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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  January 28, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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petite. they're offering dolls more reflective of the world today. >> there you go, john. >> happy to know. >> thank you for joining us. >> have a great day. "the real story" with gretchen starts now. and set your clock. we're hours away from the final tee bait before the first in the nation iowa caucuses and the stakes could not be higher. hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. welcome to "the real story" today. the gop candidates are set to square off. ted cruz will take center stage for the primetime debate as the highest polling candidate. carly fiorina takes the top spot in the earlier debate. we have live fox team coverage today with chief political correspondent carl cameron and ed henry tracking major developments in the democratic race live in newtown. we'll figure that out. first we'll go to campaign carl with the debate preview. carl, trump's not showing up. what does that mean for him and
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for everyone else? >> reporter: it's a big risk for him. iowans may come to resent it. some of his supporters will give him a pass for it, but generally speaking when you have a very, very small sliver of the population like is the iowa republican caucus going population and they get stood up, they don't like it. candidates have paid for such things in the past. for the rest of the field, it's a huge opportunity. ted cruz has been battling with the no show billionaire so he'll be tonight able to talk about his view of a conservative presidency without having to get elbowed from the guy at the top of the polls. and cruz has been in a relentless battle not only with trump but also with marco rubio. so marco rubio and ted cruz's match-up tonight will be one to watch. rubio has been questioning whether or not cruz has been honest about some of his work on immigration. he sponsored a bill that would have enhanced the opportunity for those here illegally to get some sort of legal status. he has been at odds with rubio on defense spending.
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rubio's been pounding him on that. for marco rubio it's an opportunity for him to really sort of show that he can do the job and get into that national debate. he's been elbowed out of it recently. >> yeah. >> he's been running third in the polls and in some cases surging. that's really the dynamic to watch between those two. chris christie, john kasich, jeb bush, all of them desperately need to get attention and today is the day to do it. they have to show that they're prepared to be presidential and prove they're okay with fighting with other republicans. >> very interesting point. i know you have your fingers on some new polls. what did you find out? >> yeah. well, the marist poll came out today. it shows how polls always tighten and the race in iowa and new hampshire tends to be a photo finish year after year after year. let's first look at iowa. donald trump with 32%, ted cruz with 25%, rubio 18%. everybody else is well down in the numbers, but if you account for the poll's margin of error, which is a little bit over 4%, that's plus and minus 4%.
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effectively trump and cruz are tied and marco and cruz are tied as well. so it's going to come down to a very, very close finish in iowa, regardless of what the last two years of polls have shown the front-runner to be. in new hampshire trump is leading big. 31% to cruz at 12. look at that, rubio and kasich are tied with cruz, virtually tied, in a three-way second place battle. when you move on to south carolina it spreads out again. it will tighten, too. people who have favorites in iowa and new hampshire for the last year are abandoning them now because they see that the candidates that they might have had sort of a hope that they might be able to support but they probably won't win now are suddenly getting a little bit of momentum as the polls tighten. it happens every time, greshen. it will be a photo finish in iowa and new hampshire. >> love the competition. so with so much riding on tonight's debate on fox, what type of advice should each candidate be getting from their
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advisers. time for real talk with ben dominich. let's start with ted cruz. he's going to be center. what's your advice for the senator? >> so i think ted cruz because he's there at the center of the debate stage is going to get a lot of flak from the other people who are around him. he is the one candidate who's ahead of other folks. i think the need for him is to be positive and to look like a leader despite the fact he's going to get all of the flak coming at him. >> senator rubio from florida, we know that he's about third in the polls and a lot of the polls. what does he need to do to maybe take a step forward? >> i think he needs to be more assertive and come across more like he's in charge like a commander in chief. i think he should also start emphasizing his faith in the debates. he's had some good moments recently on the trail combatting with folks on the issues of faith, and i think that would really help him in iowa. >> especially with all of the evangelicals there. >> absolutely. >> let's talk about ben carson. what's your advice for the
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doctor? >> stay awake. he really needs to be -- show a little bit more energy. i mean, come on, it's hard to say this. he's a great guy. he's a nice guy. this has become such an attribute that he has in debates. he needs to be livelier in this one. >> john kasich, governor of ohio. >> john kasich can come across as can tank kerr rouse. he can come across as a jerk. if he has a little bit more positivity. >> interruptus. >> senator rand paul, maybe he's listening now to your advice. >> i think rand paul has an opportunity here to really push forward on his foreign policy views. donald trump and ted cruz have been sounding a lot of cautious notes when it comes to foreign policy abroad. rand paul hasn't really gotten a piece of that action. i think it's an opportunity for him to remind people. >> governor chris christie, his campaign slogan is tell it like it is. he doesn't do that like he used to.
