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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  January 27, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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down more than 300. now more than 200. these people are -- enough already. and they'll be a debate tomorrow night and it's going to be fantastic. i wonder. i really do. >> well that is one word but i got to tell you a lot of people were coming off with more colorful ones that you can't repeat on air. everything looked like it was going hunky dory and then janet yellen made her statement. it wasn't a surprise the federal reserve opting not again not to hike interest rates again. not to move on them at all. here's what got them flustered and such a mood to sell. the federal reserve has not changed its plans to keep open the possibility of a hike as soon as march. and that was not anticipated. there had been -- giving the markets craziness of late the
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fed would sort of stand back. at least didn't signal that. we were down 220 points and the dow back under 6,000. all right. now to the fallout from a billionaire's decision to not join a debate. donald trump is out. he says. we'll see if he sticks to that. of course, the key moderator for the big debate joins us right now. brett, what are you hearing, he's definitely out? >> well it's a word we're getting but we're going to have a podium available, neal and obviously the campaign has put out a statement as you know these things -- a lot of things happened in the last couple of days. this is pretty unique. so we're doing a bit of reshuffling if you will to go over the questions and the topics and we'll have a debate that will be interesting and substantive and i guarantee you
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it will be worth watching. >> you're great at what you do. i caught the promo for your fine debate. this caught my ear. >> this is a debate you need to see. >> it's going to be an important night. >> we can't wait to get started. >> it started with you my friend. this is the debate you have got to see. and i'm thinking to myself self -- >> i'm assuming they last one in large numbers. >> there you go. >> we're past that. that great debate. and now we are going to this debate. >> you're so good. very well explained. i'm hardly thin skinned. now let's get a sense of what's at stake. the other guys are all jumping all over this and happy to have it. rand paul said the iq level went up a couple of points. that's a cheap shot. but again, he's happy to be on the main stage. let me get a sense of who would benefit in a donald trump less
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debate? >> that's a great question. i don't think a lot of our questions dealt with that dynamic. i think we are going to be going down a lot of the same policy topics we were going to deal with before. we have to restructure things. senator cruz gets probably a more cleaner shot at making his case to iowa. and some polls he's up and some he's tied. others he's trailing donald trump. and i think the other candidates are playing for third here in iowa. if you believe the polls going in. a lot can happen in the last few days. >> absolutely. we do know from the history of those who skew debates it helps or hurts. if you're richard nixon it's fine. by and large in a caucus environment it tends to be pretty risky just to pass over. is it your sense if he sticks to this doesn't join the debate then haul of a sudden he does
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well in aye way and he just -- he's king of the world? >> i think you know it's a risky decision. i truly believe from a political strategy point. let alone that it's our debate and all the back and forth. just as a political move it's a risky move. it could pan out for him as you mentioned, other candidates have done it. ronald reagan didn't debate in aye way and george h.w. bush went on to win in the iowa caucuses and the presidency. but in iowa it hurt him and i don't know how it will play out but it's a risky political strategy. >> for the candidates who are going to be looking for their moment in the sun, either earlier with martha later in your debate with chris and megyn. the same rules applying? ? refresh me how that's going to go. >> same deal. the bell is the fourth moderator.
