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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  January 27, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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with the folks in the mall and online and now been shared. this video hundreds of thousands of times. >> you go. thanks for joining us. >> the real story with grechen starts now. >> front runner donald trump insists he's not going to be on the stage. hi everyone this is the real story. donald trump throws fuel on the race. trump's not standing down on social media launching new attacks on his rivals. still battling ted cruz for su prim si -- supremacy in iowa. carl cameron live for us in des moines. hi, carl. >> reporter: hi. when donald trump made his announcement last night it took
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ted cruz a nanosecond to respond questioning whether or not he's afraid or trying to hide and avoid iowa caucus goers and whether he's trying to avoid explaining his record and positions. that really was an example of rapid response in the final six days of the iowa caucuses which was a huge move for trump to do and it started a bit of an avalanche. >> angry is not a plan or solution. they have af right to be angry at the the country but you need to know what you're elected to do. >> there will be another face on the debate stage tomorrow night. rand paul has qualified and he too jumped in on trump. >> the iq went up a couple dozen points i would say and i think
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it's probably a good thing for the party. it shows his delusions of render. he thinks he gets to dictate everything. >> and so there's a new poll here in iowa today, gretchen. it shows that if the caucus turnout is a record 170,000 people that donald trump would have about a 7 point lead in the caucuses over ted cruz. marco rubio is third and in that particular poll ben carson would make it to 10%. if the caucus turnout is not estimated to be such a massive record, it would be 120. if it's just 130,000 ted cruz and donald trump would be at a dead even tie. it gives you an example why this is going into the late night. >> we have an update on the stand off in oregon.
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this is the special agent charged. >> there are many specifics we cannot talk about at this time. there are still people illegally occu occupying the refuge at this point. i will say that the armed occupiers have been given ample opportunity to leave the refuge peacefully. they have been given opportunities to negotiate as outsiders to oregon, they've been given the opportunity to return to their families and work through the normal legal process to air their grievances. instead, these individuals have chosen to threaten and intimidate the america they profess to love and through criminal actions bring these consequences upon themselves.
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yesterday, the fbi with our partners took the first steps to bring this occupation to a conclusion. we worked to ensure we could do so peacefully and safely out of harm's way of the citizens here in the county. removing the threat of danger from anybody who might be present. we continue to work to empty the refuge of those who continue to illegally occupy the refuge and remove them in the safest way possible. because there's an on going investigation by the crimes team, i cannot comment on the
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details or on the specifics. i would, however, ask for your patience as this investigation goes through this normal outside process. at the appropriate time, the medical examiners office will release the identity of the decedent and the oregon state police will then be able to address the details of the event. let me be clear. it is the actions and choices of the armed occupiers of the refuge that has led us to where we are today. they had ample opportunity to lead peacefully. actions are not without consequences. containment road blocks are now in place around the refuge.
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the disruption to the people of the county will continue for a while longer. if the people on the refuge want to leave, they're free to do so through the checkpoints where they will be identified. if they have questions or concerns, they can contact the negotiators on the telephone number that has been provided to them. as i conclude, i want to share my promise to the citizens of the county to the people who work here, live here and raising their families here. we'll continue to look for safe, peaceful procedures and how to bring this to a peaceful conclusion. we recognize to considerably do so, the sooner this community can begin to heal. thank you. >> good morning. my name is phil williams and i'm
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the u.s. attorney for the district of oregon. i've been coming to this county for the last 15 years on behalf of the u.s. attorney's office for various work related responsibility i'm aware of the concerns for this community. i've seen the passion in this community. the fbi, sheriff's office, oregon state police, oregon sheriff's association and numerous law enforcement agencies from around the state have been working hard to resolve the situation in a peaceful manner to stop the threats to public safety and end the significant disruption this has caused to the people of the county. we continue working towards resolution and will do so with a primary goal of restoring
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normalcy to this community in highlighting the already existing cooperative efforts of local and federal partners in this county to address their own issues both locally, federally and state. there are currently eight people in custody. seven in oregon and seven in arizona. arizona will come to oregon for future court proceedings. as we announced last night on behalf of the fbi. these eight people were arrested for the conspiracy to impede officers of the united states from discharging their official duties to the use of forced intimidation or threats. this is an on going investigation and we will not be commenting on the case.
