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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  January 26, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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tobin. >> glad to be here. a lot of fun. harris: when you come back we hope with no breaking news off the top and spend whole hour with us? >> yes. the tweak the server at twitter sometime. harris: and now "happening now." start after breaking out of jail. they could be anywhere. what is law enforcement game
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plan. >> two drivers are out of control. >> weilding whatever they can use as weapons. what started the road rage and how did it end? it is all "happening now". but we begin our second hour with the countdown on iowa. with momentum at stake, the hard charging ground games for each candidates are picking up step. i am jon scott. >> and i am jenna lee. it shows a close race at the top. the republican caucus goers show trump two points over ted cruz and marco rubio 13 percent. no other candidate tops the seven percent support. new fox news polling on the democrat side. bernie sanders is closing in on
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hillary clinton. the candidates faced pointed questions at a town hall event. >> the ideas that i am talking about are not radical ideas and what democratic socialism means to me. we cannot continue to have a government dominated by the billionaire class and a congress that continues to work for the interest of the people on top and ignore the working families. what this campaign is about. and i believe in. create a government that works for all of us and not just a handful of people on the top. >> lift up a new leader because you can change the course of the presidential race and shift the dynamic on caucus night. i know you can and have seen you do it before. there is nothing so divide in national politics that it cannot be healed with new faith and
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leadership. my candidacy is in your hands and do with it. >> i have much longer history than one vote. because of the way it was done and the bush administration handled. it but the american public has seen me exercising judgment in a lot of bays. when the hard freedomary campaign was over and i ended up working with president obama it is because he trusted my judgment. >> that was hillary clinton talking about her support of the war in iraq. here's more in the headquarters and carl? >> reporter: hi, jenna, we are waiting on marco rubio to hold a town hall. and later tonight donald trump will come here where they rally this evening. it is a nature of a two man race between ted cruz and donald
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trump. the most important number is the number of folks who are willing to change their minds. 30 percent were prepared to change their mind and today it is four in ten voters will go to the caucus with one idea and vote for someone else. it is going down to the wire. in the case of ted cruz, earlier this week, he met with pastors and behund closed doors, he acknowledged to them trump could win in iowa and take the nomination outright. watch. >> if donald wins iowa, he has a substantial lead in new hampshire. if he went on to win new hampshire as well, there is a chance he could be unstoppable and our nominee. >> reporter: stark words for a guy who would like to beat don
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trump. a month ago ted cruz was leading here and trump began to pound him and he continues to. and going after cruz dishonest and unlikeable and his eligibility to be president because of his canadian birth. >> he's just saying lie after lie. it is not becoming. and he's got a problem. a bigger problem. a lot of people think he can't run for president. he was born in canada. there was scholars, i am not talking about lawrence tribe of harvard anymore. others say flatly. he's unable to run. >> trump will be in marshal town this evening and he's within on fire going after cruz for the last couple of months. >> reporter: trump picked up the endorsement of jerry fa
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lwell junior. and jerry fal well's endorsement is what donald trump will want to trout in iowa where 65 percent of the people are evan gellic at. >> and as donald trump and ted cruz soars, gop leaders exasperation grows. republican leaders are alarmed by the way the mainstream candidates are attacking one another. leaders of the republican establishment made up of elected leaders are sending message to mainstream candidates withdraw if they don't show strength soon. we'll bring in the publisher of
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campaign magazine. >> ted cruz and donald trump. is the key to surviving this race the person who finishes third there? >> yeah, there is a huge opportunity in iowa to play the expectations game and have a stronger than average finish. i think if you are in the anti- trump or anybody but trump crowd in the republican establishment crowd you look at the signs from the recent polling and there is great reason to be concerned. donald trump is gaining strength. i look at two things in particular. one national nbc poll that shows donald trump gaining ground in white evangelicals and that should scare ted cruz. his path to potentially winning in iowa goes through
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consolidating evangelicals. and the republicans are increasingly believing that donald trump could be the nominee. trump is going to be our nominee and they are starting to see him as most electable option come november. and there are signs that trump is gaining here and if you are in the anti- trump crowd in washington on the gop establishment, it is now or never to stop him potentially. >> we saw signs of evangellical support a hour ago when jerry fal well junior endorsed donald trump. did that surprise you? >> certainly he's been making an appeal to evangelical voters. i think it is surprising that
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ted cruz hasn't been able to consolidate the support as much as his campaign worked to it. i think when you saw ted cruz warning that campaign crowd in iowa, if donald trump wins in iowa and in new hampshire, he could be unstoppable. that is ted cruz's way of saying, listen, once we get to new hampshire, this is a different republican crowd. he's trying to work them and trying to get them to surround him and win the caucus. >> in iowa 40 percent of the voters are saying they could change their mind before caucus night? >> right, that's the volatility of iowa and the early states. that is not a typical for iowa. we see this repeatedly in presidential cycles.
