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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  January 27, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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carolina -- thanks for being part of the real story, i'm gretchen, here is shep. ordered insanity and didn't consult with the class? the train is off the tracks and it's careening into the political history books. donald trump it appears has pulled an end around. word is s he will not debate tomorrow on fox news channel for a list of reasons. seems he's bailing on his last chance to face off with his top rival ted cruz before the caucus caucuses. if you'd not rather give another shot at him. or so mad at this news network he's punting or something else. we'll get reaction from some of the candidates who say they will be there. the democrats have drama of their own now that hillary clinton is flipping of the poles. there's talk of the democrats adding another last minute debate.
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party bosses say no thank you. are you a traveller? a government watch dog says the busiest air traffic control towers need more controllers. the government says everything's fine because trainees are on the job. let's get to it. well, it's obviously weird wednesday before theater thursday. the trump campaign swears that this time, he is serious. donald trump really will not show up for tomorrow's gop debate here on fox news channel. this is the third time he's threatened to boycott a debate. first cnn over advertising rates, then cnbc over debate length. now it's fox news for any number of available and ready reasons, one of which may or may not be the real thing. it started at the first gop debate when megyn kelly quoted trump's quotes about women.
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he demanded fox news replace her as a moderator tomorrow. the network refused and pointed out the leaders of russia and iran might treat him unfairly if he becomes president. after that trump took shots at fox news. on bret baier let's night he said we'll discuss t. minutes later he said he probably not be at the debate. minutes later his campaign manager said it's a done deal. he won't be there and trump's word is his bond. trump has not ever worded the i won't be there part, his word people worded that. who knows? that said, instead of the debate, his campaign officials say trump will hold a fundraiser in iowa for veterans and wounded warriors. conservative commentator bill crystal tweeted said trump using veterans for campaign is
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disgusting. trump's decision to keep the debate is also fuelling his republican rivals. ted cruz is challenging him to a one-on-one debate. in fact, trump himself once accused candidates who would not debate of being cowards in 2011 when trump sat down in his office with megyn kelly. >> so far, only newt gingrich and rick santorum have agreed. >> we're not seeing a lot of courage. >> not so far. >> you know, these republicans, it's the first to be brave. >> supposed to be brave. critics on twitter who say trump is trying to duck some tough questions are using th the #donaldduck. all this as a new monmouth university poll shows trump with a wide lead in iowa days before the caucuses there. he's jumped 11 points since last month to the biggest lead ever in this particular survey.
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ted cruz has essentially held steady. with all of that as a precursor we have fox coverage this afternoon. i'm excited about it. ed henry is covering the democrats in iowa. let's start with campaign carl cameron who is live in des moines. nothing much happening there. i'm sure it's quiet there. >> ted cruz last night, actually challenged donald trump to a debate. and today, trump said i've beaten him in the last five or six debates. yeah, maybe sort of. how about we do it in canada. a reference to cruz's eligibility being born in calgary. here's what the debate stage will look like absent donald trump. you'll see there that rand paul is actually being added to the roster, up from the undercard. this has caused quite a stir amongst the republican candidates. and from rand paul to ted cruz, they have all been weighing in on it. cruz was first to strike last night. not only with his challenge for a debate but to suggest that mr.
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trump is either afraid or just not equipped to be commander in chief. >> i think anyone running for president of the united states owes it to the people of iowa to have the humility to come in front of you. to make the case to answer the hard questions to look you in the eyes. this is a job interview. >> the range of attacks on trump include as i said rand paul who will be back on the debate stage and said the absence of donald trump insures the i q will go up, shep. >> ted cruz and marco rubio, i guess now we can have a bigger battle between the two of those, right? >> well, the absence of donald trump gives the other candidates an opportunity to talk about policy and not have to worry about someone slamming them. cruz and trump have been going after each other. calling each other dishonest at every turn.