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what's your advice for him? >> i think this debate is the biggest opportunity chris christie has had to show off his style on the campaign trail. he benefits by being the guy who has a tone that's like trump but a resume that's a lot more presidential. i think this is a huge opportunity for him. he needs to remind people why he's on that stage. >> former governor of florida, jeb bush? >> he needs to make a case for himself as opposed to a case against others. he really has not been able to close the deal in terms of convincing voters that he's a guy to vote for as opposed to attacking other people. en doesn't do attacks well. he should focus on himself in this debate. >> you made it through the list of the top seven. ben, thanks so much. you took time on that. i appreciate it. senatorial bernie sanders accusing the clip ton campaign for throwing mud with an attack on his honesty. ed henry continues the team coverage live in newton. i've got t newton, iowa. i know iowa but i've never been to newton. >> it's beautiful.
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>> i'm sure it is. i understand you had breakfast -- you had breakfast with bernie. was he fired up? >> reporter: he was. he's gruff, he's blunt, he's authentic. everything you expect and see on tv. this was hosted by bloomberg. bernie sanders at one point, he didn't get to eat throughout. at the end of it he said, maybe next time i can eat breakfast. i didn't even get to eat. the other time he was joking how all of you guys have dismissed me. you think we're a bunch of hippies supporting me. they wear those, what do you call them, birkenstocks, sandals? then he got serious. all of his policies are pie in the sky, he can't pay for them. he also, yes, hit the clinton camp hard for rumors circulating around the state that bernie sanders is trying to get students, because college students, he's very popular with them, get them from out of state, get them to come to iowa and caucus. listen. >> the clinton people say that they are in places like ames,
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iowa city, that they're very worried that a number of out of state young people might show up to caucus and they're going to make a major effort to make sure that's not the case. >> really, is that what wher' saying. >> are you worried -- >> you know, i am -- you talk about negative stuff. really? based on what do they say that? >> i don't know, senator. >> they saw david brock's long history of honesty and integrity, the man who tried to destroy anita hill? is this where this is coming from? every one of you knows, you know it, every day i've been flooded by all of this negative stuff from the secretary of clinton's super pac. that's the first i've ever heard of that. i don't want my integrity and honesty to be impugned. i have no idea who says this. this is a lie, an absolute lie. >> and this afternoon bernie sanders releasing his medical records. his doctor says, quote, over the years you've been treated for medical conditions including gout, mild hypercholesterolemia,
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diverticulitis, hypothyroid i., left and right side hernias and also he had a cyst on his vocal cord. that's been removed as well. the doctor says despite that long list the 74-year-old senator is healthy. the clinton camp is saying that sanders is the one who's been attacking her with his ads even though he says he's running a clean campaign. a lot flying around, gretchen. >> have fun in newton. tonight's the big night. fox news teams up with google and youtube. the first debate gets going at 7:00 eastern time. primetime moderated by bret fair, megyn kelly and chris wallace. 9:00 p.m. eastern time live from beautiful, des moines. tell you about this now. police say they arrested a man
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carrying a bag containing two handguns in a disneyland paris hotel. he had a box of ammunition and a koran. they say they detained the man when an x-ray scanner revealed the contents of his bag. no one was hurt. the disney spokesperson says they have no immediate information on that incident. three more members of an armed militia group taken into custody by federal authorities in oregon. but the standoff between the rest of the group and the federal government may not be over. plus, how does one group of die hard rand paul supporters react when they found out their candidate qualified in a spot of tonight's fox news debate? guess what, we have the video for you. [ cheers and applause ] >> senator paul joins us next with his strategy for tonight's big face-off. >> rand paul. rand paul.
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welcome back to "the real story." check out this high speed chase ending in a shootout leaving a suspect dead and a georgia state trooper dead. the trooper tried to pull the suspect over after he saw him going nearly 100 miles an hour on the interstate. that led to the chase with the suspect eventually crashing his vehicle and getting out and opening fire. three officers returned fire fatally shooting the he is expected to make a full recovery. the lineup for tonight's debate looking a little different this time around. senator rand paul on the center stage. he had some good jabs in previous debates so what can we expect from him tonight?
