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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 25, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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of the caucuses and hitting the campaign trail, tomorrow night, 10:00 eastern. as always, thank you for being with us. we'll the o'reilly factor from l.a. is on. tonight: >> donald trump, i really truly believe, is a very dangerous man. >> has donald trump caused a civil war among conservatives? very possibly. talking point and charles krauthammer will analyze. >> she is a fire cracker. she is a real pistol. she is crazy. >> >> "saturday night live" mocking palin and trump. does this kind of exhibition have any effect on the voting public? >> how am i going to chop the head off the snake if i'm going to be running in the other correction? >> we do need bait. >> waters going to the
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everglades to hunt deadly pythons. [screams] >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone from southern california. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. reporting tonight from los angeles. thanks for watching us. conservatives versus trump that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. when a bunch of right leaning scribes hammered donald trump last week, some trump supporters were outraged. why? if you do support trump, you surely know his bombastic style and populist statements especially on immigration have angeredb many people. his groups have garnered him massive attention but also
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much loathing. there is absolutely nothing, nothing wrong at all with some conservatives voices objection to donald trump. simply exercising their rights as americans. at the same time, it's appropriate for mr. trump to hit back against his critics. he believes they are put ideology above problem-solving and that may be true. trump is smart not to allow others to define him. and his supporters expect him to lash out. for years, some on the right have criticized me for not fitting in to their narrow view of the world. the factor marches to an independent beat. and idealogues on both sides don't like it especially because we are a powerful voice. my recent go around with george will illustrates that by the way will and his crew are also dismissive of donald trump. and come across as elitist in the process which actually helps trump. this is one of the few times talking points can ever remember ardent conservatives and ardent liberals agreeing on
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something. no trump. however, new polls show donald trump still dominating the republican field despite his unorthodox campaign. that's because millions of americans have grown tired of political talk. they want action. and believe trump will bring çç(p&c@ g.o.p. establishment is rightly worried that there will be more votes lined up against trump than for him in the general election. but trump is not worried about that right now. understanding he has to get the nomination first. scorched earth is his way of doing it looking down the road trump believes he will bring in legions of new voters to counter the coalition that gave barack obama power. in the end independent voters will make the call this year. not conservatives and liberals. right now liberals are not bullish on hillary clinton or sanders. trump has a chance in that precinct. no matter what your political philosophy, you have a perfect right to
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speak your mind on the presidential election and attacks on that right are irresponsible. the product of small and sometimes hateful minds. we are a divided nation, that's reality. but out of robust debate can come clarity and strength hopefully that's whether a will happen next november. hopefully. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction, joining us from washington charles krauthammer and youo֖rh2 say? >> well, you were doing okay until you said attacks on the right to express yourself that way. nobody -- the whole national review edition, all the articles and editorial, nobody is attacking donald trump's right to say what he thinks, explain what he wants to do and to do it in his own way. it's not a matter of right. the question is this a healthy political philosophy is it a good ideal to elect a man of this temperament and these inclinations. >> you are missing my point,
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i wasn't criticizing the national review. i was sticking up for them. i was saying, look, to the trump supporters what are you mad about? number one you should have expected it and had a right to do it it trump supporters are denigrated every single day by elitist media in "u.s.a. today" there is a column by this wolf guy, a fox hater who just basically says that anybody who likes donald trump is an idiot. so, on both sides, they are getting hammered for their opinion and i think that's wrong. >> look, there is something a littleoq3çç bit ironic about attacking particularly the anti-trump people for their intolerance. one of the reasons people are upset about donald trump, you take michael gearsten, for example, a speech righter for george w. bush, a very serious guy, you might say, kind of a christian conservative, compassionate conservative. and he is apoplectic over
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the fact that the republican party might be led by and led into an elections by a guy who says he doesn't want to allow muslims into the country. yes, he says it's temporary but he will decide when the temporary ends. and a guy who says the mexicans are rapists and wants to deport 1 is 1 million -- 11 million people. that is a guy expressing his views. >> he has a perfect right to that, go ahead. >> i also think it's a cogent point. it's a perversion. >> i think you mischaracterized what trump said about mexican rapists. look, i don't want to be in a position of sticking up for any political candidate. >> he said nicer things about mexican rapists? did i miss that? >>. no his point was that the human traffickers, who bring the poor people up through the border, are raping and pillaging and the government of mexico allows them to do that and that's true.
