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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  January 27, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PST

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going to have a special sunday edition of "on theswoo record" in iowa. see you welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with andy levy to see what exciting stories we will be discussing. >> coming up on the big show, questions in monday's democratic town hall and evidence on vince foster's body. what are two things hillary clinton has been accused of planting. plus an all girls basketball team gets banned from their league for being too good. tell me about it, sisters. and authorities are on the lookout for a suspect known as the wellies and the short strangler. he is a lanky, pasty young girl who has a fetish for women in boots and shorts.
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if you see him contact police immediately. back to you, tom for now. >> pasty? let's welcome our guest. shoo she -- she is proud of those, no value. jedediah bila. i booked him to see the gorgeous hair in person. i call her promethius because she brings the fire. liz mcdonald. and he is here to give himself an alibi. president of diligence llc mike baker. let's start the show. >> we are less than a week from the iowa caucus. on monday night, hillary, bernie and a third person participated in a prime time town forum hosted by cnn.
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they faced questions from chris cuomo and audience members. the questions were on policy and past voting record, except the last one to clinton. >> says he is undecided. he has a question. >> great. >> secretary san -- clinton. i can see why they gave you this question. i just wanted to know which of our previous presidents has inspired you most and why. you can only pick one. one you can pick. >> her answer? who cares? can we hear what the kid said again. >> i can see why they gave you this question. >> i can see why they gave you this question. i can see why they gave you this question. >> wow. what did he mean i can see why they gave you this question. people on twitter suggested the softball question was planted. here is bernie's reaction.
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>> i can see why they gave you this question. >> that was from something else. that was something else altogether. he did make that face. meanwhile tensions are rising. look what happened between a bernie supporter and a hillary supporter. >> oh man look at this. >> who has the bigger stick, liz? here is the question, who is the bernie supporter in that scenario? >> the one with the bigger stick . >> they have fine economic policies and huge [bleep] sticks. i am glad on came on fox news to hear some facts. >> stick around and you will hear some more i guarantee you.
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>> let's go down to you. thanks for coming on the show. >> thanks for letting me in the billing. in the building. >> here is the deal -- >> it wasn't a given. >> why did that kid say -- i will read what that kid said later. he said for those wondering, it was my own question that was previously submitted and directed to any candidate. that sounds like he is equivocating there, right? >> i hope he is doing it on pirp. hillary clinton, we have known her for 30 years and she hasn't said one funny thing in years. clearly put somebody there, plant it. reherse it. >> it makes you respect clinton all the more? >> all i know is obama is hilarious. i know he is not writing his jokes cialght. that's somebody putting the team together.
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amy schumer, hillary clinton. >> it takes work. >> would you put it by her to plant a question? i will take him. the producers said ask hillary that question. >> don't you assume it was always planted. i would like to blame everything on her, but every time i see a politician do one of these democrat questions is the questions seem planted. he was not the brightest. he had to let it out. not everybody did that. >> he is nervous. he is talking to the president of the united states. >> the kid has been slandered by jedediah. she works in education. she can tell a dull blade. >> you know every -- every town hall and every debate and every press conference your
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goal is to script them and control them. if you are a campaign manager that's what you focus on. it should be no surprise that most is scripted. there is very little margin of error. i don't think there was anything surprising about it at all. she is still a front runner. >> liz, here is the thing. if it is all fake why go through the silliness of the town hall? just script the thing and have the news person ask you a question. >> i think it is part of a vast left wing media conspiracy. totally kidding. did you notice what passed for jokes there? secretary sanders. and you can only choose one president. i felt like i was watching the national association of librarians. >> i wanted to mention that. the chris cuomo and after that
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kerfufle there, you can only choose one. you can only choose one. >> he was funny, but he was yelling. >> i disagree. what else will they talk about? they figured out the winner. they have to kill tom. next is a drinking game. who do you want kill? >> he picked abraham lincoln as the favorite president. >> i agree. >> who is bernie sanders gonna pick? president putin. >> she could have thrown her husband a little something. >> she hates him. we all know she hates her husband. she hates him. any self-respecting woman could not have gone through that mairnl and not hate his guts. if you were a fly on the wall in that house we all know she hates his husband. >> i think they have a frank claire underwood thing going on. >> she will use him to get
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elected. >> they talk about fall on the sword. you fall on the sword. >> let's fall on to the next story. the biggest thing i don't like about new york are the foreigners. that was john rocker in a 1999 interview in which he outlined why he hates all things new york city. now rocker has found one new yorker he does like. donald trump. the outspoken exathlete tells the daily caller he thinks trump has woken america up. hillary clinton has a new endorsement sort of letters from the uni-becomer -- uni-bomber preferred hillary over barack obama. we can only assume he still uh ports her. and bernie sanders has an endorsement. charles manson.
