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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 28, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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ths. and then in the middle of the caucuses. that's it for us. we'll see you all tomorrow night. live from iowa, until then, "special report" coming up right now. i'm bret baier and this is "special report" live from des moines. in less than an hour, the final debates before the iowa caucuses begin. they are in he is egs the closing arguments. the republican presidential contenters make their final pitches to the voters before the first voting of the 2016 campaign. in the next hour we'll check in on the candidates. what they're doing in their last-minute preparations. we'll take you behind the scenes and get a preview of the main event. with megyn kelly and chris wallace.
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we begin with fox team coverage of the iowa campaign. ed henry covering the democrats with bernie sanders becoming a bigger target as he rises in the polls. we begin with chief correspondent carl cameron on trump, the debate and the rest of the field. >> hi. in the absence of donald trump, tonight's debate presents opportunities for all of the rest of the field. the latest nbc marist pole. given the poll's margin of error means i think anything can happen on caucus night. in new hampshire which votes a week after, trump has an even bigger lead trump, cruz, rubio. cruz has been mocking the no show billionaire. >> apparently mr. trump considers megyn kelly very, very scary.
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and you know, donald is a fragile soul. >> even before he got into the race, rubio was meticulously planning this moment for more than three years so he would not peak too soon. having fought with cruz over conservative policy issues, he is now ramping up the hopeful vision stage. >> we are going to win because i will unify this party. >> there is a new ad out attacking him on immigration. >> marco rubio was part of the that group of 8. >> super pac ads are filling the air with attacks. one group not aligned with any candidate. >> he can't handle many questions like yes let millions of americans stay in america. >> you have to give them a path and you have to make it possible for them to succeed. >> with fewer personal insults expected to come his way, jeb bush could have a make or break moment. a chance to show his policy chops and vision without being
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trumped. saying there is nothing in his record to indicate he is prepared to be president. john kasich is running second in several polls but he is barely competing in iowa. he will be in happen that had a. chris christie has shown little movement in iowa so he may have to come out swinging so voters give him another look. rand paul who chose not to attend the undercard is now back in prime time. >> and mike huckabee and rick santorum who are on the undercard debate will plan tonight to take part in trump's rally. in nearby des moines. that rally has been moved up to start an hour earlier than the prime time debate which means theoretically, there is still a possibility that donald trump could show up for the debate tonight. >> and we are prepared. we have two debates in the works. sharp elbows building on the
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democratic side. senator bernie sanders is taking more shots at hillary clinton and her supporters who he says are spreading rumors about him. chief white house correspondent ed henry is on top of it all. >> bernie sanders is starting to look like the front-runner. drawing larger crowds than hillary clinton. plus the usually affable candidate is suddenly taking fire and giving it back. and a bloomberg breakfast with reporters. he lashed out at clinton suggesting her ally, david brock, is spreading rumors that the democrat socialist is recruiting students from other states to break the law and caucus on monday. >> really? based on what? >> based on david brock's long history of honesty and integrity. the man who tried to destroy anita hill. you know it.
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>> clinton aides fired back that a new york times story suggested team sanders and having a negative ad blitz about her wall street ties over the week. matt paul calling it, a cynical ploy. it had been recently characterized back and forwards about the shoods. a tiny town where sanders nonetheless drew 1,100 people. he insists they're not going. >> my possibly is not here tonight. she is raising money from a philadelphia investment firm. frankly, i would rather be here with you. >> clinton also spent most of today outside of iowa raising more campaign cash in new york. a sign she is struggling to keep up with sanders' low budget
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fundraising machine. and clinton is ahead to south carolina where a new nbc news wall street jurnlt marist poll shows clinton is leading by 37 points. she has a new radio ad there. >> serving under president obama was one of the proudest moments of my life. >> now he pushed to release the health records. it shows he's a series of ailments but sanders' doctors say he's ready to be president. >> ed henry with the golf voice in newton, iowa. thanks. google is sponsoring the debates. we'll be getting plenty of data real-time. here to tell us what kind of data is what this all means. >> we are teaming with google to find out which are getting the most attention across the country.
