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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  January 26, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PST

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digit than billo' o' if you wish to opine. tomorrow, ted cruz on the "factor." miss megyn i >> welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone, i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levy. looks like ted cruz is slapping his behind over there. what exciting stories are we going to be discussing this evening? >> tom, coming up on the big show, a young ted cruz says his end goal is total world domination. sounds like someone is trying to secure the free mason vote. and lena has a list of word you can't use to describe hillary clinton. i assume likable is not on that list. and rapper b.o.b. says like in the championship game.
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back to you, tom. >> andy, yeah. let's welcome our guest. her accent is thicker than your arteries on the paula deen diet. fox business contributor dagin mcdowell. and she is the author of "black market billions." don't even try telling her your clutch is not fendi. and he is harrier than arm pits at lilithfare. sam morrell. let's start the show. >> ted cruz wants to be the leader of the free world and the rest of the world as well. video of a teenage ted cruz popped up this weekend. the 18-year-old was asked if he has any as separation -- aspirations in life.
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>> aspiration, is that like sweat on my butt? >> you jokster, ted. it is not sweat on your butt. you know what we mean. >> oh, what i want to do in life. my aspiration is to i don't know be in a [bleep] film like that guy that played horatio. you know in malibu beach bikini shop? other than that, take over the world. world domination. rule everything, rich, powerful, that kind of stuff. >> those are lofty aspirations. wonder what his dad thinks of them. >> do you think he will rule the world one day? >> i hope not. >> i wonder what star reporter was able to is a the tough questions. >> i am jesse waters. >> it is his world. dagin, look, people put this on-line and said look at ted cruz, a young ted cruz. he wanted to dominate the world.
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was he just having fun, ted cruz? >> yes, and i deeply appreciate that he knows about malibu bikini beach shop because i loved hard bodies and hot dog the movie and scott baio's "zapped" from the 80s. i never could have hit that in the 80s when i was in high school. i was a loser with bushy eyebrows and a bad attitude and an homage in my room to stanley could you -- stanley kubrick so no man could touch me. >> you could not have mated with ted cruz? >> no. >> he is skinnier than me. >> he has the guts to say that while attending an -- to a baptist high school. >> he looks like a young joe mackey. >> he has the open shirt. everybody said he was a dweeb and a dork. he sounds fun and he is joking around. >> is that like a porno or something.
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>> do you know the film he was talking about? >> i did alt -- i did a little research on the movie, but it was before most women had fake breasts, and they were like jiggle movies where the women were topless. it is like a beach farce where like hot dog the movie -- oh my top flew off. "porky's" would be the grandfather. >> like "fast times at ridgemont high." >> no, not that involved. it is oh i am running down the beach and my top flew off. >> it sounds like how a canadian would describe porn. i don't trust it. i think he refers to the money shot as the maple syrup shot. can we keep that in? >> i think trump will use that in an advertisement against ted cruz. i know you don't know about these kind of -- >> i don't, but if somebody
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recorded my aspirations at 18 years oiled wouldn't want them on film. >> what were your aspirations? >> i wanted to be a roady for quiet riot and i wanted to spend my days in the mall. one of those things came true. >> really? >> i spend all day in the mall. >> you were a proponent of metal health? >> oh yes. i need to show you me with a tape of quiet riot at eight years ole. >> did you have one of those masks ? >> no, but the drummer is now tweeting at me. we are happening out in l.a. >> good thing it is not the lead singer because he is dead. >> he is. he has passed away. >> let's take a dark turn. thanks for the pick me up. >> we had a great talk about it. >> when i saw. >> it looked like ted cruz, but a different version. it looks like the ted cruz i know ate that guy at one point in time. he looks like he is cooler than you would have thought, but he was cool for a greece movie.
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cool for a grease movie. >> he was like greg brady cool. >> if he achieves world domination can he do something about his dad's teeth? >> don't make fun of preachers because you'll get struck by lightning. >> he is a tough guy and a good man. it is the final stretch before the iowa caucuses and polls show hillary clinton and bernie sanders sanders are neck and neck. you no late on monday night clinton is set to make a major announcement from des moines. let's listen in. >> there must beacons -- be consequences -- let me see if i can get some water here. you do talk a lot in this campaign. excuse me one second here. i have one.
