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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  January 26, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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released it back into the wild. why does a sloth cross a road? bill: we are off to iowa tomorrow. we'll see you thursday, thursday night for the big debate. martha: we are looking forward to it. take care, everybody. jon: six days until iowa votes. as the polls tighten, the hawkeye state could reshape the race for the democratic nomination. i'm jon scott, welcome back, gentlemen. jenna: bernie sanders and clinton campaigning in iowa
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today. both candidates got some crucial face time with iowa voters at a town hall last night. here are a few highlights. >> there are very different visions, different values, different forces at work. you have to have somebody who is a proven fighter. somebody who has taken them on and won. and kept going and will do that as president. >> secretary clinton was secretary of state of this country for four years. that is a lot of experience. there is no debate about that. i was not secretary of state. but experience is important but judgment is also important. >> i'm not capable of doing q and a in iowa from a seat. >> our country is worth saving. the american dream is worth saving. america needs new leadership and i need the o'malley supporters on caucus night to move forward
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and hold strong like iowa does. jenna: i think henry will keep his coat on. he's in iowa. where do you start today? reporter: we are here in des moines as you mentioned, steel workers meeting with bernie sanders. he has been surging on the ground in iowa. there was a tiny town in northern iowa a couple nights ago where there was an event with bernie sanders. over 2,000 people. one person we spoke to had driven three hours just to hear him speak. you could see him while hoik was playing a lot of defense. a young voter in this forum saying, look, my friends, myself, we are supporting or leading in the towards bernie sanders. so we are not seeing enthusiasm for your candidacy. this voter also said there is another problem. watch. >> i heard from quite a few people my age that they think you are dishonest.
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but would i like to hear from you on why you feel the enthusiasm isn't there. >> i think it depend upon who you are seeing and talking to. today i spent time with about 10 high school students who are enthusiastically working for me. reporter: she is struggling to get that enthusiasm. elsewhere in the forum you saw hillary clinton chapping her hand in the air, being forceful and shouting through most of it as if she has her back against the wall and she is trying to pour it on in the fine days and hours. bernie sanders was on defense as well about his healthcare plan. >> we'll raise taxes, yes, we will. but also let us be clear, chris. there is a little bit of disingenuity out there. we may raise taxes but we are also going to eliminate private
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health insurance premiums. reporter: what's interesting is after bernie sanders admitted he's going to raise taxes if elected, there were republicans and democrats saying that would be the kind of ad that would be deadly against bernie sanders in a general election. both republicans and democrats close to hillary clinton are contemplating the possibility perhaps for the first time that bernie sanders has a shot at winning the democratic nomination. jenna: ed, thank you very much. jon: the latest fox news polling shows how tight iowa has become. hillary clinton's lead down to point with 46% support among caucus-goers cop paired to sanders 42%.
