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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  January 27, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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exclusive news about the military families and the muppets, maybe they'll be on "special report" tonight and the panel. >> that would be wonderful. >> travel to d.c. >> thanks for joining us today. see you back here tomorrow. >> bye. gregg: the republican debate is just one day away. the stage is set. the lineup has been announced. the prime time debate will include these eight candidates. donald trump is saying he won't be attending the debate at all. here is a look at the four candidates that will take the stage in the earlier debate. i'm gregg jarrett in for bill hemmer on america's newsroom. heather: i'm heather childers.
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donald trump saying he will not participate in the debate. that announcement coming just after the lineup we showed you was announced. the armed standoff at a wildlife refuge in oregon taking a deadly turn with one of the protesters killed during a confrontation with police. the weeks long sit-in to a ranchers protest to the federal government taking land. national correspondent william lajeunesse is live for us in los angeles. what happened here? >> police did not want a confrontation, even after four weeks they were prepared to let this drag on hoping the occupiers would go back to their families and farms. the oregon governor asked the
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feds to step in and reclaim the refuge. and the local sheriff and county commissioner agreed. so at 4:00 p.m. the f.b.i. and state police set up a roadblock and intercepted the group's caravan as they arepresented to meet with a group in a neighboring county. amman bundy told his wife by phone the police fired when they tried to surrender. one man died at at scene. leaving behind 11 children. he objected to what he considered an unfair takeover. he said he would die. >> i will hold my grazing rights as a free man and will no longer recognize the federal oversite
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of my ranch. reporter: they were accused of impeding a federal officer's rights top carry out their duties. reporter: there are many patriots that support this cause. they issues a call on theirayiny to report to the refuge. there are some reports police set up a perimeter to prevent that from happening. dan springer spoke last night to the group's new leader who said things are quiet at the compound. i spoke to a militia leader in bats who said this -- in alabama who said this will figure night a firestorm. the protesters are scheduling one for 11:00 local time, at's pacific time. heather: we'll monitor both of those.
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gregg: the republican debate is just one day away. the frontrunner saying he will not be involved in the debate. that announcement came just after the lineup was announced last night. chris stirewalt joins us. and he is in iowa. chris, i want to take a look at the quinnipiac poll. it is neck and neck. donald trump at 31%. ted cruz 29%. that's a statistical tie within the margin of error. this is the last chance for trump to connect to a great many iowa voters who will be tuning in. does it help him or hurt him to skip the debate? reporter: it does not help. running for president is hard.
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we do this every four years. our job stays the same cycle after cycle. running for president is hard. you have to make a million choices. being president is even harder than running for president. and these folks have to go through a lot to make a decision about how they are going to handle their campaign. remember john mccain was going to beat obama? we make choices, they make choices. but running -- i have sympathy in my heart because running for president is really tough. gregg: one can argue he can ill afford at least in iowa to lose any opportunity to connect with voters because there are a lot of undecideds. you see a third of republican caucus-goers say they may change their mind. 33%. one in four trump supporters are
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saying they may ultimately go with another candidate. this would appear to be an enormous risk, wouldn't it? >> obviously it's not good. it's not the right thing to do from a strategic point of view. donald trump received i could shoot a person on fifth avenue, they have fansive stores and it's an important place, he said i could shoot a person on fifth avenue and my supporters wouldn't leave me. for a quarter of them yes it would matter. but for 3/4 of them they don't care. they are picking him becausee's the destroyer and disrupter. he breaks the system. but obviously you don't stiff your supports and fail to participate in a debate because you don't like one of the moderators. people make mistakes. i don't know if this is a
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terminal mistake or in between mistake. gregg: maybe it's just something about his judgment, temperament and character. that's what ted cruz's campaign was saying. they said this is evidence trump is erratic and irrational and by implication too dangerous to be president. does it call into question things like judgment and temperament to be president? reporter: if you were okay with donald trump two days ago, you are probably 3/4 okay today. but ted cruz is going to eat his lunch out here because he will say donald trump is afraid to face megyn kelly and fox news. saying he's like obama and won't answer fox news' questions.
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ted cruz will be out here and say all that and donald trump will say i do what i do. i don't know how it plays out in the end. gregg: he come plains about megyn kelly. i watch an interview he did with megyn kemly where he complimented her for being a good moderator saying he couldn't do as well. heather: donald trump take some heat from his fellow candidates. senator ted cruz slamming donald trump's decision not to attend. >> i think anyone running for president of the united states owes it to the people of iowa to have the humility to come in front of you. to make the case to answer the hard questions, to look you in the eye.
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he's unwilling to stand on the debate stage with the other candidates, then i would like to invite donald right now to engage in a one-on-one debate with me any time between now and the iowa caucuses. gregg: ben carson and hike huckabee spinning the decision as a plus for their campaigns. >> it's more time for me. >> i said i would be surprised if he's not there, though. >> i will take donald trump's podium on that stage thursday night. i'll take that spot. there is an opening. i'll be happy to take it. heather: be sure to tune in to the fox news google debate.
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heather: at 9:00 p.m. with bret baier, megyn kelly and chris wallace. gregg: a mission to protect our nation's security. well, lawmakers in washington, some of them at least not very happy that we are using russian rockets to launch our military satellites. senator john mccain says taxpayers should not help funds vladimir putin's regime and his cronies. heather: some wild video showing a train slamming into a semi truck which then runs into a police cruiser. but what happens next is being called a miracle.
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jumping a curbing the principal and injuring two others. >> it's tragic afternoons like this evening where we are led to cry and to mourn. we are also reminded of the goodness of the people that respond to tragedies like this. heather: the bus driver reportedly not injured and police are investigating what caused the crash. gregg: as u.s.-backed rebels in syria fight back. two top republican lawmakers are set to introduce a bill that would stop the united states from buying russian rockets to launch military satellites. thanks for being here today. explain your opposition.
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why not buy russian rocket engines. >> because it means hundreds of millions of dollars in vladimir putin's and his corrupt cronies pockets. this outfit we buy them from has on its board people who are known crooks, gangsters and subject to american sanctions. but more importantly is the way it happened. the armed services committee, we said no more after a certain period of time. in the middle of the night this $1.1 trillion omnibus bill we passed after two hours examination. and some senators inserted this to be passed.
