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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  January 29, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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tonight. ms. megyn is next. i'm bill o'reilly. and please always remember, the spin stops here because we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight. dramatic new developments in the e-mail scandal looming over hillary clinton's campaign for the white house. as the state department reveals there are nearly two dozen e-mails from mrs. clinton's personal server containing information so secret they can never see the light of day, even if in redacted form. welcome to "the kelly file," i'm megyn kelly. this comes as the state department releases scores of other previously undisclosed e-mails and comes less than 72 hours before the first in the nation iowa caucuses. the clinton campaign was quick to call this a class of overclassification, telling the state department release the
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e-mails. but the state department refused to even discuss it, saying the e-mail classification is being held at the request of the intelligence community. in moments, we'll get reaction from former bush white house press secretary dana perino as well as robert zimmerman. but we begin with catherine herridge reporting from washington. >> reporter: this e-mail released just hours ago has intelligence from three different agencies. fox news was first to report some of the clinton e-mails are too damaging to release, even with entire sections blacked out. they include 22 top secret e-ils, containing intelligence from special access programs considered beyond top secret, as well as intelligence from human spies. the state department is withholding 18 e-mails between president obama and mrs. clinton. the information was top secret when it was sent and it hit the clinton server.
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it was not upgraded after the fact. fox news pressed the state department spokesman today on why they refuse to accept the facts. >> the group that has final say on the classification when it hit that server is the agency who got that information, not the state department. >> what i'm saying is, we work closely with the intelligence community. at their request, we have upgraded this information. >> that's not answering the question. >> reporter: fox news told the intelligence agencies are operating on the assumption the server was compromised and there are more copies of the clinton e-mails out there and releasing a partial e-mail could provide enough clues leading back to the original document exposing government secrets. >> can you say with certainty and confidence that secretary clinton will not be indicted because of this scandal? >> that will be a decision made
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by the justice department and prosecutors over there. what i know some officials over there has said is she's not a target of the investigation. so that does not seem to be the direction that it's trending. >> that claim did not sit well with our contacts with the justice department and the fbi, who emphasized that josh earnest has no direct knowledge of the fbi investigation and given what the president has said in the past about the case, it does look like a pattern of political interference, megyn. >> catherine, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> even before this broke, mark halperin, the reporter from bloomberg news, got a lot of i tension for his reporting on the attention this is now getting over at the white house. >> there are some people in the white house that are starting to talk, it's not clear whether they know what's happening or just their intuition, but the body language is this is more serious and something is going to happen. the timing is pretty bad for secretary clinton. >> dana perino is former white
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house press secretary under president george bush, she's live in iowa. so i don't know about the body language of the people at the white house being the best indicator of what's going to happen here, but catherine's reporting is real. and troublesome. your thoughts? >> well, i have a couple of them. one, hillary clinton's campaign came out and said they want all the documents to be released. first of all, they're in this position because of her error of judgment. they also know that -- her asking the state department to release classified information is a way for her to hide, because she knows that they can't release the classified documents unless one thing happens, megyn, there is a person who has the power to release all the documents, and that is president barack obama. he holds the power to declassify. so if hillary clinton is right, and if the white house decides to help the fbi investigation along and put its thumb on the scale of justice for hillary clinton, then he can release all the documents she just released,
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but i bet he won't. >> catherine is reporting some of these documents have human spying intelligence in them. why would we release those? >> that's right. the other thing i would say, i think that josh earnest at the white house could do a little better job of protecting himself. i think the one thing he's trying to do is walk this fine line to respect the justice department investigation, the fbi investigation and not troy to show any interference from the white house. he also wants to protect the president, and i know -- we know from their statements and because it's just politics, they want to help hillary clinton become the next president of the united states. however, if this investigation grows, who do you think the first people are that the fbi comes and asks questions of next? it's the staff. and you don't want to put yourself in that position. i always thought it would be better to just have a firewall and say we are not commenting on this investigation at all from the white house. you're going to have to call the campaign, call the fbi, and
