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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 27, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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wells fargo 23 hours to go until the debate starts an you can feel the energy burning, starting already here in the arena. we can't wait to get started and we hope you'll be there. see you tomorrow night at 9:00. fnc. fox news alert and we are five days out of iowa and less than 24 hours from the iowa caucuses and tonight we'll speak with intersection tx senator ted cruz, former governor job, governor john kasich and new jersey governor chris christie. ted cruz issued this challenge to donald trump. >> i'm going to propose a venue. western iowa tech. saturday night. sioux city. we already have it reserved. [ applause ] 8:00 saturday night. two-hour one on one debate.
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now, if gentle donald cannot handle megyn kelly, how about for a moderator instead mark levin? [ applause ] or if he doesn't like mark levin, how about sean hannity? [ applause ] and if he doesn't like sean hannity, how about rush limbaugh? >> all right. that's not all. moments ago, a pro-cruz superpac keep the promise tweeted, quote, donald trump debate ted cruz one on one in iowa before the caucuses. we will donate $1.5 million to veterans charities. here with reaction, 2016 republican presidential candidate texas senator ted
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cruz. this is not ta this has now taken on a life of its own. >> yeah. >> donald trump is not showing up tomorrow. >> it is an amazing thing for a candidate who wants to compete in iowa sty he doesn't respect their views enough to show up at the debate. look. i think anyone that wants to win the iowa caucuses owes it to the men and women of this state to show the humilithumility, to an questions and that's certainly what i'm working to do. i think it's stunning donald refused to do it. but listen. if your colleague is so scary for him, then i've suggested you could moderate. rush. >> i'll be glad to do this. i'd gladly do this. >> you would be fantastic. we have got a venue western iowa tech already reserved. i told donald to invite half the people and i'll invite half the people. and we could do no moderator and have the men and women of iowa
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ask the questions. >> the group, this is not you, this group laid out parameters that he would have to agree to in order to secure the $1.5 million for america's debates. and the debate is just between the two of you. the candidate you guys get to pick the moderators and only an hour long. >> that's what the press release said. i have to say, donald, he said he was backing out because he was very concerned about veterans. listen. we all care about the incredible brave men and women who served our country. this is an opportunity for 1.5 million apparently to go to veterans charities if simply donald will respect the men and women of iowa and answer their questions rather than refusing to stand before them. >> how big a venue? >> seats about 800 people. >> we have a bigger venue? >> look. if we could -- >> get an arena. >> we could take the questions from the people.
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i mean, that's what's really important. is that, you know, on monday we're going to complete what's called the full grassley which means i will have traveled and done an event in all 99 counties in iowa, stood before voters and looked them in the eyes and the reason why this presidential primary begins in iowa and new hampshire because, look, if we began in a big state, in california, new york or texas, it would all be slick hollywood tv ads. here in iowa, you know, there's an old joke. are you voting for so-and-so for president? no, i couldn't possible. i've only met them five times. >> what does this really tell you? i think he's not afraid of megyn kelly. what do you think it is? >> listen. i don't think he's afraid of megyn or me. i think he is afraid of the voters. i think he is afraid of the men and women of iowa because he's campaigning telling people he's a conservative but his record is directly contrary to what he's saying. so, for example, on amnesty, he
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is made a big thing come paining on illegal immigration. when i was leading the fight with jeff sessions and steve king against marco rubio's amnesty bill, donald trump was publicly supporting amnesty. he was tweeting in support of rubio's amnesty bill. he was criticizing mitt romney for being too tough on illegal immigration. >> when he was talking about self deportation? >> and donald's proposal today as a presidential candidate is that he still supports amnesty. what he says is we should deport the people and then they should be able to come back in as citizens. as you know, that's touch back. it's something establishment republicans have pushed for a listening time. you fly them home. they touch the ground briefly and come back as citizens. i they's wrong and so many of donald's supporters don't know that he supports amnesty right now and don't know that he agrees with hillary clinton on health care. >> let me talk about the state
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of the campaign for you. it is neck and neck here. the polls have been insane. what i find fascinating, if you go back to 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012, the polls in iowa historically have been awfully wrong for both democrats and republicans. why do you think that is and what does that tell you about this psych snl. >> i think pollsters are bad to predict. the dynamic we are seeing playing out is remarkable. the washington establishment is abandoning marco rubio in droves. i think they have decided marco can't win and they're rushing to support donald trump. and that is a -- and they have said the reason for that is that they can work with donald. bob dole and trent lott said donald can cut a deal. in fact, donald laying out why people should vote for him, he said ted won't go along to get along. he won't cut deals with the democrats. not met a single republican saying the problem with republican
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leadership in washington is that they need to cut more deals with the democrats. people are frustrated with the betrayal and seeing on the flip side is conservatives are uniting behind our campaign. dr. james dobson is supporting our campaign. dr. steve king is supporting our campaign. bob vanderplotz. tony perkins. rick perry is supporting our campaign. and it is extraordinary to see conservatives uniting. this is providing a clear choice to the men and women of iowa. >> what happens if you win iowa and you're showing the potential you could tell us how you see the rest of the campaign unfolding. >> listen. i'm very, very encouraged. iowa is neck and neck. it depends on turnout and conservatives coming out 117 hours from now. monday night at 7:00 p.m. >> down to the minute and the second? >> we are every minute. this is all about turnout.
