or so which is to include this last weekend. there were a ton of attacks on friday night and a lot of attack ads over the weekend with the ideas that it's harder for the opposition to switch in a response ad. today marco rubio was campaigning alongside iowa's junior senator, joanie ernest, she the tea party darling of the 2014 senate wave.
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after that rubio went after ted cruz with what is an attack cruz has faced in his senate election campaign a few years back. that is that when he was a private attorney representing a chinese company in an appeal case, he represented china over an american entrepreneur, a man who had designed a way to make tires for mining equipment more inexpensively and that chinese company essentially lost in court and had a $26 million payment to the entrepreneur who came up with these designs. cruz represented the chinese. rubio took him on. >> you can't say you're tough on china and have a legal record in which you were paid a lot of money to defend the chinese who had taken away money from a product. >> reporter: an american entrepreneur, a guy from florida, marco rubio seizing on this aggressively. china of course is something that donald trump talks about, particularly trade and theft of
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intellectual property. so these sorts of things are likely to continue to go on for cruz. he says it's two chinese companies, subsidiaries with a subsidiary in the u.s. or at least a deal with this guy who designed the equipment and a deal between two chinese compane rubio's point that china is stealing things from the american people. trump is way out in front of the fox poll that just came out yesterday in iowa. he has a big lead in new hampshire. cruz is within striking distance in both places but farther back in new hampshire. rubio is the only other candidate in double digits. there's your three. traditionally people talk about three tickets out of the iowa caucuses to the new hampshire primary. there's probably going to be more this time but for rubio to be positioned to take third place with such a battle between cruz and trump, it means rubio is really looking forward to one of those two guys getting mortally wounded in their battle so he can ascend. >> to that point, does the des
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moines register backing rubio on the republican side, i believe the paper backed hillary clinton on the democratic side, moved the needle? what do you think? >> reporter: well, it's not like the union leader in new hampshire which is a conservative newspaper and the endorsement there can help. chris christie got it and it started some momentum for him several weeks ago. the organizing matters. does it get him more attention, something to talk about, perhaps. but this is going to be a very tight race anyway. you were talking about between 120 and 160,000, 180,000 voters tops. when you split that up between five or six candidates who will be competing and have organizations here, there can only be one winner. you can win this thing with 40,000 votes. that folks, they've been thinking about it and going to meetings for a very long time,
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seeing the town halls and things like that and now it really does matter and the organizational stuff. every single meeting we go to starts with the staffers telling people make sure you know where your caucus place is. sometimes it's in a church basement, sometimes a person's house, a school or some sort of facility like that. but it changes every year. it's not the same place. it is not like what most americans understand when you talk about picking the nominees for a party. >> it's a little byzantine to put it mildly. to mary matalin, the former assistant to george w. bush. everyone angling to sort of take down ted cruz here. i'm wondering if cruz survives and somehow goes on to win iowa or even place a respectable second after all of this, that would be a good sign for him and he thinks he's well prepared to fight it out in the south after
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new hampshire. could the party rally around him? what do you think? >> yes. on the grounds of how could they honorably not rally around him if he's been legitimately elected in the first place, served honorably. he has a great team. they're battle worthy. he's smart, disciplined. 70% of their contributors are grassroots and 70% of their donors have never raised money before. if they're sincere about wanting to expand the base, why would they do something that's counter productive? conservatives are not homogenous. the voters are angry. trump has the angries and cruz has the conservatives. >> do you think the party could rally around either donald trump or cruz?
