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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  January 27, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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individual that they cannot pray anywhere they want and at any time they want. source, first amendment. thank you for joining us. we'll continue to show your comments on live. "fox & friends" start now. bye. hey, everybody, good morning, wednesday, the 27th of january, 2016. i'm anna kooiman. this is a fox news alert -- donald trump is out. he says he will not be debating on fox news tomorrow. why now, and tell help or hurt his chances of winning in iowa? it's been over a year since we went to the v.a. for answers on that wait list scandal. >> how long have you been waiting, sir? >> two years. >> you feel like the president cares about this scandal at v.a.? >> negative. >> think it's any better now? today we go back. wait until you see what we found. and think your dog does cool tricks? think again. come look at this.
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that's a canine hitching a ride on a motorcycle with an umbrella. what the heck is going on here? your move -- >> mary poppins. >> the morning's better with friends. ♪ okay, it's cool enough just the dog, but the umbrella -- ♪ chim chimeree >> something the penguin made famous years ago. >> looks like something dana perino would do with jasper with the seat belt on. >> dana perino dominates my instagram. >> speaking of dominating, it's the new story dominating today through tomorrow at 9:00. we start with this fox news alert. donald trump is out. the debate stage now set for tomorrow's fox news debate. the republican front-runner will not be in the center square. >> the boycott coming days before the first votes at the iowa caucuses. >> fox news' john roberts is
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live in des moines. how do i know? i heard him talking when i was talking. >> reporter: sorry, brian. a little communication problem there. good morning, brian, steve, and anna. several times in the past, donald trump has threatened to boycott debate. once over money, another time over the length of the debate. in the end, he always appeared. last night his campaign said that donald trump is pulling the plug on the center stage appearance here at the des moines auditorium. the reason why -- he didn't like the way fox news was treating him. listen -- >> they can't toy with me like they toy with everybody else. let them have the debate and see how they do with the ratings. >> reporter: not long after he made the announcement, here's what fox news said in an official statement, "we're not sure how iowans are going to feel about him walking away from them at the last minute, but it should be clear to the american public by now that this is rooted in one thing -- megyn kelly, whom he has viciously attacked since august and has spent four days demanding being
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removed from the debate stage." for her part, megyn says she's looking forward to the debate. >> i'll be there. bret's already there. i think wallace is coming. the debate will go on with or without mr. trump. >> reporter: here's where it could become a political problem for donald trump. he's in a neck and neck race with cruz. the poll shows a three-point lead. he's handing ted cruz tomorrow at the auditorium an unimpeded megaphone to bang donald trump with and handing him a corn stalk with which to beat him with on the campaign trail between now and the caucuses on monday. here's cruz -- >> look, if he doesn't accept, he's telling the men and women of iowa he's not willing to defend his record. he can't defend his record. he's admitting that he cannot stand the scrutiny. that means he's not up to the job of being commander in chief. anyone scared of megyn kelly is not going to be able to stand up to hillary clinton or vladimir putin. and we need a strong, principled
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conservative president. >> now donald trump says instead of appearing at the debate tomorrow night he's going to hold a fundraiser for veterans and wounded warriors, a noble thing to do. it's not unprecedented for a politician to skip a debate before the iowa caucuses. ronald reagan did it in 1980. he didn't think iowa was very important. he lost iowa to george h.w. bush. in the overall, he won the nomination. maybe donald trump is looking at that piece of history and saying, you know, doesn't matter if i'm here tomorrow or not. he's still got time. he could always show up at the last minute. >> the podium will be there. >> thank you very much. one of the -- as you look at the politics of it, as john roberts pointed out, he won't be on the stage. then again, he won't be head to head with ted cruz and everybody who's going to try to beat up donald trump just a couple of days before the iowa caucuses. in the long run, that could be good for donald trump. >> i mean, if you believe in the ted williams theory, he got
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over.400 and sat the last few games with the red sox and homered in his last at-bat but decided to sat down because he wanted it end to the way it ended. if donald trump wants your image to be his last debate or last appearance or interview, if he think tell help win it but it goes against the narrative that he doesn't want commerce or preconditions, to me this goes against the toughness persona that he's put forward. >> yeah. he's been putting that forward since the beginning and gives an open door for senator ted cruz to name call and call him ducking donald and say if you're scared of fox news and megyn kelly, take me on one on one in a town hall-style debate. that's what he's doing. he challenged him to that. we have senator cruz's father coming up later. we'll ask him. >> keep in mind, donald trump in the past has tried to negotiate the debate parameters before. he teamed one ben carson before the cnbc debate. it was going to be 15 hours long. eventually they whittled it to two.
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he also complained about the anti-trump tone at the union leader, the paper in new hampshire. they got axed as a debate partner just as nbc got axed. there is -- listen, there's political upside and political downside. a former speechwriter for bush says he's got problems with trump doing this. watch -- >> he's run a smart campaign until now. this is his first major misstep. he looks like a big baby. the premise of his campaign is that he's tougher than all the other candidates out there. democrats and republicans alike. a few months ago when bernie sanders had black lives matter protesters come and push him off the debate stage, he said how can bernie sanders fight isis if he can't handle black lives matter. how can donald trump handle isis if he can't handle tough questions from fox news. >> he did get jerry falwell jr.'s endorsement and sheriff
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paio, tough on immigration, and one from tony perkins who runs a significant christian evangelical organization. meanwhile, charles krauthammer was on last night, special report. had to digest the instant information that donald trump looks like he'll back down. listen to what he says. >> the genius of a reality tv show is that it has to be constantly changing. you can't have the same storyline week after week or the show dies. he kept his going for 14 years. he keeps changing the story when he makes an outrageous statement and then waits for incoming. he makes another outrageous statement so that all the attention is focused on the second. he's used that, i think, again, brilliantly for six months to maneuver himself at the top. >> and he's dominating the news headlines as he's been doing basically since the summer. and stealing the news cycle from the other contenders who we're
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talking about. >> if you go back to the last presidential cycle, in 2011 at the end of the year, news mack, conservative blog in florida, was sponsoring a republican candidate forum. and do you remember -- the moderator was donald trump. immediately two people signed up -- newt gingrich and rick santorum said, yep, we're in. the others, they didn't. eventually dump decided not to be the moderator because he was keeping his options open. he might run for president back then. nonetheless, here's a conversation he had with megyn kelly back that 2011 that in some ways seems ironic. >> let's touch on this debate coming up that you're going to moderate with news max. so far, only newt gingrich and rick santorum have agreed. are -- >> we're not seeing a lot of courage here, are we? >> not so far. >> not lots of courage. these republicans -- they're supposed to be brave. >> do you really think you're a better moderator than i instantly. >> no. i could never beat you. that wouldn't even be close.
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that would be no contest. you have done a great job, by the way. i many. >> happier times. >> not so icy. >> not only that, it goes -- at goes counter to what trump said about megyn kelly being a second-rate announcer and interviewer, she doesn't do a good job. in 2011 you heard what he thought. >> yeah. the republican candidates, others have been out on the trail and doing media roundups and all that. they're reacting to the news. let's listen. >> it will give us more time to talk. that's how it will affect it. that will be good for me and good for the other people on the stage. if he doesn't want to be there, that's okay with me. i'll tell you this -- the american people should wonder. if you're not willing to show up when everything isn't going your way, exactly the way you want it to, that's not the way the job as governor goes. >> it's hard for me to understand. i'm out there trying to campaign across the state and talk to people and listen to them. but the one thing i am absolutely sure of is that the
3:10 am
iowa caucuses have always been about going out there and meeting people one on one. >> for anyone deciding between me and donald, one candidate is here in iowa asking for the support, showing the humility to submit yourself to the voters to answer your questions. and the other is hiding from the voters, is hiding from any fair contest. i'll tell you what, if donald is terrified of any moderators, he and i can debate one on one with an iowa town hall. >> we've heard moaning from the gop contenders about their time that they get to talk during the previous debates or how much time they're getting in the media. and you know, this may be their opportunity if donald trump decides not to show up. they'll have more opportunities to disseminate their information about the platform. >> what good is having preeb us in the rnc if they're not brokering a peace deal on the stage. what else are you doing? are you caught up in football
3:11 am
mania? >> the rnc vowed ton get involved in the dispute. they said the candidates can choose whether or not to be in the debate. what do you think? does it hurt or help donald trump? e-mail us or facebook us or tweet us. 11 after the hour. now to heather and the headlines. >> good morning. a lot going on. we'll start in oregon this morning. a bloody end to that refuge standoff overnight. one rancher is now dead. and another injured during a police shoot-out following a traffic stop. the group's leader, amman bundy, and seven others are in custody. bundy was headed to a community meeting when he was stopped by oregon state police. it's not clear why he was stopped. all eight now face federal felony conspiracy charges. bundy led the armed occupation to protest federal land policy for 26 days. more on that story as we get it on the west coast. authorities are comparing one of the three escaped
3:12 am
california inmates to the movie madman hannibal lechter. when asked about the men, they said, they let hannibal lechter out. he is describing him as a cunning and violent man. they say he may be responsible for planning that prison escape. authorities are also trying to figure out how it took more than 15 hours to even realize that these guys were gone. prison reports say that the three men cut through steel bars and used a bed sheet to gain access to the jail roof. authorities have now quadrupled the financial reward leading to their capture from $50,000 to $200,000. and this is quite a story out of indianapolis this morning. heartbreaking. an elementary school principal is now being hailed a hero this morning for saving several students before she was struck and killed by a school bus. authorities say that principal susan jordan pushed several children out of the way when a bus that was carrying 5 students sudden -- 25 students suddenly
3:13 am
lurched forward in the school parking lot. two other students suffered serious injuries. that bus driver was not hurt. police are calling it a freak accident. they're still investigating. what a brave hero that was. shows how much principals are willing to do for their students on so many occasions. >> always thinking. >> no kidding. >> great. >> alertbreaking. >> thank you very much. coming up on this wednesday, with lives on the line, you'd expect air traffic controllers to be experts, right? a shocking new report says some haven't even completed their beginner training. how does that happen? and do you want a gun? write an essay. it's down to law in one city. the gun advocate leading the charge against it next. ♪
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do you want to exercise your second amendment rights to own a gun? you will have to write an essay and pay more than $1,000 if you live in lowell, massachusetts. leaders now requiring gun owners to write a letter to the state explaining why they want an unrestructuu unrestricted handgun license in paper training. here's how the police explain it -- >> we want to make sure that we allow people to exercise their constitutional right to carry a firearm, but we did it in a balanced, reasonable approach. >> but is the law really
3:18 am
balanced and really reasonable? executive director of the gun owners action league of massachusetts, jim lyles, joins us now. is this balanced and reasonable? will. >> i suppose it's balanced and reasonable to somebody who doesn't want you to exercise your civil right. i mean, the people who initiated the original poll tax probably thought that was very reasonable, as well. you know, this really goes above and beyond what the state law calls for. as far as i'm concerned, the city council and local chief have really shamed themselves by putting extra hurd else in front of lawful people who want to exercise their civil rights. >> my worry is if i want to be a gun owner and write an essay, it's subjective to the person reading the essay as opposed to the hard and fast facts about what you can and can't do. if you could get that essay back and go, no, we've rejected your license, next, correct? >> correct. even if you go through the extra training because the state already mandates a training course, but lowell wants you to take extra training, write an
3:19 am
essay, and get letters of recommendation from people who are supposed to comment on your medical records and mental health, even if you do all that, they can still refuse you after spending that you will money. >> and also, i think about the fact that both sides agree that getting the guns out of the hands of psychopaths, the mentally ill is key, especially when you look t last shooting. is a perfect idea to make sure we understand who's getting guns, what deuo you say to them? >> in massachusetts, we have an extraordinarily strict process for being qualified to exercise your civil rights already. so the city is going above and beyond in what we consider to be just putting hurdles in front of people. but one of the thing that i look at and the citizens of lowell look at is what problem is this supposed to solve. there has been no records in massachusetts of lawfully licensed gun owners being a threat to public safety. with that in mind, why else would they try to do this?