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specifically in iowa. this shows us who is getting the most attention online. here we can see a lot of movement. there were time when chris christie spigd. also, we saw the kasich move. a third position. the google team will help us track things as they happen during both that debates. >> this is the first election cycle where we're making real-time data available to people and looking at minute by minute, what people are interested in. and we hope it provides a snap shot into what the electorate would care about. whatever it is they respond to. >> if we can look at specific candidates and see who is typing many what times of questions. for ted cruz, these are the top three questions. why was ted cruz born in canada? people want to know back story. what were his parents doing
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there? what were the circumstances? google can look at particular county. soar we're just less than an hour away from the undercard. we can look at the undercard candidates, how they are gathering tang across the state. it is a pretty good mix. jim gilmore, we think there is a dare county flflt at least one county he is the top trending candidate. at least for the undercard. tonight people who want to get involved. to go fox news debate and you'll be given a couple of survey questions. who you think won the debate. what is the most important issue and we'll have all of that in real-time. it is a way for our folks at home to weigh in. >> all right. we'll be watching. thanks. who do you think will win tonight? let me know with let me know on twitter. you can use the #specialreport. terry bran stetd made news
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by coming out against ted cruz. we'll talk about that in just a moment. welcome. thanks for having us. >> first, generally about the iowa caucuses. do you get a sense. >> we have the biggest group of republican candidates we've ever had. i think there's a tremendous amount of interest. it's been phenomenal. and then you have donald trump which is a different phenomenon than we've ever seen before. and so it is really hard judge. we think the turnout will be a record turnout. and i think that is good for iowa. iowans take responsibility seriously. and i think that we know that we need to elect a new leader for this country. we've lost respect internationally. we feel threatened at home as well as abroad.
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our national debt has gone up. and we need to make sure that we have a president that is going to restore america's leadership in the world and restore prosperity and check opportunities throughout the country. >> i saw you, the "wall street journal" quoted you saying, i will see that a lot of people are looking for leadership and i think donald trump has been able to effectively appeal to that concern that our leaders have not been effective. about donald trump, there are some in iowa who say, listen, if you don't show up to the debate, is that leadership? >> well, first of all, i would not advise to not participate in the fox debate right before the iowa caucuses. so conventional wisdom and certainly my recommendation would be to participate in the debate. donald trump has done a lot of things that defy conventional wisdom. we'll see what happens. i've also said, the most important thing is what happens.
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the only poll that really counts is the one on election day. caucus flight on monday. so we'll see how iowans respond. certainly they've turned out in big numbers. i'm hopeful we get a great turn out and that's an indication. >> you did tell the des moines register that senator cruz hasn't supported renewable fuels. the ethanol standard. and i think it would be a big mistake for iowa to support him. >> we have a lot of jobs at stake. 47 ethanol plants. 12 biodiesel plants west lead to nation in wind energy. that is why google and microsoft and facebook have all chosen iowa. we've got thousands of jobs at stake. farm income. this is really important to iowans. and do not support the wind energy tax credit and to co-sponsor a bill to repeal the renewable fuel assistant dard. those are things that i think
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iowans need to know. >> so there are people like senator cruz who say the government really shouldn't be picking winners and losers. >> that's not true. that's a big lie put out by big oil. the fact is the six did i for ethanol is gone. the only thing we want is access to the market. big oil controls the distribution and they don't profit from renewables. so they want to wyoming it out. they have. that. we just want access in iowa where people have the choice to be able to choose renewable energy which is cheaper. they overwhelmingly support it. both parties. i asked for, supporting a robust renewable fuel standard. it passed both houses unanimously. every member of our congressional delegation supports it. so it is important to our state. >> so important you weighed in.
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>> there's ten of these renewable fuel summits. and i've been to them. it is important to iowa. jobs in my state. income for farmers. and i want to do everything i can to grow the economy. it has created a lot of great jobs in these 43 ethanol plants. >> for people who give grief because your son is in the ethanol lobby? >> my son, i'm proud to say, has been organizing the renewable fuel, which is bipartisan. the former loonl governor and secretary of agriculture is part of that. this is not a partisan issue but an issue important to iowa. and we care about it. >> let me ask you about the democratic side. >> we thought there would be a coronation for clinton. now it looks like the momentum is with sanders. as i travel the state, he has more bumper stickers, more yard signs, more enthusiasm.
