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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  January 26, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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traffic. scared little guy, clinging to the guardrail on the side of a highway in he can about a door, he was taken back. thanks for being part of a busy day. i am gretchen carlson. here is shep. 3:00 on the east coast, 2:00 p.m. in iowa where ted cruz is calling on conservatives to help him defeat donald trump and trying to use trump's own words against him. meantime, following a fierce fight for third place. on the democratic side, bernie sanders is gaining more ground on hillary clinton in a brand new fox news poll. we will show you. and further question, did the democrats final faceoff before iowa change anything? they let han balance lek tore out. that's what a prosecutor says about one of these prisoners that broke out of jail in california, accused of kidnapping, torture, murder. the latest on the manhunt. and a warning about your web
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cam. there's a search engine that let's anybody spy on live feeds, even of sleeping babies. the software could let the feds watch your every move. how do you prevent it? let's get to it. first from the deck this tuesday afternoon. donald trump could be unstoppable, if he wins iowa and new hampshire. that's the word from his top rival, ted cruz. a new poll shows trump leading cruise by two points in iowa. that's the statistical tie. marco rubio is the only candidate in double digits in quinnipiac survey. ted cruz is running an ad, quoting donald trump himself. here's the ad and trump's response. >> i lived in new york city and manhattan all my life. my views are different than if i lived in iowa. >> they are different, like on
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abortion. >> when president trump banned partial birth abortion. >> i am pro-life, 100%. he knows it, everybody knows it. he's just saying lie after lie. it's not becoming. and he's got a problem, he has a much bigger problem. lot of people think he can't run for president, he was born in canada. >> he didn't even talk, those were trump's words. with less than a week to go, that same quinnipiac university survey shows close to 40% of iowa voters who have chosen a candidate say they could still change their mind, and historically that's how it works. we have team fox coverage this afternoon. ed henry covering the democrats, john roberts following the republicans. first to carl cameron in iowa. hello, carl. >> reporter: hi, shep. 39% of caucus goers may change their mind. it has ted cruz and donald trump scrambling. may be a two man race between
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them at the top of the polls, but it is the ground game that matters. cruz and trump recognize that. earlier in the week, cruz was in a meeting with pastors, evangelicals makeup more than half of caucus goers. all of them are courting religious conservatives. when cruz spoke to pastors in iowa earlier this week, he basically suggested and warned them that if they don't get to work for cruz, trump is going to win. >> if donald wins iowa, he has a substantial lead now in new hampshire. if he went on to win new hampshire as well, there's a good chance he could be unstoppable and be our nominee. >> that's not meant to be praise, that's meant to be a cautionary note to those pastors who have tremendous ability to swayee van gel cals and home schoolers who makeup a big part of the caucus.
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cruz recognizes it is crunch time. he has to get fired up to pull it off. >> lots of chatter from trump about the debate on fox news channel thursday night, whether he might show because, well, donald trump. what's the word? >> reporter: with a race as volatile as iowa caucuses almost always are, this debate is going to be huge. trump has essentially threatened to boycott debates in the past. it is somewhat similar in this case. we have no reason to believe he won't be showing up. we'll actually find out tonight on 6:00 special report, bret will announce who the rosters will be in the debate thursday night, the prime time debate roster could be larger. rand paul may be coming in, perhaps not. and what the under card will be if it takes place earlier. trump will be center stage. it would be hard for him to explain that stage if there was an empty podium in the middle of it. >> indeed. carl cameron. thank you. while donald trump and ted cruz
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face off for first place in iowa, other gop contenders battle for the prize of third. as we mentioned, marco rubio is the only other candidate polling in double digits in that quinnipiac poll. some analysts say don't count out jeb bush or chris christie just yet. and anything can happen between now and when iowans go to caucus. john roberts is in des moines. hello. >> reporter: shep. anything can happen to caucus night. rick santorum was running fifth, he won, john mccain finished fourth here in 2008 and still became the nominee. very important to finish in the top four, maybe even top five. the candidates all making a final push for votes, knowing caucus night can defy conventional wisdom and the polls. volunteers for marco rubio heading up caucus pledge forms for february 1st and events. other volunteers at phone banks try to identify possible supporters and get them out to