3:20 am
>> right. >> if they're trying to weed out certain people, well, that goes back to our -- you know, the poll tax analogy. >> right. jim, we'll look to see how this is implemented because it was unanimously passed by the town of over 100,000. jim wallace, thank you very much. >> thank you. ten minutes until the bottom of the hour. president obama pushing for an end to sol carry confinement -- solitary confinement for juveniles. is rehab about fair and reasonable punishment? the debate is next. and think your dog does cool tricks? match this. that dog's hitching a ride on a motorcycle and has an umbrella. is that real, or is that a man in a dog suit? a short man.
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24 minutes after the top of the hour. we've got quick headlines. a muslim man now under arrest for planning a massacre at a masonic temple. authorities say sammy mohammed hamzi from milwaukee told two undercover fbi agents they should kill everybody inside the temple using machine guns equipped with silencers. hamzi was arrested after buying machine guns from the undercover agents. no idea how that works. meanwhile, affluenza teen ethan couch could be back in the united states by the end of the week. the 18-year-old just dropped an appeal against deportation in the country of mexico and is preparing to come back to texas to face the music.
3:25 am
anna? >> thanks. 24 minutes after the hour. president obama pushing a ban on solitary confinement for juveniles and low-level offenders in federal prisons. in a "washington post" op-ed, the president said he came to his decision after the justice department found that the practice reduces the chances that prisoners can be rehabilitated into society. is prison it rehabilitation or punishment? joining us for a legal debate, attorney eric gusser and former federal attorney emily kpcompan. welcome. eric, what happens to someone in prison, they go to solitary confinement, particularly a young individual? >> they're put into this tiny, tiny cell. what happens, these people go through emotional turmoil, being stuck in a tiny cell with no contact with human life, no -- no ability to talk to other people. they are caged like animals which is cruel and unusual punishment. and the president is making the right step in making this change. >> so you are for the ban?
3:26 am
emily, you are against it, why? >> eric makes fair points, but it's impossible to separate the detrimental effects of solitary confinement from the whole host of other detrimental effects that being in prison does, especially for the juveniles. the purpose of prison is punishment and deterrents. it is not rehabilitation, especially at rikers, for example. last year alone, $22,000 worth of drugs and alcohol were smuggled in by the guards. rampant inmate-on-inmate violence -- >> isn't that different -- [ all talking at once ] >> what do you think, eric? >> prison is about rehabilitation, especially with juvenile offenders. what we want is to punish people, but we want to rehabilitate them into making them be ready for life after prison. we have an issue with recidivism and people re-offending. we want to make sure they're preparing emotionally, as well as spiritually to go back in society without re-offending.
3:27 am
>> emily, one of the instances that president obama talks about in his "washington post" op-ed is this individual, khalif browarder. he spent nearly two years in solitary con fiemt at rikers -- confinement at rikers. he was jailed for stealing a back pack and committed side at the age of 22. you see this is an unfair example, why? >> he's an undeniably tragic example obviously. that goes to my point of separating the ill effects of the solitary confinement alone. my point earlier about citing all the other examples of the toxicity of the system is that he was the victim of incredible inmate violence as well as guard violence. and he cited it repeatedly in terms of his emotional subsequent state post incarceration. my point is all of those have a detrimental aspect. obama himself acknowledged that solitary confinement is often necessary, albeit a drastic measure. >> yeah. for their own personal safety from time to time, isn't it,
3:28 am
eric? >> and sometimes personal safety is an issue. however, when you're putting people in solitary confinement for up to a year at times, when someone is put into solitary for 365 days, that is beyond the realm of regular punishment. that is cruel and unusual, and the president is trying to stop it. we should. >> well, approximately two dozen states over the last couple of years have tried to curtail the use of solitary confinement for many of the reasons that president obama mentioned. eric and emily, thank you very much for your time today. friends at home, e-mail us, what do you think about juveniles in solitary confinement? 6:28. coming up, trump is out. the republican candidate refuses to get to the stage for thursday's fox news debate. what are his competitors saying? we take a closer look. and it turn out you are never too young to count your blessings. >> my daddy, thanks for my mommy, amen. >> that little girl caught
3:29 am
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available 12.3-inch navigation screen and panorama glass roof. never has luxury been this expressive. this is the pursuit of perfection. here's some news. if you're just waking up, you may not know. donald trump has decided to ditch tomorrow's iowa republican debate before the caucuses. it's drawing criticism from his competitors. >> kristen fisher live from washington, d.c., with what others are saying about the move. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is exactly the kind of opening that many of trump's republican rivals have been waiting for. jeb bush accused him of being scared of tough questions from megyn kelly. chris christie wondered if this was the way to react when things don't go your way. mike huckabee offered to take trump's place at the main debate. >> it's hard for me to
3:33 am
understand. if this is the year that a person did win the iowa caucuses by just raising money and going in and blasting with tv and radio ads, i think it could be the end of the iowa caucus as we know it. >> i'm basically saying it doesn't matter whether he's there or not. i would be surprised if he's not there, though. >> you think he'll show up? >> i do think so. >> reporter: whether he does or doesn't show up, one thing not in question is trump's dominance in the polls. a new cnn/orc poll shows trump at 41%. a new high. his closest rival, ted cruz, is 22 points behind him. that is a massive gap. no other candidate hit double digit. rubio at 8%, carson at 4%, christie at 4. everyone else at 3% or less. a new poll has trump and cruz two points apart. 31-29. marco rubio a distant third at 13%. as for the democrats, those three candidate haven't said anything about trump skipping
3:34 am
the debate, though the news broke yesterday evening. i'm sure it's only a matter of time before they weigh in. >> you're right. thanks. >> ahead of iowa, bernie sanders hitting on president obama. >> now pressure on some of the so-called establishment candidates to stop beating up each other. story in "the new york times," jeb bush, kasich, rubio, and others are being told to knock it off, you're killing each other, and you're knocking it down to a two-person race, you're the wounds to blame. if you're not making traction, there's going to be pressure to pull out. >> right now, the fight is for third place. who's going to finish third? stand by. all right. continue to send us emails about who you think this helps, does it help or hurt donald trump regarding the fact that he says he's not going to show up on the republican debate. go to or tweet facebook. news time, heather? >> 34 minutes after the hour. good morning to all of you. hope you're off to a good day. we're getting in chilling new photos just published showing the isis terrorist jihadi john
3:35 am
without a mask. the executioner, his real name was mohammed emwazi, he was killed by a drone strike in november. these photos were just released in a report circulated by a media outlet that was affiliated with the terror group. it's not clear when these pictures were taken or where. the british national appeared in several beheading videos, including the horrific murder of americans james foley and steven sotloff. back at home, talking politics. is hillary clinton feeling the burn? the clinton campaign wants bernie sanders to take part in a newly announced debate next week in new hampshire. that debate just five days before the state's crucial primary would not be sanctioned by the dnc. several polls give sanders a big lead over clinton in the granite state. his campaign says he has no plans to participate. undertrained and at the controls. more than one dozen of the nation's busiest air traffic facilities from atlanta all the
3:36 am
way to alaska are understaffed and using trainees in the airport towers. that's according to a new watchdog report, unbelievable. the faa considers the facilities fully staffed, even though controllers are still in training because they're only being used to fill the gaps, they say. apparently their skill level is irrelevant. >> really? >> what do you think about that? wow. and take a look at this dog. we love this one. riding on a scooter. really? oh, boy. a driver captured this video in thailand. the pair went cruising down the street. the dog and driver seemed to be completely at ease. not even batting an eye, like they do it every day. if you look closely, you see the dog is carrying an umbrella in his mouths. what a good dog there. those are your headlines. what kind of dog is that? >> looks like your lab, my lab. >> yeah. >> labs have a hard type sitting pretty like -- hard time sitting pretty like that. usually they sit sideways. >> looks like a jasper. >> good core control.
3:37 am
good core muscles in the dog. >> cute. >> maybe he does exercises at home on saturday. >> hip-hop abs. >> insanity in the pictures. 24 before the top of the hour. what does the day hold weatherwise? maria has the answer. >> reporter: well, in northeast, it's not bad. look at the numbers. it's january and only 43 early in new york city. not bad at all. as we head west, cooler across the midwest and also across portions of the northern plains with temperatures right now in the 20s and in the teens. eventually some of the cooler air is going to push eastward and impact portions of the eastern u.s. we are going to beeratures drop bit. and there's a look at the front bringing in the cooler air. we're looking estimate snow showers off the great lakes. just a couple of inches forecast. where we could have bigger problems today is in the southeastern u.s. out here, looking at a lot of heavy rain pushing through florida. there is even the potential for some severe storms across southern parts of the state. that's something to watch for today. meanwhile, showers farther west, across the gulf coast including
3:38 am
new orleans. back inside to steve. >> all right. thank you very much. you're never too young to count your blessings. just listen to this 2-year-old. >> thank you -- grandpa. thank you my daddy. thank you my mommy. amen. >> this video several minutes long of a toddler praying in her crib was captured on her baby monitor. you see right there. the video going viral with nearly, what, close to a little shy of a million views on facebook. that little girl, 2-year-old sutton, and her parents, katherine and caleb whitt, joiningnous from atlanta. she's so busy praying, it looks like she's a little exhausted now, katherine. >> she is. it's been a long evening. >> i imagine it is. okay, so caleb, tell us the story. usually you pray with your daughter -- you and your wife
3:39 am
pray with your daughter at night before bed. what happened on this day that you did not do that? >> well, we were trying to get her in bed a little early so we could watch the nfc championship game. and so we kind of rushed through the bedtime ritual. but she apparently didn't forget. she jumped flight there and filled in. >> so you were praying for the panthers to do doo some magic on the -- to do some ma'ome magic gridiron. katherine, at what point did you realize what's that noise coming from sutton's room? >> it was during a commercial break. we heard something upstairs. i'm paranoid about her being upstairs anyway. i said, what's that, and turned on the monitor and realized she was praying. so at that point is when i hit the record option. and it just unfolded. >> okay. now, caleb, this remind me of one of my daughters, sally. she -- everybody she met during the course of a day, she would pray for at night.
