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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 26, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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never miss a moment. and in like 20 seconds, you'll final who is on the debate stage now 18 seconds, 15 seconds. >> set your dvrs and never miss an else of "the five." this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier in des moines, iowa. in 49 hours the first of two republican presidential candidate debates will begin. they are final gop debates before the first in the nation iowa caucuses monday. right now your first look at the line-ups, based on an average of polls conducted and released by 5:00 p.m. today. this will be the main event. starting at 9:00 eastern thursday. donald trump is the top seed. ted cruz come in second. the rest, marco rubio, ben carson, jeb bush, chris christie, john kasich and rand paul. now for the undercard debate which gigs at 7:00 eastern.
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carly fearina in the top position. rick santorum and jim gilmore. megyn kelly, chris wallace and i will moderate the prime time debate. candidates on the trail making their case a week before people head to the iowa caucuses here. ploef most are in in the first two states to vote. on both sides, the candidates are all over the state making their pitches in churches, coffee shops and colleges. we're coming to you live from the center of all in des moines. another poll here in iowa indicates donald trump has erased the ted cruz lead in the battle for first place. many on the ground here feel for the other candidates, it is a contest to see who can come in third. carl cameron is marshalltown, iowa tonight. good evening, carl. >> hi.
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inside a week to the caucuses and it is definitely go time. attack ads are cluttering up all the airwaves. not on the ground, it is go time as well. please fill out one of these forms on your way out. >> volunteers are signing up. candidates are constantly criticizing one another and voters are taking sides. >> please, nobody here vote for trump. as we say in the medical field. he is jpn. that means just plain nuts. >> marco rubio is zeroing in on ted cruz. >> i think he is feeling a lot of pressure and falling in the polls. so he'll say more and more things like that. >> the latest poll shows trump at 31% and cruz tied. a whopping 39% say they changed their minds. trumpl says he is new to running for office but ran for the nomination in 2000. this morning he called cruz,
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dishonest and ineligible. >> he is saying lie after lie. it is so, not becoming. and he has a problem. a very much bigger problem. he was born in canada. >> trump got the endorsement today from jerry falwell jr. cruz topped the polls a month ago. he warned that trump could win it all. >> if donald wins iowa, he right now has a substantial lead in new hampshire. if he went on to win new hampshire as well, there is a good chance he could be unstoppable. >> cruz is trying to downplay. >> we are running a national campaign from the beginning, we've said no state a must-win. >> governor pataki is talking about the cat who reunites the right. >> i will union tight republican party.
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>> and the republican front-runner donald trump will have a rally in march. he did take a pretty serious hit today when a number of women's pro-life groups around the country including the concerned women for america, susan b. anthony, and right to life nationally said that donald trump's past history as a pro choice abortion rights supporter and his treatment of women make him unacceptable. a big criticism from some very influential groups in the american party. >> carl cameron, thank you. donald trump will be talking to that crowd but he is talking to us. a year ago, even six months ago few people would have guessed that donald trump would be the front-runner for the gop nomination. that's where we are tonight. five days before the first official voting. joining us now from marshalltown, iowa, mr. trump, thank you for being here. >> okay. thank you. >> you have said and talk a lot
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on the trail about your managerial skills. to be able to make america great again. many people say here in iowa, especially, organization is a big part of it. almost essential. do you think that a win here is essential to prove those abilities to the rest of the nation? >> no, i don't think so. but i think we're doing very well. today we had jerry falwell who is a fantastic guy at liberty university, endorse us. we had sarah palin endorse us. i would love to win iowa. i am doing very, very well with evangelicals, as you can see. nationwide we're leading with the evangelicals. and the tea party we're doing very well. we're at 42-11 nationwide overall. so we're doing very well. i think we've had great managerial skill but i think we have a great message which is maybe more important. >> in reason days, you've been talking about your ability to
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negotiate. and even negotiate with democrats. here's what you said this morning on this issue. >> i think that i'm going to be able to get along with pelosi. i think i'll be able to, i've always had a good relationship with nancy pelosi. i've never had a problem. i've always had a decent relationship with reid. i think i'll be able to get along with schumer. i was close to schumer in many ways. it is important that you get along. >> so your party, specially base of your party, has been upset that republicans in washington are making too many deals with democrats. that they're not standing up on principle. so what deals would nancy pelosi or chuck schumer would you do? would be okay with the base of your party? >> well, the problem is they're making bad deals. they're horrible negotiators, the republicans. this last one two weeks ago was a horror show. it is a horror. now the fact is i've always
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gotten along good with both sides. i think it is one of the good assets. i would never have made the deal they made two weeks ago. you can't stand out in the middle of the floor as an example, ted cruz did. saying this and that. he doesn't have one republican that has endorsed him. not one republican senator that endorsed him. how do you work with republican senators and you have no one who endorsed you. >> excuse me. ronald reagan did it with tip o'neil and i'm not saying i'll get along with him. i'm saying i'll make great deals and we'll get them done and he don't to have use executive orders and all the stuff obama is doing which at some point, the courts will overrule in one court or another. we won't be opening or closing our orders based on executive orders. we will get along well. it is like putin. he came out and said nice things with me and everyone went crazy.