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marco rubio today took on trump for the no show threat or reality. but managed to make it a twofer going after cruz. >> this thing between trump and are cruz is a side show, this is about the future of america. i'm focused on defeating hillary clinton and insuring we don't have another four years like the last seven years. >> elections are about the future of america but they follow traditions and have a history. the history is in iowa, the voters demand attention from the candidates. and candidates who turn their backs on debates generally don't fare all that great. trump's ahead of the polls. >> you know, it's better than everything and worse than every other thing. i spy museum piece on those shoulders, reporter shoulders of yours there, carl. >> this is the coat, shep. this coat made its first
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campaign in 1984 when brit hume wore it on the campaign trail. it's ratty, ragged but it's been in every single presidential campaign since then. brit gave it to me when he gave to fox in 1996. i've had it on the campaign trail at least once or twice and every cycle sense. think about that. eight presidential campaigns. maybe someday the museum. but i just wanted to let brett know i'm still wearing his coat. still wearing it and doing it justice. >> that's what happens when you put a bret in a brit's chair you get mixed up. >> if i get out it and into my other one it will be warmer. >> maybe trump could do it mystery science theater style. like from the side. >> he said he's an alternate event during this. there's no word whether or not they found one and whether or not it will be a fundraiser for
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veterans. >> we'll look back on this and either vomit or something. thank you, carl. have fun. that republican debate will happen here tomorrow night. will happen. do you know who will be there in the early debate? bill hemmer and martha mccallum. then bret baier, megyn kelly, they'll eat soup and moderate and watch the debate and have a fantastic time in iowa. who wouldn't? that will be 9:00 eastern time. 8:00 central time here on fox news channel. america's choice for news and information, plus political coverage here in america. and for that, we thank you. we do. now, the democrats, bernie sanders met with president obama at the white house today. senator sanders says they quote, talked a little politics but he did not ask for an endorsement we're told. the president has said he plans to stay neutral. senator sanders said he does not think the president broke that
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pledge with a recent interview praising hillary clinton. the senator praised the president for turning around the economy. >> it's also important to remember how far we have come in the last seven years under the leadership of president obama. and vice president biden. >> this comes five days before voters go out and caucus in iowa with sanders and clinton in a tight race for first place. the latest survey shows the vermont senator is leading by four points. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is a a statistical tie. ed henry also in iowa. this time in a town called adele i believe it is. not the singer, but the town. senator sanders is heading back there to iowa for a rally tonight, right, ed? >> yeah, and it's called adele. but they wanted to make that clear the locals when i talked to them about it. bernie sanders is at the white house, he's looking for equal time.
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because you're right, president obama says he's not going to endorse anyone. it really has looked like he's tilting a little bit to his former secretary of state, some gushing words to politico earlier this week. they've also clinton and obama had a series of cozy lunches at the white house, not something that bernie sanders has gotten, but today he said he's certainly hoping to repeat what obama did here in iowa in '08, listen. >> if there is a large voter turnout, i'm not saying we can do what barack obama did in 2008. i wish we could. i don't think we can. if there's a large turnout i think we win. if not we'll be struggling. >> he has been getting larmer crowds than hillary clinton here. this bowling alley hillary clinton had 275 people. sanders is having event in iowa, the other day there was one with over 2000 people. >> secretary clinton played up her ties to the president today. >> that's right. at this event she was going on
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and on about the economy and how the president had to dig this country out of a ditch after eight years of george w. bush. she went on to remind democrats about the fact she was close to president obama side by side with him during the bin laden raid, listen. >> spent hours sorting it out. even arguing about it. not all of his advisors were in agreement. but i advised that it was absolutely essential we keep going after bin laden, bring him to justice for what he did to our country. >> clinton and sanders right for there you can see they're competing for the hearts and minds of liberal democrats by reaching out and saying, look, i'm the natural heir to the obama legacy. the other thing going on real quick is the democrats are thinking about adding a debate on february 4th in new hampshire. ironic, because remember at the beginning here the dnc was protecting the front runner, not having a lot of debates. people close to the clintons tell me they think they want more debates because they think
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she does well and they might begretting they had so few. >> ed henry at the adel family fun center in adel, iowa. >> good to see you. >> one militia member is dead this afternoon. the standoff is continuing. as officers surround the wild life refuge in oregon. live update from the scene coming on that on this wednesday afternoon on the fox news deck. here in the city, parking is hard to find. seems like everyone drives. and those who do should switch to geico because you could save hundreds on car insurance. ah, perfect. valet parking. evening, sir. hello! here's the keys. and, uh, go easy on my ride, mate. hm, wouldn't mind some of that beef wellington... to see how much you could save on car insurance, go to ah! (car alarm sounds) it's ok!
