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tv   The Five  FOX News  January 27, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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the record is 122,000. a very, very tight group of people and they care. >> and you care. carl cameron. thank you for joining us. hello. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." we are 24 hours away from the final gop debate before monday's vote in iowa and there's a little bit of news that broke after the lineup was set. did you hear? there will only be seven candidates on the stage instead of eight. the front-runner of the republican race, donald trump, has pulled out. he objected to megyn kelly being one of the moderators who he thought was not fair at the first debate but fox wouldn't cave. the candidates who will be attending tomorrow night have a lot to say about trump's
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pullout. ted cruz issued this challenge for him. >> the iowa caucus is six days away. donald and i are tied in iowa. we are neck in neck. the voters of iowa deserve to have a comparison of the records and vision of both candidates. i am happy to debate donald any time any place in iowa between now ask the caucuses. >> here's how some of his other candidates are responding. >> if other people want to focus ted cruz talking about mano y mano debates, it is an interesting side show. interesting theatrics but it has nothing to do with the united states of america. >> i didn't whine, i didn't cry and i did not not show up. i went behind the micro phone. i put my views out to the american people. that's what you do. >> the i.q. of the debate went up a couple dozen points, i would say. and i think it is probably a good thing for the party. it shows his delusions of grand you're that he thinks he can dictate everything.
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he thinks he has already elected himself king. i would say good riddance and i would say we'll have a much better debate. >> that's a little of the takeaway, the reaction coming out of the announcement on the debate tonight. let's see the reaction around the table. are you surprised? and is it a good idea? >> i wish he wouldn't, let's put it that way. this feels, look. fiercely loyal to fox. fiercely loyal to roger ales myself. i have known donald trump a long time. i hate to say it going back and forth. you would love to see where he comes to the debate table. i think it would be good for donald trump, too. in my opinion, people differ. i think he does well on the debate stage. he says he gets attacked. but that gives him the opportunity to do what he does best and fight back and i think it is what americans have really
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flocked donald trump for. his ability to fight back. if he wants to fight back, so be it but do it. it has worked for him. a last-minute pulling out of this. i hope he reconsiders. >> i think people would love to see him at the debates. they rate very well. always a news maker for certain, especially with iowa coming up. i'm sure they would love to hear him especially in advance of this very important setting the stage vote and caucusing that's about to happen. and dana, he does do very well at the debates. it's a great forum for him. >> extremely well. aid chance to go to the charleston debate. it is different when you have a chance to be there in the arena and feel energy live. and he got some boos but he punched back. remember, that's where he had his great point about new york values and that carries him to take back over the lead in iowa against ted cruz. i have to tell you, i've worked
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here for several years, since i left the white house and i've always been proud to work at fox news. i think today is unlt before times i'm most proud to work at fox. and i admire roger ailes. never should anyone negotiate with someone who wants to be president of the united states about who should mod trait debates. i'm really proud about that. i have a chance to appear on "the kelly file" later on tonight. to me having been a skept bigg the donald trump approach to the campaign since june 16 of 2015, i think at this point, remember, i said i'm for addition. not subtraction. when megyn kelly questioned him, she was quoting things and how he would handle the inevitable attacks about hillary clinton. and the war on women. i've always been surprised that donald trump was not prepared for a question like that but
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that it has questioned him so much tells me he has a lot of work to do if he wants to win the general election. >> what's your take on it? >> i want to see trump tomorrow night debating. i think everyone at the table does. everybody in iowa and across the country. i think the trump strategy is, i can win without fox but fox can't win without me. he was obviously very stung by megyn kelly's question. he took it personally and then tried to roll her off the stage. fox stuck to their guns so he bailed. he's thinking, eye for an eye. you're not going to take advantage of me. i'm not going to let my brand suffer. so he goes to a painful place. let's go to the ratings. he will try on inflict pain. he will probably say, i'm going to get hurt a little bit by this too, but not as much as fox news. so i'll weather it. i'll spin it and i'll probably win iowa hopefully. now he comes out of this the rebel and i think that helps him to a certain extent.