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protect yourself and the president in that manner. it would be much better for everybody involved. maybe not for hillary, but that shouldn't be their concern right now. >> in the meantime, the hillary clinton campaign will have to deal with that sound bite we've seen. there are many, this is just one example. she's wearing the black and white striped shirt, unfortunate choice given what she was saying. watch it. >> i am confident that i never sent nor received any information that was classified at the time it was sent and received. i did not send nor receive anything that was classified at the time. i did not receive nor send anything that was classified. >> it's just not true. >> it is not true. not only that, remember that president obama on "60 minutes "about six weeks ago said there was no national security information that was compromised at all in any of hillary clinton's e-mails. i would submit they don't know that. they're basically suggesting that everybody that is part of
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the investigation that is trying to do their job and not make this a public spectacle is lying, as well. and so there's a respect issue going on in terms of the trust from the white house. look, the white house -- the guys that are there for political are gone in eight months. the classified community will be there a lot longer. >> dana, great to see you. joining us more is robert zimmerman, a clinton supporter. >> great to be with you. >> what do you make of that? >> dana hasn't lost her touch. >> how does she get out of the black and white sound bite? >> because she never sent or received anything marked classified. the point is -- >> let's just walk through it together. what the experts say is if you're secretary of state, it doesn't matter if it's marked classified. if you get information on human
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spying, you have to have the judgment to understand this is classified. you get in trouble in government if you don't understand that, muchless if you're the secretary of state. >> let's understand what the experts say. the documents have to have certain guarantied markings that indicate they're classified information. >> but it doesn't moan they're unclassified if they don't have those. >> just back in november, the director of national intelligence james clapper overturned his inspector general who claimed some of the clinton e-mails were top secret when he determined they were not. this is about -- >> your point is just because they're saying this is classified doesn't make it so? >> it's a back and forth debate. john bolton, one of the most conservatives in the bush white house and ambassador to the united nations said there is no rational approach to the classification of our documents. everything hillary clinton has said about how she handled her e-mails and the documents she's
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received and sent has proven to be accurate and correct. >> no, in that sound bite, there is no classified information, that is false. you admit that? >> she said she sent and received nothing marked classified. >> robert, we saw the sound bite. first of all, at the first presser she had at the u.n., she said there is no classified material. >> this is not a gotcha game, megyn. >> then she said none was ever sent or received that was marked. >> how you determine what is classified is by the markings -- >> that's not true. >> dianne feinstein, who saw these e-mails in question tonight, said they had none of the markings that would indicate classified information. that's what is critical here. >> they stripped some of the markings off of them. that's already been reported. second of all -- the content of the document determines whether
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it's classified, not the markings. >> but the evaluation is by the different authorities that oversee them. >> she was secretary of state. she's supposed to have an understanding of that. >> they weren't originated by hillary clinton and they went back and forth in the e-mail chain. let's remember, some of these so-called classified documents are newspaper articles that were sent around. >> understood. but others talk about human spying. >> i'm not taking it personally. you've done well. congratulations on last night's debate. >> thank you very much. even though the story broke late today, governor chris christie has a campaign ad on it. he will join us in just moments. plus, glenn beck is next on the big story in iowa where senator cruz launched a dramatic change of course today. and we sent senator marco rubio inside the lion's den. look at this. he meets with the frank lunlts
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breaking tonight. a big new twist in the iowa caucus battle. the campaign of senator ted cruz just signaled a possible shift in strategy, moving almost all of his negative advertising from donald trump to marco rubio for the final three days before the caucuses. here's a sample of what is now blanketing the airwaves in iowa. >> i am not and will they have support, never have and never will support blanket legalization amnesty. >> marco rubio was part of the gang of eight trying to secure amnesty. >> one of the architects of the plan, senator marco rubio. you have given legal status to people who have broken the law. >> marco rubio was a member of the gang of eight and ted cruz wasn't. >> glenn beck is with me now.