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>> look, if you go back to his statement, when he announced his candidacy, that is not what he said. that's a. >> he made it to me, charles. that's what he was talking about, look at his words, come on. the same way when he said john mccain wasn't a hero, i remember you stalked to him afterward. >> i scolded him on that. >> i know. did you right to scold him. but then he denied that he was saying that come on, he says and then he pulls back but the basic point i'm trying to make is this if you don't like trump, fine. if you do like trump, final. am i wrong in trying to make that point? >> yes, but it seems to me you say i'm wrong in trying
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to make the point. if you believe donald trump should leave the country your opinion should not be delegates paged unless it's disparaged unless it's honest opinion. i didn't like the personal attacks on the national review folks. they have have a perfect right as you pointed out to say that we think donald trump is dangerous for the republican party. the conservative movement. perfect right to do that. >> you know, that's always the dodge of people who are defending trump. they say oh, you are denigrating trump supporters. let me ask you, when you talk about the ideas and the proposals of bernie sanders, which you oppose, you are not a socialist and you think it would damage america the that socialism damaged so many countries around the world, are you denigrating the sanders people? no. you are simply -- you are stating a position that says his ideas don't work, are discredited and i oppose them. you are saying nothing but his followers. >> correct.
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i am not saying -- if you are an ardent socialist and i actuallyp÷uhr this the other day. i respect that. it never works. you've you can't show me one country where it has and i'm a little per flexed by your intellectual conclusions but you are an american and you are entitled. what i didn't like about what happened last week is that the conservatives come out and they say okay, trump is bad for the conservative movement. and then trump supporters start to attack that. and i'm going why are you bothering to attack that? you know, that's their opinion and they are entitled to it just like you don't think that trump should be the president, i stick up for you all the time and say look, i told trump, i said that's' krauthammer's sincerely held belief. don't call him a name for it? >> i'm afraid you are unpersuasive to try to mellow him on me. you could correct his pronunciation of my last name. there is no dip thong in my
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name. remind him of that the next time you talk to him. >> indeed i will. i think we are having him on on wednesday. anyone who dares mispronounce your name, krauthammer, you come to me and i will right that wrong gladly. charles, everybody in washington. on the rundown, new polling on the clinton/sanders race. will old bernie beat her in iowa and new hampshire. devastating mockery of sarah palin on "saturday night live." does that matter at all to the voters? factor is coming right back from l.a.
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impact segment tonight. some new polling from fox news in iowa hillary clinton now ahead of bernie sanders 48% to 42%. in new hampshire, sanders on top 56% to 34%. a whopping 22 point lead.
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finally nationally clinton up at by 12 points. 49% 3 7%. closer than many expected. joining us to analyze mary katharine and juan williams. mary catherine, begin with you. the prevailing wisdom is that once the bigger primaries begin, african-americans and hispanics, not well represented in new hampshire or iowa. >> right. >> will catapult hillary clinton to victory. do you agree? >> there is truth to the fact that they are more friendly to her at this point in the race. here's the thing, it's a problem for her that we are talking about those states having to be the savior of her campaign. i don't think this is exactly how it's ging to play out. if she were to drop iowa and new hampshire, because she ain't making a comeback in new hampshire like she did in 2008 because is he too far ahead, probably, that changes the dynamic of this race. people in those later states, nevada and south carolina. even her natural -- more natural constituencies in more diverse states might take a look at him. here's the thing. in new hampshire, her very
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natural constituencies of women he is up dible digits with him. when people listen, they are willing to give him a chance. because they are really madz at the establishment much like the emotion that's an mating the g.o.p. primary. >> okay. now, juan, you fancy yourself as this big-time political analyst. i know you do. "wall street journal" article. >> i'm trying to keep up with you. >> yeah, yeah. you are big time. why do you think that hillary clinton is running behind bernie sanders and women in new hampshire? >> you are talking about young women. not older women. and=yñmç black vote, the question that you asked mary katharine is is you go down to the sec. >> i want to know why you think younger women in new hampshire don't like her. >> i think younger women are far more plugged into the idea of income inequality movement in their lives trying to make a goff it and finding the economy has been very slow in its recovery they want the big change and they love what bernie sanders is talking about when they say there needs to be a resolution.
