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  The Kelly File  FOX News  January 27, 2016 1:04am-1:14am PST

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front-runner for the gop nomination. that's where we are tonight. five days before the first official voting. joining us now from marshalltown, iowa, mr. trump, thank you for being here. >> okay. thank you. >> you have said and talk a lot on the trail about your managerial skills. to be able to make america great again. many people say here in iowa, especially, organization is a big part of it. almost essential. do you think that a win here is essential to prove those abilities to the rest of the nation? >> no, i don't think so. but i think we're doing very well. today we had jerry falwell who is a fantastic guy at liberty university, endorse us. we had sarah palin endorse us. i would love to win iowa. i am doing very, very well with evangelicals, as you can see. nationwide we're leading with the evangelicals.
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and the tea party we're doing very well. we're at 42-11 nationwide overall. so we're doing very well. i think we've had great managerial skill but i think we have a great message which is maybe more important. >> in reason days, you've been talking about your ability to negotiate. and even negotiate with democrats. here's what you said this morning on this issue. >> i think that i'm going to be able to get along with pelosi. i think i'll be able to, i've always had a good relationship with nancy pelosi. i've never had a problem. i've always had a decent relationship with reid. i think i'll be able to get along with schumer. i was close to schumer in many ways. it is important that you get along. >> so your party, specially base of your party, has been upset that republicans in washington are making too many deals with democrats. that they're not standing up on principle. so what deals would nancy pelosi or chuck schumer would you do? would be okay with the base of
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your party? >> well, the problem is they're making bad deals. they're horrible negotiators, the republicans. this last one two weeks ago was a horror show. it is a horror. now the fact is i've always gotten along good with both sides. i think it is one of the good assets. i would never have made the deal they made two weeks ago. you can't stand out in the middle of the floor as an example, ted cruz did. saying this and that. he doesn't have one republican that has endorsed him. not one republican senator that endorsed him. how do you work with republican senators and you have no one who endorsed you. >> excuse me. ronald reagan did it with tip o'neil and i'm not saying i'll get along with him. i'm saying i'll make great deals and we'll get them done and he don't to have use executive orders and all the stuff obama is doing which at some point,
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the courts will overrule in one court or another. we won't be opening or closing our orders based on executive orders. we will get along well. it is like putin. he came out and said nice things with me and everyone went crazy. wouldn't it be nice if we actually got along with russia and used russia to get rid of isis and let them spend some of the money instead of us always spending the money? i have good relationships water temperature people and that's an asset. at the same time, i am not establishment. and i don't care really what label they put on me. certainly i'm not establishment. now a lot of the people, they see what's happening. i have 42% in the polls and tremendous numbers and they want to come in and be part of the team. and we'll rebuild the republican party. right now the republican party is a total mess. just like our country is a mess. we've had barack obama dictating for the last eight years, almost eight years, to the republicans.
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everything he wanted, he got. he is a lousy negotiator with iran. a bad negotiator with everybody. he is a great negotiator against the republican party. >> you know the powers of the president 50 far more limited unilaterally than a corporate ceo. do you think that you as president would abide strictly by the constitution, or would you modify things with executive actions to try to get things that you talked about through? >> i feel very strongly about our constitution. i'm proud of it. i love it. and i want to go through the constitution. that's what we want to do west want to bring the constitution back. if you look at the way obama is ruling, it is not right, it is not appropriate, it is not what our founders had in mind. >> you've been attack senator cruz on his stance on ethanol.
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important for farmers here in iowa. on the broader issue, what do you say about the government picking winners and losers? >> i don't want the government to pick winners and losers. i don't want that. i want people to go out and form companies and go out and do it. but ethanol happens to be something i believe. in it is very good. we never want to be under the auspices and the control of opec like we were for many, many years. and it will happen again. as sure as you're sitting there or standing there, whatever you are, i can't see you. it will happen again. i never want to see happen again, bret, what happened where we were totally controlled. oil was over $100 ands[ we wer totally controlled!v biffle the way, there was plenty of it. it was all over the place. you couldn't find a ship to put it in. they were all fulfill it was total control and total dominance. i never want to see that again. i think ethanol is great and
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especially great for the state of iowa. ted cruz is against it. he's change his mind. two weeks ago he changed his mind. everybody understand that's voting business. >> you know there's another side to it. we asked people on twitter to send in things and donny rick says, if mr. trump can't be bought, why start paneledering to the ethanol lobby? >> i'm not paneledering at all of it is another form of fuel. i like as many forms of fuel as we can have. someday we'll need it. and i think it is great. it is also jobs in iowa and jobs therefore for the united states. i'm for the united states. and frankly, it is job for the united states. it happens to be a lot of jobs for iowa. it is very important. >> can you name one thing the government does now that it should not be doing at all? >> well, i think that we're too
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involved in regulation of the banks. we're making it impossible for people to get loans. i have friends who are wonderful business people. they're not substantial people. and they can't get loans. i'm calling up banks and giving them recommendations. and the regulators are running the banks. you have the biggest bankers on your show and you can speak to them. the biggest there are. and they're not running the bank. and they tell meering with don't even run these banks. dodd frank is a disaster in so many different ways. i will tell you, one of the reasons our economy is doing horribly, and it is by the way doing horribly. now you're starting to see with it what's going on on wall street. that was the final part of the bubble and it is looking like it's popping. who knows whether it is popping now or six months or a year from now. we're in trouble. the banks are totally regulated to a point where no banker, as big as they are and as much as they get paid, is controlling their own bank anymore and they're not making loans to
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people to put people to work. >> let me ask you. the obama administration is loosening the regulations with cuba and the trade embargo. if you had the opportunity to build a hotel in havana, would you do it even if it benefited the castro brothers? >> well, i think this. i think that opening up cuba now is okay. it has been 50 years. a long time. i'm down in miami. i have tremendous holdings in miami. i deal with tremendous number cubans and hispanics and have great relationships with people. i own trump national doral. we rebuilt it. i think it is fine to open up cuba. i think it is good. but i think we're giving away a lot. it is like the iran deal. giving away $150 billion.  having horrible everything. we don't get our prisoners back until we give them the money. they put guns to the heads of our sailors. the cuba deal, we should make a better negotiation. we can make a much better deal.
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we're getting nothing. now i understand that cuba wants past payments for the damage that they say we've done. certainly you should not make a deal until they drop that demand. now they're making a very strong demand that they want us to pay them a lot of money. and obama won't document and kerry won't do that. just like the other day i saw kerry saying, he doesn't know if some of the $150 billion, he assumes it will be used for terror. then why did he give it? if he assumed that parts would be used for terror, bret, why would he give it? so you know, this is the way we negotiate. so i'm all for cuba opening it up. i do think, i do think if it is going to open up we should make at least a reasonably sane deal. not the deal we're making right now. >> mr. trump, we'll see you thursday night, right? >> we'll be talking. let's see. i didn't like the press releases that fox put out. it is like they're playing games. i don't like it when people play
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games with me and they're playing games. >> we'll all be there. >> i'm sure you'll be there. >> thanks. >> thank you very much. democrat socialist bernie sanders is continuing to chip away at hillary clinton's once for