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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  January 27, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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white house and the same magic. >> he answered the question we all had, he didn't comb his hair. harris: my goodness. there you go. back tomorrow. >> i am back. harris: we'll state right here online. get right to "happening now." down in florida and tossing cars and tearing roofs off of the building. >> we'll cover all of the news "happening now". a long-stand off in oregon, ends in blood shed and in death. where does it go from here. >> it started as a craig's list adthis morning. a homeowner is tied up when a man responds to a craigs list ad. the owner fights back and the thief is killed.
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>> and falling a thousand feet down a mountain. how is it all ends up. it is all "happening now". we begin with new fallout from donald trump's decision to skip the republican debate. >> trump's decision comes five days before the iowa caucus. and showing trump and ted cruz locked in a close battle and both campaigns are stepping up attacks. and on the democratic side bernie sanders has a private meeting with president obama in the white house. rich is in the white house for us. and john is in iowa with a republican show down and begin with trump bowing out of the republican debate. >> we'll get their perspective. charlie, before we get to that.
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we would like to show you megyn kelly's show last night with rudy guiliani and the mayor. >> now, i believe he is making a mistake in not showing up in the debate. he is be in the debate. >> why? >> i think he will do well and his debating performance from the debate you had getting better and better. >> uh-huh. >> his answer to cruz on the statement cruz made about new york, i thought it was close to eloquent and it lifted him to a presidential level. so if i were donald and i am upon not, he makes up his own mind, i would participate in the debate and i don't know why he is not doing it. >> what do you make of the tough questions in the presidential
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conference. >> i was a front runner not as long as he was. every debate i prepared for and i anyhow i would be asked the trick and tough questions. chris matthews as me what was the difference between shian and sunni. >> never test. >> i went back to the sixth century. george stephanopilis asked me of all of the things i did wrong in my life including my marriages, what do i feel worse about. i said to george, i ready confess that to your father a priest than to you. you have got to be ready for that. if you are the front runner, they are coming after you. right now donald is the front runner and i love chris christie, jeb bush i consider a close personal friend. i was the second person to
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endorse rubio when he ran for senator. and he would make a great president. and donald has been my friend 25 years and this is very tough for me. every one of these people are close friends. but the guy i respect the most, your boss roger. he was my first political consultant and taught me how to stop becoming a lawyer and be a politician and that man is a genius and understands loyalty. >> and he has his people's back. >> and i love him. >> what we learned here, mr. mayor, ruddy guiliani will have a cabinet position. great to see you, >> i didn't get an unfair question. >> thank you, i appreciate that. we did not plan that. >> i would have answered that question. >> thank you very much.
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>> that is between those two. and columnist for the washington times. and curious, you really come out and take a step back from donald trump and let the process play out and something we have talked about. what is your reaction to his decision? >> you know, jenna, you have the biggest player in the republican nomination, by all polls appe s appears. and the big pest actor in cable news television. it is not, it is not a common thing for us to see a presidential candidates to get into this kind of escalated war with a powerful news source. donald trump sees the extra teggic stand point to both protect himself from the tough
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questions this megyn kelliy was asking and i think that a lot of people see it as a streak of independence and voters, this is appealing to voters right now. and i do think stepping back approach is good and it will be interesting p to see how it all plays out. >> charlie, if i could jump in here. two questions that we are tackling today. more immediate question what is the impact on the debate and a long- term question on the race over all as we move forward through the process. we'll take the debate first. senator rand paul was on the show and he had observations as to what this means for the debate. >> the iq of the debate went up a dozen points and a good thing for the party and delusions of grandure and thinks he's already
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elected himself king. i would say good riddance and i would say a much better debate. >> but charlie to your point, trump's antics have not hurt him so far? >> you couldn't imagine any other candidate running for president taking a risky stance like this. over something that he feels strongly about. like i said, i think that benefits him. but one thing that is interesting, jenna, donald trump seems to think that the ratings are going to fail if he is not there. but this has brought so much attention to the debate and who is to say we will not see more people tuning in to the debate just because their interest is so peaked by all of these wonderfully entertaining
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fireworks. >> i like that we'll see if that is the way. we'll see a empty podium or will people take turns. we'll ask you long-term about the race. you make an interesting point about ted cruz. everyone is talking about donald trump. and the person with the most to gain or lose is ted cruz, why? >> i mean, the only time in recent history where anyone did this before was in 1980 when ronald reagan declined to take part in the january debate in iowa. he wound up losing three weeks later to george w. bush by one percentage point. that would suggest, and i say it is a different time now than it was then. it suggest that trump could hurt
