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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  January 27, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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months ago, 1600 tons of steel will be removed from the referendum will be recycled. jon: seems like it will be harder to get it out of the river than if you just dismantled it. martha: they already built a new bridge. jon: that will do it for us, have a great day. "happening now" begins now. >> the day before the republican debate donald trump that more fuel to the fire after announcing he won't be center stage tomorrow night. jenna: mr. trump is not keeping quiet following his decision not to participate in the final gop debate before the iowa caucuses. there are more attacks on social media this morning as his decision prompted all kinds of responses from the rest of the gop field. >> if he is unwilling to stand on the debate stage with the
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other candidates i would like to invite donald right now to engage in a 1-on-1 debate with me any time between now and the iowa caucus. >> i would be surprised. >> will he show up? >> i will take donald trump's podium on that stage thursday night. generous as i am i will take that spot. jenna: chief political correspondent carl cameron on the campaign trail. a lot of people would like the center spot. >> sure. is funny when you have people trying to get off the second year into prime-time, we are five days before the first vote. years have been put into this. can the millions of dollars, hundreds of millions over all and trump is not coming tuesday debate. he announced this by surprise at a hastily arranged news conference that took place just before his event last night in marshalltown, iowa. watch.
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>> something is wrong. when they sent that press release talking about it i said when are these people playing games? most likely a won't be doing the debate. dealing with someone who is a little different. jon: he is making the agony won't be toyed with because fox made the suggestion that he might not participate. he has been hinting about this more than a week and half and last night when he did so all of his rivals particularly ted cruz, a two person race between donald trump and ted cruz in iowa so he couldn't resist. a little more from him. >> anyone deciding between me and donald, one candidate is here in iowa asking for the humility to submit to voters to answer your questions and the other is hiding from the voters, for many fair contest and if donald is terrified of any moderators he and i can debate
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one on one in an iowa town hall. jon: trump gets lots of air time and there will be a lot of water cooler debate as folks discuss if this isn't good idea or bad idea but all the other candidates have an opportunity to talk more about policy and debate one another and worry about from's 1-liners or insults. marco rubio third in the polls looking to be strong standout performer in this because of the from absence issue this statement and this is just a few seconds ago. these theatrics by ted cruz and donald trump by entertaining sideshows but they have nothing to do with defeating hillary clinton. i am going to stay focused on uniting the republican party to defeat hillary clinton and turn the page on eight years of liberal failure, we don't have time for these distractions. the debate are supposed to inform the electorate. now instead of talking about their policy disputes and various disagreements on character and their records we are talking about trump not showing up at a debate that --
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in won't be there as part of it now. unbelievable. jenna: thank you. jon: democrats are seeing their own debate drama as the hillary clinton campaign urges bernie sanders to participate in another debate before the new hampshire primary, a debate not sanctioned by the democratic national committee. this comes as the two candidate that deadlocked in iowa ahead of monday's caucuses. new quinnipiac poll puts bernie sanders in the lead, 39% with hillary clinton at 45%. that is within the margin of error. martin o'malley comes in with 4%. let's talk about it with a political reporter at the washington post. alex pappas is political reporter for the daily caller. welcome. it is a bit of deja vu for the hillary clinton campaign in iowa. >> it really is. the interesting thing this time, the iowa polls look pretty
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similar to how they did last time, but heard it came later in the primary season last time. it was more of a surprise the she would is iowa. this time it won't surprise anybody. we have seen polls all over the place, some have bernie sanders up by a lot. in the national poll we have seen hillary's numbers dropped more quickly than they did in 2008 so it certainly, as bad as 2008 look, we will find out on monday if it turns out as bad. jon: hillary clinton has always been the inevitable democratic nominee, right? >> that is what is spending about this. go back not long ago, hillary clinton, everyone's saying this is going to be the coronation and bernie sanders is a protest candidate trying to get out his views that the far left -- now look at the fact that a couple days before isle of voting
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bernie sanders is leading not only in iowa but up double-digit in new hampshire. makes me wonder, people like elizabeth warren and joe biden, do they wish looking at what is going on with bernie sanders to give him the race? think about joe biden? you have a lot going on with the passing of his son but then he said he won't run for president he said he would have run because he wanted to be president if he thought he could win. looking back now seeing what bernie sanders is doing you have to think he's thinking i could have won this thing. jon: the drama of the debate, sanctions debate and a front runner won't show a. on the democratic side you have an unsanctioned debate and the guy who is neck in neck with the front runner is still holding off on that. what is that about? >> what is interesting about the democratic debate is hillary clinton is playing the role of the challenger. the front runner for the
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incumbent, it is the challenger, the ones that needs a hail mary right before the vote and for fact that she is down by double digits in new hampshire, maybe it wasn't a good decision to not go to more of these debate. they didn't have a lot of debates. they said in comparison to republicans not as many, a lot of people felt that was a way to protect hillary clinton. i bet she wishes she had a few more of those. jon: i have always fought and read it was part of the clinton campaign strategy to minimize the number of debates. >> it certainly seemed like something that would help her at the beginning. the weekend debate, having a lot fewer debates than they had eight years ago would seem to help a front runner but she is a better debater than bernie sanders. she has shown that repeatedly. fact that they haven't had as many, as far as she is concerned the more the merrier.