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here's weird stuff here. the dow just plunged. see that about 2:00. everything was just fine and then the fed made some sort of -- we're not going to do anything to interest rates announcement. you know, dropped like the crimson tide in oxford. done, gone. over. down 274 and counting. it's on a steep slope as things change we'll update you because that's what we do. cops say they've surrounded a wild life refuge in oregon where several armed militia members remain holed up even though their leaders are in custody after a traffic stop yesterday turned deadly. shots rang out as they pulled over senior members on the militia on a highway outside that refuge there. it's still unclear at this hour who did the firing. when it was over investigators say one guy was dead. they haven't officially confirmed who it is. the daughter of this man, lavoy finicum says he was her dad. he was a spokesman of sort for
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this group of sorts who once said they would rather die than go to jail. authorities say they arrested the group's leader a guy named ammon bundy with some of the other followers. law enforcement officials would not give any more details about how it went down. the sheriff did get a bit emotional as he talked about why. >> it was simple as waiting out folks to get out of some buildings. we could have waited a lot longer. but this has been tearing our community apart. we don't arm up and rebel. we work through the appropriate channels. this can't happen anymore. this can't happen in america and it can't happen in harny county. >> it's happening now as militia members continue their protest of federal land control at the wild life refuge in a serious of
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int internet posts they say they still have people there. dan is outside burns, oregon. what's happening out there today? >> the big difference today is we're not able to get near that federal refuge because at 1:00 this morning, the feds set up a huge blockaed. they're keeping people from coming out of the refuge this happened not long after the the arrest of those leaders. the first checkpoint is a full five miles away from the refuge compound which has been occupied for over three weeks. there's heavily armed fbi agents, swaut officers, a crane, bull dozer, the fbi said all along they wanted to end this peacefully. but over the last week, they were ycriticized by the governo here in oregon who said they were being too passive. it changed last night. >> let me be clear.
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it is the actions and choices of the armed occupiers of the refuge that has led us to where we are today. they had ample opportunity to leave the refuge peacefully. as the fbi and our partners have clearly demonstrated, actions are not without consequences. >> seven of those eight people who were arrested last night will have their initial court appearance next hour in portland. >> we don't know all that much officially about the shooting that ended in a death, do we? >> we don't. in fact, the public hearing -- the meeting was packed. a lot of people from the public here in burns showed up. they wanted answers and they got none from the fbi about the details of the shooting. there are rumors that lavoy finicum had his hands up when he was shot. those rumors being fueled by cliven bundy who said his son, ammon told a friend that finicum
12:19 pm
was not a threat. but finicum was also very vocal about his rights and he frequ t frequently said he would not allow himself to be arrested. the new leader of the occupation told me this morning he's still there. there's many more people there and they're not going anywhere until their grievances are addressed. thank you. there's word it could be decades before the u.s. manages to pull any troops or all of the troops out of afghanistan. decades. "the washington post" with a blockbuster report that some of the america's top military commanders are considering plans to dramatically extend what is already america's longest war. the suggestion, now that some of those who will fight in afghanistan have not yet been born. we'll speak with one of the journalists who broke the story. that's next. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. so i'm going to take this opportunity to go off script. so if i wanna go to jersey and check out shotsy tuccerelli's portfolio, what's it to you?