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>> we will get back to her when she's ready. lena-dunham wants them to stop calling them frumpw. here is the girl star in a new interview. >> the way hillary clinton has been talked about in the media is gendered and rabidlly -- it is either the adjectives that are used to describe the clothing. we have to do a full reexamination. we want to make a list that we hand to the media outlets that says these are the words you can't use when describing a female candidate. shrill, inaccessible, difficult, from -- frumpy,
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plastic. if we were allowed to talk about male candidates like that, i would have a [bleep] field day. >> she is not shrill and inaccessible. >> will you release the pages of the transcripts of goldman sachs? there is a lot of controversey. secretary. >> i guess sometimes she is inaccessible. very rarely. can we replay something lena said. >> there are a list of words that if we were allowed to talk about male candidates like that i would have a [pleep] field day. >> instead they use words like this. human turd, cheetoe dusted bloviator. deflated football. melting businessman.
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these are all words that part of the gawker network used to describe a certain gop candidate. there is more and i wish we had time for them all. >> pond scum and bag of toxic sludge and empty popcorn bag rotting in the sun. hair plug with rancid egg whites. >> i don't know why jess -- jessible had to be so hard. >> people at home think we made that up for a laugh. those are actual terms. they said let's take a look at all of the things we have called donald trump this year. i didn't make up one of those. >> and lena-dunham's words are actually sexist. a woman is so sensitive that you can't handle being called
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inaccessible or maybe shrill. if you are shrill you get called shrill. it is gender bias. that is utterly ridiculous. all of those words are a review of the stupid show she made. i was going to say she is describing herself. it describes lena done ham as herself. i am not a fan and nor am i a fan of hillary clinton. we also forgot a word used to describe donald trump which is blow hard. it is not just jesibbelle, but it is huffington post and major media outlets. >> i thought i would list jessibelle because it was the most creative. it is fun names if you want to attack trump. >> i feel like both women are yelling at me. >> getting a little gendered
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in here. lena makes good points. there is an article saying when she is crying she is weak. when she is authoritative people think she is bossy. when she laughs people think she is jack nicholson in "batman." >> i don't know -- who calls her frumpy? >> in 1996 when she was on the campaign trail. everybody called her that because of her pant suit. >> in 1996 i was eight years old and i wouldn't have called her frumpy. >> you pick on their fashion sense. >> is it fair and i think she wants to -- what do you think of her idea of giving a list to the media and saying you can't use these words.
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>> sure. why should lena be allowed to pick. >> the person -- the woman who has really gotten it really bad over the last week has been sarah palin. they will never defend her because she is a conservative. you can make fun of her. but if you call hillary clinton a liar you are being gendered or sexist. >> it is true. this week has been a field day for care ray palin and carly has not gotten away scott free, carly fiorina. >> well because conservative women in the fair game and the liberal is not. why not criticize a woman if the don't agree with her policy. you know, the new york times did report that lena said
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quietly she had a problem with the way women were treated who bill clinton had relations with. then she denied. it bill is open game. she was part and parcel to basically destroy the lives of the women. i get it. no one wants to incorporate that when you are talking about it. people are slinging things right and left of each other. >> does donald trump insult people? >> oh yeah. >> i have had it up to here with raped paul. >> i have had it up to here with rand paul. >> what if anything you knew about the earth and the alleged roundness was not true. rapper b.o.b. suggests the
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earth is flat. he posted a long series of tweets and the evidence can only be prescribed as persuasive. time lapse stars form perfect circles. and later no matter how high in elevation you are the horizon is always high level. sorry, cadets. don't apologize for speaking the truth. finally they tried the science plain. but he said why can't the curvature be measured anywhere in nature. why does only nasa have photos of the curve. are you a mason? he refused to answer any perfectly reasonable situations. >> i think mike tyson would know this better. you know where it lost me? gram knee nominated rapper.
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i didn't see scientist. i am guessing he is not kicking it with an astro physicist. he has done the research. he takes it to the lab. >> the mainstream media is having a field day and picking on him. you know, you have to present the facts, but you have to believe him. >> he said show me the space photos that are controlled by nasa. >> black helicopters flying overhead and you better duck. >> look, b.o.b. said don't bliebdly -- blindly believe him. just like with the vaccines.
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>> i did my own research. i tweeted at scott kelly who is in the spacestation saying hi, sir, i know you are up there. can you just tell us if a horse is round or flat? i am still waiting to hear back. >> now i am having to ask the questions even though i have a graduate degree. we know the world is round. >> why? i want to see him in 3d. >> they say everything is a conspiracy. by the way how long does a take for a tweet to make it to the moon? the world probably is round. i am not going to be convinced by this rapper, bob. >> i did research on this.