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he's endorsed senator cruz. why are you making that sound? >> oh, my gosh, i can't take this anymore. we are an underinformed electorate and you're allowed to just lie and lie and lie on stage. i watched your interview last night after the debate with ted cruz, where you said, you know, look, i've gone through your record here and i believe that you're telling the truth on this. and so few people do that. and so it's sound bite city and they are turning everything upside down. it is incredible. >> but that was cruz hitting rubio for once supporting -- saying he wouldn't support amnesty and then doing so. >> right. what kills me is, rubio is basically saying how dare you do what -- basically what i did. and he's turning his record
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upside down and inside out, when cruz is very clear. the one thing you can say about ted cruz is he is consistent. why do they say nobody in the establishment likes him? because he's consistent. he does exactly what he says he's going to do, and he doesn't waver from that. that's why they hit him. >> i went back and i did take a deep dive, much deeper than i cared to do, about senator cruz's position on immigration. i was open minded. what are the facts and did he support legalization and now he's trying to back off of it? because that's where i'll go with my question or was it a poison pill and all the rhetoric. i think the record is pretty clear. ted cruz did not want legalization or amnesty to pass. >> no, he was -- what he was doing was saying look, oh, chuck, oh, marco, really, you don't want citizenship? so that bill, there's no
6:17 pm
citizenship in it? no, ted, i'm going to write a 38-word amendment so it's crystal clear. as soon as they did that, they wanted nothing to do that. >> they were saying it's not all about citizenship. he was okay, let's take citizenship out and seat if they pass the bill and they wouldn't. >> exactly right. >> let me ask you, "the des moines register" was very hard on ted cruz today. they endorsed rubio, saying "rough night for cruz," and cruz is coming out with these attack ads on marco rubio calling rubio the republican obama. i don't think he means it in a good way. so what do you make of how cruz did and how it now seems to be cruz and rubio vying in iowa? >> i don't think ted cruz had his best night ever. but everybody -- look, there's
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nobody in the media that wants ted cruz. and that's nobody this the establishment that wants ted cruz. he has the arrow on his back, the bull's-eye on his forehead. he's coming under attack from everybody. i thought he had a good night, just not a great night. rubio is a very good, dynamic speaker. but what rubio lacks is, while he's strong on defense, cruz is principled on defense. marco rubio, and i'm telling you, i'm very concerned about the security of the constitution of the united states. and marco has said to me several times, i've had private conversations and conversations on the air, marco, the constitution says you cannot do that. and he's told me, i understand that, glenn. but i've got to do what i've got to do to protect the american people. there's a lot of people that will trade their freedom for their security. i'm not one of them. >> that was one of the reasons why i asked marco rubio about
6:19 pm
his call to shut down diners or mosques where radicalization is occurring. and radicalization, none of us wants that, i get that. but it's not illegal to believe as the radical muslims believe. what's illegal is then to turn it into terrorist acts. you can't just shut down a diner because muslims are being radicalized in it under the first amendment. >> people say they want to restore america to her greatness. if we don't restore her principles, we will never be great. there is nothing to america besides our principles, and we have lost them. and i'll tell you, there's too many of these things -- megyn, when i was on fox, we talked about a lot of things and i was mocked for a lot of things. i looked through some old political cartoons today mocking me on the things i had on the chalk board. it's all beginning to happen. you look at trump supporters, and they're dehumanizing people. donald trump is doing it. they're dehumanizing anybody that stands against them.
6:20 pm
they're fat, they're pigs, they're losers, they're cry babies, whatever they are. and he talks about women, as you know, it's even worse. when you dehumanize people, you head for massive, massive trouble. where is the press speaking out about the dehumanization of people by donald trump? all we heard, all we heard about the tea party is, how this rhetoric is going to lead to violence. i'm telling you, when you dehumanize people, you are one step away from the jungle. >> later in the show, glenn shares a blast from the past you won't believe. oh, do we have a picture for you. but first, marco rubio goes one on one with some of the folks voting in iowa on monday and you'll see how his entry into the frank luntz lion's den went, next. >> how many of you walked in here supporting marco rubio, raise your hands. one, two, three of you.