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in the armed services bill we prohibited it. it's the reason people are angry with washington. you put stuff in the middle of the night in a $1.1 trillion bill for the benefit of your hometown. illinois and alabama. that's the home of boeing andn where they do their launches. it will put hundreds of millions of dollars in the pockets of it * and his cronies. it's disgraceful. gregg were senator durbin is saying nothing was done in secret. that congress knew about it when the vote took place. and he says without these russian engines it will jeopardize american national security because it will leave a void in our ability to launch
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military rockets. >> that's not true. we have spacex and jeff bezos's outfit that are successful. if that's our last option, we would take it. it's the authorizing committee that calls these shots. not the money committee. yes they stuffed it into this bill in direct contravention to votes on the floor of the united states senate. it's why the people of this country are angry at the way we do business in washington. it fuels the trump mania. gregg: would there be a gap during the transition? it will take a while for the united states to come up to speed in developing and testing enough rockets to launch military and satellite spy -- >> i can assure you there will not be a gap. i have confidence in these other organizations and their ability to do so.
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it doesn't cut it off immediately, by the way it's a little bit complicated. but the fact is we had testimony, we had hearings, we had votes in our committee and they stuffed it into a 1,000, 2,000-page bill in the middle of the night. it's disgraceful. heather: city to come. the spread of a mosquito-borne virus causing the feds to issue a travel alert. where they are saying pregnant women should not go. jeg * a grand jury left planned parenthood off the hook in the selling of fetal tissue.
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gregg: the cdc issuing a travel alert over the zika virus. it can cause birth defects and brain damage if pregnant mothers pass it along to their children. so far there have been a dozen cases reported in the youth. -- in the united states. heather: advocates are calling for a special prosecutor to take on the case against planned parenthood after a grand jury
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failed to indict them for selling aborted fetus baby parts. it's a decision being called politically motivated. diane black is a member of the congressional pro-life caucus. and she is a nurse. you were a nurse for four decade and you authored the planned the parenthood act of 2015. how do you feel about this decision? >> this is a miscarriage of justice, where we see an investigation has been done and there are obviously some thing on those films that do need to be further investigated. as a nurse i still do keep my license. we see things on there that are clearly, if they are being done in the clinic that would be against the law.
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this investigation needs to be done into this organization. heather: but instead david daleiden is facing prison. here are some of the thing shown in the videos. there are at least 11. and evidence pretty overwhelming. in the video planned parenthood doctors say we don't want to do just a flat fee per baby. a per item things works better because we can see how much we can get out of it. in the face of overwhelming evidence, a lot of disturbing video, why do you think this happened? >> i can't answer that until we see all of the report that come out of the grand jury decision. but it does make me shake my
6:26 am
head, how in the world can you watch these videos. you are referencing one part of it where they are negotiating the price. there wouldn't be a discussion about if you want a heart, or liver or brain which doesn't come from a blob of tissue, it comes from a baby. and that's against the law as well. heather: in the 7th video, a former step express employee, one of them, she describes the harvesting of a heartbeat and how a supervisor asked her to come over and said i can show you something cool. she just taps the heart and it starts beating. i'm sitting here look at this fetus and it heart is beating and i don't know what to think. what are people listening to this development and this decision to think?
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>> what i hope people will do good they watch these videos. i know it's difficult for me as a medical person it was difficult. but for non-medical people it will be especially difficult. i hope people will pull it up and look at it to see what's happening in the abortion industry. an industry that's well funded. they were told by abortion industry folks this is not a baby, this is a blob of tissue. now through technology we know better than that. you don't get a heart and lung out of a blob of tissue. if there is trafficking we as a nation have to say no, not here in our country. we'll not have this. heather: what about the congressional evident to deny the organization its $500 million yearly annual subsidy. what will you do about that?
6:28 am
>> it passed on reconciliation. it went to the president and he vetoed it. we'll attempt to override the veto of the president. some people say this measure just is few isl d is futile becu can't override the veto. we have to let people know what's going on in this country. gregg: reports saying iran's navy ordered a u.s. warship to leave the gulf of oman as iran's president continues his trip through europe. what the united states navy is saying about the warning. >> when you say why am i doing better with the evangelicals than ted cruz? it's because they like me bettes
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heather: we are check your money. stocks opening lower. the latest market numbers. you can see it's down .6 8% -- .68%. investors remain cautious ahead of a federal reserve statement. gregg: the u.s. navy says they are not aware of any specific threat to all of s. warship after reports that iran's navy ordered an american warship to leave the gulf of oman as their navy plans to hold training exercises.
6:33 am
this after iran's president continues its trip to europe blaming the u.s. for hostile relations with iran. anything more on this naval incident? what has rouhani been saying. reporter: according to iran it said it warned all of s. warship twice to get away from where it was conducting a naval drill. claiming the u.s. wanted to learn iranian tactics. the navy said it's on high alert. meanwhile the iranian president rouhani does continue his european tour. but he still had time to take a swipe or two at some in the united states.
6:34 am
take a listen to what he said. >> it's possible iran and the united states might have friendly relations. but the key to that is in washington's hand. about i had the key in iran i would have used it. but the key lies in washington and they are the ones who should use the key. reporter: roug rouhani was blamg congress. he moves now on to france to do more business. gregg: we understand there has been a bit of a cover-up in europe. >> a bit of a flap over some flaps being put over private parts on some statues. it seems the roman era statues show a bit more than some thought would be prudent for iranian sensitivities where rouhani was visiting.
6:35 am
and italy got boxed in. we don't know whether anything else was put under wraps when he toured the roman coliseum. rouhani said he didn't request that cover-up. it is causing a stir among the italians and they are branding it cultural submission. >> ted cruz with the evangelicals, here i'm leading in the him, and i'm leading in the big nationwide because he's a nasty person. people don't like him. senators don't like him. people he works with don't like him. you can be a rebel but you have to be able to get along with people. heather: donald trump getting an endorsement from jerrelliv jerr-
6:36 am
from jerry falwell, jr. foip how important are these endorsements from evangelical leaders? >> what's interesting about this. though jerry falwell came out in favor of donald trump, his brother tweeted out, don't listen to the media telling you who to vote. i don't think people will vote based on who they are told to vote for. >> republicans are praying for the evangelical vote. 70,000 people in the last cycle
6:37 am
in 2012 came out to caucus in iowa. 57% of that was the evangelical vote. the caucuses are community affairs. they are not secret ballots. they are gatherings within churches. when you are talking about organization and churches are that, they have congregations, they meet every sunday. these people are going to come out and vote. they are enthusiastic and you can count on them. there is no reason why there is any difference from the last psych toll this cycle. i happen to believe more people will come out. more he strand gel cals. heather: if you look at the race in 2004. george w. bush won that race in large part due to evangelicals who didn't show up. he beat senator john kerry by a margin of 3 million.