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helps everybody know that the candidates are past the time. so it's not just the moderators and the candidates it's everybody at home knows wait, this candidate is kind of way over time. if you get the double bell that's a really bad thing. but you deployed it well you and maria. i think we're hoping it's going to move along. there'll definitely be a lot of breathing space. a lot of time these candidates can address some of the things they talk about on the trail directly to one another. >> how do you police each other? like chris wallace, does he try to steal your questions and how do you protect yourself? >> all the time. >> do you drop a glass of water on his notes? >> yeah. no. i mean it's a constant battle. it really is. i go to private places, you know -- no. we're working great together. in fact i just popped out of a meeting and we're really trying to hone those questions to get them as tight as possible to give the candidates enough space. as you said, it's about the
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candidates. >> that's right. i know. i didn't have a chance to get all the questions in. so i had a couple of central bank money acceleration questions. i thought i shared them. i'm not sharing with wallace. i'm sharing with you because that's the way we roll. >> i will take them. >> if you want to use them, have at it. looking forward to it my friend. is anyone who can handle the pressure tonight it's you and the three of you i'm sure. tomorrow i should say. i'm thinking it's tonight. that's how excited i am. >> we'll try and follow up in your footsteps. how about that? >> money supply federal reserve. i'll just leave it there. >> you got it. i just glanced over it. >> bet you did. watch it tomorrow. going to be fun. always is. the republican national committee is in this odd
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juxtaposition here wanting to support all of the candidates and got to be understanding in the face of huge disruptions which this would be if the number one polling candidates saying no. sean spicer with us right now. good to see you. what do you think of all this? >> good to see you. well, i think obviously from an rnc standpoint we would like to see all the candidates on stage. we have gone to great lengths to put together a phenomenal schedule. it's turning out to be a success and we have got great candidates including mr. trump. we would like them all on the stage but we have to respect each candidate's decision to do what's in their best interest. >> do you think it's a mistake what donald trump is doing? >> >> it's not my decision to make. i think everyone has to decide how to best run their campaign and interact with voter that is they want to gain their support of. >> if the cameras weren't on right now you would concur with the statement you just made?
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>> you know, absolutely. senator paul skipped the last debate and back up on the main stage. at the time people probably questioned it and it turned out to be a good move to some degree. i would like to see them all. we're proud of all of these candidates and we have got phenomenal candidates on the stages tomorrow. but that's not for us to second-guess. i think part of what we're seeing neal not just in terms of congress and politicians but politically is they don't want the rnc or people in washington telling them what should or shouldn't be done. they want each candidate to do what they want to do and run the campaign they want to run. that's what's happening. >> i was just trying to embarrass you and maybe risk your job on national tv. didn't work. >> i appreciate that. >> anything i could do. shawn, one thing i noticed, the sense that that night the bromance if there was such a thing between donald trump and ted cruz had come off these
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interviews confirmed that. we'll go back to that interview. >> it looked like you guys had been almost like bromance thing going on but not tonight. >> i thought he was very nice and all of a sudden he hit me with this. i think he made a mistake. >> you two hate each other? >> listen from my end i like donald and continue to sing his praises. i'm not attacking him. i'm going to defend myself. >> all right. obviously, it has escalated to the point where ted cruz has dared to have a one on one debate. let's do this. just you and me. donald trump responds to be a waste of time. i've debated offevery six times. you heard all of this. i know you don't like the candidates to break the reagan rule of a republican speaking over another republican but it seems too late for that one. >> yeah. i mean i've also said while i would like all the candidates to be focused on talking about what they want to do and we might
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want to focus on bernie sanders the way he's rising but we're five days out of iowa. it's tight. a lot of engaged folks in iowa that are paying attention and individuals who are going to caucus for the first time. i think these campaigns really understand what's at stake and you know go at it a little. while it may not be what i would like to see i think this is part of the process we understand it's a contact sport and as long as they try to keep it within bounds, we continue to see the energy and excitement and enthusiasm on the republican side and ultimately i think that's what's going to propel us to victory in november. >> you intimated about this that it's hillary clinton's democratic nomination that bernie sanders is moving up far and fast in iowa and new hampshire. are you guys prepared to recalibrate here that the candidate you thought you would have to face isn't the candidate you will be facing? >> i think if it's bernie sanders that's a disaster.