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>> he is not going to convince this unless he puts it over a hot beat. jew you have to meet him at his rapper level. >> and this guy is a hip hop guy. he never said he had a phd. they are able to ask questions. >> i am qualified. i listen to rap the way it was meant to be listened to. >> so he is just saying. and do- he is asking questions. >> he said don't just take my word for it. do the research. >> coming up, is anybody willing to fight for the rights of men these days? see who is taking up the worthy cause after the break.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm kelly wright. good morning. the blizzard that slammed a large part of the eastern u.s. is being blamed for 42 deaths. many areas are still digging out. schools are closed for a second straight day as well as federal offices in washington. the airlines are still struggling. more than 13,000 flights were canceled due to the blizzard. but the trains bringing commuters to new york city are back up and running. an intense manhunt is underway for prisoners in a county jail. all three were waiting trials on felony charges. they were crawling through plumbing tunnels and climbing down a rope made from sheet.
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security experts say they have some help. oil is dragging down the asian market c. the nikkei index and hong kong's hang seng down 2% and the composite losing 6%. a houston grand juries indict abortion activists. they face tampering with a governmental record. the charges are in ex c with covertly shot videos that allege planned parenthood sold fetal tissue. >> a drop in enrollment and they are confirming 13 million people are expected to buy policies through the on-line obamacare changes. they added it to the drinking water in flipt. the water is tainted with lead. they prefer a federal probe.
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that's a look at news this hour. i'm kelly wright. now back to "red eye. >> oh yes it is ladies night and the feeling is wrong. how do you like that opener? i grabbed him. in a terribly ironic twist they are suing women using civil rights legislation designed to help those women. the newsletter must have got lost in the mail. they are using the unra act to enrich themselves. they sued seven san diego nightclubs foreladies nights and they nabbed a settlement. they got $12,000 from the san diego repratory theater for selling half price tickets to women and dinged the oakland a's forgiving out hats to mothers on mother's day.
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they complained about the men who filed the petty lawsuits as they should. they are ridiculous and without merit. of course they are trolls. but they are doing effective trolling. >> is it bad to you -- to sue people forgiving free hats to moms? i hope not. either way i support this will. i support them. now give me my polka dotted hat. i read that wrong. give me my polka dotted sun hat. not sun hat. i wrote it. i should know when they say sun hats -- >> don't i deserve a sun hat if i go to -- go with the ladies at the ballpark? >> and you deserve cramps and
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bloating and uncontrollable fits of rage each month. let me come to your house and go hey baby, hey baby, can i smack you on your ass alt bit? that's what we put up with every day. >> that's what we put up with every day. >> wait a minute, you paid your dues and you deserve your special half price drinks at the bar? >> there is never going to be a quality. you will never know what it is like to be a woman. we deserve a flipping sun sat. sun hat. we are not married over the age of 50 if we have a few liver spots and can't go to a dermatologist every six weeks. >> men are not getting laid if they have liver spots. >> they can be covered. it looks like david bowie in "the hunger" before he kicks it. >> have you been to saint bart's ?
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did you see the men getting laid ? they are not attractive with the beautiful women next to them. >> what to my poin that -- what to my point ? >> i don't get the ladies night thing. that's a thing that women don't go to. i have been to ladies night. it is $1 for woman women. >> they are trying to get women in the bar for men. >> it doesn't work. >> i agree. it is basically a commentary on the legislation and how stupid it is. why not? why shouldn't these men take advantage of the miss wording that has been there. when was the legislation passed? >> that was the point. it is either okay to discriminate and it is not
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okay. they pass these laws and they won't say you can only discriminate against men. and then there is no discrimination according to gender. the men's rights -- it is the movement or whatever they call themselves. they mirror everything wrong with feck niche. with feminism. it is great to see the feminists try to deal with that. they expose what is so ridiculous about you. they should have ladies nights and nobody should be suing. >> but if they -- and i i am not saying it is a men's right issue. all of these bits of legislation don't solve the problem. >> i think that's what the men ease rights organization is trying to . out. they are raking it in with the settlements, but want to know the ridiculousness of this. they can make money off dumb
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legislation. it doesn't have to do with gender. they are using gender as a platform to point out how stupid the legislation is. >> there is a white male genocide movement on the internet. they believe white men are being put down and destroyed by women. when women start making more than men let's revisit. >> so women are dying as men do and -- i mean they have legitimate drips. if you bring up cat calling and biology -- >> this is not an apples to apples comparison. >> what they are talking about is the movement on-line of the men who have no legitimate reason why. they are -- >> they may be right.