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i agree that -- that they tend to see donald trump as the lesser of the divisive evils? i don't want to characterize it that way but it's the best way i can. what do you make of that? >> if they really want that outcome, they should quit talking like that because the attraction of a cruz or any of the new generation of reformers and conservatives is that they're not going to become an instant part of the establishment. it's not a democrat nor a republican thing or even a conservative or a liberal thing. as a professor said some years ago, it's the country class versus the ruling class. i don't think washington or boston or anybody else really understands this. so yes, i think they would rally around cruz. i don't know -- they might wrap around trump but i don't think that scratches the itch that is
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at an infectious state at a conservative base right now. >> mary, thank you very much. speaking of iowa, we'll be joining our colleagues and friends this weekend where we will be having a live call to freedom saturday 10:00 a.m. to noon eastern. then on sunday a special two-hour version of "your world" again from des moines and of course on caucus day itself at noon on fbn and again 4:00 p.m. on fox news and primetime on fox business where we begin at 8:00 p.m. and we'll stay up as late as it takes. in 2012 we were on the air until 2:30 in the morning and we'll be doing drinking games. i think we'll behave a little better this time. if you're looking for it on any other financial channel, good luck. most of them will be doing reruns of financial shows. what if i told you oil was the reason and it collapsing
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late in the day was the very big reason. this had been looking at $32 a barrel for a while and started falling away. the economy of the globe isn't helping and all eyes on key market components that we'll be reporting this week. we had a lot of minus signs. how that affects this race on the republican and democratic side right after this. what if one piece of kale could protect you from diabetes? what if one sit-up could prevent heart disease?
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bernie sanders does a lot better than hillary clinton does against donald trump. [ applause ] >> and a new fox poll is due out in an hour and 45 minutes. we'll verify that. it's too soon to say. it is bernie sanders pretty much in the driver's seat in these early contests. that could change when the contest moves on from states like iowa and new hampshire. we have the latest on the democratic race. >> neil, good to see you. looks like we finally have a race here. what bernie sanders is doing right there in that sound bite is trying to push back on hillary clinton raising the electability question. the idea that bernie sanders is a democratic socialist would get wiped out by whomever is the republican nominee come this summer, fall, into the november election. but sanders also has a mountain to climb to convince democratic folks that he can even win the nomination, but he might have taken another step forward today. interesting news out of south
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carolina. justin bamberg, a young african-american state representative who had endorsed hillary clinton now says this afternoon he's changed his mind. he's going with bernie sanders. why is that important? the clinton team has been talking about a fire wall down south, that if bernie sanders somehow wins iowa and/or new hampshire, hillary clinton will swamp him down south with the african-american vote. if sanders starts getting momentum down south as well, you're going to see a lot more nervousness in that brooklyn headquarters for the clinton camp. while hillary clinton touts electability, experience, bernie sanders talks about nothing short of a political revolution. listen. >> what the political revolution is about is having people stand up and say enough is enough. >> we need somebody in that oval office who is prepared to deal with whatever the problems are from the very first day.
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i was deeply honored to serve as president obama's secretary of state. i believe that i have the experience and understanding. >> reporter: hillary clinton touted experience as well in 2008, won the des moines register endorsement. also touting it now, got the endorsement yesterday from the des moines register but remember she finished third in the caucuses last time touting experience. we'll see if it's going to be a replay where she comes up short again. by the way, i heard you're coming. piece of advice, get the longjohns out, buddy. >> what i do in my own time is really my own business, ed but thank you very much. >> reporter: i'm talking about work, man. >> duly noted. ed henry and i will be participating in a number of drinking games. do watch that. we could have another billionaire in the race joining donald trump but not as a republican or democrat. maybe michael bloomberg runs as an independent, something he swore off about 18 months ago
1:16 pm