6:38 am
there were 3.5 millionee van gel cals that didn't show up. >> the evangelicals support republicans and they haven't done a good job of picking presidents over the last two cycles. but donald trump is an unusual choice. he waves the bible and don't know what's in it. it seems interesting they have chosen him to carry that banner. heather: can we take a look at those numbers specifically? the fox news poll that came out, it was taken from january 1 state-21. -- january 18-21. this is among white evangelicals nationally. then we have a poll that came out from quinnipiac last night that shows cruz leading in the 39% to 27% in iowa among born
6:39 am
again evangelical -- christians. what will the impact be if donald trump doesn't show up for the last debate. >> i think donald trump has made a grave error for disrespecting the caucus-goers in iowa. you may be mad at fox, but you are disrespect can the people who are going to support you. people tend to make up their minds in the last few closing days of the caucus. this is the most important time to be in front of the people you are trying influence. >> if you can't face journalists how can you face putin and whoeve president of the united states. heather: a lot of folks, trump supporters specifically save they could change their minds. what element do you think will
6:40 am
make a difference in this race? the undecideds? the independents? what group. >> it will be evangelicals. they have a high percentage of participation. i would say the general election is going to turn on independents and women. we'll get to that way down the road. right now you have to be selected by the party before you are elected by the people. heather: in 2012 one of the polls i was able to pull up, 57% identified themselves as evangelicals in iowa. 32% voted for former u.s. senator rick santorum, alan do you think that will be the same this time around? >> they picked santorum and huckabee and they didn't get the nominations. they are not a good bellwether on who is going to get the presidency.
6:41 am
gregg: a new report suggests a green side syria is more dangerous than isis. the chairman of the house homeland security committee will be here. heather: a speeding train prompts a domino effect of colliding engines.
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heather: a close call for one police captain in ohio. a semi truck plows into him and runs over him. then you see what forced the truck forward, a train. the captain suffered a gash on his head and a cut to his hand but otherwise he's doing okay. gregg: an al qaeda affiliate's
6:45 am
branch in syria is more of a long term threat to the youth than isis. the chairman of the house homeland security committee and the author of the new book, failure of manage nation. congressman, great to see you. i read this report, american enterprise institute and the institute for the study of war. i was unpersuaded al qaeda in syria is more of a threat. >> 45,000 fighters converging in iraq and syria makes them a huge threat. now they are conducting external operations. having said that the traditional wisdom is al-nusra, part of the al qaeda brand have always been a little more sophisticated at pulling off larger-scale attacks.
6:46 am
the group trying to down airplanes with non-metallic ieds. in terms of numbers, isis is the game in town. gregg: that brings the question does president obama appreciate the threat isis poses? he seems to down play the threat of isis. >> the point of my book is to tell the american people the truth about the threat we face as a facing. for too long they have down played the threat. they say we are they are not an existential threat. he called them jv team. they are not a jv team. and when he says the war is over, al-baghdadi declared the caliphate. so it never matches up.
6:47 am
i don't think he want to deal with it. it doesn't fit within his campaign narrative. gregg: let's talk about your book and "failures of manage nation," i'm not giving it back because i am not through with it yet. you lay out the threat, decapitation trike on our capitol. a cyber strike on the world's financial capital in new york. bio terror on the southern borderer. how real are these threats in your mind and how prepared are we to prevent them? >> in each chapter i lay out a figural scenario to get the interest of the reader, and then i say could it really happen? that piece is an educational
6:48 am
piece to the american people and the policy makers on what the terrorists have done in the president, and what they plan to do in the future. and what can we do to stop it. you talk about the dirty bomb across the u.s.-mexico bored. isis in their publication, smuggling a pakistani nuclear weapon into the western hemisphere and across the u.s.-mexico bored. so this is all fact based. but it's designed to have an honest discussion with the american people. it's a point of discussion in the 2016 presidential race. i'm highly critical of the administration's national security and foreign policy. gregg: we think of al qaeda and isis as launching conventional attacks using bombs. what about a devastating cyber attack that could not on shut
6:49 am
down our nation's financial institutions. but do damage to our utility grids, for example. >> we focus a lot on isis. paris was more i, san bernardino. you are talking about limited numbers of lives. a cyber attack has enormous consequences. huge damage, shutting down the power grid in the northeast. the northeast got snowed under. but manage everything being shut down power-wise for weeks. total, utter chaos. the stock exchange. the chapter in my book talks about kwan up computing and relatively sophisticated area that deals with the iranian chaos in cyberspace. we have a lot of enemies out there, russia, china, iran and north korea all have cyber capability. and the jihadists want to get that as well.
6:50 am
gregg: congressman michael mccaul. the book is called "failures of imagination." heather: the face of evil. new photos he morning of isis executioner jihadi john unmasked. the terror thug later being killed by a u.s. airstrike. gregg: folks dig out after that massive snowstorm. i've smoked a lot and quit a lot, but ended up nowhere. now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch, with unique extended release technology, helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq.
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gregg: some new details on the historic blizzard that battered the northeast.
6:54 am
city officials say they have plowed 7.25 million tons of snow from the streets in new york city. we did some calculations. that's enough to fill the empire state building 24 times over. residents in queens saying their streets were neglected. so send your complaints to mayor bill deblasio. heather: unmasking one of the world's most notorious killers. pictures emerging of the isis executioner known as jihadi john. he beheaded prisoners in videos before being killed in an airstrike. what do these new pictures show us. >> jihadi john is seen as the poster boy for isis. it's a piece of propaganda for them.
