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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  January 26, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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interview. >> just since 6:30 this morning. maria featured the milk shakes from the black tap. they're 15 bucks and people are standing in line three hours for them. >> right. >> they must b bill: the two front runners in the hawkeye state, donald trump and ted cruz, it has started in a big way. i'm bill hemmer and here we go. martha: i'm martha maccallum. ted cruz hitting hard against donald trump, bringing back the old new york values phrase. this time he's doing it in an ad airing in several states. >> what does trump think about
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iowa? >> how stupid are the people of iowa? >> donald trump, new york values, not ours. bill: byron york, along the des moines river, it looks toasty where you are. here is another spot hitting trump. watch. >> does this sound conservative? >> i'm pro-choice in every respect. i'm pro-choice in every respect. >> for partial-birth abortion. he's not a conservative. bill: trump was asked about all of this and this is what he said in response. i'm pro-life 100%. he knows it, everybody knows it. as far as iowa i was talking about, they were backing about. i said the people of iowa, the people of the united states.
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bill: cut through it, what's working and what's not in iowa? >> you have got to remember, bill they are neck and neck. we had a fox news poll showing trump opening up a lead over cruz. now a new quinnipiac poll shows them within a few points of each other. the rally in fort dong when ben carson was his opponent, he said how stupid are the people of iowa. you knew you would see that an attack ad. remember that's halting interview ted cruz did with bret baier over immigration where he was stumbling, we knew we would see that. both men are taking the weakest points of the other and using them in an attack ad. bill: if you get third place in
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iowa, it carries a lot of clout down the line. how are the others going at it at the moment? >> right now you are seeing a lot of ads with jeb bush trying to take down marco rubio on the issue of immigration. you are seeing rubio doing some attacking himself. we know this establishment lane with bush, kasich and christie fighting each other. rubio is in the best position to pull out in third place. bill: this among democratic cau. in iowa they say a third up to 40% of caucus-goers say they
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have not made up their minds. >> a lot were watching last night when there was a presidential town hall. remember that debate they had last time. sanders probably won that debate and a lot of democrats said we don't have any more debates until after new hampshire. they quickly arranged this town hall. you got to see the candidates not talking to each other but speaking separately. you had bernie sanders standing up and saying experience is important, yes, hillary clinton has experience. but judgment is more important. she is too close to wall street, she voted for the iraq car and hillary clinton saying bernie is nice but you have to have experience to govern and that's what i have got. so they are make their best final arguments six days before the caucus.
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martha: as ted cruz and donald trump battle for the top spots in the field. they are pushing hard. but marco rubio at this point the only other candidate polling in double digits in iowa. john roberts is live watching this as it unfold. good morning to you, john. >> you not appears from the coverage that donald trump and ted cruz are sucking the oxygen out of iowa. because of the caucus process it's possible for candidates lagging in the polls today to do well on caucus night. in 2012 rick santorum was running in fifth place and ended up winning. we found plenty of people saying
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they are going to caucus who are not looking at the frontrunners. >> who are your finalists? >> rubio, cruz and i'm on the fence on jeb bush. >> i like jeb bush a lot, i like carly a lot. jeb to some degree. but marco has what i'm looking for. reporter: the key to doing better than expected is a good ground game. volunteers reach out to supporters on the telephone. at each and every event volunteers hand out caucus pledge forms. rubio told me he is optimistic about his chances. >> are you confident you can turn people out on monday? >> we have volunteers, a lot of student have come in to help. we'll have great people work on our behalf. >> another candidate who may be
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better than expected is chris christie. he has much of governor branstad behind him. that's a formidable force that could be behind christie on caucus night. martha: how many tickets go out of iowa and how long do people hold on to this race. reporter: if trump wins, there may only be one ticket out of iowa. but if trump does not win and cruz does not do as well as expected, then as you head to new hampshire, all bets are off. don't forget kasich polling well. iowa may not tell the tale unless trump pulls off a big victory. martha: we are finally in the zone and we'll see how it start to play out.
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bill: you will hear from two of the candidates today. coming up in a few minutes. ohio governor john kasich. and kentucky senator rand paul is here to talk about his chances. >> fox news is teaming up with google and ythe first debate moy bill hemmer and this lady on this side of the fence, martha maccallum. we'll see you 7:00 eastern thursday the prime time kickoff. all after that will be a big this day night at 9:00 with bret baier, megyn kelly and chris wallace. the sound bite with john roberts piece, i'm for carly and rubio has to warm the cockles of the
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hearts of those candidates. bill: stand by. 9 minutes past the hour. the storm from the weekend is still having an impact on washington. the schools and the federal government still closed for another day. in maryland outside of d.c., how is it going there? >> this is the middle of the street. this scene looks exactly the same on the next street and the next street over. we are in the suburbs of bethesda, maryland. we are 8 miles from the center of washington, d.c. many suburban streets look like this. you go to suburban, virginia, and it looks the same. that's why the federal government is closed. a lot of the folks here work for
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the federal government. the schools are closed. the nor is still bringing thing to a total halt in this particular area. if you go to the main streets they are have much clear. you have plenty of streets that are two lanes on a main road. but for the most part they have gotten that back up and running. bus service is still a mess around here. the airports are open but they have massive delays from the weekend with thousands of flights canceled. we are slowly getting back to normal. because of scenes like this replayed throughout the area it's still slow going. did you see the size of that front loader on 6th avenue at 6:00 a.m. this piece of equipment was gigantic. here we are. two days later and they are still moving it.
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there is a lot out there. martha: hoik going one-on-one with voters in iowa, and she faces tricky questions about whether voters can trust her. >> i heard from quite a few people my age that they think you are dishonest. martha: where did that go? an awkward moment. questions about how she handled the sensitive information in her emails. bill: a couple attacked by a man who was just released from prison. what we know about that. martha: a christian pastor held for years in an iranian prison is now back with his family on american soil and he's speaking out.
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saying by voting for kasich new hampshire can reward a candidate whose campaign has been largely positive. i spoke with the ohio governor and asked what this endorsement does for him and his campaign. >> i'm honored by it. that's an incredible newspaper. to receive their endorsement, it's a big deal to me personally. it's a significant achievement in my career to have a newspaper of that kind of stature that has seen fit to endorse me. we also received some good news. the "concord monitor" also came out and endorsed me today. and when things go well like
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that, you kind of want to ride low in the saddle an old mentor of mine once said. i'm very, very grateful and humbled by the support coming our way. but we still have a long way to go to the primary and we'll do the best we can. >> you have progress cally lived in new hampshire but not so much in iowa. if you bomb in iowa monday, don't you think that has an impact on your performance in new hampshire? >> i guess that's yet to be seen. i would love to have spent more type in iowa but i didn't get in the race until july. there is only one of me to go around. my wife is very happy there is only one. i have done things in iowa. we are on the ground in south carolina. we have somebody on the ground in nevada. we are on the ballot of well over 30 states.