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he has a lot of young people who are coming out and working for him. i know she has a great organization. she left here eight years ago. i would not be surprised if it could happen again. >> and about a month ago, you celebrated a pretty interesting mile stoenl. >> i broke the record as the longest serving governor in american history. and the last one was the general in the revolutionary army. i was just a buck sergeant. i'm really proud that a buck sergeant from iowa beats the general from new york to be the longest serving governor. i'm proud to serve. i want to continue to work hard to represent the people of this great state. i love iowa and it is an honor to serve as their governor. >> well, sergeant, governor, thank you for your time. up next, shopping with the governor of iran. authorities arrest three people who had been occupying a wildlife refuge for almost a
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plox five other people who left the property were released. fox 11 in los angeles covering the search for three men who escaped from a maximum security jail friday. the orange county sheriff says five arrests have been made so far. more are expected. she says investigators believe the trio had outside help. and this is a live look from our affiliate houston. fox 26. one of the big stories there, the 30th anniversary of the challenger disaster. seven astronauts lost their lives on the space shuttle exploded. 73 seconds after the launch the kennedy space center in florida. memorials to the seven astronauts who died in the 2003 aboard the columbia and three killed in 1967 during a launch pad test of apollo one. that's the look outside the beltway. get fast-acting, long-lasting relief from heartburn
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the pentagon is changing its maternity leave policy. they plan to double it from six weeks paid to 12. the navy has gone to 18 weeks and will be forced to scale
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back. paternity leave will go from ten days to 14. secretary carter is very upset tonight. he is talking about the iranian capture of ten american sailors earlier this month. today he responded to a question from fox news correspondent jennifer griffin. >> violate international law by detaining sailors and how did you feel when you saw the video with your sailors with their hands up being held at gumt? >> the second part was easy. americans wouldn't have done that. i said that before. for me, as secretary of defense. to see our guys in that situation on iranian tv. that's really not okay. >> meanwhile, iran's president is on a shopping spree. the republic is flush with cash after lifting the check
3:21 pm
sanctions in the dealings with the west. what iran is buying. >> the handle mark visit to europe continues in paris today. french president hollande greeted them. >> translator: i want this can be, it is marked by crisis and useful to the world. >> but rouhani has other things on his mine. with thrifting of international sanctions, he is citing over $30 billion worth of sanctions. including the contract with the air bus to buy over 100 planes. a link-up to purchase iranian crude. critics say iran could use revenues to further destabilize the region.
3:22 pm
>> it will give them more money. they could use that money to fund various nefarious. >> the hope is that they will use the bulk of the money to boost a sadly sagging economy. >> the president of iran is taking advantage of the opportunity to go make his case around the world. why his country is open for business again. and he makes that claim based on the significant steps that his nation has already taken to dismantle a significant portion of their nuclear infrastructure. >> rouhani continues to make conciliatory noises toward the u.s. >> we have to have problems step by step. that should be a problem on both sides and both sides should realize a better future could benefit both countries. >> protesters in paris pointing to an ugly present in iran. a mock hanging staged from a bridge. >> france is following the u.s.
3:23 pm
cue. asking to consider new sanctions against iran. following that country's bad missile tests. in the meantime, they will stay busy. >> thank you. there is growing concern about this zika virus, the mosquito borne infection with possible links to birth defects. the head of the world health organization says it is on a rampage. here in the u.s., they're trying to stay ahead of it. >> reporter: president obama's concern about the potential spread of the zika virus inside the u.s. is growing. so much so that this week he summoned his health and national security teams to the situation room to assess the ongoing fight against the virus. >> we don't expect a major, major outbreak in the united states despite that there is considerable problems in south america. >> including nearly 4,000 cases of zika linked birth defects in brazil alone. that's about 30 time annual rate
3:24 pm
since 2010. and according to the world health organization, it is spreading explosively. >> fact the w.h.o. estimates 3 to 4 million people in the managers could be exposed to the virus in the next 12 months. already 31 cases have been reported among u.s. citizens who traveled to affected areas. >> the level of concern is high as is the level of uncertainty. questions abound. we need to get some answers quickly. >> there are certainly reasons to be concerned with this disease. and i think that explains the response. >> the centers for disease control and prevention reports the virus is spreadsing. up to 23 counties and spreading. and they're warning against women traveling to countries like mexico.