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i mean that's going to be an interesting -- it is foretelling of how bad hillary clinton has sunk that she is now calling for additional debates in new hampshire because she has fallen so badly and quickly in the polls. this was supposed to be a slam dunk for her. she talked about how their data operations were going to run circles around the competitors and now she's down double digits to bernie sanders a 74-year-old socialist from vermont. that says a lot about how bad her campaign has failed. and i think that there's going to be continues questions about what this means if she does become the nominee. she's coming out bruised and i think what bernie sanders has done is exposed the fault lines that this campaign of hers has. >> shawn, it's always a pleasure talking. thanks. good luck with all of the above. sean spicer at the rnc communications director. now, we know about how important this debate will be for ted cruz. he'll have the stage cornered
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and to himself if donald trump ends up not showing up but right now he's in a world of hurt and some polls say he's dropped from number one to number two in iowa. the guy who voted him up to that position is having this nasty tit for tat with donald trump. now to be fair it wasn't really him who started all of this but it's on. and let's just say this very influential figure is willing to go mono himself after this.
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we were born 100 years ago into a new american century. born with a hunger to fly and a passion to build something better. and what an amazing time it's been, decade after decade of innovation, inspiration and wonder. so, we say thank you america for a century of trust, for the privilege of flying higher and higher, together.
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♪ all right. probably think bob vander plat doesn't like the description to be calling himself a king maker but that's what they called him in iowa because his appointing candidate often times leads to that candidate winning iowa, rick santorum four years ago it worked and mike huckabee it worked and ted cruz it works for him. he's in a fight of his life against donald trump. in caucus voters' minds. the back and forth on that. bob is joining us. also, the cruz for president. national chair. good to have you. >> always good to be with you. >> thank you for coming. obviously a kind date scorned is
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a candidate angry. a billionaire candidate scorned is very, very angry. he is now saying of you and i know you have responded in other venues why doesn't phony bob tell his followers for him and his family to stay at my hotel, you say what? >> why doesn't donald trump come clean and say all the times he's invited me to be there and make sure that i stayed at his hotel so he could lavish his friendship on me. but what he's not used to is used to giving all these politicians money and they do exactly what he tells them to do. hillary clinton goes to his third wedding. but i don't give him my endorsements. the friendship has got strings attached. what i told donald trump yesterday and still am a friend of his, my friendship is not phony but still not getting my endorsement. >> you said that -- obviously if you were being paid or wined and dined to fill the deed you didn't fill the deed but he
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still goes back and forth and questions whether you're an honest guy. you had said that trump's friendship and generosity on the air definitely comes with strings. did you know that prior to making your mind up and supporting ted cruz? >> no. i mean, we had a fair level playing field before i went and endorsed ted cruz. trump has a history of this. ask chuck todd and megyn kelly and frank lunts what happens there. and even ask the peoe of iowa. when donald trump slipped in the polls in iowa and ted cruz overtook him, what was his first comment? it was are the people of iowa stupid? so if you're not with donald trump he is definitely against you and that leads to a real judgment and discernment issue about being president of the united states. >> still are you surprised as a leader within the evangelical
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community that jerry paul jr. is backing donald trump, sarah palin, very popular in your fine state supporting donald trump and then as polls stand now and that could change, he could win iowa with all that evangelical vote. what do you think of that? >> first of all i don't think he's going to win iowa. no doubt there's a confusion. when you look at donald trump's record and you'll know them by their fruit, he's paying planned parenthoods and believes the court has settled the marriage issue. he's not going to take a stand on marriage. you're questioning what kind of supreme court justices he's going to appoint. what donald trump has proven over and over again, this is all about donald trump. >> must be working right? must be working because he could take iowa. if he does, if he does, i know you don't see it happening, ted
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cruz has said that he does that with new hampshire, he might just be unstoppable. what do you think? >> well there's no doubt that iowa is going to be the water shed moment for donald trump. if donald trump can come out of iowa he is going to be hard to stop. cruz will try to win it but it's going to be more difficult. i believe in iowa we can stop him. i think iowans are wise enough and yesterday was a bad day for trump. he lost the battle in the twitter world with me and having the des moines register back me up and new york times back me up. but then skipping the debate. he is skipping the final interview before the iowa caucuses and the people of iowa penalize him and hold him accountable for that. i think what you're seeing is a perspective of who donald trump is and i think the people of iowa say he's not going to be our president. >> even though he's shown up at every other major debate? >> here's the deal.