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we'll end up being in all the states. i just talked to a state senator in louisiana. i have trent lott in mississippi. we have a lot of people waiting to see what happens and are willing to jump in. i can't tell you what will happen as a result of iowa and new hampshire. i'm running a very positive campaign. fighting against so much of the negative tone we have seen. bill: it might make sense for the "globe" to endorse you. your position on taking federal money for obamacare, that's the kind of thing they like in the northeast, do they not? >> ronald reagan expanded medicaid five times. we controlled our medicaid
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program to one of the lowest growing programs in america. and we are able to treat the mentally ill and addicted. people ought to have an opportunity to get on their feet and live their god-given purpose. i can't remember the other issue you brought up. bill: it was about immigration. >> is it some kind of a liberal idea to think we aren't going to go into people's homes and deport 11.5 million? i'm not giving them a path to citizenship, but a path to legalization. we are battling in some respect what it means to be a conservative. we got a report last friday that in ohio since i have been governor we are up 400 thousand jobs.
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i'm have much for school choice. when people say that kind of stuff, i think what the globe appreciates is everybody has a right to rise in this country. i believe in that and people can call me whatever they like. bill: the "globe" said this about donald trump. his bigot are you i -- bigotry s toxic. do you think trump is a bigot? >> i'm not going to answer that. i live on the sunny side of the street. i believe we have serious problems, but i believe they can be solved. there is only one thing that stands in the way, and that's people. that we get people to rise and think of themselves as americans.
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the engines are revving behind you. martha: former new york governor george pataki coming up. he was once a candidate for the gone race. but he's ready to tell us who he believes the right person for that job is. bill: a man attacking a fellow driver with a baseball bat. wow, that's a traffic jam. whos! hi i'm heather cox on location with the famous, big idaho potato truck. our truck? it's touring across america telling people about idaho potatoes. farmer: let's go boy. again this year the big idaho potato truck is traveling the country spreading the word about heart healthy idaho potatoes and making donations to local charities.
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martha: it's less than a week
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before the votes are cast in the iowa caucuses. now a former gop candidate is ready to endorse the one he believes is the right one for this job. governor george pataki joins us. you decided look at this entire crew who you think is the best person for the job. >> i took a look at all the candidates and in my mind one person stands out, that's senator marco rubio. we need someone to bring americans together. he has the leadership and vision. i'm proud to endorse senator rubio. martha: a lot of people on the hill have come out in favor of marco rubio. that's a look at the folks in the senate and we'll show the ones in the house as well. the big knock against marco rubio is his resume is similar
6:26 am
to president obama. he's a young senator and people are nervous about that. >> their backgrounds and ideas and vision for the future of america is totally different. i've normous confidence marco rubio is ready to be president of the united states. he provided great leadership. he did it in the legislature in florida. standing up to radical islam. and i have got to tell you, one of the most important things is for us to understand we are all americans. we have had a president who divide us for political benefit. hillary clinton is always dividing us for her benefit. donald trump is dividing us so he gets the benefit. marco rubio is going to bring us together. i'm proud to endorse him. i'm going to do everything i can to help senator rubio win this election.
6:27 am
martha: i pick up on some of what you are saying. you are not a fan of donald trump or ted cruz. some republicans say they would rather see hillary clinton in the white house thannite were one of those -- than either one of those gentlemen. >> i think hillary clinton is disqualified to be president of the united states. i will not vote for hillary clinton for president of the united states. i would support any republican -- right now i'm endorsing and supporting and continue to work very hard for marco rubio. the hardest for me would be donald trump. i think some of his comments have been outray just and bigoted. i don't think he's fit to have his finger on the nuclear button. but i believe marco rubio is ready to lead this country and bring us together. martha: in iowa he's in third place but looking back at
6:28 am
history the polls don't always tell the tale in iowa. let's look at new hampshire where john kay simp is moving up. he's in third place with 12% in new hampshire. he put all his chips in that state. that bumps your guy marco rubio down to third place. >> this is a national race. you have to have a national campaign and marco rubio has a national campaign. he's the only republican who has people on the grounds in all 50 states. he understands it's not just mention and the northeast, he understands this country. i think he will do fine in iowa. i don't think he will win in iowa. i think he will do well in new hampshire and extremely well as the campaign goes on. i think he has the staying power to win the nomination and most importantly the election, and i think he will.
6:29 am
martha: what do you think about ted cruz? the american people are very unhappy with washington. you can express that through mindless anger as donald trump supporters sadly do, or you can have an agenda that is anti-washington as ted cruz does. i'm not anti-ted cruz, i'm pro marco rubio. martha: thank you very much for being here today, governor. bill: a fox news alert. iran gets a direct order from the pope as iran's president pays a visit to the vatican. what pope francis had to say immediately after they met. martha: hillary clinton making a final push in iowa as she faced very pointed questions from undecided voters last night. >> it feels like there is a lot of young people like myself who are very passionate supporters
6:30 am
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martha: out of the gate wall street up 88 points. there were some decent housing numbers that came out. that's one of the things you are eing affected in this market. we'll see where the dow jones industrials decide to go. economic data and corporate earnings. that will be a major focus as we head into today. reporter: iran's president was given a warning by pope francis about terrorism. economic sanctions against his country have been lifted and iran is work on a number of
6:34 am
major business deals in europe. tell us about the meeting at the vatican, amy. reporter: iran is getting pane amazing reception in italy. it's back on the world stage and drumming up business deals. if iran wants to be part of this important role in the world it needs to step up and be a critical part of the solution to the problems in the middle east. this is going to have to have a leadership role and show it can be effective in trying to deal with some of these burning issues like extremism in the middle east. it's not clear if the pope brought up the issue of human rights. amnesty international came up with a report that put iran number two after china for judicious execution -- judicial executions. the gifts that were exchanged, a hand woven carpet from the holy
6:35 am
city from the holy father. earlier rouhani addressed a room filled to the gils with italian business leaders. he said we are not returning to iran, we never left iran. italy wants to be first in line for new business in this long starved market of 80 million people. they have been on round laying delegations to iran for business deals and said they would rather do business in iran than any other country in the middle east. bill: amy kellogg live in rome on that tour. a lot of money. martha: hillary clinton taking questions last night.
