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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  January 26, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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ainsley earhardt. thank you for starting your day with us. a brand new worry about terrorists sneaking into america. >> authorities overseas say isis has a industry creating fake passports. they suspected the terrorist groups had thousands of blank passports and one passport printing machine. this comes as an agency warns more deadly attacks may happen this year. any one in europe may be at risk. without activities it is impossible to predict hwhen and where the next attack about happen. >> a daring rescue with minutes to spare off of fort lauderdale. 15 people saved from this yacht moments before it slipped under the surface. the boat taking on water in just hours.
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rescue crews arrived minutes before it went under. the boat's captain blamed a mechanical failure. the manhunt intensifying for three violent criminals including an accused killer who escaped from a california jail. new evidence hinting towards an inside job. the trio sawed through a grill in a cell wall prop pelling off the building with bed sheets. the materials used in a great would have turned up in a routine inspection fuelling speculation they have had some help. >> oo a stunning turn in the investigation of the planned parenthood videos. a texas grand jury cleared the clinic of any wrong doing and indicted two activists behind the videos. called center for medical progress they released clips showing planned parenthood promoting the illegal sale of fetal tissue.
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the founder is now charged with tampering with government records and a misdemeanor illegally buying human organs said he used common under cover investigation practices and looks forward to seeing planned parenthood in court. >> we are america's election headquarters. the country down to iowa is on. brand new poll numbers show bernie sanders closing in on hillary clinton as the fireworks continue between donald trump and ted cruz. >> kristin fisher is live with the latest developments. >> last night it wasn't a debate. it was a town hall. it was way more electric than any other previous democratic key bait. bernie sanders told a crowd we need a political revolution. hillary clinton reminded them you have someone who is a proven fighter. >> i obviously respect senator sanders greatly and appreciate
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what he has dob in this campaign, but i believe i am the better person to be the democratic nominee and to be the president and commander-in-chief of the country. >> secretary clinton was secretary of state of this country for four years. dick cheney had a lot of experience, too. his policies where regard to foreign affairs was an absolute disaster. experience is important but it is not the only thing. >> one look at the latest polls you will see why these two candidates are so animated and why this race is suddenly so exciting. sanders is only 6 points behind clinton in iowa that's down from a 14 point spread last month. in new hampshire sanders is beating clinton by 22 points. a huge margin. this race has become almost dynamic as the republican. ted cruz and touch are dead
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lookd locked in iowa. that's why trump is hammering ted cruz. he fails to take the bait. >> donald has changed hue he approaches me. he insults me every day. i do not intend to respond in kind. >> cruz, trump the rest of the republican field will likely come face to face at the republican debate. likely because trump said he may sl skip it. that's a busy day for the caucus. kristin fisher, live for us. you never know who is going to be. hillary clinton says her campaign is about continuity. bernie sanders says his is poke cuss tdz -- >> the main focus of the comments was continuity. i am going to build on the legacy of barack obama.
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she wrapped herself as close as she could to him. in fact, at one point said the whole purpose of this, the whole purpose of the campaign was to win the white house to continue this legacy. on the other hand, bernie sanders summed it up, i am here for a political revolution. she is the candidate of conned due wit. i wondered why she was doing this on younger democrats as opposed to somebody saying continuity. >> a lot of tears as he mentioned revolution. they will tear up thursday february 11th. washington, d.c. remains at a standstill after being buried by the blizzard of 2016. schools and federal government offices are closed again today as the death toll rises to 41.
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peert dos see has the late-- pe doocy has the latest. >> almost two feet of snow sits in the middle of streets. stra stranding residents who can't go anywhere if plows show up. what happens if there's an emergency? the plan is to park on the nearest cleared road and walk the rest of the way or request a plow to bear a path. if that doesn't work ask the national guard for a lift something the fire department did for a weekend. a lot of the main trags are obstructed by snowplows taller than basketball hoops. they are picking it up loading it on the trucks and hauling it away. >> they are being dropped off at a parking lot at the stbowser h residents venturing out of the house. >> it is getting warmer during the day and freezing at night.
