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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  January 27, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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tune in tomorrow night at 12:00 a.m. eastern, right after the debate. we'll have reaction from the candidates and more, have tonight "on the record" two sizzling and big battles kicking in to high gear in iowa. trump vs. cruz and clinton vs. sanders. right now donald trump is leading in most iowa polls. the newest monmouth poll of likely caucus goers say donald trump is still number one with 30%. senator ted cruz a significant 7 points behind at 23%. that's second place. marco rubio third place 16%. and ben carson 10%. no other candidate breaking double digits. is trump's decision to skip the g.o.p. debate the best plan? and which candidate has the smartest strategy to win the vote of new iowa caucus goers. former senior advisor to
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president george w. bush karl rove goes "on the record." good evening, and donald trump's strategy and it's been going on last 24 hours. he says he is not going to be there at the debate. tell me about what you think about that strategy. >> i think it's a high risk forte. he has held his own. it strikes me this shows sort of a contempt at the active disrespect towards iowa and the iowa process and iowa voters. i can't be up on that stage. i'm afraid of megyn kelly. i'm going to go off and hold my own event. they are unfair to me. they are being mean. that's not a good, confident, strong, you know, candidate going into the final stretch here. >> it's sort of interesting. i realize that people have email campaigns but the campaigns, the flip side of what i'm hearing is that he is standing up to fox. that he is strong. that he has done six other debates. i mean, that's the argument i'm getting on the flip side as well as the one that you have. >> yeah. i have heard those same arguments. i will tell you. this i have been in a lot of
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campaigns, presidential campaigns, gubernatorial, senatorial, congressional campaigns. i have never seen anybody make it a winning argument that, you know what? i have had too many debates already. i'm not going to do anymore. they always suffer some damage. if they're the frontrunner and way out ahead, it may be a little bit of damage. if you are in a close race it could be significant enough damage. let's think about this. monmouth poll had a 7 point gap between donald trump in first and ted cruz in second. but, that's not the only poll. in the last several days think about this, quinnipiac two days ago had 2 point race between the two. and the arg poll which came out on the same day had had a 7 point like this -- like the monmouth poll. but the question is where is the right?gvéú >> wait second the fox poll had him ahead of 11 points. gallup isn't doing these
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polls. unreliability of all these polls. >> look, it is very difficult to do a poll in a primary to get an accurate reading of where things are are in a primary. it is just inherently difficult because you are talking about a share of a larger share. you are talking about part of the republicans not all of the republicans. you are not talking about a general election pool of voters which is heavy turnout. you are talking about a much smaller. then we are getting into an age. let's admit it we are in aered pooh of time. we have passed through the golden age of public polling. used to be we had people sitting at home and had land lines and pick them up and answering them. now people are from land lines. they have cell phones and as a result getting much more undependable. how many people are going to turn out in the caucuses? the monmouth poll, which you talked about at the beg!?ning, 30-23, rubio in third at 16 and carson in fourth that was estimated. they say has about 170,000
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turnout what that poll would point to. at 200,000 turnout, 32 for trump, 21 for cruz, 16 for rubio and 9 for carson. and last time around it was about 123,000, that's what historically has been. 130,000 turnout which would be be sort of like what we have had in the past it's a dead heat 26-26. the head of the monmouth poll had a great quote. he said trump's victory depends upon a high number of self-motivated, lone wolf iowa caucus goers showing up. i thought that was a great phrase to explain the challenge facing donald trump. >> clarification, 123,000 is what you expect to turn out. is that both republicans and democrats or just republicans? >> that's republicans only. that's what turned out in 2012. historically it's been about 120,000 or slightly less. trump does better among people who are not regular caucus goers. among people regular caucus goers. ted cruz actually leads. but where trump gets his
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margin is among people who are republicans. but don't vote in the caucuses. he leads there 44% to 20% for rubio. 13% for cruz. and among independents who say that they are going to attend the republican caucus. independents are allow to do choose which caucus they go into. he leads among those with 50%. rubio is in second with 20% and cruz is in third with 10%. so he is depending on a at this typical turnout. among those who turn out regularly it's 26% to 26%. >> karl, thank you. >> you bet. >> how are iowa voters tonight? the "boston globe's" matt visor is in des moines. what's your thought on the pulse of the state. >> there is a sense among trump supporters. they are not going away. and they are pleased with this decision. i think that the key is with the people who are still up decided this late in the game. who may feel that he is