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22 minutes past the hour. ceremonies today in countries across europe is part of the national holocaust remembrance day. today marks 71 years since the liberation of auschwitz the largest nazi concentration camp. the first photo is from auschwitz where dozens of survivors attended a memorial today. this one is from the same ceremony you can see soldiers carrying a wreath there. this is germany at another one time nazi death camp north of berlin. you can see this man walking through the gate and the sign that reads when translated work sets you free. this is a cross in serbia here where a memorial service took place at a former concentration camp. six million jews died during the holocaust. this picture is from 1945. shortly after the soviet army liberated the camp at auschwitz. after more than $7 billion
12:24 pm
and more than 20,000 dead or wounded u.s. troops, some of the last of our forces to leave afghanistan might end up being americans who are not yet born. that's according to the reporting of the washington post newspaper. the war in afghanistan has already become america's longest war. and now "the washington post" reports some of america's top military commanders are talking about plans to keep u.s. forces on the ground in afghanistan for decades to come. you may remember president obama has canceled his previous plans to withdraw nearly all u.s. forces by next year. right now, there are just fewer than 10,000 american troops on the ground in afghanistan we're told. "the washington post" reports afghan government forces are lacking leadership and lacking the will to fight. the taliban has been retaking territory and al qaeda is still using parts of that country as a safe haven. in essence, it's an enormous mess.
12:25 pm
one senior pentagon official said what we learned is you can't really leave. it could take a generation and billions and billions more dollars. and more funding to build an effective afghan security force. it also reports american military leaders are taking into consideration the islamic state's rise in iraq after u.s. forces left that country. missy ryan is a pentagon correspondent for "the washington post." and co-wrote this wrote. missy, thank you. >> thank you. >> decades. >> it's really a striking reversal for president obama, who staked his presidency in part on ending the wars in iraq and afghanistan. it was only in 2014 that we were in the rose garden and promised to bring the u.s. military role in afghanistan to an end. there's been a series of reversals of changes to the draw down plan from afghanistan. and now as my colleague and i
12:26 pm
report today, u.s. military or decades long ly talking presence in afghanistan. they think that's what will be required to help the afghan forces be able to fend off the taliban and this lengering al qaeda presence that continue to threaten not just afghanistan but american national security. >> not set in stone. they're war gaming this or planning for the future with a number of different possible scenarios. >> that's right. it will be up to the next president to make final decisions about future troop plans. but from a military perspective, their judgment is that the afghan forces are nowhere near ready to take care of defending their country on their own. and, you know, they require billions of dollars of a year in outside funding. they require the presence of perhaps thousands of foreign troops a year for the foreseeable future. and really, it's just not just to protect afghanistan to make sure that the kind of threats
12:27 pm
that brought the united states to afghanistan in 2001 don't repeat themselves. >> is there a suggestion, on some level or another that all of these billions and billions of billions of dollars and the american lives might one day in a future scenario make things better in some way. are we trying to keep things from just going to hell? >> to be fair there have been some important strides that have been made in afghanistan. obviously, on the military front, there really wasn't a national army in afghanistan in 2001. now you have national security force that's larger than 300,000 people. the government is more stable than it used to be. public health indicators are far better than they used to be in afghanistan. at the same time, it's a very fragile situation still. you've got afghanistan wedged between pakistan and iran. you've got a country that's severely impoverished.
12:28 pm
and just doesn't have the strength of institutions to withstand the kind of interm and external threats they face. >> are they depressed about this? surprised about this? how would you classify it? >> surprised. i mean, you know, it was only last summer, last fall with u.s. military leaders were planning to end the military presence in afghanistan. in line with president obama's stated plans. i think that they really were taken aback by the strength of the taliban resurgence we've seen over the last year. you have the taliban briefly seize the capital in northern afghanistan. they've been able to claw back some of the territory in southern afghanistan that was won at great cost by american and british troops during president obama's troop surge in 2011. and i think that they didn't expect things to be where they stand at this stage. that said, you know, it's not the same threat you're seeing against the islamic state and
12:29 pm
iraq, you know. the taliban has not been able to hold and maintain control over large swaths of the country. like we've seen in iraq. iraq has been, i think, a really important lesson for many of our military commanders just to see the potential drawbacks of a full american withdrawal. >> missy ryan, from "the washington post" who works the pentagon along with our own jennifer griffin. if you keep watching the wrong television channel up there you'll probably get all weird. you probably kaentd see over your head be wecan see it. he once killed four people and then claimed to be too rich to know any better. after high tailing it to mexico, the affluenza teen is on his way back to face chargesism we'll bring it to a lawyer. three inmates who busted out of a jail in california are still out there somewhere. now we're learning how one of
12:30 pm
the men was able to stay in the country, even though a judge ordered him out a couple of decades ago. we're approaching the bottom of the hour and the top of the news. this is fox news channel.