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they are mad at the banks. they are mad at wall street. mad at the insurance companies. they just feel personally, hey, bernie sanders is speaking to issue. older women, different story. and older black woman my point. drive a lot of black vote in this country. they know hillary clinton and they like hillary clinton and they like her husband. >> you buying that, mary katharine? >> there are people who like hillary clinton. polls show that. >> younger women, you are a younger woman, are you buying that the younger women are so disenchant dollars with the economy that they want to bring in bernie sanders to like blow up capitalism? >> yes. >> are you buying that? >> yes. i applebying that. >> really? >> i think both sides of this primary you see people who are so disaffected with the parties who have been let down by politicians of both stripes for the last 8 years, even though they were promised hope and change. and they want something that feels really different. so they go donald trump and a socialist from vermont. i think that's what's going
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on right now. if he wins new hampshire or iowa, people in those later states, who might not otherwise have listen to do him will go hey, i don't love hillary clinton, and, wait, wait, i like a winner. >> grumpy old guy from brooklyn who goes up to vermont and he is an exhipy. i don't know if there is a lot, juan of linkage between bernie sanders and the african-american community he lives in vermont. there are six black people in vermont. they all want to move back to new york city. okay. so i don't know where the linkage is going to be. and i think hillary clinton is going tosmñ;çw3 do well in e minority precincts. >> i don't think there is any question. bernie has a great new ad out. the music is simon and garfunkel. america. it just feels like the old hippy thing. i think you were trying to give him a little -- there. that's who he is an old
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hippy. >> isn't it interesting there weren't any black hippies, those of you around the 60's like you mary katharine, woodstock, jimmy hendrix, the sly and the family stone up there and had you a lot of that black entertainers, there is no black people. it was all white middle class people could afford to drive up there and buy lsd. >> i was working for a living. >> you old hippy. i think beeny has -- bernie has been in congress. zero connection with black folks until he is trying to get their vote. >> you were both high in the mud pits and we all know it at woodstock with bernie. >> at least i wasn't naked. >> the end road for any voter can be winner.
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>> more people listen to him that's for sure. thanks, guys. directly÷sóñ?;ç ahead, "saturdy night live" roasts sarah palin and donald trump. does this kind of satire matter anymore? and later hume on the former mayor of new york city michael bloomberg possibly running on a third party ticket. up ahead.
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personal story segment tonight, with so many uninformed voters throughout the u.s.a. the entertainment industry may take on a more important role in defining presidential candidates this year. meaning if you don't know anything, well, you are not watching this program. you are watching shows that are fun and maybe that mock certain candidates that might influence your vote.