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spurning iowans in some way by not allowing them to hear his closing argument. >> do you run into anybody who says i just don't know. i vote republican but i don't know. are you meeting these people? >> there are some who are still sort of toying with the trump, or toying with a rubio. there is a few. there is more in new hampshire than there are here. but there are some still who are undecided. >> and what is it what they say -- what's going to make the big difference between now and monday to them?np >> the debate is the key thing people have been looking to. highest profile opportunity for the candidates to talk to everybody. that, i think, is the gamble that trump risks losing by not participating in the debate. he gives all the other candidates an opportunity. >> any idea how many people are going to show up or have they sold tickets? not sold but given away tickets to his counter event? >> they are just starting that process. they have announced that
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this auditorium at drake university, where the venue is going to be. they are taking tickets. it's open right now. i think we will get a sense on, you know, how big of a crowd that they will expect. i think they are trying to build a pretty big crowd to make a statement. >> it's dominating the political talk shows and all the newspapers and everything else. in iowa, is everybody talking about trump and whether he shows up or not show up at the debate. he says. no but is that the subject? >> people are talking about it. although it's interesting. this morning, this news made the front page of the "the washington post" and of the "new york times." it did not make the front page of the des moines register and papers around iowa. it was a late-breaking story but it was not front page news here. there is a lot of conversation about other candidates and sort of who is closing strong. ted cruz awful lot these past few days. i think there is or things going on that's not just trump. >> i think it's fascinating that it didn't make the front page of the iowa papers but we're consumed with it.
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anyway, matt, thank you. and from tv to the campaign trail the two leading republican candidates senator ted cruz and donald trump have dinner ground games in iowa. ted cruz has been taking 99 bus tour around the state. who has the better ground game in iowa. zeke is live in iowa. if they don't show up to caucus for you it doesn't matter if they like you. who seems to have the more effective ground game at this point? >> well, certainly the ted cruz campaign has the more effective ground game. they are doing it the traditional way from the ground up. they have hundreds of people living in a camp cruz in a dorm here that they have rented out. they have effective field operations, door5s knocking programs and the like. fairly rudimentary. a bunch of call centers calling iowa voters. they are betting that the trump celebrity can get people to turn out. new voters to turn out while cruz is running a traditional caucus operation. >> i have been out there
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when it's so cold you don't even want to go outside. it really takes a lot of stamina. and i'm from wisconsin as i keep repeating to everybody. it takes a lot of stamina to go out there. do you have any prediction on what the weather is going to be like on monday. >> i just checked that today to figure out when i'm going to fly home. right now it looks like a big snow storm on tuesday in iowa. that doesn't look like it will impact caucus night. that's a good thing for donald trump since low propensity voters most likely to support him. >> as you drive around iowa, whose signs do you see the most of? >> you certainly see a lot of ted cruz signs. you see a lot of donald trump signs. and a lot of jeb bush signs. his team has done a lot on the ground here. not as many rubio signs but there are a few. >> a lot of young people the big question is what will they do? he they're very enthusiastic online. maybe not so enthusiastic when you have got to get them to a caucus place? do you have any sense of the young veto right now? are the young people likely
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to show up in droves or not? >> that's big the big gamble that the rand paul campaign has been making. said they will bring out 10,000 students from caucuses. students back in town at iowa state and iowa -- university of iowa. at the same time, we're not seeing that in polling right now. very hard subgroup to measure in surveys. but it doesn't seem to be the case that young voters are going to major a major impact on this cycle. they seemed to be voting along the parentshz of everyone else in the age group. some broken up for trump, some for cruz, some for rubio. >> zeke, free advice. make your airline reservation now. beat everyone else back in the media everyone tries to get back at the same time. >> thank you. >> while many candidates are in iowa campaign trail. bernie sanders spent his morning at the white house. and no it was not to measure the drapes. he was there to meet with president obama. kevin corke is at the white house. kevin? >> hey, greta, good evening. you know it's been a while since bernie sanders and the president met face to face