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wouldn't it be nice if we actually got along with russia and used russia to get rid of isis and let them spend some of the money instead of us always spending the money? i have good relationships water temperature people and that's an asset. at the same time, i am not establishment. and i don't care really what label they put on me. certainly i'm not establishment. now a lot of the people, they see what's happening. i have 42% in the polls and tremendous numbers and they want to come in and be part of the team. and we'll rebuild the republican party. right now the republican party is a total mess. just like our country is a mess. we've had barack obama dictating for the last eight years, almost eight years, to the republicans. everything he wanted, he got. he is a lousy negotiator with iran. a bad negotiator with everybody. he is a great negotiator against the republican party. >> you know the powers of the president 50 far more limited
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unilaterally than a corporate ceo. do you think that you as president would abide strictly by the constitution, or would you modify things with executive actions to try to get things that you talked about through? >> i feel very strongly about our constitution. i'm proud of it. i love it. and i want to go through the constitution. that's what we want to do west want to bring the constitution back. if you look at the way obama is ruling, it is not right, it is not appropriate, it is not what our founders had in mind. >> you've been attack senator cruz on his stance on ethanol. important for farmers here in iowa. on the broader issue, what do you say about the government picking winners and losers? >> i don't want the government to pick winners and losers. i don't want that. i want people to go out and form companies and go out and do it.
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but ethanol happens to be something i believe. in it is very good. we never want to be under the auspices and the control of opec like we were for many, many years. and it will happen again. as sure as you're sitting there or standing there, whatever you are, i can't see you. it will happen again. i never want to see happen again, bret, what happened where we were totally controlled. oil was over $100 ands[ we wer totally the way, there was plenty of it. it was all over the place. you couldn't find a ship to put it in. they were all fulfill it was total control and total dominance. i never want to see that again. i think ethanol is great and especially great for the state of iowa. ted cruz is against it. he's change his mind. two weeks ago he changed his mind. everybody understand that's voting business. >> you know there's another side
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to it. we asked people on twitter to send in things and donny rick says, if mr. trump can't be bought, why start paneledering to the ethanol lobby? >> i'm not paneledering at all of it is another form of fuel. i like as many forms of fuel as we can have. someday we'll need it. and i think it is great. it is also jobs in iowa and jobs therefore for the united states. i'm for the united states. and frankly, it is job for the united states. it happens to be a lot of jobs for iowa. it is very important. >> can you name one thing the government does now that it should not be doing at all? >> well, i think that we're too involved in regulation of the banks. we're making it impossible for people to get loans. i have friends who are wonderful business people. they're not substantial people. and they can't get loans. i'm calling up banks and giving
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them recommendations. and the regulators are running the banks. you have the biggest bankers on your show and you can speak to them. the biggest there are. and they're not running the bank. and they tell meering with don't even run these banks. dodd frank is a disaster in so many different ways. i will tell you, one of the reasons our economy is doing horribly, and it is by the way doing horribly. now you're starting to see with it what's going on on wall street. that was the final part of the bubble and it is looking like it's popping. who knows whether it is popping now or six months or a year from now. we're in trouble. the banks are totally regulated to a point where no banker, as big as they are and as much as they get paid, is controlling their own bank anymore and they're not making loans to people to put people to work. >> let me ask you. the obama administration is loosening the regulations with cuba and the trade embargo. if you had the opportunity to build a hotel in havana, would you do it even if it benefited
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the castro brothers? >> well, i think this. i think that opening up cuba now is okay. it has been 50 years. a long time. i'm down in miami. i have tremendous holdings in miami. i deal with tremendous number cubans and hispanics and have great relationships with people. i own trump national doral. we rebuilt it. i think it is fine to open up cuba. i think it is good. but i think we're giving away a lot. it is like the iran deal. giving away $150 billion.  having horrible everything. we don't get our prisoners back until we give them the money. they put guns to the heads of our sailors. the cuba deal, we should make a better negotiation. we can make a much better deal. we're getting nothing. now i understand that cuba wants past payments for the damage that they say we've done. certainly you should not make a deal until they drop that demand. now they're making a very strong demand that they want us to pay them a lot of money.