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he's not going to show up because he doesn't like a person. here's this tough donald trump who is now wimping out because of me can kelly and you're going to stand up to putin or our second amendment right or nuclear iran. are you kidding me? this is donald trump being donald trump. and we saw this when he said -- >> you could support him if he were the nominee? >> after yesterday it's going to be more difficult than that. >> really? wait. whoa. whoa. he becomes the nominee, you would think twice about supporting him? >> i would definitely think twice. there's a lot of -- >> what would you do, support hillary clinton or bernie sanders over him or sit it out? >> i think what we need to see in donald trump is a stark of humility that he believes this country comes first and not donald trump comes first. you just don't mess with people because they don't agree with you. >> always good seeing the family
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lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. now i have less diabetic nerve pain. and i love helping little ones get off on the right foot. ask your doctor about lyrica. donald trump continuing to lead the republican polling and he will enter the n
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. well, you heard that republican communication director say we don't think it's a given that hillary clinton is going to be the democratic nominee. and given the surge in the polls by bernie sanders in iowa and new hampshire, no surprise there. and the fact that the president of the united states was meeting with bernie sanders at the white house, well no surprise there. the force that's now apparently very, very real. kevin at the white house. >> always good to talk to you. obviously you have heard of the film weekend at bernies.
1:26 pm
today we're calling it weekdays with bernie here at the white house as the senator from vermont met with the leader of the democratic party. the two men share a lot. they're both very much progressive and share a progressive mind-set for this country moving forward and like the president, senator sanders is drawing huge crowds in iowa but he's going to need him to show up monday if he's going to match the president and pull a huge upset over hillary clinton. >> if there is a large voter turnout. i'm not saying we can do what obama did in 2008. i don't think we can. if there is a large turnout i think we win. if not i think we're going to be struggle. >> it's good for the democratic party to be a robust debate going on about who should be our party's nominee. that debate is good for our democracy and also good for the party. >> he was asked if he felt like
1:27 pm
the president said praise for hillary clinton in the article was akin to an endorsement and he said no, i feel like the president has been fair and i suspect they'll stay that way which is the right thing to say although i think between you and me and the people watching, it's probably not the truth. i'm sure he didn't like it one bit. >> i'm wondering. they say this was a prearranged meeting. how long ago was it arranged? >> it's been a long time coming right because keep in mind, it's been ages since he's been here. but i believe based on nothing more than my private conversations and i won't say with whom, i'll just say with an administration official that this really was an outgrowth of that article. they felt like we need to make sure he knows we're not playing favorites here but make no mistake, i think that ranked on a lot of people in the sanders camp and now they have an open line of communication not just to the president but some of his staff members. you and i talked about you got
1:28 pm
to be able to reach josh ernest and others so they have the same access. remember it's about access that the hillary camp has. >> thank you very much. getting to the bottom of this curious little pow wow. forget about bernie sanders. is the president maybe rethinking that this was hillary clinton's nomination all wrapped up? much can be made daniel of reassessing this article that the president and his people might have intercepted, certainly a lot of people who are big enthusiasts of bernie sanders didn't like that. the impression the president was giving that he didn't like hillary and bernie. what do you think is going on here? >> look, i think president obama understands that the top democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton is under fbi investigation and no good outcome to come from that. either justice department will
1:29 pm
indict hillary clinton or more likely a lot hof people will have a crisis of faith in the fbi and justice department. people are going to believe justice isn't served. either way it becomes an obama administration scandal. no longer simply about the future about hillary clinton and the democratic chances to take over or continuing their reign in the white house but it becomes an obama administration scandal and factor in that plus as kevin just pointed out all the democratic factions and up setting at least a third of the democratic base. there's a lot going on and a lot that president obama is trying to hedge around. >> are you also here the talk that some are getting the feeling hillary clinton might be damaged goods. it's a bit of a stretch given the stumble in the polls. she's been through this before and she would fair no better as a nomination than bernie
1:30 pm