6:36 am
a young are voter stepped in front of the microphone and asked her directly about whether or not she is trustworthy. watch this moment. >> it feeled like there is a lot of young people like myself who are passionate supporters of bernie sanders and i don't see the same enthusiasm from younger people for you. in fact i heard from quite a few people my age that they think you are dishonest. but i would like to hear from you on why you feel the enthusiasm isn't there. >> i think it really depend upon who you are seeing and talking to. martha: wondering how he got in at that moment. rich lowry. and matthew littman, a former speech writer for president clinton. matthew, what did you think of that moment.
6:37 am
>> i think it's fine to ask that question of hillary. she needs to be able to answer it and she did. i find hillary to be trustworthy and she'll be a good president. the attacks against the clintons have been going on for 25 years. and culminating in the benghazi hearings where kevin mccarthy said the hearings were done to basically ruin hillary's popularity. martha: let's take a look at these polls before we go to rich. this is among democratic likely caucus-goers. hillary is 48, now sanders is
6:38 am
42% and o'malley is pretty much the same. dropped a little bit since last time. keeping that in mind, how do you think iowa is looking right now? >> it's neck and neck. bernie sanders could beat her 2-1 in "happening now" in sander wins in iowa. i'm not a hillary clinton fan. there is a lot about her that rubs me the wrong way. but i think last night saw the choice liberal democrats have. if you look at hoik and say this is a solid, responsible person and you look at bernie sanders and say this is an impassioned guy tapping into the public mood. it's. >> the version of '08. what are you going to go with? your head, or your heart.
6:39 am
hillary clinton's answer about campaigning and poetry, she could have said the same thing in 2008. in '08 people chose the poet are you. -- chose the poetry. martha: the poll take a look at voter over the age of 45. hillary does well with this group. though you can see hillary clearly dominates the over 45 crowd. under 45, you have bernie sanders at 58%. he's getting traction with the same groups president obama did in iowa when hillary lost in iowa and had to regroup in new hampshire. are you concerned the same thing
6:40 am
could happen in new hampshire? >> it's tight in iowa. i agree with rich, bernie sanders has to win new hampshire. but hillary will begin south carolina. my preference is that hillary wins in iowa, but it is tight. i'm going to iowa next week, i think martha you may be there as well. if rich goes he may have trump protesters in front of his hotel. i think hillary will win in iowa. new hampshire, she is not going to take that. martha: when you take a look at where we are, it's the best story around. did you ever in a million years imagine bernie sanders would be giving hillary clinton such a run for her money. do you think if he wins iowa and
6:41 am
if he wins new hampshire, this dynamic in the south could change? >> i'm not surprised because left-wing friend of mine were saying he's going to win iowa and new hampshire. i'm not surprised he's had this surge. i wouldn't be certain the race will look the same demographically or any other quay if she goes 0-2 in iowa and new hampshire. we'll get more of what we had this entire year which is glorious unpredictability. i will be in iowa, by the way. martha: we'll see you all there, thanks a lot, guys. bill: these two guys taking road range to the next level. how the rest of this played out. i have got this thing in the back here and i'm going to use
6:42 am
it on you. >> there is this amazing story. one of the americans freed from iranian prison recalls his time there behind bars as he's greeted with tears by his family finally. >> they want me to write something that they want which i didn't do that. relief from heartburn with it neutralizes stomach acid and is the only product that forms a protective barrier that helps keep stomach acid in the stomach where it belongs. for fast-acting, long-lasting relief. try gaviscon®.
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for fast-acting, long-lasting relief. does printing from your tablet give you a jolt of confidence? then you might be gearcentric. right now, get this hp printer for 50% off! office depot officemax. gear up for great ®. martha: road rage spiraling out of control in texas. it turned into a street brawl. they both have stuff in their hands. one is with a bat, another has a longwooden pole he went back for in his truck. they battled it out like a sword fight. people are chuckling in the background. both men finally gave up.
6:46 am
you know what? i have got to get home. they got into their cars and left. everybody was okay. bill: one of the americans released from iran in a prisoner swap. christian pastor saeed abedini breaking his silence for the first time since his homecoming. he spoke exclusively on-the-record with gretta van susteren. >> they take their hands and feet, and they were yelling and they were crying and some of them they wet themselves. it was very graphic things that i saw when they took people for execution. bill: you saw the interview with gretta.
6:47 am
what did you think of this story? >> it's a gripping story. but it's really a vivid and stock reminder of the more university iranian regime where every single day thousands of prisoners are experiencing what the pastor experienced. and iran does it out of fear and paranoia of losing control. these people aren't guilty of anything. that's the tragedy of it. and we are looking nationally at rouhani arriving and having legitimacy in europe and meeting with the pope. what a contrast that is to what they are inflict on their own country and hostages and prisoners and what they are inflicting on the middle east. bill: israel is reporting how much money has given to hezbollah and hamas.
6:48 am
what's the story there? >> what's happening is the iranians use proxy fighters to conduct wars which we are seeing happening in syria and yemen. all this is happening during the negotiations on a nuclear deal. as. netanyahu reported this weekend in an interview at davos in switzerland, last year alone in 2015 he stated the iranians provide over a billion dollars worth of ammunition, weapons and money to hezbollah and hundreds of millions to hamas, also weapons, money and ammunition, a terrorist organization that conducted operations against hezbollah. >> that's phenomenal. that makes the groups for dangerous for the next conflict.
6:49 am
amy kellogg reported last night alone iran sealed about $80 billion worth of business in europe. do you believe in any sense when you are welcoming them into the western world, when you are allowing them to operate in a business capacity that they have not been able to for decades because of sanctions, does that change behavior, yes or no? >> it's certainly aspirational goals to that effect. the more intertwined they become in the world itself the more they will abide by the international norms and behavior in that world. however, 36 years of iranian behavior contrasts against that. their number one strategic objective is to dominate the region and nuclear weapons guarantees the preservation of the regime. most of us who have been looking at this for years believe those
6:50 am
objectives are firm. iran will continue to purchase sue those aggressively and with belligerence and confrontation when it suits them. they will continue to take hostages. it's public business for them. it helps them gaining in financials. we paid money to get our hostages back, most observers think. and it gives public acclaim to them. they get gain out of it politically every time they take a hostage because there is always concessions made. they i believe are convinced the windfall of money they get will help in terms of economically and be able to advance their strategic goals. the other thing is legitimacy. they are getting l get -- gettit ma i in the world and there will never been scene overthrow of that government in iran.