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any wet surfaces can become icy a roof of the maryland church collapsed under the weight of the snow. roads and floods caused extensive damage in emergenin j jersey. the mayor still doesn't want people on the roads. he doesn't want people to touch their cars fearing they will make an even bigger mess. leave the snow off of it. let mother nature help you. it will be warmer. from will be sunshine could it new york over and no one has attempted to plow yet. peter doocy, fox news. a whole lot along the coast dig out. many are wondering when will a warm-up help? >> we need one.
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maria molina is here with the forecast. >> you have been busy. >> yes all meteorologists have been busy tracking this storm. now we are looking at a much warmer day out across of parts of the mid atlantic and northeast. that is welcome news. we are expecting high temperatures to climb into the 40's. mother nature will be helping out with the cleanup efforts across portions of the northeast. taking a look at the rest of the country temperatures not too bad for the rest of the year. minneapolis it is a cold day 26 degrees for a high. it is for the unusual. during the winter time you can see it near the gulf coast. 70 in new orleans and 70's in tampa. we are tracking a storm system that is bringing rain across the southern parts of texas stretches across tennessee, era but with ice and snow.
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you can see employs tour spreading eastern. we are schil cold enough also into up state new york. we will be seeing winter weather conditioning across. terror and torture for the first time the american pastor just freed from an iranian prison is opening up about his horrific experience. said aberdeen describes the physical beatings and psychological abuse he endured he spent a little boifrt 3 years. he was sentenced to 8. he used religion to over throw the government. >> they tried hard to damage my reputation so they asked me to write and (indiscernible).
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the at this time i had stomach bleeding. he this said you finish your sentence you go to the u.s. we will always follow you. we are going to kill you. >> ab dedini was released along with heck mattie and jason zion in a swap in iran. president obama making the decree in a "washington post" op ed piece. he says the use can lead to devastating psychological consequences whose mind is developing. they can apply for early release. this stems from a 2012 decision that is unconstitutional and it is being applied retroactively.
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>> she is facing jail time for assault. you need to get out. you need to get out. >> no, i don't. >> you need to get out. >> i actually don't. >> hey, who wants to help me get this reporter out of here? >> melissa clinic expected to plead not guilty with a third degree assault charge. she was recorded in november trying to force a student journalist away from a protest highlighting the treatment of african americans on campus. if convicted she faces a 300 fine and 15 years in jail. >> some say it looks like kkk costumes. the cadets insist they were dressed up as ghosts. they posted it on-line where it went viral. discipline ranged from suspension to extra duties on campus. >> the time now 11 minutes after
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the pop of the hour. road rage caught on camera. see what happens when two men duke it out with sticks and bats in the middle of traffic. >> prying eyes watching you through your web cam and you don't even know it. >> if you live near this grocery store theal view of your home instantly increases. i tried depend last weekend. it really made the difference between a morning around the house and getting a little exercise. only depend underwear has new confidence core technology for fast absorption and the smooth, comfortable fit of fit-flex™ protection. get a coupon at
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>> residents in a northern california neighborhood forced inside their homes as el nino erosion sends them into the ocean crumbling. good morning kelly. >> good morning to you, heather. for residents living onnage edge of a cliff in pacifica, california they are finding the situation heartbreaking. the homes are in a very
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precarious situation they are on the edge of a cliff side crumbling. some lost their backyards to the sea. one apartment building has been condemned. all of this resulting from the el ninos storms that brought plenty of rain to california but also caused a great deal of beach erosion. they have declared a state of emergency. people who once enjoyed beautiful ocean views in their homes while living along the coast are now being told to leave for their own safety. >> we give you three nights in a place with no showers how am i supposed to keep my job. >> throw all of the residents and tenants out in a couple hours is really unfair. it is very hard on them. >> very hard indeed but the city leaders have no choice given that he's passing day massive waves are still pounding the coastline exposing the homes to the danger of falling into the sea. construction crews are working