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hear the candidate in person so he can make the sales pitch. one woman i talked to at a rubio event wanted to vote for chris christie. listen. >> i think he has done a lot of great things for his state, i think overall he would be a great candidate, but again, i'm looking at who is going to overall beat hillary. >> you think that's rubio? >> i am thinking it is rubio at this point, yeah. that's why i decided to come out and see him. >> reporter: chalk one up for marco rubio. he will be in the state every day to caucuses, trying to get every one of the votes he can out of the event. >> what about chris christie's campaign? >> reporter: he is way behind, seventh, but here's the thing with chris christie. he has powerful support. much of the governor's operation is firmly behind christie. they helped branstead get to a
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sixth term in iowa in 2011. bruise rat steader one of the powerful in that group. i talked to him. >> how do you think christie will do caucus night. polls suggest not well. >> i think you have trump, cruz, rubio in the mix, but christie will ride in there next to those people, which will give him a boost going to new hampshire. >> reporter: the problem for chris christie and jeb bush, they concentrate most fire in new hampshire. if they can avoid a blowout in iowa monday night, may improve chances down the road. >> john roberts, thank you. catch the final republican debate before iowa this thursday night, two days away on fox news channel. bill hemmer, martha maccallum host round one. then bret baier, megyn kelly and chris wallace. this thursday on fox news. the democrats, bernie sanders continues to close in on
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hillary clinton in iowa in the latest fox news poll. secretary hillary clinton up by six points. remember, last month the former secretary of state had a double. and he leads clinton in new hampshire by 22 points, a 9 point jump in two weeks. all of the polling happens before last night's democratic town hall. ed henry live in des moines where that town hall happened. does sanders say he can pull off an upset in iowa? >> reporter: he rallied steel workers, saying he might be about to shock the political world. what we're seeing on the ground in addition to poll numbers is a ground game for sanders where a couple nights ago, he was in a tiny town in northern iowa, couple hours from des moines here, and basically got over 2,000 people to show up. one guy telling us he drove three hours to come see sanders
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speak. what he told steel workers a short time ago in des moines is he thinks it is all coming together. watch. >> our government has got to represent all of us and not a handful of campaign contributors. if those people come out and vote, we will win, and we'll win big. >> reporter: to get an idea of the kind of commitment some sanders supporters are showing, look at this steel worker shaved into the back of his head, sanders, 2016. an idea maybe of the razor thin margin between the two candidates. >> secretary clinton may be banking on warm words from the president. >> yes. stop short of endorsement. the president told politico he believes clinton was tough and smart. she was all over that in the cnn forum, saying she wants to carry on what the president has
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started, build on what she calls progress he brought to the economy. she has her own problems, such as that e-mail issue she's still struggling with. watch. >> you're willing to say it was an error in judgment, you should have apologized? >> no, i am not willing to say it was an error in judgment because nothing i did was wrong. it was not in any way prohibited. >> reporter: a young sanders supporter said he and his friends don't believe clinton is honest. she pushed back and said a lot of young people believe that, they hear this negative stuff about her. in the final days leading to caucuses, she plans to tell her side of the story, shep. >> ed henry, live with us. thank you. you think your home has problems, at least it is not falling off a cliff. some remarkable images from the california coast where folks are finding there's not much they can do as the ground disappears.
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and three new items developing. and six more police officers fired in the midwestern city, it just happened after the 137 shots left two people dead. and affluenza teen is coming home from mexico. news is breaking on shepard smith reporting. stay with us. terry bradshaw? what a surprise! you know what else is a surprise? shingles. and how it can hit you out of nowhere. i know. i had it. c'mon let's sit down and talk about it.