3:25 pm
and several major u.s. air carriers including american, jet blue and union righted already offering refunds for those impacted, although restrictions can apply and travellers are encouraged to call their carriers directly for details. >> so what's the big takeaway? if you're pregnant or can become pregnant, you want to exercise caution if you're traveling. however, if that does not apply to you. even if you got it, it would be flu-like symptoms, they would be brief and most people won't even experience that. >> kevin, thank you. the dow was up 125 today. the s&p 500 gained 10. the nasdaq finished ahead 38.5. when we come back we'll take you behind the scenes at the iowa event center as we continue our countdown to the debate. we were born 100 years ago into a new american century. born with a hunger to fly and a passion to build something better.
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carson. this is where we've been doing our reports. and this big part is food. you have to feed the press so it is constantly coming out, the food, and the coffee of course continues to need to be poured. this is the google area where you just saw shannon. we'll be having real-time stats throughout the debate and google throughout the night. let's go into the debate hall. this could be a problem for megyn kelly in the debate. >> okay. now this is the debate hall. that took a long time, actually. we might have to cut that down
3:31 pm
later. so this is it. it is an intimate room about, 1,600 seats that will be packed tonight. then you see the debate stage right up here. and this is where it will all happen. and you can see that we have all the podiums already set up. there are seven. but there is an extra podium on the side in case an eighth person shows up. but it is all right here. these are the candidates. go down the line there. they've all done a walk-through. and they're on their way in. all the candidates. there you see them there. and then this is the spot over here. where the anchors will sit. that's me and megyn and chris and this is our home base right over here throughout the debate. two hours. and it should be interesting. >> all right. let's get a preview of the debate.
3:32 pm
joining me will be megyn kelly and chris wallace. exciting. that elevator is a killer. >> i know. >> you have to time it to the table to the postgame analysis. >> there's og so high you can go in these shoes. we'll be like this. >> you don't have music. >> and i don't have anybody to speed me up. >> i've mentioned it. foreshadowed it that we have a little different challenge this time preparing. >> well, you know, ever since the polk administration. but this is unlike anyone i have ever covered before. we literally have done two debate preps. one if trump doesn't show up. and if he would show up. so you have to prepare for that. if he shows up, i'll be there right in the center of the stage as the front-runner. 9:00 eastern. and we've all got questions for a debate with trump and a debate without trump. >> and it is just weird.
3:33 pm
>> i think it will be harder on the producers than it is on us if that happens. the audience may not know, they have a full list of our questions as we go through them. they know who has how much time. so we have the regular version and then the trump surprise version. we have no reason to believe he's coming. if he does show up, we want to be prepared. >> by the rules, we have to know ahead of time. when it is 9:00, that's it. if he is not here by then, we go on with the debate with the people on the stage. >> i have to say. it was funny because we all said, what if trump comes? and we said we do this every day. we'll ad liberty. >> aside from the trump drama. there are some interesting topics, some interesting questions. there have been six of these. >> i think one of the most interesting things is the way
3:34 pm
the three of us work together. and it is a real partnership when we're out there. behind the scenes, it is a slug fest. but in a loving way. right. but we fight for our questions and we challenge each other saying, that's not good enough. you need to tighten it. you're not on the right issue. it can be better. then we make it great. then we say that sucks and he we we throw it all together biffle the time we go out there, it is the best of the best. >> i think there's big a difference. the last debate we did was the first debate. back in august. and none of these candidates have been on a stage together. a lot of these issues haven't really been discussed. now there is the seventh or eighth debate and we're four days ahead of the iowa caucus. and they've been at each other's throats. so it will be very different. the issues are ripe. the differences are distinct. and i promise you, this will not be 8 separate news conferences.
3:35 pm
this will be a debate. they will mix it up on issues that are important to you. foreign and domestic. >> exciting. >> are you feeling any nerves at all yet? anybody? >> i think it is the uncertainty about the two debates that has some interesting elements. >> all right. we'll see you in a bit. we will preview the debates with the expanded multicity panel.
