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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  January 27, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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it's going to be a program well worth watching. again, thanks for watching us tonight. ms. megyn is next. i'm bill o'reilly. please remember, the spin stops here because we're looking out for you. breaking tonight, in exactly 24 hours, the seven republicans will take the stage right here behind me in iowa to interview for the job of president of the united states. but for the past 24 hours, america's media has been almost completely focused on a related story, but not necessarily the story. one candidate who says he will not be here. welcome to "the kelly file," everyone. i'm megyn kelly, reporting live tonight from des moines, iowa. it does appear donald trump is declining his last chance to speak to as many iowans as possible and to the country at large. instead of being here tomorrow night taking the tough questions from the moderators, he will be
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holding an event he says that will benefit veterans. here he is in south carolina. >> from here, where do i go? to iowa. what am i going to do there? we're going to raise a lot of money for the vets, that's what we're going to do. >> it's funny he should put it like that because that's how he put it this morning. some political analysts argue this is a brilliant move and if it was meant to maximize media attention, it would be true. others say it will hurt his standing among some iowa voters. tonight, we'll get you new insights on the vote next week and the debate tomorrow night with a big lineup, including presidential candidate marco rubio, candidate rand paul, chris stirewalt and steve hayes are with me with what's driving the undecideds. dana perino has new details how this plays in new hampshire. but we begin with the man
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following it all, carl cameron reporting from des moines. carl? >> reporter: curiouser and curiouser, megyn. donald trump has now found an event site for his planned rally to benefit vets tomorrow. lit be at drake university here in des moines. and his withdrawal from the debate has caused criticism from most of his rivals, and a praise from a few supporters and controversy across the board. ted cruz challenged donald trump to a mono i mono debate, and trump said, where are we going to have it, canada? the rubio and cruz have been battling back and forth. the two freshman senators, both cuban-americans, both
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conservative, both argues that each has been misrepresenting their histories and accusing the other of flip-flopping. a very big opportunity in the absence of trump to talk about policy without risking an el slow from trump. and for the rest of the pack like john kasich, who has been surging in new hampshire, chris christie who had been. jeb bush who continues to struggle for attention, and has. spent a lot of time here in iowa, wasn't planning on being here for the iowa caucus, they too will have an opportunity not just to talk to iowans but to the rest of the nation four days before the first votes. whether or not donald decides to break his plan to go to drake university or not. >> carl, thank you. joining us now is chris stirewalt, digital politics editor. steve hays is a senior writer at the weekly standard and fox news
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contributor and david wall is a supporter of donald trump and attorney. so first of all, do you believe trump is not showing up? >> i think he probably isn't going to show up. the comments we had from him and his campaign yesterday locked him in. it would look foolish now if he backed down on his tough words. >> do you think it will have any impact on this race whatsoever? >> of course. this is huge. the republicans intentionally limited the number of debate they were going to have. iowa gets only one debate. last time they got three. this time one. iowa takes this stuff seriously. they care about these things. it matters to them. also it means it's like shortening the season. it means each game counts for more. each debate counts for more, because there are fewer of them in this cycle. so the consequences are real. how it will play, i can't tell you today, but the consequences are real. >> how will it affect ted cruz? because he probably was looking
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forward to taking on donald trump, the two of them going against each other. >> it will be interesting to see if cruz decides to take on donald trump in absentia, or if he decides to engage the rest of the field, the people who are on stage with him. i can back up some of what chris is saying. there's no question that iowans are talking about this, just being around town here today. i went to a marco rubio event, which was nearby, ten minutes away, and the first two people that i talked to after the rubio event, i said are you here supporting marco rubio or candidate shopping? this one guy, brian moon, vice president of marketing at a local company, said i have been a trump supporter. i'm no longer a trump supporter. this was sort of the last straw for me. i have gradually come to like him. i was going to support him.