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an approach to care that may help patients like christine enjoy the things that matter most in their lives while undergoing treatment. the evolution of cancer care is here. that's definitely something worth celebrating. learn more about precision cancer treatment at appointments are available now. some homes in california are on the verge of tumbling into
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the ocean. the land on which they're built is slowly crumbling away. pictures are on the wall. this is happening in pacifica, california, south of san francisco, where rain and waves from el nino weather pattern are eating away at the shore. you can see the apartment complexes are near the edge. emergency crews asked people to evacuate, some people say they're not keen to leave. >> i am not worried, i am worried about these guys saying we can't live here or sleep here tonight. are they crazy? >> you could fall into the water. the question is what, if anything, can be done to keep their homes from tumbling? claudia cohen is there. i understand you're in one of the complexes right now. >> reporter: that's right, shepard, we are in the condemned home of michael mchenry. it was yellow tagged last night. michael allowed us in as he
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continues to pack up his things and move out. he just moved into this unit three months ago, says it has been a nightmare. he says the cliff down the road here began collapsing into the sea over new years and that erosion has not stopped. over the past month, el nino driven storms and waves have taken huge bites out of the bluffs, parts of the homes are hanging over the edge, will probably have to be demolished. a drone captured big chunks of sandstone collapsing into the sea under people's decks. >> right now, there's a little white water. when there's a quarter mile of white water solid and tide surge comes up, the whole building shakes. that's when the bluff starts falling. that happened twice in the last three months. >> reporter: emotions are running high in this coastal community that watched the cliffs erode steadily over time despite efforts to shore them up. many are low income and are staying at a red cross shelter nearby. say once that closes, they'll
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have nowhere else to go. the city declared a state of emergency freeing up government funding and resources, so that will help. but it is likely all these units have to be demolished, even as another winter storm is forecast to move in this weekend, bringing more of the pounding waves and further undermining the precarious stretch of coastline. >> careful out there. claudia cowan, thank you. living next to an eroding cliff may reduce the value of your home, living near whole foods or trader joe's goes the other way. according to zillow. they looked at homes within a one mile radius of the high end grocery chains, found before the stores opened, values of the homes rose more than surrounding neighborhoods. after the stores opened, the home values tend to rise faster than the rest. zillow tells us neither chain was involved in the study and
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cautions it is unclear whether the stores are causing the values or if the executives are good as picking locations with growth. one of three prisoners as quote diabolical as one of the most famous movie villains of all time. they're calling on a local community for help. the men could be hiding in places where they have very close ties. details on these three coming up. hey!
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tleenchts inmates that escaped a maximum security jail are still missing. apparently no one has seen them. investigators say they may be getting help from a local community to stay off the radar, and the prosecutor handling the case against one of these guys
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says he is downright diabolical, like a movie villain. on our wall, the inmates that break out of the jail. santa ana jail. each accused of very violent crimes, including murder. as we reported, investigators say the men cut through metal, got through the plumbing system, and repelled down four stories using bed sheets and towels. hundreds of investigators have been looking for these inmates. they're asking for help from anybody in nearby neighborhoods with large vietnamese populations, that's because officials say two of them have ties to the community. their names, jonathan tieu, bac duong. investigators say they could be hiding among family, friends or fellow gang members. then hossein nayeri, back in 2012 prosecutors say he and a couple other guys kidnapped a man, burned him with a blow torch, beat him with a pistol and rubber hose, cut off his