6:51 am
martha: when will we have a gop nominee? it could be late summer. we need to be ready for whatever weather may come our way.
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martha: a big change in new hampshire. voters will have to show their i.d. to cast their ballots. the law has been controversial across the board. eric shawn is with us in new hampshire. reporter: donald trump campaigned here warning about voter fraud. officials in the state deny's rampant. for the first time in a presidential primary voters will have to show their voter i.d.
6:55 am
but some worry there will be long lines and delays. >> i think there will be long lines. reporter: tens of thousands of new voters are expected to flood the polls and they will have to show a voter i.d. a massachusetts man voted guilty to voting illegally three times. once in the 2008 presidential election and later in 2012. then there is the case of a man who pled guilty to illegal voting two years ago. voters wowft an i.d. will have to sign an affidavit attesting they are who they say they are. their vote will be kowbtsd. but poll workers will take their pictures with an instant camera. voter i.d. opponents say officials photographing voters can unfairly intimidate them. >> this will take additional time and resources for the
6:56 am
polling officials and we are concerned that might result in increasing lines. >> has anyone been denied the right to vote because of voter i.d.? reporter: no. bill has overseen the implementation of the law since 2012 and expects few problems for the first time it's being used in the primary. >> it's pretty difficult, it's not impossible. but we made it very, very difficult to successfully be able to commit fraud. reporter: officials are confident things will go well and voters will only be voting once. martha, back to you. bill: a decision causing outrage after a grand jury investigated an under cover video appearing to show planned parenthood
6:57 am
talking about selling baby remains. now the filmmakers have been indicted. why is that? martha: team coverage from des moines with the latest barbs when we come back. (two text tones) now? (text tone) excuse me. (phone tone) again? be right back. always running to the bathroom because your bladder is calling the shots? (text tone) you may have oab. enough of this.
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and if you thought that was amazing, you just wait. ♪ martha: pressure is on and candidates are out in full force these days in a final sprint before you the voter, start to get your hand on those ballots to see what is really happening out there. welcome, everybody, brand new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. good morning. crunch time on the trail. everyone scrambling for last minute momentum. team fox coverage. bret baier making his way to today mine getting ready for the fox debate thursday night. carl cameron is there as well. carl, start with you. there is a new iowa poll out today. what does it tell us? reporter: that the two-man race
7:01 am
is firmly es sconced and ted cruz slipped a little bit and donald trump put a big number up. "quinnepiac poll," donald trump is 31%. ted cruz is behind him at 29%. that is within the margin of error. marco rubio only other candidate in double digits but significantly behind at 13%. what is most significant about the "quinnepiac poll" as the case with the fox poll, more than a third of these voters saved they could change their minds. 39%, four in 10 republican caucus-goers discussing possibility of changing their minds not with standing the two-person rate as the top and donald trump is doing everything he can to suppress ted cruz. on morning talk shows donald trump is suggesting that cruz not only dishonest but ineligible. watch. >> he is just saying lie after lie, it is so, it is not becoming. he has got a problem. he has very much bigger problem.
7:02 am
there is a lot of people think he can't run for president. he was born in canada. there are many, many constitutional scholars, including laurence tribe, including many others. i'm not talking about laurence tribe of harvard anymore, we have so many others that come out say flatly he is unable to run. reporter: about a month ago ted cruz was leading polls in iowa. it was a month ago that donald trump brought up his citizenship in canada, now renounced at his birth there, his eligibility. since then cruz has been pushed back down in the polls. yesterday he began to describing himself as the underdog, to play up the possibility of coming in second and calling that a victory having had the lead a month or so ago. bill? bill: stay tuned. thank you, carl. setting the table for us, carl cameron in des moines. martha has more. martha: stay tuned. bret baier from "special report" joins us. he also arrived now in iowa. good morning to you, bret.
7:03 am
>> morning martha. 10 yards away from carl. so i heard that report. martha: we'll try not to be repetitive. in terms of tonight you're going to be announcing the lineup for the big debates, right? >> we are. the polls will, have been closed for our cite e criteria. we'll make the announcement at 6:00 p.m. at the start of "special report" tonight and the big question, excuse me is whether we have seven candidates or eight candidates. last time the fbn debate had seven. john kasich making it in. the question is whether rand paul makes it to the big stage. we'll find out so night at 6:00. martha: we'll look forward to that. let's look at some of these polls because i find this fascinating. let's put up a new hampshire poll here. this is an "arg poll." shows trump at 27, kasich at 20, rubio at 10 and then you've got christie, cruz and bush who are wishing for better showing than they have got in these numbers.
7:04 am
take a look at iowa. we showed this a moment ago. i want to show everybody one mo time. trump and cruz neck-and-neck. margin of error is 3%. we no from history 40% of the iowans and 50% of the new hampshire voters make the decision in the last week of this whole thing. what does this tightening tell you, in particular with regard to kasich? rest of these folks have been fighting so hard in new hampshire, bret? >> i think john kasich spent a lot of time in new hampshire. he is essentially done, i don't know, 80 plus, 90 town halls. that makes a difference on ground in place like new hampshire where they say they don't like a candidate until they have been in their living room three times. both iowa and new hampshire, you're right, decide late. when you're talking about that big of a percentage deciding in the final days that makes thursday's debate i think much more consequential. martha: you can not help but
7:05 am
wonder, there is so much enthusiasm for donald trump and look at these rallies, we all talked so often whether or not these people actually show up or do they change their minds at last moment. we see purely anecdotal sound bites of people coming in, i'm considering rubio and carly fiorina, obviously it could go either way but possible one storyline out of this whole thing in the next two weeks that he doesn't get the support in the huge numbers that it looked like he was going to get. of course the other storyline is the exact opposite of that, bret. >> yeah. exactly martha. listen, we've been trying to came out are the trump voters for real? clearly people are waiting in line by the thousands for hours to see him. now it's hard to imagine that those people who are die-hard loyal supports out at strum won't do the same at some firehouse or schoolhouse in iowa but we don't know. martha: yeah. >> the beautiful thing about
7:06 am
this we are eventually going to get actual votes we can tally after monday, it is going to be a wonderful thing. martha: no more relying on polls at least for the short term. bloomberg, what are the thoughts out there whether or not he is serious about getting into this race, bret? >> well he is definitely considering it. i don't think thaw plant that story with the "new york times" unless you're thinking about it. he started out at number of times before as you know. people close to him and his organization, i talked to a you will could of them, they doubt he is going to jump in but if the parties nominate mr. trump and bernie sanders, his aides say it might be more likely he does bet in. martha: fascinating. bret, we'll see you out there tomorrow. looking forward to it. should we pack warmer coat or any advice? >> you know it is a little, it is a little chilly but the snow is less than d.c. so that's good thing. martha: love those pictures of your kids. enjoy the snow, bret. see you tomorrow. >> see you, martha.