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no, i'm kidding. it is called bernie's yearning. it is mint ice cream representing we the people covered with a disk of chocolate and representing the 1% that's clever. you like it. >> i love it. >> let's make a ted cruz. it will be every flavor and call it whatever the [bleep] you feel like. >> but they don't give him his own flavor. ben and jerry, something tells me those guys are to the left of politco. >> they are actually all of the ben and jerry's and haagen dasz -- >> i don't know these things. i don't know the german. anyway, did you know the original ice cream makers died in the 50s because of high cholesterol. >> really?
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they died happy. >> i think there will be a trump flavor to make america great again. no just kidding. that fell flat. >> hillary clinton, vanilla and arsenic. no? >> it should be government and cheese flavor. that should be bernie sanders' flavor. >> it is made from hugo chavez and lennon. >> that is a cia thing to say. >> we have some in the freezer in an undisclosed location. >> finally a candidate who agrees with ben and jerry. they have been saying what he has been saying for years. >> they are from vermont. >> look, look. bernie sanders i agree with the man on nothing, but he is adorable. if there were any candidates that should have a yummy, delicious, cute little ice cream flavor, that would be bernie sanders. i can
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listen to him talk all day. he has the biden effect. >> i am not saying i wouldn't date him. i wouldn't say i am not gonna marry him. >> he is so cute. >> if you want to know what the people of vermont, not ben and jerry. they are far to the left of bernie sanders, but i just talked to the residents of verm to see how they feel about senator sanders and what he has not done to the state. >> try to make them lovable and cute. baker has to go all serious. >> it is like a late night bar and she said i want to have sex with him and he was like, no. >> you are not exactly hanging out at the communist bookstore. they don't like bernie
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sanders. >> i don't know why we don't do that anyway. i would set a recorder up and travel down the state. what do you think? it is not just listen to pundits . >> i think you will find something surprising about vermont. >> are you explaining the poll numbers? >> we didn't ask for what they feel. >> maybe the favorite thing to do. >> here we go. >> in other campaign news they have a bold prediction about black voters. >> they will like me better than they like obama. >> what do you think about that? >> take this seriously.
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the last republican got one out of ten of the black votes. give me his name. i want to see him on the phone. couldn't donald trump improve on the 10% of the black vote? let's say 15 or 20. >> i feel like trump has a rapper mentality. i am so dope i can out black the president. >> wow. i want to see this. >> next story. my favorite kind of me is an internet me. there is a new one making the rounds called be like bill. the original scene reads bill is on the internet. bill sees something that offends him. bill moves on. bill is smart. be like bill. yahoo!, an internet portal decided to give them a campaign theme with cards for
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each of the candidates. donald wants to build a wall and make mexico pay for it. donald says what he thinks and doesn't care if it sounds offensive. donald is smart. be like donald. it is creative minds like that that keeps yahoo!.com ahead of its rifle, america on-line. i joined in the fun and made a be like. mike can kill you with a smile. mike prefers to kill you with piano wire. mike never got smart. never got caught. mike is smart. be like might. mike invented crack cocaine. >> i knew it! >> mike is smart. be like mike. >> i wonder who these can be about. mike doesn't like tom making jokes. mike has threat -- threatened him in the past. >> where did you hear about that crack cocaine thing?