3:40 am
i understand with your daughter, she never forgets a name. and so the list of people she prays for just gets longer and longer, doesn't it? >> it does. and it's interesting because it's not like a recited thing that we go through every night, the same thing. you know, we kind of encourage her to just think of things that she's thankful for and grateful for. and -- and apparently she's -- she's kind of understanding the whole process of it. she's praying for those people that are important to her. >> and katherine, it's got to warm your heart, she didn't know you were watching. the first two she prays for, you and your husband. >> right. it definitely does. we're thankful that she's able to understand the power of prayer at such a young age, too. >> yeah. of course she thanks all the important people in her life in addition to relatives and friends and neighbors. she does pray for santa, as
3:41 am
well, as every 2-year-old would. >> she does. right. >> all right. so caleb, what's the moral to the story? >> well, it's just -- been amazing to me is how much it struck a chord and resonated with everybody. and i just think that with so much negativity in the world today that something like this, that we can all look in our lives and realize that there's something to be grateful for and to try to find the positive things. you know, the greatest thing that, you know, we can pray to god and jesus, our savior. and know that he hears us. >> yep. well, great that you got up so early to be with us. katherine and caleb and sutton right there, have a wonderful day. and god bless you all. >> thank you so much. >> thanks, you, too. you, too. >> very nicely done. thank you very much. i love her. adorable. all right. coming up on this wednesday, trash day did not go as planned in one neighborhood.
3:42 am
look. that doesn't normally happen. what did go wrong? the incredible accident caught on camera. we'll tell you the details coming up. and it's been more than a year since we went to the v.a. for answers on that wait list scandal. >> reporter: how long have you been waiting, sir? >> two years. >> reporter: do you feel like the president cares about there scandal at v.a.? >> negative. >> well, that's how people felt then. is it any better now? today we go back. and wait until you see what we found. ♪
3:43 am
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3:46 am
wow. the truck up in flames in a new jersey neighborhood moments after the driver noticed smoke coming from the battery. the blast so strong it blew a hole into a nearby home. and imagine a 16-foot wave flipping a government suv on the coast of chile. the wave coming out of nowhere, hitting the vehicle broadside. several bystanders rushing to help the driver and the passenger. all right. meanwhile, weeks after a wait list scandal rocked the phoenix v.a., fox news contributors visited the v.a. in baltimore, 40 miles north and east of washington just to see how bad the situation was there. >> reporter: how long have you been waiting, sir? >> two years. >> reporter: do you feel like the president cares about this scandal at v.a.? >> negative. you either are a number, or you are a diagnosis. >> i'm very disappointed.
3:47 am
i'm very disappointed. i think it should be changed. >> it was an emotional story, i remember. a year and a half later, the agency still claims that things are getting better. how is it really? >> government documents reveal and show the number of vets waiting for over 30 days for an appointment to be about the same as it was in 2014. have things changed that much? pete is here from what he saw up close and personal. >> absolutely. it was an interesting day talking to vets on the street. last time we went to the baltimore v.a., we heard from veterans frustrated by the long wait time. a lack of accountability and a soulness bureaucracy. unfortunately, this time it seems like not much has changed. [ siren ] >> everything's slower. stuff speeded up for a month or two. now it's back to being worse than it was a year ago. >> from this past september to now, i've been down here 14 times. i keep getting the same -- every
3:48 am
time i come down, nothing gets done. >> if i was dying or had a serious illness or something and i'm waiting to see my primary care physician and it takes me 16 months, by the time i see the physician, they're putting flowers on my grave. >> people i talk to here in general are happy. i know it's not been this way for everybody. i'm lucky. >> i think they need to pay more attention to veterans. >> i had a broken arm and sat in the emergency room for almost eight hours before somebody even seen me. >> reporter: why the wait? >> told me this was only four -- tell me. there was only four people in there besides me. >> one hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. by the time the veterans gets a little of networking done and get information from here and there, they are still right here in the middle with which way do i go. like silly putty, which way do i go? which way do i go? >> a lot of the problems is not necessarily the care but the timeliness or speed of it?
3:49 am
>> i guess it would be the individuals. what their mentality is. i hear you, i hear you. >> reporter: how's your treatment been -- >> okay, okay. there's a doctor up here i see, and she takes good care of me. >> the v.a. refused to speak to us on camera, but they did release this statement saying in part, "over the course of the past two years, v.a. has taken important steps to address the obstacles that keep veterans from receiving more timely care. we have focused on increasing meaded clinical support and staff, increasing clinical space, productivity, and ramping up our programs where veterans can receive care at community providers." >> pete, i thought the president said this was going to be one of his top priority. he was going to fix it. and since he said that, we haven't heard -- >> there's been a lot of talk, a lot of press releases. when you go and talk to veterans
3:50 am
where it matters, they're still waiting. they're still going back and time and time again for appointments. and they need -- you saw, if you couldn't tell at the end of the package, that was a backfire of a vehicle. he had a very -- a real reaction. a vietnam veteran. he needs care on that post traumatic stress, and he's waiting for days and weeks and months. >> did you catch anyone that was happy? they get inside. but person after person, waiting for those appointments, wait times -- things got temporarily better. but they're now -- they're now waiting a long time again. >> you're noticing quality of care may have improved, just the wait times -- >> we know there are good doctors and nurses inside the v.a. but we see the bureaucracy being the same a year and a half later. >> just getting to the examining table takes long. pete, thanks. all right, straight ahead -- >> did you curl up on your side or prefer to sleep on your back?
3:51 am
turns out your sleep position could have a serious impact -- >> shouldn't he be queuing up about now? >> he's sleeping. iall across the state belthe economy is growing,day. with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies.
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3:55 am
>> say your prayers. >> so this is good for your digestive health, why? >> especially for those with heart burn the gastric juices will break down the food and it will not allow the juices from the stomach to get through. >> so this is a good -- >> there's a pro. there's a con too. you get nightmares. >> i sleep on my left and i haven't had a nightmare left. >> when we get to be adults we don't complain about nightmares. >> get on your back. >> get out of the bed. >> the pros is you have great neck and spine alignment. you want to make sure that you have the right fitted pillow behind your neck and in between your knees. >> my husband snores on his back you have sleep apnea or gained weight, you can snore. >> do we want the perfect pillow? >> you want the ideal pillow. >> the perfect pillow is our sponsor.
3:56 am
so we prefer that. >> that's literally what it's called. >> before we move on from the back, you have to know that the main reason you want to sleep on your back, you can reduce wrinkles. would you ever know that i'm turning 40 this year. >> amazing. >> how about sleeping on your right side? >> the great thing about that, you have high blood pressure you want to end up sleeping on your right because it opens up the chest cavity. >> i'll demonstrate sleeping on the right. >> please, thank you. you can turn around and sleep on your stomach that's probably the worst way to sleep. why? you're putting a lot of pressure on your neck and on your back. >> right. >> but you might gain some racy dreams. >> racy dreams on your stomach. nightmares on your left. >> exactly. >> pros and cons to everything. >> bottom line is for all of us, we just need more sleep on the right, left, back and stomach. >> good proper nutrition, bedtime routine. the right mattress and perfect pillow. good to go. >> put down the phones before bedtime. thank you for your time.
3:57 am
ingrid, i appreciate it. >> thanks so much. meanwhile, trump's exiting the debate tomorrow night opens up other things. mike huckabee will join us. hey marc. how you feeling? don't ask. this is what it can be like to have shingles, a painful, blistering rash. i never thought this would happen to me. if you had chickenpox, the shingles virus is already inside you. 1 in 3 people will get shingles in their lifetime. i'm going to go back to the eye doctor tomorrow. it's pretty close to my eye.
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hi, friends. good morning. it's wednesday, january 27th of 2016. i'm anna kooiman. donald trump off the debate stage. the gop front-runner announcing he will not participate in tomorrow night's iowa showdown. governor mike huckabee here to react in a moment. wow. and trump is out. stunning news. so could that mean ted cruz has a major in and maybe a victory in iowa? with after all, the caucus five days away. the texas senator secret weapon thinks so. his dad, rafael cruz here live. and the video proof that dogs are not just man's best friend. as one dives under a flooded out home to rescue her own.
4:01 am
look at that. the story that is going to warm your heart. live from new york city, and the state of iowa, this is "fox & friends." okay. so donald trump is out. martin o'malley i wonder until he volunteers to be the center square. >> tomorrow night. >> but a great point. we set up the two stages for bill hemmer and martha maccallum and then the second show and i wonder if the next guest hopes to get elevated. let's get right to the fox news alert. the show will do on with or without donald trump. >> the frontrunner backs out just ahead of the iowa caucuses. john roberts is in the heart of iowa with the stunning announcement. john?