7:07 am
martha: republican candidates meetings up one more time with the iowa caucuses and fox teams up with google for next debates. the first one 7:00 p.m. eastern. bill and i moderate that debate. followed by the prime time one, 9:00 p.m. moderated by bret baier, megyn kelly, chris wallace. live from the iowa events center from des moines, fox news channel and streaming live on as well. no excuse not to witness this. bill: bret an carl need to get out. only 10 feet away from each other? martha: sniffling in the back ground i think. bill: there is new fallout from the planned parenthood videos that appear to show officials talking about selling aborted tissue from babies. texas grand jury talking about whether or not they broke the law has cleared the organization. instead charged creators of those videos.
7:08 am
james rosen sorts through this live in d.c. what are the specific charges of these two anti-abortion activists face, james. reporter: good morning a state grant jury in harris county, texas, a leader of a fairly new activist group, center for medical progress, and one much it is employees broke the law after posing as officer of a biomedical firm proposed to planned parenthood employee in texas sale of feet tissue. they recorded hundred of hours of video at numerous planned parenthood offices to chronicle the sale of feet tissue and body parts. they allege that david delayeden and sandra merit illegally fabricated california state licenses during the sting operations. >> they claim you broke the law by one party consent. are you an investigative journalist. >> yeah, i am. planned parenthood is getting increasingly desperate to distract from the issue how they sell the body parts of babies
7:09 am
they abort. they will make increasingly outlandish claims about myself, personal attacks against me. reporter: center for medical progress issued statement as defending videos as legitimate acts of investigative journalism. as a result of videos planned parenthood announced last year it would stop receiving reimbursement for storage of tissue and organs, bill. bill: these videos provoked a firestorm as you know. what is the political reaction to the indictments in texas and beyond,. reporter: release of videos start ad battle over federal funding for planned parenthood. greg abbott, which the prosecution was instituted by abbott's republican lieutenant governor and announced by republican district attorney will not affect on going investigation by state of texas into planned parenthood operations in the lone star state. a planned parenthood spokesman quoted on monday saying these people broke the law, to spread malicious lies about planned parenthood in order to advance their extreme anti-abortion political agenda.
7:10 am
eric ferreira, spokesman for planned parenthood of america continued, as dust settles and truth comes out it is clear the only people that engaged in wrongdoing about the criminals behind this fraud. we're glad they're being held accountable. if convicted both delieden and merritt could face 20 years in prison. planned parenthood was cleared of wrongdoing in the videos. bill: is suresurprise in that story, clearly. reporter: you bet. martha: republican rand paul tweets up storm during the town hall for republican candidates. what did he have say about hillary clinton and bernie sanders? senator paul joins us ahead. bill: what if there is no clear leader after the first few states? looking at timing and complicated rules could make this a very long story. martha: this dramatic video as a defendant goes best second quarter in the courtroom. -- berserk in the courtroom.
7:11 am
>> i have never seen this happen ever. i've seen it on tv but never experienced it or seen it in person.
7:12 am
7:13 am
7:14 am
bill: bit of chaos during a news mexico courtroom. shoving him to the ground, trying to punch him. the attack causing everyone to jump to their feet including the judge. one officer getting recognition after jumping in action and taking down the 31-year-old who
7:15 am
had just been found guilty of criminal sexual assault. the defendant likely to face extra time behind bars. martha: so far 2016 republican primary race has been anything but conventional. donald trump and ted cruz lead the pack. no candidate has overwhelming support of what some are say something a fractured party at this point and that could make for a very drawn-out primary process according to "the weekly standard" columnist jay cost, who breaks it down this way. quote, the two candidates at the top of the heap right now, donald trump and ted cruz, leave a significant swath of the republican party, if the no the voters at least the politicians, donors and consultants who dominate the american politics feeling quite cold. this could mean a lengthy nomination battle that stretches all the way to california's primary in june. the author of that article joins me now. jay cost, staff writer of "weekly standard," author of a
7:16 am
the book, a america no more, rise of big government and corruption. >> great to be here. martha: tell us the essence of your argument. because you believe that these two people are outside of the mainstream and the establishment of the party that this thing could go on until june. how do you figure that? >> well that's a great question. it all comes down to consensus. we don't usually think about that when we think about primaries because we have one primary after another but really if you take the whole sum of the processes it is about finding consensus and, the party reach as consensus at some point during the process, then thethef fold in on itself. but if there is no consensus, something similar happened to the democrats in 2008. the democrats fought each other all the way to the very end to the south dakota primary in early june because the party couldn't agree between hillary clinton and barack obama. martha: so, you know, most
7:17 am
people out there listening to this, you need 1237 delegates to capture the nomination of the party but you're saying that because of the way the delegates are allocated in different counties and because it is broken down in different ways somebody could be winning these primaries and be sort of have the feeling across the country, well i guess he has got this thing sown up but underlying numbers may not be there and party may be wanting that outcome very much? >> that is exactly right. the rules of the delegate process matter enormously. best to thing about the race of nomination not really so much a race to accumulate votes but rather to win delegates. so the way each state is allowed to allocate delegates however they want. so what you basically get are 50, more than 50 because the territories get delegates as well, so you get almost 60 different sets of byzantine comply -- complicated rules and
7:18 am
that willing hugely important who get the delegates. martha: iowa, ron paul was in the race, didn't win at all, got most delegates of anybody, 22 delegates out of iowa and nobody really talked about it. look at these late primaries. june 7th, most people think this thing will be wrapped up by then, you have got the convention in july, but on june 7th, a huge chunk in california, a big chunk in new mexico, montana, south dakota and new jersey where i live usually doesn't have a role most times, explain how this matters. >> california will obviously vote democrat in this cycle and general election but they nevertheless have 180 delegates at stake more than 10% what you need. moreover california's delegates will be allocated along a formula called winner-take-all, if you get one more vote than your opponent in congressional
7:19 am