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cramps are worse than dying at an early age. >> that's not what i said. that's not what i said! >> have you enjoyed the show, but needed more sexy sorority girls? we will be fixing that shortly.
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>> welcome back. time to find out what we got wrong and what we may have missed. >> i feel like i haven't been here in a longtime.
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>> you haven't been here in a longtime. where were ?u. >> west coast and the storm and cooperate get back. crazy. >> we are all glad you're back. >> thanks. >> video of ted cruz all while attending a baptist high school. the person who up loaded it said it was given to him by one of cruz's classmates who didn't want to be identified because it was a small class and they didn't want to support it. again you don't want to fall down. >> fair point. >> here is the deal. >> you have your 24/7, 365
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porn. we don't have that growing up. we had a -- we had to watch teen breast films like "hot dog the movie." >> i respect your creativity and the point spread was better to navigate. >> the memories were better in the 80s, baby. >> i would hear stories and they would give them a map too. >> those were good movies and they taught entrepreneurialism. there was always guy opening up some kind of a ski lodge. >> the dialogue was definitely better. >> sam, it is possible to have him look like that. >> that was the point. >> one this three people is a
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dentist in cuba. that's true. maybe it should have been better. >> i don't think that's true. >> it is one in three. >> maybe at gitmo. >> is it safe? is it safe? >> that's old video. raveraphael cruz's teeth look great. >> can we agree if this video is supposed to be some sort of attack it is really dumb. >> it makes me like them. >> it makes me get a wedgie. >> it explains the plaid shirts. >> he is still wearing them on the campaign trail. >> they are a slightly different size. >> times two. >> he said why all of the hate? why you gotta hate? >> why do i hate lena-dunham.
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>> you don't get it. >> i think i am from a different generation. >> i hate her because i look like that and you will never get that much action she does in the show looking like that. i did and i was slownly. >> here is a list of words you shouldn't use to describe your female candidate. >> she said you can't. these are the words i would say you can't use. >> i think we are allowed to do that. >> one of the words he didn't say we were allowed to use was egypt. that's okay. >> if you are keeping score at home you can't make fun of the pant suits.
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>> feminism is very convenient. if you can attend margaret thatcher and anyone on the right, they are fair game. and it is true with like grabbing conservatives as well. >> at least some of the words that you noted were used by jessibelle to describe trump. >> not all of the men. >> some. >> they say the earth is flat. >> bob lost when he was described as a rapper and not a scientist. >> i am hurt by that. >> he said you did your own research and you tweeted at scott kelly and you are still waiting to hear back. >> the cell phone was over there. >> it is like the spacestation
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isn't real. >> he was tweeting pictures of the storm from space. >> dave, you said the world probably is round. >> probably not in a sim ma -- simulation that started an hour ago. i argued with people and it was frustrating. >> how much time do you have? >> it is not enough time to wash that sweater though. >> this is all right. >> what i was going to say is -- >> i have to move on because they took all your time. >> people are over looking a
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far more interesting theory. there are secret cloning centers being used across america. he tweeted every time you see a celebrity lose their mind equal cloning center. hundred of kids go missing each year equals cloning center. when a celebrity suffers a stroke, heart attack and aneurism, cloning center. >> the cloning center was probably good for parents. >> it is not a good cloning center. in his defense he does smoke a lot of weed. he also mentioned project blue beam. nasa and the u.n wanted to start it using technology to fake the second coming of jesus. >> he died of a heart attack. >> we have scientology. >> it is close. >> and the second coming of
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[bleep] is on an exhamster coming out. >> tom, you said the suits are without merit. apparently they are not without merit. >> in my world they are. >> not in a legal sense? >> no. all the power to them. >> you said men aren't getting laid if they have liver spots. are you kidding me? hugh hefner gets laid. >> yeah, if you are rich. i'm saying random dudes with liver spots. >> it is called new york city. random dudes with liver spots getting action. welcome to new york. it's been waiting for you. >> is that the new motto? i thought it was the big apple. >> it is the big liver spot and a bottle of viagra. >> time to take a break. when we come back. i couldn't even say it.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm kelly wright. no calm after the storm for thousands of air travelers. airlines are still working feverishly to untangle their schedules in the aftermath of the massive weekend nor' easter. there is no telling when the carriers will straighten out this mess.
