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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  January 26, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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daughter. the matador says it is a family tradition. >> seems like a weird family tradition. >> i think that tradition -- they need to think about that. >> maybe. thanks for joining us. "fox & friends" starts now. >> have a great day. bye-bye. good morning. tuesday, the 26th of january, 2016. e i'm anna kooiman. hillary clinton called out in iowa. >> i've heard from people my age that they think you're dishonest -- >> not just a few people who think that. some stunning results from brand-new fox news polls ahead. meanwhile, a fox exclusive. christian pasture say ed abedini speaking out after being released from the prison he sat in for years in the country of iran. >> closed the door and interrogate us. start beating me. at that time, i start bleeding. >> talking about the beatings
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there and what he saw on wednesday's in particular will make you sick. >> and do you want to have a gun? why don't you write an essay? a written test before you can exercise your second amendment right in massachusetts. sound good to you? think about that while we get started with "fox & friends." welcome to studio e in the heart of midtown manhattan. if you joined us yesterday, great, big mountain of snow behind they've had scoop loaders all night long. the mountain is gone. >> yeah. now "fox & friends" has -- did it for sure. it was pretty over the weekend. now ugly, gray slush. >> about 40 degrees here. i'm sure where you are you have your own challenges. for example, it might be 72. you might need sunscreen if you're in florida or california. be sure about that.
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the most exciting thing, we'll have a contest. in six days, we'll have some numbers to examine instead of polls that we project. >> you know what, one week from this morning we'll know who won, and brian mentioned new poll numbers show bernie sanders closing in on hillary clinton on the democrat side. >> we have the latest from washington, and then more. good morning, kristen. >> reporter: good morning. trump, cruz, and the rest of the republican field will likely come face to face in just two days. now i say likely because trump has suggested that he may skip it. but that could be a very risky play with the iowa caucus on monday. meanwhile, the democrats just faced off for a final time before the first votes are cast. last night wasn't even a debate really. it was a town hall. it was more electric than any previous democratic debate. bernie sanders told the crowd we need change, we need a political revolution. hillary clinton tried to remind them that you already have someone who is a proven fighter.
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>> i've heard from quite a few people my age that they think you're dishonest -- >> look, i've been around a long time. people have thrown all kinds of things at me. and you know, i can't keep up with. it i just keep going forward, they fall by the wayside. >> clinton constantly brought up just how close she is to president obama and his policies while bernie sanders repeatedly reminded the crowd of just how differently they voted on the iraq war. >> i voted against the war in iraq. hillary clinton voted for the war in iraq. all right. in terms of wall street -- >> according to a fox poll, sanders is only six points behind clinton in iowa. last month she had a 14-point lead. we have a real race among the republicans and now the
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democrats. >> making it exciting. kristin fisher, thank you for joining us live from the nation's capital. hillary clinton was asking, name your favorite president. she did not mention her husband. >> sorry, bill. sorry, barak -- >> she didn't mention her former boss, barack obama. she mentioned abraham lincoln. 16th president of the united states. interestingly enough, a republican. >> wow. i heard lynn was a really good -- lionel was a really good president. let's talk about the qualities democrats think are most important. whether asked, 32% said honesty and trust worthiness. 22% said right experience. 17% said cares about you, bill clinton territory. and the top spot is trust worthiness. that's where bernie sanders is through the roof. over 90% of people believe him even as crazy as some of his policies sound. >> they're buying what he's selling more than they're picking up what she's putting
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down. that started this summer with the e-mail server scandal. some folks going, well, we need to have a smoking gun. we're looking through these emails and finding some that -- the smoking gun, according to many, is the private server to begin with. that is her -- if you want her to be commander in chief, do you really want putting national security at risk and making it vulnerabl vulnerable? >> speaking of the private server, at the town hall she refused to say using the private e-mail account was an error. she did say, however, nothing i did was wrong. she said she should have explained ist sooner. >> she said it was convenience. we know it's not convenience. that's been blown out of the water. why she went back to that is unbelievable. >> it's all been blown out of the water. so -- this is probably the most damning and scary number that they're looking at in brooklyn at the clinton headquarters. look at that. for the first time, she is under
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50%. she's gone down five points since last time we did the poll. bernie is static. poor martin o'malley, clinging by his fingernails to the race, went from 3% to 1%. one other important statistic from the fox news poll, right now 10% of democrat voters are undecided. two weeks ago, it was 2%. the more they look, the more they wonder if this is the right choice. >> really shows how fluid the race could be. a lot of times in iowa, they decide the day of the caucuses. >> and keep in mind, the school of thought is, well, you got lily white iowa and new hampshire. if sanders wins those two, down south will be more of a minority community, more of a mix. that's where hillary clinton will soar. reports show that bernie sander making tremendous progress with the african-american community. and with some other minorities, so if he has some momentum coming out of the first two states, he's going to win new
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hampshire. up by 23 points. we heard the same about barack obama. trailing by double digits but only a one-term senator. by the time she won new hampshire, it was a brands-new game. >> one of the important soundbites from bernie was, yes, we will raise taxes. yes, we will. >> fantastic. it was 2012 when christian pasteur sayeed abedini was arrested and charged on trumped up charges in iraq. he sat down for the first time with greta van susteren last night on "on the record" and talked about what it was like even though everybody knew the charges by the iranians were bogus. here he is describing going in front of a judge. >> the judge closed the door and interrogated us, start beating me. in that time, i started stomach
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bleeding. my interrogate told me that i'm going to do three things to you. first, i'm going to put you to death. the al qaeda prisoners, they're going to beat you to death, which they did later. and i was beaten within to death kind of. god saved me. the second thing was he said to me, i'm going to send you to the worst prison. and the third thing was the threat of death, and they said, when you finish your sentence and you go to u.s., we always follow you. and if you start -- continue the thing you did, we're going to kill you. so they took me to the al qaeda prisoners and -- we had like a normal talk. there was a heavy chair. he grab it and hit it to my head. so i got it i got the chair when
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he hit my head and hit my legs. so the guard came and they didn't let him to continue what he did. >> physical and emotion abuse, torture in many senses. compare that to how the prisoners were treated here in the united states. it does make you realize when people say the four that were freed on our end were hostages and not prisoners. >> seven elected to stay here. the ones where we said, okay, you're free, you want -- they go, no, we'll stay here. >> and remember why sayeed abedini was there. he was setting up orphanages for kids in need and leading in-home christian congregations. the beginning of the sound bite, he was asked do you know why you're here, he said, yeah, i'm a christian and expressing my faith and doing good things. they said, no, you're trying to use your christian faith to overrun the government. they tried to get him to sign a document. when he refused, that's what unfolded. >> that's when he was beaten. he said he was taken to watch
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executions. and every wednesday they would hang a bunch of guys. every wednesday. take him out. watch him. >> the reform for the president of iran was great. they were hailed as heroes in europe yesterday. italy in particular as everyone's looking to invest in this new nation called iran. they haven't changed. we welcome them back in. talking about welcoming in, welcome back in. >> good morning. good morning to all of you. boy, i have information about a daring rescue that took place overnight with seconds to spare. take a look. 13 people saved from this yacht. you see in the darkness moments before it slipped below the water. this just off of ft. lauderdale, florida. the boat taking on water for two hours. but crews arrived right before it went under. everyone was able to get off safely. the pictures from the coast guard. the captain blaming a mechanical
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failure, but everybody is okay thankfully. listen to this -- fake passports. the goal, to sneak into america to murder innocent civilians. friend from authorities confirming that isis -- french authorities confirming that isis has created an entire industry producing fake passports. u.s. intelligence has long suspected that isis had thousands of blank passports and at least one passport printing machine after it took over government offices in syria. a turn in the investigation of the controversial planned parenthood videos. a texas grand jury has now cleared the clinic of any wrongdoing and has instead indicted two activists behind those videos. the center for medical progress released videos last year appearing to show planned parenthood officials promoting the illegal sale of baby parts. the founder, david dale idin, has been charged with tampering with government records. he said he used common
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undercover investigation practices. let's talk about this some more. coming up, senior judicial analyst judge anna nepapolitano will join us with his take on these charges. if you want to exercise your second amendment right to own a gun, you will now have to write an essay and pay more than $1,000 if you live in lowell, massachusetts. leaders sparking outrage after requiring gun owners to write a letter explaining to the government why they want an unrestricted handgun license. and they'll also have to pay for safety training. critics say it's designed to keep guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens. supporters call that policy reasonable. and those are your headlines. a lot of people writing in about that. >> i believe the charge on the training, it's about $1,000. >> it is. >> a note and $1,000. >> a letter and $1,000 to the state. >> i don't think they want people to have guns. >> i think you're right. they make it hard. straight ahead on this
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tuesday, the manhunt for those three inmates intensifies this morning. experts say they had help on the inside. and they may never be seen again. we'll tell you what we know. and remember the girls basketball team kicked out of their league for being too good? a huge update ahead. i've smoked a lot and quit a lot, but ended up nowhere. now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch, with unique extended release technology, helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq.
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16 minutes after the hour. a massive manhunt continues for three men who escapade a california jail -- escaped a california jail by crawling through tunnels and shimmying to freedom from a rope made from bed linens. now experts say they may have had help from the inside. former orange county deputy d.a. donald fleischer weighs in. you're familiar with this particular jail. tell us how you think this could have even happened and what type of danger the community is in. >> it happened because the orange county jailhoused too many people in one sell. there were over 60 people in this maximum security cell. looked like there was a diverse. somebody created a riot-type of scenario, giving these guys opportunity to get out. they had 16 hours before police
3:18 am
knew they were gone. police will take whatever action necessary to protect their newfound freedom. if they're smart, they'll stay away from communities. police are conducting numerous search warrants. they know where the people live. if they're smart, the second part of the planning calls for them getting out of the area. >> they couldn't help -- we couldn't help but think about the similarities and differences that happened in upstate new york with the prison break with richard matt and david southwwe compared to the jail break in california. in orange county, so many people live there, so saturated, could these guys slip in and hide in plain sight compared to how richard matt and david sweat were on the lam in the woods? >> yeah. much easier.