4:02 am
>> reporter: the very heart of des moines. by the way it's still winter. yes, very much winter here in iowa. good morning to you, brian and anna. donald trump has been threatening this for days since he has been trying to get megyn kelly booted from the debate. that's not going to happen when trump realized that he decided to take his ball and go home. using the excuse that he didn't like the fact that fox news had made fun of him for threatening to quit. listen. >> when megyn kelly didn't ask me a question, she made a statement last time i thought it was inappropriate. everyone said i won the debate. everybody said i said the last debate, they said i won all of the debates. why should the networks continue getting rich on these debates? give some to the wounded warriors, you're making a fortune. let's see how much money fox is going to make on the debate without me. >> fox news put out this statement in response. quote, we can't give in to
4:03 am
terrorizations towards any of our employees. trump is welcome at the debate and will be treated fairly just as he has been during his 132 appearances on fox news and fox business but he can't dictate the moderators or the questions. for her part, on her program last night, megyn kelly said she's looking forward to tomorrow night. >> i'll be there. bret is there. i think wallace is coming today. but the debate will go on with or without mr. trump. >> obviously he'll get a lot of publicity out of this, but politically what trump has down is handed ted cruz his chief opponent here, chief rival, an opening he was desperate for five days before the caucuses. cruz is literally making fun of trump calling him afraid. throwing down the gauntlet on hannity's show last night. to trump, asking him to debate one-on-one. >> i'll tell you what. if donald is terrified of any moderators, he and i can debate one-on-one with an iowa town hall. he can invite half the people
4:04 am
from iowa. i'll invite half the people from iowa and we'll answer the questions from real live citizen, people who vote in the caucus. >> reporter: certainly donald trump's supporters don't care much about him. they're probably behind him. the question is how will the undecided voters in iowa take this? they like to see their candidate stand up and be counted. >> john roberts, thank you. i was looking on the e-mail machine. the -- your reaction goes something like that. it's either some tough guy, he can't even handle megyn kelly or supporters don't think he should have agreed to walk into what they call an ambush. it shows he can't be controlled. ultimately, politically what it's going to do? let's talk to involved in politics deeply, we're talking about mike huckabee. well, governor, what do you think about his decision to say i'm not going to show up on the fox show? >> you know, it's his decision.
4:05 am
i'm going to show up and i'll be happy to take that empty podium that he's going to be vacating. i would love the opportunity. i think this a lot of drama that involves the networks and the candidates but most of the people in iowa are more concerned about their jobs. they're concerned about whether or not the candidates are going to support an industry like ethanol that gives them 75,000 jobs, billions of investment. i just think that, you know, the insider baseball kind of drama is probably not the major thing that people talk about. i guarantee you it is not going to come up in my town halls today. that's not what people are going to be asking me about. >> well -- go ahead. >> you visited all 99 counties, all 99 precincts. i want know what the people are telling you? a new poll shows that 40% have not made up their mind yet. i know you're hoping to whittle your way in there. what are you hearing on the trail? >> nobody has voted this yet. i hear it's a two man race, now
4:06 am
it's who's going to be third. the people of iowa will make that decision next monday. they always do. they always surprise the networks that have it all figured out. and i think it's kind of interesting that every four years we have this played out. every four years something happens that nobody saw coming. and we never seem to learn from that. >> governor, pretty clear that you have gotten along with donald trump. in fact, he said something nice about you an rick santorum. he said you're two great guys and he hopes you get out of it and keep it going after iowa. how do you explain this relationship? >> well, look, i've got a good relationship with most of the candidates. the other republicans are not my enemies. i want to change the country. this isn't about me or them. it's about all the other folks who are not on the undercard or the big card. most of the people who come to my town halls they're not big
4:07 am
shots. they're not goldman sachs and citibank and bank of america executives. i have talked to a lot of people who have retired and they're scared to death that somebody is going to come in and decide that their social security isn't going to be coming anymore. and so their interest and their concerns are very different than the concerns that i think the political insiders play. that's i believe the problem that we have got in the country, that we're not taking the people's problems seriously. we talk process. we don't talk problems. and there are a lot of problems in this country from veterans not getting their health care that they have been promised. >> right. >> to retired people, scared to death that they -- that everything they've worked for is going to disappear. they don't care about the process. they care about their future and grandkids and there's a lot of reasons they should be concerned. >> that's one of the reasons that on the democratic side bernie sanders is doing so well. they feel like, you know, he's their guy. he understands them.
4:08 am
for whatever reason, hillary clinton is not connecting with him. he is apparently going to get a sit down meeting with the president after the president said some kind words about hillary. hey, was that an endorsement, we can't tell. why do you think bernie sanders is igniting the interests of so many people on the democratic side? >> even though a lot of us would say that bernie sanders' solutions are way out there, utterly destructive, like 90% taxes. a lot of his ideas, free everything. here's the thing he's right on. this country is controlled by big money politics. let's not kid ourselves. most of the campaigns are funded by the same big wall street hedge fund billionaire donors, whether they're democrat or republican. people wonder how come things never change. republicans get in power, democrats get in power, because
4:09 am
the same donor class feeds the political class and the politics are basically bought and paid for. if we want to change the country, we'd better somehow take the country away from a handful of people who fund candidates and the candidates will make great speeches. they'll promise a lot of stuff. >> they do. >> but the fact they deliver to the donors, not to the ordinary people who can't shell out, you know, million dollar check at a time. our country is absolutely on the wrong track in large measure because we're run basically by a handful of people who are funneling the money through politicians who i promise will do the dance, that the donors demand that they do. >> all right. you have an ad out. let's take a look at it. it's called hello hawk. ♪ hello aren't you glad sub-zero chills campaigning is a dream ♪ ♪ there's no difference between
4:10 am
obama and hillary ♪ ♪ hello from the caucus now >> you've got hillary clinton doing the whip and the naenae in there. do you think you'll have as much success as adele had with her song? >> if i do, i'm the next president of the united states, hands down. >> how did you like my impression of adele? >> it was genius. what i get across, you're doing the work of meeting the people and walking the streets of iowa. and the fields of iowa. and usually that results in victory and success. and this is -- if donald trump is successful he'll rewrite how it's done. if you do well, you'll say the old way still works. >> well, here's why i think the
4:11 am
old way is important. it requires a person who's a going to be president to go out and meet farmers and welders and housewives and teachers and retired people and unemployed truck drivers. i mean, i just think that if you're going to be president, i hope that the only people you meet aren't the richest people in america that you meet in manhattan, hollywood and at the lobbyist dinners in washington. i think you ought to meet some people who still have the grit and grime under their fingernails from having to lift heavy things. if we don't understand what those folks are going through, then i don't think we have any business being president. god help this country if the only people who rule us are indeed part of the ruling class and have no connection to the working class. >> all right. mike huckabee, former governor of the great state of arkansas in iowa, he's getting ready for tomorrow night's big debate here on fox. we'll be watching you tomorrow night. thank you. >> thanks, guys. good to talk to you. it's 7:11.
4:12 am
ted cruz issuing a challenge to donald trump. >> i would like to invite donald right now to engage in a one-on-one debate with me. >> what does cruz's secret weapon have to say about that? well, cruz's father, pastor rafael cruz, on deck next. why in the world do police and angry strangers show up at this house? the digital mystery that will have you scratching your heads. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business...
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4:16 am
the big political news is donald trump will not be on the debate stage tomorrow for the fox debate. could his absence give another candidate the chance to stand out? >> joining us right now with his reaction, the father of presidential candidate and second in most polls and leading in some polls in iowa, pastor rafael cruz, welcome to "fox & friends." >> great to be with you, brian. >> mr. cruz, talk about this. your son last night realizing that donald trump is dropping out of the debate offered this challenge. >> he's unwilling to stand on
4:17 am
the debate stage with the other candidates and i would like to invite donald right now to engage in a one-on-one debate with me any time between now and the iowa caucus. >> how do you think -- do you think donald trump will accept that challenge? >> well, i don't know, but i think the voters of iowa, the voters of america deserve to listen to the candidates answer the tough questions from the people. >> what do you think his reasoning is -- mr. trump's reasoning is for pulling ott of the debate? it's because he thinks he doesn't think megyn kelly will treat him fairly on our debate stage. >> well, i don't know. i don't want to speculate on his reasons. but i think the voters deserve to hear from all the candidates and hear them answer the questions that they have. i mean, basically this is a job application for the presidency of the united states. >> that's right. okay. so in a lot of polls, your son is number two.