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when you can have the best. eggland's best. the only egg that gives you so much more: better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. more headlines from the fox news deck. activists have filed a lawsuit demanding the replacement of lead pipes in flint michigan. the governor's office is estimating the repairs could
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cost up to $55 million. state officials poisoned the people when they switched the water supply back in 2014 in order to save money. a professional dancer who lost her leg in the bombing at the boston marathon in 2013 said she's planning to run the race this year. she says she's currently training for the full marathon in april. she said she's doing it to raise money for charity. police say they're searching for man who robbed a plastic surgeon's office taking $20,000 worth of botox in coral gables florida. he's wearing a santa hat. cops say he made off with other surgical supplies and his face may now be frozen. who won't try to contain isis. jeb bush has a plan... to destroy them. and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis
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it's been nearly a week now, still no sign of the inmates who cut, crawled and repelled their way out of jail in southern california. the orange county sheriff's department offering $200,000 for information that leads to the
12:36 pm
arrests of the fugitives who bust out of santa ana jail last week. it had been 50 k. we reported each of the inmates has violent history including murder torture and muteulation. the guy on the right is accused of burning a man with a blow torch and cutting off his private. authorities say they men may be armed and should be considered dangerous. trace gallagher is live in our west coast news hub. the judge ordered one of the men deported in 1998? >> that's right. since then, he's been arrested on charges of burglary domestic violence, car jacking and he's wanted for attempted murder. an immigration judge ordered him deported in 1998 but he appealed and the appeal process lasted five years. an appellate judge ruled he should be sent back to vietnam, but then vietnam refused to accept him.
12:37 pm
and under u.s. law, immigration and customs enforcement or i.c.e. can hold you for six months. so he was set free. he did keep checking in with i.c.e. for several years but he allegedly kept committing crimes. if he's captured and convicted he'll go to prison. otherwise he'll go back to i.c.e. custody but will not go back to vietnam. >> the sheriff says he's troubled over how the prisoners are checked in there. >> now court documents so these guys could have been gone for 16 hours before they knew they were missing. several inmates saw the escapees at the 5:00 a.m. head count. but authorities didn't start another head count by 8:00 p.m. by then the staff realized something was wrong. because of a jail house brawl, deputies didn't start searching the entire facility until 8:45. that's when they found that metal screen had been cut open
12:38 pm
in the floor of the cell which gave them access to a tunnel, that led to a vientilation shaf. the sheriff is calling for significant changes and improvements. >> trace, thank you. remember the affluenza teen, he may be coming back to america as soon as today according to ethan couch's lawyer who says the teen's deportation from mexico is imminent. ethan couch wants to return to his home state of texas to face charges there. you know he does. the lawyer says it was ethan couch's decision to come on home. this after the lawyer says the teen dropped his effort to fight deportation. there he is. it's been nearly a month since authorities arrested this guy in puerta vallarta. investigators say he ran there with his mommy after a video popped up on twitter that appeared to show him at a drinking party standing at a game of beer pong.