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you go in the iowa caucus and not that you sit down and cast one vote. you have got time to you know, hear from the caucus precinct captains for other campaigns and folks are making the pitch inside of the caucus sight. it is different than casting a vote in the primary. there is volatility baked in the process. 39 percent in the new q poll that might change their minds. it is dangerous to play the expectation game the way trump is playing. it amazing that he continues to tout poll after poll and his enormous lead. iowa and new hampshire and heading in south carolina, it is playing expectations right. and that is where donald trump could get tripped up if his finishes don't coinicide. >> that is what makes the
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politics so interesting. shane, thank you. >> thank you. two days from now. fox new system teaming up for google and youtube it. it will start at 7:00. and prime time moderated by bret baier and chris wallace starts in des moines. >> it is two republican presidential candidates join you go. former governor jeb bush where his campaign stands six days before iowa he will speak to jon momentarily. and carly fiorina is in it to win. it and she steps up campaign nothing iowa as well. what questions do you have for both candidates idea. canned go to
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the race for the white house about to enter a whole new phase. we are six days from the iowa caucus with the new hampshire primary the week following. here's where the republican race for the nomination stand according to the national polls. donald trump followed by ted cruz and marco rubio. and former florida governor bush is fifth with five percent and he joins us now. are you expecting governor that
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you will surprise people with the iowa numbers? >> i think we have the best organization in the field. we have hundreds of volunteers making calls and knocking on doors and we'll do better than expected and i am excited about where we are in relation to south carolina and new hampshire as well. >> the mainstream republican candidates are engaged in a circullar firing squad and you are shooting at rubio and rubio shooting at chris christie and governor kasich and all trading barbes and hurting your process. >> it is called politics. it is important to contrast and compare. i go after donald trump by p far more than anybody else. i don't think he is a conservative and we need a conservative to take our party's nomination going in the general election. and he would get killed in
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a general election. all of the back and forth pales when the clinton hit machine goes after the party's nominee. this is where you toughen up. and my message is one with of a experienced leader that has detailed plans to defeat hillary clinton. >> and whatever reason, the voters like the message that donald trump is meeting. voters in the country, how you can convince them you are a better president. >> he is a great entertainer. but take syria in a matter of two months, he said we need to accept syrian refugee to banning them and banning all muslim. and taken the position as we don't have a dog in the fight. he said let russia deal with isis and let isis take out on
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assad. we need someone with a steady hand and ultimately the reason 30 or 40 or 50 percent of the voters make up their minds in the last moment, they are electing a president of the united states and wants someone who knows what he's doing. >> typically some of the best presidents have been governors. this is the former governors on the republican side seemingly have trouble gaining traction. goff pataki and former governor rick perry of texas. what is it about governors that voers are shunning. >> we are just starting it is a large process and outsiders have the edge and people get closer and they want to know your plans and do you skills to convert an idea to reality. and then the governors have the
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certainly. i changed the state of florida. and the story resonates well in new hampshire and other places. people are looking for leadership more than anything else. >> we have taken questions from our viewers for you and carly fiorina. della harris said as a result of the affordable care act. i can't afford my catastrophic care policy and how can you one day afford health insurance? >> repealing obama care and allow the exchanges to exist without the man dates and that would allow us to have a low premium catastrophic coverage to be the norm where the state and federal government can deal with people on the subsidies right now. we need to expand to allow patients and people to have
10:20 am
direct access to the health care and be informed consumers. they should not feel like their family would be in a devastating situation because of a bad p health care out come. and that's why all of the complexity that obama care continues is the way to go. it is just power away from washington d.c. we are a bottom's up country. and the plan i laid out, tax credits to people to allow them access to care that is affordable. >> what are your thoughts about the transpacific partnership? he said it will destroy jobs and community and the country as a whole? >> it is good for iowa agriculture and good if enforced the right way. we shouldn't be fearful of trade agreements that tear down more barriers overseas.