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well, let's find out because here he is live on "the real story." presidential candidate senator rand paul joins me now. good to have you back on the show, senator. >> thanks, gretchen. >> here's something that caught my eye in the editorial. here's the advice they say they're giving to you tonight? >> so what does a man with little to lose do with his last big chance to have an impact? go nuts, rand. unleash the hostile college dorm debater inside of you. are you going to listen to that? >> you know, i think i'll keep doing what i've been doing for several years since i ran for office, tell people why i ran for office. i'm concerned with the debt. concerned with borrowing $1 million a minute. really, i think i'm the only candidate on stage who's a fiscal conservative because i think you cannot be a conservative if you're liberal with military spending. i think the rest of the crowd, they want unlimited military sped spending but they've got to trade off with the left and give
11:16 am
them welfare spending. we bust the budget and the deficit continues to climb. >> you got into battles on that the last time around, the last time you were on the big stage. you've also been taking ted cruz to the wood shed at least in the last 24 hours. do you plan to do that tonight? >> you know, i think his biggest problem is authenticity. i've been a big defender of the government ending this mass collection of all of our phone records. ted appeared as if he was on our side but then in the last debate with rubio he said, oh, no, i'm for the government collecting 100% of your cell phone records, that's why i voted for the bill. it sounds to me like he wants to have it both ways. he wants to tell the liberty voters that he doesn't want mass collection but then in the same breath he says, oh, no, i want to collect 100% of your cell phone records. i don't want to collect any records without a warrant individualized with a name on it. we'll bring that up and make sure that everybody knows that's what ted's position is now. >> it's really interesting because i don't know if you happened to hear the segment before you.
11:17 am
we had somebody on giving advice for every candidate. the one thing he picked out for you was to force a debate on foreign policy tonight. how will you do that? >> you know, i think we've been trying and i think we've actually been winning on that because i think that regime change, toppling secular dictators hasn't worked. i think when we toppled gadhafi in libya we got chaos and the rise of radical islam. if you understand radical islam is the enemy, you don't want to keep toppling dictators in the middle east. you have people like rubio, cruz wants to make the sand glow. he wants to carpet bomb the place. i don't really think that strategy is going to work. i think you may create more terrorists than you kill. >> obviously you all have a difference of opinion on that. let's continue the foreign policy discussion because sweden announcing today it's going to deport up to 80,000 refugees, maybe forcibly. that's nearly half the refugees that arrived there. senator, with the ongoing threat of global terrorism, i know this was a debate in the senate last
11:18 am
week but it didn't even get past culture with regard to making it more difficult for refugees to come to the united states. what should we do? >> you know, i've been arguing for stricter scrutiny and vetting. in fact, i've argued for a moratorium until we can have stricter scrutiny and vetting. i've been making this case for two years. we had two iraqi refugees try to attack us in bowling green, kentucky. he was for bringing in the syrian refugees before he was against. rubio has steadfastly opposed every one of my bills to try to vet and screen these refugees. i tried to add it to rubio's gang of eight bill but rubio sided with schumer instead of siding with the conservatives. so i've got a bone to pick with both cruz and rubio on whether or not we need more scrutiny with the refugees. i've been steadfast since the beginning saying we need a moratorium until we can have better systems. >> all right. so it sounds like you're ready to go after almost everyone on
11:19 am
the stage and make your mark tonight. we will all be watching 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on fox. senator, thank you. >> thank you. new developments in the standoff in oregon. armed suspects still hold up inside and new details now on what exactly happened during that shootout. and the stage is set for tonight's debate. republican candidates launching attacks at each other. well, they're going across the aisle, too. >> the nominee, hillary clinton has escaped prosecution more times than -- maybe sean penn ought to interview her. >> so that brings us to our question of the day, where are you watching tonight's debate? and with whom are you watching? tweet me @kristen carlson with the caption "the real story." hope to have your answers coming up.