3:19 am
remember, the population is so dense, there are so many communities that these people could hide out in. if they split up and hide out, they have a much easier chance of not getting detected. but if they go back to where they're from, two people were gang members. the orange county gang detectives know what they're doi doing. they could be caught quickly. if they're smart, they could hide for a long time undetected. the resources is the question. what kind of resources and what kind of help do they have from the outside. that's going to be the key. >> yeah. where would investigators go now? neighborhoods, are they going to talk to people they may have had contacted with? what are they doing? you think they likely had to help to get out? >> yeah. police are interviewing people in the cell, looking at the
3:20 am
video evidence. more importantly, these guys are well known by detectives. they have cases and know where the people are from. they're gang members. they have gang detectives. they know who they hang out with, the family members. their communities are infiltrated. i understand there's already been 30 search warrants served within the community. they're hot on the trail. >> they're investigating inside and outside of the prison trying to find them. quick lyrics how much will it cost the community -- quickly, how much will it cost the community? >> enormous. this could have been prevented. they personal didn't have anybody on the roof. they didn't have anybody monitoring outside of the jail. now the cost of having to locate these people and possibly possible victims. >> we'll cross our fingers that doesn't happen. thanks for your time today. >> thank you. 20 minutes after the hour. he was elected and ready to take the oath of office. one problem -- he's in
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good morning. try your best to fight your greatest fears. something many of us try to do. >> new research suggests it may be possible to erase them with a pill. >> how handy would that be? here to tell us about how it works, from the fox news medical aid team, dr. david samadi. good morning. >> good morning to you guys. >> okay, what is this pill, and who would it impact? who would it help? >> we're talking about emotional memory. emotional distress and panic -- >> fear. >> fear. we always thought that once you have it, the memory goes in your
3:25 am
brain and stays forever. we're talking about people with ptsd. the memory of the gunshots and soldiers dying, that stays in your memory. how do you take care of this? if you retrieve it and keep going back and go back to the site, over time you may have success. >> exposure? >> exposure treatment is the way to go. ptsd, for example, they have 3d videos that they take back to the site. over time, 50% may do better. we always thought this was permanent. it's registered in your brain and you can never erase it. a study out of amsterdam compared 45 subjects. it's not a big study. but by giving a pill, beta-blocker, when you give a lecture in front of 1,000 people, the state of the union, you can take this and it calms you down -- >> the stage fright sdplug. >> -- fright drug? >> a quaalude?
3:26 am
>> it calms you down, reduces your heart rate. the whole fight or flight is basically your adrenal, starts pumpi inin ining epinepherine. it can calm you down. in the study, the ones who took the medication and faced the fear reduced the kind of memory and almost, raced it. and this is a new finding that's important. the people that were exposed to this who took the medication versus the ones who only took the medication and the ones that only were exposed to the spider, that helped tremendously. it's almost reconsideration and taking the file and changing it and putting it back in. >> sounds groundbreaking for veterans with ptsd and their families and loved ones. however, i think about fear. sometimes when you get that pit in your stomach, it's for a reason. fear is a healthy thing. >> it's a huge point you're bringing up. also for the soldiers, this
3:27 am
could change the whole platform of the way they survive, the way they actually can deal with anxiety. the question is, how much of this medication are you going to be taking? is it going to be a simple pill? are you going to be on them for a long time -- >> are they addictive? >> they're not addictive but can interfere with your heart. if you're on other medications, what is the interaction, et cetera. i think for people almost suicidal -- we've had spoishpat who say, i want to kill myself, that's the time to get them on the medication, get therapy and change someone's life. >> they've done the study of less than 100 people. at what point might it be marketed to people? >> well, you're going to need to duplicate the same study. you need a long-term plan to find out if it's really the medication itself. >> can people volunteer for this study? because there are people watching now who would like to. >> yes. well, we can introduce them, we can post this on facebook and introduce them to the doctor actually doing the search and find out if they need more
3:28 am
information for sure. >> fantastic dr. david samadi, thank you very much. fascinating stuff. 24 minutes after the hour. remember the college professor who did this to a journalist -- >> you need to get out. >> i actually don't. >> all right -- somebody want to help me get this guy out of here? over here! >> remember her? what a delight. she's due in court today for something else. then, it's a story that you will think is so heartwarming. a military wife's furnace went out on the coldest night of the year. the repairman gives her the deployment discount and fixes it for $1. see, $1 at the bottom. both of them join us live coming up next. you both have a perfect driving record. perfect. no tickets. no accidents. that is until one of you clips a food truck,
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it's been reported that former new york city mayor michael bloomberg is considering running for president as an independent candidate this year. [ applause ] >> yeah. so in addition to bush, rubio, and cruz, that will make four candidates who can speak spanish. [ speaking spanish ] [ laughter ] >> even immigrants are like, speak english, we're fine! you're not helping us out! >> i remember that press conference. >> right. you know, the interpreter doesn't even want to -- can't help the deaf people right next to him. i don't know. all right. thanks for joining us on this very busy tuesday. heather is joining us with a developing story. >> yeah. couple thing going on to tell you about. a nightmare in pair days.
3:33 am
take a look -- paradise. take a look. the cliffside next to these apartments in california falls right into the ocean. some residents of pacifica, california, have now been forced to evacuate as erosion continues to threaten their entire homes as some start to crumble down that cliff. look at that. unbelievable. that massive erosion has been sparked by recent el nino storms. and amazingly when you hear from some people who live there, they don't want to leave. they want to stay in their homes. folks, time to get out when you see that. handcuffs not enough to stop an east chicago councilman's inauguration. a crazy story. robert battle is his name. and he was sworn in at the porter county jail. that's where he's been held on murder and drug charges. battle was re-elected to his council seat in november when he ran unopposed -- really? he could still hold his seat until he residents, admits guilty, or is found guilty in court. his trial is scheduled for
3:34 am
august. remember this missouri professor caught on tape kicking journalists out of a protest on campus? yeah, that lady right there. she is now facing jail time for that assault. listen to this -- >> you need to get out. you need to get out. >> no, i don't. >> you need get out. >> i actually don't. >> all right -- who wants to help me get this reporter out of her here? >> boy. a lawyer for melissa click says that she will plead not guilty to third-degree assault and will waive her arraignment. she was recorded in november trying to force a student journalist away from a protest highlighting the treatment of african-americans on campus. she faces a $300 fine and 15 days in the pokey. she still has her job at the school. a board meeting last night ends with no answers for a minnesota basketball team kicked out of their league for being
3:35 am
too good. head coach jason hanuska says that he and his team will have to wait now 48 hours while the league decides how to proceed. a week before the tournament, the high schoolers received a letter saying no other high school wants to play them because their team was simply too talented. can't make that up. ridiculous. >> if you're not a particularly good team, get better. >> play harder. get to their level. >> man, oh man. thank you very much, heather. it is 25 minutes before the top of the hour. it's a little warmer outside today, maria. >> reporter: yeah, we're seeing temperatures climbing. that will help with the snow melt we need across new york city, into the mid-atlantic. and i want to show you the current temperatures. right now, 40 in new york. milder heading farther west. cleveland, 46 degrees. what we have going on is warmer
3:36 am
air moving northward ahead of the cold front that's pushing eastward. that storm system will be bringing in cooler temperatures across the east. you see across places like the upper midwest, temperatures today should be reaching the 20s and 30s. not too bad behind this system. it is bringing in rain from texas through the mid south, into the northeast and across the interior northeast. it is cold enough where we're seeing freezing rain. we have advisories in effect across central pennsylvania and upstate new york. heads up. could be looking at slippery traveling throughout the day because of that freezing rain coming down and accumulating. now back inside to anna. >> all right. thank you very much. 36 past the hour. when bridgette stevens' heat went out on the coldest night of the year, she called her husband who is deployed. he could only say to call paul betland. he rushed to her home in pittsburgh and fixed her farn as. the bill would -- furnace. the bill would normally cost $150. paul handed her a bill for $1. he called it a "deployment
3:37 am
discount." and there's more to the story. joining us now is military wife bridgette stevens and owner of heating and cooling, mr. paul bet land. thanks for sharing your story. >> good morning. >> bridgette, i'm going to start with you. you get home from work with your two young boys, how asked your house? what was going through your mind? >> it was about 50 degrees in the house. and i basically was thinking, is this really happening now? and you know, i -- after i checked the thermostat and tried to get it to turn back on myself and texted my husband and he couldn't help me, i reached out to paul. >> yeah. your husband's in the army national guard and serving. we thank him for his service. paul, you get to the house and realize there's a big problem. you know how to fix it, don't you? >> there was no problem. only took a few minutes to fix. >> normally we all know how much it costs to get a repairman.
3:38 am
it's how up. what would it normally cost someone like bridge tote get it fix -- bridgette to get if fixed? >> normally a night call about $150. >> what made you decide to give her a bill for $1? >> when she told me that her husband was going to be deployed for a year and he was going to miss the kids' birthdays and christmases, i knew that i wasn't going to charge her for the call. whether -- when i realized it, you kind of break it up a little bit. i felt i had to write it on the slip. >> you felt you had to write something to hand it to her. $1. were you blown away when you got the bill? >> yeah. and i -- i still don't really know what to say, and i was -- i thought, okay, well, i guess i'll grab my wallet. i went to go upstairs to get my wallet for the basement and give him something. and when i tried to give him anything, he just wouldn't take it at all. and you know, he said, you know,
3:39 am
thank you and your husband for your service. and i -- again, i'm still like speechless about it really. >> poweaul's helping you provid for your kids. you come from what sounds like a solid household. your father being a mix man during the de-- a milk man during the depression. what lessons did you learn from him? >> my grandfather was a m hi k man during the great depression. the lady would come to the door and say, mr. betman, we don't have money for the milk. he heard the baby crying in the background for milk. he put the milk on the table. when i heard bridgette stevens' story about her husband being deployed for a year, the kids wouldn't see their father during christmas holiday, i put the milk on the table. but i'm not a hero here. the men who -- and women who are serving in our military at home and abroad, they're the heroes. god bless the heroes.
3:40 am
and i felt guilty because i didn't serve in the military. i was in college during the vietnam. so feeling guilty. this gives me a chance to give back a little bit. i started a fund on to help bring these families together during deployments called military deployment kisses. i hope the american people step up and put the milk on the table. >> and bridgette, you're getting emotional. how does this make you feel? >> it's just very touching. it's something that you read about happening. it's not the type of thing i ever expected to happen to me in my life. it's very much appreciated. >> these random acts of kindness. we can learn a lot from it. >> absolutely. >> bridgette, thank you very much. paul, you, as well. the campaign again is military deployment kisses. we want to get that in there so
3:41 am
viewers can help you guys out. thanks a lot for your time. have a great day. >> thank you. you, too. >> thank you. >> what a great story. 20 minutes to the top of the hour. panhandlers told to stop asking for money suing for lost wage. can they get away with that? and a stunning twist in the planned parenthood scandal. the clinic is cleared, but the people who exposed their secrets got indicted instead? judge andrew napolitano here to explain what's going on here. before earning enough cash back from bank of america to help pay for her kids' ice time. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time. and 2% back at the grocery store. even before she got 3% back on gas, all with no hoops to jump through. katie used her bankamericard cash rewards credit card to stay warm and toasty during the heat of competition.