6:55 am
it was released in one of the isis magazines. it's the first type we have seen him unmasked since those videos where he murdered hostages. he shocked the world by killing aid workers and journalists. it shows him in army fatigues and standing beside u.s.-made armored vehicles that isis took from the iraqi army. heather: why is isis just now releasing these pictures? reporter: he was an icon for so many jihadi fighters. as we saw from the paris attack, it's the western fighters who pose such a great threat. they can blend in. releasing these pictures can be seen as a rallying cry. isis has a whole industry to make fake passport.
6:56 am
and the fear that members are flowing back to europe among refugees. a warning was issues saying isis is shifting towards a global strategy. >> of course all of the national authorities across europe are working to prevent them from carrying out attacks. reporter: isis is still using jihadi john as a recruiting tool. heather: benjamin hall, thank you. gregg: the battle brewing between some of the leading in the republican candidates. heather: hillary clinton and bernie sanders in a statistical tie in iowa. we go to the hawkeye states next. .
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heather: iowa five days away. new hampshire eight days later. candidates blanketing the hawkeye state drumming up last minute support along with pledges to show up for the caucuses on monday. welcome to a brand new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm heather childers. gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. bill and martha traveling to iowa for tomorrow's big debate. candidates fighting for every vote in iowa. they're going from precinct to precinct to try to gain an advantage. the feud between donald trump and senator ted cruz turning into all-out war. fox team coverage. john roberts with the candidates and. heather: we begin with senior correspondent john roberts live in des moines, iowa. a new development in the republican race. all the buzz about donald trump pulling out of tomorrow's
7:01 am
debate? reporter: gregg was talking about a war with ted cruz. he is fight as two-front war and now with fox news. he is trying to have our megyn kelly since last week to have her removed as one of the moderators. fox was not about to give in to that. donald trump last night decided he would take a walk. >> when megyn kelly didn't ask me a question, made a statement last time. i thought it was appropriate. everybody said i won the debate. they said i won the last debate. they said i won all the debates. we have had six debates. why should networks continue getting rich on debates? give some to wounded warriors, make a fortune. let's see how much money fox will make on the debate without me. reporter: in a statement fox news said they held their ground. we not sure how iowans will feel about him walking away from them. meagan kelly who he viciously attacked in august and spent
7:02 am
four days demanding to be removed from the debate stage n that statement fox news also said trump is still welcome tomorrow night's debate. they will hold a place for him, though trump may have poisoned well a little bit with rather nasty tweet he sent out about megyn kelly. heather: so who potentially benefits from trump's move? reporter: in the long term, it's not clear. ronald reagan famously skip ad debate in iowa in 1980. that was two weeks before the iowa caucuses. he lost iowa to bush but he did win the overall nomination. one thing is for sure. donald trump has handed ted cruz a real gift, a brand new line of attack just when cruz needed it most. cruz is now running with it, doing everything he can to make donald trump look timid and afraid. >> he is unwilling to stand on debate stage with other candidates i would like to invite donald right now to engage in a one-on-one debate with me anytime between now and
7:03 am
iowa caucuses. [applause] reporter: all the other candidate also said they're pleased to be on the debate stage tomorrow night. i think they will appreciate the extra time. donald trump says he may hold a competing event, fund-raiser for veterans and wounded warriors which is noble thing to do because our heroes can use as much help as they can get but at this point in the race with as tight as it is here in iowa, skipping tomorrow night's debate may have consequences for donald trump that are really difficult to calculate at this point, heather. heather: he asked his followers and supporters on social media what they think he should do and we'll see if he follows their advice. thanks, jon. reporter: thanks, heather. gregg: now to the democrats. most recent "real clear politics" poll show bernie sanders and hillary clinton in statistical tie in the hawkeye state. they're kicking into high gear in the final sprint before the finish nine five days from now.
7:04 am
white house correspondent ed henry joins us from iowa. where mrs. clinton will hold an event. another poll with mentioned results for hillary clinton? reporter: there is couple of them. abc news out this morning says she has national lead of 20 points over democratic socialist bernie sanders. but the same poll shows on the question who is honest and trustworthy, bernie sanders has clear edge. lingering problems for clinton from the email controversy. but then there is "quinnepiac poll" out here in iowa suggesting sanders edged ahead 49% to 45%. those important early battleground polls more important than national ones right now. as sanders tries to get passionate support out there. yesterday here in iowa, one much his supporters, steelworker, shaved bernie 2016 into the back of his head. sander went on to minnesota, they're not voting for some
7:05 am
time, super tuesday state in mid-march, he had 15,000 people at a rally in st. paul. gives you kind of momentum sanders is getting. the big question whether his ground game will produce those results in iowa? will the supporters actually show up on caucus day? that is the big question, gregg. gregg: democrats seem to be having some debate brahama of their own, right -- drama of their own, right? reporter: democratic committee limiting number of debates on weekends at odd times less people than saw them than certainly seen the republican debates. what is interesting now, nbc trying to work with the union leader in manchester on a new debate, february 4th, after the iowa caucuses and before the big primary in the granite state. hillary clinton says she is in. martin o'malley saying he is in. bernie sanders sauce they're looking at it.
7:06 am
but the dnc say they will not sanction this as official democratic debate. very bottom line after they get through all the back and forth is, the clinton cam started wanting to limit the number of these debates. now they want to have more debates because she is in a much more defensive position right now and she thinks more debates might help her now. gregg: ed in adel, iowa, thank you very much. reporter: great to see. >> what is happening in iowa must be deja vu for hillary clinton. in 2008 campaign she was upset by then senator barack obama. there are a few key difference this is time around. matthew continetti, editor-in-chief of the "washington free beacon". he is is here to talk about the difference. >> thank you, heather. heather: do you believe it is deja vu all over again in terms of clinton with respect to 2008?