12:39 pm
they cannot confirm that's ethan couch. he killed four people in a crash in 2014 and avoided jailtime after his defense team argued he was too spoiled to know right from wrong. he blew through $200,000 in mexico. the workers say they had to carry him back to the hotel so mommy could pay his bill. it's been quite a few months. >> he's learned his lesson, hasn't he? sure, go party in mexico. why not. >> should be just fine now. originally a violation of probation could have gotten him ten years? >> ten years. >> is that still where we are? >> it's still where we are. there's going to be some negotiation. the crux of it is was he ingesting alcohol. that's one of the things, i think the prosecutor is going to have a tough time saying you violated probation because you're in this photograph. we don't have any evidence he was ingesting alcohol. that's a key factor as to
12:40 pm
whether he violated probation. they panicked. they carted off to mexico. >> sometimes the terms of probation include don't leave the country. >> right. and stay in touch with your probation officer. which is actually in his plea deal. >> which he didn't do. >> he didn't do. ultimately, he could have just said, look, he could have kept in touch with his probation officer. it really wasn't anything. i'm fougnot sure he consulted w anyone before he went to mexico. >> the only reason why anybody talks about this is his defense was i'm too spoiled to know better and the judge bought it and gave him probation after killing four people. >> smack the judge. really? the judge should not have accepted that plea. it's ridiculous. prosecutors is obviously another one who is in the mix. he's the one that said it was fine with the state we'll accept the plea deal. >> if something else happens with this kid. he's 18 now. but if something else happens with him, if they don't lock him
12:41 pm
up, whatever it is. there's going to be a lot of pressure this time, isn't there? >> undoubtedly. look, this -- frankly the fact he's back in the u.s. something has to step in and say look maybe it won't be ten years you're going to have to sit in jail for a period of time. mommy, the fact that you assisted a felon, maybe not ten years because you don't have a criminal record. but we're going to put you on probation and a short leash. i doubt she'll do any jail time. he needs it. >> i hope she talks in the courtroom i want to hear from her and him and all of them. we've come to know them, so. >> what -- why don't you call him. maybe you can call him and say come on -- >> i have never spoken to him. i wonder if he has a case of fearing mising out. >> if he doesn't show up -- >> there will be cameras there. usually it's hard to get between a trump and a camera.
12:42 pm
>> isn't he having some other function, so we'll see. >> some sort of hoe down right around the corner. >> i think he should show up right here. >> no. >> he should be here. >> not invited. never has been. >> his loss. >> great to see you. we like having you here. >> i love you. >> thank you. i mentioned that because politics coming up including a tailed look at hillary clinton and bernie sanders's tax plan. the one thing the two democrats seem to agree on. but not completely. but tax plans, hang on now, tax plans. .
12:43 pm
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. . . . . . . . . . .
12:45 pm
the dow seems to have found a level it likes and we don't like, obviously. down below 16,000. crashed about 2:00 this afternoon. after the fed announced it's not going to do anything with interest rates i guess. and i don't know they didn't like something. they're finky weird people out there. there you go, it's improving off
12:46 pm
the low. there's that. back to politics now, bernie sanders and hillary clinton say they do agree on at least one thing the richest americans should pay more in taxes. fox business network's gerri willis is here to look at their tax plans. >> clinton wants a 4% surtax of people who are $5 million or more. here's the 1% here. she would create a new tax bracket of 43.6%. >> on everything above $5 million. >> yep. if you're more than $1 million she waunts to make sure you're paying 30% in taxes. she wants to raise the estate tax, she wants it to be 45% and reduced the exemption amount. meaning if you want to hand a home over to your kids, you're paying 45% tax rate. >> that's at $5 million or something? >> right. >> then bernie sanders. his is similar -- i don't know bigger numbers. >> can i tell you one thing about hillary?
12:47 pm
the critique of this is you'll reduce gdp, but they say no. we're going to help middle americans. here's how we're going to do it. we're going to extend the tax credit to college students. that's permanent. we're also going to make sure that companies share profits. profit sharing plans. >> i remember those back in the day. >> once upon a time. we were young. they're going to give a 15% tax credit. that's big news. let me take on sanders now. he wants to put in place a lot of taxes. i'm going to give you a sampling the list is long. they want a tax on businesses to cover his healthcare. his single payer healthcare plan. big tax on businesses. wall street, a speculation tax. and then people who make $10 million or more will pay a tax rate of 52%. what i find funny is normally politicians lie and say we're not raising your taxes we have no intention, and then they do it when they get there. these folks are saying ahead of
12:48 pm
time we're raising taxes. >> you're not going to pay your healthcare premiums anymore but you'll pay a tax. the people who have more will pay more is what he's saying. >> yeah. >> no one has been able to do the math to find out if this ads up. no matter what the politician say doesn't add up. >> i think you're right. like the deficit would balloon to levels you can't imagine or federal debt would go through the roof. you can't compare apples to apples that's one of the problems, it's very difficult to do. all right. well, thank you, it's great to see you. >> thank you. there's word of a shortage of air traffic controllers at some of the nation's busiest airports from new york to chicago. ahead new details on a wash dog report which says towers have relied on trainees to fill in and direct planes through the skies. what should we make of this? coming next. hey!