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i'm candidate shopping and he's now looking at rubio and christie. he said this wasn't -- he said i like that he was tough, i liked that he was willing to take on convention in our politics today. but he says the quote he gave me was, this is death by a thousand cuts. i'm just not interested in playing the game anymore and at a certain point we're picking the president of the united states and he's still playing games. >> david, what do you think? you're an ardent trump supporter. what do you think and you're a fan of "the kelly file," so do you think he should show up or not? >> i do, megyn. i think, though, not showing up won't hurt him, but showing up will help him tremendously. the fox news debates are the best television since "the sopranos" or "breaking bad." tens of millions of people watching this debate. he will shine and win the debate, as always. he'll probably finally, once and for all, crush the competition,
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if you can call them that. and i think that he's probably going back and forth in his mind right now. he sounded like he was nudging a little toward going to the debate. >> you think? >> he's not going to lose. he can show up, smile, state his position and make america great is not just a slogan, it's a movement now. and he needs to get on there and explain and sort of get people to join in those who haven't already, to create the tidal wave that it is and help him promote his cause. >> talk about the opportunity, chris, for marco rubio. he's lingering in third, lingering in third. the two front-runners are arguing, one is out for tomorrow. so what is his chance here if >> well, his chance is substantial in the sense that he needs to look like the president. he needs to look presidential. and have people say, i can see him at the presidential desk. but he's got a big problem, so trump absorbs -- and when he debates, he generally doesn't
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engage most of the time. he usually stands somewhat removed from the process and watches what goes on. but he takes a lot of incoming. that inventory of attacks from candidates like jeb bush, this is it, it's over for him. so he continues to dump on these people. so that means more attack inventory will come rubio's way and he'll be taking it from bush, cruz, kasich, christie. >> what about the point you just raised. if you're ted cruz, do you attack the man who is not there? in a way, it's an opportunity for them, because he's not there to respond and yet there's a weirdness of launching all these attacks with no one there to defend them. >> it is a lot of weirdness. definitely some weirdness. it would be strange if cruz kept going back to donald trump. on the other hand, those are the two who have been leading in iowa, judging by the polls for the better part of the past
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couple of months. that is his obstacle. >> you're there in front of several million people, ted cruz, and you can launch an attack and trump is not there to defend them and this is a two-point race by some polls. but all along, he's been sort of trying to move trump supporters over like if they're on the border. >> he's way beyond that. the last debate, the fox business debate, it was clear that they were sort of done with their nonaggression pact or bromance or whatever you want to call it. so ted cruz decided to go after donald trump, he did so very effectively. he could do so again, and i think he has the ability to make his critique of trump and his positions are non-positions, without any pushback from donald trump, which is an advantage. i just think you have to be measured. he can't seem to be obsessing about trump. i think he's got some lines he could use on donald trump. >> go ahead, david. >> whether or not trump is
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there, the attacks will have the same effect they've been having from the beginning of the campaign till now. they will strengthen donald trump. it's just -- the last seven years, megyn, of making america apologize, making america conciliatory, that's what has created the defendant tidal way. you attack him, you're going to strengthen him. it's a phenomena never before seen in politics, but i submit he knows that now and that's why he's hedging on going to the debate. >> okay. david, great to see you. stand by. tomorrow night, the candidate also be taking the stage here in iowa to make their case to voters. up next, we'll question marco rubio about his strategy after an interesting new poll out this morning. and later, dana perino is here. and hillary clinton changing her tune again on her use of a private e-mail server. the new details on one of the biggest threats to her campaign, say some, when we come back.