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to shore up the area. it is a battle against nature. nature appears to be winning as the sea continues to repain more land. the pacifica city leader told a news station they expect more bad weather for another month and can't predict what will happen. >> really a cliffhanger. kelly wright. handcuffs are not snuff to stop an east chicago councilman's inauguration. his name is robert battle. he is in jail on drug charges. he can hold his seat until he resigns admits guilt or is found guilty in court. his trial is scheduled for august. do you want to use your second amendment right to own a gun? you have to write an he is day and pay more than $1,000 if you live in lowell, massachusetts. they required gun owners to
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write a letter to the state saying why they want an unrestricted hand gun license. they called the policy reasonable while critics say it is designed to keep guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens. >> cutting jobs to cut goss. lauren sem netty is tore to expla explain>> in response to more and more customers going on-line and using apps. that trend pushing them to rule out new atm's one that do not need a physical card. it gets you take out 3,000 dollars. they are called e-atm's. bloomberg reports jetblue is refitting the planes to cram in
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12 additional passengers. you will have less space but better perks. the seats come with high deaf ten inch screens with movies available to them. living within a mile of a trader joe's doubles your home values. home values go for twice as much as the national median price. >> pizza hut made a pizza crust with tatar tots. you can only get it in new zealand. sorry to spoil your cravings. >> not down with that. lauren, thank you. it is 19 after the top of the hour. courtroom chaos. a prosecutor attacked by a suspect and it is all caught on camera. >> the potty break that turned into a half marathon run. my son and i used to watch the red carpet shows on tv
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>> welcome back to "fox and friend first. road rage turning violent on a busy highway. two men duking it out? texas with a bat and a stick. one has a baseball bat and the other grabs a bat. >> the prosecutor is found guilty. you can see michael cox charged the deputy district attorney, throw him to the ground and start punching him. several people leapt into action to stop cox including the judge. >> what was called a romantic po
2:24 am
teak, yes, well ice. >> charlie sim kiss from sirius xm 115. we have all been talking about the blizzard. there's a group of entrepreneurs or they tried to make money off of it. >> you are right. lots of folks along the east coast will be digging out from the weekend mass of winter storms. one man in brooklyn wasn't about to let it all go to waste. he posted it on air. he said it was a romantic get away for two and offered it for 200 bucks a night. a couple people were interested in it. air b and b took it down because it didn't meet occupancy standards. >> 200 is not that expensive. the ice hotel is 3 had you been bucks a night. >> there's a story about a teen
2:25 am
who apparently stunned michigan mall shoppers. >> a h pianist is wowing people across the country with his music skills. 18-year-old montel west was on a shopping trip when he spotted a piano in the center of the mall and started playing. ♪ >> he is a self taught musician and doesn't even own his own piano. >> up next a terrified cloth rescued in he cecuador. >> a tiny sloth is an internet sensation after being saved from a sticky situation. they rescued him from the center of a newly built highway. the sloth was taken to the vet where he was found to be in good
2:26 am
health. the officer took the little guy back to his natural habitat. >> look at that case. >> okay, so then there's the story we heard was a typical half marathon. it ended as anything but that. >> thanks to a hound dog in alabama he wandered away and found herself as the start line of a half marathon. he became the leader of the pack and ran along side the first place contestant. she got interrupted but she did end up in 7th place. >> thank you, carly. >> don't miss the mare thob dog and you can hear carly shimkus on xm 115. i want somebody in there who can shake it up, who can change it up. >> you stood out in my mind as being a moral and religious man.