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some had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental alth problems, which could get worse or of seizures. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you have these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. tell your doctor if you have heart or blood vessel problems, or develop new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. decrease alcohol use while taking chantix. use caution when driving or operating machinery. most common side effect is nausea. life as a non-smoker is a whole lotta fun. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you.
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on location with the famous, big idaho potato truck. our truck? it's touring across america telling people about idaho potatoes. farmer: let's go boy. again this year the big idaho potato truck is traveling the country spreading the word about heart healthy idaho potatoes and making donations to local charities. excuse me miss, have you seen our truck? you just missed it. ahhh! aw man are you kiddin' me? in headlines, "law and order" edition. two panhandlers claim they lost $2 over four years because sheriff's deputies told them they couldn't ask for money at the popular daley plaza. the judge is laughing. and men's rights activists using civil rights laws to sue
3:45 am
for gender discrimination. the coalition for men raked in a half million from the oakland threaters from a mother's day -- athletics from a mother's day promotion that gave hats to women. they sued area nightclub for hosting ladies night. about time to crack down on ladies night. for something different -- >> are we part of the national coalition for women? or men? shocked. >> thank you, a stunning turn in the federal investigation into planned parenthood. activists from the anti-abortion group who documented these potentially illegal practices by planned parenthood, the activists are facing charges. the group's founder was indicted last night by a grand jury for tampering with government records. fox news analyst judge andrew napolitano joins us live. the grand jury was looking into whether or not planned parenthood had broken any laws. rather than saying, yeah, they
3:46 am
broke the laws, they said the people investigating broke the laws. >> this is really a head-scratcher. i'm beginning to think that it is a political hit job on the people who did the investigating. you have bona fide journalists assuming identities, pretending to be medical ethicists or people in the business of dealing with body parts saying, all these abortions, you do this with the body parts? yeah, we do that with this. are you interested in any further sale of the body parts? wha while they're having this conversation, pretending to be someone they're not, they're pro-life and wanting to expose how government dollars are being used by planned parenthood, they are taping this. the tapes came out. there's a big uproar. the lieutenant governor of texas, dan patrick, a fiercely pro-life person, asks the
3:47 am
prosecutor to investigate. what does that mean? you empanel a grand jury of 23 people, tell them who your target is, and you produce evidence. the grand jury does not turn around and indict your witnesses, the people who brought you the case, without the prosecutor wanting this to happen. why would this prosecutor appointed by governor perry, a former judge, a republican woman, why would this prosecutor want to do this other than to send a message like, i might be a republican, but leave planned parenthood alone? leave it alone -- they're using tax dollars to kill babies and sell their body parts. >> apparently one of the charges is purchasing human organs, all right. how can you be indicted for purchasing human organs without indicting the -- selling the human organs? >> you know, this type of diemtd will chill, will deter journalists who want to have conversations with people. you have a conversation -- >> journalists use the
3:48 am
techniques every day. >> so does the government use these techniques. >> of course. >> there's a b person, you find out how far they will go in their evil designs. the person having the conversation is not committing a crime because they don't have the intent to commit the crime. they're just trying to find out if the other is willing to do so. here's the other whacky thing. this indictment was announced about 6:00 last night. no indictment. the document is not out there. >> would that be? >> it's unheard of for them to do this. announce the indictment, say what the charges are. don't produce the indictment. none of us were commenting. in fairness to the prosecutors, none of us have stein. >> don't know the details. >> right. >> ultimately your gut tells you -- >> political hit job. >> planned parenthood says they've been -- >> planned parenthood is delighted. they're not exonerated. there are investigations in 14 state going on. >> judge, thank you very much. if you get the indictment, let us know what it says. >> of course.
3:49 am
have you heard this story -- a dog went outside to do his business and wound up right in the middle of a half-marathon run. what's even better -- the dog started to run along and finished seventh. to dog and her owner join us live in the next half hour. incomes, he went from nba superstar to hooked on painkillers and suicidal. jay williams turned it all around. he joins us with his inspirational story coming up next. does printing from your tablet to your wireless printer give you a jolt of confidence?
3:50 am
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3:53 am
well, jay williams went from jay slump in the chicago bulls, to laid up in the hospital bed recovering from the horrific motorcycle accident and then hooked on pills. he managed to turn it all around after unsuccessful suicide attempts. he managed to turn it around, author of this book "life is not an accident, a memoir of reinvention" jay williams, how he made it through and now he's back to great heights again. jay, welcome. >> thank you for having me. >> outstanding emerging broadcasting now, but you were emerging in the maib. what happened to you? >> well,er when you're 20 years old, tell somebody who feels
3:54 am
invincible and that led into the motorcycle. at duke i felt like i didn't get a chance to live my life because you're watched by the public, scrutinized by little things. once you get some money in your pocket, you feel like hey, i'm in control now. it was my way of showing that i was a man. >> you're emerging as one on the top players in the nba after a year in the books. so you go back home, you have lunch with your agent. was it lunch with your agent? >> yeah. well, i had a long night the night before. hung out in durham, partied with i many friends. i had a workout with the bulls, took another power nap. had a meeting with my agent about web sides because they were in back then. i left that meeting and my life changed after that. >> you're still in vision of your agent, you hit a pole. you said in the split second between recognizing before i was about to hit the pole and making contact i actually thought this should happen to me. you're saying i should hit the pole? >> well, i was living in i life
3:55 am
a lot different back then. it took a year to change who i was as a young man. i was lying to people, i was cheating on my girlfriend, i got caught up in the glitz and glamour of the nba. so many would jump on the plane and kiss their wife and then party all night. i thought i deserved that. >> you had a devastating injury. you'd never return to be the same -- the player that you were along. along the way, through pain killers you got addicted to oxycontin. >> i did. i felt like somebody was stabbing me in the leg with a dull knife and for me, i was popping pills left and right. of the only way to numb the pain. the mental pain that i had to deal with, people recognizing that i made the biggest mistake of my life and reminding me of it, was the worst pain i could experience. i wanted to numb that feeling. >> how did you get out? >> you know what, i'm a little bit brash in decision making.
3:56 am
when i put my mind to something i achieve it. i looked myself in the room on the lower east side for a good two and a half weeks and i sweated it out. i wouldn't recommend that, but work with ambrosia, a rehab company. >> you're an elite athlete. you're multimillion and everyone is going to know your name. but you started a foundation with coach k being there. the people that brought you to the place, they were still there. >> like fox has a board, they helped to brainstorm to make the company better. i started to form my own board. people who held my to higher standards. i had teammates help me out of it. >> if you like basketball or don't, this is one of the best books to read. the best is yet to come. great to see you in person. meanwhile, less than a week
3:57 am
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4:00 am
good morning. my friends, it's tuesday january 26. i'm anna kooiman. the countdown to iowa caucus is on and hillary's lead is slipping away. with what the polls are saying. a first for her campaign. donald trump says he may boycott this week's fox news debate. that's this thursday. his son eric trump is here live to set the record straight. that's right. meanwhile a dog goes outside to do her business. and accidentally realizes that hey, there's a race going on. and starts running it. it turns out it's a half
4:01 am
marathon. the best part -- the dog finished seventh. that dog and her owner will be here live because mornings are better when you run a half a marathon. well, what bothers mae abou that story, the dog doesn't train. >> he's a dog. >> he lays around all day. >> dogs go out and they see the shiny thing, eric trump will back me up, they just -- >> yeah, they have four legs. >> but there's dog -- people training all day. >> he wanted to finish the race. hey, we have to tell you before we get to you, eric, big news you'll tell us about in a second. but the story we did about 30 minutes ago, less than that, about the military wife, whose
4:02 am
husband was deployed, she calls a guy to fix her furnace. only charges her $1 instead of $150. well, he set up a gofundme page to help more families like this. it's military deployment kisses. just in the last 25 minutes or so, we helped them raise thousands of dollars. >> that's fantastic. >> information is on the facebook page if you want to help out too. all right, we'll talk to eric trump about his father's campaign to be the next president of the united states in two minutes. the meantime, heather with the news about that pastor. >> yeah. that pastor saeed abedini telling his story. of terror and torture. for the first time he was freed from an iranian prison he is opening up about that horrific experience. abedini describes the physical and psychological abuse for allegedly using his christian faith to overthrow the iranian government. listen to this.
4:03 am
>> they tried to damage my reputation my iran. so they asked me to write and sign things i didn't do. and then the interrogators started beating me which in that time i got stomach bleeding. they said when you finish your sentence and you go to u.s., we always follow you and if you start to continue the things that you did we're going to kill you. >> wow. they put him in a room with al qaeda prisoners he told greta last night and that al qaeda prisoners beat him as well. well, abedini was released along with the u.s. marine hekmati and reporter jason rezaian in a u.s. prisoner swap of sorts with iran. a daring rescue with just seconds to spare. this thing is unbelievable. 13 people saved from this yacht off the coast of florida. just moments before it slipped below the water off ft. lauderdale. the boat taking on water for two hours. rescue crews arrived right
4:04 am
before that went under. these pictures coming from the coast guard. a salvage ship went out there. the boat's captain blaming a mechanical failure. but everybody is okay. well, terrorists now have fake passports and their goal is to sneak into america with the goal of murdering innocent people. french authorities now confirming that isis has created what it calls an entire industry producing those fake passports. u.s. intelligence has long suspected that isis had thousands of blank passports and at least one passport printing machine after it took over government offices in syria. and a plane lands upside down in a california airport and then the pilot goes missing. an airport worker says the pilot attempted to land on the runway but couldn't turn on the airport's lights. which are controlled by the pilots. the plane missed the runway, what it the snow and flipped over. the pilot originally left the plane behind, but later called the airport about the crash.