district, you get all of the delegates from that district. if you get one more vote than your opponent in the whole state, you get the state delegates. so that could be hugely important. so this could be something that continues until the leaves come back on the trees. martha: is there a candidate you think benefits the most from this potential at this point, jay? >> well i think probably at this point the candidates who stand to benefit from an extended process are going to be the four establishment, quote, unquote, candidates sort of jumbled together in new hampshire, kasich, christie, bush and rubio. all four of those are looking to have a breakout, either in new hampshire or in south carolina. to survive super tuesday which is mostly in the south and then to surge late would probably be their strategy. by the way the later in the cycle we go, we switch from proportional allocation of delegates to winner-take-all. so you can end up getting a huge delegate after a bunch of very
7:20 am
small victories. martha: that is great point. something most people are not paying any attention to. you can bet the people in the establishment campaigns you talked about are looking at these numbers really, really closely to see if this will make a difference for them down the road. it may not but it may. thank you, jay. i urge everybody to read jay's piece in the "weekly standard" if you want to dive a little deeper on it. thanks so much, jay. >> thank you. bill: very interesting. how much did we learn in 2008? something, i mean it was civics class every weekend. martha: that's right. bill: that could happen again. martha: it could, definitely. bill: stay tuned. a dangerous situation this morning, incredible sight to see. this here is the power of mother nature. will these people soon lose their homes to the pacific ocean? we will take you there live. martha: and isis releases a new video promising more deadly attacks. the picture you're looking at is part of this video. europe opens a new anti-terrorism center. the chairman of the senate homeland security committee, ron
7:21 am
johnson joins us on this next. >> because in challenging times like this, we must work together and not in isolation. ♪ bend me shape me, any way you want me as long as you love me, it's alright bend me shape me, any way you want me you've got the power, to turn on the light
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bill: new warning today isis will try to launch more deadly attacks this year in europe as isis releases a new video of the french terrorist shown here, euro poll calling isis the most significant threat in more than 10 years. new european counterterrorism center on alert for european nationals gone to fight for militants in europe and iraq, likely to come back home. >> this primary focus will be on targeting the community of a thousand european nationals that have been radicalized by
7:25 am
conflict experience in syria and iraq. bill: senator ron johnson, chairman of the senate homeland security and governmental affairs committee. nice to see you in new york. welcome here. >> good morning, bill. bill: what do you think about what europe is doing, when you consider the possibility of 5,000 europeans have gone to iraq and syria to join the fight with a european passport? >> they're recognizing real danger here. we hope this is true. we have to basically plan the fact this is true. this is real growing threat. i have always said first line of defense to try to keep us safe and europe safe is effective intelligence gathering capability. that means sharing information. i'm sure what the counterterrorism center is doing, same thing as our own national counterterrorism center, trying to break down the walls and stovepipes like the 9/11 commission asked us to do, share information, share intelligence and try to put pieces together. sometimes minor little threads, if they stay come part men
7:26 am
amized, we'll not stop them. bill: this is the description in europe, become a central information hub with fight against terrorism. it's a new terrorism center. you say we already have this. >> other national counterterrorism center. interesting they named it something similar. my guess it perform as similar function. try to gather the information, centralize it, have a coordinated effort looking at it because you've got all these needles in a growing haystack, and it is extremely difficult to prevent these attacks. bill: i thought what they said today was quite intriguing because they expect another attack. they were honest and said we just don't know where, and when. and anyone could be a victim. that was their message. >> president obama said he would end wars. that is great goal. only two-ways to end war. both sides have to agree to end it. isis not giving up. islamic terrorists are to the giving up you have to defeat them. we have to double and triple our
7:27 am
efforts to defeat isis, deny them the territory the caliphate. first step in very long struck fell to stamp out islamic terrorism. bill: do you see that will accomplish much. >> president obama stayed the him several 16 months ago, defeat and degrade isis. we're doing containment territorially but not globally. we heard reports that 30 countries have isis affiliates around the world. they're going into afghanistan to take over poppy fields to generate the revenue. the reason you deny them territory that is what allows them to have a caliphate. they continue to dig the roots in there, they generate more revenue from oil sales, taxing people, drug trade. they become more and more powerful and more and more dangerous. bill: on that video we saw clearly the french terrorists -- >> they were there. they were there. bill: they were there in syria. if you have a safe haven, syria, western iraq or even northern libya you can plot and plan. >> absolutely the danger.
7:28 am
why afghanistan. you have failed states. now we have more failed states. we also have the central hub, this caliphate that is recruiting and inspiring this homegrown activity saw with san bernardino, california. bill: during the introduction to you, we also showed the picture of prime minister david cameron. the reason we showed that, his face is on the video which is a direct threat toward england. sir, thank you for your time today. >> thank you. bill: senator ron johnson, guest in our studio. we'll talk again. martha, what is next? martha: donald trump and ted cruz locking horns in the final days before iowa. >> how stupid are the people of iowa. >> donald trump new york values, not ours. martha: that is cruz's super-pac ad, gloves come off. trump is not pulling any punches as he fights back. what to expect next in the republican battle for the hawkeye state, plus, you remember this woman? >> you need to get out. >> i actually don't. >> all right.
7:29 am
who wants to help me get this reporter out of here? i need some muscle over here. help me get him out. martha: get that reporter out of here. what is next for this professor when we come back. >> you need to get out. you need to get out.k >> this is public property. sine, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at
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martha: fox news has learned that the fbi is going directly to the intelligence agencies to determine the classification of hillary clinton's private emails and the unsecure server. an intelligence source is calling this a paper-driven case. it has been methodical throughout. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge live in washington this morning with the very latest what is going on with this story. good morning, catherine. reporter: good morning, martha. an intelligence source tells fox news classification is no interagency dispute between the state department and department of justice as clinton team and administration claims.