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a.b., hillary clinton was supposed to win it all, run the tables. 8 year ago she ended up coming in third in iowa. i she worried? >> she has to be worried. she put all or eggs in the iowa basket. she spent enormous amounts of money and energy. when we were in iowa four year ago, literally the night before the caucus we said we thought rick santorum would win it if there was just one more day. he ended up wing it but we didn't find out until later. for bernie sanders to be making late stride in iowa, if he can turn out new caucus-goers like barack obama did and took her by surprise, she came in third. he looks poised to take new hampshire. that could tablized her fire --
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that could stabilize her fire wall in the south. i think at this point it's the trajectory of support she need to worry about. there are polls that show her ahead of him, but the movement is significant. jon: he has the big rallies, she has relatively small event. she hitched her wagon to barack obama's star last night. the question is, is that what voters want? do they want a third obama term? >> that is the question. bernie is speaking to the democrats' hearts. he's speaking about issues they care about. he's more in line with that progressive feeling. hillary clinton is trying to tie herself to president obama and promise she'll be a third term, and also point out she is
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experienced. but if voters dig carefully they will ask what did you accomplish as secretary of state? she better hope they don't ask those questions and dig beneath the surface. i don't think that will help her either. >> she says she is a fighter. she made that point in the piece of sound we played in the beginning. bernie sanders under cut her experience saying she was wrong in his eyes about libya, syria and iraq. >> right. when she makes the experience argument on foreign policy, the left of the party hears bernie sanders that her experience and her decision making and judgment was wrong. at the same time, remember i think people -- the reason there are still some undecided voters in iowa is we are at a scary type. i think the liberal left of the democratic party is saying can we take a chance on someone without experience who is not interested in giving us long
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responses on how he would tackle the threat of isis. they might turn to clinton because of that. that's why she is sticking with the argument of prag thattism and experience. saying it's too risky to take a chance on someone who is untested. >> she also said when asked about relations as a possible democratic president, she said she would just bear hug the republican leaders in congress. that's quite a turn from one of the earliest debate when she listed republicans as among her most mortal enemies. is that going to play with the democratic faithful? >> i think she real. >> ited she made a mistake in that first debate. while it might have felt good for the audience to give her a round of applause and that would hurt her if not in the primary, certainly in the general elect. but you have to wonder to what extent is electability playing
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in the mind of voters. it's hard to see bernie sanders wing a general elect. even if he speaks to their core idea long cal issues. barring any possibility indictment of hoik, you have to believe she is the -- of hillary clinton, you have to believe she is the one to win out if voters go to the caucus and make electability an issue. jon: he seems to have the enthusiasm, a.b. >> absolutely. it's not the same party that elected barack obama in 2001. in this year when people think the system is broken, they turn to people who make bold assertions who don't necessarily have the experience. they think of bernie as somebody who might shake the place up and break plates and start all over again. don't discount that when you think about electability.
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people on the republican side are not necessarily looking to governors. it's an uphill battle for hillary clinton as well. a.b. stoddard, jamie weinstein. jenna: donald trump and ted cruz top the polls in iowa. the other gop candidates are hoping for a strong showing in the caucuses. reporter: the conventional wisdom in iowa is there is probably 3 to 4 ticket out of the state. so the candidates are furiously trying to finish here in the top 4. marco rubio is going to spend every day up until the caucuses in iowa talking to as many voters as possible. at the same type his ground operation is working the phones trying to identify potential
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supporters and get them out to the caucuses february. there are plenty of people out there who can still be persuaded. listen to these folks. >> i'm leaning toward rubio but i'm looking for other candidates to wow me. >> christie and cruz, but we are still undecided. reporter: more than 30% of people say they could be persuaded to vote a different way. don't count out chris christie. he's well back in the polls. but he has a powerful support system. >> the network that elected terry branstad six times is in play here in supporting chris christie. but that turnout, appealing to those republicans who support
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governor branstad to support governor christie on the kinds of things an executive and a governor can do is important. reporter: mike huckabee and rick and tore up, they are appealing to evangelicals. if they could siphon some of the evangelicals off of ted cruz they could have an important role on caucus night. jenna: john, thank you very much. watch the final republican presidential debate before iowa. fox is teaming up with google with bill hemmer and martha maccallum at 7:30, then the 9:00 p.m. eastern live from des moines with megan kelly, chris wallace and bret baier. jon: a woman tried to hire
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someone to kill two people but it was an under cover cop she tried to enlist for the job. much of the east coast still digging, shoveling and mopping up after this weekend. how mother nature could lend a hand. we want to hear from you. jeb bush and carly fiorina are on "happening now" in the next hour. what questions do you have for the candidates?