4:18 am
pastor, if donald trump the guy who's number one isn't there, you've got to figure the fact that ted cruz is there and donald trump is not at the fox debate, that's going to be good for your son, right? >> well, it will just change the nature of the debate. it will not be so much of a back and forth and perhaps it will give an opportunity to get more into the substantive issues that are affecting america and the solutions that need to be put forth. >> plus -- >> so i think -- >> there's also the possibility that if donald trump is not there all the other candidates rather than taking shots at donald trump are going to take shots at your son. >> well, that is possible. it's even probable. but you know something? that's part of being involved in this political process. >> i guess so. so mr. cruz, no doubt about it, everybody -- donald trump seems
4:19 am
to have made gains. commenting on your son's citizenship saying what's really canadian. why did your son hold on to his canadian citizenship so long if this was his long time ambition? >> let me say it is -- that the issue is just a distraction. the law is quite clear. it's been so clear for a couple of centuries, as a matter of fact. anyone born of a u.s. citizen anywhere in the world is a u.s. citizen by birth, so this is -- this is a distraction. we need to be talking about the substantive issues that are facing america today. so i think we need to get back to the fact that we need to restore america's leadership in the world. we need to stop the out of control debt. we need to stop the lawlessness that is going on in this administration. we need to get back to the constitution, the rule of law and limited government. so i hope that we get back to the issues that really matter and the question is who is best
4:20 am
prepared to be commander in chief of the united states of america? >> quickly, pastor rafael cruz, i want to get your thoughts on the evangelical voting bloc in iowa, it's very important. jerry falwell jr. endorsing more trump which seemed to be slack in the face of your son. senator cruz getting the endorsement from the family leader. are you trying to court the evangelicals given your back so, and if so how? >> well, i'll tell you i think the evangelical vote is critical. when you look at what happened in the 2012 election almost half of evangelicals did not vote. and if we have so many people of faith -- the same thing was true among catholics, many catholics did not vote. so if people of faith are not voting, it represents a great void in the political process. and we all have a responsibility to make our -- you know, our
4:21 am
voices known and vote for people that reflect our values. >> right. >> so we are encouraged. we have seen evangelicals coalescing around ted. and -- >> pastor, thank you very much for joining us on this wednesday. thank you, sir. good luck. this program is brought to you by nationwide. >> nationwide is on your side. vo: which is why being put first takes some getting used to. ♪ nationwide is on your side nationwide is the exclusive insurance partner of plenti. avo: when sends craig wilson a ready for you client: great proposal! let's readytalk more over golf. mes? craig: great. client: how about over tennis craig: even better. avo: a game changer! avo: the ready for you alert, only at
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4:25 am
a blood drive is being held for deputy arnold today. our prayers are with him and his family. the leader of that group -- that oregon wildlife refuge is in custody. ammon bundy was stopped by the oregon state police and that confrontation escalating into the shoot-out. one rancher was killed. seven others were arrested along with bundy. all eight are facing felony conspiracy charge. bundy led the armed occupation for 26 days. let's go over to you, steve. >> thanks. what if we told you there was a tiny pill that could do everything from boost your speed to take away your pain? you'd want that, right? well, turns out there already is that pill. and it isn't really a medical pill at all. it's just a placebo. i'm not kidding. recent studies have revealed there's been a huge spike in the
4:26 am
fake pills real effect or seemingly so on americans. why the sudden surge? here to explain is the author of the book "cure, a journey into the science of mind over body" joe martin who joins us from london. joe, why exactly does it appear to you that placebos which have no medicine in them make us feel better? >> this question of whether the mind, just thinking you're going to get better actually works, is really a controversial one. in my book, "cure", i investigate what the science tells us about this. we're going to need physical drugs and treatment, it can cause real biological changes that are important for health. i put a lot of examples in the book, but the placebo effect is an interesting one. often people will feel better, even if it turns out that that
4:27 am
pill was fake. so this is a bit of a trick, you know, somebody takes a fake pill, then feels better. presumably they would have gotten better anyway or maybe they think they have improved when they haven't. but the surprising things that scientists are finding, taking a placebo in some cases can actually trigger real biological changes that are very similar to those caused by drugs. so taking a placebo pain killer, for example, can trigger the release of natural pain relieving chemicals called endorphins. so receiving medical care and expecting your medical condition to improve can cause a cure in a real physical way. >> so we have a graphic too, to demonstrate how people have said they -- the placebos work. for instance in 1990, for example, patients reported that opiate drugs relieved their pain
4:28 am
symptoms 27% better than a place placebo. but in 2013 this difference dropped to 9% and while the drug response was constant, no simple drop. it was only demonstrated in americans and not europeans or asians who the study also took a look at. so are you seeing, jo, if a person says i'm not feeling good, i really need that pill, just by the action of taking a pill even though it's not doing anything for them, the brain is healing their body? >> yes. it doesn't work for everything, but pain is a good thing where placebos work very well. nothing to do with the pill. that's a sugar pill. that doesn't do anything. it's your response to that pill. if taking that pill makes you expect that your condition is going to improve, or if simply receiving medical care makes you feel supported and gives you that feeling that things are going to get better, that can create real biological changes that are just like the changes
4:29 am
caused by drugs. this increase in america and not elsewhere is really interesting. so by 2013, in clinical trials of pain killers the drug being tested were 9% better than getting a placebo pill. there are interesting reasons for that. one is appetizing, so consumer advertising is -- so people are being told on tv all the time, pain killers work, so that could be leading to higher placebo effects. another example of a mechanism is learned association. so if you take a drug several times that causes a particular physical response in your body, your body learns that response. so later, if you take a placebo pill your body will respond with the same physical response even if that's no pill and even if you know it's a placebo. that works with pain and other things like immune responses. so many americans now have direct experience of taking pain
4:30 am
killers but that is translating into stronger placebo responses. >> unbelievable. >> then the third possible mechanism is just that there are a lot of research -- i talk about this in the book, simply being cared for is very effective at easing pain and the stronger placebo responses in the u.s. correlate with a shift towards longer, larger trials which hasn't happened elsewhere. so people in these trials are receiving a better quality of care, perhaps from a dedicated trial nurse for longer and that in turn could be affecting -- relieving their pain in a more effective way. >> well, so many people take pills each and every day. we wanted to bring this story to them via you. joining us around lunch time there in london. the book is called "cure, a journey into the science of mind over body." jo marchant, thank you. five years ago donald trump agreed to host a news max debate.
4:31 am
>> so far only newt gingrich and rick santorum have agreed. >> not seeing a lot of courage here. >> not so far. >> not a lot of courage. these republicans -- this is the -- they need to be brave. >> what does that say about donald trump's decision to stiff this week's fox news debate? we'll talk about it next. you're late for work.
4:32 am
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so one roll of bounty can last longer than those bargain brands. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty. the long-lasting quicker picker upper. and try bounty napkins. donald trump who is leading in most polls is out. the stage is set for the fox news debate tomorrow night, but the republican front-runner is refusing to take the podium. he says megyn kelly is not fair. the move prompting strong reaction from his rivals. >> and for that we turn to kristin fisher, live in washington, d.c. with their reaction. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, yeah, trump's opponents are pouncing on his decision to skip this debate. ted cruz is telling people to go to ducking and sign a petition supporting a one-on-one
4:35 am
face-off between trump and cruz, no moderators. he tried to use a tag line against him, by saying anyone who wants a job but skips the interview should be told you're fired. >> look, if he doesn't accept, he's telling the men and women of iowa he's not willing to defend his record. he's admitting he cannot stand the scrutiny that means he's not up for the job of being commander in chief. anyone scared of megyn kelly is not going to be able to stand up to hillary clinton or vladimir putin and we need a strong, principled conservative president. >> well, jeb bush chimed in on twitter. he said, trump, do you know who else is scared of tough questions from fox news and megyn kelly? barack obama, enough whining. a new cnn/orc poll shows that trump is at 41% and ted cruz is 22 points behind.
4:36 am
every other candidate is in single digits. the race is significantly tighter in iowa and trump and cruz are two points apart. so with five days until the caucus it increasingly looks like a two-man race in the state. now we may not get to see the two candidates face off one more time before monday. brian, ann and steve? >> thank you. if tdonald trump looked at his own twitter response, he should show up on thursday. maybe there could be a peace deal, but he asked his twitter followers, should i participate? 57% said yes. >> so he put it out to the twitter followers and he didn't like the press release from fox and then he pulled the plug on it. his campaign manager said that it was irreversible. he would not do it. apparently though as kristen started her report right there,
4:37 am
she was talking about how ted cruz has challenged him to the one-on-one debate. donald trump just responded. he was talking on another morning show -- rather, his campaign manager was speaking on another morning show and said if it comes down to the two person debate, yes he'll take part. is he worried about the empty podium and the campaign manager said no, they'll be raising money for the vets and people will tune in for that. >> also i want to take you back to 2011 for an exchange that donald trump had with megyn kelly. he ended up pulling out of the newsmax debate because he thought he'd throw his hat into the ring as an independent. so he felt he couldn't do that, for that reason. but he had this to exchange with megyn kelly saying that republicans were not showing strength. listen to this. >> let's touch on this debate that you're going to moderate with newsmax. so far only newt gingrich and
4:38 am
rick santorum have agreed. >> not a lot of courage, the republicans they need to be brave. >> do you think you're a better moderator than i am? >> no i could never beat you. there's no contest. you have done a great job and i mean that. >> a lot of courage for doing that. then you see that exchange with megyn kelly. the relationship not always so icy. >> so it comes down to the iowa caucuses really. they're going to be monday night and if you are running for president, what you want to do is you want to dominate the news cycles. i've got a feeling he's going to do that right up until they do the voting. >> well, we'll get to see -- it will be a flash back to the way that the debates used to be. less sensationalistic lines i would imagine on thursday night. a lot more substance and all those candidates who say that donald trump gets too much attention, well, you'll have your opportunity now to get more. that's going to be seven on the stage. and welcome back to the main stage rand paul. >> also chris christie. >> and governor chris christie. >> what do you think? does this hurt or does this
4:39 am
actually help donald trump saying he's not going to show up at the fox debate? e-mail us or tweet us. right now, heather nauert has an update. one of the three dangerous criminals who broke out of a california jail was deported from the united states, but never left our country. duong was ordered to leave in 1997 after he served time behind bars for robbery. the reward for duong and three others have been quadrupled. they cut through steel bars and then they used bed sheets to rappel down the building before they made a run for it. unreal. a muslim man from milwaukee, wisconsin, is under arrest. he's accused of planning a massacre at a masonic temple there. authorities say samy mohamed
4:40 am
hamzeh told fbi agents they should kill everyone, using machine guns equipped with silencers. he has been under investigation since september and he was arrested after buying machine guns from the undercover agents. i have been to a wedding at this masonic temple. unreal. well, a digital mystery in suburban atlanta. this is quite a story. people keep going to this house to try to find their stolen or lost phones. errors with tracking apps including find my iphone have led people to this house. it's happened at least a dozen times in the last year. oh, boy, that poor family, who own that home. most people end up leaving after a polite explanation that they have the wrong place. they say they say they' scared someone dangerous may show up. i don't know who these folks are. but they must be the couple who lives in the house. the fcc has not been able to fix
4:41 am
that problem yet. and ain't no mountain high enough to keep a mom from her babies. take a look. can you see what is in her mouth? that is a mama dog crawling under a flooded building in israel to fetch her crying puppies. the opening was too small for people to get inside. the dog made several daring trips to try to get each and every one of them to safety. and she did. wonderful. that's exactly what we would do, right? >> absolutely. >> moms for sure, dads not so much. >> thanks a lot! >> just teasing you. i know you would. >> absolutely. >> thank you, heather. coming up on this wednesday, a real-life cliffhanger. a community crumbling into the sea. families forced to evacuate, but many not budging. we'll talk to one demanding answers from feds about their precarious situation.
4:42 am
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4:45 am
all right. a real life cliffhanger in california. not the movie that stall lope was in. erosion could send oceanside apartments over the edge into the ocean. dramatic video shows this. the cliff falling right into the pacific ocean. powerful waves and heavy rains from el nino storms accelerated the massive erosion that started over the weekend. some residents are forced out of the homes and left with nowhere to go. michael mchenry is one of them. he joins us live. michael, when did this start? >> the latest storms happened last friday night. they have started. >> and how close -- i mean, it looks like you're right on the
4:46 am
edge. what it is like living there? >> it's not very easy to sleep. >> and they don't let you sleep, right? >> yeah. a couple of days ago they yellow tagged our apartment building which means we're only allowed to get our property. not allowed to eat or sleep there. >> there's never been anything like this before. what is it happening? is it the rain or is it the erosion? >> it's the erosion. i've grown up in this county and area and what's going on now i have never seen before. but the ocean basically is eating so much land for so fast, for whatever reason, that there used to be cliffs and bluffs that extend past where you're currently looking that have gone away. >> so what -- how do -- what do you expect the local and the federal government to do? >> something. we have been evacuated, we have three nights in a red cross shelter with nowhere to bathe and my landlord won't give us back our security deposit.