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and people are chomping at his tail and things like that. this whole campaign in iowa has been a spectacle. remember, he had the helicopter wrid the kids at first and he kicked jorge ramos out of there. and he has the palin endorsement. he is fighting with the payment. now he is blowing up the debate. this is a late breaking caucus situation. i don't know which way this will spin but i want to see him on the stage tomorrow night. anything could happen. >> what about? . ? you kind of do your debate prep based on who will be on the stage. kind of, point and counter points. what if all of a sudden trump shows up for the debate last minute? >> i think everybody is prepared for trump to be there. how do you handle if it he is not there? and especially that's the case for lower republicans right now. the so-called establishment lane. i think they would especially, with rubio, kasich who has been coming on. you'll to have reconsider.
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how do you go at each other knowing that the number one ranked candidate is not on the stage? i think this is far more interesting. remember, this is really about how conservatives view american media. and boy, trump has enough power that he got national review after national review that. trump is not one of us. he got them knocked out of the debate that was supposed to be held in february. think back to cnn when he was threatening to pull out of the debate unless they don'tated the money. trump sees himself as a wheeler dealer and here's the art of the deal. he has leverage and he will knock down the ratings a little bit. he thinks he has power. and i think part of it is he thinks he has iowa locked up. >> can i throw one more thing? hopefully donald is listening. make a last-minute deal. this is what you prided your whole campaign on. you have the most successful business book. art of the deal.
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make a deal. i'm sure there are people who would be willing to entertain the deal. >> like what would you deal? >> i don't know. figure it out. that's why he is running for president. >> you know what? fox news shouldn't make a deal on this. if you let politicians start telling us what to do, then democracy is in trouble. >> you don't make a deal that's just good for donald trump. >> no deal is good on journalistic principle. >> do you know what a good deal would be? for the american people to get another look at donald trump before they make decisions in iowa and new hampshire. >> there's no saying we won't get another look at him down the road. i hope for all time, people like our bosses at fox do not make deals with politicians. i don't care what you feel about how he was treated the first debate. whether you think he was. it was fair or unfair. you can't have journalists being told, this is a deal. >> a deal would be good for everyone including the viewer and the american people. >> all right. trump wants to knock
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republicans. he was planning to moderate a few years ago. take a look at this tape from 2011 where he also praised megyn kelly's moderating skills. >> let's talk on this debate that you're going on moderate. so far only newt that gingrich and -- >> we're not seeing a lot of courage here, are we? >> not lots of courage. >> are you still going to do it? >> well, we'll to have see what happens. >> do you think that you're a better moderator than him? >> no. i could never beat you. that wouldn't even be close. you have done a great job by the way, and i mean it. >> all right. after michele bachman dropped out of the debate, that by not doing the debate it showed great disloyalty and people rejected her. in another tweet he asked why the gop establishment felt so threatened by the debate saying more debate is always better. >> well, trump has always been going back and forth. he was buttering up.