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himself in next week's caucus. that means ted cruz has to it step up and win and i think if ted cruz doesn't win next week largely because of the gamble of donald trump has pulled, if ted cruz doesn't win, i think he will have a very, very hard time making anything happen after iowa. >> very interesting, charlie, by the way, breaking news, there will not be an empty podium. >> we'll be watching. >> i don't know last-minute entryes. but there will not be an empty podium. that i can tell everyone for sure right now. charlie, great to have you and thank you very much. tomorrow is a big day and fox news is timing up with google for the final debate. first debate will be modanoerated by bill hemmer and
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then the policemenary begins at 9:00 eastern from iowa center in des moines. you do not want to miss it. >> the gloves come off in iowa between donald trump and ted cruz. with the latest on the unpredictable race, john? >> reporter: good afternoon, the latest back and forth. donald trump's absence from the debate. he tried to get megyn kelliy bounced and fox news would not a sed. and donald trump decided to take a walk and wouldn't you know not minutes after the campaign made that decision, ted cruz jumping all over it. mocking him as being afraid and implying that trump would be a weak president. >> if he doesn't accept, he's
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telling the men and women of iowa he can't defend has record and admitting he cannot stand the scrutiny. and anyone scared of megyn kelliy is not going to stand up to hillary clinton or vladimar putin and we need a strong conservative presidented president. >> and a big event. trump didn't bring up the debate but aimed ted cruz, painting him as a candidate that is increasingly desperate and unlikeable. >> so why is it i am leading with ted cruz in the evangelicals. he is a nasty person. people don't like him. senators don't like him. and we can all be rebels. i am a little bit of a rebel, but you have to be able to get along with people.
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>> reporter: it's true that ted cruz's numbers have dropped. but the big unknown donald trump's supporters will stick with him. but what about all of the undecided voters, and there are more than 30 percent of them in iowa. we appreciate the fact he pulled out or look at him. and that is not the type of person i want to vote for. we'll find out monday. >> as you pointed out ronald reagan pulled out of the debate and did not win iowa. >> reporter: but he won the ultimate contest. and maybe donald trump is say issing i can do it, too. >> now the democrat facing new pressure. three asked to attend an unsanctioned debate. martin o'malley accepted and hillary clinton said she would
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participate. and dnc chair woman issued a statement saying, we have no plans to sanction any other debates before the first in the nation caucus. but reconvene with our campaigns after those two contents to review our schedule. >> bernie sanders went to the white house. rich as more on the meeting with the president, rich. >> reporter: 15 minutes ago, senator bernie sanders emerged from the west wing saying he had a one-on-one meeting with president the president. sanders did not ask for president obama's endorsement. but the president updated him on isis and iran. he said the president has not endorsed anyone even though there was a interview where he said that hillary clinton was more are experienced than any
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nonvice-president that ever aspired to the presidency. and this as bernie sand uponers is surging past clinton. he is at 49 percent of the democratic caucus participates and 45 percent for the former secretary of state hillary clinton and former governor martin. o'malley four percent. this as a number of folks who compared sanders rise over hillary clinton over barak obama's rise. sanders said we stand a chance to create a large voter turn out. president obama will make an endorsement after the democrats settle on a candidate of their own. back to you. >> fox news alert and we are awaiting an update from the fbi on the arrest of eight protestors after the oregon
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stand off turned deadly. >> plus, authorities avert what could have been a mass shooting in a masonic temple. what the suspect was accused of planning.
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of abject humiliation on his son's face. you were made to dance, phil. so dance. shows improved joint comfort in just 7 days. osteo bi-flex. made to move. the fbi arresting an milwaukee man accused of planning a shooting in the masonic temple. he wanted to kill terrify the world. he met with them to purchase machine guns. investigators say he wanted to go overseas and kill israelis. prosecutors charged him with unlawfully possessing a machine gun. crews are combing through the damage in southern florida after a tornado is suspected to
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have touched down north of fort lauderdale. >> on a day we didn't expect to see severe weather in florida. getting a couple of reports of tornados here in south florida. i don't think because we are not expecting that today. there are two reports to the north of miami, broward county and one of them at 9:30 and 11:30 this morning. we have one other tornado warning coming off of the western shore and it expired. the south end of florida, under a marginal threat. that is the lowest category for severe weather today. we shouldn't have significant storms. that will go on through tonight and rainy and unsettled conditions. remember we had all of this big snow. 44 in new york city. 40s in dc as well. and over the next coup canle of
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days, friday at 40 and cool down on saturday. but sunday, warming up a lot here in the eastern sea board. and so a lot of the snow out there melting rapidly. this is how much snow on the ground north of dc and parts of maryland, we have heavy snow still on the ground. out west, that is where we have been so active and another system pulling on shore here. pulling in rain and mountain snow and we'll see significant snow? the sierra, nevada. and monday, do i having in southwest in southern california and arizona and get back in on the action. >> rick, thank you. >> today marks a somber milestone. the liberation of the nazi concentration camp.