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look. what i am asking folks to do is show up and caucus for us on monday and to bring others, bring your mom, bring your son, bring your next door neighbor and i don't believe the iowa caucuses will be won from a tv studio in manhattan or new york or from d.c. it's going to be won on the ground here in iowa, neighbor to neighbor, friend to friend, iowan to iowan. our strength is a grassroots army. regardless of what happens here in iowa, i believe we can and i hope we will win but we're very strong in new hampshire and south carolina and we are incredibly strong across the supertuesday states, so-called scc primary. >> let's say you become the president. >> yeah. >> i would agree with you. it's interesting. an establishment person called me. did you hear? comparing republicans to drug dealers and the cartels. apparently that struck a nerve with some people. you stood up. you filibustered and called a whacko bird.
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from what i remember every other senator and congressman promised to repeal and replace obamacare. some people say ted cruz, may not get along with these people. what does this mean if you are in that office and they are on the other side of the capitol hill? >> listen. if you are going along and getting along in washington you're doing something wrong. you know? what i've done from the first day i arrived in the senate is two things. tell the truth and do what i said i would do. and it says something about washington, d.c. that those are considered radical and extreme acts that when i said i would fight with every breath in my body against obamacare i meant it. when i said i would fight against the debt that's bankrupting our kids and grand kids and stand up against the debt ceiling, the republican establishment was shocked and said no, no, no. that's what you say to the voters back home. you don't do it. >> did they say that to you? >> just about. it is very, very close. >> that's chilling. >> it is -- you know, as you know, i wrote last year "a time for truth" and the first chapter
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entitled "ben dacity" and how they consented to making it easier to jack up the debt ceiling and we were told it will happen and we can vote no and we can go tell our constituents we opposed the thing we consented to allow happen. >> there was a poll, a fox poll, 60-odd percent of republicans felt betrayed by washington republicans. >> yes, yes. i 'm in that 60%. >> and many -- >> i am, too. i'm a registered conservative. sorry. my question is, did they not create this insurgency in that state? >> of course. >> they don't see they played a part in this. >> washington is out of touch. the most frequent thing you hear traveling this country is we elect people that go to washington and stop listening to us. they're not listening and doing what we say. you hear it from republicans, from democrats, independents, from libertarians.
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sean, almost every day at events across this country people say i'm a democrat. i voted for barack obama. and i'm with you now. what we're seeing doesn't make any sense. and i want someone who will tell the truth and will stand up for the constitution. >> all right. stay right there. we'll come back and much more with senator ted cruz. breaking news tonight. a superpac or a couple of them that support ted cruz, keep the promise, has put out a challenge that if donald trump will debate ted cruz one on one between now and sunday $1.5 million will be given to charity or charities. we jumped on the campaign bus earlier and more coming up and talk to him about that and later former florida governor jeb bush at his headquarters in des moines and we're going -- we met him at campaign headquarters. is jeb's brother going to join him on the trail any time soon? straight ahead. you think you're doing all you can
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welcome back. we are live tonight from iowa and we continue with senator ted cruz. all right. what drives you? i mean, and this may sound like a crazy question. i know what bothers me the most.