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welcome back to "the real story." three more members of an armed militia group surrendering to authorities in michigan. this after their jailed leader ammon bundy called on them to stand down and end their week's long occupation of a national wild life refuge. we're in nearby byrnes, oregon, today. claudia, what do we know about how many people are actually left? >> reporter: well, gretchen, according to one of the protesters, there are five holdouts up at the ranch, and they all want to leave. they are tired, leaderless, and even as we speak another winter storm is moving in. this protester david fry protested a video earlier this morning to youtube saying the group is negotiating with federal agents to make sure that
11:24 am
one of the other holdouts in the group is not arrested if they all surrender. here now is a clip from that youtube video which was shot around a campfire. >> and we're asking them just to -- just to drop the charges and we'll just leave. >> nobody dies. >> nobody dies. >> if they're not willing to do that, we're all kind of willing to stay here and see what happens. are they really going to kill five people? >> we tried to get closer to the refuge but those check points are still in place. no one in. so far, no one out. and we will see if those five or however many people are still up at that refuge surrender peacefully today, gretchen. >> so the legal proceedings began yesterday i know for seven of those people and maybe more today. what do you know about that? >> well, that's right. we have 11 arrests so far in this case, all on a conspiracy charge basically preventing federal agents from being able to do their job. yesterday his story did move to
11:25 am
portland where the militia group's leader ammon bundy made their first appearance in federal court. they will be arraigned next month. they delivered a message from his client telling his followers to leave the compound and go on home to hug their families. no doubt the people here in byrnes will be glad to see this volatile occupation come to an end. for the past three weeks they have been inundated with law enforcement officers and media. some residents supported this protest over federal land policies but others did not and that created a lot of tension here so, gretchen, everyone is hoping this will be over soon, peacefully, and life can return to normal. >> claudia cowan, thanks so much. teen fugitive ethan couch arriving back in the united states. the 18-year-old touching down in texas one month after authorities apprehended him along with his mom in mexico.
11:26 am
investigators believe they fled the country in the wake of an online video that appeared to show the teen drinking at a party. defense witness famously argued that the teen suffered from affluenza. bernie sanders releasing his medical records just days before the iowa caucuses. what they say. it's a long list. and why the bernie camp is reportedly suspicious of microsoft's influence in the hawkeye state with the way in which the votes are going to be taken this time around, using an app. plus, voter turnout will play a major role in the caucuses on monday. the last time they caucused, one of them had nearly twice the turnout. we'll explore those numbers when we come back.
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bottom of the hour. quick check of the headlines today. u.s. stocks on an up swing today, yes, on the strength of rising oil prices. puts in a better mood,
11:31 am
right? the u.n. health agency estimating there could be 3 to 4 million cases of zika virus in the americas over the next year. experts have linked the virus to a spike of birth defects in brazil. new york state planning a proposal to divert the water from niagara falls, actually shut it down. park officials say they need to do it to repair a bridge. so back to politics now. final gop debate ahead of the iowa caucus is tonight on the fox news channel. we have live fox team coverage in des moines, iowa. blake burman standing by and john roberts. hi, john. >> reporter: hey, good afternoon, gretchen. one of the headlines that -- it's on the democratic side, actually. bernie sanders is suggesting that because of the new apps, this is one that i have here, the democratic party and republican party will be using in iowa to report the caucus results are developed by microsoft and they've donated by
11:32 am
hillary clinton. maybe the results will be skewed by hillary clinton. we took a look at the republican app earlier this week. basically all it is is a way for you to punch in unique codes, you get access into the system. you punch in caucus results. there are checks and balances. those are reported back to party headquarters, whether on the republican side or the democratic side. those are disseminated to the internet from the state level, county level, precinct level. they are also backed up on paper which are sent in to the party headquarters for verification. what bernie sanders is going to do, he's going to have his own system in place to report the results. when you look at the democratic caucuses, they're all out there in the open. republicans are a secret ballot. democrats gather in groups and you can count the groups. to accurately report the results in the democratic side doesn't seem too much of a lead. sanders not trusting technology, microsoft or people who donate to hillary clinton wants to make sure he has a backup plan for
11:33 am
reporting those. >> very interesting. u.s. military that oversees civilians are getting a chance to participate for the first time. >> they are. >> what do you know about that? >> reporter: on the republican side and democratic side the systems are different. on the republican side they go to a link, a computer link, they can advance vote until 7:00 p.m. on caucus night. then that's shut down. the democrats are using telecaucuses or satellite caucuses. they can call in on the telephone or via skype. out of state military, diplomatic peace corps, people out of the state. people shut in, people who have to work, they can all participate. the democrats trying to bump up the participation as much as they can. the republicans expecting a record turnout want to make sure they have technology on their side so it doesn't happen in 2016 what happened in 2012 when they declared mitt romney the winner and then 16 days later said, never mind, it was rick santorum. >> thanks, john.