4:47 am
at least prosecuting him for being a slum lord would be a start. but aid, so i can get a place to live so i can keep my job that would be nice. >> do you blame the rental of the apartment for the erosion? >> no, not at all. but i blame the city to continually fill the building. i can't get out of my lease even though the place is condemned. the landlord refuses to give me back my security deposit or break the lease. how am i supposed to move on? >> a great point. what have you done as far as legal help? >> i have been so busy trying to get what little i can together and come up with a means to get out. i haven't had much time but i can use some help. if somebody is willing to help free of charge i'd be more than happy to talk to them. >> how many people are in the conundrum that you're in, forced out of the homes and nowhere to
4:48 am
go? >> there's 20 or so people in the building i live in, but there are individual people who live in houses that have been condemned in the last week. so -- >> wow. >> it's growing by the day. >> michael, where are you sleeping tonight? >> don't really know to be honest with you. there's a red cross shelter, so probably a church. >> wow. really tough situation. an actual disaster taking place, doesn't seem like anybody else is stepping up. michael m this story and hopefu we'll get an outcome that gets you a temporary housing and stop the payments on the current house. thank you so much. man, troubled times out in san francisco. 12 minutes before the top of the hour. donald trump is out of this week's fox news debate. we're talking about tomorrow's debate. what does it mean for the rest of the candidates? we'll talk to ben carson.
4:49 am
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it's your money and you want to keep it. have you ever been caught in a sticky situation like this? >> do you see any like powder?
4:53 am
>> powder. yeah. i have powder. >> okay. sprinkle some on your leg, it will absorb some of the moisture and you can get your pants back on. >> i don't remember this episode. well, here to help make sure you never understood like that, we have some products to help pick you up that probably already have. so our initial thought was in a diaper bag. for those of us who don't have kids these are items that i keep -- >> i keep them in the gym bag which you should have in the house. we'll start with baby powder which has many uses. i like to use it after a workout as a dry shampoo. just put a little bit in your hand and use it like to touch up your roots. but you can -- >> so if you have greasy -- >> greasy roots. >> which you do not. but if you did, you could use that. >> it's probably a little bit
4:54 am
cheaper than buying dry shampoo. i like that, by the way. >> you can throw it in your gym shoe, use it as a deodorant in a pinch. >> put it here, put it here, and in your shoes. >> you're covered. >> what about pedialyte? this is similar because of the electrolytes to gatorade. >> it has less sugar and it has a unique combo of vitamins and minerals and less calories than a sports drink. people like to use it as a hangover helper. if you're adhering to your new year's resolution of drinking less and working out more, it's good to drink it after -- >> put it in jack daniels, hair of the dog is not a good idea? >> that's not a bad idea, but i won't tell people -- >> how about desitin. it is used for diaper rash.
4:55 am
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4:56 am
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. think of it as a seven seat for an action packed thriller. good morning, everyone. wednesday, the 27th of january. i'm anna kooiman. this is a fox news alert. d donald trump is out, refusing to participate in thursday night's debate. will it help or hurt his chances in iowa or put ted cruz in first? >> good question. it's been a while since we went to the v.a. and the wait list
5:00 am
scandal in which people died. >> how long have you been waiting? >> two years. >> do you think their disappointment is any better today? well, we'll go back and wait until you hear what they're saying now. >> wow. and you're never too young to count your blessings. >> my daddy. thanks to my mommy. amen. >> wow. hear what this little girl's parents have to say after catching their 3-year-old praying on her baby monitor. i have a sense she will not be punished. mornings with better with friends. and straight to that fox news alert, debate drama just days before the iowa votes -- before the first votes in iowa. front-runner donald trump is boycotting the debate stage. >> the reason, he said one of
5:01 am
moderator, megyn kelly has not treated him fairly and wou not because she's biased. fox news national correspondent john roberts live in des moines, iowa, where john pointed out a moment ago it is still winter in des moines. >> reporter: and steve, it's even more winter than an hour ago. the temperature keeps on dropping. good morning, steve, anna, brian. it's not unprecedented for a front-runner to duck an iowa debate. ronald reagan did it back in 1 1980, but that was on the 5th of january. but donald trump made it official last night, he's out. the reason he said -- he didn't like the way that fox was making fun of him for trying to get megyn kelly removed as a moderator. >> they can't toy with me like they toy with everybody else. so let them have their debate and let's see how they do with the ratings. >> reporter: in a response to trump in a statement last night, fox news said that trump's
5:02 am
campaign manager had threatened megyn kelly. in a call saturday, cory lewan dusky stated that she had a rough couple of days after the last debate and would hate to have her go through that again. he was ordered not to level any more threats but he continued to do so. for her part, megyn kelly is taking it in stride. >> i'll be there. bret is already there, i think wallace is coming down. but the debate will go on with or without mr. trump. >> reporter: clearly donald trump is getting a lot of publicity, but he handled his chief rival, ted cruz a gift. now cruz has a great big iowa corn stalk to whack donald trump with. >> look, if he doesn't accept, he's telling the men and women of iowa he's not willing to defend his record. he can't defend his record. he is admitting he cannot stand
5:03 am
the scrutiny and that means he's not up to the job of being commander in chief. anyone scared of megyn kelly is not able to stand up to hillary clinton or vladimir putin and we need a strong, principled conservative president. >> reporter: now, clearly, i would think that trump's supporters are going to stick with him through all of this. the question is what are the undecided voters here in iowa going to do? they want their candidates to be tough, because they're tough people. and a couple of weeks ago, i checked an 80 pound equipment bag at des moines, i asked the woman do you want me to lift that on the belt for you? she said, no, i was born on a farm, i'm used to lifting a bale of hay. >> john, you're traveling with 80 pounds of equipment in clothing? >> mainly hair curlers. >> you know, the wardrobe -- you have to make a change three times a day. you need clothes. >> it's his rubio boots that are weighing him down. >> those are fighting words.
5:04 am
thank you very much, john. you know, i think he's right in his report where he said trump's supporters are behind this, and looking at the e-mail for the most part i think that's right because a number of his supporters feel like he has been treated unfairly in the past. brit hume was on the channel last night and he said he did not think it was going to affect the hard core followers. the big question is what about the people who have not people have made up their mind and as karl rove said a couple of days ago, sometimes 20, 25, 30% of the iowa voters don't decide until that day. >> yeah, they often -- and that's why former speechwriter for george b. bush said this is a big mistake. for several reasons. >> he's run a great campaign for
5:05 am
so long, and this is a misstep. he's tougher than all the candidates out there, republicans and democrats alike. when bernie sanders had black lives matter protesters come and push him off the stage, he said how can he handle isis if he can't handle black lives matter, well, how can donald trump handle isis if he can't handle fox news? running from a fight is part of the issue. >> i can see donald trump in the first debate, saying, man, i'm leading, i'm not used to doing this. but after six debates, smaller stage, the less competition, you would think that after all that it would just build to a crescendo for huge ratings for everyone. he could salt away a victory with a strong performance and i thought if donald trump didn't bring up those early questions with megyn kelly or bret baier, we'd have trouble remembering how the first debate started. >> right. but that was -- it shouldn't surprise us because ever since the first debate he's had a
5:06 am
problem with megyn kelly and hoe put it on the social media and asked the twitter follower, should i stay or go and they were in the midst of voting and fox news came back with a humorous press release, he didn't like it. he said bye-bye. why is he doing it? here is dr. charles krauthammer with his diagnosis. >> the genius of a reality tv show is it has to be constantly changing. you can't have the same story line week after week, or the show dies. he kept his show going for 14 years. he keeps changing the story, he makes an outrageous statement and then makes another outrageous statement so all the attention is focused on the second. i think he's used that brilliantly, again, for six months to maneuver himself at the top. >> can you imagine the presidents for example george bush had a problem with david gregory and sam donaldson used
5:07 am
to go at ronald reagan. you can't say i won't take questions from sam donaldson anymore. but you deal with the tougher questions and then -- who is that woman helen -- >> thomas? >> for years. she had the questions. they were seemingly off the wall and confrontational. >> right. but during this election psychen, we know that -- cycle, we know that he teamed up with ben carson early and went after cnbc and said, you can't make this four hours long, let's make it two hours long, they negotiated a two-hour long thing and the union paper up in new hampshire because they took an editorial stand against trump, trump and others got them pulled as debate partners. same thing with nbc after that cnbc debacle with john harwood as the moderator, they said, we're done having nbc as partners. so i get what he's doing. >> i don't. >> because it's good politics. >> i don't care what he's doing because we know everybody. there's no bias among the moderators. we don't need a third source and
5:08 am
there's -- and donald trump is usually a guy taking on all comers whether he's working down 48th street or in the streets of iowa. he doesn't care about people that speak up or challenge him. we know there's no bias from the moderators. there's no mystery there. >> many have said this is a two-person race and many endorsements besides sarah palin. sheriff joe arpaio came forward and jerry falwell and for senator cruz, glenn beck and as soon as van der plats endorsed cruz, you had donald trump trying to call him phony and a bad guy. so that's what you see from dona it is indeed a two-man race. what will happen ahead of iowa? senator ted cruz says i would still like to debate donald trump in a one-on-one town hall meeting. listen. >> if he's unwilling to stand on the debate stage with the other candidates, then i would like to invite donald right now to engage in a one-on-one debate
5:09 am
with me any time between now and the iowa caucus. >> well, we had his father, ted cruz's dad on the program earlier and he said this about what's going on. >> i think the voters of iowa, the voters of america are disturbed to listen to the candidates answer the tough questions from the people. basically this is a job application for the presidency of the united states. >> mean while, what about taking him up on this challenge? donald trump's campaign manager was on another show this morning and he said this about that. >> how about ted cruz's challenge, one-on-one debate with donald trump before the iowa caucuses? >> look, ted cruz he's the last man standing he come out to the two person race, donald trump would be happy to debate him. >> you know, that's not going to happen. one-on-one, i'm sure he'll do it. but here's the thing. this thing could be saved. there's a relationship with everybody. you could get somebody to step
5:10 am
in or get this, the rnc could do their job and make sure the people of iowa get a full debate stage and jump in on both sides and get -- and get donald trump on that stage. it could still be done. this seems so personal right now. >> the podium will be there. it's waiting for him if he wants. >> what do you think, is this a good idea or bad idea? the e-mail machine is heating up. a lot of you have strong opinions both ways. all right, 8:10 right now in new york city and heather's got the news. >> we could send a fruit platter too. edibles, you know? right? all right. i have some serious news to bring you right now. i hope you're off to a good morning. the leader of that group occupy, that oregon wildlife refuge is now in federal custody. ammon bundy was headed to a meeting and they were stopped by oregon state police yesterday and that confrontation escalate into the shoot-out in which one
5:11 am
rancher was killed. seven others were arrested along with bundy. all eight are facing felony conspiracy charges. bundy led the armed occupation to protest federal land policy for 26 days. we'll keep you posted. robert durst makes his way back to los angeles to face federal charges. he plans to plead guilty to a weapons charge in the state of louisiana and that will allow him to be extradited to california. he's accused of killing susan berman 16 years ago to keep her quiet about the disappearance of his first wife. durst gained notoriety for his alleged crimes in "the jinx" and our judge janinepy pirro writing about that. and look what they found underneath the house in miami. a stave was discovered. hidden in the concrete underneath the house foundation. the safe is two feet by two feet.