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you have seen her campaign say if the candidates are willing to go, they are happy to do it again. there is good reason for that because it will help her. jon: she wants the platform right now. bernie sanders is saying he would like more debates down the road. >> he clearly would do a debate. he has done pretty well and his supporters inert polls always say he has done better than hillary clinton. it is so interesting. bernie sanders pools this off, if he wins iowa, new hampshire and they get to south carolina that will be the real test for the hillary clinton campaign. she is doing well in the polls, has support of a lot of african-americans but she has to keep them in her corner and that is why now you are seeing a lot of movement from her allies trying to take that vote away and make sure bernie sanders isn't able to take that vote away from her. by nick we will see who has the momentum of iowa and new hampshire.
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it will be fascinating to watch. jenna: a big national story, the standoff between an armed militia groups and law-enforcement and bloodshed. one person was killed, another injured in a shoot out with the fbi and oregon state police. the group occupied a federal wildlife refuge for weeks. eight people were arrested including the group's leader and that is where we pick up the story live from the west coast. >> the question is what will happen at the refuge? some women and children are still there so patriot groups last night send out another asking for reinforcements from around the country but police have heavily armed perimeter, no one in or out and the remaining malicious that they won't leave, another cost of a -- confrontation. police close a stretch of highway and set up a barricade
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to stop a caravan of the armed protesterss as they left the compound. leader ammon been declaims the police fired as they tried to surrender. police a that is not accurate, law-enforcement fired when the group refused to laydown their weapons. his brother ryan suffered minor wounds but finnikum died. taking their water for environmentalists. >> this is where i will read my last breath whether i am 90, 95 or 55 which i am, a few days or weeks or whatever it is, i am not going to spend my days in jail. this world is too beautiful. >> police have been content to le protesters would leave the refuge when the media did and go back to their farms and families
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but the governor pressured washington to enforce the law and that of the gun fight, they will hold their ground, as police killed a news conference at 10:30 local time and followed 30 minutes later by news conference by the protesters since we found that the next chapter in this standoff. jenna: what is next here? coming up later we will talk to chris voss, former fbi special agent and expert negotiator about where this all goes from here coming up later on the program. jon: this so-called affluenza teen back in the u.s. as soon as this week. ethan couch makes a decision that could send him back to texas to answer for his actions while on probation. for killing four people in a drunk driving crash. donald trump says he is out. rand paul is definitely in tomorrow night's debate and the senator is not letting up on the
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gop front runner. >> i think from is a deal maker and i don't think it will be different than we have currently. conservatives will be disappointed when they discover we thought he was angry and against washington and protesting washington and turns out we got exactly what washington is full of, deal makers. jon: rand paul join this next on "happening now" to talk about his plans for the debate in mr. trump's absence and we want to hear from you. how much do you trust the polls at this point? live chat up and running, go to to join the conversation. ♪
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florida issues and missing child dollars for 3-year-old zander quigley of palm coast, they considered an endangered. police up looking for his mother natasha quickly and her companion at convicted felon. police in austria find the body of a 25-year-old american woman in her apartment. they say she is from colorado and was working in vienna as a nanny. of 47 not release the name and treating the death as a homicide. jenna: fox news election headquarters with rand paul making the cut for tomorrow night's republican debate on as it stands he will not be sharing the stage with donald trump, the news of the day, senator rand paul calling me from capitol hill. first things first, your buddies, your friends are in iowa. you are in capital hill. what are you doing there? >> i take seriously my role as a u.s. senator and i am going to
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make the vote and get on a later plane tonight, taxpayers paid me so i try to show up for work. jenna: frequent flyer miles. you have fought to get on the main debate stage and we have seen that play itself out over its last several weeks, fox business debate has passed, donald trump is opting out of a spot on the main stage. what is your reaction to that? >> a double win for me. not only am i on the main stage we don't have to put up with a lot of people, calling people names. i think we will have the best debate we had and a lot of people are undecided. they are not getting any serious content from trump but just getting insults so people will tune in today now is my chance to see who is serious, the last debate before the election. a lot of people will tune in, third of all iowa is undecided. now is the chance to have a substantive debate on the issues.