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to what eric was saying about this, even if a deal doesn't happen and he doesn't do this debate, let's keep this into perspective. trump is doing what's best for the trump campaign. he is trying on win iowa and new hampshire. fox news is doing what fox news does. trying to get ratings and host a great debate. we're trying to be fair and balanced. if those things don't intersect, fine. the long primary, i'm sure fox will get great ratings. i'm sure donald trump will come back on fox. this is a bump in the road. i expect cooler heads to prevail. >> is it armageddon right now? >> no. don't put a happy face on this from my perspective. literally from what i've read. i've been talking to our executives. you have trump's campaign manager threatening, basically threatening megyn kelly saying, if she is there, we're going to put her through the ringer on the other end. we would hate to see her go
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through that again. you're saying, we're going on run fox news. >> so he crossed a line and that's obvious. the campaign manager. he'll get past it. if he's the nominee, we won't have him on the network? come on. in the grand scheme of things? we're going on get past it. >> can i jump in here to make a comment? if you look at what trump was saying to megyn kelly, contrast that to. today it is not that he thinks she is unfair. he does what he typically does when he disagrees somebody which is to attack them personally. on their looks or today he called her a bimbo. i go back to, barack obama beat mitt romney by 10 percentage points with women. you cannot afford in a general election to alienate most of the women in the country by saying someone is a bimbo. in addition, he is a great businessman. and i would say a good question to ask him in an upcoming debate. if someone on the other side of the deal disagrees with something that your daughter or
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another woman on your team is doing, would you dump her? as part of that deal? and i would home that he would say of course not. i remember when the israelis tried to get condi rice out of the talks and they went to president bush. the first thing he did is say she speaks for me. that's how executive shs stick by women in my opinion. >> let's get the band back together. taking the white house back. coming up, greg joins us from iowa. plus we'll be joined by one of the moderators of tomorrow night's debate. bret baier. announcer: a horrific terror attack in paris.
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let's bring in one of the moderators, anchor bret baier joins us live from iowa. at this point seven will be appearing with you. maybe ax you never know how it plays out. let's assume it is seven. the seven people there aren't trump. do you think they're happy that they'll have a little extra face time or upset that they won't be able to confront the front-runner face to face? >> reporter: a great question. i haven't talked directly to the campaigns since this development. i've heard what they've said on the stump but i think that, listen, we'll get into the same policy questions, the same substance and contrast differences with candidates and i'm sure the candidates on the stage. if mr. trump is not on that stage or going to make the contrast with him even if he is not there. he is leading in the latest
2:18 pm
polls here. and whether he comes or not, we'll be ready either way. >> so we're in i think this is the eighth or ninth debate with these candidates. to me, i feel like many of the same questions have been asked several times. the candidates are quite practiced in giving their answer. how do you, megyn, and chris wallace plan to mix it up? give us something a little new? ago little deeper so voters have more information? >> reporter: yeah. so we have these huge binders, huge, that are -- that binders of transcripts of all the debates and the questions so far for every topic, every candidate. we know what has been said. we obviously watched them, every minute. there will be policy topics that have been covered today but not asked in the way that we're asking these questions. and there will be some new issues that have not come up
2:19 pm
before. so i think we'll be able to balance that out. and as you know, the real deal is to try to get them off the talking points. to phrase the questions in a way that they don't have an exit ramp to get back on the stump. >> so what do you make of this controversy with trump? >> i don't know what to make of it. i think it is a shame overall. but i do think that we're going to be ready either way. we're obviously restacking things and changing things. if he does not show up. but there will be a podium if he does. >> you mean you'll leave an empty podium? >> i don't know what the plan is. but there will be a podium in the room if he walks in the door, we'll be ready for him. >> cleenlt eastwood might show up. >> all right. >> i'm curious how you feel cruz will be able to capitalize off the fact, if trump is not there,
2:20 pm
i think the other day he was out there warning supporters. if trump wins iowa, there guy will run the table. and i know he peaked a couple weeks ago and then trump gained the momentum. i'm curious to hear how you think cruz stands right now. >> that's a great question. organizationally, the cruz people seem like they're projecting confidence. based on the organization. those polls tell a different story. that trump has gained significant points in iowa and obviously in new hampshire. i think not having trump on the stage takes away a swing, a counter punch that donald trump effectively did at the last debate. and he really provided a couple of hits to cruz that i think stuck in the minds of some. . in way he frees up a place but he also doesn't land any punches. >> who do you think has the most to gain tomorrow night in terms of trying to capture some
2:21 pm
audience momentum and voting momentum going into these crucial iowa caucuses? >> well, i think any of those candidates who are not donald trump and ted cruz. i think they're all fighting in iowa for third, if you believe the polls. and they're kind of getting each other out. they'll get more time to go into the policy issues that they talk about and i bet, i have some fireworks with others on the stage. if we do our job, we'll be able to get into the substantive differences so voters by monday will have a better sense of either staying with the guy or a woman they have. choosing somebody different or illuminating some policy they didn't think about. >> we're all looking forward to it. thank you very much. we'll be watching tomorrow night at 9:00. that eastern and we the five will be joining you soon. the broadcast live from des moines this friday, saturday, a special show saturday, and monday at 5:00 p.m. eastern.