when i last chatted with him. >> are you going to run for president? >> no. >> you looked at the idea of an inpendent running. you obviously have the means and the resources of doing it, but you must have crunched the numbers and looked at the odds. what happened? >> this is a two-party country. i suspect it will always be. i find it hard to see how a third party candidate could win, but in any case, in my future, it's not politics. i can tell you categorically, i am not running for president and i don't know who i will support. >> would you support more republican or democrat? you've been complimentary of hillary clinton. >> and jeb bush who's a friend of mine. let me repeat what i said. i am not going to tell you who and i haven't decided who i will support, but you can rest assured that in two and a half years when there is a presidential election or two and a third years, i will vote and i
1:17 pm
will vote for one of the parties of the two major candidates. >> well, something could have changed. we were talking to michael bloomberg is seriously considering an independent run and he might fork over as much as $1 billion or $2 billion to make it happen. how doable is that? john mccormick with us on that. how likely do you think it is that he could make a credible run. ross per oh, the most recent independent. what do you think? >> it depends on where the race stands in the beginning of march. super tuesday will be done. by that point if it seems like bernie sanders is going to beat hillary clinton, i think bloomberg definitely gets in. if this looks like a donald trump versus bernie sanders race or even a ted cruz versus a bernie sanders race, i think bloomberg thinks he has a real opening there. most of his opinions, views are conventional liberal like issues
1:18 pm
on abortion, gun rights. but a democratic socialist versus a populist like trump, i think bloomberg thinks he can get in there. >> we're told he has privately been demused he's not troubled by hillary clinton's candidacy and the issues that have come up, the least of which have been the e-mails and benghazi scandal. i wonder just because hillary clinton says over the weekend i'm confident that if i get the nomination mr. bloomberg will cease flirting with this idea. she's convinced she gets the nomination, he doesn't run. i don't know if that's a sure thing. >> reporter: you may be right. bloomberg did poll last month against a trump versus bloomberg verses clinton race. >> do we know how those poll numbers look? >> reporter: we do not. it has not been reported anywhere. he's been talking to a lot of people. early march is really the critical time because you have to decide by then to get on all
1:19 pm
50 state ballots. the other wild card, if bloomberg decides to run and donald trump is in the race versus bernie sanders, you may see a mainstream conservative, a chris christie run on an independent ticket. there's a lot of things we'll find out in the next two months. >> it works in italy. i guess we could have italian style elections. having said that there is always this notion that independents for nontraditional two-party candidates it's an uphill run. again, i talked about the ross per oh, example, very difficult in 1992 but it's difficult even with all his money and influence and power at the time to turn popular votes into length ral votes. you need 270 of those to get elected president and i just don't see a path in which an independent candidate can do that and he or she more often takes from one of the established parties.
1:20 pm
who in that case, if that argument still holds, would bloomberg be taking votes from? >> it all depends on whether it's hillary clinton in the race or -- it depends on who wins both nominations. if trump is in there you could see a fraction of liberal republicans backing bloomberg. if bernie sanders wins you could have a faction of moderate democrats. if bloomberg gets in it, it would be hard to get to 270 length ral votes. it may be that no candidate gets to 270 length torl votes. >> it has happened before. we're going to keep on eye on that. thank you for joining us. we had a storm on the east coast in the northeast and all of a sudden now there's the cleanup after it. let's just say that's a little bit easier said than done. you know what these lines are looking at?
1:21 pm
they're not cleaning up after the snow. these are lines for donald trump in iowa. for those who say they would happily brave the cold to just see and be in a room with donald trump, and now we know that donald trump went to church yesterday and now we know that donald trump stayed at a motel yesterday, i think we can put to rest this argument that he isn't serious about running for president of the united states. i just gave you three examples.
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it is amazing how quickly the country got back to business or at least one out of five who were affected by that massive storm, but not everything is quite back to normal in the nation's capitol. we still have a lot of things virtually shut down. peter doocy with more on that. >> reporter: sure doesn't look good in northern virginia but we are not far away from reagan national airport and we've been seeing for the last few hours something that we didn't see all weekend and that's planes taking off and landing. there were 12,000 cancellations across the country because of this storm this weekend. today just a hair under 2,000 cancellations. the airports in the area slowly but surely clearing more runways, positioning planes where they need to be so a lot like d.c. metro and d.c. bus service, air traffic very slowly getting back to normal. schools though going to stay closed in d.c.'s suburbs through at least tomorrow, maybe longer.