12:22 pm
genitals. after the arrest, he jumped bail. he was on his way to iran we are told when officials in the czech republic caught him. a deputy district attorney on the case says she believes nayeri may have led the jail break. she told orange county register newspaper, and i quote, my reaction was oh, my god, they let han balance lek ter out. he is sophisticated, violent, and countrying. unquote. she said the office warned the sheriff's department about nayeri's past but they simply weren't careful enough. bring in larry ravine, founder and director of wall street prison consultants. joins us from the los angeles newsroom. this had to be a preplanned thing according to a guest we had yesterday. what do you think? >> i mean, look what they did. they went through the jail, they found an escape route, utilized tools that got in somehow, and i
12:23 pm
disagree with that district attorney as far as iranians planning it. he was only there a month. the two of them, one there since 2013, the other since 2014. i think they actually planned it and brought the iranian into their crime. logistically, somebody had to have that bunk right next to the grate they cut through, that was probably the two vietnamese. i believe the iranian probably is providing them or provided them outside resources, maybe money, maybe a vehicle or something after they escaped. that's what it looks like. >> so viewers know, we don't have anything to confirm that. what we do know, they had some sort of tools, based on your experience, how do you go about getting tools to cut through layer after layer after layer? >> well, this isn't like up state new york when they escaped, you don't have inmate
12:24 pm
work crews in a county jail that have access to tools, so looks like possibly a deputy or staff member brought these into the inmates. and it is pretty easy. in the county jails where they have pods they have inmate trustees pushing book carts between pods and somebody could have put hacksaw blades or whatever they used in that. perhaps they put them in the laundry. looks to me like it was an inside job of some sort. >> yep, does look that way. we will find out soon enough. larry levine, thanks so much. the affluenza teen is coming home from mexico. ethan couch's lawyer says his client dropped the effort to fight deportation from mexico and will return to texas to face charges there. he was planning to drop his appeal, didn't know when that would actually happen. remember, he killed four people
12:25 pm
in a drunk driving crash in 2014. investigators say he and his mother escaped to mexico after a video showed up on twitter that appeared to show him at a drinking party, at least watching a game of beer popping. he reportedly blew more than $2,000 on booze and strippers during his time in mexico, and was so wasted that strip club staffers had to carry him to his hotel so mommy could be wakd up and pay the bill. folks in india celebrated fourth of july and pulled out all of the stops with an elaborate parade as indians want to do. lillian has the details, colorful pictures for this afternoon. show us the party. >> yes. amazing pictures, very colorful. had 10,000 people went in new delhi, a parade to celebrate indian republic day, when they adopted the constitution in 1950. they had floats, they had cam s camels, these are border security guards. >> wonder how the camels feel
12:26 pm
around their friends in clothes, they don't like to be in clothes around their friends, it is embarrassing. >> they seemed pleased with themselves. they're all on top of each other, riding, doing this pyramid thing, stunts with fire and more motorcycles, and some dancing. looked like a cool parade. >> good time was had by all. thank you. word that isis set up an industry for creating fake passports in case you're interested. some people may have used fake passports to sneak into the united states. we will talk with a former cia military analyst what that means for security in this country, if in fact that's true, we cannot confirm it. iranian's president making a trip to europe to drum up business for his country. and to meet with the pope.
12:27 pm
the iranian leader and the pope as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news. you're late for work.
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12:30 pm
they are recalling millions that had faulty air bags. coast guard officials in florida rescued 13 people from a yacht minutes before it sank. happened off coast of fort lauderdale. police in milwaukee recovered $70,000 of stolen cheese. now cops report a similar heist 200 miles away. someone stole $90,000 of parmesan. so far neither arrests in either case. the nose knows.