5:12 am
we're told it weighs hundreds of pounds. the current property owner had that safe sent to a safe location to be cracked open. we don't know what's inside it yet. but that owner speculates it could be cash, gold or diamonds. i can't wait to hear what is it in. the nfl will go ahead with the investigation into peyton manning using human growth hormone. we are told there's no finalization for when that will be finalized. nfl films captured audio of manning telling the patriots head coach bill belichick, quote, this might be my last rodeo. it sure has been a pleasure. well, after the broncos beat if patriots for the afc championship, that's when that audio came out. those are your headlines. >> then again, it could be just the rodeo. >> right. >> maybe he doesn't want to go to the rodeo anymore. >> thank you. coming up on a wednesday with lives on the line, you'd expect air traffic controllers to be experts at air traffic
5:13 am
controlling. well, not so fast. a shocking report that shows some haven't completed the beginner training. how does that happen with the government oversight? and on the football field, a christian private school is banned before praying before games. how they're battling back. is this a hail mary? plus, ben carson live from iowa, next. these are the hands, the hands that drive commerce, that build business across borders. these are the hands of pitney bowes, the craftsmen of commerce. these are the hands that sew the seeds of business growth, that weave the data, and find the perfect spot to thrive. these are the hands of pitney bowes, the craftsmen of commerce.
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5:17 am
hi, everyone. donald trump announcing he will not be at tomorrow's fox news debates. is this good news for the candidates taking the stage? retired pediatric neurosurgeon dr. ben carson has his analysis. >> very happy to be with you. and you know -- >> go ahead. >> i was going to say, you know, it's not really a matter of who the candidates are on the stage. it's a matter of the message that has gotten out the the people of the united states of america. so that message is going to be the same regardless of who's on the stage. >> what is the message? >> the message is that we are in a tremendous amount of trouble in this country. we are at the precipice, about
5:18 am
to go over the precipice and fundamentally change into something else. if we don't get serious about this and stop worrying about personalities and worry about the solutions to the problems we'll go over the cliff. >> this is a big job interview to find out who's the best person to keep us from going over that cliff, dr. carson. donald trump's big -- when it comes to the debate, he believes the moderators are not fair when it comes to fox. do youeel that he's been treated unfairly? do you feel like you have been treated unfairly? >> well, you know, i have been asked some hard questions. i like hard questions. it doesn't bother me at all. and it gives -- if somebody is treating you unfairly it gives you an opportunity to expose that unfairness. if you get into the presidency i guarantee you there's unfairness. this is just practice for that. >> given the fact that donald trump will not be there, i know you do not generally go after people in your presentations at the debates, but do you imagine,
5:19 am
dr. carson, this is going to change the dynamic, that the other candidates who are struggling over third place or would like to be in second place are going to take shots at donald trump? >> i would imagine that they will find it hard to resist. and as i said in the last debate, you know, ronald reagan 11th commandment i think is a very good one. we don't need to be fighting each other. the issues that face us are so incredibly important and if we can just defocus the stuff that doesn't mean anything i think that it would be a great service to the american people. >> well, if mr. trump doesn't end up showing up, there will be fewer people on the stage, and more questions will be asked of them. one source of weakness for you according to many pundits is your stance on national security and your -- you're not having as much experience. you actually are releasing a proscription for isis this morning. what is it? >> well, first of all, let me push back on the experience issue.
5:20 am
i have had a lot more experience than anybody else up there dealing with 2:00 a.m. calls, with life and death situations. putting together information and putting together complex teams, solving problems never before and the political class are the only ones who believe they can solve problems. as far as isis is concerned, we have to have a comprehensive strategy, not only to take their caliphate and deprive them of the oil resource, to shut down the monetary channels to recruit people and not only to attack their command centers, but also what do we do in this country to protect the people here? and that means we need to declare war on the isis state. we need to beef up our ability to look at the internet and all cyber capabilities. we need to get the imams and the
5:21 am
clerics involved and change our immigration and these are policies, we have to get serious about this. >> absolutely. >> dr. carson, we will hear more from you tomorrow night. thank you for joining us today. >> thank you very much. >> go to and there's more "fox & friends" in a moment. >> hometown heroes brought to you by -- when you have a digital notebook to capture investing ideas that instantly gives you stock prices, earnings, and dividends... an equity summary score that consolidates the stock ratings of top analysts into a single score...
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5:24 am
five weeks after a scandal rocked the phoenix v.a., pete hegseth had visited the hospital in baltimore to see how bad it's really got. >> how long have you been waiting, sir? >> two years. >> do you feel like the president cares about this scandal at v.a.? >> negative. >> either you're a number or you're a diagnosis. >> i'm very disappointed. i'm very disappointed. it starts from the top and i
5:25 am
think it should be replaced. >> and that's what a lot of people were saying back then. now a year and a half later, the agency claims things are getting better. that's what they're saying. >> right. but the government documents show the number of veterans waiting over 30 days for an appointment is about the same as it was back in 2014. have things really changed? pete hegseth joins us. you went back to talk to veterans. >> we went back to baltimore, a run of the mill facility, not good or bad, but average. last time we heard from a lot of frustrated veterans, frustrated by long wait times a lot of accountability, and really a soulless bureaucracy. unfortunately, this time it seems like not much has changed. >> everything's slower. just speed it up like a month or two. now it's worse than a year ago.
5:26 am
>> from this past september to now, i have been down here 14 times and i keep getting the same -- every time i come down, nothing gets done. >> if i had an illness or something like that and i'm waiting to see my primary care physician, and it takes my 16 months. by the time i see the physician they're putting flowers on my grave. >> people i do talk to over here in general are happy. i know it's not been this way for everybody. i'm just lucky. >> what's the biggest thing that needs to be fixed? >> i think they need to pay more attention to veterans. >> come here, i had a broken arm. i sat in the emergency room for almost eight hours before somebody even seen me. >> why the wait? >> you tell me. there was only four people in there besides me. >> it's like the left hand doesn't doesn't know what the right hand is done. as soon as they get information from here or there, they're still right here in the middle like which way do i go next? it seems like a silly bunny rabbit, which way do i go? >> so a lot of the problemt nec it's the timeliness or the speed of it?
5:27 am
>> i guess it comes down to the individuals, with their mentality. oh -- >> i hear you. i'm a soldier from iraq and afghanistan, i've got you. how has your treatment been for ptsd? >> okay. there's a doctor here i see. he takes good care of me. >> welt, unfortunately the v.a. refused to speak to us on camera but they said that the v.a. has taken important steps to keep the veterans to get the more timely care and we're ramping up our programs to our vets who receive care at community provider. >> of course the scandal, when it broke out in phoenix, how many people died? if the wait lists are the same -- >> that means they're facing the same problems.
5:28 am
16 month wait, eight hour wait at the e.r. just a bureaucracy where -- she said, the left hand doesn't talk to the right hand. the last man, there was a backfire from the car, a man managing post-traumatic stress. a lot of the doctors are good, but the bureaucracy can't get out of its own way. >> thanks, pete. coming up, five years ago, donald trump agreed to host a presidential debate on newsmax. >> so far, only newt gingrich and rick santorum have agreed. >> not seeing a lot of courage here, are we? >> not so far. >> not a lot of courage. these republicans -- they need to be brave. >> what does that sound bite say about donald trump's decision to skip tomorrow's fox debate? larry sabato and his expert analysis coming up next. and can lives on the line you would expect air traffic controllers to be experts, but a shocking new report says they
5:29 am
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5:32 am
see the point is that with me, they're dealing with somebody who's different. they can't toy with me like they can toy with everybody else. let have them have their debate and see how they do with the ratings. >> with donald trump bowing out of tomorrow's presidential debate here on fox many wonder if this will shake up the race. >> no kidding. a couple of days before the aye caucuses. we have a sound bite to bring you from 2011. at this stage in the presidential selection process, donald trump was asked by newsmax, the conservative website down in florida, to host a presidential forum. well, there were two people who
5:33 am
signed up and said i'll go ahead and be part of the donald trump moderated forum. they were rick santorum and i believe newt gingrich. about that time, donald trump sat down with megyn kelly and they had this conversation. >> let's touch on this debate that's coming up that you're going to moderate for newsmax, with newsmax. so far only rick santorum and newt gingrich have agreed. >> not seeing a lot of courage. the republican, they need to be brave. >> do you think you're a better moderator than i am? >> no, i could never beat you. you have done a great job. >> shows there's no fundamental bias between them. the director for the university of politics from the university of virginia. dr. larry sabato. this reminds me of -- i have a sense in this situation the front-runner not going to the debates, days before the caucus. this is unprecedented, right? >> it's absolutely unprecedented.
5:34 am
you have to go back to 1964, 1968, 1972 to find presidential candidates who refused to debate. so, yeah, this is -- you know, he said in the beginning, trump said in the beginning that he's a little bit different. no, he's a lot different. [ laughter ] >> you know, you have the situation where in the caucus according to the "q" poll he's got a two-point lead. is that in jeopardy or could that grow? >> that's an important question and here's why. the only thing that matters right now is what iowans think. not what we think. what iowans think. they take their process very seriously. anybody who's been out there knows how sober they are and how they approach this. are they feeling dissed? do they feel trifled with? if so, then some of those undecided votes who may be leaning trump could go some place else or maybe it's like since he announced in the
5:35 am
summer, his followers continue care. i'm not sure. we'll all find out when the vote comes in monday night. >> mr. trump is saying he'll have an alternative way for his supporters to be coming out and watching him that he'll be doing something for the veterans. what do you anticipate this would look like if he does that? >> my guess is, and you're the network experts, but my guess is some of your rival networks will carry whatever it is trump is going to try to poach your audience. >> of course. sure. >> so i don't know what the numbers will be like. but he's got -- he's going to have a shiny object that he's going to flash in front of his supporters. whether that will have an impact, depends on what he does with it. he hasn't announced the details. >> yeah. we just know that he has said he'd do something to support the vets and wounded warriors or a group like that. but larry, politically, when a politician takes on news media, generally, people react how with
5:36 am
that? >> well, of course people don't like the media. we all know that. for lots of different reasons. but, you know w the presidency it's a little bit different. donald trump keeps talking about fairness. can i just share something that i have learned with you after four decades in and around this business? if you're interested in fairness, please don't ever run for public office. >> yeah. >> there's the least likely place to find fairness. so people looking at this, might say, hey, a president has to deal with unfairness every day. morning, noon and night. you know, what does this say about his temperament in the oval office. >> very interesting because if donald trump steps away for two or three hours, you have six or seven other people on that stage with an opportunity. okay, the ratings might not be the same, but they'll be extremely high. who could make the biggest difference? who has got the attributes to excel with donald trump out of the spotlight?