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"saturday night live" did this over the weekend. heads are spinning they say trump and his trumpers are right wing and bitter cloud clinger of our guns but he can kick isis ass because he commands fire. [ laughter ] i hope nobody is allergic to nuts because we have got a big one here. [ laughter ] she is two corinthians short of a bible. >> we turn on the news every morning and are shock to do see we are not even on it because we have been replaced by immigrants like geraldo rivera. >> she is fun. she just says whatever she wants. it's like her mouth starts driving before her brain gets in the car. >> joining us now from washington, lisa booth and in new york city lee carter, both are communications experts. and miss carter we'll begin
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with you. >> hi, bill. >> do you think that "saturday night live" has any effect at all on1sñis3 votig patterns. >> i don't. i don't think this is going to have any impact at all on anything that's happening in iowa and anything that's happening in new hampshire. it was maybe some people might say it was funny, it was palin coming out, again, as tina fey coming out as palin. we can laugh at that or whatever. people who love trump love donald trump. >> okay. let me challenge you though. two of the most devastating parodies on snl, miss booth, were george w. bush, okay. and they portrayed him as a bumbling guy and sarahb palin. which you just saw. i'm telling you, i think that in some people's minds, they take on that persona. they don't feel that bush is a smart guy. and that palin is a elizabethering i had do you disagree. >> if you look at hillary
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clinton on snl is really damaging it plays into that lack of authenticity we have seen from hillary clinton. she has made funnel of changing her accent whether she is in the south or new york. they have really hit on that. that's a fair characterization. >> it's a different thing. go ahead. >> in regards to donald trump, i believe this helps. donald trump has received 25 times more media mentions than the entire g.o.p. field combined. what he has been able to do from that is to stay in the forefront and not have to spend the kind of money that we have seen somebody like jeb bush having to do. jeb bush has spent tens of millions of dollars on paid advertising which hasn'tt needle with voters. donald trump has not had to do that due to the fact that he has received so much free media. >> i don't think the satire that is put fort on trump hurts him because people know him anyway if you don't know somebody. leah david sanders.
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it's a great imitation and he comes off as this crazy, backy guy. but miss carter, the kate mckinnon reference on hillary clinton. she plays hillary clinton not as stupid but as kind of demonic like this crazy woman. >> yeah. >> it's a different, subtle message come across. go ahead. >> the thing that you see over and over again is the way that people portray republicans when they are joking about them as either one they are dumb or two they are evil. of course it plays into this narrative. i really do think that the people who are goingu÷mwf[ç to watch this snl skit either they are going to think it's funny. my brother is an avid supporter of donald trump. he has been calling this from beginning. he watched this and thought it was hilarious. he thought palin's portrayal is mean. he thinks tina fey is after her. trump is hilarious. exactly who he is. that's what we are going to hear from a lot of people. darryl hammon isn't mean. that's for sure. you had the last word. do you agree with lee that
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the portrayals on snl will republicans are design to do make them look stupid? >> well, and i believe that was the objective with sarah palin. look, if you are a republican as i know, if you are a republican, a conservative woman out there in the media, the liberal media is going to attack you. you have a target on your back. we saw it with sarah palin. we also saw it with carly fiorina. however i go back to kate mckinnon's portrayal of hillary clinton is so damaging due to the lack of authenticity we have seen from hillary clinton which i believe is one of her biggest weaknesses. >> you both agree with me that uninformed voters watching this kind of entertainment, that might stick in their head? right? last word? yes? yes? no? no? >> it's minimal. >> i don't think it will have an impact. >> you wouldn't believe how uninformed some of these votersht(ç are. jesse watters. thank you. as the factor most along this evening. brit hume on a possible
11:28 pm
third party run by michael bloomberg. he certainly has the cash. watters world. the hunting for python's edition. >> where do i stand in the food chain out here? on the bottom. >> we hope you stay tuned to those reports as the factor continues from l.a.