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instead, we'll let to publicly filed documents in the case speak for themselves. in closing, i want to thank the federal state, local and travel law enforcement officers and agents working well together to support this community and effort. i want to thank the people of the county. for their patience and passion for returning this community to normalcy. we'll continue working around the clock until this matter is appropriately resolved. thank you. >> good morning. i'm sheriff dave ward.
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i've been working on this problem since december 5th when several of the individuals arrested yesterday came into my office. they had ultimatums i couldn't meet and i'm here to uphold the law. i'm disappointed at a traffic stop yesterday that was suppose to bring peaceful resolution to this ended badly. multiple agencies, law enforcement agencies put a lot of work into putting together the best tactical plan they could to take these guys down peaceful peacefully. it didn't have to happen. we all make choices in life.
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sometimes our choices go back. the actions of some of the folks down there have created a lot of stress in our community. it hasn't just been isolated to the refuge. i think that's a point that gets missed quiet a bit. some of these folks have spent a lot of time in town trying to stir issues within the community. if it was as simple as just waiting out some folks down there to get out of buildings, we could have waited a lot longer. this has been tearing our community apart. it's time for everybody in this illegal occupation to move on.
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there doesn't have to be bloodshed in our community. we have issues with the way things are going in our government. we have a responsibility as citizens to act on those in an appropriate manner. we don't arm up. we don't arm up and rebel. we work through the appropriate channels. this can't happen anymore. this can't happen in america and can't happen in this county. thank you. >> all right. we've been watching a news conference that had the fbi special agent in charge. they are facing federal charges as you heard. three people speaking. that sheriff quiet emotional
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saying you don't arm yourself up. when you see a problem in your government you try to find a peaceful resolution. these are the seven people now, of the eight under arrest. obviously, they're not going to give a lot of details but how does this one guy die yesterday during a routine traffic stop in we didn't learn anything more about that. was this important for the fbi to come out and tell us what's going on? >> i think so. i think all of us sitting here can connect these dots. you have an armed militia violating the law you have to presume one of the law enforcement saw their life threatened. sam. >> certainly, they tried to diffuse the situation instead of
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storming the refuge and having a confrontation, they waited for the leaders to be off site and confront them in a traffic stop. the fact one of them were shot and killed clearly law enforcement resisted being stopped and had to use deadly force. you heard from law enforcement with passion trying to diffuse the situation. confronting people away from the refuge is consistent with that. >> they also went on to say when you have actions they are not without consequences. let's talk about the charges right now. federal charges of conspiracy to impede officers of the united states for their duties through the force or intimidation of threats. >> basically, they're getting in law enforcements way. this is not a felony that's going to put anyone away for
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life. what do they do to resolve this now, dan? they have people who aren't leaving. >> and now the big question is what to the people do at the refuge. does that make them leave? hopefully, the message law enforcement communicated it's time to resolve this peacefully. we'll see what happens but law enforcement runs out of patience. they're tearing apart the whole community. >> all right. seven of those eight are going to have their first court hearing 4:30 eastern time. we'll keep everyone surprised of what's happening then.
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now back to politics. hillary clinton and bernie sanders locked in a tight battle. ed live for us today. ed, there's new poll numbers out of iowa today. they don't spell great news for hillary clinton. what do you know? >> reporter: that's right. hillary clinton just wrapped up an event here. she was trying to say hello to iowa voters because she wants to get the vote out. this poll is not good. it shows bernie sanders now edging ahead here in the first of the nation caucus state. you see it 49-45%. hillary clinton once had a double digit lead here. no more. what's she doing? trying to turn out the democratic base by competing with sanders to see whose closer to president obama, watch. >> i don't think president obama gets the credit he deserves from digging us out of a ditch that republicans put us in in the first place.