5:37 am
>> well, you think first of marco rubio because he's potentially in a position to finish third in iowa and potentially to move up in future primaries and caucuses. but i'll tell you what it does. you'll have six candidates, maybe a seventh, i don't know. but six candidates there who are going to get more time than they would have had otherwise. they'd better not waste it. how could they waste it? by sitting up this and talking about donald trump. this is is an opportunity for them to get their message across without having to worry about this cross fire with trump. >> does this help or hurt trump? >> i think in terms of his image in the country it hurts. i think it hurts him a little bit in iowa. whether it's enough to make a difference, i'm just not sure. >> all right. dr. larry sabato, making a house call from the commonwealth of virginia. thank you very much for your expert analysis. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. >> all right.
5:38 am
37 minutes after the hour. another fox news alert. undertrained and out of control, from atlanta to alaska, trainees are at the helm of the nation's busiest air traffic control towers. >> abby huntsman has been looking into this startling new report. >> it's a disturbing report, 13 airport powers to be exact with fewer fully qualified controller than the number established by the faa. it's dallas and atlanta, and just to name a few. they are en route centers and all of the location as you can imagine handling air traffic is notoriously demanding. however, the faa considers them fully staffed because they're still in training and are used to fill the gaps, but there could be a big difference in skill levels. many trainees need fully qualified controllers to sit
5:39 am
next to them and watch while they direct air traffic. i takes three to five years to become fully qualified and the report comes as members of congress are looking to remove air traffic control operations from the faa. instead, they would place them under the control of the nonprofit corporation made up of airlines, airports and other aviation stakeholders. it's an idea many democrats and general aviation groups are not on board with. the bill is expected to be introduced within the next few weeks. it's pretty hard to imagine this is happening in year 2016 and who knows how long it's been going on for. >> absolutely. if you're a white knuckle flyer anyway, this isn't going to help. >> what can go wrong? >> thank you very much. thanks. all right. heather nauert has a look at the news. >> good morning, big news, a lot of breaking news right now. a fox news alert right now. one of three dangerous criminals who broke out of a california jail was deported from the united states, but never left our country.
5:40 am
bac duong was ordered to leave the united states, back in 1997. wow. that long ago. he served time behind bars for burglary and that's when he was supposed to be kicked out of the country. well now we are hearing that the reward for duong and two other fugitives has quadrupled to $200,000. the three cut through steel bars to gain access to that jail roof and then used bed sheets to rappel off the building before they made a run for it. well, it is a fight for faith. cambridge christian schools in tampa, florida, defending the right to pray at football games and are demanding an apology from the florida high school athleticism association or the case could end up in court. >> frankly, it was frustrating. it hurt. we were upset about it. >> we need to stand up for what is right. to set an example for others that are coming after us. >> well this comes after being
5:41 am
told in december that they couldn't broadcast a prayer before they faced off against another christian school in a district championship game. the fhsaa, that's the school -- yeah, that's the group. thanks, steve. said it was against the federal law to use the loud speaker for prayer because they were playing on public property. wow. and the viral video that we're talking about all day long. a toddler in south carolina caught on camera counting her blessings before bed. watch this. >> my daddy. thank you to my mommy. amen. >> amen. well, that is baby monitor video of 2-year-old sutton giving thanks to god and also santa claus. earlier her parents told us about the moment they discovered their little girl deep in prayer. check it out. >> we were trying to get her in bed a little early so we could watch the information championship game. and so we kind of rushed through
5:42 am
the bedtime ritual, but she apparently didn't forget. >> it was during a commercial break. we heard something upstairs, said what's that and turned on the baby monitor and realized she was praying. >> that video has nearly 1 million views on facebook. so sweet. and those are your headlines. >> thank you very much, heather. when one of my daughters would go to bed, she would have a prayer, you know -- i pray for grandma joanne and grandpa james. the list was five minutes long. once i went in 2 1/2 minutes into it, we had a conversation. and she goes, i forgot where she was. i have to start all over. >> so some people -- >> what i did i put it on a loop. we roll credits at the end of the day. everybody would get credits. >> one way of putting it. >> credits where credits are due. coming up on a wednesday, if you want to stay you'll have to pay. that's what european leaders are saying in one country to refugees as they make it legal
5:43 am
to take refugees' cash and other valuables in exchange to cover food and board. is that a good idea? peter johnson jr. weighs in on that next. and sunny days, sweeping the clouds away. here at "fox & friends," elmo and rosita reporting for duty with a brand-new way to salute america's heroes. ♪ 80% of women say a healthy lifestyle is a priority.
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5:46 am
but up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more. add one a day women's 50+ complete multivitamin. with vitamin d and calcium to help support bone health. one a day. the country of denmark has just approved a controversial law that lets the government seize cash and anything worth anything from refugees to help pay for the refugee -- for the refugees to stay in the country. the law requires they hand
5:47 am
anything worth more than $1,400 excluding sentimental items like wedding rings is that a good idea? here is peter johnson. >> a lot of cash can be sentimental. you can be sentimental about keeping the cash. i would love to hear what viewers are saying about this now. my initial inclination is that is a bad idea because i'd hate to see it come to america. what they're saying is you can keep $1,400, basically. but everything else, give to the government of denmark and the united nations has condemned it. but the folks in denmark said we're doing this based on the way that we treat people who are already citizens in our country or residents that are on welfare. that if you want to get welfare in our country, then you give up all of your assets. but for $1,450, and then you can receive welfare benefits in this country. obviously, this is not nazi germany. this is not the holocaust. it's a fine country. but when you start confiscating
5:48 am
people's money. when you start taking their cell phones, when you start taking the money that they may have earned over a lifetime and say, the price of admission for our country is that we're going to take it all, it reminds me the confiscation of the '30s and the '40s. >> in nazi germany. >> in germany. obviously, you can't compare anything to nazi germany when the holocaust -- it's totally separate. but the ethos seems to be wrong. however, i can see certain candidates in this country saying, you know, we should adopt that in this country. we should confiscate all of their money and -- as the price of admission to the united states. that's my concern. denmark can do what they want. but to carry that over here, i think it changes who we are as a people. i know a lot of people who say, yes, pay the money. if you want to come here, then pay the money. but i don't think that's who we are as a people. >> well, you have presented both sides of the argument, but, you
5:49 am
know, denmark like a lot of european countries are in a pickle right now, because they have the refugees knocking on their door saying i want to be there and i want on the there and they say the cupboard is bare. you have to help. >> if you have family members you can't bring them here for three years so what happens? who wants to go to denmark? somebody must be rotten in denmark. people won't want to go under their conditions, but if they're desperate, they might. listen, i'm a refugee. take me in. you can have all my money. my liberty, my freedom, my life is more important than what i have accrued over a lifetime. it's a burden, a balance. it's an interesting discussion. let us know what you think. >> peter johnson jr., thank you. let's go over to brian who has a special guest. >> i have two special guests. who is behind the couch. elmo and rosita from "sesame street."
5:50 am
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5:53 am
"sesame street" will help our nation's heros and their families transition for first time from military life to civilian life and guess who's here? elmo and rosita are reporting for duty to help spread the word. for example -- ♪ ♪ learning things can be fun ♪ ♪ and new and friendly faces >> now everybody -- >> there you go.
5:54 am
along with dr. betancourt, senior vice president of the sesame workshops is here to talk about the program. welcome, everybody. you make the couch look good. >> you too. >> they have been here the whole time. this is first time -- >> no, they have been over our shoulder. tell us about this book, elmo. >> well, lots of military families, you know, sometimes it's difficult for kids when they have to move to new places. >> yeah. >> they have new friends. it's very important to talk about your feelings, when it's changing like that. >> dr. betancourt, this is the first time you're helping the military families. how do you address the kids' needs? >> there's always something new. a new school, a new neighborhood and new house. what we want to do is provide as much comfort and communication for parents and also for the children to express their feelings and make this transition so much easier. >> yes.
5:55 am
>> yeah. >> rosita, how does this book help out? we go through this book here, of course, you can see it well. different parts of the world are in this world. different places to put old friends and new friends. >> yeah, you know what? what we try to tell our friends they're going through a great new adventure. they tell me it's hard, because they move to a new house, they have a new school. everything -- their routine changes, but there are things, a new life. a new adventure. >> so first of all, elmo and i would tell them we're their friends. >> that's good. >> they need to have friends. they need to talk to their mommies and daddies because they have big feeling. that happens a lot, you know? >> of course. and elmo, you helped kids in the past when parents are deployed or they come back and they're wounds, whether they're physical or emotional wounds. this is an important thing to be teaching them to have friends. while doing that, you want them
5:56 am
to be proud of mommy and daddy too. >> of course. >> yeah. >> how do you help them with that? >> well, elmo is talking about how much that their mommy and daddy love them. that's very important to remember. >> i think that mommies and daddies are really brave. >> really brave, yeah. >> doctor, the book is great. how do people get the book? >> it's more than the book. there's lots of tips, videos, information. all of is it available at all of this work couldn't happen if we don't have philanthropic funding like from bristol-myers squibb foundation and others to make an impact on children. >> so important. all right. elmo and rosita, stick around. we have more from new york. >> thank you. >> have a good morning, everybody! ♪ nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three quarters of what it takes to replace it.
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5:59 am
this has been an unbelievable opportunity, the
6:00 am
exclusive news about the military families and the muppets, maybe they'll be on "special report" tonight and the panel. >> that would be wonderful. >> travel to d.c. >> thanks for joining us today. see you back here tomorrow. >> bye. gregg: the republican debate is just one day away. the stage is set. the lineup has been announced. the prime time debate will include these eight candidates. donald trump is saying he won't be attending the debate at all. here is a look at the four candidates that will take the stage in the earlier debate. i'm gregg jarrett in for bill hemmer on america's newsroom. heather: i'm


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