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nine minutes to the top of the hour. some of the biggest airports do not have enough air traffic controllers and the feds filling the gaps with trainees to direct planes through the skies according to a new report. according to transportation department's inspector general airport towers including new york, chicago, miami and dallas have fewer fully trained air traffic controllers than the number of the federal aviation administration requires. sometimes they direct planes through the skies by themselves. you're a trainee in this program for a long, long time. but the training to become a air traffic controller is years. its transferring controlling from the better staff facilities to those that need them. genevieve peters host of kennedy on the fox business network.
12:53 pm
what should we do? >> it's interesting because now going before congress there's this plan to sort of privatize this realm of the faa. and take the air traffic control i have way so you would have airlines and aviation companies and aparts themselves that would then direct the training and the need so they would do a much better i think less bureaucratic job and self-manage, find the holes and plug them a lot better than one of these government agencies who is really ultimately going to let someone down and you don't want to see planes fall out of the sky. you don't want it to get to the point where you have some sort of catastrophe to finally change the way the system works. >> of the list of things that are all messed up, air traffic control doesn't seem to be very high. i mean all in all, there's a lot of planes up there and things seem to go well. >> until they don't go well. but you don't want it to get to that point. it's seems the faa is doing is
12:54 pm
going to congress and saying hey we need more money. they have already doubled the budget over the last two deck ki kads. the inability to see problems that people have seen for a long long time. >> now like it's the tsa. >> if this works and they use this nonprofit corporation to oversee the air traffic controllers maybe they can use a model like that for the tsa and take it away from dhs. >> all these letters. like a quarter million people in that tsa now or something isn't there? >> it seems they all sort of gather at jfk and don't do much. >> standing around. >> exactly. >> oops. any other thoughts? >> i have so many thoughts. >> do you think trump will show tomorrow? >> i think trump -- >> i was reading and they seem to think he might show and then he has fear of missing out.
12:55 pm
>> this is my prediction. you know i am the miss cleo of fox. it is known and said it is true that donald trump cannot stand being left out. and he also knows that there's a possibility he'll be marge gi e ginlized and there will be no attacks and mention of his hair. no one will go after him, instead they will ignore him and fight each other and talk about their plans. they will fight for the second place spot and that will be the ultimate win for the seven other candidates. >> he says he's mad at fox and yet he's -- >> megyn kelly! >> he's going to be on o'reilly tonight or that's what i read. >> o'reilly is a winner. he doesn't show up in the debate he looks like a loser. >> oh, is that it? >> i think so. >> i wonder if there's something tonight on the o'reilly factor. >> there always is. it's another show. >> you don't know you're on at the same time. >> that's right.
12:56 pm
but tuesday nights i'm on o'reilly and my show. it's magic. >> they both are actually. we'll watch offtonight. >> shh. >> sorry. more secrets revealed right after this. top of the hour headlines moments away.
12:57 pm
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12:59 pm
on this day in 1965 ford launched the shelby gt 350 mustang when the original came out a year earlier some people dismissed it as a secretary's car. ford later teamed up with designer carol shelby to produce a faster and powerful version of the stang. ford execs said they wanted a car to compete with the corvette. it was a quick hit and became the most celebrated racing cars. ford still is making a version today along with the iconic stripes after the debut of a classic sports car 51 years ago. today. well the dow recovering. i say just a bit because we were
1:00 pm
down more than 300. now more than 200. these people are -- enough already. and they'll be a debate tomorrow night and it's going to be fantastic. i wonder. i really do. >> well that is one word but i got to tell you a lot of people were coming off with more colorful ones that you can't repeat on air. everything looked like it was going hunky dory and then janet yellen made her statement. it wasn't a surprise the federal reserve opting not again not to hike interest rates again. not to move on them at all. here's what got them flustered and such a mood to sell. the federal reserve has not changed its plans to keep open the possibility of a hike as soon as march. and that was not anticipated. there had been -- giving the


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