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>> the stars of duck dynasty explain why they are throwing support behind different presidential candidates. >> controversy, get this, the court then ruled it is okay to be fired over your weight. >> no pressure. ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. ♪ those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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>> it is tuesday, january 26th. we begin with a fox news alert. a isis in america. how terrorists are sneaking into the u.s. under the radar. >> an ad on craig's list ends in a deadly home invasion. the homeowner could face charges for turning the fable on the two crooks. >> the sheriff's deputy is nearly run over by a sem semi-t. "fox & friends first" continues
2:31 am
right now. >> good morning you are watching "fox and friend first. i am lea gabrielle. >> i am heather childers. nice to have you back as well. a brand new warning about terrorists sneaking into america. >> that's right. authorities overseas now saying isis created a whole industry of creating fake passports. they have blank passports and at least one printing machine. more deadly attacks may come in year saying any one in europe could be at risk. without reliable information on intentions and activities it is nearly impossible to predict when and where the next attack will happen. a colorado homeowner possibly facing charges for killing a man who responded to his craig's list ad but tried to rob him. the homeowner says the two men
2:32 am
tied him up in his middleton home at gun point and took his car keys. the man was able to free himself grab his gun and shoot and kill one of the robbers who was driving away in his car while the other got away. the homeowner could be charged because he was not being threatened at the time he fired the gun. >> now they are authorized to carry guns on basis. off duty was put into the decision to collect any debate. a chat knewing bau military recruitment system. >> paying for jordan. they want to make sure they are not charged for contaminated water. >> i would not bathe a new born child or a young infant in this bad water.
2:33 am
if you can't drink the bad water you shouldn't pay for it. >> it is $100 per household in flint. they are launch ago criminal investigation into the water crisis led by former police chief. they were served subpoenas for e-mails and others in connection over the contaminated water. >> days after the east coast blizzard washington, d.c. struggling to get back to normal. >> area schools still closed. some communities in and around dc have not yet seen a snowplow on the streets stranding folks in their homes. >> mass transit now returning back to normal. all train lines expect for one will be running. >> will dc thaw out today?
2:34 am
maria molina has the latest. >> we will see temperatures climbing today but a cold front springs through into tonight and will be ushering in cooler temperatures tonight from mid atlantic through the northeast. but we have temperatures above freezing for many areas. new york city at 39 degrees. even milder as you head further west. in cleveland where temperatures are in the mid 40's early this morning. as we head into this afternoon even warmer out there. climbing into the 40's in new york city but also cities like philadelphia and baltimore and washington, d.c. all areas that need to see the temperatures climbing above freezing so we can get some help from mother nature for a lot of that snow to melt. we mr. see cooler air coming in. louisiana through the south and up into the northeast and across interior parts of the northeast. temperatures are still on the cold side. we have freezing rain to deal with early this morning.
2:35 am
we have advisories issued across central pennsylvania including cities like harrisburg which received very significant snowfall. across up state new york. stay safe out there and the system will continue to push eastward bringing in a chance of rain showers and along the i 95 corridor later today. >> oo hillary clinton in striking distance as ted cruz continue to fire shots on the republican side. >> with the iowa caucus one week away they were pose arguments for the candidates. they delivered very fiery performances. sanders was about change and
2:36 am
political revolution. >> obviously respect senator sanders greatly and appreciate what he has done in this campaign. i believe i am the better person to be the nominee and president and commander-in-chief. >> secretary clinton was secretary of state for four years. dick cheney had a lot of experience, too. his policies were an absolute disaster. experience is important but it is not the only thing. >> sapped ders is only 6 points behind clinton and iowa. in new hampshire sanders is beating her by 22 points. cruz is the only rival.