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breaking tonight, less than 24 hours until the candidates stake the stage, and the pollsters at monmouth say
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turnout will be key at the caucuses coming up. they released new numbers this morning showing donald trump currently leading in iowa, followed by ted cruz and marco rubio rounding out the top three. but they went on to say the trump numbers are driven by a lot of first-time caucus goers who may turn out or not. joining me now is marco rubio. senator, great to see you. >> great to see you. >> this time tomorrow night, you're going to be behind that podium and i'll be sitting on that stage. what are you going to do between now and then to get yourself extra ready? >> we have to anticipate what questions you will ask me. >> some of them are right in here. >> i'll try not to look. probably the last opportunity to talk to people here in iowa why they should caucus for me. if people nominate me, we'll win this election. i'll unite the republican party and go out and talk to people and we'll create new conservatives, people that are living the way i grew up,
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paycheck to paycheck, young people struggling under student lo loans. and how we're going to grow the conservative movement. >> how are you going to unite this party? how are you going to unite this party, let alone this country? >> part of it is kind of the sideshow element of it. donald is not going to come and ted has challenged him to a one on one. very interesting sideshow. i know it makes for good tv, but this is a serious election, this is not a game. the future of america is at stake. i believe deeply if bernie sanders or hillary clinton is elected, it will be a disaster for america. we have to take this seriously. the people in iowa deserve to hear from the next commander in chief what they will do to help this economy grow again. >> what do you make of the fact that, you know, right up to today, you are just getting
6:16 pm
slaughtered by these ads? they're all coming after you, and today, jeb bush's super pac released another ad hitting you on your credit card situation. this is an old story that haunted you when you were running for senate. >> it's cynical, because jeb knew what a joke that story was. that's what the democrats and my liberal opponent attacked me on and jeb supported me for senate in 2010. then he endorsed me for vice president in 2012. he's spending over a million dollars a day attacking me. >> has it had an affect? >> i don't think it has. the clinton super pac is now basically promoting the jeb videos. that's how sad it's gotten here. but the people here in iowa see through that, i feel very confident about it. and there's a reason why the democrats attacked me more than any other republican. they know if i'm the nominee,
6:17 pm
the republicans win. >> i want to ask you about faith, because there's this video, speaking about your faith and how we should all want it to influence you if you become the president. it went viral. then you will came out with an ad, i think it was today in iowa, talking about your position on these issues. watch. >> for me the issue of abortion and life is not a political issue, it's a human rights issue. i will look for ways to limit the number of abortions in this country, particularly those late-term abortions where children viable outside the womb are being killed. if i have to make a choice, i'm going to choose life. >> that may appeal to iowa voters, but many people if you become the nominee, that will be alienated to independents who may be more socially liberal, fiscally conservative. >> i always tell people where i stand and that's where i stand. i believe that all human life is worthy of the protection of our laws. i always recognized it's a tough situation.
6:18 pm
you have a young girl that's pregnant, that has to raise the girl and she's scared. i recognize a woman has a right to control her body. but i believe there's another right at stake, and that's the right of a human being to live. these two rights are in conflict. so as a policymaker i have to choose and i have chosen life. i don't view it as a political issue, it's a human rights issue. >> what do you make of the cruz/trump dust-up, it's been something to watch, but what do you make of the fact that trump says he's not participating tomorrow night? >> he has a right not to come. i do think voters in iowa deserve to know what the next commander in chief is going to do, and that's what these debates serve as an opportunity to answer that question. we have a right to be angry in this country, but that's not a plan. anger doesn't solve the problem. it maybe motivates you to do something, but voters deserve to know what you are going to do. >> is it exciting to move closer
6:19 pm
and closer to the center? >> it will be in the end. i'm excited about the chance to talk to iowa voters one last time. >> one last question, any ritual you go through before you go out there? >> i don't know if it's a ritual. i like going to church in the morning, catholic mass. >> do you say a prayer before you go on stage? >> shower, multiple prayers a day. i try to pray off. you don't have to be on your knees to pray. >> we'll be seeing you this time tomorrow. thanks for being here. still ahead, someone who knows a thing or two about boycotting a gop debate. senator rand paul joins me and wait till you hear his ritual. plus, the head of the iowa republican party is here from what he's hearing from the voters about this debate, donald trump, and his inside scoop on why some of the recent polls may not be all they're cracked up to be. stay tuned. >> don't let anything give you away, i don't care how bad the
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both made switching to eliquis right for me. ask your doctor if it's right for you. breaking tonight, the donald may be out, but there's one man who will be back on the primetime debate stage tomorrow night, despite his decision to boycott the fox business network's undercard debate a few weeks ago. joining me now, kentucky republican and presidential candidate senator rand paul. senator, good to see you tonight. so you're back on the main stage, and what is the goal? what would you like to accomplish tomorrow night? >> we want to point out that my candidacy is unique, that i'm the only fiscal conservative. what i mean by that is that i don't think if you aren't willing to look at spending across the board, military spending, as well as domestic spending, i don't think you'll ever balance the budget. the interesting thing in washington, some of the loudest voices for increasing spending are coming from the right. but in order to increase
6:24 pm
military spending, they have to give the democrats what they want, which is increasing domestic spending. so everything goes up and the taxpayer gets stuck with the bill. >> let me ask you this. the stakes are high. you're back in the primetime debate because your poll numbers are rising somewhat. is there something that you do before the debate to get yourself ready? is there a ritual you go through, research you read? what do you do? >> you know, every day we're warming up with questions from, you know, hundreds of different people. but i think also for me, i kind of like to exercise for about an hour almost every day. i think that helps to clear the mind and make me feel better about the day. >> nobody just sits you down and kills you with the worst questions possible? >> we do some of that, as well. i think the thing in a big debate is trying to find a way to insert your ideas into the midst of the debate. >> uh-huh, that's right.