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i am looking forward to. jenna: how we take advantage of his absence? >> there will be more time for everybody. a lot of the debate's centered on giving him more time. considerable amount of more time for the other candidates. i would like to see more detailed debate about what tax plans, how to keep american jobs here, what does it mean to be fiscally conservative. i frankly think if you are a liberal with military spending you are not really a conservative and that has been the problem, why are but it never gets balanced and the republicans or democrats and an important debate we can have, whether our interventions made us less safe. there is a host of new issues in the debate and faint goodness donald trump and his superis huge ego has taken his fall and he is going home, all the better for the country as far as i am concerned. jenna: marco rubio is concerned this is a distraction to the
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field overall, between ted cruz and donald trump, what do you think the risk is about damage to the party over all and the party faces what is presumed to be a run by hillary clinton for the white house. >> donald trump helen there is no risk, is an improvement in the debate. the iq of the debate went up a couple decimal points. is a good thing for the party. it shows his illusions of grandeur that the he thinks he has to dictate everything. he thinks he has already elected himself king. i say good riddance and we will have a much better debate. jenna: we look forward to that debate. a natural news story, we have been paying close attention to, the new york times in the editorial today planned parenthood is vindicated because of a recent ruling by a grand jury in texas that is indicting the film makers of the and the cover videos rather than planned parenthood. i am curious given your medical
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background what is your take on that? is planned parenthood vindicated by this ruling? >> absolutely not. it is a condemnation of our grand jury system. some people say a grand jury could indict a ham sandwich. that is probably true. grand juries have all the advantage of presenting one side of the evidence, you don't get a defense attorney and once indicted it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to vindicate yourself. i think they will be vindicated. in the judgment of the american people and the public debate i think planned parenthood has been shown to be an organization that is a big provider of abortions but also is using abortion as a way to manipulate babies in the womb in order to sell the babies's organs so most people actually find that very distasteful. we wouldn't have known about it if not for these videos. i don't think the jury in the end in texas will convict them of anything. jenna: the president has a bill
8:21 am
setting on his desk, planned parenthood getting federal money, is that something you would continue? rand paul presidency? >> i would go one step further. i wouldn't sign any spending bill that has any money for planned parenthood. everything planned parenthood does that is legitimate that has to do with disease prevention we already do in community health centers so there is no reason for any federal government money to go to planned parenthood and i wouldn't sign any bill that had any money and in fact as a senator i won't vote for any bill that has any money for planned parenthood. jon: this is an issue that will be brought to the debate and a big issue for the voters of iowa which is why we wanted to talk about it. safe travel tonight and look forward to seeing you tomorrow. jon: armed standoff in federal property turns deadly. the ring leader's fathercalls the shooting murder. the next guest says that confrontation looks a lot like suicide by cop. plus a huge fire breaks out in new orleans.
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we have the latest on the threat to nearby historic buildings.
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jenna: a did the turn in the armed occupation of a federal wildlife refuge in oregon. gunfire broke out during a confrontation with police and a protester was killed. a total of tweet the arrest including the leader of the group, ammon bundy and his brother, traveling to a community meeting where it came guest speakers. their father called the death murder. >> from the back of the police car, called her and told her they had been arrested. my son ryan had been shot in the arm and lavoy finicum was murdered, cold-blooded murder.