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i feel like america is in declad decli decline. i love this country. 50 million in poverty. 46 in food stamps and median income down and then mullahs with a nuclear weapon. what motivates you to do this every day and five, eight stops a day? >> i have two passions almost my entire life. the first is the constitution. back from high school and stu studied and memorized the constitution. >> you and mark levin are the only two i know that did this. >> mark would tell you, sean, the constitution matters. you got protect the constitution. >> and it's almost as good as earmark. who else will say? i'll say it. but you're right. but i have a passion for it. >> it is and it's a passion my whole life and the second passion comes from my familiar story. you know my dad. >> yeah. >> my dad as a teenager imprisoned and tortured in cue be and came here to america with
7:16 pm
nothing. 18 with $100 in the underwear and washed deliciouses making 50 cents an hour and growing up in texas hearing stories of your father, being beaten, have his nose broken, teeth shattered out of his mouth and he talks about, i remember that 1980 election of ray again and carter. i was 9 years old in the election and i remember standing by that tv and cheering for ronald reagan as a 9-year-old. >> 18, first time i pulled the lever. >> and it was -- and that difference, you know, when your dad has seen freedom taken away, there's urgency to defending freedom and at 3, 4, 5 years old, i would have said i want to fight for freedom. my dad said when i was a little kid if we don't have principled men and women in office, this's the only way to protect ourself from tyranny. >> hillary said about one of the candidates, i don't know who but maybe all candidates, they don't think america is great. i think america is great but america's in decline.
7:17 pm
>> look. >> third obama term is not going to help it. >> i believe in america with all of my heart. the principles that built america. the free market principles. the conditions tuitional liberties. the jude owe christian values. but for seven years we have galloped away from it. we have seen a federal government bankrupting our kids and grand kids. my daughters carolyn and katherine, carolyn is 7. in her life the national debt to $18 trillion. when you're on the campaign trail, we are going 16 hours a day, 6 days a week. and yet i jump out of bed every day because i think our country's in crisis. and i feel so blessed to have the opportunity to fight to save it and i am inspired. when you see the grassroots movement across iowa and the country, millions of courageous conservatives. it inspires me. >> donald trump says he's the most electable. polls show you and rubio do
7:18 pm
better in the matchup. i don't trust the polls. still early. walk me through a general election against either hillary, bernie, biden, warren. >> the polls show trump loses to hillary and i beat hillary. that's part of the reason why you've got so many democrats echoing donald's attack on me. they don't want to face me in the general election. how do we win? by standing for truth. speaking the truth with a smile. 2016 is like 1980. we win painting in xwold lors like pale pastels. >> does the country change so much? >> a lot less than people think. the mainstream media wants us to think it changes but we win by bringing back to the polls the millions of evangelical christians who stayed home. 54 million did not vote in 2012. >> what do you worry about a map where if you're a republican presidential candidate, you have to win florida, north carolina,
7:19 pm
virginia, ohio and then new mexico, colorado and pick off iowa, new hampshire? >> colorado i have a 10-point lead against hillary clinton right now and the other key to changing -- >> not for legalizing marijuana. >> i am not. >> but for the states. >> the constitution answers a lot of questions. but the other key to wins is changing the map. you have to bring out ev evangelicals and reagan democrats. blue collar working class catholics. >> you pennsylvania? >> absolutely. ohio. we can win wisconsin and michigan. we can win new hampshire. but you can't do it if you support amnesty. you can't do it if you're not -- because if you look otd those reagan democrats, steelworkers, auto workers. >> they're getting killed. >> hammered by the obama-clinton economy and the establishment republicans that want amnesty. whose jobs do you think they're taking? >> low skilled labor that n that case. driving down opportunities.