1:26 pm
the big problem now is the snow plowed off main roads is creating mountains that block at least one lane of traffic so crews have been working hard to remove that snowman wally, loading it up into trucks and taken to less populated areas. since there's so much junk mixed in this snow, there's concern about what's going to happen to the river when the melts off. there's going to be a lot more snow added to the piles in d.c. in northern virginia some of the people who live on the street told me they're frustrated that they face fines if they don't clear their sidewalks and that they pay a lot in taxes and that the plows haven't even tried to come through here. we were very curious also this morning about what would happen if somebody who lives on this street had a medical emergency. so we asked the arlington police department and here's their plan if something goes wrong. first, they would just have a police officer park on the closest cleared road which for
1:27 pm
here is down there. second, they would request a priority plow but if that doesn't work, they would call the national guard and ask them for a lift to wherever something has gone wrong and apparently the fire department here in arlington had to do that this weekend. neil? >> a little scary. hopefully everyone stays in good health. thank you, peter, very much. speaking of enduring the cold, have you seen these long lines that show up at the donald trump events? look how it snakes around for what seems like hundreds of yards. these are people just waiting for a chance to attend a donald trump event, a rally. this is par for the course in the coldest neck of the woods of iowa. if that is a sort of brief phenomenal it has a funny way of showing itself. as you know, what donald trump is saying, if i'm some sort of passing fad, please tell these
1:28 pm
people who wait in long lines in the cold just to see me, right? >> that's true. one of the main arguments of the trump skeptics in iowa is that, yes, people will tell polsters that they support trump but they're not going to go out on a cold night february 1st and go to the caucuses to vote for him. i think what a lot of trump supporters have been pointing out is that exactly what you said. he's not exactly holding his rallies in sunny 72-degree weather. i was at one a while back in mason city, iowa. the temperature was negative 2 as people left, dark and windy, and they had stood in line for a long time. last week when sarah palin endorsed trump at a rally in ames, it was cold, snowy outside. so it seems that people are willing to wait in line in really bad weather just to see donald trump. >> do you think, byron, and you're a great student of political history, that the same will apply to waiting at these
1:29 pm
caucus sites where it's a fairly byzantine and time intensive business? the argument is that passionate supporters of donald trump and bernie sanders might not be so inclined to chill out, no pun intended. >> at the rallies i've attended i have talked to iowans who said they've never been to a caucus before but they're going to do it now. trump is trying to tell people on the ground it's not really too complicated. all you have to do is show up, sit down, you'll hear some people say a few words on behalf of each of the candidates and then you vote and leave. it really isn't that complicated, but there's no doubt, i think, that some iowans who have never done it before are intimidated by the process and if there's any reason to stay home and watch a football
1:30 pm
game, they may end up doing that. >> you need a ground game and people ready to do whatever is required to keep the crowds coming around ideally get them voting and attending these events. the wrap against donald trump is he doesn't have that as much as say a ted cruz does. who's right on this? >> this is a real mistery here. cruz has a very good ground game. he's got a lot of people here. he's been in college dormitories where his so-called strike force volunteers are staying. there's no doubt cruz is very organized. i went to a debate watching party of his last week and they had 250 people there and there was a caucus training session beforehand. trump, not so much. you don't see it. but we do know that trump employs some very experienced iowa hands here who say, yes, we
1:31 pm
have a very serious organization but we're not going to tell you about it. >> do we know what hotel donald trump stayed in? that says he's very serious about this. >> it was the holiday inn express in sioux city, iowa. donald trump has never stayed there before. he reported it was a very nice room, nice mattress and it was very clear. >> duly noted. if that doesn't prove that he's serious about the white house, nothing does. thank you. when we come back, did you hear about the new ayatollah who praised the revolutionary guards in iran, the same ones who detained ten of our u.s. sailors and got them to apologize. when the commander saw that, he was apoplectic. can you imagine what he thinks
1:32 pm
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greta, now i just think you're showing off. isn't she amazing? here we go. you might have heard the ayatollah was meeting with some of the revolutionary guard forces in iran. no big deal, he meets with them all the time, but he was heaping praise on the ones who nabbed these u.s. navy sailors and got them to apologize like they were heros of the country. i'm sure the former uss cole commander had a few choice thoughts. what you can say because you're not on taped delay, commander, what you can say about that meeting, in the face of this deal we've arranged between our two countries, the timing is odd, don't you think? >> the timing is not just odd, neil, it's the fact that clearly the ayatollah knows where his bread gets buttered and where his military support comes from. he wants to make sure that the
1:37 pm
iranian republican guard is frowned upon because they're the underpinnings for him. they're the gate keepers and the guards to the kingdom that they're trying to push off everyone else. >> it's odd because this occurs on the same day we got wind of the fact that the iranians now with some of that freed sanction dough, a couple of billion bucks, they're immediately going out to europe and buying a bunch of airbus jets, i'm sure to a lot of our companies it would look like blood money, so be it. then they start cozying up to the chinese and i'm thinking to myself, that's three weird events in a little more than 24 hours. what do you think? >> i think you're going to see a lot of unique partnerships being made when you've got $100 billion to spread around. you can do a lot of things with that money. you can buy a lot of influence. you can bolster the hezbollah and other terrorist groups to get ready for broader, more international actions. you're going to see them cozying up to not just the chinese but the russians.