8:26 am
they shot him with his hands up, they murdered him. jenna: he was not there but that is what he's hearing from people that were. i am joined by a special agent and hostage negotiator with the fbi and author of the new book never split the difference, specifically focusing on negotiating, this is your area of expertise. what is next year? this group is still occupying the building in question, we really don't know how this will get resolved? >> first thing they had to do was the situation had been getting less -- the protestors were going to run try to spread to the neighboring town. they told these people clearly that they couldn't do that. now that they got the situation under containment, they're going to let this thing play itself out in a peaceful manner and let it play out peacefully. it was provoked by the
8:27 am
protesterss, caused this shooting so they want to avoid any more loss of life, they simply have to follow -- jenna: what is the key to making sure there is no more bloodshed? >> the whole issue for law enforcement, they are required, obligated -- they can't let it spread. that is what the protesters trying to do, spread to neighboring counties. they will keep them contained in position fear and let the people now they will be saved if they surrender. there is total safety in surrender here and they can simply be safe and surrender and it will be no further threat of harm. jenna: we heard some opinions on the program, they believe they were shot, members of their group were shocked and provoked. the other reports suggest something different.
8:28 am
the fbi officially in a statement saying this. as the investigation is ongoing we cannot comment further at this time. we don't have an official description of what transpired. you have some thoughts on what might happen based on what we know. what is that? >> we know for a long time in law enforcement that suicide -- provoking deliberate confrontation with police. if you intentionally go some place the police told you not to go you are provoking that confrontation and it is clear that that is what they did. they tried to travel away from the area they were contained in, trying to spread this protest, this unlawful activity to another area. law-enforcement clearly told them not to go, they didn't have to go out and provoke a confrontation, they could have stayed where they were. instead they chose to go out and provoke a confrontation and that is up well-known --
8:29 am
jenna: what tells you that might be the case? their actions leading the compound that you said you would be curious to find out a comments from protesters making the move when they decided to leave. why is that significant? >> it is interesting mr. lavoy finicum talked about suicide, not going to jail, preferring to die, those are the anti debated visions that he expected to die. more unlikely he did some other things to family members that would foreshadow that he expected this provocation to go through. >> we will wait and see what this investigation as it continues. and press conference giving us more information. great to have you on the
8:30 am
program. >> donald trump will skip the final debate before the iowa caucuses. will it help or hurt him? a political pro who ran ronald reagan's campaign weighs in with his thoughts next.
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jenna: a milwaukee man facing federal charges and a plot targeting a place of worship. the fed say the 23-year-old planned to attack a masonic temple in milwaukee and kill as
8:34 am
many people as possible but the temple may not have been his original target as we learn more on that. >> the fbi says it is keeping its eye on this since september and a good thing they were because they foiled this attack that was intended to be a mass murder. according to federal investigator, initially planned to travel to jordan and the west bank to kill israeli soldiers and civilians abandoned those plans for logistical reasons and focused his plan in the united states. undercover agents say they practice shooting after they toward an unidentified masonic temple in milwaukee and that is when they asked him to be part of his plan to attack it. yes them to buy two machine guns with silencers. silencers were reported so they would not be quickly discovered and could kill more people investigators say he told them, quote, one of us will stay at the entrance and lock the door down, two will get up to the left, enter the room and spray
8:35 am
everyone in the room. he also told undercover agents when we go into a room we will be killing everyone. that is it. this is our duty. it will be known all over the world. the mujahedin will be talking and proud of us. such operations will increase in america when they hear about it. on monday he purchased those guns from the undercover investigators. they quickly arrested him and got hold of those weapons. is not clear why he targeted his masonic temple. some fear allies he knew about social events with large crowds of the kills people, large numbers of people at once or also might have confused it for a religious temple. jenna: thank you. jenna: new drama over tomorrow s republican debate. jon: the front runner says he will not participate. he won't donald trump will not
8:36 am
participate in the debate where megyn kelly will be a moderator. this is at a crucial time five days from the iowa caucuses. trump and senator ted cruz appear locked in a close two man race. joining as political analyst ed rollins, former white house adviser to president reagan and longtime strategist for business and political leaders, take you back to 1980 in iowa. you were working on the campaign and ronald reagan decided to forgo. >> skip iowa. that is a foolish mistake, he underestimated george bush, who came back and barely won but he won and made it more competitive reese. >> take us forward to last night and trump's decision to bow out. >> he will pay heavy price for it. there are a lot of attacks on him this past week, a lot of paid media attacks. he made his campaign -- dominated cable television. this is 24 million people will
8:37 am
watch this, the last impression people will have before iowa, he is in the lock race with ted cruz and missing an opportunity to be on the stage. >> obviously doesn't take advice from many people that you would tell him get on stage? >> i would be there and heartbeat, the opportunity to stand center stage and make a points and take on the challenges and the fact that he is afraid of megyn kelly is absurd. megyn kelly is a colleague of yours, i think roger ales made the right decision, and doesn't want to play then fine. jenna: it is said a great percentage of people in i would change their goats to devote that a last-minute plea >> the third route for grabs. in his strongest numbers he's a 34%. the most anyone has ever won is mike huckabee about 41,000, eight years ago. a lot of people are trying to
8:38 am
decide and they will watch the debate and for him not have the chance to stand face-to-face with fellow critics and candidates. jon: is it possible he felt he would not live up to the height? >> he is not a good debater. there has been slippage. there was a lot of bluster on the stage and not a lot of substance and you have everybody ready to come and get him. and chase down the absurd things he said. jon: evangelical christians were part of the reason mike huckabee won. donald trump did get the endorsement this week of jerry falwell junior. he has a lot of endorsements outside. >> the inside state of evangelical leadership has totally endorse ted cruz. equally important trump attacked one of the most significant leaders, told him he didn't have integrity and all sorts of stuff.