7:07 am
>> i'm skeptical. in 2008 the party was divided. barack obama had a lot of party leaders and major donors behind him heading into iowa. he had oprah. there was real sense of cultural momentum he had behind him. hillary was plainly upset there. this time the whole party is behind hillary. really bernie getting the left of the left. i don't think that is the same as 2008. heather: in 2008 she ran on experience. it appears that she is doing that again this time around. why do you think she believes that tactic will work this time? >> well, i think she thinks it works this time because she's proven leader from her perspective at least. i would question that the truth is democrats like her. she still, normal democratic voter is still much more inclined to support hillary clinton than bernie sanders. i would also say this. a lot of the important liberal intellectuals, op-ed writers and such, in 2008 they were split, and a lot of them were for
7:08 am
obama. this time around they're almost all for hillary. heather: look at this latest "quinnepiac poll" though, if you ask voters it's a close one. no doubt the clinton campaign wasn't counting on this. sanders 49%, clinton 45% in iowa. sanders taking the lead there. >> right. at this point iowa i think is a jump ball. in this sort of situation, you would think that the campaign with the better organization, the more resources would get that jump ball. in that case then it's hillary clinton. i would also say hillary's playing expectations game. if you look at what her campaign is saying, they're trying to down play expectations for iowa, if they post a good result or even winds on caucus night. the well, momentum will be huge going out of iowa. heather: we talked a lot about the ground game in iowa. hillary clinton holding 100 events since she announced her campaign back in april. sanders, compared to him, he didn't get to iowa about
7:09 am
mid-summer, his numbers in terms of events themselves much, much larger. >> there is big resistance in both parties to the established candidates or candidates who have most kind of credentials. you see that in democratic race. a lot of bernie supporters are younger, you newer to the process. the question is, will they show up? in 2008 barack obama's campaign invested a lot of time, energy and money making sure they did. i'm not sure bernie has the same resources at his disposal. heather: what do you think will happen after iowa and new hampshire? >> the best thing that happens for hillary she wins iowa, and if she loses new hampshire which seems likely with sanders from a neighboring state and has a big lead there, at least we won't get stories about the fall of house of clinton. if she loses iowa and new hampshire, there is panic time for the campaign. heather: stories are already starting to come out. matthew, thank you for your insight. >> thank you. gregg: fox news is teaming up
7:10 am
with google and youtube to bring you the final republican debate before the iowa caucuses tomorrow night on the fox news channel. the first debate moderated by bill hemmer and martha mack. it begins 7:00 p.m. eastern time. the prime time debate moderated by bret baier, chris wallace and megyn kelly, starts at 9:00. >> we're looking forward to that one. will governor scott endorse trump? the governor joins us live. gregg: federal agents breaking up terror plot in milwaukee. the suspect alleging he hadly planning to -- allegedly planning to kill dozens of people with machine guns. that was not all he was planning. heather: the police act the as the stork. >> it was amazing feeling. great to be part of it. have some feel-good news.
7:11 am
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7:15 am
the newborn weighed in 7 pounds, 6 ounces. we're happy to say both mother and son are doing fine. congratulations. ♪ heather: donald trump picking up several high-profile endorsements yesterday including reverend jerry fallwell, jr., maricopa county sheriff joe arpaio. our next guest also praising trump for having his finger on america's pulse. i believe that is a quote from you. florida governor rick scott saying jobs will be the most important factor when he does pick a favorite but he is not ready, not yet to issue any endorsements. we'll try to get you to do that before we finish talking to you. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, heather. i love your show in the morning. i work out to your show every morning. by the way there is no snow in florida. you should move to florida. heather: move to florida, or at least go visit. >> that's right. heather: in terms of this race every poll it seems since the campaigning began, not only has
7:16 am
donald trump been in the lead, it has been significant. it does appear that cruz is kind of narrowing that lead at this point. why do you think he has been ahead and so consistently by so much? >>ut florida a little bit. his race is similar to my race in 2010. i first ran as an outsider. i think the most important thing that all the candidate have to do is talk about jobs. that is what i've done in 2010 and 2014. i think anybody that's doing that, people feel comfortable has a real plan is going to continue to do well. but we've got a lot of great candidates in the race. a lot from florida, jeb bush, marco rubio. some governors i work with, chris christie and john kasich. unlike most voters in my state i'm watching for a plan and i will continue to watch until i feel comfortable. heather: tell us, those of us on the outside, how does it work? are you getting a lot of phone
7:17 am
calls from those candidates, requesting your support and endorsement? >> i've gotten to know most of them over last few years since i ran in 2010. chris christie, i worked with him, rga chair for my re-election. i talk to candidates. some are more vocal about endorsements than others. a lot of people in florida we're still waiting for a real definite jobs plan. that is what i ran on. stillmost important thing in this country. heather: you self-funded your campaign. how did that help you or benefit you? >> you have to get your message out especially if you're an outsider. i did that in 2010. i didn't have to do. of that in 2014 because we had a track record. we added a million 25,000 jobs in five years. we have almost 300,000 job openings in our state. 365,000 people moved to our state last year. now i've been able to get my message out. heather: jobs, the economy, consistently number one amongst concerns of americans but lately it's been foreign policy with
7:18 am
the threat that continues to come from isis. so do you think that trump is prepared in that area and which candidate do you think is best in terms of that? >> i think foreign policy will be important but the truth is you can't focus much on foreign policy if you don't have a good economy. i still think the key will jobs. that is what i ran on. typical family in this country cares about a job for the family, education for the child and live in a safe community. but it starts with a good jobs plan. heather: which candidate do you think has the best jobs plan and if you think that is the most important element, will you endorse that person? >> that is exactly what i'm looking for. i still think it is early. i think i'm looking for specific plan, we need 12 million jobs in next four years. we already hid a million jobs in five years because we're focused in our state. heather: you will not name a candidate who has the best plan?
7:19 am
>> we're not ready to do it yet. i have a lot of friendships, friend in the race. i will continue to watch what they say about how they will get our economy going. heather: governor scott, thank you so much for joining us. >> have a good day, heather. heather: see you in the morning. >> see you in the morning. gregg: major update in the case of ethan couch. why the so-called "affluenza" teen could be facing justice here in the united states. heather: the fbi bursts up another plot to attack civilians on u.s. soil. >> any of these plans were no war to be found -- when i heard he was trying to defend islam, i thought you couldn't be more wrong. terror here at home. it's time for a tested and proven leader who won't try to contain isis. jeb bush has a plan... to destroy them. and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters.
7:20 am
jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
7:21 am
♪ ♪ those who define sophistication stand out. those who dare to redefine it stand apart. the all-new lexus rx and rx hybrid. never has luxury been this expressive. this is the pursuit of perfection.