6:25 pm
obviously tomorrow night we'll be one man short because donald trump says he's not going. what affect do you think that will have? >> to me i feel like i've got a double win. i am in the main debate and i don't have to put up with donald trump. i really don't think he's added much of substance. i don't think he's really a conservative. i think that someone who has been a supporter of the clintons, a supporter of harry reid, somebody who has been for a single payer something, bailout of the big banks, i don't think anything about that is conservative. so i'm kind of shocked that he does have significant numbers in the polling. i wonder if it's going to be accurate, because i don't meet any conservatives who think that eminent domain ought to be used to take property from small, private property owners and give them to trump's casinos. >> i have two questions for you about a fellow candidate. i'm just wondering what you think. you're a senator. ted cruz is a senator. one of the attacks on him is he's not likable, nobody in the u.s. senate likes him.
6:26 pm
you're in the senate. do you like him? and do you think this canadian thing is an issue at all? >> i think the biggest problem that cruz faces right now is authenticity. you know, he said he was for nsa reforms, saying the government shouldn't collect all our phone records, but in the debate, he said he voted for the reform to allow the government to collect 100% of our cell phone records. so people who like my candidacy are wondering if they're trying to choose, they're wondering about his authenticity. the same on immigration. he's gone back and forth. he said the whole world is for am nelnesty and he's the only p blooded person against amnesty. the problem is when he was debating, he was for legalization, and now he's trying to have it both ways. i think the authenticity part is going to be his undoing. >> doesn't sound like you're having drinks any time soon.
6:27 pm
do you think the other thing is an issue for him if >> the canadian citizenship, it would be extraordinary to have somebody born in canada as a nominee or president. never has happened before. it's never been litigated at the supreme court level. i think the democrat also force it up to the supreme court. >> senator rand paul, great to see you. >> thanks, megyn. >> that's it. less than 24 hours now from this point, the last gop debate before voting begins. 9:00 p.m. eastern time right here on the fox news channel. yours truly will be here with bret baier and chris wallace. these are candidates who cannot afford any big mistakes to close to when voting begins. don't miss the gop debate tomorrow night at 9:00. in just days, iowa caucus goers will make their voices heard. what are they thinking about tonight? the head of the iowa gop is here
6:28 pm
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breaking tonight, with less than 24 hours to go before the big debate in iowa, the latest polls indicate 4 out of 10 iowa caucus goers say they could still change their mind about their candidate of choice. my next guest has an insight track on what's happening on the ground. jeff kaufman is chairman of the republican party of iowa. thank you for being here. >> absolutely. >> what are you hearing on the
6:32 pm
ground about who's got momentuo? >> we have the big event at the top between trump and cruz. that's there. some some ways it's a self-propelling momentum, but i think i'm sensing ben carson and people realizing that the ground game that he has, that there's some real potential there. >> that's right? >> i'm sensing that. marco rubio is here, fully, his ground game has improved dramatically. there's a lot of interest in some of the candidates that have been towards the end of the poll. tomorrow, john kasich is going to be in eastern iowa. huckabee is still running a very strong campaign. >> you're naming everybody. come on, we want to know what you're seeing, a surge at the last minute? >> i think those that have the strongest on the ground games -- >> getting poem from their homes to the caucuses. >> absolutely. there are people at the bottom
6:33 pm
of these polls. >> that's the question about donald trump, he's had so many iowans show up at these events, but does he have the organization to get them to the caucuses? >> i think he does. first of all, i'm seeing signs of that, obviously. they're not perhaps as obviously as the signs i'm seeing with carson or with ted cruz. but donald trump's campaign manager is chuck logner. his claim to fame is rick santorum's victory in the iowa caucus. so he's prepared. >> so here's the question. i think a lot of viewers are concerned about this. monday night comes. what happens? they go to a local school, where do they go? you go like in your district and how many people do you sit around and talk to? >> great question. the way i explain it to my students is a primary is a vote. a caucus is a conversation followed by a vote. i think that's where the grassroots come in.