4:05 am
he seems to be okay. see you back here shortly. great to see eric here this morning. >> this is eric trump. great to see you. >> good to see you. good to be here. >> so i'm sure your father is preparing to go out to iowa and spend the next six days there. coming up on thursday night, fox news channel will be the fox news channel and google debate. there have been some stories your dad might not show up. will he show up? >> i think he will ultimately. i think he's upset that somebody who tried to take him out in the race in the first debate is sitting in one of the seats. >> what are you talking about? >> megyn kelly. of course. i think he might find that unfair. you know, that kind of disqualifies somebody. but ultimately i think he'll be there. >> i just disagree with you. i thought the first person was blunt and to the point. i don't think he was looking to
4:06 am
take him out. i think it was for your dad to knock out the opponents -- >> i thought it was one of the greatest moments of the first debate. he turned it into something special. >> he'll be there most probable? >> most probably. >> there wasn't a debate last night, but a thing where the democrats one at a time sat in a chair and they were asked questions by the moderators and different people. your father came up in one of hillary clinton's answers. listen to this and then we'll get your reaction. >> one of the most distressing aspects of this campaign has been the language of republican candidates particularly their front-runner that insults, demeans, denigrates different people. he has cast a wide net. he started with mexicans. he's currently on muslims. but i found it particularly harmful the way that he has talked about muslims. american muslims and muslims
4:07 am
around the world. i have called him out continuously about that. >> your reaction? >> well, listen, it's kind of ironic. her e-mail scandal, the fact she lies to the public day in and day out, i think you do a better job than anybody covering that. the benghazi and the mess there. my father is not a pc candidate. if there's a problem at the border and the illegal immigrants are flocking across the border he'll call that out. if we have fundamental extremists trying to run planes into buildings he'll speak to that. he's not afraid to, you know -- he's not afraid. quite frankly he's self-funding his campaign. he is not -- you know, needing all the support that she has from wall street and everybody else. that's what makes trump so special. that makes him the guy that he is. the fact that he's willing to say what's on his mind and quite frankly you see his polls. he's 20, 25% above everybody
4:08 am
else running next to him nationwide. people like the message. >> well, that's true. on the republican side. but head to head, he's still losing to most polls to hillary. how do you explain that? >> fox polls he's winning against hillary and he hasn't started on her. he hasn't focused his attention on. when he does, when they're next to each other on the debate stage, everything will come out. he will beat hillary. >> you have to get through the primary first before the general election. let's look at the polls for iowa. you know mentioned him tapping into that anger. many are attributing his rise in just the last two weeks, 11 points to 23% now at 34%. but this poll was taken before the national review's against trump issue came out in a couple other events. one of the biggest criticisms is your father is not conservative enough. is he? >> he is incredibly conservative. look at his positions on the
4:09 am
second amendment, look at his positions on so many things. it was so ironic to watch that debate to see how he would be as a president. look at this country. we have $19 trillion worth of debate. our educational system is in a total shambles. our military in a total shambles. i mean, look at what the last eight years has gotten us and hillary has been in the camp for a long time. look at where our country is now. it's just so disingenuous. as a son it makes me want to jump through the tv in the debates. >> glenn beck was on last night. he said i'm worried that donald trump is going to ruin the constitution. >> i think he wants to defend the constitution. who else has been better at coming out and saying we have to preserve our constitution, stop using executive orders because you can't pass things through the house anned the congress. >> if you look at the new poll with iowa republican likely caucusgoers, it -- he's up 11%
4:10 am
over the last couple of weeks. how much of that is sarah palin? >> i think it helps. a lot of people like sarah palin. that's a major endorsement. we have had so many others who had the -- literally we have a million guys who want to come out and support him because they see him winning and because they like his general message. i mean, he's a great guy. >> ted cruz's numbers have gone down four points. why do you think that is? >> listen, i think he's come across in certain interviews as a little bit smug and tough. i think people are realizing some of the flip-flop issues in terms of the border. right? there's a lot of things that are starting to come out. i think the message of make america great again is resonating in iowa and certainly among the country. i mean, if you look at the polls nationwide, not just from the poll in iowa, but nationwide he's doing unbelievably well. i'm so proud of him as a son. >> he seems to know what he is doing. is it because he stayed at a holiday inn express last night? >> yeah.
4:11 am
>> that right there. >> my dad is an all american guy. there's no one who would rather grab a cheeseburger and a comfortable bed. he'll be the last one there and the first to leave. he'll work this campaign harldzer than anybody else. you see that in the debates. he's the first person there, the last to leave. that makes him special. >> do you think on the way at of the holiday inn express on friday night he said to the desk clerk, listen, i had a great night, but i would do this to improve your service. >> we like the hotel industry. it's treated us very well. >> hopefully enjoy some scrambled eggs at the breakfast. >> and coffee. >> tell us a few things about your dad that we don't know. he said he raised you with no silver spoon in your mouth. >> listen, he's an absolutely amazing guy. he's my best friend. a little story. i'm 6 years old, you know, kids, no drinking, no smoking, no drugs. no drinking -- >> no tattoos. >> no tattoos. you know, he always had very
4:12 am
high expectations for us. he had -- and we weren't going to let him down. we weren't allowed to let him down. he had great expectations for us. he made sure we went to the best schools but he didn't spoil us. he made us work. we were on the construction sites at very young age. he's an amazing parent, an amazing dad. >> we got a chance to meet you on and off television before your dad was thinking of running perhaps. his greatest feat it has to be you guys and your sisters. real quick, i read that if you -- if your dad looked at you in the audience, if i become president, the guys -- my kids, you have the business. have you already felt as though you're filling the gap for him and which way are you filling the gap for the ceo who's on the road running for president? >> well, we are building the best hotels all around the world. >> you're not there every day. >> that's right. he has immense trust in us. we have worked alongside him and he's built a foundation that's
4:13 am
his company. we'll keep it going and continue to do great things. he'll certainly be a guiding force, but you know, he wants to dedicate 100% of his time -- >> do you check with him on everything? hey, dad, i'm thinking of buying madison uare garden, get back to me. >> no, he trusts our judgment, he lets us do our thing. he's putting so much of his time into the presidency. he wants to win this. i think he's going to win it. the polls show he will win its. he sees the country that gave him so much opportunity totally falling apart. he wants to go fix it and there would be no one better in the world than him. >> eric, thank you so much. i know you'll be in iowa and new hampshire a million times. >> over the next couple of days. >> next thursday. see you monday. >> see you monday. want a gun, write an essay. yeah, a written test before you can get a gun, is that what the founding fathers had in mind? and lea gabrielle next with
4:14 am
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4:18 am
despite the polls which are bad, more bad news keeps coming for hillary clinton's captain. a new video has just been uncovered revealing clinton and her aides would share information that will never typically be shared on an unclassified system. lea gabrielle is a former human intelligence officer for the -- trained by the cia. she joins us live to react. >> well, you know, what we're seeing is with these e-mails we are seeing what we could call in the intelligence community, the broad intelligence community and the defense intelligence agencies, the cia, sloppy operational security. what wendy sherman is saying, she is talking in the video about how technology has changed. in fact, let's listen to specifically what she has to say. >> now we have blackberries. and it has changed the way diplomacy is done. things appear on your blackberry
4:19 am
that would never be on an unclassified system. you're out negotiating, trying to negotiate something. >> that was -- >> a former undersecretary of state. >> she was. she was the lead negotiator in the iran nuclear deal. she's been involved in negotiations, diplomacy, things that involve time sensitive negotiations. she was saying, look, technology has changed. it's great. now we use balackberries, but te problem here is she's saying things were done differently with clinton than they were done before in terms of using the blackberries. >> you said it was sloppy, is it illegal? >> a good question. we have seen hillary clinton use specific terms. the first thing she said is i did not send or receive anything that was marked classified. well we know, it does not have to be marked classified to be
4:20 am
classified. i can take notes in a classified briefing. nobody will mark it classified. the problem is wendy sherman is talking about the difference in technology, but ultimately what we are saying is that you're using these blackberries, you're using the server for all of the dealings that there are -- there are sources and methods and that's what we have to be careful with in the human intelligence community. >> i think it's going to build up to, hey, i'm not up to date with this computer thing, the wipe the server thing. i was just doing my job. >> that's exactly right. that's called plausible deniability. that's a term we use. oh, i didn't know, in't dedo it. that's what her defense going to be. >> seems to be where we're headed. >> precisely. >> lea, thank you. all right, coming up on a tuesday, they're living on the edge. incredible video shows dozens of homes nearly about to collapse into the ocean. look out below. also, listen to this. a dog goes outside just to do her business like they do. well, then accidentally runs into a half marathon.
4:21 am
what's even better, just keeps running and running and ends up finishing seventh. the dog and her owner -- >> a first in the dog category. n from mercedes-benz. it's got small-ability and big-ability. towing-ability and stowing-ability. rack-ability and hvac-ability. it's fully customizable and sized just right to give you cupcake-ability, entourage-ability... ...garage-ability and even afford-ability. starting at $28,950. available in cargo or passenger. from mercedes-benz.
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24 after the hour. time for the news by the numbers. first, 3,000 bucks. that's how much money you can withdraw using chase's new atm without an atm card. this year you can download the app to link directly to the machine to your cash. one mile that's how close you have to live to a trader's joe for your home to double. and finally, $3,500. that's how big of a voucher you
4:25 am
could receive from costco for buying a one-year private jet membership. the company wheels up is offering the deal to exclusive costco members. brian? >> all right. finishing top ten in the half marathon is a great accomplishment. especially if you're anna kooiman. but what if you're a dog? ludivine the blood hound's owner let her out. that's when she decided to join the half marathon. she ended up running all 13.1 miles and even received a medal for her finish. now she's what everyone is talking about. for example -- >> she did well, she finished seventh place in the -- imagine committing months and months to training for a half marathon, random lost dog gets in the race and beats you. >> yes. here to explain how it all happened, april hamlin and her dog ludavin.