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>> a pro skier is lucky to be able to tell her story after a terrifying fall takes her down a mountain side in alaska. that is angel collinson. she had been making her way down a step peak when she hit a ice patch. she realized there was a problem and tried to stay as calm as possible.
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>> i tried to slow myself down with the arms and i was not going to slow down and i covered my face and head with my arm and are i tried to relax the rest of my body and not a lot going through my mind except i stop. i had bruising. >> her fall was caught on video which released the video as part of the 2016 safety week. >> wow. you are thinking wow. >> good for her. >> a solemn memorial in germany remembering the holocaust. >> reporter: there are thousands of events marking the
10:26 am
international memorial day and auschwitz. and the actual survivors of the holocaust are dwindling in numbers due to old age. several dozen of the survivors laid wreaths and commemorated and marking the liberation of auschwitz and reflecting on the brutality and human suffering of that entire period of time in europe and nazi concentration camp and they paid tribute. >> standing here i see before my eyes, all of those who have been before me, with me and after me and who never returned. >> reporter: the nazis killed 6 million jews and homosexuals and ethnic polls in romma.
10:27 am
it is marked because of the brutality and uniqueness in history and has lessons today. u.s. holocaust memorial pointing out that it started with words and not mass killings. later today president obama will hold a ceremony and be part of awe ceremony in the israeli embassy in washington and marking the life of two americans who risked their lives to save jews in the holocaust. >> thank you. on the democratic side, it is anyone's race. bernie sanders seems to have the enthusiasm and will it be enough to outdo hillary clinton's ground game. >> and a live look at how stocks are faring as we await a decision from the feds. the dow is up six and half points.
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aw man are you kiddin' me?
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>> we are waiting for an update from the fbi on the weeklong stand off in oregon that turned deadly. we are hearing that a briefing that we expected to start this time will start around the top of the hour, 2:00 eastern time. this after eight people were
10:32 am
arrested yesterday including the leader of the protestorses and his brother ryan. shots were fired and one person was killed and another wounded and that's all we know right now. the fbi is not commenting further. it is a reason to pay attention. we expect to hear from the protestors about what happened in the top of the hour. fox news is american's election head quarters and down to the wire for hillary clinton and bernie sanders in iowa. senator sanders shows an edge over hillary clinton. and both polls make it clear it is a tight race and ground game is going to be key. bernard whitman was a pollster for former president bill clinton. and kevin mccully is a talk be
10:33 am
show host. bernard, maybe you can speak first about polling iowa. >> iwans are notorious for deciding late. polls that you do a week before may not show what is happening. this is a caucus and not a primary. to participate requires dedication. you have to listen to the debates and publicly stand up and declare your allegiance and might have to go through several rounds of a caucus. and so it is a big effort and in deciding who will come out and vote will be a challenge for pollsters. if you look under the numbers there is an edge for hillary clinton, why? >> people who are most likely to vote in caucus are those who did before. 2008 caucus goers she is ahead.
10:34 am
>> but bernie sanders is bringing enthusiasm. >> certainly passion is what iowa was about. she was leading in 2008 when she supposedly had the right demographics and somebody else came to win and his name was barak obama. the president and senator sanders couldn't be more different in terms of personality and how they appear. but there is a message that he's captured that seems to be in that younger demographic that wants to make a difference, that is kind of their guy. >> is it possible that all of the enthusiasm that bernie sanders generated with the big events, if he carries that in iowa, there could be first- time caucus goers. >> monday is going to be an exciting night. we are not going to know.