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i don't like being taken advantage of. >> if donald trump beliefs he's been treated unfarley by the press? that's pretty laughable. >> i don't think he is afraid of me. i think he is afraid of the voters. >> i think the voters deserve to
3:40 pm
know. >> i think it is a double win. i'm in the main debate and i don't have to put up with donald trump. there you go. >> let's bring in our panel. steven hayes, the senior political columnist of national journal and in washington, charles, the political column. i for the washington times. and charles krauthammer. first in des moines, ron, the intrigue. we don't know what the percentage is that he'll come but we're prepared. >> donald trump is like trying to nail jello to the wall. we know as he big on the, a selfist and a thin skinned candidate. >> i'm pretty sure he won't come now. >> i'll not a moderator but i'll
3:41 pm
tell but megyn kelly. i came out of ap. don't want to be part of the story. the question she asked that has led to all this. it was a perfectly reasonable hard hitting question. the kimes of question you want your presidents asks. she made a presidential candidate eat his words. that's her job and the baby couldn't handle it. >> i don't think this has as much to do with megyn's kelly actual question as it does with donald trump's interest in generating excitement and enthusiasm or questions about his candidacy. that was five months ago. we're well beyond that. we've had that fight. i think it is interesting. i think we'll see it reflected on the stage where the candidates who do show up if he does not, will do their best to appear presidential. to freeway contrast with the front-runner. while they'll be on stage talking about isis and the iran and the it into. crisis and boobamacare.
3:42 pm
trump is tweeting about megyn kelly personally. this is childish behavior. and i think when you're talking about making a decision about who will be the president of the united states, the leader of the free world. the commander in chief. that's what you will see the other candidates do to try to contrast with trump. >> you talked with trump supporters. this has not affected them one iota. >> no. in a lot of ways, it sort of buttresses the image that he has cultivated. that he is a gutsy fighter. that he is not afraid to get into a fight with absolutely anybody. in this case, he picked a fight with the single most powerful force in cable news, a very powerful force among republican voters. he's gotten into there fight and he won't back down. it is hard to say whether this will hurt him in iowa but i think beyond iowa, it doesn't
3:43 pm
hurt him. it just reinforce this is image of him as a gutsy street fighter. >> charlie? >> i'm not sure we know. i'm not sure we'll ever know. if he intended it to go this far. it could be a little like world war i. you start out with a littlejevo a sudden you have the world on fire. i think it is hard for him to back down. i don't think he is afraid of you as the moderator. i think maybe late in the process, he realize this is could be a way for him to avoid incoming from ted cruz. cruz is the one who has the most at stake. i'm sure if trump had been there, or the initial planning was for cruz to go in with everything he had. to drop all the ordinary nance. for him, iowa is the stage.
3:44 pm
if he doesn't succeed in winning iowa or coming very close, it is hard to see how he proceeds to a victory. if he does win, it affects him in new hampshire, south carolina, elsewhere. this was his opportunity for mano y mano. for trump, it is a win/win. he doesn't to have face cruz. he would probably lose, i think. he did defeat cruz last time with the 9/11 trump card, fulfill but i'm not sure he could pull that off a second time. >> the key thing is we're four days away from actual voting. after talking about this for two years. and iowa come down to organization. you listen to governor branstad. he thinks the people are pretty well positioned here even though he doesn't want cruz to win. >> for the campaigns on both sides, bernie sanders and donald trump. they need a big turnout.
3:45 pm
everything we're seeing in the anecdotal. we haven't had a pre registration like we had in 2008. that doesn't mean people can't show up and register at the caucuses. do i agree the folks in washington. that purely politically, i don't think he hurts himself. people are all tired of establish. and institutions. >> we'll see. i talked on trump support here's are now former trump supporters. particularly because they thought his sitting out this one is a slap in the face to all of iowa. i talked to a woman who was not a trump supporter. she said i take had very personally. we here in iowa take our
3:46 pm
participation in the caucuses very seriously. if he up. if he doesn't treat had with the serious know it deserves. gifbl that it is a contest to become the president of the united states. i may stay home. if the question is, are some iowans upset about it there's a lot of people in iowa. we will have more with the panel here in des moines and in washington after a quick break. parking is hard to find. seems like everyone drives. and those who do should switch to geico because you could save hundreds on car insurance. ah, perfect.
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these are the hands of pitney bowes, the craftsmen of commerce.