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>> reporter: to give you a little behind the scenes color, she used a bowling ali because she could kweez so many people in there. bernie sanders had a total of 20,000 people over two events. so look, he's turning out these huge crowds ft why is that important? minnesota is a super tuesday state at the beginning of march. sanders is already looking a little bit ahead of iowa and new hampshire. >> no doubt. he had an important meeting today. let's see. where was it? at the white house with president obama. >> yeah. he is competing as i said. hillary clinton said i was close to him. i was secretary of state. bernie sanders said not so fast. all these nice things, he went there today. did he try to get an endorsement? he said no and also adds he thinks the president has been fair to him.
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listen. >> he was tipping the scale and i don't believe that at all. >> any advice? >> no. >> after that political story bernie sanders put a hold on one of the president's nominees in the senate. now the president has the meeting with the hard ball back and forth. >> okay. ed henry. great to see you, thanks. now let's go to the g.o.p. growing hostility between donald trump and ted cruz sparking reaction after donald trump says he's not doing the debate. >> i think this whole thing is theatrics an an interesting side show. this is about the future of america. i'm focussed on the future of
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america and defeating hillary clinton and ensuring we don't have another seven years like the last. it's an interesting side show. interesting theatrics but nothing to do with the future of the united states of america. >> congressman jason is the chair of the committee and he has endorsed senator marco rubio for president. how does this benefit the trumpless debate? >> it gives them more time. millions watching and i'm sure trump's name is going to come up and he's not going to have a chance to respond. that gives the others more of an opportunity to tell his story. >> if you were advising or going to speak to rubio before tomorrow night would you tell him to change his tactics? >> he's a different candidate. he's a very positive candidate. he's not going to get into the fray of trying to demonize the individuals. i think he's got a real plan. that's why i'm so excited about
11:20 am
him. a lot of us who really want reform in congress, really want to see the changes and we've worked with these people, that's why we're behind marco. >> it's interesting because the talk has been over the last couple of weeks nobody on capitol hill likes ted cruz and yet ted cruz and marco rubio have differences on some policies but both conservative. what is it about marco rubio that gets people like you to endorse him? >> i don't want to say something negative about somebody else. you know when you walk to a room there's somebody whose a natural leader that can bring people together and do what i think is the most important thing come november, win. i think marco rubio just head and shoulders above. he's that kind of person when you're there with him, you just understand that guy's the leader. that's the person who can bring us together and win in november and beat hillary clinton. >> interesting. breaking news happening here. a move on capitol hill to use the power of the purse now to
11:21 am
make countries think twice before accepting detainees saying or the remember aids should be cut to the african nation nation. will this work this move and stop president obama? >> first of all, the president shouldn't be doing this. the people left right now are not the people that are going to do anything other than harm america. we ought to believe these people. appropriate yagss, yeah, one of the only things we have in congress is the power of the purse. maybe this is the appropriate way to deal with that. >> it's spresing. apparently, they do not have a good secure prison system. it's almost like we're searching out these countries now that will take the detainees. >> my son worked for two years
11:22 am
there but so say they have a system to monitor people, particularly known terrorist, the enemy combat s taken off th battlefield, no way that can happen. it's against the law and unfare to think they have to resources to police these people. there's no way they could do that. >> all right. great to see you in new york in studio. >> thank you. >> so this teenager here on your screen is now dead from what was later discovered to be this new sort of toxic cocktail kids are experimenting with. it involves mountain dew and something else you would never think of and it's catching on to teens. that's next. this is sheldon whose long day setting up the news starts with minor arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news. you grab your 10-gallon jug of coffee, and back out of the garage.
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welcome back to the big
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story. deadly con caution being blamed for the death of two tennessee teens. police say they mixed mountain dew with racing fuel and ingested it. since their death more teens have admitted to drinking this deadly cocktail. tra . >> there's a name for the deadly cocktail. they call it dew shine. mountain dew mixed with racing fuel. the boys drank the mixture as a way of getting high. when logan stevenson drank it, they could see the color of his skin change and he started having seizures. they took him home and called the poison center. minutes later, the poison center got another call. logan's best friend was in a coma. he was rushed to the hospital and also died. two other boys who admitted drinking the dew shine were treated and released. the deaths appear to be accidental.