6:34 pm
that's also where the fluidity comes in. almost every campaign is going to have somebody designated to talk. if not, citizens will talk and advocate for their candidate and then have a vote. almost immediately after that, that vote will be transmitted through our new app with microsoft and we'll start adding up those results. >> is that the last round? they say people can change their minds and there might be a vote. >> once those votes are taken, that vote is transmitted to us, something different this year, we're going to lock those percentages in. what i mean by that, is say candidate a gets 30%. that 30% from that candidate will remain at the county convention, the district convention and if contested, all the way to the national convention. >> thank goodness. i remember being on the air last
6:35 pm
year when there was the alleged rumor of the missing van. i appreciate that. here now with what these candidates need to gain traction before monday, dana perino, former white house press secretary to president george bush. good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> fascinating to hear from somebody who actually knows, names like carson, upping his ground game and getting a lot of buzz here. he is an evangelical favorite, but what do you make of snit >> the conventional wisdom is usually turned on its head on election night or four weeks later when senator santorum found out i won iowa and nobody knew it. the most important thing is getting that momentum out of iowa. and then straight to new hampshire. >> that's the goal, to finish one, two or three. when we talk to marco rubio, he doesn't think he's going to beat trump or cruz, he's probably
6:36 pm
aiming for three. >> you always want to win. but yeah, getting into the top three would be key. and i wouldn't be surprised if ben carson was able to actually get more votes than people think. i don't know if he'll make it into the top three. and then the other candidates have got to show a little sign of life. there's the undercard debate happening before the primetime debate. and then you have the opportunity for chris christie, jeb bush, and excuse me, john kasich, who i was thinking about earlier today. >> if you can't remember his name, it's not persuasive. >> i just had a rick perry moment. i think there is some surprises to be had in new hampshire. >> you do? >> i think that kasich -- >> based on what? >> polling and some reporting. >> have you been drinking the jasper wine? >> not yet, because on wednesday nights, i have to wait until 10:00 p.m. when i finish this show. >> we appreciate that. trump is ahead by, i don't know,
6:37 pm
20 points in new hampshire. >> i don't think anybody is going to come in first over donald trump in new hampshire, but there could be a surprise there. and remember, the other thing is what jeff just said and you heard from carl earlier, a lot of people will change their opinion. so they can game the system. so what happens in iowa, sometimes the opposite happens in new hampshire and then it's a straight shot to my favorite, my home state of south carolina. >> but why do you think there's so many people undecided at this point and what do you think that means for two front-runners who have gotten a lot of press here? certainly trump has 100% name recognition everywhere. what does it mean? >> we talked for a few months about my metaphor about going shopping. people knew hey had a big event to go to. then they decided to take these
6:38 pm
three or four dresses and try them on. that's what they're doing this weekend. they're trying on the dresses before a big decision. americans like to have the independence to make up their minds. so the debate night is so important. >> given that, what do you expect to see tomorrow night? do you expect one of these guys who was polling lower than the top three to come out swinging or to go for the hail mary pass? >> you just used a sports metaphor i was going to use. i was going to use long ball game. but yes, they have to break out in some way, so you have to figure out how to have a media moment. if trump is not there, your chances of having a media moment are greater, and i wouldn't put it past chris christie to be able to have a line that is memorable and sticks with people. but that's what one of those candidates has to do tomorrow night to break out. >> they need a moment. dana, great to see you. >> okay, bye-bye. the republicans are stealing