7:33 am
they will depose specific individuals who generated highly classified materials to make its decision about classification. at last night's town hall clinton deflected questions about her email practices. >> it takes time to get the facts. so when i said, hey, take all my emails, make them public, that has never been done before ever, by anybody. and so, we have been sorting our way through this because it is kind of a unique situation. i'm happy people are looking at the emails. some of them are frankly a little, embarrassing. reporter: fact check the clinton emails were produced by kurt order after the private account was discovered by benghazi collect committee. they were not produced voluntarily, martha. martha: they try to trace the path here of this classified information do we know how it got into the emails that clinton had? reporter: it is not possible to cut and paste from a classified network to unclassified system to perform what is known in intelligence circles as jumping the gap. most likely scenario an
7:34 am
individual who had access to classified information summarized it in their own words which in itself is criminal violation and goes against the non-disclosure agreements. special operations veteran offered this explanation. >> i think it reflect as probably two things. perhaps ignorance on the part of the individuals involved in doing this. they're trying to please their boss and don't recognize the sensitivity and how that impacts on national security. and then element of arrogance to even think or consider that you would pass information on unclassified file server. reporter: separately two intelligence sources said the investigation tracks one national security, focused on emails, and the other public corruption are quote inseparable, if charges are pursued the two tracks would likely be combined in single unindictment, martha. martha: that is fascinating about summarizing of emails, that would explain why they are not marked classified which she is always careful to say when
7:35 am
talking about this. catherine, thanks so much. reporter: you're welcome ♪ bill: six days to iowa. new polling numbers show donald trump and ted cruz in a dead-heat. latest "qunnipiac university poll" shows trump in the lead with 31%, cruz right there at 29. this has taken a big turn with both men going after one another. here is super-pac ad for ted cruz hitting donald trump. watch. >> what does trump think about iowa? >> how stupid are the people of iowa? >> donald trump, new york values, not ours. >> my views are a little bit different than iowa. >> i'm ted cruz and i approved this message. bill: certainly trump had response to that. we'll get to that in minute. ed rollins, campaign director, bush-reagan ticket in 1984, joe trippi, howard dean campaign manager in 2003. good morning to you. >> i'm fine. bill: quinnepiac shows it close. other polling in iowa shows
7:36 am
trump with a larger lead. ed in your view where is this race? >> i think it's a dead-even race. key thing for polls with bigger margins for trump have all voters. quinnepiac is pretty good finding likely voters this is about 120,000 people, most ever voted in the caucus. huckabee had the biggest margin ever with a little less than 40,000 eight years ago. if numbers go up, if it goes up above 120, probably new voters or independent, democrats actually participating would be to trump's advantage of the if traditional voter turns out in rainy, snowy night, predicted to be my sense cruz will do very well. bill: the number you're watch something 120,000. >> 120,000 is most ever voted in caucus. bill: at one point do you know on monday if they have gotten to that? is that late in the night? >> late in the night not day time thing. they all show up at 7:30 at night. if you all of sudden here stories of traffic jams you know turnout is getting higher.
7:37 am
bill: joe, where are you on this race, cruz and trump? how close is it? >> first i agree with ed. obviously a tight, tight race. tough give advantage to cruz on this one i think. because in the end this is about who gets there and cruz actually has an organization that is a caucus, get-out-the-vote organization. trump is relying on an organization, maybe not as strong as cruz's but he has to rely on people who have not traditionally voted in caucuses to get past cruz and win. if he can accomplish that, it is not just bad for cruz, it is bad for the entire field. if you can do that in iowa, if donald trump's voters come out in iowa, then a lot of people have been questioning, but if they show, that means they're showing everywhere. bill: so that's a barometer we'll watch there. i mentioned trump is responding to cruz. here he is is on msnbc two hours ago. >> ted cruz lies. he is a liar.
7:38 am
that is why nobody likes him. that is why his senate people won't endorse him. that is why he stands in the middle of senate floor and can't make a deal with anybody. he looks like a jerk. he is standing all by himself. bill: ed? >> traditionally iowa does not like negative advertising. it hasn't worked in the past. certainly got more than their fair share this time. like us getting snow on saturday. we haven't had any snow all year, got one of the record things. record negative advertising. we'll see whether it will work or not. obviously trump has been the guy swinging hardest start to finish. bill: sorry, but that was not an ad, ed. that was response to a question during interview. some of these super-pac ads have been tough on trump. do you see negative. >> that's my point. trump has been obviously hammering everybody from start to finish, including people not even in the race yet, like mike bloomberg. that is his style. some people like it. some people don't like it. we'll have to wait and see. bill: joe, where are you on that?
7:39 am
>> look, i was part of a murder-suicide pact that happened in the 2004 race between my guy howard dean and dick gephardt. two campaigns got at it. bottom highly negative. next thing we knew john kerry and john edwards went past both of us. i don't see that yet. somebody else could benefit from the fight. somebody could take a third that is surprises all of us as voters come off the two of them. but right now they're both hanging in tough. it will turn out, i think it is all going to be about whether trump voters come out or not. bill: got it. good point there. ed, one final point. cruz needs victory. trump can survive by finishing a close second. >> i think very close. both of them, 30 delegates this time, as you talked about earlier today, rand paul who came in third won majority of the delegates at end of the day. so my sense is this is beginning of a process where congressional conventions and state conventions. delegates aren't picked for a
7:40 am
while but they probably come out about equal, 12 apiece in actual delegates. bill: that will be a heck of a story. thank you, ed. thank you, joe. talk to you real soon. >> great. appreciate it. martha: university of missouri student who had confrontation with assistant professor last november during campus protests says he is disappointed that she will not be fired anytime soon. >> you need to get out. >> i actually don't. >> all right. hey, who wants to help me get this reporter out of here? i need some muscle over here. help me get him out. martha: help me get this reporter out of here. i need some muscle over here. melissa click was charged with misdemeanor assault over this confrontation when she called for some muscle to help remove a student journalist from the campus protest. click could face up to $300 in fines or 15 days in jail. according to the university biography on melissa click she is currently involved in a study on readers of the book
7:41 am
"fifty shades of grey" and impact of social media on fan's relationship with lady gaga. as you can see this is very important research and if she has to go away for 30 days i don't know what we're going to do. bill: i'm dying for those answers she was talking about. when we need some muscle around here, get jimmy and joe joe and mario, ben, we bring them up, right, fellows. tough criticism from last night's democratic town hall. presidential candidate rand paul live tweeting what he thinks the takeaway should be. he is our guest live next here on "america's newsroom." martha: have you seen this? trouble in paradise. hundreds are told they have to get out of their apartments before they collapse into the ocean. >> i'm not worried about what i see out the back. i'm worried about these guys coming over here it is okay to tell us we can't live here, can't sleep here tonight, are they crazy? we have nowhere to go.