12:45 am
many passengers team to be taking it all in stride for now anyway. >> for me they gave me a voucher for a car service. >> she has an interview tomorrow. we really have to go. we have been back and forth and we just got one from jfk. >> aviation officials there are now confirming that a piece of debris found off the coast of southern thailand is not from the malaysia airlines flight 3 3 -- 370. it washed ashore three days ago, but it does not match a part of the boeing 777. you may recall it was banished with 3900 people on board. president obama is banning the use of solitary confinement.
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the president believes the fact of isolated prisoners can cause long-term psychological affects especially when used to punish the mentally ill. a grand jury investigating planned paisht -- parenthood found no wrongdoing by the abortion provider. instead they are slapping charges against two anti-abortion activists that made the videos. they falsely implied they were selling fetal tissue to researchers. now back to "red eye." >> they are one of the most persecuted groups in america. now they are standing up for themselves and addressing misconceptions. they launched a photo campaign called define stereo types and posted it on facebook, where else? it features one of the young women standing next to a statement of defiance.
12:47 am
society says we pay for our friends. here is another. society says we aren't going places. but i had an internship in new york city. showed them. next, society says we report cultured, but i studied abroad in the united kingdom. society says we marry lawyers, and i am going to be one. they remind me of my affirmations. it is going against what society says you are, right? i think of that every morning when i start my job. here is the deal. dave, when you think of sorority girls what comes in your head? >> i think they buy their friends. society says i buy my friends, but they are worth every penny. so you are not even denying it. can you concerned you bought
12:48 am
friends? >> someone is putting them down or they wouldn't have done this, right? >> i have really taken offense. we get brunch and we talk about which are the sex in the city girls # i'm a charlotte. they are really cool and they are really smart. >> sex in the city brunch. >> it is fantastic. >> i think they are the lamest sorority girls ever. i want to see sorority girls gone wild and not sorority girls with self-awareness. the idiocy is they are paying $140,000 to learn how to be self-obsessed which you can do
12:49 am
for free on instagram. if you are in a sorority the only thing you will learn is how to bong a beer and not get barf in your hair. >> maybe people like you are looking down on the sorority. >> i speak from experience. >> do you think they are tired of not being taken seriously? >> stepping back i want to be friends with whomever the society person is and not friend with them. when you are in college you have no wrinkles. you have beautiful skin and great hair. you look like that. shut the hell up. >> what do you have to bitch about? >> college kids have a chip on their shoulder. any kid that goes abroad, some kid goes to cuba and he thinks he is hemming way because he has one rum and coke. >> or sean penn who thinks he is hunter thompson. >> let's peek in at hillary
12:50 am
thompson's press conference. >> scaws me one -- excuse me one second. >> we will close things out with a bedtime story. here is what is happening on the next "kennedy." >> may, -- hey," red eye fans" joanne know nosuchunsky will join me. i command you to watch it on fbn.
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and now it is time for a mean mint with tom. some e cards started a hash tag at tinder at tinder. it is to see how people look. they tweeted how i look on tinder versus how i look at tinder. the other says dream versus reality. looking said how i look on tinder and how i look at tinder. you get it. people look different in their profile pictures. >> it is ridiculous. i met a girl and she was amazing in her photos and i met her and it was a different
12:55 am
person. that's who she was. >> she likes dogs though, right? >> it is interesting. it is interesting she looks like joe mackey. he said he actually september me a couple of photos and he said this is what the girl sees when she wakes up in the morning. >> dagin, women don't look their best on tinder? >> i am impressed you may have shoulder hair. >> the rumors are true. >> have you ever met somebody who when you met their girlfriend they showed the photo and you made them and you have to fake like you find her as attractive as she appeared to be in the photo. >> i have never done the app
12:56 am
dating. i came from the age where you walked up to a woman and asked her to be your date. >> is there one decent picture of khalid shake mohamed out there? >> he was having a rough night there. the young ones were not far off from sam morell. >> this is the age we live in. i thought people are poking fun in the phak that they looked worse in real life. >> i mission the tinder baiting on-line. my husband came up and asked me out. >> you did? >> we d sometimes it is pretending and then kinding each other and then -- and finding each other.
12:57 am
>> maybe i should get my wife tinder. a special thanks to dagin mcdowell. that does it for me, tom shillue, your host. see you next time. ou from iowa w
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night. >> welcome to a live "cell eye file". tonight, three democratic contenders are sort of facing off. not really. they're taking the stage and answering questions from iowa voters. iowa voters have a strong track record of predicting the eventual democratic nominee. so a good showing tonight is crucial for the candidate if they want to lock up the nominatn.


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