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jon: some crime stories we are following. dramatic evidence in the trial of myrna lambert. she is accused of trying to hire a hitman. she net with an undercover detective allegedly to seal the deal. the parents of a missing toddler
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in idaho are considered suspects in his day -- his disappearance. police say his parents have given inconsistent statements. the boy was last seen last summer while camming with his family. a form law student accused a former quart orback of rape. the school says it is settling with her to avoid spending millions own a lawsuit. jenna: people are dig out from last week's winter storm. new york city is almost up and running. the good news is that rain will help melt the masses of snow. >> good to see you. we are hoping for rainfall or
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warmer temperatures over the next few days so mother nature can help out with the cleanup efforts from new york city down to d.c., baltimore and across parts of virginia and west virginia. more than 2 feet in some areas and extending into southeastern pennsylvania. that was another area hit hard by our last storm system. we have some moisture with it. there is not some heavy rain in the forecast with it. mostly showers and early this morning we had to deal with freezing rain across portions of pennsylvania and upstate new york maker for dangerous travel conditions. the front will continue to push eastward brifg in showers. maybe some steadier rain across eastern parts of virginia and maryland. behind that system it will get colder again. but we are not look at some kinds of arctic invasion. cold temperatures hovering along
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the freezing mark. along coastal areas those temperatures could remain above freezing. that means we'll be seeing snow melting and that includes today. temperatures are forecast to make it into the 40s. down into d.c. and by wednesday here is the cooler air mass. let's take a look at these numbers. they are still above 32 degrees. the question mark becomes at night. that's when temperatures are going to get cooler for tonight not too bad. still above freezing, but then we head into thursday and the temperatures will dip down into the 20s. so we could be seeing that snow that melted during the day, refreezing at night and that means problems on the road. that will be something else to watch out for. watch out for black ice on the roads there during the morning hours coming you have the next few days. jenna? jon: what began as an attempted armed robbery at a barber shop
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end up with the robber running for his life. a new warning about the zeka virus. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever?
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jon: a manhunt under way for an armed robber who tried to hold up a barber shop. as one of them walked towards the back of the store to grab a victim's wallet. the bare and a customer both pulled out their concealed weapons. one suspect died and the other got away. anyone with information is asked to call the number on your
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screen. jenna: disturbing news about the zika virus. travel advisories are in place for pregnant women traveling to south america and third world countries. the warnings continue to grow. doctor, it's nice to have you with us. as we started covering this story a week ago. at first it seemed geared toward pregnant women, moist's a much wider net. why? >> thanks for having me. this virus obvious any in medicine and infectious diseases we have been following this closely. the research shows it seems to be linked to microcephaly.
8:25 am
mosquito-born viruses can affect healthy people, muscle aches and other symptoms. we are anticipating those symptoms will be cropping up as the virus spreads. jenna: now there are questions about whether it can be spread human to human. what is the likelihood that could be the case? >> that's a good question. there have been a couple of case reports that suggested the possibility of human to human transmission, particularly sexual transmission. one from a man in senegal who seems to have transmitted it to his wife and they found it in semen in a man snowt pacific who had it. those are interesting. and further work needs to be done. this virus is almost universally
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transmitted by mosquitoes. we would need to study to do more research to understand if it's transmitted person to person. >> as we understand it as far as where the mosquitoes are. these mosquitoes are in the southern part of the united states. we are starting to watch for cases here in our country. who is best positions to find a vaccine. how close are we to even getting one to try? >> a great question. we are not very close. this is a virus that pro dominantly had been in africa and not been really on the radar much of people in the united states outside of those in the who and the cdc. there are some companies work on vaccines, some organizations in south america. but even if they were to start now with a running start it would be on the order of a few years to develop one. jenna: the momentum and the was
8:27 am
behind it seem to be growing by the day. on the other ends of the spectrum we do have what seems to be positive news for those with type one diabetes, the type that is not about your weight or what you are eating, this is something you possibly are born with or develop. apparently there is a new type of stem cell therapy showing there could be a clinical cure on the horizon for diabetes. tell us about it. >> i heard a little bit about this. this is not my area of expertise. but as a physician trying to follow these things, it does sound like there was a study in mice where they were able to get stem cells engineered to become the cells in the pancreas that make insulin to day in those mice and produce insulin over a longish period of time. this is an animal study. obviously further work would
8:28 am
need to be done in people to see if this would hold for humans. anything that would lead to a potential cure for diabetes, type one diabetes which predominantly impacts kids, it would be wonderful to have a cure. jenna: if you go full circle, one of the things that makes it difficult to find a cure is it's very tough to have the testing necessary for vaccines. you test on mondays and there are a lot of questions ethically about that. thank you so much. >> thanks for having me. jon: for the first time people casting ballots in the new hampshire primaries will have to show i.d.s. does the new law keep the election honest or suppress the vote. the snow has stopped falling. the sun is out, but many east
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jon: a major recall from ford over fears takata air bags could explode in forward cars. at least one -- in ford cars. at least one driver has died.