7:20 pm
it is crazy. you would build a wall. how fast? >> we will build the wall, triple the border patrol. on day one, i will revoke every one of obama's illegal executive orders including amnesty and we will solve illegal immigration. there's a reason steve king is supporting me because he knows that i stood and fought when the battle was being waged. >> will hillary be the candidate for the democrats? >> i would not claim to be an expert. i will tell you this. i can't wait to stand on a debate stage with hillary clinton and if donald is so afraid of megyn kelly, how on earth does he stand up to hillary, particularly given he's contributed to hillary? he gave $100,000 to the clinton foundation. >> i would be willing to moderate a debate and take questions from the crowd. i'll bring mark, go there with mark, rush. anyone that wants to do it. good the see you. $1.5 million this pac is saying to -- >> so i understand it. and the most important thing for the people in iowa to know is
7:21 pm
monday night it's all about turnout. caucus. bring your friends. if conservatives stand together, we're going to win. >> all right. senator, thank you for your time. >> thank you, sean. coming up, we caught up with former governor jeb bush at his headquarters earlier today and asked if his brother will be joining him on the campaign trail. we'll check in with governor kasich and governor christie here as we continue from des moines. performance... ...reimagined. style... ...reinvented. sophistication... ...redefined. introducing the all-new lexus rx and rx hybrid. agile handling. available 12.3-inch navigation screen and panorama glass roof. never has luxury been this expressive. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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welcome back. only five days to go until the iowa caucuses and former florida governor jeb bush pounding the campaign trail. earlier today i met up with governor bush at his iowa headquarters where he talked about tomorrow's big debate and, of course, the state of his campaign. take a look. >> we are here. governor, good to see you. >> hi, sean. >> we are in des moines at your
7:24 pm
headquarters goes way back there. >> yeah. >> how are you doing? a phone bank. how are you doing? [ applause ] >> you know what? i just asked you off air. i want to ask you on air. george w. bush is not out on the campaign trail much with you? >> he is helpful. he raised money. we'll get him out and dust him off an get him out there. >> see if he has the same skills? >> he turns out to be the most popular republican alive. so it's not a bad thing to be the brother of a great president and a great brother so -- >> he said to me way before anybody else that he wanted you to run. when did he first bring it up with consistently that way for three or four years. you know george. disciplined and focused. look. he is one of the guy that is served in the office. he knows what it takes. we need leadership right now. i think he thinks i can do it. >> we have the final debate. five days out of iowa.
7:25 pm
a competitor is not showing up apparently. what is your reaction to is that? >> how will he deal with puespor the presidency of the united states and if donald trump actually believes he is treated unfairly by the press, that's laughable given how he manipulates the press. he's like a violinist and totally -- his message is -- he's a genius at this stuff. i'm not sure why he's doing it. people in iowa i don't think will think it's a good idea that he kind of ignores this and so it changes the dynamic for sure. >> look. one of the things that's surprised me, i mean, there's been movement in the polls and last couple of months really just between cruz and trump, why not anymore movement in the polls? what do you think? >> national polls don't matter an they're static. you see a little bit of moving on the top two. everybody else is pretty much
7:26 pm
where they've been but in the early states, there's movement. in new hampshire, we are making a move. >> you have come up nationally in reuters double digits and in new hampshire. >> yeah. >> define success in iowa for you? >> beating expectations. for sure. and we have got the team to do it. i'm totally confident we'll be able to do that. look. as people get closer to this, they want to know, do you have a steady hand? do you have a backbone? can you make tough decisions? and the advantage of being a reform-minded governor comes into play because others talk about what they'll do. i can tell people what i want to do and what i did and that's a big advantage. >> when i first interviewed you about a year ago at c-pac. >> that was wild. >> it was fun, wasn't it? i remember it well. i read 400 pages on you and still locked up here in my memory somewhere and then your record as governor and the jobs created and went to an aaa bond rating and first state for vouchers. >> yeah.