7:42 am
7:44 am
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bill: strong waves caused by el nino storms are causing problems in california. public property in the pacific in danger of collapsing into the pacific ocean. people calling area home are being told, not asked, being told to leave. the city has placed boulders along the bottom of one of eroding walls but the cliff continues to crumble as of this morning. martha: so democratic town hall took place last night in iowa. some republicans were tuned in and they were live tweeting their dismay. one of more notable tweets came from gop presidential candidate rand paul tweeting quote, most important takeaway from entire democratic town hall there ain't no such thing as a free lunch. joining us is kentucky senator and presidential candidate rand paul. senator, good morning. good to have you with us today. >> thanks for having me.
7:46 am
martha: you heard a lot of what you heard before which is that they are going to solve problems by giving a lot of stuff away, right? >> you know, i think one of the extraordinary things about having a candidate who says they're a social it, for most of our history, capitalism and free exchange of goods created our wealth and socialism particularly under russia and china is terrible economic system. but amazing they keep offering free stuff. bernie sanders offered so much stuff that it would cost equal to the entire debt that we have accumulated over our entire history to pay for all his new programs. nearly $19 trillion spending program by bernie that will come out of nothing? it is absurd. martha: he has very successful ad campaigns out there. they are getting a lot of attention. sweeping vision of america as a place where people don't have to suffer through things like poverty and, you know, through things like not having a job. here is a little bit of the recent ad he rolled out in iowa. take a look.
7:47 am
>> there are those who say we can not defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon. martha: he is selling a very hopeful vision. also had a moment with a woman who broke down in tears, lives on less than $10,000 a year disability. these are pulling at people's heartstrings. he is presenting him seven as man who can fix the problem, senator? >> if you only look at surface and deal with emotion but don't think what happens under socialism, when you look at soviet union, look at cuba, they are terrible economic systems. their poverty is rampant. poor people in our country have always been better off than the poor people in socialized systems. they have to understand what they're going to get. if they get bernie sanders, going to get disasterous system, that does not distribute goods very well in which the vast majority of the public will live in poverty. martha: want to ask you about
7:48 am
the ethanol wedge issue, created quite a divide it appears in iowa. you came out also against federal subsidies for ethanol. as has ted cruz. it may be the issue that everybody is talking about after the race in iowa is over. your thoughts on how that is going? >> i don't think the government should mandate to any energy sector what we should make or how much we should make. that should be decided by consumer interacting deciding what they want to buy. that is way it works in free society. i'm not for any kind of mandate on ethanol. but i do have a bill to deregulate ethanol. i'm not without concern for farmers in my state or farmers in iowa but i would rather do, rather than mandate it, deregulate, get government out of the way people producing ethanol at even higher percentages. martha: half an hour ago news crossed wires that said you will have a challenge from democrat, the mayor of lexington, jim gray in your senate race.
7:49 am
your reaction to that, senator? >> you know, i have worked very hard for the voters of kentucky, taxpayers of kentucky. i show up for work every day. i'm a hard of had working senator. i have actually returned nearly $2 million to the treasury by not spending in my own office budget. probably leading proponent of balancing budget up here, protecting people's civil liberties. i'm happy to run on my record. i think people of kentucky will respond accordingly. martha: what do people say you should be focusing on in the senate race? they don't want to lose another republican in the senate perhaps at expense of your presidential campaign? >> i do pay attention. if you look at people running for senate i have highest voting record. my voting record is well up in the 90s. i do a good job every day representing people of kentucky. i become a big voice for people of con tuck on national stage. running for president i give kentucky a bigger voice doing my day job.
7:50 am
i think i'm rewarded for hard-working senator who returned nearly $2 million to the taxpayer. martha: senator rand paul. thank you for being with us today. see you later, sir. >> thank you. bill: "happening now" with jon scott. good morning to you. >> good morning, build hemmer. the countdown is on in iowa. new fox poll shows hillary clinton maintains a small lead over bernie but her lead is slipping nationally. new polls from quinnepiac today shows trump remains the frontrunner among republicans. we'll talk with jeb bush and carly fiorina live. plus a possible cure for type one diabetes. could zika virus sped through sexual contact? travel nightmares continue coast to coast. we have it ahead "happening now." bill: see you ten minutes away, top of the hour. >> see ya, bill. bill: a manhunt under way for three escaped inmates. where police think they are hiding today. now i use this.
7:51 am
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♪ bill: search continues today for three men who broke out of a maximum security jail in california. investigators say two of the men are members of a vietnamese gang. the third originally from iran. all three considered armed and dangerous and may be hiding somewhere in southern california william la jeunesse live in l.a. now for more on this why did it take 16 hours to find out they were missing, william? do we have an answer on that? reporter: two reasons, bill. many jails keep violent criminals in separate cells. if they were missing you can't tell. orange county does a physical headcount twice a day. l.a. counts three times a day. straight prisons four. that matters. this escape took weeks of
7:55 am
construction. cutting through layers of steel. making rope out of sheets. inmates had to go missing for hours a day. having two headcounts gave them that freedom. both policies, bill are under review. bill: where does the manhunt stand now, william? reporter: police believe the inmates are still in southern california? why. because they are two vietnamese gang members. after their escape police believe they are hiding in little saigon nearby. deputies reached out yesterday for help. >> we need the community to realize and understand what a danger that they present to them. we know in some of the local communities specifically the vietnamese community, there is fear that exists about these individuals. mr. tu and mr. dong. we need them to know that they can contact the orange county sheriff's department. reporter: hussein nari burn ad man with a torch. beat him with a hose and cut a
7:56 am
part of his a mat my. he jumped bail again to his native iran where some people believe he is going again. prosecutor in it case, bill, told orange county register, oh, my god, they let out hannibal lecter. he is that dangerous. bill: william la jeunesse live from los angeles with that story. updates when we get them. martha: bernie sanders cutting into hillary clinton's lead there. we'll break down last night's democratic town hall in iowa. did it help anyone?
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
martha: some people think this is one of the cutest animal rescues they have ever seen. transit police finding a terrified sloth. it got stuck trying to cross the busy highway. they took it to the vet, then
8:00 am
released it back into the wild. why does a sloth cross a road? bill: we are off to iowa tomorrow. we'll see you thursday, thursday night for the big debate. martha: we are looking forward to it. take care, everybody. jon: six days until iowa votes. as the polls tighten, the hawkeye state could reshape the race for the democratic nomination. i'm jon scott, welcome back, gentlemen. jenna: bernie sanders and clinton campaign


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