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campaign 2016 segment tonight, the evangelical vote, one of the most powerful protestant pastors in the country is robert jeffress who holds court in dallas, texas. open the weekend he was in iowa introducing donald trump. >> even though as a pastor i cannot officially endorse a candidate i want you it know i would not be here this afternoon if i were not absolutely convinced that donald trump would make a tremendous president of the united states of america. >> joining us now from dallas it s. is master jeffress ted cruz is a friend of yours from texas. evangelicals look like they are supporting trump more than cruz in iowa. and cruz is a very religious man. trump is not. why do you think that is? >> look, bill, 4 it 2% of evangelicals in america have r. supporting donald trump not they believe he is is
11:33 pm
the best candidate to lead bible studies in the oval office because they believe he is the candidate who perhaps has the best chance to defeat hillary clinton or bernie sanders. you know william f. buckley says when we choose a candidate. we ought to choose the most conservative candidate who can get elected. i think a lot of evangelicals are thinking that could be trump. >> in the last two iowa caucuses huckabee won in 2008 and santorum won in 2012. not one of them had a chance in hell in winning the nomination. what has changed. >> what has changed is people senses specially after the last eight years this country is in an absolute death spiral and something has to be done if not to reverse it but slow it down. >> a sense of urgency now that overrides the religious fervour. >> yeah. bill, look, i want to be clear. i would throf have a president who is not only a great leader but whose faith impact every part of his
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life. may lurched so far to the left that might not be possible. at least get the best candidate who can slow down or at least stop this downward trajectory of this country. >> after you appeared in iowa, did you get any heat from your congregation, people who might like ted cruz or some of the other republican candidate? have they come after you? >> well, the dallas morning news, i think, just released something about that. look, there are some people who are absolutely apoplectic over the fact that i would say anything nice about donald trump. but i wouldn't have been in iowa if i didn't think he could be a great president of the united states. and. >> you said that. >> i want to remind people, right now we are not voting for president. we're voting for the candidate who is going to go against the democrat nominee in november and electability, bill, has to be a key consideration. >> okay. but you are a pastor. and you have a big congregation down there. >> yes. does it bother you that some
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listening to jefferess. >> i don't breathe this stuff into the pulpit. i don't talk about candidates in particular in the pulpit. i try to give principles about how a christian should vote. i think we ought it to try to find the conservative christian yes, who is possible to be elected but, i think we have to choose somebody who can be elected. i don't think, bill, this country can survive a third term of barack obama in form of hillary clinton or bernie sanders. you know this next president is going to nominate two to three supreme court juives who will determine the moral and spiritual direction of this country for years to come. and we cannot mess up this time around. >> all right pastor, we appreciate it as always thank you. when we come right back from southern california. former new york city mayor michael bloomberg says he may run for president on a third party ticket.
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us. i'm bill o'reilly. in the hume zone segment two hot topics. a very silly article on marco rubio and former new york city mayor michael bloomberg says he run against both republicans and democrats for president. let's talk about bloomberg. he has got the money. says he put up a billion of his own cash to run. anything else going for him? >> well, not a lot, bill, because i don't think he has3mñ a natural conkins -- or a natural base. he is too liberal for conservatives. too conservative for liberals. he is not really a conservative but is he a capitalist. and as you see on the democratic side, that's not the way to go today. you have got bernie sanders who is an out and out socialist. in the lead in the first -- or at least close to in the lead in the first two states. so, you know that shows you where he is on the left. on the right people will look at him and say wait a minute, this guy is a big gun controlqkj+ decide whato beverages you drink
11:41 pm
in new york state. is he is proabortion rights and so on. he would be to a fairly narrow constituency. and it's too late for him to get in, you know, to either party's nominating contest. so he would have to spend a lot of money to get on the ballot as an bill, remember, he sort of set conditions here. he is worried about bernie sanders being nominated. he is worried about trump, and, you know, this crazy year, you know, those things could happen and he might get in anyway. >> well, i don't know. he did a good job, i thought, in new york. i mean, i don't care whether he wants me to drink the big gulp or not. it doesn't affect me. i will drink whatever i want to drink. bloomberg telling me i can't drink it, what does that mean? he controlled the city. as soon as he walked out the door and de blasio came in new york fell apart it was like two days later. so he has got that going for him. i do agree i don't know where he takes from.