2:37 am
rubio launched a new line of attack against cruz. he wept after him for representing a chinese company in 2008 when he was a private torn. >> it is another example of ted cruz saying one thing and saying something different. ted cruz says how tough he is going to be on china but they are stealing american secrets. >> the republicans will debate in two-days right here on fox news. the big question, will trump be there. he suggested he may skip it. one thing that is certain there is nothing boring about this election cycle. >> meantime you heard kristin talk about bernie sanders. he's coming out on top in the latest polls. he says that doesn't matter. he won't win. >> bernie sanders couldn't beat find his way out of a bet paper bag in a general election. did he have declared socialism
2:38 am
is lovely in iowa democratic caucuses it delights and warms every cock els of their heart in a snowstorm. in a national campaign issue it is a dead dog loser. i would think donald trump wtrup would beat him. former new york city mayor michael bloomberg is expected to decide on his presidential run the first of march. >> which two candidates do you want to see? let's go to my debate #keep talking. dine ski is weighing in on would should be commander-in-chief. >> he stood out in my mind as being a moral and religious man
2:39 am
and i thought to myself good enough for me. >> robinson says donald trump is the man that can go the distance. >> i want somebody who can shake it up and change it up and is not after the money and doesn't have people telling them what they say. i like a man who puts his money where mouth is and will do what he says he is going to do. the time is 39 minutes after the hour. living on the edge. dozens of homes in danger as cliffs crumble. >> we can't sleep here p tonight. are they crazy? we have nowhere to go. >> the race to escape before they plunge into the sea. >> prying eyes watching you through your web cam and you don't even know it. what you need to know to protect yourself. >> the multi-million dollar lawsuit filed actress sophia
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sofia vergarasofia vergara ♪ >> camera looking outside of our building. what about your web camera. have you ever covered it because you are worried someone might be watching in you may be right. a search engine called creepy anything from a baby monitor to a home security camera. in order for fthem to get into t there has to be no pass word. >> that is scary stuff. disney is now being sued for replacing american workers with foreign laborers. two class action suits were filed in florida by former tech workers charging disney and two global consulting companies for plotting to break the law. h1 visa workers cannot replace american workers and the suit alleges this is what happened. disney says the lawsuits are based on an unsustainable legal
2:45 am
theory and are a misrepresentation of the facts. >> this snapshot could cost the beauty company $15 million. they are suing her for using her instagram post in advertisement without her permission. she calls the treatment quote a waste of time and money. she want the company to stop using her picture and to pay her at least an endorsement rate of $15 million>> must be nice. >> the casino is now legally allowed to weigh in on the cocktail pate tresses appearance. they ruled they could regulate how much the women weigh saying an element of their performance and public appearance. they have faced backlash saying waitresses cannot gain more that happen 7 percent of their body weight. talking more about jobs are you looking for the perfect
2:46 am
salary growth and opportunity? you will get one step ahead. >> cheryl casone from our sister network fox business is here it the top jobs. >> i don't work at a casino. life is short. >> good morning, guys. top jobs, none of these are in a casino. they combine things like a really high salary, high demand for the job and also a lot of opportunities for growth. basically industries that we know are going to grow. number 5, mobile developer. the salary about 90,000 dollars a year to start. so basically you program mobile devices. you need either a computer science degree and you can use experience in software mobile app development. not a requirement but it would help you. number four an engagement manager. you make 125,000.
2:47 am
you manage contractual relationships between clients and vendors. you need to be in communications or social sciences. number three a solutions architect. you could make 119,000 to start and change. you develop technical designs think web sites things like that. you need a wide range of tech experience. you have to have the programming skill. tax manager. this is pretty familiar. 108,000 dollars you can start there ch. you are helping companies review and prepare their taxes. that's a big job. an accounting degree really helps. final any number one the top job for this year. data scientist. 115,000 and change to start. it is a combination of business acumen and data analysts. think of the big data think of the phones cloud, computer that is type of person that can analyze all of that and put it together. that's the top job for 2016.
2:48 am
a lot of these you have to have the education and a tech background. >> there's the future. >> cheryl casino she knows how to bring up money. >> to find cheryl casone go to >> caught on camera, the dashcam video that shows him being taken out by a semi-truck. >> check this out. a matador fights a bull while you clutching his 5 month old baby on his hip. the outrage after this photo went viral. check in with steve doocy with what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> call me steve casino. >> hi everybody. coming up on "fox and friends, kicking off 5 minutes from now donald trump's son eric will be joining us on the couch. he will be talking about all things political because it's just getting good.