6:39 pm
most of the spotlight, but there was news today on the clinton e-mail controversy. when we come back, we'll see what could be a big problem for the clinton campaign. >> it was a mistake. who wants to put people through all of this? i don't want to go through it. i don't want to put my friends through it. so it was a mistake. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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6:43 pm
today. first, senator bernie sanders emerging from an oval office meeting with president obama, insisting that while they discussed a number of issues, he did not ask for the president's endorsement. hillary clinton on the other hand is taking new heat over her use of a private e-mail server, while she was secretary of state. back in september, she admitted that it was a mistake. something she seemed to deny not long ago. but in an interview with iowa's quad city times just yesterday, she again admitted it was probably a mistake. but only because of the backlash she's seen as a result. listen. >> i look back at it now, even though it was allowed, i should have used two accounts. one for personal, one for work related e-mails. that was a mistake. i'm sorry about that. i take responsibility. nothing that i did was wrong, it was not -- it was not in any way prohibited. i think it's kind of a wash. but it was a mistake. who wants to put people through all of this? i tonight want to go through it. i don't want to put a lot of my
6:44 pm
friends through it. so it was a mistake. >> it was a mistake because of the reaction? >> absolutely. >> joining me now, the founder and executive director of the accountability project and dana lash, author of "hands off my gun." good to see you both. obviously, there's an inconsistency where she said i did nothing wrong but it was a mistake but only because i inconvenienced so many people with this issue. >> it was more than a mistake. what she was doing other people have been charged for lesser offenses. what she did was illegal and the word is that the fbi has enough to indict her now, it remains to be seen if loretta lynch follows up on that. first she had no more e-mails. then look at this, all these e-mails come to the surface. she didn't have classified information.
6:45 pm
oh, here we have a bunch of classified information and it went above and beyond top secret. her story changes quite frequently. >> what about that, because her honesty numbers are low, not good at all. and is it this sort of problem, like just get your line and then stick with your line. i mean, the ideal world is you keep telling the truth over and over. >> to be fair here, it wasn't illegal. and dana, you're an expert on guns, not a legal expert. >> no, it was actually illegal. [ overlapping speakers ] >> you are a lawyer. >> i'm a lawyer and i'll settle this, we don't know whether it was or wasn't. >> exactly. so the department of justice is looking into that now and as hillary said, let the department of justice do their job. so far there's been no criminality and she had approval to set up this -- >> you're off on a tan gent, because i'm talk about the
6:46 pm
messaging. this adds to the perception of dishonesty. why is she going from, it was a mistake, for weeks she didn't say anything. then finally she got around to it's a mistake, then she said i did nothing wrong, now back to a mistake. st >> this is not helping their campaign, but in the last 30 years, the clintons face scrutiny over everything. if she wears her hair in a pony tail, people make fun of her. so coming from that perspective, i think she's always on the defensive, knowing no matter what she does, the right blows it up. 15 different blogs blow it out of proportion, misquote her. >> she is running for president, too. there's so few candidates on the democratic side. >> i agree. >> so let me ask you, dana, her messaging is just not consistent.