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>> are you trying to kill me mike? >> are you kidding me? you are one of my favorite hosts on "red eye." >> your thoughts on this sh what do you think? >> i barely understand the internet so i am the worst person to talk about this. i will give up my time. >> you just found out. i thought all of you fox business people were up on the latest goings on. >> did you really care about the be like bill thing? >> it is getting blasted on social media. >> it brings back uma thurmond. >> why do we turn everything
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into politics? this is not a political thing. >> i can't stand people who do that. i feel like anyone who has a facebook will delete everyone who does it. >> i do have a facebook page that is a like page. if you like me you can like it. >> i put my political columns on that page because it is my job. but i don't turn it into discussions and harass people and make my jokes political. why do they hate people. why do the people who do this hate us. why do you hate us? >> by taking mims and turning them into political discussions sounds like a talk show at 3:00 a.m. in the morning. can a women's basketball team be deemed too good to play? see if the impossible is possible after the break.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm patricia stark. donald trump's campaign confirming he will skip thursday's gop debate hosted by fox news. trump claims fox has treated him unfairly and has been, quote, toying with him. he was demanding a change to the debate and criticized fox news for including anchor megyn kelly as a moderator. no official comment from fox news, but the network earlier said candidates don't make the rules. it is the final debate before iowa ans turn out to caucus. lower polled people will battle it out and the top polls will take the stage at 9:00 p.m. a three-week standoff in oregon turning deadly. one person was killed.
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when a member was pulled over and gunfire was exchanged. the occupation was triggered by a long running dispute over lands in the west. a $200,000 reyard is offered for information lead together recapture of escapees. they sawed through metal bars and climbing down a rope made of sheets. the three are extremely dangerous. and two major airlines offering refunds to passengers worried about the zika outbreak. customers with books -- with bookings to the area are issuing a refund. they think it is linked to a virus attack in the brain.
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you are watching the fog newschannel -- fox newschannel. >> you may have heard about the girl's basketball team in minnesota that was kicked out of the league for being too good. the basketball association quickly spread on social media and it seemed like another example of our everyone gets a trophy culture. >> i wouldn't change the league so quickly. they wanted to create a more even playing field because that is what sports is about and not just winning, right? they could have employed a better tech -- technique. he never played a basketball in his life when he signed on to coach's daughter's last place team.
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>> he used a disadvantage for a full court press strategy and erased their disadvantage and lead to a championship. the rags to rivers story was in david and goliath. then he went on to purchase the sack -- the sacramento kings. he wants to turn that team urned. most of his decisions have blown up in his face. the kings turn around never happened. there is no magic formula. another david kill come along and beat him. you you can't beat goliath without trying to. they only come out stronger. it seems confusing, but baker
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my monologues are like a philip nolan -- what's his name? chris nolan. >> they are like a ray of sunshine. there is a laser beam of focused light. in the end you agreed with me. >> you brought it back around to the key points. >> have i my little boy and my daughter who went through the youth sports programs. i have seen horrible behavior, bad behavior. good behavior. these are kids leagues. you are trying to foster competition. you can do, win, creative and pro-active. a good sports man ship models. if you have one better than the other, use that for your team that they are practicing
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harder and maybe they want it more. maybe that's why it is better. don't push the kid doing better because they can't man up and they are women and girls. >> we get the point. >> it is like "the incredibles. ". >> did you see that movie. >> i am. >> when i did high school i was in track and cheerleading. my dad said if you are not winning, go cap that girl work harder. i said dad get me afternoon -- get me an ice em crew. and there is the fact you have something to reach for. they reach to the top. >> they think a winner is unfair. someone can beet you if they
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put in the harder work. they are just better. they will be better than me. you know why? i suck at basketball. that's part of life. >> i have a lot of questions. it was very vague. these are high school girls. >> the ymca league. >> it is like old people. i didn't see any pictures of other people there. >> i am thinking these girls -- i want to see the other team. i am thinking they are disqualified for other reasons. >> i bet a major league team and minor league team. >> they are holding their child back a edge so they compete when they are so the field.
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>> it didn't stop us from coming. >> it is irritating. the baby boomer parent pho none none, they don't want to be embarrassed and hue mitt yaited. >> you end up being a cry baby whiner because and that's only job i can get. >> revenue sharing. it happens because they want to even it out. we are in minnesota do. know how [bleep] you have to be for everybody else to pay for a [bleep]. >> i went across the field with scooter this past season. he asked me how did i do? i looked at him and said do you want me to be honest or blow smoke off your at. >> some parents took
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extension. me said i want you to be honest. i said you didn't have that good of a game. you weren't trying. you cab better than the other i had c. he is not better because he is guilding a little bit. it is a mind-set. >> it is a mind-set and then ordered big macs and fries. coming up, andy levy stops by to correct sour mistakes. don't go anywhere.