7:22 am
heather: welcome back. the "affluenza" teen that fled to mexico, ethan couch, dropping
7:23 am
his appeal against deporttation. his lawyers say couch will return to texas to face new charges in the next day or two possibly. couch violated probation for a 2013 dui crash that killed four people. he is scheduled to appear at a hearing in texas next month over whether his case will be transferred to the adult system. meantime he will be held in a juvenile detention center. ♪ gregg: well the fbi arresting a milwaukee man charged with plotting an attack on a may sonic temple. authorities accused this guy, tried to buy machine guns from undercover agents. according to an affidavit he wanted to kill 30 or more people in order to, quote, terrorize the world. let's bring in adam kinzinger, congressman from wisconsin. congressman, always nice to have you with us. there is always good news and
7:24 am
bad news. the bad news this guy wanted to engage in terrorist-style plot with automatic weapons to murder dozens of people. the good news is law enforcement foiled it. are you heartened by that? >> i am. you know, that is one of the things i absolutely want to do is give a shoutout to the fbi. a lot of times we uncover plots and talk about them and assume that is really normal. they really do good work. they follow up leads. follow through who people are, to have these kind of busts. milwaukee was a seat for the sikh temple shooting. the problem is though the fbi can get this right 99 times out of 100. it is the one-time that leads to huge tragedy. we have to give the fbi the tools they need to be sure they uncover these kind of plots. gregg: this is odd, strange, missy at this filing attacking
7:25 am
may son masonic temple. they do wonderful work. this underscores how crazy these people are. >> the demonic nature what they're doing. this is pure evil of their heart. i've been to the masonic temple. they do a lot of social occasions. maybe he got the idea, maybe there previously on a social occasion. the people of milwaukee, they're tough people, they're good people. this is important to give them the tools they need to but also to defeat jihadism overseas. right now jihaddism is seen as a winning movement. this is something people disaffected or prone to jihaddism want to join because they see this as having a victory. we want to deal blows not just by law enforcement over here but military victories overseas. this defeats the whole narrative this is some kind of god-inspired movement of radical jihadist movement. gregg: he bought some automatic weapons and silencer from under cover fbi agents.
7:26 am
he said according to an affidavit, i'm telling if you this hit is executed it will be known all over the world. all the mujahideen will be talking and they will be proud of us. i mean clearly he is attempting to commit, you know, in the name of islam, falsely being -- of course, an act of terrorism but no terrorism charges yet? >> i'm sure they will be coming. when we talk about things like the patriot act, a few years ago it was uncool to think about the patriot act. the reality we need tools necessary to find these folks, to weed out people that are communicating with jihadists overseas. we need to be able to modernize our tools into the 21st century to use the dark rooms on the internet or even the open internet to find these foles out. it is interesting to me, google knows more about you than the federal government is allowed to know about you. we need to modernize these tools while protecting privacy but to insure we're keeping our folks safe. you see what the lone movements or maybe this guy was inspired
7:27 am
or maybe had communication with foles oversees. it is important for us to take it seriously. it is important for us to destroy the cans irof isis, the cancer of al qaeda and radical jihadism. gregg: yet, this is a guy apparently not related to isis or al qaeda or any known terror group. so i mean, that is pretty disconcerting that, somebody just sort of on his own decides engage in an act of horrific terrorism. >> well, that's right. think about it this way. so you have these folks that disaffected. they feel like they're left out of society. they're looking for terrible things to do to be in the headlines. they want to be famous or infamous, whatever. they see successful stuff overseas and see what happened in california and say i can be part of that too. i con get my name known. they want to fight for a cause. it's a cause of evil. that's why we have to defeat this not just here but overseas. if you do it overseas i will not
7:28 am
fight it here. gregg: congressman adam kinzinger, thank you for being here. >> you bet. thank you. take care. heather: deadly ending to a three-week standoff in oregon. what led to the shootout between police and protesters at a wildlife refuge and who is now behind bars. >> i feel like my sons are on good nations doing good things, helping people. they weren't threatening nobody. they were out trying to teach and support and now they're in jail. this is shaving.
7:29 am
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7:32 am
militia leader amon bundy on upper left side of your screen. an 8th suspect in phoenix arizona turning himself in. dan springer joins us live from burns, oregon with the latest. what is going on where you are? reporter: fbi shown extreme caution not wanting another waco. over last three weeks allowing ammon bundy and his supporters go where they want, do what they want. they said they wanted this thing to end peacefully. they arrested the group as the group traveled from here in burns up to john day, oregon for a community meeting an hour away. shots were fired after the fbi panned oregon state police as they tried to arrest the shot. not sure if they fired a shot. a father of levin and speaks man of the occupation was killed. ryan bunddy, ammon's brother was shot in the arm. he was treated and released at local hospital. finicum said earlier he would
7:33 am
not allow himself to be arrested. at one point drawing a line in the snow as he held a shotgun after a rumor spread that the fbi was about to raid the federal refuge. bundy's father, cliven had his own showdown with federal agents in nevada two years ago, spoke with ammon after his arrest. >> ammon from the back of a police car called her and told her that they had been arrested. that my son ryan had been shot in the arm. and that l levoy finicum was murdered, cold-blooded murdered. they shot him with his hand up and literally murdered him. reporter: bundy and seven others arrested last night are facing federal charge of conspiracy to impede federal authorities. that is a felony. gregg? gregg: dan springer live in oregon. dan, thank you very much. heather: the obama administration has set a deadline for the end of 2016 for the withdrawal of all troops from afghanistan but now the
7:34 am
pentagon admits that it may take decades before an american presence will no longer be needed there. this as concerns grow about the spread of terrorist groups throughout the country. lieutenant colonel ralph peters is a fox news strategic analyst and he joins us now to talk a little bit more about that. thank you for joining us, first of all. >> good morning, heather. heather: so why are we not going to meet this deadline and how long do you think we would have to be there? >> because we lied to ourselves and because we keep on lying to ourselves. we lie about the enemy. we lie about the afghans because we want to believe comforting things. we were faced faced with this malignant cancer of islamic terrorism and told ourselves it was skin rash. the questions we need to ask, we have not asked, we refuse to ask at top levels of government are why after almost 15 years of american engagement, training afghan national army and police,
7:35 am
giving them weapons, why after all that time has this ragtag band, the taliban resurgent while at the same time, islamic state, isis is spreading in afghanistan and al qaeda is coming back? the answer we do not want to hear is that this is about religion, at least about the terrorist's interpretation of islam and there is no force more powerful in history than fanatical, zealotry in religion. heather: so -- >> we make excuses it is about this, about that, it is about the other thing. no, it is about men who believe they're on mission from god and our side is corrupt. heather: domestic policy will not change what is happening over there, so what do we need to do? >> it is so far gone now with islammist terrorist groups spreading nearly globally there is no easy answer. and the critics who are now saying, military critics are saying we have to think in generational terms are right. we neglected the cancer.