10:21 am
but it has to be fair trade where there is vigilance. and currency manipulation and certainly intellectual property. there is a lot that is important in the trade agreement. if we don't do it, the rest of asia looks to say it is a chinese century. the united states is not serious in engaging with us. that is devastating for the security. >> good to it have you on. >> thank you, jon. >> charges will be filed in the planned parent hood investigation. a grand jury in texas handing down the indictment. >> also road rage turns in street fighting. what caused the brutal beat down, next. it's touring across america telling people about idaho potatoes. farmer: let's go boy. again this year the big idaho potato truck is
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>> a case of road rage gives birth to a street brawl in texas. one driver tapping another truck with a bat. and the second driver grabbed a long wooden pole and then they battle it out med yafal style and the light turns green they hop back in the vehicle. witnesses say they were cursing each other out before it all started. >> undercover videos that show officials discussing the sale of tissue from aborted babies. the grand jury cleared the organization and indicting the creators of those videos. >> reporter: a state grand jury charges that two employees for
10:26 am
the center of medical progress broke the law while executing an elaborate sting operation against planned parent hood in the lone star state. there was a sevees of controversial videos, and pointed to the sale of fetal tissue and body parts. david delidden stands accused of tracking the. >> and he is a beo medical employee. and both delieden and sandra merit are accused of fabricating california licenses as part of the ruse. >> they claim you broke the law by one party consent. >> planned parent hood is
10:27 am
distracting from the issue and they are going to make outlandish claims about myself. and personal attacks against me. >> reporter: the texas probe cleared planned parent hood. but the organization announced it would stop accepting reimbursement for the storage of fetal tissue. and a as the dust settles and truth comes out. it was the criminals behind the fraud and glad they are held accountable. the investigation was called for by the republican lieutenant governor. >> we have a lot of questions on this. for carly fiorina. thank you, big story. >> the fbi investigation is intensifying in hillary
10:28 am
clinton's e-mails. the classification may not be just a conference of opinion. and new warnings on the isis attacks in europe. we'll have what is the real story.
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. rrn . rrn fox news is learning that the fbi is going directly to the enteleigence agencies involved to determine the classification
10:32 am
of hillary clinton's private e-mails. mrs. clinton last night deflected questions in the democratic town hall. >> you know, i had no intention of doing anything other than having a convenient way of communicating and we have answered every question and continue to do so. but maybe being faster and scramble around and find out what that means, i should have done it quicker. >> are you willing to say an error in judgment? >> no nothing i did was wrong. it was not in any way prohibited. >> a pogizing. >> as soon as you can. this is not an excuse but an explanation. when you are facing is something like that you got to get the facts and it takes time with the
10:33 am
facts. >> how is that playing with the intelligence agencies? catherine harris? >> reporter: an intelligence source saids classification is not a difference of opinion between the state department and department of justice. the fbi will depose specific individuals to make the bureau's decision about classification. clinton seemed to sidestep questions about the e-mail that she was forced to produce by court order. >> it takes time to get the facts. i said make them public. that is never done before by anybody and we have sorted our way through this. it is a unique situation. i am happy that people are looking at the e-mail. some of them are frankly a little embarrassing. >> reporter: just as a fact
10:34 am
check. it is not possible to classified from a network to a classified to jumping the gap. it is the most likely scenario xoording to experts. individuals simply said it is against the nondisclosure agreements. a veteran offered this explanation. >> the spillage could have been by someone ignoring the guide lones. she could not transfer it to an unclassified server. >> reporter: two intelligence sources said the track is focusing on the e-mails and public corruption and the two tracts would likely be combined in a single indictment, jon.