7:27 pm
>> and i don't know why that story seems to have not gotten out. it seems that early on the narrative on you with conservatives was, immigration and common core. but not the record. >> yeah. >> what do you say to people? >> when i do town hall meetings in iowa which i'll do eight between now and monday and new hampshire, i can tell the jeb story unvarnished by the sbeer immediate yairs and a story of the most conservative reform-minded governor in 30 years in the country bar none and that story is one this people -- >> tell us the story for the people that don't know it. you have done interviews. talked some about it. >> we cut taxes every year totalling $19 billion. we eliminated career civil service protections for state c
7:28 pm
leadership. >> that was a pretty big storm. >> eight hurricanes and four tropical storms and 150 billion of losses, we put on the big boy pants. didn't complain. we went out and did it and explanation, no one comes close to the record we have in terms of turning the system upside down on behalf of kids so when i get to tell the full story and then say, you can trust me when i say that i'm going to disrupt what's going on in washington because i was the disrupter in tallahassee, line item vie owe power back to the president, term limits. allowing -- disallowing the lobby by elected officials,
7:29 pm
six-year lobbying fan. by convention or washington, we need to do it and we need reform in washington, d.c., as well. >> you seem energized, optimistic. third place in iowa? >> i'm not in the game of predicting this stuff but i wake each day saying i'm running for president of the united states. this is the greatest country on the face of the earth. we talk it down a lot but the military is second to none. we need to rebuild it, we need to make sure that america is engaged in the world to make us safe and this is the time to say fix these things to lead the world for two generations of time. to me nothing more important. >> i would view america, yeah, as a greatest country ever. but in decline and fix it. stop it. >> completely agree. it is our government that's messed up. the american people can still rise up. >> definitely. >> they need a leader that believes in them. [ applause ]
7:30 pm
>> because i am a big -- where are you going? wood i can johnson. >> woody! >> woody. the owner of the jets, that's woody johnson. a big supporter of yours. >> he's all in for jeb. >> 10-6. 10-6. this year. and -- beat the new england patriots and a great sunday. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> wait. by the way. we don't disparage patriots in the campaign. >> i got it. >> i have several favorite states. iowa. new hampshire. south carolina. nevada. >> let me guess. >> treat them with a little more respect, sean. >> i got it. thank you for your time. >> thank you. thank you [ applause ] all right. coming up, live on the set ohio governor john kasich is surging in the polls in new hampshire. but what outcome is he anticipating in iowa? jarks later, new jersey governor chris christie hitting the campaign trail hard. he'll will live on the set.
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ask your doctor... ...if switching... eliquis is right for you. welcome back to "hannity." five days left until the iowa caucuses here in iowa but some candidates are already looking ahead to new hampshire. our next guest gaining traction in the polls in the granite state. joining us, governor of the great state of ohio, john kasich. you become president, walk me through a kasich presidency. i know your record in ohio and as the house budget committee chairman. >> first 100 days, we'll put in a program to freeze all federal regulations for one year. >> freeze everything? >> except for health and safety. do a complete review of all federal regulations and anything over $100 million the congress is going to have to vote on it. period. secondly, lower taxes for businesses.
7:37 pm
take it down to 25% corporate tax rate. bring the profits home from europe at a very low rate to get started and no double taxation and write off your investment plan and equipment. >> would you authorize -- >> i'm getting to it. lower the individual taxes and a fiscal plan. fiscal restraint. we look at everything. 100 billion more for military. medica medicare. that will give us the job growth we need. see? that's what -- you need to create jobs, regulatory common sense, lower taxes and you need a fiscal plan. >> money, the trillions of dollars overseas, give them a tax break to bring it back? >> 5% or 6%? something like that. after that, no more double taxation. you pay somewhere else, you don't pay here. that's a good plan. we have a plan on -- >> baseline budgeting assumes an 8% increase across the board. >> no, no, no. we'll freeze all nondefense
7:38 pm
discretionary period. >> freeze it? >> freeze it. bemight do better than that. we need to create jobs. wages have not grown fast. we have in ohio. faster than the national advantage. we have to get the job growth. three things matter in politics. jobs, jobs and jobs. so we have do get the economy moving. >> peace and prosperity drive elections? >> i told paul ryan. i said paul was an aide on the budget committee when i was chairman. i will have so much in front of you. he chuckles. he knows it's true. >> how will you keep us safe? isis? mullahs? >> you have to destroy isis. all the other people, we better do it. air, ground, coalition. we had the arabs and the west and drove saddam out of kuwait. >> we politicize wars. >> no. just go take care of it and settles down, let the regional