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just into fox news, new jersey governor and presidential candidate chris christie calling for the state of new jersey to take over atlantic city. the ones popular gambling destination has been in financial mess for years. casino revenue down billions of dollars from a decade ago. some casinos actually shut down, wiping out thousands of local
12:33 pm
jobs. last week, atlantic city officials were considering bankruptcy after governor christie vetoed a financial aid package. the state senate is working on a measure to approve the takeover. abrupt atlantic city, something christie does not need in the middle of his run for the presidency. isis has created an entire industry of making fake passports. that's the word from a french government official. he says the terrorists are making money from blank passports they seized in iraq and syria. that's the update on the story we reported on last month. u.s. officials warned isis supporters may have already entered the united states using blank passports, fake documents, that they printed themselves, with a new isis passport industry of sorts apparently in full swing, worth noting that the european police agency believes isis is looking to go global, planning large scale attacks in europe and possibly in united kingdom, according to
12:34 pm
u.k. officials. euro poll warns that isis already set up secret training camps across the continent. fox news can't confirm that, having access to fake passports makes getting around europe much easier. former military analyst at the cia, we don't have anything to confirm anybody got here on fake passports, but the idea of it is frightening and if they have this industry, it is possible. >> it is possible and frightening. the trifecta of the isis video, news on passports and euro poll about the recent threatening environment in europe. having said that, you don't need a fake passport from syria to commit a terrorist attack. many of the actual individuals in the paris attack had french or belgian passports. while it is a concern, home grown terrorism is a threat with or without the passport issue. what you need to do is see a ramping of security screenings at airports and with visas and all of that. >> a syrian passport, fake or not fake, is not going to help you getting to the united
12:35 pm
states. passport from syria is a red flag if there ever was one. >> exactly. right now, you saw congress and past legislation, obama signed legislation in december, and they're reviewing that visa waiver program which gives more heavy vetting to individuals coming from places like syria. they're already under a higher level of scrutiny, like refugees. we could put better security measures, better vetting, that's what you'll see happening in response to these stories. >> if you want to walk in from canada, you can walk in. >> and you shouldn't make restrictions on populations of people, impose security measures that help get at the problem. we know there's a problem with passports in syria. individuals with passports in syria may undergo higher level of vetting. there's technology that can be used to check against the chip in the passport with the individual. airports are putting in some of the technologies as we peek. >> this matter of reporting everything isis says, we report
12:36 pm
on it, don't show them saying it, we report what they say because often what they say comes true. a report that said we want to attack united kingdom, serves the purpose of getting everybody fired up which is the real terror. >> a lot of videos are propaganda. i say it is propaganda, but propaganda may have strategic intelligence value. in the past, videos have been credible demonstrations of their strategy, types of places they want to hit. doesn't tell us time, place, location, we need intelligence sharing behind the scenes, but it gives you their over arching strategies and ambitions, right now, they're focused on europe, france and the u.k. >> see something, say something, otherwise, be calm and carry on. >> exactly. proceed as normal. can't live in alarm and panic. you need to be extra vigilant, but keep calm and carry on, proceed with life as normal, and higher vigilance, hope that law
12:37 pm
enforcement is sharing information that needs to be shared, putting intelligence together. >> counting on that. nice to see you. >> you too. in the past hour, we learned that canada is lifting economic punishment following last year's nuclear deal, according to canadian foreign minister, although he gave no other details. the news comes after iran's president rue and ee said his nation is the most stable in the middle east. this is the first state visit by an iranian president to europe in two decades. after billions were lifted in economic penalty. here he is with the iranian president, the pope with the iranian president, meeting at the vatican where the two had a private meeting, even exchanged
12:38 pm
gifts. you can see president rouhani in the next slide here, i love this machine, doesn't always work. there you go. president rowhani gave the pope a book filled with iranian artwork and carpet handmade from the holy city. next one shows them next tomorrow train blatters, next to a medal giving that to a shivering man, a sign of brotherhood. here he is with italy president yesterday. he also met with the country's prime minister and this thing, i don't know what this is. they keep telling him to be quiet. he is making a point. his four day visit to italy and france is iran's way of reaching out to old partners following the historic nuclear deal. we're also told italian leaders say iran should have a role in efforts to resolve conflict in the middle east rgs including
12:39 pm
civil war. in italy, sounds like this trip has been really lucrative. >> it has, shepard. it has. within hours of the iranian president landing in italy, 14 deals worth $18 billion have already been signed. basically iran has been cut off from the west, more than a decade. it wants to move forward with oil exploration, wants to move forward with infrastructure improvement, wants to improve energy industry, car industry. iran and italy signing an agreement. give you a few examples. $6 billion from an italian company that makes heavy machinery and equipment. the iranian leader is also striking a deal with an oil services group. that deal alone worth between 4 and $5 billion. the background, and shep you know this more than anyone, iran has been crippled by international sanctions for more
12:40 pm
than ten years. it has been isolated. european companies are very much ready to go in. we know the iranian president was basically elected in 2013 on the promise to end international economic isolation. some saying iran chose to start its tour in italy because italy has a neutral history with muslim states. france is trickier. the iranian president headed to paris tomorrow, there's not going to be a state dinner there because the iranians requested no wine be served at such event. france refused the request. bottom line, dinner gets cancelled. italy is more compliant, did agree to that request from the strict islamic republic. still cultural differences to work through. >> a lot of money to be made. are there any american companies able to get in on this? are we so stuck on iran that we won't get in there. >> it is not entirely clear.