11:34 am
with hours to go before the fox news debate, let's get a behind the scenes look at what the candidates can expect. blake is live. you went behind the scenes. what did you find out? >> reporter: a lot's going on here, gretchen. things are starting to buzz. 4 1/2 hours until the debate tonight. what's behind the scenes as you mentioned, right now the candidates are making their last-minute walk throughs. we kind of wanted to give you a feel, a look of what exactly these candidates are doing. the debate hall is open and they are making their last-second preparations. take a look here. so this is the grand ballroom inside the iowa events center. 1500 people will soon pack this facility along with 11 candidates. up on that stage right here. this is the main stage, the big stage here where the 11 candidates will be over the course of two debates. they'll kind of filter out here throughout the afternoon. go up on the stage, get a lay of the land, what cameras they'll be looking at, where their families are seated just so they can get comfortable.
11:35 am
from that point on they go back to wherever they feel like going, back to their hotel, kind of prep, get ready for tonight. eventually they'll make their way back here to the events center in downtown des moines. an hour before they'll go to their greenroom with their families, whoever's with them, their advisers, and get ready for their debate. at that point just a few minutes beforehand they will walk right through that exitway, that entranceway right there onto the stage for the big night. so for the most part the candidates are scattered all around downtown des moines. but the moderators, gretchen, they are huddled up in their own right trying to fine tune those ever so important questions. >> yeah. yeah. that is a tough job. okay. what is the feel in iowa right now? >> reporter: i've got to tell you, the super bowl next weekend obviously. this is kind of like the super bowl here. when you get into the airport, massive sign for the iowa caucus. out of the airport, billboards for the candidates. turn on the television, first commercial i saw, four of the
11:36 am
five commercials were political advertisement. this is what everyone is talking about. you go outside right now, there are buses for campaigns, signs in the ground. this is the big game in town and they're just hours away until debate night. >> they certainly are. blake, thanks much. so turnout will play a key role in monday's iowa caucuses. last time around, 121,000 republicans showed up for a turnout rate of slightly less than 20%. there were no democratic caucuses because president obama ran unopposed. going back to 2008 there were 119,000 republicans for a turnout rate of about 20% while twice as many democrats showed up, 239,000 for a turnout rate of nearly 40%. mike gallagher is a syndicated daily host, bernard whitman, ceo of whitman insight strategies. fascinating i guess with barack obama running in 2008, bernard, that that really ginned up with hillary clinton in the race. it ginned up people wanting to
11:37 am
come out. i was surprised to see the numbers that almost double the republicans coming out. >> typically we get 125,000 democrats in iowa. this is almost double that, 239. we'll get somewhere between 215 and 265 and ultimately that is going to favor hillary clinton. why? the greatest predictor of whether you're going to come out and vote in a caucus, which is sort of a pain in the butt to do, have you to stand there for hours, you have tow balt. >> right. >> publicly declare your allegiance. it takes a lot of work. the best indicator is if you've done it before. if you look at the voters who went out in 2008 and who voted for barack obama, they favor hillary clinton. >> it's frustrating to see such anemic numbers no matter what party. i have to give credit for the democrats for turning out in a higher percentage. one thing that all the media attention i think points towards is a much better turnout this year. it's hard to believe people wouldn't go as problematic and
11:38 am
challenging as it is to caucus, you have to go vote. if it's true that trump is commanding all this media attention for the republicans, there's going to be a really good turnout. the key is going to be turnout, turnout, turnout. those numbers ought to be a wake-up call to everybody not to sit home on your fanny. >> i like that. my mom used to call it the fanny, too. okay. here's the newest iowa poll from nbc news and "the wall street journal." donald trump on top with a 7 point lead. ted cruz with 25% followed by marco rubio and donald 32%. the biggest news there is marco rubio is up to 18%. >> here's the thing. i think ted cruz and donald trump will be fine. they're going to come in one and two i believe in both iowa and new hampshire. this could spell the death nell for marco rubio. the new hampshire poll he could come in fourth to john kasich. he comes in fourth and goes into south carolina weakened, he could tie bush and carson who
11:39 am
are effectively running. >> this could spell the end. >> there's 3%. you never know in iowa. nobody knows what donald trump's ground game is in iowa, right? >> and tonight rubio, like cruz, like all of them have a chance to finally focus on what their issues are rather than having to deflect what trump's issues are. this could be a very big night for cruz. could be a very big night for rubio. might be a game changer for some of these guys because finally they can get that 800 pound elephant out of the room and talk about why they believe they should be the next commander in chief. >> tight race in iowa. hillary clinton 48%, bernie sanders hot on her heels in iowa as well, 45%. martin o'malley, for the life of me i don't know why this guy doesn't poll higher with all of the problems going on and all the drama, bernard. >> he's a very smart guy. i had dinner with him. earnest, intelligent, warm, charismatic. at the end of the day in
11:40 am