7:36 am
it spread. now it will take a long time to root it out if it can be rooted out. i think what we have to do are several things. stop lying to ourselves. the enemy is highly motivated. they believe in their cause. they're not quitting. while our guys are just not cutting it. go, what are our goals? all traces of nation-building where there is no nation have to stop and we need to focus on killing terrorists wherever we find them. the one rhine for being in afghanistan is to keep killing terrorists. three, we have to stop tolerating corruption, not only within the afghan government and military, but the kind of corruption we allow to go along with our contractors and international contracts in afghanistan. we have corrupted this country. when a nation of shoplifters into a nation of grand felons. heather: what action do you suggest in order to overcome that corruption? >> well, we got to stop funding -- look there are afghan units, that are supposed to have say 700 solders present. turns out when we look they have
7:37 am
100 or maybe 150 if we're lucky and commanders are pock connect the money. if the afghan government won't crack down on this, we have to cut funding. we have to do some serious horse trading. it is tough. there is no easy answer, heather. i know you know this we have to think economically. if it's a long-term struggle what can we afford to do where and when? we can not afford to dump money on these problems anymore. we have to think, might -- fight smart as our enemies -- heather: we understand what you're trying to say. >> that was interesting. heather: stop their funding, but also there is a problem with the will to fight of these afghan forces that we are tasked with training and then my question would be. did we not learn anything from iraq? >> well, we refuse to learn. politicians certainly refuse to learn. the military learns. but at the end of the day, yes the afghan soldiers are not as motivated.
7:38 am
the enemies they face, taliban, al qaeda, other, they do believe, they are doing god's work and they're willing to die for it. these are men who in many cases regard death as a promotion. we've got soldiers, afghan soldiers, fighting for the government who see their come mannedders cheating them, who are not getting food, rations they're supposed to get. as long as, as long as they see they're being sent to die for a corrupt government, you're obviously not going to get the kind of motivation you see in our enemies. we still don't take islammist fanaticism seriously because our elites in washington and manhattan, in san francisco, in l.a., they're secular. they do not understand the transfigurative power of fanatical religion. heather: so you mentioned that the military learns but you're saying that the administration does not and this has been asked plenty of times, why president obama does not appear to be
7:39 am
listening to the advice or following the lead of the military. so this will be left to the next administration to deal with. what is the first thing they should do? >> well the next administration and the administration after that and the administration after that because thanks to obama's malignant neglect the problem worsened so vastly. what should the next president do? first thing you do is stop lying to ourselves what this fight's about. it is a fight with one variant of islam, no question about it. second thing, prioritize. the priority has to be killing america's enemies wherever we find them under any circumstances. we're stuck with a president for another year whose priority isn't defeating our enemies but closing guantanamo. heather: cool nell peters, thank you so much for joining us today. we appreciate your insight on this. we can pray that our troops remain safe there in afghanistan. >> indeed. heather: thank you. gregg: more eviction notices being given as a collapsing
7:40 am
cliff put hundreds of residents in danger. not everyone will leave. update on the dangerous situation in california coming up next. >> we're living paycheck to paycheck and month to month. it is not, we just don't have it. there is nowhere to go. there is nowhere to go. and real, and feeling good, sort of. and 500 calories or less. the clean pairings menu. at panera. food as it should be. what makesheart healthysalad the becalifornia walnuts.r? the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at
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get fast-acting, long-lasting relief from heartburn with it neutralizes stomach acid and is the only product that forms a protective barrier that helps keep stomach acid in the stomach where it belongs. for fast-acting, long-lasting relief. try gaviscon®. heather: welcome back to "america's newsroom." to california where families are being forced to pick up and move because their apartment complex is threatening to fall right into the ocean. this is in the city of pacifica outside of san francisco. powerful waves, you see them there, they're slowly and surely chipping away at the coastal seawalls. despite the growing danger some people are refusing to leave saying they have nowhere else to go. city declares state of emergency in the meantime in hopes of getting state and federal aid. ♪ gregg: hillary clinton is losing
7:44 am
support to bernie sanders in a new poll that is just out, abc "washington post," showing clinton leading still but with 5%. sanders at 33%. clinton's support is down one point while sanders is up 8 points from the poll last month. over the course of the last several months it has been enormous decline. julie roginsky, democratic strategist, deneen borelli, chief political correspondent for conservative review. both are fox news contributors. julie, let me start with you. i was looking online and they use a bar graph and it's going down like this for hillary clinton. what do you make of that? >> it's a race. look, she has had incoming for 20 years, i don't know how many years. bernie sanders is not new but he is new in the national consciousness for most part. gregg: right. >> not as much incoming. no surprise her numbers are going down relative to his.