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>> laura ingram is going to do the same. could there be a drug to cure your fear? everybody is a little afraid of something. dr. sem mattie is going to talk about that. the super bowl has been picked. we are going to talk that kind of stuff. and larry gatlin. when you invite a gatlin brother you never know where the conversation will take you. he never let's us down. the big 3 hour telecast kicks off 11 men's from right now on the channel you trust for your morning news. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light.
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for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. welcome back to "fox & friends" first. residents in california are living on the edge. >> they sure are. their picturesque seaside homes threatened by el nino erosion.
2:53 am
>> kelly wright with the latest on evacuation ahead of a potential disaster. good morning. good morning. listen, if you ever dreamed of living along california's beautiful coastline, beware of the threat from bad weather. it can turn your dream into a nightmare. these homes that you're looking at in pacifica near san francisco once had back yards with an ocean view. now due to el nino storms, those back yards have plummeted into the sea. and the homes are in danger of falling as the cliff continues to crumble from erosion. >> how many do you have? >> one for every unit. >> all of the residents are concerned about the scary situation going on. some object being ordered to leave the only home they have. >> i'm not worried about what i see out the back. i'm worried about these guys coming and thinking it's okay to
2:54 am
tell us that we can't live here. we can't sleep here tonight? are they crazy? we have nowhere to go. >> it's emotional to see this, you know. try to help us -- these families find a place to live. >> she says it best. it's an emotional situation, tough situation for residents living along that cliffside. and with the ways pounding the coastline, that cliff play continue to crumble which makes it very difficult for those families. they'll have to possibly leave. >> yeah. very scary. thank you. more shocking video out of ohio as a deputy gets hit by a semi-truck. the sheriff's deputy was directing traffic around a car accident when a semi parked too close to the railroad tracks, suddenly it's hit by a train. then it is sent right into the dew point. amazingly, he only suffered minor injuries. big game, big business.
2:55 am
people around the san francisco bay area are taking advantage of the super bowl hype. they're offering to rent out their homes on air bnb, sometimes to fans who want to be near the action. there are cheaper options. the cozy tree house sleeps two. it's a half-hour drive from san francisco. like an igloo. >> i'd take that. five minutes until the top of the hour. the east coast is still trying to bounce back from a record-breaking blizzard. the latest on the conditions as we continue to dig out. and to the rescue. the moment firefighters rescue a trio of adorable puppies from a burning building. ♪ i accept i'm not 22. i accept i do a shorter set these days. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat, not caused by a heart valve problem. but i won't play anything less than my best.
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when i went on to ancestry, i just put in the name yes, we are twins. of my parents and my grandparents. i was getting all these leaves and i was going back generation after generation. you start to see documents and you see signatures of people that you've never met. i mean, you don't know these people, but you feel like you do. you get connected to them. i wish that i could get into a time machine and go back 100 years, 200 years and just meet these people. being on ancestry just made me feel like i belonged somewhere. discover your story. start searching for free now at
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3:00 am
daughter. the matador says it is a family tradition. >> seems like a weird family tradition. >> i think that tradition -- they need to think about that. >> maybe. thanks for joining us. "fox & friends" starts now. >> have a great day. bye-bye. good morning. tuesday, the 26th of january, 2016. e i'm anna kooiman. hillary clinton called out in iowa. >> i've heard from people my age that they think you're dishonest -- >> not just a few people who think that. some stunning results from brand-new fox news polls ahead. meanwhile, a fox exclusive. christian pasture say ed abedini speaking out after being released from the prison he sat in for years in the country of iran. >> closed the door and interrogate us. start beating me. at that time, i start bleeding. >> talking about the


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