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we hope you'll join us. greg gutfeld has already made his way out there and he'll be joining us coming up next.
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today i am sitting in greg gutfeld's chair. it is pretty roomy. that's because he is in iowa. we're going behind the scenes of what's happening there. so gutfeld, are they treating you like royalty? are they giving you a hard time? what's the lay of the handle? >> iowa is a lovely, lovely place i couldn't be happier. the food is fantastic. i avoid sean hasn'ty whenever i see him. >> i know you have dietary
2:27 pm
restrictions ruffle sure the food is up to your satisfaction? >> i had a burger without a bun and it was delicious. almost as delicious -- go ahead. >> have you talked to any normal people out there? or are you just holed up in the hotel by yourself? have you gone out in the crowds? >> yes. i'm a man of the people. and of course, the big conversation out here is trump, trump, trump. to me, i don't think it is about donald trump at all. i don't even think it is about the debate. i met with juan williams on this 100%. this is about a threat made against someone in the media. kory made a threat. basically saying that hey, megyn kelly, you don't want to see what happens to you again, what happened after that debate. this is no longer a campaign. it is a sopranos in khakis. this is nuts. it is like saying, hey, megyn, you got a nice gig going. it would be a shame if should go happens to you.
2:28 pm
this is grotesque to me. this is not about fox news. it is about abc, nbc, cnn. what if their anchor was faced with a threat because they didn't kiss the ring of a pet lent king. this is a big problem. once you start bowing because you don't please them, you're scared. you're no longer a journalist. if you don't think this is a big deal that she was threatened, you do not belong in this profession. go do infomercials selling things. that's where you belong. >> yeah. i can see that. i definitely think megyn is a big girl and she can take care of herself. >> well, apparently -- donald trump is scared of her. >> he obviously went over the line there. i don't want the main stream media rallying to our side. we don't need them, gutfeld. they can go lob soft balls at president obama. they can be stage forums with the democrats. we don't need their help. >> i have a question. >> a good point.
2:29 pm
go ahead. >> i was going to ask you, moving on a little bit but kind of on the same subject. you wrote a book called how to be persuasively right. now you have seven candidates if donald trump doesn't come to the debate. you have seven candidates who have an opportunity to make their mark. so if you were to give them suggestions? >> well, clearly you now have more time. you were able to distinguish yourself from everybody else. and i think it is important to be as clear and as jargon-free as possible. what you can learn from trump, you speak in plain language. you don't use the terminology that other politicians use. you also deal with specifics. right now we're enter a serious phase. it is time to come loaded with fact and not feeling. the one thing i'm critical about the left. they traffic in emotion and it is time to traffic in fact. >> all right. >> i got something. i'm just staring at this screen with your face and those two ferns. are you between two ferns?
2:30 pm
did you do that on purpose? with the plants in the back ground? >> those are giant pineapples. i travel everywhere with giant pineapples. after this segment, i'm going to eat them. >> they look a little bil bigger than you so that will be interesting. i gave you some assignments. i want to know. i'm very interested in being the pork queen. and i want to know if you went in to submit me as a write-in candidate. i want to know where i'm standing. we're going to stay up all night making posters for my candidacy. >> well, i have to warn you. an interesting smell around the pork state fair. it is very, very pungent. but i think you're leading the pack. you're going to have to eat a lot of pork. trust me. they're having -- pork is their vegetable. >> yes, it is my vegetable too. have you heard of it? it is called bacon. i eat with it everything.