8:39 am
a real backlash -- jon: his life does not lead itself to the evangelical endorsement. married three times, brad in his book about married women. >> if there is a trump tower going into liberty college in the far future it will not survive. >> you think that endorsement was perhaps something else behind it? >> i have no reason to make that charge. at the end of the day he is making a big mistake. jon: who benefits? >> ted cruz benefits, that gives marco rubio and that is an opportunity to step up to the plate and argue substance. donald can't argue substance. he likes to attack people and knocked them around. jon: thanks very much. watch the final republican presidential debate before iowa. fox news teams up with google
8:40 am
for the first debate tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. eastern time and then it is followed by the prime-time event moderated by bret baier, megyn kelly and chris wallace. 9:00 p.m. eastern live from des moines right here on fox news channel. jenna: potential breakthrough for millions of americans suffering diabetes was a promising new treatment could make insulin injections a thing of the past. the video of a massive fire training historic structures in new orleans, we have the latest next.
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♪ (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. where are you? it's very loud there. are you taking a zumba class? >> what you're seeing on the screen, a shot of presidential candidate and bernie sanders, walking into the white house to meet with the president. we understand there is no agenda for the meeting, it is taking place in the oval office because the president met with hillary clinton and now is meeting with bernie sanders. if any news comes of that meeting we will bring it to you. we will talk about what is
8:44 am
happening in washington d.c.. in the meantime, a massive fire in downtown new orleans started early this morning at a four story building at the roosevelt hotel, on canal street. the flames spreading to another older structure directly adjacent to the building. several streets were set down as firefighters battled those flames. and he made it out safely. no one else was hurt. the cause of the fire is under investigation. jon: new research to tell you about for those who suffer with type 1 diabetes. researchers at mit and harvard creating in 7 producing beta cells that could potentially eliminate the need for daily insulin injection. dr. daniel anderson is a chemical and cheering professor at mit and leading author of that study. dr. anderson, good to have you with us. we understand you learn how to make insulin producing cells a
8:45 am
couple years ago. the problem is finding a way to put them in the human body. >> exactly right. we basically want to figure out a way to make a new pay increase for people with type 1 diabetes and our colleague has figure out a way to get a supply of these and how to get them to survive and kill them. jenna: how have you rejected those cells? >> 7 years trying to figure out how to basically an invisibility cloak, the material that will protect them from the immune system and allow them to live and function and control blood sugar. it was a huge effort to try to find the correct material. jenna: type 1 diabetes is not type 2.