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breaking tonight, less than 4 hours after a big debate, senator marco rubio held a rally in dubuque, attracting perhaps his biggest crowd yet in the state of iowa. senator rubio got high marks for his performance in the debate, the daily caller writing, rubio wins debate while cruz flubs it. the national journal wrote, rubio makes the most of his final debate opportunity. and cruz and rubio dominate the last debate as stand-ins for trump. after that debate ended, senator rubio met with frank luntz and his focus group. >> what do they need to know about you, your lives, your experiences? >> the thing we love about iowa, what i love about iowa, it's a
6:25 pm
simple way of life. you can make it as difficult as you want, but we're not city people. rush hour is about five minutes, and we do care about our fellow iowans deeply, and we also really, really are a very strong about education. >> in the back. >> i was >> iowa is a strong constitutional state and we want the government just to leave us alone and live. >> one more. >> as it relates to the political process, we take this very seriously. every conversation all day long is always about politics, and it's on both sides of the aisle. it's a true great representation of the nation on both sides. >> what should they know about you that they wouldn't know? >> my view is, that's not just iowa, that's most of the country. you talked about the federal government and the constitution. the constitution is a document of limitation. i do a lot of town halls now.
6:26 pm
people are asking when you are president, what are you going to do about this? often times the answer is, that's not the federal government's job. we have to get back to realizing there are a lot of problems in america that the government cannot fix. we have to fix it as a people and community. as far as a process, i love this process, i really do. i'm so impressed every day by the questions i get at these town halls. these are people who just got off work and are asking me about detailed public policy concerns. so i know iowa is paying attention. it's made me a better candidate and will make me a better president. >> how many of you walked in here supporting marco rubio. three of you. how many of you are going to walk out of here supporting marco rubio, raise your hands. >> that's good. give me another ten minutes and maybe i can get more of them. >> what is the greatest challenge facing the countrisome >> social security, medicare,
6:27 pm
medicaid, interest on the debt. they eat up everything on the budget. >> what's the greatest challenge? >> faltering economy. the jobs that we have are not paying as well as they were in the past, people are still struggling. >> restoring our family structure. it wasn't discussed, but it's something that is very important, because families are the fabric of our country. >> are these the role of washington, is this the role of the next president? >> the debt is certainly, because it's the federal debt. if we don't do anything, we have a guarantied debt crisis. on the issue of the family, that's critical. the family is the backbone of society. government can't make stronger families. i can't pass a law that makes someone a better husband or father or mother or wife. but we shouldn't have policies that undermine the family. and the jobs not paying much, absolutely. when obama says we're creating all these jobs, they don't pay
6:28 pm
enough. we have to create the best jobs of the 21st century and make it easier for people to acquire those skills. >> is the american dream still alive? >> absolutely. >> you're nodding your head no. >> one thing that's frustrating is that we the people did elect republicans to the congress and the senate and we expected something different to happen. and nothing different has happened. >> you guys agree with that? [ applause ] >> we want to know what our leader that we are going to elect is going to do something to change that. >> that's why i'm running. i've only been in the senate five years. you think it's tough, i have to work with these people. there's no urgency. the whole immediate reaction is, once they're elected, the whole thing is how to get re-elected. 2016 is a turning point. the time to act is now. >> senator marco rubio. >> thank you.
6:29 pm
[ applause ] >> fun watching the candidates with frank's group, right? we did that with senator cruz, now senator rubio. it's just dynamic exchange. we have more on our top story about the dramatic developments in the e-mail scandal looming over hillary clinton's campaign, as chris christie accuses mrs. clinton of flat out lying to america. he's next. plus, with a little less than 72 hours to go until the first iowa caucus results. what is happening with the last-minute polls? stirewalt and lowery are here. they've got the data.
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secret information. now, didn't she look us in the eye and tell us that there was not a bit of classified information on her personal server? she has now definitively, without any question, lied to us. and we watched her in iowa the other night at that town hall meeting, right? she got asked by an iowan about her e-mail thing and what did she say? i talked about this last night. she said she did it for her own convenience. she put the lives of intelligence officers at risk for her convenience. she put the security of her homeland at risk for her convenience. that should disqualify you from being president of the united states. that should end the conversation. [ applause ] >> back now to our top story. that was a brand new ad just released from governor chris christie, as we got reports just hours ago that investigators found a number of e-mails on mrs. clinton's private home server that were so classified they cannot be released to the public as earlier promised.