2:31 pm
>> i've seen you eat it. it is quite arousing. >> i'm serious and excited about that but i think i might be missing it by a day. i don't know. he is supposed to do the advance team work only. >> bolling is heading out. there he is very concerned about where the bars are. that's all he's talking about. have you done any leg work? bolling is very curious. >> what did you find? >> this is very important. there is a micro brewery across the road. there is an interesting alternative bar that we may have to go to later. i won't get in depth. >> alternative. >> someone pulled that trigger on me once before. i don't think it is a bar that i would frequent. >> juan is all in. >> we should go together. >> there you go. >> go together. right. >> the buddy system. >> i asked you, have you seen our set yet? is it amazing? >> it is pretty nice.
2:32 pm
i'm actually he. at the set. i'm alone here. we're right in the lobby. look at this. isn't this beautiful? >> you're sitting in your own seat, i see. >> yes. exactly. >> and like at "the five," my feet do not touch the ground. >> it looks like i can wear pants. i'm not seeing a suitable shot for me there. >> it is a great place. this hotel is great. the food is delicious. you have a lot of signs. you have a bar. you have a bar over there. >> we're good. we're all good. >> can you talk to them about keeping it open a little bit later instead of shutting it down early? >> the concierge said because fox news is coming, the bar is staying open much longer. with a concerned look on his face. >> i'm going to make sure that you get some ethanol. i'm going to make sure that you understand the valley you've ethanol, young fellow. do you know what i was curious about? >> i already have gas.
2:33 pm
>> yeah. but this will be ecologically more sustainable. i was going to ask you -- >> that's true. >> i was going to ask you about the fact that you're going to have mr. gilmore on the 7:00 p.m. debate. and i thought, i bept greg has something to say about gilmore, santorum, now back in the game. >> i believe, and correct me if i'm wrong. he is the only military veteran who is currently running for president. am i right? >> i think you're right. >> it is good to see him there. and you know. i honestly can't remember what he was like. it's been a while. >> he was the chair of the republican party at one point. i'm amazed that he made it. 1%. >> his name is gilmore. not gill less. >> we'll see you tomorrow. have fun looking for the bars that are very alternative. >> campaign carl joins us next.
2:34 pm
don't go away.
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we want to return to iowa. campaign carl is back with us. he did not get enough of "the five" yesterday. one of the things we've been talking about, a lot of people in iowa, a significant number, actually wait until after the last debate which is taking place tomorrow night before they make their final decision. how are the number of undecideds playing out there? >> big. the polls say there are not a lot of undecided. but between 30 and 40% of those going to the caucuses monday are likely to change their minds sometime between then and now. and rick santorum who was the 2012 winner has been testifying
2:39 pm
tom ever since 2012 when he pulled off a plate come from behind win and found out in the exit polls that 50% of his votes came in on the last weekend. >> what about the enthusiasm there? are you seeing more people are getting excited about it? what is the fox on the ground about people narrowing it down to two candidates? >> well, when you come, there is a lot of enthusiasm. when you walk out into the streets, it is cold and a very, very small sliver of the population takes place in the caucuses. there are over 3 million people in iowa and the sum total attending will be around 300,000. so around a sixth of the population takes part. it is a big long cold monday night and it is a heck of an effort. so the people coming here have been organized. they've been getting phone calls and e-mails and direct mail and knocks on the door.