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and obama won't document and kerry won't do that. just like the other day i saw kerry saying, he doesn't know if some of the $150 billion, he assumes it will be used for terror. then why did he give it? if he assumed that parts would be used for terror, bret, why would he give it? so you know, this is the way we negotiate. so i'm all for cuba opening it up. i do think, i do think if it is going to open up we should make at least a reasonably sane deal. not the deal we're making right now. >> mr. trump, we'll see you thursday night, right? >> we'll be talking. let's see. i didn't like the press releases that fox put out. it is like they're playing games. i don't like it when people play games with me and they're playing games. >> we'll all be there. >> i'm sure you'll be there. >> thanks. >> thank you very much. democrat socialist bernie sanders is continuing to chip away at hillary clinton's once formidable lead in iowa.
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i caught up with him earlier today at his event, after his event with the steel workers in des moines. i asked him about something he said nearing the start of the campaign. clearly you have momentum. your message is resonating with people. i'm wondering work the back drop of the e-mail investigation with the fbi, if now you're regretting saying you didn't give a dam about hillary clinton's e-mails. >> absolutely not. i would say the reason we're doing well is that people understand, we are trying to run a different kind of campaign. not one of personal attacks. one of dealing with the real issues facing the american people. and i'm not going to be engaged in personal attacks against secretary clinton or anybody d-. >> the prospect of senator >> the prospect of senator hi clinton in iowa was once unthinkable.
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and the previously front-runner continues to struggle to get her second wind. >> if those people come out and vote, we will win and we'll win big. >> bernie sanders fans are so devoted that iowadh steel worke shaved the burn it into'ú the bk of his head. with only a razor thin margin separating him from hillary clinton, he would not answer directly when asked if he believes the front-runner or not. >> dealing with issues for the american people. >> reporter: yet sanders supporters are making a characterization and it is not good. one young backer at a democratic forum blistering clinton. who with her back against the wall decided to fire back at her critics. >> i've heard from quite a few people my age that they think you're dishonest. >> they make these charges. i just keep going forward. there is nothing to it. >> reporter: even though in 2008, experience did not carry
3:17 pm
the day for her here in iowa. clinton keeps falling back on her resume. >> i've been particularly interested in the area of children. >> all of us have a responsibility to ourselves, to our children. >> reporter: and after president obama offered warm words about clinton to politico, an iowa tv station asked if that was an endorsement. >> i am proud to continue the progress. i have my own plans and proposals. >> reporter: that close embrace raises the spec4? obama term which may help save her now but complicated the general election. and the sbreegs the e-mail practices. >> you're willing to say it was an error in judgment? >> no. i'm not willing to say it was an error in judgment. nothing did i was wrong. it was not in any way prohibited. >> reporter: it seems like she's back pedaling essential she
3:18 pm
already did apologize.q= >> i should have used two accounts. one for 5mpersonal. i'm sorry about that. that was a mistake. >> reporter: they're trying to add a new debate on february 4th right before the big primary there. not all the candidates have said yes yet. it is interesting. remember at the beginning of the process they were trying to limit the number of debates. now there are people closer to clinton saying we should have had more debates. she might be in a better place. >> we were at some fired up events. >> he hopes it is part of the ground game. up next, the new numbers are out for obamacare and the president and his team will not like them. first, what some of our affiliates are covering across the country. testing positive for the zika virus. it is a relatively new disease for the western hemisphere. pregnant women are most at risk. serious birth defects have been
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we're learning more about the charges against two pro-life activists who made undercover videos of planned parenthood videos who discussed the selling of fetal tissue. the among other things they used fake drivers licenses as they posed as biomedical employees seeking to acquire fetal tissue. they said they used investigative techniques protected by the first amendment.