1:38 pm
you're going to continue to see them back assad and stand back and let saudi arabia continue the fight with isis. they're not going to get involved in that fight. they're going to continue to bolster hamas. they're going to try to exert their influence as much as possible. that's the danger that we pose when we lifted those sanctions. >> when you talk about free cash flow which is money you have readily available, you're quite right. i know this sounds wacky, the iranians have more free cash available as a result of this unfrozen sanction cash than any other country. i know it's weird but it is what it is. now, what did you think of the europeans wasting little time seizing on that airbus deal? i guess money is money, a deal is a deal. if it gives them an edge over a u.s. rival like boeing, so be it. maybe we or boeing would have been the same way, but man, we know who our friends are, don't we? >> neil, let's face it. i love the french to death but
1:39 pm
let's be realistic. they would be willing to sell just about anything to anybody if the price was right and that especially includes their arms industry and anything that's going to bolster a big industry like airbus. it's clear that the europeans while they're talk out of one side of their mouth about human rights they're willing to sell their soul in order to make a buck out of it as well. >> commander, thank you very much. you behaved today. >> i do my best. we just got over a huge storm so we're recovering. >> you're a little weary. commander, thank you very much and for your service to this fine country. >> thank you, neil. what if i told you president obama takes about four, almost five minutes to answer a typical white house press conference question, and what if i told you that ago tonight when john kennedy ushered in that era of live presidential press conferences on tv from the white house he was averaging about a minute per answer? one minute then.
1:40 pm
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where were you 55 years ago tonight when john f. kennedy had his first press conference on television as president of the united states five days after being inaugurated? this was a sample. >> plans are being made to implement the recommendations in the report on the refugee
1:44 pm
problem. secondly, do you plan to appoint somebody? >> we are considering the recommendation of the whole problem of the cuban refugees but i don't have any statement to make on it at this point. >> mr. president, now that the soviets have released the r-47 flyer, would you estimate for us the chances of you meeting with him? >> there's no relation or discussions between the two matters and therefore, there's been no change in my previous statement that there are no plans at the present time for meeting with mr. crew chof. >> can you say whether you hope or expect to live within the $80 billion spending figure which your predecessor laid on? >> that study of the budgeting going on and i can't give you an
1:45 pm
answer. >> are you willing to take some steps to heal the splits in new york? >> the people in new york, the democratic organizations in new york who are interested in the success of the democratic party, they have to make their judgments as to what kind of a party they want to build there. i have asked mr. bailey, the new chairman of the democratic party to lend a helping hand in attempting to alleviate some of the distress. >> that was his first press conference, the first one by a president in primetime on television. many would follow, particularly under mr. kennedy. that particular press conference was just under 34 minutes. he averaged about 37 responses. in other words, he responded to 37 different reporters or about a minute per question versus barack obama in a similar situation with his first question, first press conference, 51 minutes,
1:46 pm
averaging 15 questions and answers or about one answer about four minutes versus one minute for jfk. now, does shorter mean better? absolutely not. does it mean more concise and probably a more interesting press conference then versus now since? probably. larry sab atoe has written a book on jfk. he joins us now. you know the one thing that struck me when i was watching this, larry, how boom, boom, boom. he didn't have time to waste and he didn't waste it. a lot of people would argue today we need a fuller answer but if he didn't have one or wasn't going to share it, he made it clear. but man, did those press conferences fly. >> the combination of preventy and wit is usually unbeatable. if i can add a point of personal privilege, my family watched that news press conference. we sat there in our television room with our swanson tv dinners on our little metal trays and we
1:47 pm
watched it and kennedy wowed us and the yi in the way he took charge. it was right after that great inaugural address. the atmospherics were such a contrast with president eisenhower who by the way was an excellent president and is underrated frequently. but he was 70 years old. john kennedy was 43 and had this young family and all these new, young, energetic people with him. the electricity came across the television set. >> yeah and there would be many more to follow. they got funnier. he was cautious as a new president, joking too much. that would change as time went on and some of the goofy questions went on. but what i was amazed at and you've written about, if he didn't know he didn't know. if he didn't want to elaborate he didn't elaborate but it was boom, boom, boom. maybe it goes to the nature of