7:39 pm
powers figure out iraq. you want to talk about russia? >> you have been spending time in new hampshire and paying off in the polls. i saw a couple of you with double digits now. >> second. yeah, no. i think six of the last seven i'm in sixth and endorsed in new hampshire by six out of seven newspapers. >> hope they're not liberal. >> how many do you think there are in new hampshire? anyway -- >> i've sunny lot around the country. >> but, sean, look. this is a big state. you have to fly from city to city. it's hard to do. i got in a race in july. in new hampshire, it is 1.3 million. people are condensed. they live where you can get around. and, you know, that's why we spent so much time there. that's my breakout opportunity. >> if you break out in new hampshire, you think you can go all the way? >> i do because, you know, we are organized in south carolina, in nevada. >> if you don't break out? >> yeah. if i don't break out? i probably will cry for little
7:40 pm
while. but i think -- >> that's the best answer i've ever gotten. >> sean, we also have the -- gordon humphrey, he said you have the best ground game in 40 years. i'm telling you for a listening time. >> you have been. >> just watch. >> just got somebody very close to me to agree with you. all right. >> all right. >> thank you. coming up new jersey governor chris christie will join us and then the fox news republican debate. we have reaction as "hannity" continues live from des moines. want bladder leak underwear that moves like you do? try always discreet underwear and move, groove, wiggle, giggle, swerve, curve. lift, shift, ride, glide, hit your stride. only always discreet underwear has soft dual leak guard barriers to help stop leaks where they happen most and a discreet fit that hugs your curves, you barely feel it. always discreet underwear so bladder leaks can feel like no big deal. because hey, pee happens. get your free pair and valuable coupons at always
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welcome back. five days away from the iowa caucuses and less than 24 hours away from the republican debate here on the fox news channel. here on the set in des moines, 2016 republican candidate, new jersey governor chris christie. glad you paved your roads in new jersey compared to new york. >> yeah. we cleaned the streets and we offered to send our new jersey equipment over to help deblasio and can't get them cleared in queens. happy to help. >> you like kasich have spent more time in new hampshire. fair? >> fair. >> okay. >> yeah. >> why new hampshire? why not as much time here? >> i had an infrastructure that
7:46 pm
had been built over time. i had been up there in campaigning for a number of campaigns and i had folks up there. this got built in iowa later. i have a group of good supporters connected to the governor past september. so since september, we spent a lot of time here in i with and early part of the campaign more time in new hampshire. >> all right. when's happening tonight is pretty fascinating. you know the news about your friend mr. trump and a superpac is offering $1.5 million if between now and sunday trump will debate cruz one on one and this just crossed the wires. carly fiorina said if he'll debate her, $2 million. all the money to military charities. >> yeah. right. >> what do you think? >> i think it's a big mistake by donald. i said that. things don't always go your way. i was sent out to the undercard debate. i didn't think it was fair. i didn't whine and moan and complain and walk away. i went to the debate.
7:47 pm
i argued my points. that's what a leader does. you go and you fight through adversity. >> what do you think it shows them about him? >> that when he gets criticized, he can't take it. and i think that's a shame. i don't think it's as president you can deal with it that way. the's no other conclusion to come to. why is he picking on megyn kelly? why's he picking on fox news? i don't understand that. it makes no sense. he has more coverage on this network by a multiple of five or six than any of the rest of us and he says he is treated unfairly? that's a thin skin, sean. >> treated fairly on this show and greta and "fox & friends". >> please. he phones in to every darn show. none of the rest of us do that. sits in the jammies in trump tower and phones in. >> picking a fight with trump here. >> i'm not. >> offering a million dollars to debate you. >> i'll debate him for nothing. i'm not picking on him. it's the truth. >> are you saying you don't
7:48 pm
think he has the temperament to be president? >> i'm saying that voters look at this now and they're going to wonder. >> you think it's a game changer? >> he's defied all political gravity. >> yeah. he does. when the lights are on, you shine or your melt. in this business, the lights are bright near when people are going to vote. >> let's talk about your path to the presidency in your mind. >> yep. >> you want to do well in iowa. spent more time in new hampshire. how well do you have to do in the two states? >> listen. i have to be the best governor. that's what i want to be in the two races. >> you went back to new jersey. i followed your career. because you're picked up in the new york tabloids and always gone back. >> it was not a hard call. >> i was mad going with obama. i was furious. >> you hear you get a foot and a half to two feet snow, you're the governor, you go home. by the way, sunday morning all the roads were cleared. new jersey transit up and running by noon. believe me.