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here at the white house. a little over a year, back in december of 2014. a lot has changed as you know since then. not just for the president but certainly for bernie sanders. he has gone from being a relatively unknown nationally to progressive favorite in new hampshire and increasingly in iowa as well. i think it's important that after that glowing interview. you know the one in which the president was infusive and heaping praise on hillary clinton. bernie sanders clearly wanted equal time. >> what the president has tried to do. what vice president biden has tried to do is to be as even handed as can be. know there was some discussion political interview where he was tipping the scale toward secretary clinton. i don't believe that at all. i think he and the vice president have tried to be fair and even handed in the process. >> okay. fair, even handed. that all sounds terrific. but make no mistake about it, greta, the sanders' camp
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wants the same sort of open channel, back channel to the white house that the clinton camp has. as you know, they already have a direct line to josh earnst, the press secretary, the coms director jen psaki and mcdunnough. after a 45-minute conversation today, it looks like at least sanders will get hisvi back channel. >> thank you. senator sanders and secretary clinton locked in a raiser tight race in iowa. putting senator sanders in the lead but not by much. senator sanders 49 pierce and secretary clinton 4 points behind senator sanders at 45% and governor martin o'malley at 4%. is secretary clinton in trouble because some view her presidency of four more years of president obama suggesting that president obama would make a great supreme court justice. that's what she also said. >> the president will probably appoint several members of the supreme court. would you consider
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appointing obama? [ laughter ] >> wow, what a great idea. i would certainly take that under advisement. i mean, he is brilliant. and he can set forth an argument. >> former democratic presidential candidate dennis kucinich goes "on the record." so, secretary clinton, she certainly is attaching her horse to president obama, senator bernie sanders not so much. >> senator sanders' campaign came to challenge some of the economic policies that resided in the bush and obama administration. and so -- and he has got a lot of traction on that. now, if the election is decided on the economics, bernie sanders will certainly win iowa. if it's decided on other factors that might deal with familiarity and things like that, then hillary clinton might have the edge.
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>> so, what is your prediction? take a coin, flip it. it's all as you said before on the program if you get your vote out. i took the time to -- if the iowa delegates election plan. it's a 52 page document what's that for. >> mathematical formula who is going to get how many delegates. it's a complex formula. >> who did that? >> this is done by iowans and it's approved by the democratic national committee. and it's issued by the iowa democratic party. the reason why i mention this is that it's a very complex selection of delegates that's going on in iowa. it's going to complicate trying to actually forecast or predict because senator sanders may have some areas college towns where he will absolutely have crushing victories. in iowa you have to have supporth across the state not
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only broad but deep as well. >> you know, maybe i was sort of more irresponsible 20-year-olds today but i would imagine i would show a lot of enthusiasm online if they had online for a candidate and said a lot of things. but come caucus night if i had to spend three hours with a bunch of essentially strangers in some big room or go off with my friends, i mean, i might have said i'm going to give you my vote but i might be tempt to do go out with my friends. that's hard to turn out that young vote. >> could that be some of that here, yes. bernie sanders has ignited the passion of a lot of young people. when you see even though it's a throw back ad. america ad. >> great ad. >> one of the best political ads because it's been unifying and young people are hungry for a unifier as president. bernie is going to do very well in iowa. the question is who is going to win? i don't know. >> and if gallup won't even do polling. i think the polls could be dead wrong. i'm terrified of the polls. they have have been all over
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the map. sometimes trump is up 14. sometimes he is up 2. >> tell me what your sample is and i will tell you how the poll is going to turn out. >> wild ride on monday night. congressman, thank you, sir. >> see this coming sunday on the eve of the iowa caucus. we are going to have a special sunday edition of "on the record" live from iowa. that's this sunday, january 31st, 7:00 p.m. we take you live to iowa. and how do you know if a candidate would be a great commander and chief? what should you look for? former defense secretary donald rumsfeld standing by. we will take you live to iowa because so much is happening there right now. it takes a lot of work... to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste.