4:26 am
congratulations. is it true she was first female finisher? >> i understand she was the highest placed female in the race, yes, that's what i have heard. >> wow. that's why she gets to sit on the furniture for now. tell us how this took place. you thought she was out for a bathroom break and then when did you realize she was gone and off to the races? >> well, i knew that she was gone because we live on a farm and sometimes she will just go sniff around and so she was out for a little while. and i didn't think much about it. i got a text from a co-worker, with her and her medal saying she came in seventh place in the half marathon. i got a phone call from a friend, get down here, people are going crazy over this dog. someone had given her pizza, she buried it under a crepe myrtle tree. >> did you know your dog had the
4:27 am
discipline to run a race with the people from the neighborhood and finish a race like this? is this a dog that likes to run? >> i did not know she did have the discipline the run a half marathon. i know she loves people. and she just likes to get out and she's -- she just likes to get out and be around people. i'm surprised she stayed the course for as long as she did. >> right. >> but she does like -- she does like to get out and do things. i was not surprised when i read that she sniffed a dead rabbit on the side of the road. >> breaking down the race, as great as seventh place is, she could have done better had shed no gone after the dead rabbit on the side of the road or after a mule and some horses along the way. do you ever look at the race, and say, as great as it was, you could have done better? had you not gotten easily distracted? >> we talked about it. i think she has plans to be more
4:28 am
focused next year. >> take it one step at a time. this race was run to benefit the cross country team in your area. if people are watching this race, saw the great finish that your very disciplined dog put forth, how do they support you guys? >> well, we just think it's awesome. i do hate that the dog did get out and cause trouble for the runners. but it has brought so much attention to that elkmont cross country high school team and their coach has worked so hard -- and i'm glad that lu has been the medium to get some more recognition. >> i hope to you see you at the new york marathon come fall. there will be many more distracktions along the side of the road than dead rabbits and thanks so much to you april hamlin and ludivine. thank you so much. >> we had another second before
4:29 am
he was going to bolt for the door. meanwhile, the video is shocking. a deputy getting run over by a tractor-trailer and survives. and the sport of the future is about to take off. >> to fly a drone is like an out of body experience. >> whoa. whoa. >> when you put the goggles on, your eyes convince your brain that you're not sitting in a chair anymore. >> the ceo of drone racing, the drone racing league, joins us live, next. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business...
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4:33 am
>> what is she wearing? >> she doesn't have her on tv clothes yet. >> she's in her non-tv clothes. >> who knew? in a moment we'll show you unbelievable video of these drones. these racing drones. like nothing you have ever seen before. coming up in about two minutes but right now, heather joins us with unbelievable video from california. >> that's right. coming out of california, it's a real nightmare in paradise. residents in pacifica, this is just south of san francisco, are now being forced to evacuate, that makes sense, as the erosion threatens to send their entire homes down this tumbling cliff. but some of the people listen to this, say they still want to stay. >> i'm not worried about what i see out the back. i'm worried about these guys coming over here and thinking it's okay to tell us we can't live here or sleep here tonight.
4:34 am
are they crazy? we have nowhere to go. >> issue not -- she's not the only one who believes that. the massive erosion has been sparked by the recent el nino storms. we'll keep you posted on what happens. shocking video out of ohio. oh my goodness, a deputy gets hit by a semitruck. this happened in preebl county. the sheriff's deputy was directing traffic around a car accident. hit by a train. well, that truck is sent right into the deputy. amazingly he only suffered minor injuries. what a miracle. wow. and no more solitary confinement for juveniles in federal prison. president obama making the decree in a "washington post" op-ed piece today. he says that using solitary confinement as a punishment can lead to devastating psychological consequences, to minors because their brains are still developing. in the meantime, the supreme court says that more than 2,000 juveniles were sentenced to prison without parole and they can now apply for early release.
4:35 am
this stems from the 2012 decision that named the punishment unconstitutional. it's now being applied retroactively. and if you want to exercise your second amendment right and buy a gun, and if you live in the state of massachusetts, you'll now have to write an essay and pay more than $1,000 first, that is if you live in lowell, a town up there in massachusetts. city leaders sparking a lot of outrage after requiring gun owners to write a letter to the state explaining why they want an unrestricted handgun license. and then they'd have to pay for their own training. well, critics say it's designed to keep guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens. supporters call the policy reasonable. what do you think of that one? >> what would happen if for instance there are some spelling errors in your story? are they going to go well, you're not smart enough to have
4:36 am
a gun? >> they could conceivably reject your letter based on what who knows kind of -- >> is it like the college essay that it's subjective. i have decided no. >> we have to dig deeper on that. >> we do. >> maria molina is back from the capital. are you thawed out yet? >> yeah, we're all thawing out out here because temperatures have been climbing. they're above freezing right now. 39 degrees in new york city. and they're forecast to climb even higher. we have a cold front pushing east. that's why you're looking at milder temperatures in the 30s and 40s in places like the southeast and the northeast. look at the forecasts highs. we're going to make it into the 40s in places like new york and even in d.c. and also across baltimore where we need help from mother nature to help melt the snow. it's not that kind that cold behind it. you see 30s in the afternoon, but it's not like an arctic
4:37 am
front moving through. we have showers from southeastern texas all the way to the northeast and across the interior northeast. still cold enough that we're dealing with freezing rain. we have an advisory in effect across pennsylvania and upstate new york. stay safe on the roads this morning. let's head back inside. >> thank you very much. all right, time to learn about the new sport, the future sport. it's providing such a wild ride. watch. >> to fly a drone is like an out of body experience. >> whoa. whoa. >> when you put the goggles on, your eyes convince your brain that you're not sitting in a chair anymore. when you are a hundred feet off the ground and you do a back flip, your stomach roll, you get nauseous. >> looks pretty cool. well, the ceo of the drone racing league, nicholas horbaczewski -- >> horbaczewski. >> there we go. he joins us now with more to talk about the sport that's about to take off. thanks for being with us. sorry for butchering your last name. >> no worries.
4:38 am
thank you for having me. >> you've been around since march. tell us about it, how does it work? >> sure. the first to do the drone racing is the new emerging sport. you have the very fast quadcopter drones. >> what are we looking at going through the maze. >> they'll go 80 miles an hour. they have a camera on the front of it and the pilots are wearing the goggles and they can navigate through the three dimensional courses. >> where are the courses? >> this is from dolphin stadium in miami so we had a race down there. >> did you tell them? >> no we just surprised them -- no, of course we told them. they were excited because they wanted to check out the sport. >> and they get free video out of it. >> as you noticed nobody is there. >> because if one of the things hit you, you're in trouble. >> yeah, they go very quickly. these are professional pilots on a closed course. this is very high end racing. some of the top pilots in the world in really interesting places. we close them down.
4:39 am
the only thing there are the drones. yeah, very exciting. >> let me ask you, is it more than a race, this is also an obstacle course? >> you can see them cutting through the corner, weaving through tunnels. it forces them to fly in all sorts of different ways. the favorite thing about it, it's completely three dimensional. it's up and down, sort of like formula 1 if the cars could fly in the air. >> how many people are involved? >> we have 1,200 pilots at a the average race. there are a thousand that allows them to run -- >> i noticed you have a website. how does this work with the drone racing league? dument people to be watching? >> we want people to be watching. so we want to produce high end sports media. we want to reach the widest audience possible. >> how close are you to beating the nba? >> a few steps. we're getting there. >> but we think this is the sport of the future. it's fast and exciting.
4:40 am
it borrows from the heritage of racing but technology enabled. it attracts a younger audience, millennials. >> you want this to be a spectator sport, but if nobody can be there, i guess people can watch online. how can they do that? >> it will evolve once we have people who want to experience it in person. >> it's digital quidditch, right? >> digital quidditch, that's right. >> visit the >> that's right. >> nicholas horbaczewski, thank you. >> thank you. >> fox sports 1 will call you. >> i hope so. ♪ buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks ♪ >> meanwhile, the refugees wear wrist bands so they know who is eligible for three meals a day. now there's outrage, the wrist bands are just plain mean.
4:41 am
we weigh in on that next. and we know that the water in flint, michigan, poisonous. why are the people who live there being forced to pay for it? what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at
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whose long dayis sheldon setting up the news starts with minor arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news.
4:44 am
five quick headlines now. the michigan attorney general can take action so flint residents don't get charged for contaminated water. >> i was certainly not -- i would not certainly not bathe a newborn child or a young infant this this bad water. if you can't drink the bad water, you shouldn't pay for it. >> well, flint's water bills
4:45 am
average about $140. and no answers for a minnesota girl's basketball team kicked out for being too good. the head coach met with the league last night, but it will take 48 hours to decide if they want to proceed. no other team wanted to play the girls because they're just too talented. steve? >> thanks, brian. refugees in the country of wales will no longer be required to wear bright wrist bands seen right there if they want to receive free meals. the reasons? some of the refugees say that those arm bands make them targets for harassment. a man who recently returned from the syrian border and has a perspective on this is virginia delegate and former navy s.e.a.l. scott taylor from richmond. good morning. >> good morning, steve. great to be with you. >> great to have you as well. it sounds like a private company in wales was trying to figure out, okay, how are we going to identify these migrants so that they get the free meals and not somebody else. so they came up with these wrist bands. and now the migrants are
4:46 am
complaining. they're singling us out for harassment. what do you say about this? >> well, let's first say -- let me first say that these are asylum seekers so they're not refugees yet. so they just got in the country, they haven't been vetted or given status yet. i think they're making a really big deal about wrist bands you and i would get for a carnival. i understand of course that we need to preevent -- prevent harassment and of course everyone knows that. but the -- if they really didn't want to draw attention to these asylum seekers they wouldn't be making such a big deal about this. they'd make small change behind the scenes, but that's not what's happening. >> no, it's not. in fact, keeping in mind these are people who have come from other countries and they would like to take up residence somewhere other than syria. and yet -- >> sure. >> here's an interview, scott. 15 seconds of somebody in that country complaining about the free food. watch.
4:47 am
>> this is a way of you being able to get what you're entitled to. >> well, the meals -- it's not good. it's two times -- it's the same. and really we don't -- we don't like the food. >> okay. food critic didn't like the free food. and some other not quite refugees, but asylum seekers complained about the accommodations, they're dirty and too maul. >> i hope that they don't feel the same way. but if i'm invited into somebody's home and they're gracious to give me a meal i wouldn't be complaining. >> well, ultimately what the people behind this program are saying is they're just trying to blend in. but at this point, does that seem appropriate? >> it's actually not appropriate. these are asylum seekers who
4:48 am
haven't been granted legal status to stay in the country or refugees yet. they're not people we want to blend into the community. but of course we don't want them to be subject to harassment and they should take precautions on that matter. but it should be quiet and behind the scenes and to be honest, steve, i have been on the show talking about it the resources that are being used to resettle these asylum seekers in the west should be better directed on the syrian border. we could impact way more people in. >> and you have been to the syrian border a number of times. so how would they do that though -- and here's an image of you there. >> well, i believe that we could create a city of hope right on the border. i mean, you have the refugee camps that literally have a couple -- some of them have a couple hundred thousand people there. so you have a start of a city and you have the jordanians who are allies and they're subject to being invaded by al qaeda right there.