8:46 am
type 2 is generally created from poor diet, being overweight. type 1 diabetes, there is no real answer as to why it occurs in human beings, is that right? >> scientists have studied this disease for quite a while, the real challenge is how to treat people, where having changes in blood sugar can cause long-term morbidity. jenna: if you are able to perfect, creating a pancreas in people, it means the end of insulin injections. >> that is the dream. we did like to give people a new pancreas that can really function in a healthy patient. but would not be subject to destruction overtime. jenna: how many in this country,
8:47 am
how many people could benefit from this research? >> millions if we can get it to work in fish, it will take more work and effort that there are a lot of people who would benefit from improved treatment. >> what about the expense of it. are you able to project what it would cost an individual patient to undergo this treatment. >> is hard to get precise numbers down the numbers when you talk about millions of these devices the cost would go down but when you think about how much we spend on diabetes i am not too worried about that. >> there is a member of your team that is personally inflicted, his son has diabetes, that is part of the alien force behind all of this research. >> absolutely. many members have family members, friends and also researchers funded by the
8:48 am
juvenile diabetes research foundation at heritage foundation, groups who also have friends who suffer from this disease. is a very common disease and affect a lot of people. >> it has got to be exciting to be right on both threshold of this kind of breakthrough and yet you still have to go through so much more testing, supervised testing i suppose. the get impatient at times? >> i am continually impatient. we are looking to get this done as soon as possible but we recognize it is a complex problem, an important problem and we look for it to happen. >> house indeed think it will be working? and how soon will they take advantage of it? >> best case scenario in a couple years. but to really envision having
8:49 am
manufacturing millions of people, we are working hard and hope to do more soon. jon: the work sounds fascinating and millions of people hope it goes well. thank you. jenna: make it last. i am sure it gets difficult to sit and wait for the process to continue. whenever you see q or with an, an ailment, we will see. we will look forward to hearing more about the research. in california a serious threat to life and property, dramatic footage of homes clinging to the edge of a crumbling oceanfront cliff. some people are still refusing to leave. we have the latest on that. and a look at the terrace behind a mask, jihadi john world away from his middle-class upbringing. we will look at whether his death has impacted the brutal message of isis. here at home. it's time for a tested and proven leader who won't try to contain isis.
8:50 am
jeb bush has a plan... to destroy them. and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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jon: coconut creek, fla. we're seeing live pictures what has been reported to be a tornado in the area in broward county to the west of fort lauderdale, a you can see what folks are dealing with. one car on its side and what we saw earlier was cars flipped as well. what we see is close attention to is this. was from what local reports tell us, this is confirmed by the national weather service, we don't know the strength of it, and injuries are unknown. a driver suffered minor injuries. you see one car on top of another car. we are watching the developing story, if there's any more damage, certainly some wild
8:54 am
weather over the last several days, something we will pay close attention to. jon: let's check what is ahead on an "outnumbered" at the top of the hour. >> i wish we had something to talk about today. a big shake-up have the iowa caucuses, donald trump says he is skipping tomorrow night's big debate, how this could impact the race and whether the move is presidential. >> they are more concerned about terror attacks than ever before and when did they see those cities and towns as a new soft target. >> step up with how one student group, with cotton candy, will teach kids about sexual consent. >> at plus one lucky guy, he will be "outnumbered" atop the hour. back to one of our favorite guys, john scott. >> new information about the
8:55 am
brutal killer known as jihadi john, finally getting a look behind a mask. benjamin hall has the story from the newsroom. >> jihadi john was the poster boy for isis brutality. they use his name and hold him up as a sick hero, and use it for propaganda purposes. we first knew him as the murderer behind the mask, the man who stood behind and brutally killed western hostages in sickening videos but today, pictures of him without his mask, a far cry from the middle class life he lived when growing up in london. he was eventually killed in a drone strike in the isis capital in november but not before shocking the world by killing aid workers and journalists. posters show him standing alongside army vehicles that isis took from but iraqi army and eventually became one of the recruiters and as we saw, pose the greatest threats, those who could blend in so releasing these things today seen as a
8:56 am
rallying cry to others following his path. and isis as a whole industry and the fear is members are flowing back to europe hidden among refugees. the european security agency is morning this week that isis was shifting towards a more global strategy. >> the willingness and capability of similar attacks in europe and all of the national authorities across europe working to prevent that from happening. >> jihadi john may be dead but isis continues to slaughter and they are trying to recruit people who fear an attack in the heart of europe. jon: new next our happened our caller on a homeowner fights back when a robber breaks in and ties him up but now he could be the one facing criminal charges. plus a professional skier takes
8:57 am
a thousand foot tumble down a mountainside can't live to tell about it. for amazing survival. her amazin. . . . .
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>> you will not boycott our second hour, right? >> anything could happen, jon. i make no promises. >> we'll be here neck hour. i don't know about her. >> i'm not going far. "outnumbered" starts right now. ♪ andrea: this is it "outnumbered," i'm andrea tantaros. with us here today, harris faulkner, sandra smith and commentator and national spokeswoman for the libre initiative, rachel campos duffy. today's #oneluckyguy we welcome back fox news contributor, iraq and afghanistan veterans pete hegseth. today you're outnumbered. >> i am grateful to be. andrea: there is extra -- could we say? could we say? we have special delivery. don't know if another woman on


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