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the g.o.p. frontrunner crump and senator ted cruz used to be pals. as ofq late the feud is anything but friendly. >> ted cruz lies. he is a liar. that's why nobody likes him. that's why his senate people won't endorse him. >> the donald is a fragile soul. >> a person like ted cruz
11:29 pm
has never run anything. he is a senator. he doesn't get along with anybody. >> he is very, very pro-choice. he supports partial birth abortion. >> he could run for prime minister of canada and he would have >> i learn something new about donald every day. >> nobody likes him. >> i think the people of iowa and people deserve more instead of taunting each other with school yard taunts. >> one of the things trump and cruz have fought over is grabbing up endorsements. mike meadows is here to give us his endorsement on the record. you have an endorsement, sir? >> i do. it's exciting tonight to come out officially for the great senator from texas ted cruz, my friend who i have known for a long time and the man you see onopoñ the campaign trail is the same one you get to see when there is no cameras, when there is no reporters. he has been consistent. he is ready to not only take back america and give it
11:30 pm
back to the people, but it's encouraging. >> why has he not gotten a lot of senators and, i mean, it's his club. he is in the senate. a lot of people on capitol hill endorsing him? >> i think part of that is that when you come up to washington, d.c., they want you to be on the team up here. and what most americans want is someone who comes up hereps and doesn't forget the people who send them here. and so i can tell you firsthand that whether it's in the privacy of a meeting hall or anywhere else, the senator is consistently saying well, what's good for america. let's get back to the scene us stew. let's make sure that what we do is really what's right for america, not for him or the lobbyists here washington cartel. >> i am told by ralph read that theid the vote that determines or -- not just ralph read that the evangelical vote is so important in iowa. why do the evangelicals seem to be split between donald trump who has jerry falwell jr. and the evangelical support for senator ted
11:31 pm
cruz? >> well with, i think part of it is that the evangelical vote necessarily one issue or another. and so it does divide up. there are individuals thinking on their own. i think the other part of that is that so many evangelicals and insurance general are fed up with washington they want somebody to shake it up. by part of that that's the real trouble they see donald trump out there saying things that normal politicians wouldn't say. >> which apparently most of the voters, according to the polls, i mean the g.o.p. likely voters. >> yeah. but a lot of things in the privacy when you are not in campaign mode. can i tell you that ted cruz is consistent. not only on the campaign trail, but in the privacy of breathing one on one. one of the greatest compliments that the senator got from one of his colleagues, i was saying who
11:32 pm
do you trust? and he says well i can tell it you that i trust two senators. and ted cruz is one of those. >> who is the other one? >> that was the big question. but obviously. >> not going to tell me? >> he wouldn't tell me either. it really spoke volumes that ted is a man of his word. also someone who is willing to get out there and make a difference and when he becomes the president at 1600 pennsylvania avenue give back some of the power to the people. i think that's what we all -- we are tired of executive overreach and ted is commit to do that. >> we are going to iowa to help campaign. >> have you ever been to iowa before. >> it's cold in iowa. >> you are from north carolina. i was going to give you free advice. for some reason it's so much colder on caucus day every four years there. i have never seen anything like it. unless it's different this year. >> great people whether it's cold or hot, we need to do what we can for america. >> what do you make of donald trump not showing up
11:33 pm
tomorrow night? >> i think it's a obviously the senator has challenged him to a one-on-one debate. he needs to be there certainly the american people deserve that i was disappointed in that decision by donald trump. >> do you think that one op. one debate is going to happen? >> i don't think it will happen but it should. obviously the challenge is there it's up to the donald to figure out whether he will accept it or not. >> it's going to be very exciting. we have a live show sunday night from iowa at 7:00 p.m. we are very excited as well. enjoy iowa. see threw. >> very good. >> just five days away that's the iowa caucus. as any seasoned politician can tell you iowans are hard to predict.f,k$í 2016 is can be anyone's game. senator rick santorum won the caucus in 2012. senator rick santorum goes "on the record." i always add you won in 2012 but they didn't give it to you on caucus night. you got it two weeks later, right? >> two and a half weeks
11:34 pm
later, unfortunately. that's right. but you know what? it was a great surge and we feel like we are creating a surge again. no one has yet cast aj3== vote. i think a lot of iowans are getting insulted about that that the national media and all the pundits are basically predicting this race, screening people out. and iowans haven't had their chance to have their say surprise people on monday. >> you have changed your strategy in any way in terms of how to reach the voters or get the voters to have the caucus? i'm old fashioned politician. i have to meet voters and talk to them. get them to understand who i am and minnesota motivate them to motivate their friends and neighbors to come to the caucus and influence them at the caucus. over a third of them that voted for me decided on caucus night because we had
11:35 pm
teams of people who had spent time going to their towns. i was in lake mills tonight -- this morning. all9 these little communities all across iowa. meeting with people in a blends shop and pizza ranch and motivating people and connecting with can connect with their friends and neighbors. i think that's the best way to do it. >> tomorrow night at the debate, donald trump, and i ask pretty much everybody who comes here says he is not going to be participating. what is your thought? is that a good strategy for him or bad strategy? >> well, lots of candidates who are -- see themselves in the polls decide to play it safe and not appear with the other candidates, it's a long held strategy, it works sometimes and doesn't work others. i have always believed that the best thing to do is show up at every opportunity you can to meet with people, talk to them and try to paint the vision. this isn't just about an election winning the election. it's about changing the course of america. changing a vision and creating some momentum so we
11:36 pm
can get great things done for this country. you don't do that unless you engage in the debate of ideas and persuade people that you have the better vision for the country. that's what i'm going to do tomorrow night. >> do you have any sense that the iowa voters are angry at him for not showing up? do you have any sense either way? >> i think the anger is mostly as the idea that this lace is died. -- this race is decided. there is still a lot of indecision out there. i think, again, you are going to see some surprises on monday. >> we were surprised four years ago about two and a half weeks later, but, anyway. we will see what happens. maybe you will surprise us again, senator. thank you. good luck, sir. >> count on it thank you. >> and a majorup date on the story we covered, the illinois cop who staged his own suicide.