sanders. some seem to be saying she could suffer the same fate. why risk being rude or turn off bernie sanders or certainly his supporters. what do you make of that? >> look, bernie sanders has a decent chance of winning iowa, very good chance of winning new hampshire and you're looking at a changed primary granted hillary clinton so far does a lot better with black voters and minority voter that is bernie sanders needs to do better in order to have a chance of winning. it's more complicated than just going 2-0. nonetheless, hillary clinton, she will have gone from the presumptive nominee. everybody assumed this race was even more sewn up than it was in 2008 against obama. so being 0-2 and looking like a very bad candidate and bad general election can dand and you will see crisis in the democratic party. certainly in the hillary clinton camp and white house about the future and about what's going on. so yeah, president obama needs
1:31 pm
to hedge his bets, he needs to not alien ate a third of the democratic party. it's important for him to do that as the leader of the democratic party himself. >> daniel, well put. the weekly standard. all right. a lot of people are making a big deal of apple shares sliding again today. up close to 30% from their highs reached late last year. what if i told you it isn't just the fact it can't sell as many iphones. what if i told you this gets backseat to you and me, all of us, we're just not into gadgets anymore or at least changing them so frequently. we still play with them but don't need to upgrade every other second. maybe that's what's going on. and maybe these why apple should be very, very worried. stick around.
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ronald reagan passed up a chance to debate george bush, sr. and losts the caucuses. a message to donald trump not to do the same depends on who you talk to after this. and, only 50 calories a serving... good morning, indeed. v8. veggies for all. morning ted! scott! ready to hit some balls? ooh!
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when it only sells about 75 million things of something. that thing of course is the iphone and that's a lot to sell but it was considered a disappointment. furthermore, the company telegraphed the continued slowdown which brings us to the bigger question, maybe this isn't about nuance numbers in markets. maybe it's about us. that we're just not into constantly upgrading and updating our phone es. that they have become the modern day desk top computers. remember the '90s and 2000's when people said enough already. we're not going to keep upgrading every time you guys throw us whistles. what do you think? >> coming from you mr. gadget geek you had to be the first person with an iwatch. >> that is so stupid. >> now you don't wear it. because it's the equivalent of wearing a mood ring. it's so uncool. >> no. no. no. i'm wearing one on my ankle and
1:37 pm
i'll leave it at that. all right. what is going on here? >> all right. you are on to something. maybe we are just committed and devoted to our old iphones. we're in these long term relationships if you will. they might be haggered and beaten up. a little slower. but for now, we're committed to him. >> every date i ever went on. that was the final thing that drew them in. haggered. slow. not cool. >> actually have some numbers on this to prove your point. go back before the iphone 6 was released in september of 2014. only 40% of people who owned iphones before that 6 came out has upgraded to the newer version. so you have three out of five iphone owners today or three out of five back in september 2014 who have not upgraded to new phones. there's a lot of pent-up demand. as men will understand you'll
1:38 pm
want a trophy iphone. slimmer and lighter and newer and prettier and sexier and more new. maybe new is the wrong word. you know what i mean. >> you're talking about a phone. >> the new phone, the 7 is supposed to be slimmer. >> you know what they're saying with that one, oh, boy, it will be well worth the wait and it's coming in the fall and normally that's what people do, they buy that. what if they don't? what else does apple have to fall back on? >> that's dangerous. there have been some speculation they're going to come out with a smaller phone. you have to be careful if you start coming out with cheaper products because that is its bread and butter. i'll tell you this. we're kind of lulled into a sense of security because we get the free upgrade, the operating system upgrade. but i just upgraded to one. and my battery life, well, it's less than -- it leaves something
1:39 pm
to be desired. i would use an s word but i might get into trouble. >> you think? >> that could get people to upgrade. this is a 6 by the way if any fellow is interested in buying me a new phone. >> why is it a given that the allure is and you said it as a woman, the new one will be thinner? why don't women gravitate to fatter? >> because we like our purses to be light. >> oh, okay. >> okay. >> did i tell you that i stayed within 100 pounds of my wedding weight? doesn't count. thank you very much. >> love ya. >> isn't she the best? love her. as she was speaking we're getting some of these things coming up. very different from apple and it's numbers. the stock is up about 8%. earnings, revenues, users, the worldwide domination of facebook that started out as a guide trying to get dates in college. he's now a multibillionaire and
1:40 pm
he got richer in after hours trading today. is there no god? we'll have more after this.