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damaging on the edge of disaster. now they are getting help from the government. a man accused of killing a coworker. jenna: voters in the new hampshire primary will have to show some i.d. supporters of the law say it will prevent voter fraud. critics say voter i.d. laws suppress turnout. eric hall is live in new hampshire. reporter: voter i.d. has been controversial across the country. in north carolina that state's law is being challenges in winston-salem in federal court. but in new hampshire voter i.d. will be required in a presidential primary elect that will happen here two weeks from today. while supporters say it prevent voter fraud. others are worried in this election it could cause long lines and delays.
8:34 am
>> i think they will definitely be lines. it's huge. reporter: tens of thousands of new voters are expected to flood the polls. supporters say it's intended to top voter fraud. loren pled guilty to voting three times. in both presidential primary and a november election. then there is the case of a man who pled guilty to illegal voting two years ago. voters without an i.d. will have to sign an affidavit attesting they are who they say they are. their vote will be counted but poll workers will also take their picture with an instant camera. it. >> this will take even additional time, and resources for the polling officials and we
8:35 am
are concerned that might also result in increasing lines. >> has anyone been denied the right to vote because of voter i.d.? reporter: the long-time secretary of state expects few problems for the first time many being used in the primary. >> it's difficult, it's not impossible. but we made it very, very difficult to successfully be able to commit fraud. reporter: the secretary of state also told me he does not believe voter fraud is rampant in this state, though clearly it has happened. he says one goal of the law is to make sure no voters are turned away. that's why in other state they have provisional ballots where you vote provisionally until you can prove who you are -- you are who you say you are. i think they will be taking a
8:36 am
lot of polaroid pictures if half of the voters don't have voter i.d. or a proper photograph. jon: ripple effects from the weekend snowstorm continue for airline passengers. at new york's looking * airport, it's trouble on the ground causing an impact. >> you think about that movie, trains, planes and automobiles when you think about what we have been dealing with in the northeast the last few days. yesterday it was automobiles that took center stage, especially when we are talking about what mapped around new york's la guardia airport. this made a lot of people unhappy. take a look at the sea of red tail snaking through the packed streets. the cars, trucks and taxis not
8:37 am
going anywhere. adding to a frustrating travel situation. of course, people turned to twitter. they sat waiting to leave or get in. some racking up $100 fare before even leaving the airport property. earlier this same passenger who boasted that picture posted video of the scene of the taxi line showing rose and rows of backed up cars. things got so bad at one point some tried to make their flights. got out of taxis with their luggage and started walking through the side of the road navigating through the snowy, slushie mess. this picture was tweeted by sarah saying walking on airport road because traffic is at a stand still. at least i made my flight. airport officials say it was a backlog of flights from the weekend's blizzard that caused the situation.
8:38 am
we didn't see it at other airports to that degree. we are awaiting word from port authority on exactly what more happened there. jon: new york traffic is never fun on a good day. laura ingle, thank you. >> we are going to tell you which vehicles are affected and the danger they can pose. a man accused of killing a coworker claims he was framed.
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i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit jenna: ford is recalling 190,000 forward ranger pickups after a south carolina man was killed when bean inflater explode his ranger in december. it covers 2004-2006 in the united states and canada.