4:49 am
the resources are being stretched. we could direct the money -- if we spend money, we should be able to direct them with the gulf countries right on the border. start a new little city of hope there. dr. ben carson talked about it before and allow the jourdar dannians have the contracts and they can't even work. resettling them here where they don don't speak the same language doesn't make sense to me. >> have a safe zone near where they live rather than having them cross oceans to go to places where they don't know anybody. scott sttaylor, former navy s.e.a.l., thank you for joining us today. >> thank you for having me. >> what do you think of that? e-mail us. meanwhile, looking for the perfect job that combines salary growth and opportunities, sounds dreamy. cheryl casone has the upcoming
4:50 am
jobs for this year. and back in 1837, michigan became the 26th state to become the united states. tennessee passed the nation's first prohibition law in 1838 and in 1979 chic had the number one song in the country. ♪ ♪ feel the rhythm, yet arrive
4:51 am
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that's why i switched from u-verse to xfinity. now i can download my dvr recordings and take them anywhere. ready or not, here i come! (whispers) now hide-and-seek time can also be catch-up-on-my-shows time. here i come! can't find you anywhere! don't settle for u-verse. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. hey, everybody. how you feeling, i hope you're doing well. are you looking for the perfect job that combines salary, growth and opportunity? cheryl casone from fox business with the top five jobs for 2016. thanks for being with us. >> good morning. >> and these are high paying jobs. >> high paying jobs. some are going to surprise you.
4:54 am
these are the top for 2016, so for the entire year the growth jobs. number five, products manager. work for a major corporation, you would manage mostly technology products. the salary is $106,000 and change. this is where we're starting. but you need a technology background, and you have to have management skills as well, because you'll be managing. >> so an undergradual degree and then also workplace experience? >> yes, definitely. undergraduate degrees can take you far in technology. >> number four requires more education, physician's education. >> but this is the training you need to be a doctor, but within three years, under the right -- into the right medical program and you have the right background of chemistry or other college courses, you can be a physician's assistant. you work in a hospital or doctor's office, but part of the medical community without giving up half your life to be a doctor. >> number three, hr manager.
4:55 am
a lot of companies need them. >> we're seeing hiring starting to pick up in certain injuries so hr managers, you're doing the interviews and they say that you need a master's degree for this. i don't, i disagree. i think a bachelor's is just fine. >> you know all the secrets going on in the building. number two, tax manager. >> look, you know, death and taxes, folks. this is reality. so corporations have as many problems as you do at home, and they need someone to manage it -- i mean, the tax code is so ridiculous. and complicated. and there are jobs for you if you want to work around taxes. >> number one, the drum roll on this one. the data scientist. >> this is a cool one. so this is a really new job. basically the starting salary is 116 k quo"k." even walmart -- think small companies, they have so much data to manage. they need someone to come in and actually oversee all of that.
4:56 am
this is the top job for 2016. the first time i have seen that title out there as strong as it is now. because companies are desperate for help for all of the data, the websites, the apps. >> why it's number one on your list. cheryl casone, thank you so much. four minutes before the top of the hour. donald trump says he might skip thursday night's fox news debate. laura ingraham is here live in the studio to react.
4:57 am
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5:00 am
american pastor got at the hands of his captors in iran. >> they took me to the outside -- with the prisoner. he was a heavy firing chair, he grabbed it and he hit it to my face, to my head. >> oh, man. what happened to this christian pastor? it's going to disturb you. we'll tell you straight ahead. and hundreds of drivers going nowhere fast. not because of the snow. not because of an accident, but because of a sloth. yeah. how many times does that happen to you? hey, mornings are better are friends. watch this animation. all right. >> a lot of huggers though, right? if i remember from the myriad of zoo segments they have three fingers, all sharp but they hug you. >> sloth is one of the seven deadly sins which is what i was just talking to laura about.
5:01 am
>> word of the day. >> that's right. >> hey, look it's laura ingraham here. before she does her big radio show in an hour. >> i'm taking your studio, is that okay? you're not on air or anything. >> i'm hoping to be on air. memorial studio is right next door. >> i'm not speaking about that. i'm just teasing. >> let's talk about politics because you do that on the radio and at lifezette where you're the editor and there are stories on the which takes the pulse of politics in general. donald trump might not show up for the debate on thursday. his son was sitting right where you are exactly one hour ago -- >> i feel the power. >> okay. watch this. >> there have been some stories out there that your dad might now show up. is he going to show up? >> i guess we'll see. listen, i think ultimately he will. i think he's upset that somebody who tried to take him out in the first debate is sitting in one
5:02 am
of those seats. >> what are you talking about? >> megyn kelly. i think he if is that's unfair. but i think he'll be there. >> i thought that the first question was blunt, it was to the point. i don't think he was looking to take him out. i think it was -- >> i think it was one of the greatest moments. one of his greatest moments in first debate. he turned into something special. >> he'll be there most probably? >> most probably. >> now with know. most probably. >> do any of you, do you think he's not going the show up to this debate? come on. >> i thought after he's threatened cnn a few times by saying you better donate money to charity. >> it's what you do before a big show. >> this is like before the big boxing match. we'll be talking about each other. he'll be there of course. so much of the appeal of both him and cruz over the last couple of months especially has
5:03 am
been the tough -- we want a tough guy, but courageous. tough, fair minded though. and so you're going to go up against putin and china and iran. you know, i think it will be fine. so i think the better approach i mean if i were advising him, the better approach would be, look, bring it. bring it. >> absolutely. >> how do you explain the 15-point turn around since the two weeks since the january 4th poll? >> i think people -- i think people are so used to politicians backing down. from -- they say something one day, that i'll take on obama. they'll not let him do this executive amnesty and then literally two weeks after the midterm elections we're cutting deals, funding his government, working with obama on the trade promotion authority and giving obama everything he wants. wait a second, last year you were saying -- so the fact that he keeps going forward. like look i'm going to win. this is all done. i'm going to keep fighting for the people. focus on the blue collar workers. i think -- you guys talked about this before.
5:04 am
to the extent politicians today focus on the sweet spot in america, which is the middle class, hillary was weeping last night, i'm working three or four jobs. it was an emotional job. >> because the working class people are being ignored. and rick santorum wrote about a book about that. >> santorum, and huckabee, and santorum won in 2012 in iowa. huckabee won in 2008. what do they have in common? trade deals that deep sixed the middle class. immigration doesn't work for the united states anymore. we love immigrants, we don't want them enslaved by greedy people who want them to stay down. trump comes along in this election cycle and puts gloss on
5:05 am
that, a little swagger. a little bravado. but it's the same argument. he's really going to town its. i think there's a vast discontent and anxiety and a real hope for tomorrow. a real hope. not on the poster for obama. mostly trump right now has tapped into it. most conservatives are are like he's not a real conservative, not ideological. >> there's not what glenn beck sounds like. >> i like glenn, but come on. the idea that you're recreate john adams here in 2016, not going to happen. we love the founding fathers and the principles of governance in our country. we have to stick to them. however, the people have seen all the people come along for the last 15 years, i'm a republican, we'll cut that government spending and yet, they have run the tables on government spending. and huge entanglement in foreign countries that hasn't made our
5:06 am
country strong. they haven't been very conservative. so everybody's credibility is shot and a couple of guys who have come around like trump and cruz and they turned everyone's consciousness upside down. >> and hillary clinton are hoping that people who are happy with america, hoping with president obama will vote for her. almost as a third term. last night we heard her tie herself to president obama. look at the brand-new polls that we have out that compare where hillary clinton was just two weeks ago to where she is now. she's fallen below 50%. she was at 54% and bernie sanders has gone down a couple of points and martin o'malley now. 10% are undecided. this is very fluid. >> i think, again, her involvement with goldman sachs, the $600,000 worth of speeches, you know, amassing this huge fortune, knowing she was going to run for president. the clinton foundation. i think sanders has been really good at homing in on the middle class anxiety in the country. >> sure. >> he's coming at it in a different way than trump obviously.
5:07 am
but that's the same argument coming from two different ideological focal points. so hillary, how does she relate to that? >> well -- >> how does she relate to those people? >> the average person is watching the news and even in the mainstream media, they'll do a story about hillary's crazy e-mail server there in the basement. so that's -- take a look at this poll, laura. what's the number one quality people want in a democratic candidate? somebody who's honest and trustworthy it looks like the whole -- >> somebody who might be indicted soon. oh, that's the 4%. >> number one thing, honest and trustworthy. >> yeah. and the e-mail scandal that so many people believed was not going to amount to anything, it adds to the gloss of a lack of credibility, a lack of honor and judgment. lack of transparency that everybody is sick of in this bipartisan collusion going on on capitol hill. >> the george bush 41 was much
5:08 am
more honest and trustworthy, his numbers were through the roof, he lost to bill clinton. it didn't matter as much in the '80s as today. >> remember the economy was so incredible then. it was -- again, it was a read my lips. there was a moment, an inflection point in that race. remember we had ross perot. double digit support among voters. that turned the tide of the election as well. but authenticity, even if you're rough around the edges or not a cookie cutter ideologue on either side, i think people want a fighter for the regular working person in this country. someone who will fight for their ability to get more wealthy. maybe actually take a vacation every now and then. >> i would agree with you, but can you believe they're looking to a billionaire to do it? >> well, jfk was pretty rich. fdr was pretty wealthy. it's better to be rich and say i'm going to make you rich, as opposed to romney.