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okay. it is quinn's time on your world. what do ronald reagan and richard nixon have in common with this debate story and donald trump skipping out or planning to skip out on the big fox news debate? i'll tell you. ronald reagan in 1980 with george bush, sr. opted not to debate him and lost the caucuses. he went on to win when he regrouped and had that famous microphone moment in new hampshire. richard nixon though after feeling that he was -- most critics would agree in the 1960 series of presidential debates opted not to debate his challengers in 1968 or 1972 when
1:44 pm
he was running for reelection and did not hurt richard nixon then. he went on to win obviously the presidency back and reelected in a landslide and we know what else happened. today the former chief political analyst of the register. if you'll indulge me. it isn't always fatal not to debate but is there a difference in passing up one like this right before the iowa caucuses? >> well, it's a different -- both of those were different eras. reagan did take a hit and i think that's the same reason donald trump is taking criticism now. iowans expect to be courted. they have time for the closing statements if you will. people want to -- waiting to make up their minds and donald trump bails out. so i think this hurts him. just as it hurt reagan in '80. this was a mistake reagan did not make and knew he made
1:45 pm
because he fired john sears as his campaign manager. >> you're right. i forgot about that. let me ask you david about the difference it makes with the debate in iowa if it were in atlanta or in charleston, would it be as much of an impact? >> you know, i think there would be a lot of impact. we're in the age of television, everything is everywhere and it's instant. i think it is important that it's here. but i think the last debate in any presidential campaign is going to have an impact. i don't care where it is. >> he won't be rewarded, donald trump will not be rewarded for all the debates. he's got perfect attendance but that would matter, iowans would be angry? >> they'll be up happy and it might be a strategic error in the sense that we have all the talk about donald trump being a frontrunner but if you look at the polling a lot of his people say they could be persuaded to change their mind. there are undecideds and in the caucus itself which is a
1:46 pm
neighborhood meeting people talk to one another and people make up their minds at the very last minute. so this is a chance for donald trump to make his closing argument, to fend off the attacks. now he's going to be the subject of all kinds of attacks on that stage. he's not going to be there to answer and these other candidates for the first time in the campaign are going to be given a shot of oxygen. >> how much does it help -- is that one of the candidates calling? how much will it help ted cruz? >> oh, i think it helps ted cruz. i think he is -- you know, he's running in second place. >> right. >> and he has taken a lot of hits himself. he's going to have the stage to himself. and so this is going to help him. >> all right. david, thank you very much. i know you have got to be slightly busy these next few days. maybe i'll bump into you in your fine state in a couple of days. thank you, david. >> great. >> i want to show you something
1:47 pm
that just floored me. look at these huge crowds for bernie sanders. what if i told you -- these crowds aren't in iowa. they're not in new hampshire. they're in minnesota. that's one of the super tuesday stakes. so to those who think he's a flash in if pan, does really well in iowa and new hampshire, of course he's going to do well in vermont. i don't know about that. i don't know at all. announcer: a horrific terror attack in paris. then, a brutal act of terror here at home.
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it's time for a tested and proven leader who won't try to contain isis. jeb bush has a plan... to destroy them. and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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put ebay in the category of the trendsetter. it is a worrisome one. it is indicating its fourth straight decline. a disappointing earnings report that by and large has seen the stock fall about 7.5% in after hours trading. again, not enough global bang for the buck there. ebay down after hours. back to the political. the passion for bernie sanders, it is hard to believe but crowds that are galvanizing are not just in places you would think. like his neighboring state of new hampshire. keep in mine, he is a vermont senator but he is seeing crowds in iowa and minnesota which is one of the super tuesday states.