11:42 pm
conservatives are not going to vote for him. just on guns alone they will not vote for him and liberals are not going to vote for him capitalist billionaire who has this big billionaire who has this big home all over the g7 ím where is he going? i think is he basically -- but i think he could run just because he would like to shake it up. >> well, i think he can. what seems though to be selling this year is somebody with a lot ofjs fire and energy or with a platform he is not a fire guy. >> a relatively soft-spoken. bright abled guy. you are right about the job he did in new york. he was very effective as mayor there and did well. he wouldn't have been reelected. taking that out across the country, usually the profile of a mayor of new york is not the profile of somebody who is ideal presidential candidate. evidence would just have too
11:43 pm
narrow a slice to appeal to. >> let's go to the "the washington post" which ran a very silly article as i said about marco rubio. i have to almost take myself out of this discussion because the "the washington post" allowed its editorial page to attack me very unfairly. wouldn't print my reply i don't have a lot of good feeling about the "the washington post" at this point. the article they wrote on rubio over theñbr recently said that when he was 18 he was hanging around a park after the park closed. that was the article. thats with it. i'm going are you kidding me? >> he was drinking beer and hanging around the park after closing hours and he got charged with a minor offense and the charge was subsequently dismissed. now, it was framed to be fair, bill. in the context. -- i think the article is much ado about not much. they did frame it as kind of a turning point for him when he had been kind of drifting and moving in no clear
11:44 pm
direction. and following this i-which was one in a series of episodes he turned things around and got his life moving in the right direction. looking at it that way you could say there was nothing wrong with it. >> okay. but -- >> -- sneak in the episode. >> right. and that's what gets that out of the net. and then on may 20th of last year -- 2015, did this did and article on romney bully in prep school; is 150 fbi agents after hillary clinton. >> what i would say about those kinds of stories, bill. there is nothing wrong with journalists doing a real frisk of a presidential candidate's background and looking into things. the problem is if you don't turn up very much which is the case here, it seems to me you either do a very short story or no store at all. this one -- it this is a story that could have well been spiked and i don't
11:45 pm
think anybody would mind. i doubtfm'fsiçzzkwsñ#wmw)13qç wt remember it anyway. >> it makes the paper look bad as long as with the ted cruz daughters controversy and they had to pull that cartoon. >> they did the story was it the post or -- who did the parking tickets or the speeding tickets story? was that the post or the "times"? >> i don't remember. >> turned out speeding tickets were like 17 of them all but three were his wife's. you need to know presidential candidate his wife had a bunch of speeding tickets. i don't think so. >> one footnote we are send out a bunch of tweets about politics get this the at o'reilly factor. watters sent him down to watters sent him down to catch big snakes in ♪ ♪
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back of the book segment tonight, some months ago a burmese pythons escaped into the florida everglades during hurricane andrew. it's warm enough down there for the snakes to survive no natural predators to get them under control. they have been doing damage. python hunt to keep the snakes from overrunning the glades. we sent watters down to check it all out. ♪ >> do i need to sign any sort of insurance document to get out there. >> if we have a problem, alligators eat belt buckle and all. >> what are you wearing? >> all right. here we go. ♪
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>> you have wield a machete. once we get the snake one of the things we want to do is kill it. >> that's a knife. >> do you want me to chop the head off the snake? how am i going to cut the head off the snake if i'm running in the other direction. >> i will take the lead. >> i will take the rear. that doesn't sound good. can snakes smell fear? >> good. >> where do i stand in the food chain out here? >> on the bottom. ♪ i'm going to eat ya. >> that's one of the casinos. >> that could be gambling right now. >> you could be. you sort of are with your life. >> did you just hear that? [wind blowing] >> sounded like a slither. >> listen. do you smell something? >> do the buzzardsmpç ever attack humans? >> i don't think so. unless you're dead and laying there like a corpse. >> i should have told my producers where i am. [ laughter ] ♪ >> what kind of fire power are we looking at today?
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>> this is called a sega 12. it's a russian-made ak-47 automatic shotgun. [gunfire] >> oh! [ laughter ] >> that did l. take out a snake. >> i think i hurt my back. >> are you afraid of pythons? >> it's not really a animal. they are not venomous. >> do you like to eat reptiles? >> back home crocodile meat is a bit of a delicacy. >> that's a lovely accent you have. new jersey? >> i'm from brisbane and queens land in australia. >> do you get a lot of girls with that hair. >> no. [ laughter ] >> why don't we head off west this time. >> which way is west? >> are you you sure we have enough fire power. >> i promise you we do. >> just checking. >> where go. >> in the water. >> oh, i see it it's looking at me. it's right there. look at it, there it goes.
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>> it's an ott he are, two t's. [tarzan] >> who is that? >> that's my cell phone. that's my ring tone. >> ♪ ♪ >> what are you doing? >> what kind of snake is that? >> this is is a -- [ laughter ]xñr >> [screams] >> belly. relax. relax. >> i do the cha-cha like a sissy girl. >> i don't feel so good. >> we didn't see any snakes. i'm actually happy about that. >> i'm glad we didn't see a snake. just so we didn't have to prove to the whole world how brave you are. >> that's right. just remember something. >> okay.