5:09 am
thurston howell iii was can't you're not rich, you didn't have a different life from everyone else. blessings are fine, you have to be -- you have to be able to teach -- be a teacher of first principles of how to build wealth. i think you can't -- you can't run as a wealthy person and say, oh, i'm not rich. or -- you have to say, look, i'm rich. i know how to create wealth and i know how to get things done. that's what he's done. i think romney could have done that and done a lot better. >> an emotional interview on greta van susteren's interview, with abedini speaking out for first time. he was there building orphanages for the kids. basically in jail for being a christian. they said, do you think why you're here? because i'm christian, no, you're trying to overrun the
5:10 am
government and he refused to sign it. this is what he said. >> the judge closed the door and the interrogators started beating me. at that time my stomach started bleeding. me interrogator said i'm going to put you to the al qaeda prisoners and they're going to beat you to death, which they did later. and i was beaten almost to death, kind of. god saved me. the second thing was he said to me, i'm going to send you the worst prison. and the third thing was the threat of death and they said, when you finish your sentence, and you go to u.s., we will always follow you and if you start to continue the thing that you did, we're going to kill you. they took me to the outside -- with the al qaeda prisoners and like we had a normal talk and it was a very heavy chair, and he
5:11 am
grabbed it and he hit it to my face, to my head, and so i got it -- i got the chair -- the chair when he hit me head and the legs so the guards came. and they didn't -- they didn't let him to continue what he did. >> he is lucky to be alive. >> christians and islamic cultures are under assault. that's psychological torture, physical torture and abuse and i'm watching him. he radiates the holy spirit. when i'm watching him and the poise and the grace with which he delivers his testimony, we should remember that in china today, throughout the middle east and african countries, we have christians and other religious minorities who are under the same type of assault day in and day out. that's what the muslim world needs to work against and reform against. >> hey, let's contrast that with the seven prisoners that we let go who were guilty in jail and -- >> prayer rugs. >> so bad, they want to stay
5:12 am
here. >> prayer rugs, three square meals. well, they're in gitmo. this is the truth of what's happening to christianitys in their ancestral homeland. great to see you guys. >> all right. radio show, all right, 12 minutes after the top of the hour. >> amazing she made it here with the snow in d.c. congratulations. always great to see you. i've got a couple of news headlines, terrorists have fake passports and their goal is to sneak into america. to murder innocent people. french authority are now confirming to the u.s. government that isis has created an entire industry they call it, producing those fake passports. u.s. intelligence has long suspected that al qaeda hat o one -- had one printing machine after it took over government offices in syria. a stunning turn into the
5:13 am
planned parenthood videos. the clinic is now in the clear, but the two activists who exposed what was doing on -- charged. judge andrew napolitano saying that the entire thing sounds like a government hit job. listen. >> the government used these techniques, a bad person out there, you find out how far they will go in their evil designs. the person having the conversation is not committing a crime because they don't have the intent to commit the crime. they're just trying to find out if the willing to do so. it's unheard of to say what the indictment is, but not produce the indictment. none of us have seen it. >> well, that was a short while ago. some say the d.a.'s office was biased. one of the prosecutors has served on the planned parenthood board. those are your headlines. okay, back over to you. >> heather, thank you. she's right, it is busy. we have another fox news alert. a desperate manhunt right now for those dangerous prisoners intensifying at this hour. brand-new worries -- that
5:14 am
apparently they have help from the inside. a live report from california coming up next. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. ♪ those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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hi, everyone. good morning. 17 after the hour. brand-new details this morning about the three violent criminals including a murder suspect who busted hout of the
5:18 am
california jail. >> joining us live in orange county is fox news reporter mario ramirez. >> reporter: good morning. this search entering fifth day. in the meantime, we are being told that the jail here is operating as normal today. we're also learning those three men now facing felony escape charges. take a look. this on top of the other violent charges they were already locked up for. back back and jon they tieu are considered armed and dangerous and they were awaiting charges on murder to torture. investigators are looking into how the three pulled off such an elaborate escape. cutting through four metal barriers and accessing plumbing pipes and rappelling down on makeshift blankets. yesterday a vietnamese
5:19 am
translator was brought in. as each day passes here, authorities are getting more and more desperate in the search and for good reason. >> these guys are going to take whatever action necessary to protect their new found freedom. if they're smart, they could hide anywhere. so many freeways and ways out of here that these guys could be undetected for a long time. >> reporter: investigators right now don't believe that these three have left the state and the search is spanning california. and the $50,000 reward money remains in place. the o.c. supervisor is encouraging the city to raise that money to $200,000. hopefully that'll bring more clues. no hard lead as to where the three escaped inmates could be. reporting live here in santa
5:20 am
ana, thank you. >> mario ramirez, thank you. >> you can't help but thinking of what happened in upstate new york, matt and sweat, coming up through the manhole cover. >> that was in a forest, whereas this is an urban situation. >> in a lot of ways, they can hide in plain sight and get out of dodge on the highways. >> absolutely. 20 minutes after the top of the hour. listen to this, panhandles being ordered to stop begging for money. well, now they're suing the panhandles are, because they have lost wages. >> about time. >> can they actually get away with that? we'll tell you the story. and the super bowl is set, peyton manning and denver broncos against cam newton and carolina panthers. troy aikman from fox is here to talk about it. maybe he'll come back.
5:21 am
5:22 am
5:23 am
5:24 am
hi, quick headlines. two panhandlers are suing for lost wages. they claim they lost up to $10 a day because the officers said they couldn't panhandle. and suing for gender discrimination. they raked in half a million dollars and gave few sun hats to women and they sued seven area night clubs for hosting ladies nights. i'd be embarrassed to collect, but that's just me. super bowl 50 is set. it's battle of the number one seeds. the panthers and the broncos are going to play february 7th at levi's stadium. who better to break it down than
5:25 am
troy aikman. good morning. >> good morning, thank you for having me. >> all right. this is an exciting match-up. >> it's a great match-up, yeah. it's old school versus new age. between the two quarterbacks, i think this is a lot of great story line going in. >> the oldest quarterback to play in football at 39. at 39, you were retired five years already. he's had major neck surgery. how many is peyton manning from the vintage peyton manning? >> obviously some of his skills have deteriorated which happens to all of us. what he's been through at the -- with the neck surgeries and one time he couldn't feel his fingertips doesn't have the same velocity, but the way he's able to play, i think it speaks to how smart he is and being able to anticipate those things and without being able to have the arm to get the ball to some of the places that he wants to. and he's a great story. been a great ambassador to our sport for many years. he will be the sentimental fan favorite certainly going into this game for all that he's accomplished in what he's meant.
5:26 am
>> you mentioned the young versus the old. cam newton was 9 years old when manning made his debut in 1998 in the nfl. do you think this could be peyton manning's last game? >> i hope it's not, because i like seeing our great players remain. but, yeah, i think this could very well be it. i know when i was watching the game on sunday, when he was playing the patriots i thought maybe this might be the last time we'd see him. so i'm excited he gets another opportunity. >> i'm conflicted because i love the panthers but at the same time i like the story of the older guy winning. >> yeah. and well, we have been following carolina with fox and the nfc for the last few weeks. they keep getting better and better and better and cam newton's had a terrific year. i know i have young daughters and he's certainly taken the fancy of the kids. they're all running around wearing under armour, doing the superman stuff. next generation. >> you had a serious scare for you. what happened to you that you had discovered?
5:27 am
>> yeah. it was back in 1998, i had a little spot on my back and it looked a little odd. i have sisters who are both nurses and i didn't think much of it. well, you ought to go to the dermatologist and get it checked. i did, i had stage 2 melanoma. i didn't know what that was and i learned a lot in a short period of time. you know, i was lucky. i got it in the early stages but for those that aren't as lucky and they catch it in the advanced stages, they're in for a real fight. and so why i'm here is because i have teamed up with novartis to get the message out that you first have to figure out, you know, what form of melanoma that you have. i didn't know that there were multiple forms. so once you find out, then it helps in how you treat it. and the procedure that takes place following that. >> sure. a lot of people think, you know what i didn't spend much time when i was a kid out in the sun. it's not necessarily about the sun. >> no, it's not. i was in the sun a lot. that's what people immediately think is okay, it's because you were in the sun.
5:28 am
you weren't using sunscreen. but i have had chance to get to know a lot of these patients through this campaign. and one of them was as young as 17 years old when she was diagnosed. she's now 20. >> genetics? >> genetics plays a big part of it. how it comes about and the sun is certainly a contributing factor. but there's a lot to learn about it and there's a lot of questions i know that come with that. so i would encourage to go to melanoma just got you can learn more about it. >> and troy, are they doing anything special for the 50th year with the mvps? what are they doing? >> i'll be back for pregame festivities. when we come back for super bowl 50, all the former mvps will be there for pregame. it will be a great scene. >> who was the one guy that troy aikman goes to that you want to talk to? >> well, joe montana has always been one of my favorites. >> he's your guy? >> i competed against him, you know? i mean, i watched him when i was younger and before i got into
5:29 am
the league. but a lot of great quarterback that's a big debate. but in my opinion he's the best at it. >> next time you see joe montana, ask him if he remembers we had the camp out on "fox & friends" and see if he remembers. >> thanks for having me. thank you. >> good luck in san francisco. meanwhile, on a tuesday, he was elected and is ready to take the oath of office. the problem? they have got to remove his handcuffs first. >> this is for real, folks. >> it is. peter johnson, jr., with the unbelievable story straight ahead. remember the college professor who did this to a journalist. >> you need to get out. >> i don't, actually. >> now she's got a court date. >> she's a journalism professor. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today.
5:30 am
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5:33 am
all nonessential federal workers in washington, d.c. were told to stay home today. how do you know if you're nonessential? do they call you? steve, i have some good news and some bad news. the good news is you have the day off today. bad news? you're worthless. >> he said steve. was he talking to me directly? >> no. i don't think so. >> no. >> oh, good. >> you know, crazy video we showed everybody yesterday were people were slalom skiing and wake boarding in times square, i wonder if that was essential -- >> i think he made himself essential. all right, 27 minutes before the top of the hour. they're going to turn the lights on heather nauert and we'll do the news. >> some people are sleeping out there. >> turn on the lights over there. >> all right.
5:34 am
here we go. we're all set right now. take a look at this. this is a real nightmare in paradise in california. watch as the cliff next to these apartment buildings just fall right into the ocean. some residents in pacifica, california, that's just south of san francisco are now forced to evacuate their homes. but some people who live there say despite this, they still want to stay. >> i'm not worried about what i see out the back, i'm worried about these guys coming over here and thinking it's okay we can't live here, we can't sleep here tonight. are they crazy? we have nowhere to go. >> okay. well some other residents feel the same way. they don't want to leave. that massive erosion has been sparked by recent storms. a fun day at the beach takes a terrifying turn. watch this. >> uh-oh. time to go here. get out of the way! get out of the way! whoa. that was -- that was scary.