1:52 pm
real clear political writer rebecca, i'm comparing this with his meeting with barack obama. it is as if the powers that be in the democratic party are saying, you know, he could pull this off. what do you think? >> certainly. i think we're past the point of democrats being incredulous at bernie sanders and we're well into the territory where he is a credible candidate now. obviously, we've seen him leading in new hampshire by a wide margin. he is now competitive in iowa. even if he wins just one of those states, he has momentum going into south carolina and nevada and of course into super tuesday. so bernie sanders is for real. i think we're seeing broad acceptance of that with democrats. >> i think what they were saying, sure, he might be able to take new hampshire. he is a vermont senator. mitt romney, the same argument for him. but iowa would be a different story. catching fire in the southern
1:53 pm
state, catching a lot of attention in what is an enigmatic state like minnesota. you could be changing the playing field, couldn't you? >> he is. one of the big, i guess, seeds of doubt that democrats tried on plant oriole in clinton's campaign tried to plant, was that he had a very narrow appeal within the democratic party. he would only appeal to white liberals and no one else. he wouldn't have that broad appeal that he could use to win super tuesday states and others. i think we're seeing that disproven right now. not only in iowa but in minnesota where he had this big rally this week. it was a very large crowd. you can see that he is appealing far beyond that liberal white base. surely he has cemented that support. it is a threat to hillary clinton. that's why she is coming out with guns blazing against him at this point. >> i talk to one person who
1:54 pm
really hates the guy, conservative, i hate everything he stands for but i admire that he stands for it and has throughout his career. maybe that's what is galvanizing this. thank you. we have these dueling events to show you. where's trump? in south carolina. isn't that interesting?
1:55 pm
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yoir may be the center of the political universe but donald trump's first big speaking event isn't in iowa. it is in south carolina. but carl cameron is in west des moines. what do you make of just that? that little detail. >> he has his own flame so he can jump to the early voting states and back. and he has made it clear that while he won't be on the debate
1:58 pm
stage tomorrow, he plans to raise money for veterans and wounded warriors. that's what the tweets and statements have been about. he hand said where or with whom. and he doesn't say exactly when. but it is pretty clear he won't be on the debate stage and he's getting pounded for it. ted cruz challenged him to a mano y mano debate. and today he responded not exactly saying no. but he said where will it be? canada? right at the teeth of ted cruz on his eligibility, of course. so the battle doesn't start. the fight between rubio and cruz. cruz will have an event here in iowa as well. the tv ads are just everywhere and the campaign is at pace. so trump's absence, he is getting attention for it but he will lack the attention of being with his rivals four dates before the first votes of 2016. that could be a very, very costly price.
1:59 pm
he is clearly gambling it. he's had casinos and resorts. he knows how to gamble. >> i guess he figures there is a possibility that they rim ted cruz apart. he'll be in the center podium position. >> they already are. what this move by trump has done has allowed the candidates to get personal. they're personally involved in it. ted cruz has all but accused trump of being afraid. and not living up to the expectations of the electorate which is to say not qualified by talking to voters. rand paul back on the debate stage, having been relegated to the second tier in the last go-around couldn't wait to say his presence and trump's absence will raise the i.q. of the participant. so this is not a joke. people in iowa and new hampshire and south carolina take it really seriously. to give you an idea of how f fanatical they are. the record is 122,000.
2:00 pm
a very, very tight group of people and they care. >> and you care. carl cameron. thank you for joining us. hello. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." we are 24 hours away from the final gop debate before monday's vote in iowa and there's a little bit of news that broke after the lineup was set. did you hear? there will only be seven candidates on the stage instead of eight. the front-runner of the republican race, donald trump, has pulled out. he objected to megyn kelly being one of the moderators who he thought was not fair at the first debate but fox wouldn't cave. the candidates who will be attending tomorrow night have a


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