comparison to hillary clinton and bernie sanders, just not enough fire there. i expect to see him on the national stage. >> that's not saying much. >> fire is a good word. >> sanders is firing up the crowd but hillary has been criticized for not having that energy. new hampshire, sanders way out in front, 57% compared to clinton's 38%, o'malley at 2. south carolina hillary clinton though way ahead there, mike, 64, sanders 27. >> it's just hard for me to comprehend that a self-avowed socialist could lead in any state of america. it really does speak to the problems that hillary has in terms of credibility, trust, trustworthiness. i mean, this guy -- >> also though the outsider status because we're seeing it on the republican side as well with the outsiders gaining so much. >> don't forget, vermont is basically a suburb of new hampshire. bernie sanders has been in public life in new hampshire since adam was created. >> true. would democrats feel okay with having a socialist as their
11:41 am
nominee? >> no. i don't think so at all. that's why you see national polling hillary is ahead. bernie will do well in iowa, definitely win in new hampshire. go into south carolina, all these southern states, bernie sanders support plummets like a rock. he has the money to continue fighting well into april and may should he so choose, but i think that the nomination will be hillary clinton's. she'll have to earn it, which is a good thing. >> no question sanders is the trump story for the democrats. >> no question. >> people like the anti-establishment, the anger and the bluster. >> tongues of books will be written about this election cycle. mike, bernard, thanks. this guy right here is something of a king maker in the iowa caucuses. he was behind the previous two republican winners in 2012 and 2008. who is he? why does he have this kind of pull? well, he's going to reveal his secret sauce next. >> i do because we're organized in south carolina, we're organized in nevada. >> you have to break out? >> if i don't break out i
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i'm shepherd smith. we'll speak with martha mccallum. we'll also break down some interesting new numbers on the democratic side and what to look for in monday at iowa that might tip the scales in bernie sanders favor. that's when shepard smith reporting begins in 15 minutes. now back to "the real story." senator ted cruz hoping history repeats itself in iowa. in 2012 rick santorum won 24.6%, mitt romney came in a very close second and rand paul was third. and my guest endorsed him when he was at only 3%, talking about santorum. in 2008 mike huckabee won iowa with 34.4% and my guest endorsed
11:46 am
him when he had just 1%. bob vander cross endorsed huckabee, santorum and ted cruz. he joins me love. bob, great to have you on "the real story." what is your secret sauce in picking the iowa caucus' winner? >> i don't think there's any secret sauce. i've just been able to pick great candidates. mike huckabee was a great candidate. same with santorum in 2012. ted cruz right now, he's just a full spectrum, constitutional pro family conservative that people are uniting around, rallying around. i expect a good night tonight and monday night in the iowa caucuses. >> the other two guys you endorsed in '08 and '12, they're still running. what did they think of you not picking them this time around? >> those were definitely hard phone calls to make because they're both very close friends. i assured them, and i think they trust me that it had nothing to
11:47 am
do with mike huckabee, nothing to do with rick santorum. it had everything to do with ted cruz. for whatever reason, the momentum is going around ted cruz. you're seeing it every day here in iowa. i've never seen a campaign infrastructure around a candidate like this. he is poised for success. >> it's interesting because there's been a lot made and a lot of articles written about his ground game there and the number of volunteers he has, even the technology he's utilized as far as trying to pinpoint specific voters and what their interests are, et cetera. have you ever seen anything like that before? >> i've never seen anything like it before. matter of fact, governor huckabee and rick santorum, just because they're a little short on resources, we had to really rely on an organic nature, living off the land to mobilize people. here we still have an organic nature and act like we're living off the land but we have resources at our disposal. i think he has a great mobilization effort. if he doesn't win, it's not because they haven't put
11:48 am
everything into it to allow him to win. >> very interesting. these are some of the biggest issues that you believe are going to motivate conservatives in iowa come monday night. number one, the definition of marriage. number two, separation of powers. religious liberty number three. and federal government overreach. do these change over time, bob? i mean, have these been different since 2008 or 2012 or are these conservative principles that remain top of mind for iowans? >> i think for evangelicals what happened on june 26th really heightened a lot of those issues, when the supreme court decided that they would do an unconstitutional act and undefined the definition of marriage. it brought marriage to a forefront, it brought religious liberty to the forefront, it brought separation of powers to the forefront. there's a reason right now why the church wants to engage these iowa caucuses, because they see a government that's completely going contrary to what they believe the founding values of this country is. >> so i assume that you're going
11:49 am
to be going to your area and you're going to be caucusing? >> i am. matter of fact, i want to represent senator cruz in my caucus. i'm going to vote and i'm going to go to the victoryparty. interesting enough, gretchen, four years ago i did not go to my caucus. i spoke for rick santorum at a different caucus. he just about lost by 1 vote. i got to be very concerned. >> that is a testament to the fact that every vote does count. bob vander plaat, great to have you on "the real story." we'll talk to you soon. >> thank you, 2k3wre67 chen. you're not going to believe this. a man arrested for taking away his daughter's cell phone as punishment after finding inappropriate texts. a lot of parents would do that. texas jury announcing its decision in this bizarre case. we will tell you about it next.