10:35 am
>> thank you. >> france cannot be deterred by threats of terrorism and we'll take all measures required to protect our democracy. >> that is president hollande after a now video that shows the training and threatening for coalition bombing raids. in britain, the prime minister insists that isis is a group in decline. two very different responses from two different leaders to the graphic video, who dew think has it right? >> i would say the french president has had right when the prime minister of england said iis sis is in decline and
10:36 am
retreat. it sounds like a white house sound bite. they may suffer minor defeats in iraq and syria. but they are are a long ways from being defeated and jenna, we can look around the world where isis has a presence and none of it is declining or in retreat. >> the french interior minister that the islamic state is producing fake passports on an industrial scale. that is clearly frightening, what do we do about that? >> that is disconcerting and that will be okay for mass refugee migrations, but the reality is, so many europeans with real passports and the ability to fly around with visa waiveres, someone from
10:37 am
a passport from belgium can fly to the united states without a visa application process. our standards of allowing passports are well vetted when you look at the biometric necessities to go through. >> as you look at the attackers in the most recent paris attack. they had european passports and they didn't need to produce them because they had them already. when we see the reaction to the isis threats. it is a reminder that there is not a cohesive narrative against the threat and assessing how it is and how to boat that. why is that? >> that is a great question, i am totally taken aback by what the prime minister had to say. i think the brits face as big of a threat from isis as the french and other european allies do. if it is wishful thinking i am
10:38 am
afraid it will be dashed on the rocks. we know it is one thing for isis to plan the attack. they are not a small grade. there will always be lone wolves. but when isis wants specific targets, when they want to do that, they will do it and chances are they will have success before it is over. >> a video well produced and what response works to prop granda likes this. >> they will continue to have success, success in recruiting and money as long as they can carry out the attack. successful attack attributed to them. in the end of the day, the only way to defeat isis in the short term and near term is when we all wake up and see a smoking curator where raqqa used to be.
10:39 am
that's where they are flocking to and when there is no more raqqan and we do something to it isis, the level of activity of people running to isis will diminish and they will drift off in the shadows. >> great to have you on the program, thank you. >> thanks, jenna. leaders in italy take extra measure ps with iran president rouhani. large boxes were played on the nude statures so as not to offend the leader of an islamic nation and wine was not served in the official dinner. and pope francis welcomed rouhani to the vatican and focused on iowa ran's role in mideast. >> one presidential candidate said don't count her out of the
10:40 am
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>> it is questions for the next four years and a segment that give you a chance to answer questions about things that concern you. mrs. fiorina, great to have you back on the program. >> thank you for having me. >> we have questions for you on the eve of the iowa caucus. we have the latest polling and that shows you polling at two percent and viewers have questions about the strategy because iowa is a two man race between trump and cruz. what is your goal in iowa. >> if poll pos were predictive
10:44 am
in iowa, we would have had a president howard dean and president guiliani and hillary clinton. and we never would have had ronald reagan or bill clinton or president obama. iowa with surprises and iowa will always surprise and iowa will surprise again. i am out here on the ground day after day and a bunch of iowa has not made up their mines. i have a great ground game anded leadership teams and we are on the ballot in all 50 states and that is something that governors who spent tens of millions cannot say. and i started 17 out of 16 and have come from further bep hind than any other candidate and i will keep doing what i have been doing. day after day and talk to the voters on the ground and we'll
10:45 am
surprise if iowa. >> what is the interesting principle about your guiding principle approaching running for president. what is keeping you going? >> well, you know what. media doesn't get to decide who wins and the establishment doesn't decide who will win and the polls don't decide. voters do. ours was intended to be a citizen government. i am running because we need to restore citizen government in this nation. political establishment owned government too long and media and elite all think they own it but the citizens this nation. we have to take our country back. >> we have a interesting item out of texas. it was the news that a grand jury has indicted the film maker of the controversial planned parent hood videos and quite a few of our viewers wants to
10:46 am
know what your reaction and whether or not it changes your strong opinion on the video and what they portray? >> it doesn't change the facts. you know, hillary clinton hasn't been indicted either so what does that say about our justice system. here's what i know and americans know as well. planned parent hood engages in late term abortion and partial birth abortion and alter abortion techniques in order to save and harvest body parts. never mind the videos, planned parent hood said they are no longer accepting compensation for doing these things and we know that the vast majority of the americans find these practices abhorrent and it is not fair to have taxpayers funding what is a political operation. planned parent hod is a political operation. they funnel millions of
10:47 am