3:24 pm
it is also noting the fact a member of the district attorney's staff is on the board of planned parenthood. the houston grand jury did not indict anyone from planned parenthood. while those of us in iowa and across the political universe are concerned with the numbers here, there is another set of numbers causing worry at the white house tonight. that's where kevin cork is with the latest murky prognosis for obamacare. >> 18 million people with health insurance who didn't have it before. >> but like a roof top with too much snow on it, the president's signature health care law, the affordable care act is buckling tunneled weight of reality. the office says the number of new enrollees is cratering. in its latest projection, 13 million exchange enrollees in 2016 down from the 21 million projected just last year. a whopping 40% below expectations. all while spending on public
3:25 pm
health care programs continues to rise. 936 billion spent last year on medicare, medicaid and related six dis. and that's even more than the government spent on social security. $882 billion. they are supposed to explain reality and this is completely at odds with the fantasy land we're seeing where thing like obamacare will be blown up to medicare for all. >> the lower numbers still exceed white house projections which for the second year were slashed. >> we talked about how one of our challenges was getting additional people who were not previously signed up for health care. >> additional people as in young, healthily people. despite possible fines for being unnshld. while millions have signed up, experts say new enrollees are
3:26 pm
older and poorer. >> you cover them with insurance but at what price? these are extraordinary expensive policies. they say we are headed into seas of red ink. >> the they said the number of people receiving six disin 2016 will rise to 11 million. up from 8 million in 2015. >> thank you. a surge in oil prices pushed the dow back up 282. the s&p 500 finished ahead 27. the nasdaq picked up 49. you may recall a bit of confusion in the republicans' 2012 iowa caucuses. what officials are doing to keep that from happening again. next.
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winner. senior national correspondent john roberts tells us how that happened and what's being done to get it right the first time. >> reporter: in 2012 the iowa republican caucuses didn't quite go according to plan. >> congratulations to governor mitt romney. winner of the 2012 iowa caucuses. >> reporter: but mitt romney hadn't prevailed as we found out six days later. >> it was obviously a mistake. and this administration, the republican party of iowa, we learn from our mistakes. >> reporter: this year the republican party is making big changes. training caucus leaders how to use a new app that reports back in almost real-time. a test to the system passed in flying colors. no repeat of 2012. when the results of eight precincts simply vanished. >> we as party members who want
3:32 pm
to have it perfectly accurate this time. we don't want that, two black eyes might cause us not to be first in the nation. >> reporter: iowa's credibility is at stake here. rick santorum argues, if he had been declared the winner on caucus night, his trajectory might have been quite different. then the delegate issue. in 2012, they were free to support whoever they wanted. iowa had a a third winner. >> iowa casts 22 votes for ron paul. >> reporter: so this year delegates awarded on caucus night will be bound to support their respective candidates, then reapportioned by a strict formula as contestants drop out. >> i'll be honest, what happened was unconscionable. it is not going to happen again. >> reporter: despite all the changes, the iowa caucuses are still very much a grassroots
3:33 pm
operation run by the party and volunteers. but at least the republican party this time around feels by preparing for the worst, they can hope for the best outcome. they said we think we got this about as tight as we possibly can before monday. >> we'll see. 2:00 a.m. time. election officials in other states are concerned about more than an honest mistake. they are on the lookout for deliberate voter fraud. north carolina has a new photo i.d. law that goes into effect this year. it is being challenged in court right now. in new hampshire, foept i.d. will be used for the first time in a presidential primary. eric shawn shows us how it will work for manchester. >> new hampshire tonight has made bill clinton the comeback kid. >> the eye couldn'tic first in the nation primary. and this year new hampshire will make history again. this will be the state's first presidential primary to require photo i.d.
3:34 pm
>> i think there will be ligs with t, long lines. >> they will need to show a valid i.d. supporters say it is intended to get rid of voter fraud. he was. he voted three times. once in the 2008 election and then again later in 2012. in both the presidential primary and the november election. then there is case of derrek who pled guilty to illegal voting two years ago. voters without an i.d. will have to sign an affidavit saying they are who they say they are. their vote will be counted. poll work letters take their picture with an instant camera. voters say it suppresses votes and say that kit unfairly intimidate them. >> this will take additional time and resources for the polling officials and we're concerned that might also result in increasing lines.