12:41 pm
the u.s. lifted most sanctions against iran in january, but there are still some in place. i can assure you boeing would be very interested in paris. we will probably hear about an order going through between iran and boeing's biggest competitor, airbus, but most u.s. companies are afraid, decline to comment or say it is too early. they may be earmarked, others are gm, coca-cola, starbucks, all are not commenting. >> thank you. just into fox news channel. officials in cleveland are firing six more police officers who were among a group of cops who fired 137 shots at an unarmed black man and woman killing them. it happened in 2012 after a high speed chase. officials say it started when they heard the victim's car back firing and thought it was a
12:42 pm
gunshot, but it was not. investigators say each victim was shot more than 20 times. six officers are already fired, they announce six more fired today. not just the nsa to worry about, an internet search engine claims it can do what the feds can't. allow anybody that pays a fee to spy on private web cams around the world. judge napolitano says they have known about it for years, used it against foreign leaders. also says they could spy on all of us in our own homes. details from him coming. and one of the biggest stars in basketball seriously injured after a fight. what kind of fight? where did that happen? wait until you hear who the clippers' blake griffin fought in a restaurant. and breaking now, live pictures, a bad school bus crash in indy. just getting in details. live pictures are coming in. we will take you live to the scene next, breaking news on fox news channel.
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live pictures now, wrtv from indianapolis, indiana, there has been a deadly school bus crash at an elementary school outside indianapolis. here is what we know. the indianapolis star newspaper spoke to the police chief who reports four students are hurt. according to our own station there, fox 59, at least two ten-year-old children are in serious condition. 25 people on the bus all together. the police chief reports one adult was killed. we don't know who the victim was. indy star newspaper reports it was a one vehicle crash, meaning the school bus hit people on the sidewalk, not another vehicle. it happened at amy beaverland elementary school. one adult dead, four to five students hurt. the locals report two ten-year-old children are serious. more as we get it out of indianapolis. one of the nba's biggest stars could be out for weeks after he reportedly injured his hand punching somebody during a fight. espn reports blake griffin hit a
12:47 pm
member of his team's equipment staff. espn cites unidentified sources who say to the network that the men got into an argument at a restaurant after an la clippers game in toronto sunday. sources are apparently saying blake griffin may have fractured his right hand. he was already out with a leg injury. their reports he was getting ready to return. blake griffin in a fight with a teammate? we are not sure. you already know the nsa can spy on you without you knowing it. now an internet search engine launched a brand new feature that allows anybody to do what the nsa does. surprise, surprise, surprise. the company is called show down, brands itself as the first search engine for devices including web cams. for a fee, allows you to find live video of any web cam connected to the internet that lacks proper security.