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get ready to speed read the news. a 25-year-old manner nanny found dead in vena. police are thinking murder. colorado found face down on mattress. there were no signs of injuries. now considering the cause of death poison. and a walking away scathe after a helicopter crash. they heard the helicopter sputtering and struggling to stay up. started spinning and fell from the sky. the helicopter went down in a neighborhood. the pilot was able to stir it down, landing in the street rather than on someone's house. and a tornado touch down in florida. several cars flipped over when the tornado hit. one person was inside a van when it overturned. that person was surprisingly uninjured. the roof of a nearby condo complex also damaged.qç the national weather service saying the tornado was as wide as 100 feet and that's
11:42 pm
tonight's speed read. and breaking right now, a huge update on another story we have covered right here "on the record." the widow of illinois police officer who staged his own suicide now has big trouble herself. fox news correspondent matt 1st and 10 has been covering this story since it broke. matt? >> good evening, greta. the plot keeps thickening in this stunning case. police day the wife of this disgraced cop was partner in his crime and collectively they stole tens of thousands of dollars over the course of several years. today an illinois grand jury invited mellowed with four counts of misuse of charitable funds and money laundering. she is free on bail but faces over 20 years in prison if convicted. police say mellowed and now deceased joe were embezzling from the explorer program. policeh-9÷ academy for teens the couple was widely praised for. we learned through our initial reporting that using some of the money on
11:43 pm
mortgage payments and even adult web sites. when it was learned he staged his september suicide to look like murder. they started going through his phone and that's when they discovered the text messages implicating his wife. she says she was not guilty and a victim of her husband's secret crimes and she looks forward to her day in court. you may recall joe's web of corruption extended well beyond this embezzlement. disgraced officer hitman kill a city administrator on to his wrongdoing and also arranged for his own son to marry his mistress for the added military benefits. we're told there is a federal investigation into his son and that sham marriage. greta? >> matt, thank you. and secretary hillary clinton might have a lead on bernie sanders there important poll nobody number that could take her down. that's next. sure, tv has evolved over the years.
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it's gotten squarer. brighter. bigger. it's gotten thinner.
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even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. secretary hillary clinton better watch her rear view mirror. her lead over osenator bernie sanders shrinking to smallest margin. brand new national post poll of democrats and drab democrat leaning voters have hillary clinton in the lead 55% and sanders behind at 36%. next poll is the one that might spell trouble for clinton.
11:49 pm
it asks if the candidates are honest and trustworthy. senator bernie sanders has 48% saying yes and senator she is honest and trustworthy. who will come out on top in iowa. here is what senator sanders said[ outside the white house today. >> i think what the iowa campaign ends up being about is one word and that is turnout. if there is a large turnout, i think we win. if we don't, i think we are going to be struggling. >> the "on the record" stephen dinan. i'm terrified of polls. i don't know if they are reliable or not. having said that, honest and trustworthy sanders after the 48, hillary clinton 12 points behind at 36%. should that scare her. >> i'm worried about who the third of voters saying she is more trustworthy given all the information concerning the emails and whatnot. that's higher than i would have expected in a head to
11:50 pm
head who has a lot of respect for voters telling it like it is and being honest where he is on his position. i think we might be seeing a little bit of what we saw in 2004 where democrats at that time, you know, the phrase was dated dean and flirted kerr. >> who came in third. >> he did come in third. obviously coming in third this time would be devastating for a three man race for sanders. i don't think we are looking at that those voters really wanted to go with the guy that their heart said but in the end they were looking at electability and stuck with kerry. in this case the question is clinton still electable? those trustworthy numbers actually cut in to that electability equation. >> it hasn't gone away. that's been the problem this entire race. she started with numbers lake. this yes, they have gotten down a little bit. but she has had -- they have been trying to turn around this question are you honest and trustworthy this entire primary. >> i don't think they have tried. that's the point. >> according to the campaign they have. >> what have they done?