3:35 pm
>> has anyone been denialed the right to vote because of voter i.d.? >> no. >> bill gardener is the long time serving secretary of state. he expects the primary will have few problems, saying the number of voters without photo i.d. has so far been less than one half of 1%. >> i don't have any reason to believe that there is rampant voter fraud. we've made it very, very difficult. be to successfully be able to commit fraud. >> some states, vote here's show up without their voter i.d. vote with a provisional ballot that then they have to prove their identities later on. he says the goal in new hampshire is basically to not turn anyone away from the polls. >> be eric, thank you. is iowa just a two-man race? can bernie sanders catch hillary clinton? we'll talk about it all with the panel back in washington when we come back.
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probably i won't be doing the debate. i'll have something else. we'll raise money for the veterans and the wounded warriors. most likely i won't do the debate. i didn't like that they sent out press releases, toying, talking about putin and playing games. i don't know what games roger ales is playing. something is wrong. >> we have heard something hike this before. but donald trump saying he probably won't do the debate. let's look at the latest poll out. quinnipiac saying that he is up and up. pretty substantially. this is quinnipiac poll, it is very tight. then you have the quinnipiac, who wouldn't you vote for, never support. there you see jeb bush and
3:41 pm
donald trump in that poll. you see the average of polls. this is all the recent polls still shows donald trump with a lead here in iowa. now, as far as the announcement goes, this is just an announcement of who qualified to make the stage. we've done it before. and we do it regularly to announce the polls that the people were going to be on the top stage in the undercard debate. let's start there and bring in our writer from washington. david gregory, foreign moderator of "meet the press" and wrote the book, how's your faith? what about this? do you think he won't show up thursday? >> it is a good question. he doesn't look like the tough guy he's run as for the past six months. accusing roger ales of playing games. i would say that roger ales is treating him with the seriousness he deserves. he's flirt with not attending a
3:42 pm
debate. he shows up every time. he suggests, he intimated things about megyn kelly miss the own practice, i thought were very under toward. so who is to blame roger ales for sticking up for megyn kelly. you can argue that it would be in his benefit not to show up. he holds his own event. it will get lots of media attention. he doesn't to have face some hard attention. you can see where he would come up with the rationale for it. >> politically, if that happens, and as i said in the interview. we home it doesn't. we'll have a podium forum. if it happens politically, how does that play out? >> this isn't home room. it is a presidential contest. if donald trump wants to focus on the big prize, not getting into a shoving contest with
3:43 pm
roger ales who programs an entire network. he ought to focus what he needs, to turn out caucus voters, move toward iowa. apparently he is in a pretty strong position to do. fox is in a position to leave his podium where it is and to raise publicly some of the questions they have for him and the other candidates would like to press him on. donald trump said most likely he won't be there. he loves to make a deal. i'm sure there is a done to be done here which doesn't involv fox backing down. my i think he wants to keep his eye on the prize which is how he gets people out to caucus for him. >> i think the prize is trump defines him. this is going to concentrate all the attention, all the
3:44 pm
discussion between now and the time you go on the air thursday at 9:00 on whether he is going to show up or not. between now and then he's the story which is what he's managed to do brilliantly, i think, since june. always creating new story linesw
3:45 pm
it's not easy to afford them. what do derobidas rubio marco r? >> i want, to be fair, play the response back in november. this had been asked about numerous, numerous times. this is how he responded to that charge about credit cards back in florida. >> the overwhelming majority of the expenses on that card that
3:46 pm
was secured under my personal credit were for political uses 9/11 time there was a personal expense i paid for it. we dealt with this in 2010. >> it is amazing to see this whole thing develop. you look at the polls. donald trump and ted cruz, way up ahead. and this is where the super pac is investing. >> yeah. it is extraordinary. the super pac and its defenders would say, our job is not to frequent viability of marco rubio running. it is to get jeb bush in the best position to be elected. this is going thermo nuclear. it goes well beyond the fwakts the credit card itself. the "washington post" fact checker has shrugged this off. jeb bush urged him to run after the whole credit card issue was raised. in 2012 he pushed him to marco rubio as his running mate despite knowing everything we know about the credit card.