2:40 pm
and they're not just going to vote. they're actually supporters. when you commit to the caucuses, it means you'll dial the foegs. they have some rubio supporters with their lists and phones. >> you just mentioned 500 total caucusgoers. if i'm not mistaken, there are less than 200,000 on the republican side. the reason why that's so relevant is, iowa is so important. it kicks off the campaign. it kicks off the voting. it leads to new hampshire and then to south carolina. you're talking 40,000 or 50,000 people can literally dictate direction of the gop race for the next few months. >> no mat here the candidates are at the top of the polls on sunday afternoon, it is a pretty fair bet that the gap between the top one and five candidates will only be a few thousand votes. it may even be a few hundred between cruz and trump if the polls continue to tighten like this. it is a very, very small number. by contrast, the nevada caucuses have only about 7% turnout and
2:41 pm
it is because it is just republicans and just democrats. no independents can participate and it takes an awful lot of work. there is no question that the amount of effort put into this is way disproportionate to the number of people who show up. >> all right. juan? >> what are you seeing from people that we haven't mentioned? i'm very interested in what's going on with ben carson, marco rubio who it's i heard has a so-called 3-2-1 strategy. then a win in south carolina. i'm very interested in how that back end of the field is playing right now? >> sure. ben carson, more than a year and a half ago, had representatives and people willing to commit and be his caucus and precinct in all 99 counties. he has some very, very effective organizers. a kid named ryan rhodes who was one of the first tea partiers in
2:42 pm
2010. in talking with the carson campaign. he was leading in the polls about three months ago in iowa. then donald trump attacked him and said his personal history and his faith and some of the violence that he got over, when he found christ, was all a made up story. and carson's numbers took dive. in talking to his organizers. they say they have about 40,000 committed caucusgoers. and as someone said earlier, that's a big number. you could win with that. >> all right. >> tell me about the evangelical voters. i know cruz is ahead a little bit with evangelicals. where do you see them breaking last minute? >> in the past, to organize evangelicals and home schoolers in iowa, they almost move hand in hand. about 60% of caucusgoers in the
2:43 pm
past on the republican side have been evangelicals. that's about 90 million nationwide 9/11 candidate in the past two cycles won had mailing lists of tens of thousands of evangelicals and or home schoolers. carson has that, huckabee has that, these are people who have understood that the evangelical vote is very, very important. we have at love candidates who changed their positions on this. donald trump was pro-choice. now he's pro-life. a lot of evan gel cal who's say they don't mind what his religion is them just like him for who he is. the evangelicals expect scripture quoted accurately and most caucusgoers do. there are a lot more who won't show up. but the evangelicals who caucus can tell the difference between somebody who walks it versus talks it. >> first of all, an observation. there is an impressive.
2:44 pm
a drinking going on at 4:43 p.m. in the afternoon. i don't know where you are and but it looks like a party that gutfeld and bolling might want to join tomorrow. >> i want to ask you about rand paul. the senator from kentucky. he was not on the previous debate, the undercard debate in charleston that fox business held. yet you see some stories that he actually has more support and enthusiastic support in iowa than people think. so could he actually be a surprise, have a surprise placement on monday night? >> sure. so rand paul has a strong support across the country in the university campuses. he's visited dozens of them. his father ron paul ran here three times of twice in the republican party and one time as a libertarian so they didn't
2:45 pm
have a primary per se. his father has a big organization in iowa. though we refer to rick santorum having won the caucuses, that victory was overturned by the republican party and ron paul was the one who went at first. so rand paul has some forces here though he remain as pretty big shadow. >> as the race heats up, some of the candidates are lighting up. you're driving through the woods when a majestic beast runs into view. then you run into a tree. but your totaled new car isn't totally replaced. with new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance.
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don't settle for u-verse. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. oh, my, another candidate has turned to have adele to help boost his presidential bid. you just saw mike huckabee put out a parody of the hit, hello. he calls his version hello huck.
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we're seeing it to appeal to younger voters. marco rubio has a new one that makes fun of his infamous football fumble when he accidentally threw a ball and hit a child in the face last year. even bernie sanders is using snap chat to get their attention with some feel the bern images. apply goodness. this is an effort to get the vote. >> what was that? feel burn? and the whole -- i don't know. i don't want to be sflap chatting back and forth. bernie, don't send me anything.