7:45 am
it is something troubling to the clinton campaign. obviously it is. he could run the table potentially in iowa and new hampshire. she needs to make sure her bulwark, her protection against all of this is the minority vote in places like south carolina. when she starts to lose african-americans and latino voters i think the concern will really emerge in the clinton camp. gregg: let's break down some of the polling data here because she leads sanders in everything, albeit narrowly in some of them, except for honesty and trustworthiness. let's put it up on the screen here. sanders has a double-digit lead on honesty and trustworthiness. emails, benghazi, all of that, paid speeches, is all of that taking a toll? >> i think it is slowly chipping away because it is clear that the woman is dishonest. a lot of americans do agree with that and i think this is a really big issue when it comes to trust. americans want to be able to
7:46 am
trust their next president, the next leader of the united states and bernie sanders is able to chip away at the hillary clinton's support. basically she brought it on herself, gregg. as you mentioned, benghazi, the email scandal. numerous issues going on with hillary clinton. of course the campaign is concerned but these are the facts and that's what's going on. gregg: huge takedown by dana milbank in the "washington post" today in his editorial. hillary clinton is a dreary candidate he writes, who fails to connect with voters. her reflexive secrecy cause as whiff of scandal to follow her everywhere she goes. she seems calculating and phony but if democrats want to hold the presidency they will have to hold their noses and nominate her. wow. >> yeah. you know, i'm not sure what there, as democrat who wants to hold the white house he's right. the problem with the clinton campaign, i never unstood it
7:47 am
from day one, she came out as candidate a year ago and immediately secluded herself. didn't do much press. didn't do many appearances. of course voters not only heard from the her opponents but didn't hear from her. there is this whole perception she is not somebody that can connect with voters. can go out to talk to voters. my advice to the campaign, if she wants to change the perception, go out there, take some risks. not everything has to be poll driven, not everythings that to be calculating, not everything has to be spun. go out do what sanders is doing. people across the board on republican side and democratic side who are perceived being authentic because they're not scripted. being scripted is not what people in the 21st century want. >> ask somebody who is inauthentic to be ought 10 tick. >> right. gregg: she can't change who she is. >> there is not a switch you can flip. but not only is she not trustworthy, she is not likeable as well, gregg. recent town hall event millenial
7:48 am
asking about her trustworthiness. this penetrates for older voters and young voters. this is a really big problem for hillary. gregg: wouldn't be the first time somebody unlikeable was elected president of the united states. >> i'll tell you this. gregg: richard nixon comes to mind. >> she is not richard nixon. gregg: she is not? really. >> i'll tell you why, i worked senate fairly closely alongside her office when she first went to the senate. in private she is completely different person. she is funny, gregarious. she has a great sense of humor. if that ever came across, why doesn't it? >> i don't know. it is natural to her. i don't understand her campaign and candidate herself who ultimately won't unleash -- gregg: maybe because there is too batchingage there. too many scandals followed her and bill clinton over the years. >> that is whole another segment but listen, she is not likeable. she is not personable. i think people get that. i think they see that she is not able to really relate to hard-working americans and what
7:49 am
our concerns are. gregg: deneen borelli, julie roginsky. good to see you both. >> good to see you. gregg: heather? heather: jon scott is up next to let us know what is "happening now." miss you today, jon. >> miss you too, heather. come back to work with us anytime. there is debate drama on both sides of the aisle. donald trump says he won't be there tomorrow night in iowa. we'll talk with rand paul, ed rollins and charlie hirt about what it might mean to the 2016 republican race. plus the democrats are in their own battle over adding another debate. increasingly acrimonious fight between sanders and clinton and the get-out-the-vote efforts in iowa. plus a confrontation in the oregon standoff. several are arrested, one is dead. it is not over yet. we'll have it for you "happening now." heather? heather: tell jenna hi. we'll tune in. >> we'll do, thanks. heather: we're learning more about the fugitives from last week's dramatic jailbreak in southern california.
7:50 am
why the prisoners were in maximum security. what authorities are doing to make sure they're caught. >> there is one thing for sure, nothing will replace the cooperation of the public. again i want to re-emphasize the need for public's help. we need people to come forward to provide information we know that they have. so he knows exacn settle in and practice his big pitch. and when craig gets his pitch down pat, do you know what he becomes? great proposal! let's talk more over golf! great. better yet, how about over tennis? even better. a game changer! your 2 o'clock is here. oops, hold your horses. no problem. la quinta inns & suites is ready for you, so you'll be ready for business. the ready for you alert, only at laquinta!
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7:53 am
gregg: well-known "the godfather" actor abe vigoda has died. his daughter said he passed away in his sleep at her new jersey home. he played mafia lieutenant sal pletheo in the original "godfather" movie. hes with sent out and killed. he became known as his role for fish. in the tv sitcom "barney miller." survived by daughter, three
7:54 am
grandchildren, three great grandchildren, one grandson. abe vigoda, dead at the age of 94. >> heather: we have new details about the manhunt of three inmates that busted out after maximum security jail in orange count. they believe the two men on the right side of your screen could be hiding out in southern california. meanwhile a prosecutor scrubbing the man on the left as diabolical and cunning. even comparing him to the movie villain an bell lechter. adam housley live from los angeles with the latest. reporter: hi, heather. the reward stands for $200,000 for the three men you saw. board of county supervisors tacked on $150,000. as we're learning more about two of the suspects path. immigration officials say bac dong came illegally from to the u.s. from vietnam was ordered removed in 1998 following
7:55 am
burglary conviction. briefly in immigration custody in 2003 but released. last year was charged with attempted murder. awaiting trial. hossein nayeriry who one prosecutor dubbed hannibal lecter is former marine with special-ops training and according to his wife has mental illness, he went to jail in 2005 for a deadly drunk driving accident. before accused of the 2012 kidnapping and torture. the three escaped inmates all told were housed with 65 others, half of whom were considered violent as awaiting trial. orange county sheriff's office says they were housed appropriately obviously very concerned about the 16-hour time gap, taking a lot of criticism for the time gap for when the escapees were last seen. >> we have parallel investigations that are occurring and preliminary investigation into the escape and how it occurred has caused the sheriff concerns as to some of the jail inmate count practices and how they were conducted. reporter: the sheriff says
7:56 am
they're taking immediate action and steps to fix that inspection process. they will not of course give us any details. the investigators believe the three men escaped after 5:00 a.m. jail check. no sign of them so far. a lot of people are concerned where they may be. they are expected to be armed and dangerous. they said do not approach them. call authority, heather. heather: concern understandably so. adam housley live for us. thank you. gregg: we're just days away from the iowa caucuses. all candidates are working hard in the hawkeye state to get votes. team coverage from iowa coming up next.
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>> a century old bridge comes tumbling down near pittsburgh. that took more than 500 explosive charges to blow the 108-year-old hilton bridge and ten seconds. replacement bridge opened a few
8:00 am
months ago, 1600 tons of steel will be removed from the referendum will be recycled. jon: seems like it will be harder to get it out of the river than if you just dismantled it. martha: they already built a new bridge. jon: that will do it for us, have a great day. "happening now" begins now. >> the day before the republican debate donald trump that more fuel to the fire after announcing he won't be center stage tomorrow night. jenna: mr. trump is not keeping quiet following his decision not to participate in the final gop debate before the iowa caucuses. there are more attacks on social media this morning as his decision prompted all kinds of responses from the rest of the gop field. >> if he is unwilling to stand on the debatst


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