5:35 am
that's a big wave. >> a whole lot of water just sneaks right up on the folks there. people and dogs running to higher ground when a big wave comes out of oregon. it's called a sneaker wave. they call it because it sneaks up on you without any warning. everyone here got away and they're all just fine. and do you remember this communications professor who was not a fan of free speech? she was caught on camera pushing a journalism student that she didn't want to cover this protest out there. on this quad. well, now the professor is facing jail time for assault. listen. >> you need to get out. you need to get out. >> no, i don't. >> you need to get out. >> i actually don't. >> all right. hey, who wants to help me get this reporter out of here? i need some muscle over here. >> i need some muscle. well, a lawyer for melissa click
5:36 am
that's her name said she'll plead not guilty to the third degree assault charge. she faces a $300 fine and 15 days in jail. she still has her teaching job. presumably she's teaching people about first amendment rights. well, finishing a half marathon a huge accomplishment for a human, but imagine what a big deal it is if you're a dog. ludivine's owner let her outside for a little bathroom break. but instead of staying on the alabama farm, she stumbled upon a race and she took seventh place. >> i got a phone call from a friend and she said, you better come down, people are going crazy over this dog. someone had given her some pizza, she buried it under a crepe myrtle tree. i didn't know she could run a
5:37 am
half marathon. >> she even got a medal. hey, your dog is down here, imagine getting that phone call. >> also -- that's kind of dangerous because dogs are so tactical oriented they'll go and go until they can't go anywhere. i wonder if it stopped at a station and got some water. >> a hound. he stopped to smell a rabbit. maria molina with a look at the weather day ahead. >> yeah. that's right. we're tracking those temperatures across the nation. here's a look at your forecast highs today across the eastern u.s. especially in the mid-atlantic and northeast, we are seeing the temperatures a little warmer today and that means mother nature might be helping out to melt some of that snow across d.c., baltimore and even up into new york city. great news there. but we have a cold front pushing eastward and behind it we have colder temperatures in minneapolis and chicago. temperatures in the low 30s out there and that cooler air mass makes it into parts of the north
5:38 am
east. especially by tomorrow. and speaking of cold temperatures, we have some incredible milk shakes on the b plaza. here to help me create my own frosty treat is the executive chef and co-owner of the black taps carafes burger and beers. you're going to help me make my own treat. >> that's right. even in a blizzard people are waiting three hours to make the shake. milk, ice cream, a little strawberry syrup. okay. right in a blender. that's pretty much it. real simple. >> why are these so popular? >> i think it's the taking something that's so, so simple and so iconic and people love it and creating this great experiment. >> how much do these cost? >> regular shakes are $7 but the
5:39 am
crazy shakes cost about $15. what the trick is, it's the icing on the side of the rim. then we just kind of stick all types of candy right on the side of it. after we're done, old school soda glass, pour the shake in. then the magic starts. right, the magic is the whipped cream. pile it all up, all the way. then the candy. a lollipop. some rock sticks, some willy wonka style draws. what everybody loves -- the cotton candy. >> beautiful. what a beautiful creation and very delicious as well. black tap is opening on march 1st here in new york city. thank you, joe, for being with us this morning. i'm going to try this. >> enjoy. all yours. >> don't hog it all. >> what ever is left over, bring it inside, please. >> all right. we'll bring in for you. >> thanks joe and maria. next up on a tuesday, he was
5:40 am
just re-elected, set to be sworn in. the only problem is this councilman is in jail and charged with murder. peter johnson jr. on this head scratching case, next. then larry gatlin joined donald trump back on the trail in october. how does he feel about the donald now? he's here to tell us. ♪ rking on my feet all day gave me pain here. in my lower back but now, i step on this machine and get my number which matches my dr. scholl's custom fit orthotic inserts. now i get immediate relief from my foot pain. my lower back pain. find a machine at iand quit a lot,t but ended up nowhere. now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch, with unique extended release technology, helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq. you grab your 10-gallon jug of coffee, and back out of the garage.
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that's the beauty of working at gnc, we've got something for everybody. we're here for you. just ask. we make it simple. gnc. avo: when sends craig wilson a ready for you client: great proposal! let's readytalk more over golf. mes? craig: great. client: how about over tennis craig: even better. avo: a game changer! avo: the ready for you alert, only at got some quick headlines on a tuesday morning. hundreds of driver going nowhere fast. not because of the snow or the accident, but because of that sloth right there. officers in ecuador found him struggling to cross the road. helped him out. a sloth is the slowest creature in the world, they say. that's why he's hanging on. and in social media, erupting in anger after a
5:44 am
spanish matador posted this photo on instagram. it shows him fighting a bull while holding his 5-month-old daughter. he says bull fighting is a family tradition. anna, over to you and peter. >> thank you. 44 after the hour. a story that will leave you scratching your head. an indiana councilman is being held on charges of drugs and murder. robert battle is starting his second term and getting paid from jail. how does he get sworn into office? >> i scratched my head so much, look what happened. this is -- you know the land of the free and the home of the incarcerated councilman. councilman battle ran unopposed in the election. he's in jail on two sets of charges. one for murder, allegedly shooting a guy in the back.
5:45 am
mr. camarillo had a checkered history in terms of the law. being in jail and being involved with guns and like that. also, federal charges with regard to marijuana. cocaine. the possession of three stolen handguns and so democracy has spoken and councilman battle is making 40 something dollars a year on the dime of the people of east chicago. >> until he resigns, admits guilt or found guilty. >>not going to be resigning any time soon. >> right. >> he made sure he got a notary public to have him sworn in the jailhouse. >> his trial isn't until august. can he lead behind bars -- >> no, folks will pay it and weep. so some local commentators including a professor, professor marie eisenstein, an associate professor at indiana university northwest, she told the local newspaper, quote, i don't know what could damage the democratic
5:46 am
party in northeast indiana. the democratic stalwarts, the people who are solidified in party identification will never see the republicans as a better option. i don't see what could happen that could damage the democratic party here. so a democratic councilman in jail, running unopposed while being charged with these heinous crimes. and then sworn in by an official, in the jailhouse and getting paid every week. >> i'm wondering about the time line of all this. so he gets voted in and then -- in, sworn in in a week ago. when were the charges brought? >> september. in october the murder charge. >> where's the community? somebody should have stepped up. >> they're looking at alternatives. can you dismiss someone from office because they're not
5:47 am
showing up for votes, not showing up in the office? at this point he's benefiting from the american way. which is that you're innocent until proven guilty and can stay in the city council until proven guilty. >> it's ridiculous. 13 minutes until the top of the hour. if you want a gun you have to write an essay. it has gun advocates like larry gatlin all fired up. he's next.
5:48 am
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5:50 am
well, you saw it right here on "fox & friends" yesterday. rick perry giving his
5:51 am
presidential endorsement to -- >> it's a great privilege for us to be able to endorse ted cruz. and i am convinced without a doubt that on day one, this very committed conservative american will be ready to be commander in chief. >> well, the former texas governor now officially endorsing fellow texan ted cruz. >> okay. you, sir, larry gatlin, are a friend of governor perry. welcome back. >> good to see you all. >> good to see you. >> you -- >> you want to ask the questions? >> you were for perry. he dropped out. now you're for trump? >> rick perry has been a friend of mine for 35 or 40 years. he says how is your daddy and your mama? he was a great man, a great governor from my home state of texas. it would have been a great honor to have voted for him. not going to get that chance. i respect his opinion. here's the way i look at it. a lot of very famous people,
5:52 am
celebrity types, i think we have unduly used our celebrity status to try to convince people to do things. to vote. i'm not going to do that. usually the celebrities are on the left. we see, you know, them and i think a lot of those celebrities couldn't point to syria on a map. they believe that it's okay to kill babies in the mother's womb and that's about all they know. so i am not going to do that. i will say -- i would have proudly voted for rick perry and i'll support ted cruz if he's our nominee. so -- >> who do you want? >> i think mike huckabee would be a great president. he knows more about israel and the middle east than anybody. he has executive experience. he is right on the issues. the 42 people in the national review could not have raked him over the coals for not being a
5:53 am
true conservative. he's a little dumpy looking and doesn't have great hair and he's not the flavor of the month so i won't get that chance to vote for him. again, i wouldn't tell anybody to do that. so i'm going to vote for our nominee, whoever has an "r" behind their name. you know -- >> you're waiting -- >> elmer fudd -- >> you'll wait it out? >> right. i'll support the nominee, but i'm not going to tell people to vote. i say go and do not vote for him because you like all the gold in california and the gatlin brothers. that's a bad reason. look into what the man or woman has said. their policies. their statements. make up your own mind. do not be a low or no information voter. that's how we get the dufus in chief we have right now. >> let's talk about what's going on in lowell, massachusetts. now, if you want a permit to have a gun, you apparently have to write an essay. explaining why you need a gun, and your position and a permit and you have to pay a training
5:54 am
fee which i think is about $1,000. >> what do i think about that? i'm a proud member of the nra, do you know how you can tell the 16 states where you can't carry a gun? the 16 states where you really need them. as a writer and english major the thing about writing an essay is not -- like mr. lapierre, don't kick me out of the nra for saying this, i'm not terribly against some of the background check things. i know most members of the nra, most people who carry firearms are responsible, know how to use i. >> most nra members want background checks. that's not a hugely -- >> i don't think that's a deal breaker for me. so 1,000 bucks that's little steep. >> writing an essay, you're okay with? >> you know, in new york i think you can get one if you can make a case to a judge that your l e life -- you know? usually the people who are
5:55 am
against me having a firearm are people who have two or three security guards who are packing heat. so in those 36 states i can carry it. i am not going to be in a one man gun man unless i'm the one man with the gun. >> we want to give you a big congratulations, the gatlin brothers just inducted to the texas hall -- >> it was a great thrill. the real cowboys let us drugstore cowboys in. >> larry, stick around. >> i will. >> more with larry gatlin on the other side of the timeout. >> here's what's coming up. her furnace broke on the coldest day of the year. her husband couldn't fix it because he's deployed. what happens next will warm your heart. i tried de lpendast weekend. it really made the difference between a morning i around the houset weekend. and getting a little exercise.
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well, the freezing weather triggers a heart warming story. brigitte stevens discovered her furnace was busted. her army husband would normally fix it for her, but he was deployed. a repairman fixed it, but instead instead of charging her $150, he charged her $1 calling it the deployment discount. >> when she said her husband was deployed for a year and he'd miss the kids' birthdays and christmases, i knew that i wasn't going to charge her for the call. but when i realized that, i kind of broke up a little bit. so instead of telling her i had to write it on the slip. >> paul started a gofundme page called military deployment kisses to help military spouses travel to see their spouses. >> look at that number $14,394 have been raised. a lot of that since your
6:00 am
interview. >> just since 6:30 this morning. maria featured the milk shakes from the black tap. they're 15 bucks and people are standing in line three hours for them. >> right. >> they must b bill: the two front runners in the hawkeye state, donald trump and ted cruz, it has started in a big way. i'm bill hemmer and here we go. martha: i'm martha maccallum. ted cruz hitting hard against donald trump, bringing back the old new york values phrase. this time he's doing it in an ad airing in several states. >> what does trump think about


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