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welcome back. time to find out what we got wrong and time to sip my water. hi, andy. >> hi, tom. how is that water? >> it is really wet. >> interesting. the hillary town hall conspiracy. the kid who asked the question sounded like he was equivocating that he had submitted to any candidate. why is that? >> it sounded like he was telling -- >> telling the truth? >> no he was trying to avoid the question were they directing it to clinton. >> he said they told him to pitch to hillary jie. he did?
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okay. >> not really. he didn't really admit to that. >> no, he didn't. >> you should have brought that up in what stories to have. >> i didn't know it at that time. >> i read it in the car here. i don't know why you knew it. >> he didn't say it in his tweets, did he? >> he said it back stage. >> all i do is look at twitter. >> jedediah, you would love to blame this on hillary. why don't you? >> i think they are all evil and everything we see is has to be fake and phony. pick your fen sphoan knee. >> are you vughting the hillary campaign -- are you suggesting the hillary campaign planted the question? >> i am suggesting they saw it ahead of time. >> abraham lincoln. >> i do think that was the
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most interesting part is she asked what president inspired her the most and she didn't say her husband. >> that's too easy a do right there. >> what she was saying is linked in of course my husband bill. >> if she had political instincts that's what she would have done. >> she could have said reagan and winked at the camera. >> now that i think about it if he was going with the president most like hershey should have said nixon. >> seton, i thought your ice cream was spot on. the room felt cold, but i don't. >> jedediah, you said you are not saying you wouldn't date or marry bernie sander.
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>> you would gate or measure -- >> i don't know what his status is. if he weren't it wouldn't be off the table. we have the best in picks. >> really? >> yes. by the way, none of you- none of you talked about the uni-bomber liking hillary clinton. >> he is a jerk and we shouldn't even talk about the uni-bomber. >> they could be future cell mates. this is important. >> pay attention to what snowden says. it is the unibomber. >> you asked who the black person was that voted for romney? i think it is exrarls broccoli. i think it was charles barkley. >> trump got more endorsements including balloon boy.
12:36 am
according to his dad he is supporting trump. >> that is -- >> why did trump have to have a press conference to announce a rockerren lores meant. >> i'm kidding. >> web when he threat threatened to pump a woman's teeth out. >> he gets that strike no matter what. >> did you call tom one of your favorite hosts? >> i did. >> you read it correctly. >> girls's basketball team too good to play. tom you said the legal wanted to foster competition by creating an evil playing field. is that what sports is about and what is communism? >> i made my point with the
12:37 am
revenue sharing. they even the playing field. >> he has that. >> and you said nothing wrong with a bunch of girls getting pounded, but i think that could be worded differently. >> >> when were my words taken out of context. >> i am googling that and see what happens. >> let them play the boys. >> that's great. >> or put them in a high school league. we can identify whatever gender we want to. >> if they are that good no ear girls teams can play. let them play against the boys. >> play college threfl. play college level. play women's college.
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you will see everything is okay. you want to get better, work at it. >> you told your son scooter he didn't play a great game. to be fair it wasn't that cold. you are in idaho? >> thank you. now everybody knows i am from boise. >> the big deal is there are yeti's -- bow see one of the tbrest cities and the weather is temperate. i thought you were going to use the wordy rad yags. eradication. i. >> what is your philip norman movie. he does have a brother.
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what is his name? >> jonathon. >> he didn't know if he was a horse trader and not just free mississippi. >> what i said worked. >> you know what? i'm done. >> it is time to take a break. see what is in mark zuckerburg's classett set when we look back. here is a look at the next ken gnaw dough.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm patricia stark. a three-week standoff at a national wildlife refuge in oregon has lead to a deadly shootout. the fbi says gunfire broke outlast night during a confrontation between members of an armed group. this one one suspected it militant is dead and others are in custody. the occupation was triggered over a dispute by public lands in the west. it is not clear how many are hiding in the refuge. donald trump will be a no show at tomorrow night's presidential debate hosted by
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fox news. >> the point is they are dealing with some that is a little different. >> they have the debate and let's see how they do with the rates. >> death toll related to the monster storm has listen to hart 8. a 40th was people who died solving snow which is in some locations two feet deep. >> millions of young uh buts healthy enough who don't think they need insurance could have a pain in their wallet. obamacare deadline is ending. it is averaging $1,000 per household. >> a frightening scenario south of san francisco. winds and rain are eating away at the cliffs at the shore.