11:27 am
here's why. racing fuel is made up of 100% methanol. they thought it was ethonol. it can also get you drunk but extremely toxic. two tablespoons can kill a child and two ounces can kill an adult. surviving is how much you drink and how soon you get treated. now local authorities are trying to figure out if more kids have tried or planning to try dew shine. >> ask your children. get them to be open and honest with you. nobody's going to be in any trouble. >> go fund me page has been set up to raise $10,000 for an alcohol drug and abuse program. the families have not yet spoken. >> all right. tragedy and people need to pay attention of what's going on with their kids. thank you.
11:28 am
authorities say they have -- an attack on a home. now a man is in custody plus donald trump is out. ted cruz says he's all in. no matters whose asking the questions, a team looks for the edge in iowa. >> we can do it with no moderators whatsoever. we can do 90 minutes. he can lay out his vision for this country and i can lay out my vision for this country in front of the men and women of iowa. who won't try to contain isis. jeb bush has a plan... to destroy them. and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible
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it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru. the presidential candidates spreding out across the state of iowa today. ted cruz, chris christie, hillary clinton, bernie sanders, mike huckabee. none of the candidates are in new hampshire. tomorrow's big republican debate will be here tomorrow on fox and senator ted cruz jumping on the news when donald trump said he would not be there. >> i think anyone running for the president of the united states owes it to the people of iowa to have the humility to come in front of you, to make the case, to answer the hard questions, to look you in the eye if he's unwilling to stand on the debate stage with the other candidates, i would like
11:33 am
to invite donald right now to engage in a one on one debate with me between now and the iowa caucuses. >> lesley marshall, fox news contributor, what are the chances of that happening, chris? >> oh, probably zero. there's no benefit for donald trump it makes it clear ted cruz is nipping at his heals and ahead of him in iowa. it puts the two of them up there as the two front runners. it sets ted cruz apart from the rest of the pack. >> okay. lesley. smarter. dumb move by trump to say he's not going to do it. >> i think this is a dumb move. i think in addition to the fact this reminds me of the kid going i'm taking my toys and going home because i'm not winning the game, perhaps. >> i think it shows an
11:34 am
intelligent and strong woman asking questions of him about women and how he treats women. i think as a woman he wreaks of sexism himself. everybody searching for which individual they're going to nominate voting in a republican primary, especially these that go to caucus in less than a week in iowa. they want to know donald trump's stance specifically on the social issues republicans in iowa care about. this shows selfishness and weakness and i think this is an example of what kind of president he would be. >> you want to rebut that? >> i think this is going to end up in the end like almost everything else as a win with donald trump for his supporters. i have to sleep sometimes. he apparently doesn't. it's not as though he needs more
11:35 am
camera time or more time to make his point. he has plenty of opportunity to do this. it looks like he's picking a fight and big and tough. i think every republican candidate will take a swipe at donald trump and turn their attention to ted cruz and assail him because he's there. >> yeah and because he's next in line as far as what the polls are saying. speaking of the polls, 2% of the people in iowa are undecided. that is tiny, lesley, but 39% might change their minds. that's interesting, right. >> absolutely. we've seen this in iowa before and in new hampshire, the 11th hour decision. even we've talked to whose been through the process say a locality of people have their minds change i think after tomorrow's debate we're going to
11:36 am
see that as well. >> one other thing, they've got to show up at the caucus for their vote to be counted. you have to look at the weather and other factors. fbi arresting a man in milwaukee charging him with prodding an attack on a temple. the suspect tried to buy machine guns from undercover agents and wanted to kill 30 people and terrify the world. but the meeting hall may not have been his only target. matt live from chicago with this story story. matt, what do we know about this guy and his plan? >> we know the fbi had been keeping a close eye on him and in doing so spoiled his plan of a mass attack. he refocussed his plans on an attack here in the united