11:50 am
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welcome back to "the real story." a jury finding a texas father not guilty of theft, after police put him in handcuffs for taking away his daughter's cell phone. trace gallagher, i don't know about this story. i'm taking my kid's cell phone away, this is what we do because that's how you get them to do stuff, right, trace? >> i'm taking plenty of cell phones away. back in 2013 ronald jackson had shared custody of his 12-year-old daughter, while she was staying with him dad found what he considered to be an inappropriate text on her cell phone so he as i would do took the phone away. few hours later the grand prairie, texas, police show up at his door telling him to give the phone back. the daughter called mom, the mom called for police saying she paid for the phone and the phone bill and therefore, it was her property that dad had taken away but ronald jackson was not giving it back. listen. >> i didn't want the police department telling me how to
11:54 am
parent my child, and it made no sense to me for them to show up and make a big deal out of something that was such a small thing. >> a few weeks later the dad got a citation in the mail for theft, offered a plea deal if he gave the phone back. instead he commanded a jury trial. what ronald jackson didn't know is that an warrant had been issued for his arrest, back come the police to haul him off. during the trial the mom told the jury "you can't take someone's property regardless if you're a parent or not." well, the judge disagreed saying the prosecution did not prove their case. she then ordered the jury to find the dad not guilty. the police said they would have preferred not to get involved in this, but coincidentally the mom was married to a grand prairie police officer. hmm. cops say that had no bearing on the case at all. as for ronald jackson, he won, but he lost. because he now says he has no
11:55 am
relationship at all with his daughter. >> oh, that's awful. all right, trace, thanks much. iconic barbie dolls getting a makeover and we're not just talking about her clothes. my take on how the toymaker finally got it right. listen up! i'm here to get the lady of the house back on her feet. and give her the strength and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! yay! the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in!
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mattel senior vice president and global general manager, a woman summed it up this way "we believe we have a responsibility to girls and parents to reflect a broader view of beauty." thank you. after decades of promoting unrealistic standards where barbie looked photo shopped and fake even years before air brushing existed the new dolls will look a lot more like all the rest of us, and that's undeniably real. home invasion of a different kind. an elderly woman in miami woke up to find this exotic creature sleeping on her chest, yes, it's a kinkajou. i had one around my neck one time. trappers lured it into a cage with food. banana was being cared at a local hospital until he somehow escaped. totally clear how it ended up on the woman's chest. 15-year-old three-legged pit bull called a pit bull after
12:00 pm
saving his owners from an armed intruder. he got shot in the head that grazed his skull but he made a recovery. waffle house, has something to do with valentine's day. watch the debate. it's 3:00 on the east coast, 2:00 p.m. in iowa, where we're just hours away from the final republican debate before the nation's first presidential contest. we'll talk with one of the moderators of tonight's face yourself here on fox news. there are new polls that show the democrats in a tough fight for iowa, and bernie sanders pulling farther ahead in new hampshire. we're live on the campaign trail, with the turnout projections that could be the key to it all. and the affluenza teen back in the united states now. ethan couch dodged prison time for killing four people in a car wreck but claimed he was a spoiled, rich kid who didn't know any better. so what happens to him, now that he's back in texas? let's get to it.


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