10:35 am
here is another challenge for bernie. his base happen to it be young white liberal men who happen to be the demographic that is least likely to vote. three quarters of people over 65 showed up. and in the end of the day, he might edge her out. >> don't throw out 2012. obama was an incumbent. and 2008 was a better analogy. you heard bernie sand is say they expect a turn out. if they are up. you are looking at a sander's upset. >> and a lot of people asked him about a possible endorsement. and it seems like president obama sort of gave an almost endorsement of the former
10:36 am
secretary of state earlier in the week and this is what bernie sanders had to say about that. >> what the president and vice-president biden has tried to do is to be as even handed as they can be. and i know there is some discussion about a political interview where he tipped the scales to hillary clinton. i don't believe that. i think he and the vice-president was fair and even handed in the process. >> if he were to win iowa and win new hampshire where he is way ahead, what does that to hillary clinton. >> put the folks in south carolina and super y. president obama cares about putting in a democrat. you can ask anybody can. the person most likely to capture that is hillary clinton. >> i think president obama will
10:37 am
play the chairman of the party and be fair to everybody. and he's in a tough position, if you are talking about ideology. i think he is a sander's guy. >> sticking with you. if hillary clinton loses iowa and new hampshire? >> she's in deep trouble and 2008 again. >> i disagree. i think hillary clinton will not win new hampshire. that is a suburb of vermont. and hoping they can capture iowa with but it can go to bernie sanders. they have a strong ground game in nevada and south carolina. bernie's message is less in the south. hillary clinton is still ahead. could that margin shrink, absolutely. i think hillary will be the nominee. >> if they split she wins. and if he wins both, he has a caucus strategy and his ground
10:38 am
game is winning in the states that democrats don't normally win in. >> thank you. >> thank you, jon. >> and a big variable be in the election is the economy. we are paying attention to wall street today. as we await a federal reserve decision. typically the markets quiet down. based on the fed's moves, it is about even there. nicole is live on the floor of the new york stock exchange. by the way, it is worth mentioning we are off to the worst start of the year ever. what do we expect today? >> reporter: we started off 2016 in the worst way. people see the 401 k's dropping. we are waiting on the the fed report and we have a wait and see. the dow is virtually flat. so far this year.
10:39 am
look at dow, nasdaq and s&p 500, so far for 2016. and the s&p 500 over six percent. and the nasdaq down over nine percent. it is a tight correlation to oil. worries about the global growth particularly in china and we are waiting on janle yellen and the feds. jenna, it is unlikely that we will see the first rate hike in the end of last year. first time in a decade and there is anticipation of rate hikes this year. 2, or 3 or 4 would be unlikely. it is what they will say about the economy. that said, another major factor on wall street is earnings. we have 130 names. they were dragged cent points to
10:40 am
the down side. they gave numbers that were weaker. and after the bell, we'll hear from facebook and ebay. key names to watch. we have a lot of winners this year. i have talked about a bad. but macia and coach and verizon and walmart. they are winners. right now, we are watching closely. and even today, for example we were down 180 points and now flat. oil was lower and then oil moved to the up side on inventory and talk of potential that opec may cut back on protection, some. for the 401 k's. if you need moan right away take some off of theeral table. >> thank you. >> a colorado man puts an adon
10:41 am
craig's list and wind withes up tied up and robbed. why the homeowner is facing criminal charges and the state actually might have a case. >> this started as a craig's ad. the homeowner broke free from the restraints and came outside to confront the males and shots were fired in the street at the vehicle. announcer: a horrific terror attack in paris.
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for over 850 miles. my men driven nearly mad from starvation and frostbite. today we make history. >>bienvenidos! welcome to the south pole! if you're dora the explorer, test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test. >> we are taking you out to long iland, new york. there is a helicopter crash and in the middle of the area. two people on board of that helicopter and no jurisdiction reported at this time. what caused the helicopter to go down in the middle of the residential street. we understand they were having trouble and don't have much past that. that is in long island, new
10:45 am
york. and the held made an emergency landing in the middle of the neighborhood. jon. >> prosecutors are deciding whether to bring charges against a homer who shot killing a robber. the homeowner was tied and robbed by 38-year-old david martinez. the homeowner managed to untie himself and follow martinez outside and police say he fired at him in his car as he tried to make a get away. martinez crashed and died. neighbors say it was a wild scene. >> i came back from church and the sheriff had to walk us to our house. we got to know each other through. this it is a bad way to get to upon each other. >> does the guy who pulled the
10:46 am
trigger deserve to face charges. wendy, to you first. colorado has a castle law and if you shoot the intruder you are justified in doing so. what makes it different? >> make my dayed in of my home. what makes the case different. after he was robbed at gun point, what happened according to the police and him, he went outside and shot the fleeing felon who robbed him at gun point. and he was outside of his home. what everybody is doing. is the law to someone when they step outside of the confines of their home. and remember in the analysis, they will not look at hind sight but foresight. what was in the mind of the homeowner at the time he fired those fatal shot.