11:37 am
states. undercover agency asked him to be a part of their plot in milwaukee. investigators say he told them one of us will stay at the entrance and lock the door down. two will get to the room and spray everyone in the room. he also told under cover anlts if this hit is executed it will be known all over the world. they will be talking and be be proud of us. such operations will increase in america when they hear about it. now, on monday, the undercover agent did sell the two machine guns to him and quickly arrested him and took the weapon. not clear why he targeted the temple. some theories are it holds social events with many people and he figured he could kill a large crowd at once. it appears this terrorist was seeking fame with these attacks and now behind bars and charged with illegally possessing machine guns. >> thanks. national weather service
11:38 am
confirming a tornado causing damage in florida. a twister touching down north of fort lauderdale. it tossed cars like toys even overturning one vehicle levering the driver with minor injuries. they're asking people to stay indoors while assessing the rest of the damage. rick joins me live with more. >> amazing storms. there's a very, very slight risk for weather today. nothing you would expected. we didn't have that kind of worning you would normally get here across parts of florida. two reports would be separate. you see the green here in south florida, light chance of severe weather. although we've saw it already
11:39 am
today and tonight we continue to see the threat and the front stays in the same area. changing gears a little bit, we have a big snow form. we have wrapping of the snow out there. where we saw it north and west, temperatures have been warming up. a lot of temperatures have cold air behind the storms, not the case right nouchw. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. gretchen, we're going to watch a lot of this snow go away quickly. >> my backyard where it was 20 inches down to 15. >> be less than that day. >> fantastic. president obama feeling the burn. well, at least meeting with the vermont senator at the white house today. some of what they talked about just days ahead of the iowa caucus, we're going to let you know what we know. plus dozens of inmates blowing a hole out of this prison wall. could they hang on to their
11:40 am
newly found freedom? we'll let you know.
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so hurry in! we've already seen america's longest war in afghanistan stretch longer. now it might not end for decades to come. hear that? some of the american troops who will fight there haven't even yet been born. we'll talk to one of the washington post correspond nts who wrote the story about why there's no end in site to our now 15-year-old war. that's when shepard smith rep t reporting begins in 17 minutes. >> back to the real story now, prisoners in brazil getting help busting out of jail. explosion forcing open one of the walls. 40 inmates used the opportunity to say i'm getting out of here. or at least trying to. most of the group heads back inside after guards start firing at them. yeah, there was that. two prisoners killed in all
11:44 am
this. one inmate still on the run. bernie sanders wrapping up a visit to the white house today where the two top men inside had a different opinion. watch this. >> it's relatively new for hillary to talk about that. hillary's focus has been other things up to now and that's been bernie, no one questions bernie's authenticity on those issues. i think they question everybody's who hasn't been talking about it all along. >> on the other hand, president obama offered a more cynical view. >> i will say that the longer you wait on the process, the more you're going to have to pass a series of hurdles that the voters are going to put in
11:45 am
front of you. the one thing everybody nantds is that this job right here, you don't have the luxury of focussing on one thing. >> fox news contributor monica crowley joining me now. very interesting to see the disparity between what biden said and obama meeting with sanders today. how do you match that together? >> it looks to me like the president and the vice president are playing a little good cop bad cop with mrs. clinton. there are a couple of different dynamics happening. one is mrs. clinton's popularity among the democratic base sought to begin with and -- soft to begin with and growing softer. those numbers are sliding and bernie sanders is gaining. she's null you arable politically and then you have the fbi investigation.