6:47 pm
we've seen it in benghazi, and we've seen it here in the e-mail issues. and it makes people believe they eastern not getting the straight skinny. is that solvable for her? because this seems to be a pattern. >> i'm not quite sure if it is, if she does not play well with a number of voters. there was that quinnipiac word association poll that said the number one word voters used to describe her is liar, followed by dishonest, then untrurs worthy was another one. this doesn't help her case at all. it doesn't help her actual hi stay on the other side of the bar. >> what do you make of the fact that "feel the bern" was at the white house talking to president obama. should we be reading anything into it? >> i believe the president is going to stay out of this. the president is very popular with democrats and young people. in a quinnipiac poll this week
6:48 pm
alone, 70% of democratic voters under the age of 44 are siding with bernie sanders. that is a big message right there. that's the future of the democratic party. >> is that good or bad? i want to break that down. hillary is winning with the older people on the dem side, bernie is winning with the younger people. is it better for hillary? because the older people tend to be the ones that vote. with obama, the young people voted but that was obama. >> it was obama, but this is sensational. i think these numbers are higher than what it was for obama in 2008. so you think about the type of -- here's the difference. you look at donald trump, who has a lot of first-time, older voters he's relying on to get the polls in iowa. i don't know if they'll show up. this is the first time 18-year-olds are showing up. it's about student loans. they're talking about their future here. they're the ones who have been hurt by the economy here. >> dana, what does it mean in the election if hillary becomes
6:49 pm
the nominee, that these young voters don't feel that much enthusiasm? >> i don't know if anybody feels enthusiasm about hillary clinton. these bernie sanders is honest. he comes out and says, i'm a socialist. yeah, you are. hillary had classified information, which was illegal to have that on that private server. but they just don't trust her, and bernie sanders is like a seinfeld character. horrible on policy, but he's like the guy on the park bench yelling at clouds and you think he seems sweet. >> he had me at "i'm fat" at the town hall forum. >> i'm feeling a little fat today, megyn. >> right? come on. up next, some final takeaways from stirewalt and hayes with just less than 24 hours to go until tomorrow night's fireworks here in des moines, iowa.
6:50 pm
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back now for some final thoughts before tomorrow night's fireworks here in iowa. so let's address the trump issue because there was a report out today it might be a strategy by trump to avoid having a showdown with ted cruz. >> oh. >> he thinks he's do fine without showing up and that cruz was going to come after him with both guns plazing. why not -- >> it was probably cruz he was worried about the showdown with. >> cruz is not the one he was mentioning is the point. >> look. it's also this. for him, so he had to make a calculated decision. i don't know how much of it was emotion on his part and how much was calculation. i don't know. don't pretend to know. anybody that says they do is
6:54 pm
lying. we don't know whether this was an impulsive move that he's going to make the best of. of a bad situation. or is this something that he planned out? we don't know. but we do know this. this is the truth. iowa is crazy. right? when it comes to making the choice at the end, iowa does. we all use the rick santorum example. we would have sat here and said romney or ron paul. no way to be anybody else and blah blah blah. >> and then speak to this. iowa with all due respect to our hosts here, they don't have a very good history of picking the winner of the nomination, steve. i mean, so you win in iowa, is it like that curse when you win best support acting at the academy awards? you never win again. >> that goes over my head. >> that's what happens. trust me. you don't want to win that award. >> look. the funny thing about this cycle
6:55 pm
is all of those precedents i feel like we should rip them up and throw them out. people making projections based on previous cycles aren't taking into account that most of what we have seen this time hasn't happened in previous cycles so, you know, the question and you all discussed it before, is donald trump able to get people to come to the polls? show up at his events. does he blew the numbers -- >> you heard jeff say he has the top guy. >> if anybody can do it, chuck can do it. he did it in 2012 without a lot of money. >> yep. >> donald trump given him the money to do it. >> show up at your house with a bus an say come on, come on? >> look. almost as simple as that. making sure that they come to you with the right message and make the right argument to the right voter at the right place at the right time. iowa demands to be tailored with. let's speak a word of defense in iowa. we are here at is same time as
6:56 pm
the pork congress and delicious bacon everywhere. in addition to that, they cull the field. that's their job. that's what they do. there will be a lot fewer people running for president a week from today than there are right now. >> well, that makes the next debates after ours even more interesting because as it gets more and more narrow, the questions are tougher and tougher and stand there and take it. that's one of the exciting things tomorrow because we do have some tough questions. it's going to be so good. we'll be right back. with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at
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wells fargo 23 hours to go until the debate starts an you can feel the energy burning, starting already here in the arena. we can't wait to get started and we hope you'll be there. see you tomorrow night at 9:00. fnc. fox news alert and we are five days out of iowa and less than 24 hours from the iowa caucuses and tonight we'll speak with intersection tx senator ted cruz, former governor job, governor john kasich and new jersey governor chris christie. ted cruz issued this challenge to donald trump. >> i'm going to propose a venue. western iowa tech. saturday night. sioux city. we already have it reserved. [ applause ] 8:00 saturday night. two-hour one on one debate.


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