11:53 pm
>> i'm watters and this is my world right here. [ laughter ] >> watters, that's not your world. okay? and i think you killed a couple of weeds with that big shotgun. you wiped out a few plants. >> maybe a minnow or two. that was a powerful weapon. >> how many pythons did they capture down there or kill down there this season? >> this season there has7+n/qd only been about a few dozen. but, i have to save face for my big reptile hunter guy the day after i left he did bag a 200-pounder. we actually have a photo of it. it was just bad luck. there it is. that's a day after i left. so, perfect timing for me. i didn't have to face one of these guys. >> you are afraid of snakes and everything else, right? >> i mean, pigeons, snakes, rodents. i don't like animals for the most part. and they don't like me either. so i think it was good that
11:54 pm
we didn't run into each other. >> all right. i don't think you are going to be auditioning for the expendables any time soon, watters. thanks for the report. factor tip of the day danny devito saying we hi, i'm leeza gibons with an amazing story about how philips lifeline gives betty white peace of mind and gave my father a second chance at life. daddy is invincible. that's how we want to think about our parents. knowing that dad lives alone, we worry. that's why was so hard for all of us when he had his heart attack. i wasn't feeling well that day. the heart attack hit me, i fell to the floor, and i was trying to crawl back to the bed. of course in excruciating pain. i'm alive today because of philips lifeline. philips lifeline is the number one medical alert service in the u.s. today. you get fast easy access to help any time. daddy was been a little resistant. because he didn't want to seems vulnerable.
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of the stop hate dump trump movement is on point. liberals do not like the debate, they like to smear. they use that in the global warming controversy." "may god bless america and forgive the far left for their intolerance and hatred toward a country that affords them freedom of speech." some in the far right should be included in your prayer. dick of laraysville. "mr. o., you say you won't speak on college campuses because the far left would likely disrupt. looks like they won." i was at my alma mater, a sensational charity that helps victims of violent crime like rape. some professors at b.u. tried to shut down the benefit and they were partially successful. that was it for me. melanie porter, carbondale, illinois, "mr. o., why do you think there's so much hatred for trump on both sides?"
11:58 pm
in fear him, melanie. george, melbourne, florida. "o'reilly, excellent questions for the democratic candidates by both you and bernie goldberg. have you been asked to moderate a debate?" i have not. "bill, when did you and bernie become martin and lewis? my living room should have a two-drink minimum." cathie nelson, san juan, "bill, why does bernie put up with your abuse?" he gets paid, why else? "okay, bill, i ordered a signed copy of "killing reagan." now can i get my letter read?" i never do trades. enjoy the book. recently actor danny deveto said this about the academy awards where few blacks were nominated. >> we're living in a country that discriminates and has certain racial tendencies
11:59 pm
which -- racist tendencies, so sometimes it manifests in things like this and it's illuminated, but just generally speaking, we're a bunch of racists. >> mr. devito is misguided in the extreme. he's an excellent actor. i had a nice conversation with himt he's clueless on this one. i lived in nine american cities in all four time zones, i l literally know thousands of people. very few are racist. having ill will against someone with a different skin color or nationality, actively dismissing them as lesser human beings. anybody who knows me know i don't tolerate that. dan, my elderly mother passed away last spring at age 92. she embraced all people equally. she was not racist, dan, not even close. that applies to most americans. don't be a pin hit. factor tip of the day. check out the website.
12:00 am
digit than billo' o' if you wish to opine. tomorrow, ted cruz on the "factor." miss megyn i >> welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone, i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levy. looks like ted cruz is slapping his behind over there. what exciting stories are we going to be discussing this evening? >> tom, coming up on the big show, a young ted cruz says his end goal is total world domination. sounds like someone is trying to secure the free mason vote. and lena has a list of word you can't use to describe hillary clinton. i assume likable is not on that list. and rapper b.o.b. says like in the champ


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