11:46 am
this is clinton whose bent over back kwards the last couple of weeks ago to tie herself to barack obama and praise him and he's returned the favor a little bit but been careful to say he's not endorsing either one. >> which one would president obama or joe biden want to see in office? which one would carry on barack obama's eight years? >> you know my theory, neither. i happen to think that the fbi investigation, we don't know what the end game yet is. >> i think the preference is neither and we might not know who the democratic nominee is yet. the fbi investigation is hanging over her head. i think the president understands this and may not be -- to the details of the fbi investigation but i think they see she's weak. if she loses iowa and new hampshire i think it's easier for somebody to go after her
11:47 am
jugular. >> she did throw out a bone to the president. she said i considered naming him to the supreme court. >> and she continues to kiss his butt and it's fun to watch but again, i think she from a political angle would love to have his endorsement and the minority support he could deliver. she would love to have the technical and social media infrastructure he used in 08 and 12. he has given her none of those things yet. so they're not mutually exclusive. i think she's trying to get those things from him while trying to say if you have any sway whatsoever in the course of the investigation i would appreciate it if you could get them to back off. >> one former president actually served on the supreme court who said his appointment was his greatest honor, i don't remember i was ever president. >> i don't know if that job appeals to him. she's doing whatever she can to
11:48 am
stay on his good side. >> great to you see you. thanks. time now for my case. today on takes and taxes. presidential candidate self-devouded socialist bernie sanders gladly admitting he will raise taxes for americans if elected. he did so in the democratic town hall when talking about wanting medicare for all. >> we will raise taxes, yes, we will. also let us be clear, chris. there's a little obit of this in ingenuity out there and we'll raise tacks but also eliminate -- >> sanders is not alone speaking about taxes. president obama campaigned in 2008 on hiking taxes on anyone who made more than $250,000. it had a lot to do getting him elected, pay your fair share. hillary clinton has also
11:49 am
called on raising taxes for the so-called wealthy. bernie is different. he wants to raise taxes for everyone claiming he'll save some americans money doing so. just by how much? just a few years ago sanders admitted he was in favor of a 90% tax rate. while he's come off the number, no one's really pushed him on what his new number would be. 50, 60, 70. wouldn't that be an important number to know? some republican senators are trying prevent the transfer of dee takeees and what this may mean for the president's plan. plus here's something you don't see every day. garbage truck bursts into flames on a quiet street. what may have caused the fire explosion. be right back. low the data, dig up clues, create opportunity, and weave messages that lead to sales.
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welcome back. check out this garbage truck that explodes. this is on a jersey street. whole thing caught on video. workers tried to put the fire out themselves. thankinally no one hurt in the entire episode. police say the fire started after a problem with the truck's battery system. president obama's plans to empty gitmo before the end of his term may have hit a roadblock now. a group of senators are using the power of the purse to persuade countries considering taking in detainees to think twice about that plan chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live with more on this. what have you found out? >> thank you, good afternoon. according to this letter first obtained by fox news the senators want to cut foreign aid if either detainee goes back to terrorism. mahmoud ben atef was transferred
11:54 am
to ghana. he s in addition to military review, under the bush administration, he found him to be a high risk to u.s. national security interests. the other detainee, mohammed salla alt dubby was part of the due. he is an admitted member of the taliban and spent close to 12 years at the detention camps. he was deemed to be a medium risk. the four republican senators say the african nation has not taken detainees like this before. the prison system in ghana is plagued by decay. the senators are suggesting language in the 2017 budget that's like a penalty, a $10 million in foreign aid they reoffend. >> we've seen the rusitivism rate. it's high.
11:55 am
how many detainees are left now? >> the administration is below 100. the white house moves ahead with its plan to close the detention camp. the calculus is that the resistance will wane as the numbers get lower. the cost of the businesses and security remains the same. the obama administration is willing to accept more risk and transfer detainees that would have stayed locked up by the bush administration. and what's important here, is that they're now having to go away from traditional allies that have taken them in the past. they've had to go small countries like ghana, montene o montenegro, buosnia. so what the senators are doing now is an interesting strategy. if they can't deter the white house, they're going to try to create a penalty or disincentive for the small countries that really rely so totally on foreign aid in many respects.
11:56 am
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time to check out what america's is clicking on. construction crews scoring -- scouring -- while renovating oregon state's football field. a huge bone was dug up. eagle cam capturing an eagle egg during the snow. so cool. heart breaker on the hard wood. watch this. scoring four three pointers in the last minute. co including the buzzer beater. bronco, panthers you know they'll battle them out.
12:00 pm
catch out this fans in the carolina -- thanks for being part of the real story, i'm gretchen, here is shep. ordered insanity and didn't consult with the class? the train is off the tracks and it's careening into the political history books. donald trump it appears has pulled an end around. word is s he will not debate tomorrow on fox news channel for a list of reasons. seems he's bailing on his last chance to face off with his top rival ted cruz before the caucus caucuses. if you'd not rather give another shot at him. or so mad at this news network he's punting or something else. we'll get reaction from some of the candidates who say they will be there. the democrats have drama of their own now that hillary clinton is flipping of the poles. there's talk of the democrats adding another last minute


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