12:48 pm
cyber security experts warn any device connected to the internet is vulnerable. any device connected to the internet is vulnerable. if you use the software, judge andrew napolitano says you give the feds access to your home. senior analyst judge napolitano is with us now. they can access all our video cameras if they're not well secured? >> we already know if this is in your living room in your house, even if it is turned off, iphone, blackberry, any device like this, the nsa can listen to sounds and noises that this can pick up. could be a conversation, almost anything else. we now know that the government has known for awhile and has used the same ability to pick up video as well as audio. this is in my view the strongest argument in favor of encryption, even though the government condemns encryption, says it
12:49 pm
makes law enforcement's work too difficult. it does. shep. it is the job of the constitution to make law enforcement's work difficult so that it will respect people's private lives and personal liberties as they go about its business. the new app which people can buy and through which they can look at anything that's visible through any other computer or mobile device that it is connected to the internet can only be stopped with encryption. put this in a drawer. can't turn it off any more. you can let the battery burn down, put it in a drawer to protect you. short of that, get encryption. >> you can get an app that ties into any web cam. people may have a nanny cam, our stage manager has a cam for his dog. a lot of people have them on the front door to answer the door, see who is there. all of that is vulnerable. >> correct. the only way to defeat it is
12:50 pm
with encryption which the government argues against. it is lawful, the government argument has fallen on deaf ears. there's a coalition in the house and senate from members of both parties to make encryption a criminal act so the government can listen to whatever they want. that would allow anyone to listen to whatever they want. >> your laptop on your desk? >> they can watch you as you're in your desk, as you type an e-mail to me or any of your producers, they can watch you doing so. >> that's just unbelievable that there are hundreds of thousands of people sitting home going i don't care, i'm not doing anything, go ahead and do it. >> they used this on american allies, on netanyahu, chancellor merkel of germany, god knows who else in recent years so before they met president obama, president obama knew what they were going to ask him. >> thank you.
12:51 pm
word of a major screw up that allows passengers from mexico to walk into the united states without passing through busiest airports say they need to find everybody and bring them back. nothing a big huge wall wouldn't solve. oh, yeah, that wouldn't do it. it's red lobster's big festival of flavors
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that's why i switched from u-verse to xfinity. now i can download my dvr recordings
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12:55 pm
a few hours after the flight landed, they sent e-mails to passengers apologizing for the inconvenience and asking them to rush back to jfk to get checked. we don't know how many passengers, if any, actually went back. but we do know that many did not go back. of course, experts point out that anyone who was planning to go something nefarious wouldn't run back to the airport. and anyone who was carrying something they shouldn't have would not bring the questionable item back to the airport either. in november, when another american flight from cancun failed to clear customs, the airline hounded them for days trying to get them to come back to jfk and in that case most did go back to get rechecked. >> how did this happen twice in two months? >> it is amazing considering american airlines and customs and border protection were actively investigating the first mistake. back in november, passengers say they simply followed a gate agent from the international terminal to the domestic terminal where they picked up
12:56 pm
their bags. tsa has not commented on either of the incidents. the port authority says theeds are responsible for clearing international passengers. but as you said, the feds are clearly pointing the finger at american. >> trace, thanks. top of the hour headlines just ahead. after a look back at the debut of an invention that changed the way we look at the world around us. an invention that came on this day in history.
12:57 pm
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on this day in 1926, crowd witnessed the debut of a revolutionary device. what we now know as the television. an inventor gave the first demonstration to a group of scientists in london. he called it a televisor, using an old hat box, plus bicycle light lenses and scissors, he somehow managed to broadcast the face of a woman, his business partner. it wasn't exactly high def, but a few years late, a local store began selling the materials to
1:00 pm
let you build your own televisor. after scientists moved us all toward becoming couch potatoes 90 years ago today. when news breaks out, we'll break in. because breaking news changes everything. here's cavuto. if you don't beat donald trump in iowa next week, where do you beat him? >> we're running a national campaign, from the beginning we said no state is a must win for us. we are all in at iowa, all in at new hampshire and all in in south carolina and all in in nevada. >> i'm neil cavuto. for ted cruz, the talent adventure is on in iowa. he'll be crisscrossing the state the next few days because it is that crucial. polls had him up on top in this crucial first test of the 2016 presidential season. and he is now suddenly in a world of fight and hurt with one donald trump. telling suppo


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