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>> potentially they were putting drugs in the coffee and then when i would go out and get a crate, i would get a dose of drugs in my coffee, drink that, and so for a few days i wasn't able to eat or sleep very well. and this was all leading in the up to the events that happened on friday evening, i guess. jon: that gives you a taste of a bizarre murder case in northern california. that's the suspect, steve hlebo. he claims he was framed for murdering a coworker. he says he didn't do it, and the victim's body has not been found. this is a bizarre case from the get-go. lis. you hear about co-workers who
8:43 am
have a beef with one another and it festers for months or years and one of them ends up dead. these guys had been working together for four days? reporter: he comes out and says his coffee was poisoned by some nonexistent poison? the coffee was tested and nothing was seen. and this is what made him feel quirky or out of it? it doesn't hold water, i hate to say. jon: he says on the day of the murder, he left work and went driving around until 2:00 a.m. i guess maybe that's why he wanted there to be some drugs in his coffee because you don't generally go driving around until 2:00 a.m. and not know where you are going or tell anybody where you are going. is this a possible alibi? >> that's clearly what he's going for. the allegation is he killed his
8:44 am
coworker on a friday. from the type he left with the coworker are unknown. he says i was driving around. he's trying to say someone spiked his coffee and he couldn't sleep, therefore he had to keep driving. there is the issue that they haven't found the victim's body yet they are charging him with murder. the police believe they have powerful evidence but they haven't said what it is publicly. jon: they worked together in a motorcycle shop. the murder scene police say was a burned out building next door supposedly board up. but there was an employee bathroom there. police say there is evidence there that convinces them the guy is dead. what would that be? >> you think about arson. a charred body. human remains. we don't know what they have. but it's a lot more than this guy driving around at 2:00 in
8:45 am
the morning. then the fact that he comes up with this defense of the nonexistent poison in the coffee tells me he's trying to hide something. jon: i heard of cases where police say this is a murder case, this is a murder trial, prosecutors will go along with it in certain circumstances. but it usually becomes a murder case months after a person goes missing. sometimes years. they say well we know he or she is dead. we've just don't know where he or she is. this has been only a week. >> someone can be prosecuted for murder even if the body hasn't been found. as long as the prosecution can show beyond a reasonable doubt the victim was killed by the defendant. here the fact that within a matter of days they have said this is the crime scene in that abandoned building and this is the person who killed the victim shows police believe they have
8:46 am
something powerful and they will probably bring that publicly later. reporter: what we are getting is not what the prosecutors have. the prosecutors have no duty, in fact they should not be telling us and the public what they have. to go out and arrest him. then he comes forward with an alibi, they have a lot more information. they may even have remains of a body. jon: these guys barely knew each other. they worked together about four days. apparently the victim had been transferred to this location from a sister motorcycle shop. the guys work together four days and all of a sudden one of them is dead. what's the motive? shouldn't police say something about a possible motive here? >> that's an interesting question. what motive could there be when they were only working together for a few days. people sometimes do have disputes, sometimes when they
8:47 am
first meet and it sometimes leads to a murder. motive is important but it's not an element of the crime. before it's helpful in convincing a jury this defendant is guilty. jon: what evidence do you have suppose is lurking in that burned out building next door? what is it police are relying on? reporter: i'm assuming it's physical evidence. you don't have to show motive to make the case. but if you go to the jury without a motive argument, you will probably lose it. jurors want to hear what happened to make the defendant kill the victim. jon: if they find the body and the search teams are still out, volunteers are out looking for if they finds the body does that turn this case on its head? >> if they finds the body they will find evidence of how the person was killed and forensic evidence possibly about what who killed him.