2:51 pm
>> all the snap chatters, take them all. >> you keep snap chatting me. >> they need to fix that. this is amazing. i love this. the super bowl ad. they're all good. marco rubio's ad is hilarious, it's funny. huckabee's ad, she was a little pitchy. >> that wasn't adele? >> no. jesse didn't blank snap chat was. there are other candidates doing the same thing. jeb bush has this where he's playing -- >> why! he is sowhite. >> i don't know. >> what about that? what do you think? >> i think remillennials is so
2:52 pm
smart. you look at what president obama was able to do. he brought new voters and younger voters and they're enthusiastic. now they're a lot older than they were in 2012. meaning four years older. that brought a lot more people into the potential voter roles. because they're over 18. >> what about your favorite, hillary clinton doing the nene? >> yep. i liked rubio's ad. i was actually in it. if you rerack it. i make a little cameo in it. i think it is a fantastic ad on that alone. >> you are so -- >> there he is, there he is. >> he wants to use my image. >> i'm sitting in your seat! >> you picked the one day. i took one day off. >> can't sleep. >> my favorite is rubio's boots. one more thing. up next -- ♪
2:53 pm
hi i'm heather cox
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on location with the famous, big idaho potato truck. our truck? it's touring across america telling people about idaho potatoes. farmer: let's go boy. again this year the big idaho potato truck is traveling the country spreading the word about heart healthy idaho potatoes and making donations to local charities. excuse me miss, have you seen our truck? you just missed it. ahhh! aw man are you kiddin' me?
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♪ it was always just a hobby. something you did for fun. until the day it became something much more. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. ♪ it's time for one more thing. it is called the industries of the future. this book is really good. i had a sneak peek at it. it is basically answering the questions that a lot of us have. especially parents about how are you going to prepare your
2:57 pm
children for the future? it's coming. especially robotics. one of the things i tweeted today in response to the q and a i have up on, it is not the strongest who survive or the most intelligent but those who are most adaptable to change. i recognize this book for everybody. if you're in business, government and policy planning but especially if you're a parent. this finally from the drudge report. i saw this. it is called soft banks peopler the robot. this robot will replace all employees at a store where you can go in and buy a mobile phone. this is happening. so you can prepare yourself by reading that book. >> who is in on that book club? come on. >> how long did it take for someone to recognize martin o'malley? >> excuse me, who is this? >> i don't know. >> who is this? >> not sure. >> hi, who is this?
2:58 pm
>> al gore? >> yes. >> who is this? >> i have no idea. >> what's his name? >> gary. >> all right, juan. some people come in and out of your life and you don't knowledge what you've got until they're gone. connie, as i knew her, was always in lafayette park demonstrating for peace or against nuclear proliferation. her protest vigil is considered the longest in u.s. history. since 1981. she was a fixture out there and often called the president's closest neighbor. that even got her into some movies. she was there when i covered reagan, clinton, george w., as well as obama. there all the time. she died monday in washington. and you know what? you can tell the town has a heart on some level. there was an outpouring of sympathy. >> thank you. gretta van susteren as well.
2:59 pm
obviously an iconic figure. >> 35 years. a long time. so tomorrow night after the big debates, make sure you logon to after all the debates, the earlier and the later. hosted by melissa francis, megan mccain and produced by our wonderful "the five" staff. they'll put it together. make sure you not the in for post debate discussion. >> love you, brother. >> exactly. fantastic. >> a television event takes place this saturday night. it's not cops. it's watters world. the most talked about show. even the critics love itself on tune in saturday night. you have a lot going on. so watters' world. be there. >> after the alternative bar or
3:00 pm
before it? >> after a few drinks. >> can you give us one of these? >> where is watters' world? >> all right. let's get it a for the debate. never miss another else of "the five." welcome to des moines, iowa. in just 25 hours, the republican presidential candidates will take stage for the final debates before the first voting in the 2016 presidential campaign. exactly who will show up and who won't? how that will go over in the heartland is a major part of the story tonight. coming to you from the iowa event center. this is special report. >> good evening from inside the debate hall as we are putting the finishing touches behind the scenes.


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