11:51 pm
they have been stagnant maybe she should have gotten out more. maybe they should have had more democratic debates. the dnc didn't have many debates or something. >> you heard her talk about her mother and family and some of the things she has done women and minorities in particular. when she was coming up through the ranks as a lawyer. so you are hearing a lot of that to try to build that trust with voters. another thing, i mean, so that has been a constant thing with this campaign throughout this entire season, leading up right now. but the numbers just haven't moved. >> and now, of course, she is really tightly connected herself to president obama, saying this is essentially a third term of president the numbers are baked in on hillary clinton at this point. she has to find something existential. in this case obama is a good way to do that i said this from the part of the problem the emails are her real problem. this is a problem she created on her own and she left -- she was the one who forced this schedule. the obama administration she forced this schedule of this releases as the caucuses are
11:52 pm
literally going on. she created this situation for herself. >> the other night with that young man who asked her a question at that forum with democrats, my friends don't trust you. i'm paraphrasing. he actually asked her this question. and i don't think she answered his question. i really don't think she gave a good answer. >> what are you supposed to say? no i'm not an ax murderer? how do you answer that question like that. >> that's what david axelrod said she did the best she could. >> this goes back to the email. i still don't understand why she had a server in her house. that's a very basic question. before we get to the question of whether it's classified or classified. why did she have it at her house. >> which is why these questions about her honesty and trustworthiness will continue because of questions about that it's tough to explain that away. >> give the answer like if if she had given it months ago, okay, well, that's her answer, it might have been a dumb idea but at least i got an answer. >> it's a lot of legalese. >> just tell us, we will all yell at you and say you
11:53 pm
shouldn't have done that instead it lingers because we don't get the answer. both. >> thank you. >> a brand new greta talk podcast just released i sit down with adam mckay. he just wrote and directed the blockbuster movie the big short. but, what was the oscar tom nateed -- nominated director's favorite movie in growing up. use itunes, tune in or stitcher and find out. christian pastor and iranian prisoners syed abedini tells prisoners syed abedini tells you why iran hates ♪ ♪ (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. where are you? it's very loud there.
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let's all go off-the-record. today's current national holocaust remembrance day and also the 71st anniversary of liberation of awesome witch. -- auschwitz. christian pastor saeed
11:58 pm
abedini told me about the government. >> they have a serious plan to destroy israel. and i don't think we can accept that. >> why do they hate israel so much? >> there is two main reasons. the first reason is coming from quran. there are so many verses in quran that say bad things about jews. they call them pig. it calls them dirty peo people o many times, you know. and the second thing because they want to support philastine and muslim countries. they think israel is taking their land and they should give it back to the philistinians. because of these two reasons i don't think that the hardliners over there, they never stop doing things that they are doing against
11:59 pm
israel. >> terrible, isn't it? and today though as we remember the millions of victims of the holocaust. we should also thank your father, your grandfather, your grandmother, your entireív generation that fought so noblably in world war ii. they saved us. that's my off-the-record comment tonight. campaign flash. senator marco rubio holding a predebate rally at the popular wellman's pub in ghoib. governor mike huckabee cashing to cash in on one of the year's biggest hits. releasing a parody video of of adele song "hello" ♪ caucus night ♪ we called and knocked a thousand times ♪ >> of course, it has an iowa team. and that's tonight's campaign flash. that's all for tonight. tomorrow night you will see the g.o.p. undercard debate at 7:00 p.m. eastern right here on fox. big prime time debate kicks off here at 9:00 p.m. eastern. we are back friday.
12:00 am
we will have a special edition of "on the record" from at great state of iowa that's this sunday


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