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the reason this debate is more important than most, is because it's right before the critical first contest. the iowa caucuses. most republicans who are going to vote5@%(nm have already seen the candidates. many have made a tentative decision. but, there is a certain portion in iowa. it could be up to 40%. still floating, trying to narrow their choices down to one. and a final debate can tip them one way or the other. >> well, you saw the live shot there inside the debate
3:51 pm
hall as bill and martha get ready for the undercard debate starting just at the top of the hour. the latest poll out of iowa is the nbc/"wall street journal" marist pool. donald trump is up 8 points. cruz down 3. rubio is up 5 points since early january. as you take a look at the rcp average the polls, there youixúí$ see the spread more significant between trump, cruz and rubio. we are back with the panel. steve, i have mentioned we have been preparing for two possible debates. what's interesting is the candidates will obviously also have to prepare for two different debates if trump is there or if he is not. >> yeah. they have been. it's been interesting to talk to the advisors to several candidates today as they game through how exactly this is going to work. it's no surprise to people who watch these debates that the candidates prepare shots at the other candidates. they come in with something, a point that they want to make. an argue. that they are going to make
3:52 pm
almost regardless of the question sometimes. i know that surprises you because they always answer the question directly. >> appears all about the question. >> i talked to several different campaigns today who said we had this sort of teed up to raise with donald trump or to push trump on. and if he doesn't show up, you know, what do you do? you can't really raise it in his absence. that complicates everything for everybody. >> charlie, how much do you think these debates matter in moving voters one way or the other before this big contest on monday? >> well, i think in a place like iowa it can matter a lot, largely because iowa voters are kind of spoiled and they really expect to get kind of special treatment from the candidates. and they really tune in to these things. but i do think it's also interesting that we are sitting here talking about whether this decision by donald trump is going to hurt him or not in iowa. because if you step back and look at it, the big picture, donald trump shouldn't be in first, second, third, or fourth place in iowa if you
3:53 pm
just look at his resume and look at the kind of guy he is and the kind of campaigner he is. and it's sort of interesting something about the race and the race that he has run that we're even debating whether this is going to knock him out of contention or not. >> i mean, ron, you alluded to it earlier, but this entire race comes down to that split within the g.o.p. of the establishment, which is obviously split with a number of candidates in this race. and the antiestablishment outsider. and how angry voters are at washington. >> well, they are. we haven't seen them this angry in decades. and they have never been this empowered. and both on the far right and far left they are mad as hell and they are not taking it anymore. in iowa, which is is the most organized state where you really have to work hard and be publicly for somebody, turnout really matters. and the question is whether or not people are mad enough to come out and do kinds of things you have to do at a caucus. on the establishment end,
3:54 pm
i'm surprised how many people are telling me that rubio's people in the state are telling them they think they are going to get second place. that's significant to me for two reasons that would be a huge story rubio would come out of here with a rocket. two doesn't seem likely. and three why would you be raising these expectations. that's the kind of thing you want to sneak up on. >> charles? >> i think they are banking on the debates. you asked earlier what effect it would have. look, rubio and cruz would not be so far up there ahead of the pac if not for the debates. trump auto -- would be where he is in the absence of the debate. he didn't do particularly well in any of them. one of=xwfpe the reasons why buh is so low because he had these terrible performances. especially early on. i think it is important and i do agree with steve that for iowa, i mean, i'm not sure that nationally whether trump is in there or not is going to have any effect on his popularity. probably not. but, in iowa, it could have an effect because it's a small state.
3:55 pm
people take it personally. they know they're number one in the country. it has a large effect. and his not showing up could be seen by some as a snub. so i think that that is important. i would not, in any way, under estimate the absolutely nowhere after a single performance in the first debate and actually won iowa. >> it's funny you mention that, charles. steve, governor branstad said to the "the washington post" today that huckabee could surprise people where they think he is. >> well, he would have to almost by definition because is he polling so low right now as is rick santorum. the past two iowa caucus winners. anything that they did. >> who does it take away from? >> i think it would take away from ted cruz. that's who huckabee has been training his fire. >> rick santorum was sitting in third place last time and he ended up winning it. >> ron, steve, charlie and
3:56 pm
charles in washington. that is it for the panel. stay tuned for some final thoughts. trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪
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unafraid. the first debate from here in des moines before the iowa caucuses on monday starts right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ good evening, everyone. it is time to get started. it is 7:00 p.m. on the east coast, 6:00 p.m. here in des moines, iowa. and we welcome you to the seventh republican debate of the 2016 campaign. i'm martha mccallum. good evening, i'll bill hemmer, we are live at the iowa events center in downtown des moines. in only four days iowa officially kicks off the race for the white house. >> tonight, we are partnering with google for an exclusive second screen experience. search fox news debate on google any time tonight to access exclusive content. can you see


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