1:48 pm
our times but presidents since and in controversy since, presidents have had to be almost surgical in their responses, but to the degree that you lose people and i'm wondering what's become of just the idea of preventy being best. >> i don't know what's become of it but i think it would still work. you'll never stop members of the press from putting their own spin on this, that or the other, but usually people are watching, people who are interested at least or concerned about politics and government are watching. so it's really what the president says and how he says it that matters the most, not the spin that comes afterwards. >> and engaging the media, not being afraid of the media but if you're comfortable enough in your convictions left or right, ronald reagan was pretty good at this, then taking them on. >> take them on but also i think it's perfectly okay to have a legitimate joke or have a funny
1:49 pm
line, get them laughing with you rather than at you. this is stage management and it's not that different than hollywood. presidents have to operate under that environment. >> yeah, i think of the female reporter, i for get her name, who asked what are you doing for women. these days it would be a politically im polite response to say as he did, i'm sure not enough. but a different time, right? >> but it went over big. that's exactly what she was going to conclude and you could tell from the way she asked the question. >> larry, i know you were 30 years old at the time watching that and you really have aged very well. >> you weren't around, neil, that much i know, too. >> touche. professor, very good seeing you. it's not just a race for the white house. up next, a former democrat running now as a republican who might have a good shot at sending a very powerful message to washington and actually both parties.
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1:53 pm
a lot of people focus on the race for the white house, this is getting a lot of attention right now in louisiana. former democrat running as a republican for the vacated seat that david witter gave up, when he left the senate to run for governor of his state. now, this is the former house seat running as a republican for that seat. he joins us right now. good to see you. right now it's early in the goi going. >> a very incredible outpouring of support, neil. it's been very heartening. it's a very great responsibility. it's god's way of putting this
1:54 pm
on my shoulders. >> all right, now. how do you explain to folks who want to know why, why are you doing this, and how do you explain it to them. i was a democrat, i was a very ernest democrat, but not any more? how do you explain that? >> i don't much -- i talk about what -- the positions that i held. i was one of the first democrats to oppose obama care, for example. i was one of the first democrats to oppose common core. i have been consistent. the democratic party just moved away from me. and i'm a very -- i'm very comfortable with the republican party. >> all right, now, but -- your state has elected a democratic governor, and i don't know how the wins go, depending on the city in the area, i'm just wondering, in this environment, what message are you trying to send to fellow louisiana ans. >> my message really transcends
1:55 pm
louisiana. it's an american message, neil. what i'm saying is that we have to return to basic american values. i'm sending that message to obama, to the democrats, to any republicans, anyone who will stand or not stand up for freedom and liberty. and that message is resonating across the country, and especially in the state of louisiana. >> how is the divisive republican presidential race faring out. bobby jindal will to drop out. is it that they could grab defeat from what appeared to be the jaws of victory here? >> i believe that the battles, the election of a democratic governor was a fluke in this situation. i believe that the party is recovering from that, and that we will go ahead and elect good
1:56 pm
solid conservative american voices in the rest of our elections. >> now what about some of the candidates who many party regulars -- they mentioned ted cruz and donald trump on a national scale. do you agree with that? >> the reason that trump is leading and cruz is second in the polls is because they have touched a nerve across america. they are touching people in the way that people want to be touched. they're saying that people feel and want to -- and want said. i'm a benefactor of that same feeling. >> do you have a favorite candidate? >> i'm interested in them. i think we have a great stable
1:57 pm
of karndy dates. i prefer not to choose one at this time. >> thank you very much. >> he's savvy at this, i told you that. a lot more including a preview of the iowa coverage tomorrow.
1:58 pm
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♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ hello, everyone. it's 5:00 in new york city. and this is the five. one week, that's all that's left, the presidential candidates are now on a seven-day sprint before the first vote is held in iowa next monday. there's good news for donald trum. . he's retain the lead over ted cruz. he's at 34%. cruz is 23. he's also holding a lead in new hampshire. the mudslinging between the two top gop candidates is getting ugly are. >> ted cruz will approve


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