7:49 pm
they want to hire me in new york city. i'm happy to help. >> comrade deblasio can use your help. >> i'm happy to help. >> how can you get the people in poverty, out of work back to work? >> two things. first of all, reinforce the work requirement which this president has not done it. waved it all over the place. secondly what you need to do is fix entitlement, sean. 71 cents of every dollar in the federal budget for entitlement and debt service. >> we can't sustain this. >> i'm the only person in this race, you know this, put forward a detailed -- >> you want to steal my social security. >> i don't want to. sean, you don't need the social security and everybody out there, everybody in that camera knows that's true. >> i paid it in my life. >> the government stole it from you. get it off the magic money tree in the backyard? >> do you have a magic money tree? >> my mother said we didn't have. i looked for it. how about the other night in the debate? they asked senator rubio what
7:50 pm
was the plan? tax reform. and then cruz, another answer on tax reform. they won't answer. it is hard. >> you're saying means testing, raise the eligibility age. >> yep. >> don't face the truth, then we go broke. that's what you're saying. >> going to go broke? >> i'm the only one who has taken it on. >> i have to sacrifice the money i paid in for 40 years, that is part of the deal? >> yes. the government screws you. they lied from you and stole from you. >> you're just telling me it happened? >> i'm the bearer of bad news i'm the adult that can fix the problem. >> governor, good to see you. >> thanks, sean. >> good luck on monday. >> thank you. >> coming up, less than 24 hours way from the republican debate, kirsten powers and rich lawry are on the set with us as we continue from des moines. was engineered...
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welcome back to "hannity" we're less than 24 hours until the republican debate here in iowa. joining us now, kirsten powers, rich lawry. we have the battle of millions toing on here. ted cruz super pack. right. >> what do you think of the whole thing? of the winners and losers tonight? >> in terms of the debate, trump missing the fox debate seems like a mistake. now, i have to say the opposite of whatever i think with trump because he defies conventional wisdom. it seems there are undecided voters out there. he probably could have won over people. and we've been talking to people here in iowa who said i was supporting trump and this is too much. you've got to show up. >> what is the real reason? and look, he was the one that
7:57 pm
started saying he's going to pull out. he put fox in a position to say these are our anchors. >> right. >> i don't think networks are going to start changing who moderators are. >> there seems like rational reasons to do it. one is that he wants to freeze the race. you show up, keep your head down and come out okay. or, he just fears ted cruz. but actually think it's donald trump being petty, and unpresidential. and i think that is the big risk. if he does not show up on that debate stage it's going to be the biggest event of the week. i don't think it's going to play well in iowa. >> ted cruz is hammering him. i don't think it's megyn kelly, it's ted cruz. national debate champion. is it that he does not want that
7:58 pm
exchange? >> i tend to feel his ego is too big to process what you just said, that there is somebody that can beat him. >> he knows ted is close in iowa. >> i'm not sure he believes ted cruz can outdebate him. he demonstrated towards megyn a bizarre hostility that doesn't match with her actions. it's obsessive. it's very strange. >> so far, every spectacle has worked for him. but this close to iowa, trying to select next president, do you want this psycho drama in the white house? i think that this is a down side for him. >> rich, every time, every pundit predicted his demise he does better. >> he can show up at the debate and shoot someone. >> that is my favorite one. very a sense of humor and i know what he would say.
7:59 pm
a lot may take his words out of context. what is to say if he does win the presidency? four entertaining years? . >> i think it says people are angry and fed up with what's happening. and i think whether he wins the primary. he is legitimately, i give him more credit today than when he started and i think that he has tapped into something that is very real. >> republicans in washington created him. >> that is right. i said that to someone yesterday. >> do you agree? >> i don't think they should nominate him, but learn from him. take immigration more seriously. legal and illegal. >> they have xandered their chance. >> but i think the washington establishment created him and bernie sanders. >> this is live and if i'm late -- >> good to see you. thank you for being with us.
8:00 pm
tune in tomorrow night at 12:00 a.m. eastern, right after the debate. we'll have reaction from the candidates and more, have a great night. thank you for being with us from iowa. january 31st. o'reilly is next. >> the o'reilly factor from l.a. is on. tonight: >> most likely, i'm not going to do the debate. >> surprise move from trump. >> he's out. donald trump says he is going to skipbn tomorrow's night republic can debate on fox. >> he will boycott the last debate before iowa's first in the nation caucuses. >> donald trump, once again, the talk of the nation, saying he will not show up to tomorrow's fox news debate. but he will be on the factor exclusively tonight. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone from southern california. factor begins right now. ♪ ♪


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