3:47 pm
so it is very odd that the super pac would push this line of attack on marco rubio. given the enthusiasm that jeb bush has shown for rubio while we've known about these credit cards. >> it is a question of timing. if you want to take rubio on at some point because you think you have a shot and you're jeb bush, there is time to do that. if you look at the polling. the majority of the electorate is for not trump or cruz. bush has gone after trump some. if he's waiting for the establishment lane to get its time in the sun, that may not even happen. there may be no establishment lane. all he's done is hurt rubio instead of going for the guys who are winning. >> a little change-up. next up, bernie sanders and hillary clinton down to the wire. we'll talk democrats. ♪ it's easy to love your laxative when that lax loves your body back. only miralax hydrates, eases and softens to unblock naturally, so you have peace of mind from start to finish.
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obama in 2008 ran a campaign which is really going to stay in the history books. it was unbelievable campaign. i mean, in places they ran out of ballots as i understand. i mean, the turnout was so extraordinary, nobody expected it. so i think in this campaign, that are going to match that. i would love to see us do
3:52 pm
that. i hope we can frankly, i don't think we can. >> bernie sanders today here in des moines. just getting word from the white house that senator sanders will meet with president obama at the white house for an informal meeting. this comes after sanders' opponent secretary hillary clinton told a local tv station that judging by president obama's statements the other day he essentially had endorsed her. fair and balanced, maybe? we're back with our panel in washington. charles? >> i think that's exactly what's going on. i thought at the time that the interpretation that was made not just by hillary but by the media that obama had essentially endorsed her, i thought that was wrong. i thought he was trying to be balanced. i thought he wa/a6od]%ó aqjéh,e more efusive about hillary. afterall he worked with her. i thought it was a fairly even handed statement. this is an obvious attempt to make sure that he rebalances the scale. after all, i mean, i think the argument can be made,
3:53 pm
should be made that sanders is a natural heir ideologically to obama and not hillary. hillary is wrapping herself in his ora because she thinks that associating herself with him is going to help her with the base. but clearly the affinity in terms of political philosophy is between obama who is essentially a social democrat and sanders who is openly a social democrat. >> you know, david, i went to this event today in des moines. it was steel workers union. obviously his crowd. but he has drawn more and more contrast with hillary clinton on the stump. and this crowd was 100 percent behind him. >> yeah. look, i don't think it's a natural place for hillary clinton to try to get two close to sanders. i mean, i think charles is right. she wants to associate herself with obama where she can, on the legacy of obamacare and healthcare reform. but she certainly to the right of him on national security and is probably
3:54 pm
more pragmatic it when it comes to whether it's budget agreements with congress or dealing with the financial industry as well. so, she is not going to be a good fit with sanders. she is not going to be able to draw those supporters in unless these are supporters of sanders who are trying to test it her in some way and pull her as far left as they can. i think this meeting is about obama trying to reset things a little bit. perhaps not wanting to hurt her. because i think it hurts her if it looks like he is putting the thumb on the scale for hillary clinton. >> you know, that town hall, steve, there was this question about trustworthiness. and that is a concern for democratic primary voters. honest and trustworthy. >> although you saw senator sanders' response to your question repeat his position that he is not going to go after her on emails or raise any of those issues, which i think is a huge mistake. on his part. look, i don't know what hillary clinton, david and charles have been looking at, but i think she is
3:55 pm
fairly radical, she has been running as the heir to barack obama. while bernie sanders might be more hatç?nd clintonpdeñngfç wears it pretty well. but i wonder if this might end up actually helping bernie sanders. think about the timing of this meeting. a meeting with the president, just a few days out from the iowa caucuses there will no doubt be kind words reported out of this meeting going in to the time when voters for the last two or three days when voters are really paying attention. it seems to me that this could actually end up helping bernie sanders. >> sharpening elbows on the panel steve hayes, charles krauthammer, thank you. that is it for the panel, stay tuned to?mmçiwç'k hear aa new way you can be involved with "special report." and what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital but i wondered if this was the right treatment for me. then my doctor told me about eliquis.
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greta goes "on the record" right now from washington. we leave you tonight from des moines. tonight "on the record" the fight for iowa continues. the big iowa caucus just six days away and it's anybody's race. donald trump and senator ted cruz locked in a bitter battle in the hawkeye state. senator cruz is lighting the flames and throwing gas on the fire against trump. igniting the feud over new york's values. >> i mean, hey, i lived in new york city and manhattan all my life. my views are a little bit different than if i lived in iowa. >> they are different, like on abortion. >> would president trump ban partial birth abortion. >> i am pro-choice in every respect. >> what does trump think about iowa? >> how stupid are the people of iowa? >> donald trump, new york vales, not ours.


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