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they are urging. i'm patricia stark and now back to "red eye." >> mark zuckerburg showed the world his wardrobe closet and we learned something new. he loves t-shirts and hoodies. he posted this on twitter with the caption first day back after paternity leave and what should i wear? it exsays 46 billion, b with a leal -- just gray t-shirts and gray pants. >> i want to clear my life so i have to make its future as much as possible. i like i am not doing my job if i spend my energy on things
12:46 am
that are silly or frivolous about my life. that's a swipe at people who dress well. >> i spent five seconds going should i put a hockey hankie out? give me a break. just like every other billionaire they are so self-righteous. they want to see it. the capital system got where they are. i don't care what is in his closet set. do what want to do. >> wait a minute. i have photos of your closet at home. can we show that? >> does your wife like it when you bring your work home? >> sometimes the holding pens get backed up and we have to find places to put them.
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>> it is good if you can get some work done at home. about zuckerburg, he was ruthless. itit was count throat. how did you turn into long letter about what he wants his daughter to look tours when she grows up. your 8 right. the -- you're right. who cares? he had to tweet out what do i wear? >> it is part of his gag, right. jedediah you spent a lot of time picking out your wardrobe. you have the wonderful green. they are under dressed and i like an under dressed man. i like the guy who -- >> bernie sanders. >> i like an under agreesed man who steels out of -- out
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with his hair. i physicalled it. it is a good story time. >> it sound like me. i love disum -- stumbling out of the bar. >> the owner-creator of facebook is talking about how he doesn't want ton frivolous with his time. you are the manufacturer of frivolous. >> i don't like that. >> i it is more than that. it is connecting. >> why don't you wake up and put a sweater on. >> he is not a good billionaire? >> what makes for a good billionaire? sometimes the perception is if
12:49 am
you see someone under dressed you don't take them seriously they are not representing their things though. >> when you are making a ton of money you don't have anyone to impress. i wouldn't care. what will they do to him? somebody fire him? >> i don't like that attitude. if you are a billionaire you should dress like thurston hole the -- howell the third. >> i admire the folks with money who do really wonderful things and we never hear about them. >> you're right. we will close things out with a bedtime story.
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coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye." jim norton and matt walton and megan mccain. >> a florida man says he stole all of the chicken nuggets, all of them on his last day working for burger king. twitter user posted this peck
12:54 am
tour writing "today was my last day working at burger king. i took all of their nuggets [bleep]. they bleeped it. the caper earned him the nickname chicken king, but it made him an enemy who hunted them down. >> that looked nice. >> it looked erie and weird. >> you have never woken up that way? >> no. he is erie and weird. i. >> it is better than ronald mcdonald. >> it made it seem like there is a lot of layers.
12:55 am
i want to hear that story. forget which fast-food icon you would want to sleep with. talk about the nugget man. in the backseat of his car. and stole them -- that's a crime. >> we live in an age of social media where people are forgetting there is an audience. you can have bank robbers say look what i got away with and taking pictures and posting it. we are getting dumber and cheap and we want stuff for free. >> he wants the attention because he will be on shows like this. he won't get arrested would he? >> we are not involved in the end decision. i just don't like chicken snug gets.
12:56 am
should i not do that? i just theng he is not a regular criminal. >> that's it. he is a good guy. >> he is a good guy that got angry at his job. >> what will i do? what do you mean me strapped in the mug gets. >> he belted them in in the backseat. >> that's funny. that's hilarious. i don't want to be on nationals. >> i don't think did -- it health care choice maker. what is he going to do put him in a pk can. i think that's what is getting appointments and this is an cried -- in that individual a job.
12:57 am
>> i am just going to say. >> we will end on that one. >> special thanks to jedediah bila and liz mcdonald and mike baker. that does it for me, tom shillue. see you next time. miss
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an else of "the five." this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier in des moines, iowa. in 49 hours the first of two republican presidential candidate debates will begin. they are final gop debates before the first in the nation iowa caucuses monday. right now your first look at the line-ups, based on an average of polls conducted and released by 5:00 p.m. today. this will be the main event. starting at 9:00 eastern thursday. donald trump is the top seed. ted cruz come in second. the rest, marco rubio, ben carson, jeb bush, chris christie, john kasich and rand paul. now for the undercard debate which gigs at 7:00 eastern.


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