8:48 am
that will corroborate the evidence they have from that abandoned building or it will not. if it corroborates it it's even more powerful evidence against that vick many. we don't know what evidence they have have, but police believe they have powerful evidence. jon: i'm guessing we'll be seeing some of that jailhouse confession -- not a confession, jail house statement. thank you. lis weihl, dan shore. we'll let our viewers know what happened. jenna: a new backlash against the migrant crisis in europe. new legislation to seize money and property from the asylum seekers to help recover the costs of helping them. in california homeowners homes on a crumbling cliff. el nino is to blame.
8:49 am
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jon: let's check out what's ahead on "outnumbered." sandra: two days until the big fox debate. six days until iowa. and no letup in the trump-cruz feud. hillary clinton's 2008 campaign manager calls bill clinton a jerk and says it's sexist to blame hillary for his infidelity. what about the way hillary supposedly treated his accusers. an essay to explain why you should be able to exercise your constitutional rights. our hashtag one lucky guy
8:53 am
"outnumbered" at the top of the hour. a first-timer will be on the couch. jenna: treat him nicely. jenna: lawmakers in denmark are set to take up a controversial bill that is drawing comparisons to nazi germany. the bill would allow the seizure of valuables up to $1,400 to help pay for the costs of taking them in. wedding rings and personal mementos would be exempt. jon: this scene near san francisco, the result of days of wild rains and waves caused by el nino. how many homes are we talking about? reporter: at least 20 homes, including all the apartments in
8:54 am
this building. as you can see, police ordered every one to pentagon and get out. it was a tense situation as folks packed up and evacuated within a matter of hours. el nino storm-driven rains. a big chunk collapsed right under people's decks. many people are upset. they say with the high rents in the bay area, they don't know what they are going to do. >> these guys come over here and tell us we can't here here. are they crazy? we have nowhere to go. reporter: emotions ran high where people demand the city help them finds a long-term housing solution. pacifica has declared a state of emergency. but along with the homes, public
8:55 am
property has been damaged as well. a popular pier and sea wall as well that will cost taxpayers to fix. jon: has this kinds of thing happened before? i would think so. reporter: it has. the two apartment buildings next door to this one were condemned a few years ago for the same reason. erosion. and a couple years ago after the 1998 el nino, several homes fell into the ocean or had to be demolished. back in the 1970s when they were built, they had an ocean view, but there was a lot more lands in between. now engineers say the cliffs could cave in at the bottom. hence all the yellow tags and moving trucks. it's a precarious situation. jon: thank you. jenna: a crowd metro area on
8:56 am
edge after three dangerous inmates escape from jail. the latest on a desperate manhunt. presidential candidate carly fiorina joins us live. hi i'm heather cox on location with the famous, big idaho potato truck. our truck? it's touring across america telling people about idaho potatoes. farmer: let's go boy. again this year the big idaho potato truck is traveling the country spreading the word about heart healthy idaho potatoes and making donations to local charities. excuse me miss, have you seen our truck? you just missed it. ahhh! aw man are you kiddin' me? . . . .
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>> fox news alert. something of a surprise in the world of politics. evan gell khalider jerry fallwell, jr., just issued his endorsement. he is pushing donald trump for president. it is of course at liberty university his father founded where ted cruz launched his campaign for the presidency. but the man who is locked in what you "mortal kombat" with cruz in iowa right now, donald trump gets endorsement of the son of the late tell tell evangelist, jerry fallwell, jr. sandra: we'll see what impact.
9:00 am
many say ted cruz might have in with evan bell calls in iowa -- evangelicals more than trump. >> fascinating dynamic. we'll talk with jeb bush and carly fiorina. >> we use some of you questions for some of our segments. we'll see you back here in an hour. >> jut numbered the starts right now. harris: we start with reports coming into fox news. a report of a active shooter at naval medical center in san diego. i can tell you that the pentagon and navy are telling us that they can not confirm this. however about an hour 1/2 or so ago, it was put out on the facebook page of this medical center. here is how the report read from there. an active shooter has just been reported in building 26 of the naval medical center san diego. all occupants are advised to run, hide or fight. non-emergency personnel asked to stay away from the compound.


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