political dollars in proabortion candidates and why should taxpayers fund that? my opinion has not changed and there would not be be a dime in planned parent hood, but plenty of funding for women's health. >> you said you are not doing this for sport or veep or cabinet post. they want to know about your plans in general and the different options you have. one viewer said if she is not chosing as a republican candidate. would you consider awe spot? >> and potentially give it a run to you in the white house. what do you think about that? >> you know, i would say to people who like me, vote for me because i can win this. and go check out carly for
10:48 am
president and my blue print. and think of what we need in the oval office. we need executive experience and understands the economy and something who happens the world. i have more foreign policy than anyone running. and need someone who led in their life and produced their conducts. that's how you go from secretary to the largest technology company in the world. if people like me, don't listen to the media and establishment about who can or cannot win. if you like me vote for me. >> we'll see what they do in iowa. we did a segment with colonel kowan. and we have a new video out and you mentioned your foreign policy expert. british spokesmen take it not very necessarily. and the french president ups the
10:49 am
alert. they say nothing will change for isis unless you turn raqqan in a pile. whether it comes to isis where is the priority to over throw and defeat them. >> it is part of my blue print to take the country back. we must win. we must defeat them and the only way to defeat them. deny them territory and they took that it because among other things hillary clinton and barak obama against all of the advice of our generals withdrew every troop out of iraq and left vast swaths of weapons and territory for isis to gobble up. we have to be clear of who our allies are. our ally is not russia or iran. our allies are jordan, kuwait, saudi arabia, evipt and the baja
10:50 am
rains and emirates. i have been in their countries they will help us in this fight but not unless they know we are prepared not help us unless they trust us. they do not trust us right now because we're cozying up to our adversaries and theirs who are russia and. >> i have 30 seconds here. barbara wanted to know whether or not that includes the option of putting boots on the ground? >> of course we never take an option off. but realistically what it probably includes first is a effective bombing campaign. more special ops forces. different rules of engagement. it requires us to give the hallis that i mention what they've asked for. the jordanians have asked for bombs. we're not providing them i will. the egyptians asked for intelligence sharing. the kurds have asked us to arm them for years. we're not i would.
10:51 am
our allies have asked for specific support. this administration is not providing the support i will. >> it's great to have you on the program. we look to having you back. it's always fun. best of luck in iowa. we'll be right back with more "happening now." this is joanne. her long day as a hair stylist starts with shoulder pain when...
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hey joanne, want to trade the all day relief of 2 aleve with 6 tylenol? give up my 2 aleve for 6 tylenol? no thanks. for me... it's aleve.
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hi, everyone motorcycles car tat to that you say jesse james is going to join me to tell why donald trump is the real deal. a group of people flying from mexico to texas doesn't go through customs. remember when marco rubio hit the kid in the face with the football? he got a second chance. they got back together. we have the tape for you, top of the hour. ♪
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the manhunt underway for three men who broke out of a maximum security jail in california. investigators say all of the men are accused of violent crimes and are extremely dangerous. >> john, one man has been combepared to hannibal lector. they don't speak english, and jonathan tieu is killed with killing a rival gang member when he was 16. police believe he's in little saigon under gang protection. and they're pleading with local immigrants. >> we understand you may be fearful with information about where these individuals are located. we're telling the community it's an obligation to let us know we can keep you anonymous, but we need the information to help us
10:56 am
go forward to find these people. >> prosecutors accuse huh sane ni nieerie believe he is headed today his native rather than. because they were accused of violent crimes the jail is wondering why they didn't hold them in individual cells instead of a dormitory. the the jail does a head count twice a day. why? it matters because these inmates had to be missing for hours, a day to construct the get away. they're cutting through layers out of steel making rope out of sheets. navigating tunnels, having two head counts a day gave nfreedom. e more frequent searched should have turned up the tools. cheap motion detector cameras in the tunnels could have alerted
10:57 am
police this was going to to happen. the iranian gentleman is the one that's referred to as hannibal lector. thanks. we'll be right back in in a moment. e economy is growing,in moment. in a moment. n a moment. with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at
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have a great day everybody, thanks for joining us. >> "the real story" with gretchen carlson starts now. that's me. and in just one week we should know the winners of the iowa caucuses. can you believe we're here finally? hi, everyone, i'm gretchen carlson. candidates out in full force today. let's go to iowa now. we have senators marco rubio and ted cruz, along with donald trump. senator bernie sanders. hillary clinton. and governor mike huckabee. in new hampshire, governors john kasich and jeb bush. senator sanders making a stop in minnesota. fox team coverage for you today. ed henry following the latest with the dems. let's go first to ed henry live in des moines, iowa. last ni


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