10:47 am
>> look at david martinez's record. long history of drug use and burglary and theft, does that make a difference? >> it might make a difference in terms of what the jury will do. the doctorine requires that you will be harmed and it is in the home. you can use deadly force. but the issue is can you use deadly force outside of your home and no longer the imminent threat. that is an issue before the jury. there is a lot of public be sympathy. he was tied up and held and robbed in his own home. and i think if he gets charged, it would be difficult to get a jury of 12 against him and they will not follow the law because of sympathy for him and because the suspect was a bad guy. >> i have had lawyer friends of
10:48 am
mine said no jury would convict this guy because he was outside in his yard and where he pulled the trigger. >> that happens in a lot of cases. lady justice is blind, but the jury is not. there is many cases where there is sympathy for somebody who violated the law. colorado gives a lot of protection but the law is reactive and not proactive. and what everybody is looking at determining whether or not he can use the law. if he cannot and it does get charged, it would be up to the jury who will feel sympathy. >> and so, and it sounds like you are on his side. but as a prosecutor bring think charges, what would you charge him with? >> it would be a homicide here and it would be tough for the prosecution in terms of getting
10:49 am
the jorto convict. as a defense attorney, maybe he didn't believe the threat was abated and maybe the suspect had the gun pointed at him. that is a stretch. i think the facts will show the suspect was fleeing and no longer a threat in this situation, i am not sure it is a viable defense. >> jon. >> wendy, i have sympathy for the homeowner. when i was living in miami, a couple of times, i had guys trying to break in my home while my kids were sleeping. and the adrenalin makes you crazy. they are probably fortunate i didn't own a gun because i probably would have used it. and i am not sure why he's outside of the house after tying up and robbing him why does that make a difference? >> you are right. time and distance matter. what the authorities will look
10:50 am
at. how far outside of his house and how close in time was the fatal shot to having been robbed at gun point. will he get charged or what will he get charged with and what is the disposition of the case. >> absolutely right. >> so far no charges are officially filed as far as we know. patrick, thank you both. >> thanks, john. >> what did you use, john, just your two bare hands? >> believe it or not, i picked up a wooden ski and if he had come in the house it would not have gone well for him. >> he did break a window not garage. >> scary, john. cocaine fuelled day of john. >> not pretty in miami in the early 80s. >> we're learning more how three dangerous inmates escaped from a maximum security jail. all accused of violent crimes
10:51 am
and one of these men had special ops training. latest on a desperate man hunt with authorities sparing no dispense as they raise the reward for their capture.
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10:53 am
10:54 am
hi everyone. we are waiting a presser right now from the fbi on that on going stand off in oregon with several protesters taken into custody and one dead. could time be running out for the other protesters now? plus congressman jason in the house to tell us who he thinks benefits from a trumpless debate on fox tomorrow night. and the tragic death of two teens from tennessee drinking a blend of mountain dew and racing fuel. join me for the stories. a man hunt a day after a
10:55 am
dramatic jailbreak in southern california. authorities just raised rewards. adam has the details. adam. >> yes, authorities are concerned that these men are extremely arm and dangerous as we're learning new details about how the men escaped. the reward for the three has been increased to $200,000. court documents explain also how the fugitives broke out of the orange county jail last friday and the jail didn't notice they were missing until 9:00 p.m. other inmates admit they hadn't seen the trio since 5:00 a.m. they used sheets to pull themselves up to a ventilation system. there were no video cameras to catch any of this escape.
10:56 am
we're also learning that the esca escape is a frmer marine and has a history of mental illness. he came to the u.s. legally from vietnam in 1991 and was ordered removed in 1998 following a burglary conviction, a conviction, i should say. he was briefly back in federal custody in 2003 and released again. a lot of questions about these three. the investigation goes on and the man hunt goes on. >> adam, thank you. >> well, shoppers couldn't believe their ears when a young pianist decided to start playing a tune on the mall's piano. the final 30 next.
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final 30. you never know where you'll find the next star. the performance struck a cord
11:00 am
with the folks in the mall and online and now been shared. this video hundreds of thousands of times. >> you go. thanks for joining us. >> the real story with grechen starts now. >> front runner donald trump insists he's not going to be on the stage. hi everyone this is the real story. donald trump throws fuel on the race. trump's not standing down on social media launching new attacks on his rivals. still battling ted cruz for su prim si -- supremacy in iowa. carl cameron live for us in des moines. hi, carl. >> reporter: hi. when donald trump made his announcement last


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