6:34 pm
joining me now, the man whose campaign is behind that ad, governor chris christie. now we learn that there are seven e-mail chains, 22 plus pages of top secret information. but what she is saying, and has said for a while now, is they were not marked classified. first, it was they aren't classified. then she moved to, they weren't marked classified. how do you say she's a liar? if they're marked classified, how would she know they are? >> you know, because she's the secretary of state of the united states. in she can't read something and recognize that she's reading highly sensitive information, then she doesn't belong on the job in the first place. let's remember some of her previous e-mails where she requested that people take headers off that were marked classified, and then fax them over unsecure faxes. this is an absolute house of
6:35 pm
cards that is coming down around hillary clinton's body right now. >> so you and governor kasich are in a bit of a dust-up now. iowa is on monday, then the next week is new hampshire. you just got the endorsement of the "boston herald," and he has gotten several endorsements. he came out today, you're hitting him, he's hitting you. he put your records side by side and said look at the facts. in his state, he has a 62% record high home state approval rating. in new jersey, he said you have a 33% record low approval rating. he says he created a $2 billion stimulus bond rating near the national average. new jersey's credit rating was downgraded a record nine times, the nation's second worst. does he have a point? >> no, he doesn't have a point. and john is using old statistics from years ago. that's okay, because he wants to win and mischaracterize my record. but in 2015, megyn, we created
6:36 pm
more private sector jobs in new jersey than the state has created in over 15 years. we took care of the pension and benefit program in our state, saving $120 billion over the next 30 years for the taxpayers. we balanced six budgets in a row, and unlike governor kasich, i've never proposed to raise taxes. he proposed to raise taxes over $5 billion. so listen, he wants to talk about his record, talk about his own record. that's fine. he doesn't need to talk about mine, but if he does, i'll talk about his. he's got a lot of other issues. she should go back to ohio and deal with the issues that he probably should have talked about at the debate last night when he was talking about governor snyder. >> you received high remarks last night, some saying it was your night.
6:37 pm
now iowa is a couple of days away. where do you need to place on the iowa leader board on monday night and then in new hampshire the following week to continue on? >> listen, i would like to be the number one governor in iowa. we'll be competing with governor bush to be the number one governor in iowa and i hope we get there. and then in new hampshire i definitively want to be the number one governor. so those are our goals for iowa and new hampshire. but it's going to be a lot of hard work. this race is a jumble right now. no one knows what is going to happen. we'll make sure we work as hard as we can. i'm getting ready tonight to do my fourth town hall of the day here in iowa. we're working hard, we'll be here through monday, then go back to new hampshire. >> how did you think it went last night, what did you think of the debate? >> i thought the debate went very well. i thought it was very substantive. you saw the real difference what it's like being a governor who makes decisions and what it means to be a united states
6:38 pm
senator, to hear and see things you put up on a tv screen and tell the american people that what they just heard wasn't true. only in washington, d.c., megyn, only in washington. >> the washington-to-english dictionary thing is going to stick. good to see you, governor. >> thanks for having me on, megyn. our next group is coming under fire. governor kasich's campaign says attacks after a rise in the polls are a good problem to have. joining me now, ohio governor john kasich. great to see you. so what did you think of the debate first? >> i enjoyed it very much. >> we enjoyed having you. so what did you think of governor chris christie's attack on you there? >> i actually -- the only thing i heard was, this is something they say about my record that i've raised taxes by $5 billion. i don't know what they're talking about. look, megyn, in my state, i've cut taxes by $5 billion, more
6:39 pm
than any governor in the country. our budget is balanced. it's balanced structurally. we're running a $2 billion surplus. we have grown over 400,000 jobs. and our credit is very strong. we've never been downgraded, and our pensions are secure. now, in addition to that, of course, we help people who live in the shadows, and whether they're the mentally ill, the drug addicted or the working poor. my approach in the state has been to grow the economy, which has always been my number one purpose. >> what is it like to have a $2 billion surplus? most states can't understand that. >> i started with an $8 billion hole, 20% of my budget was in the hole. now we have a surplus. so here's the thing, megyn, that we have to focus on. this is why i didn't listen to all the noise out here. this country has to pull itself together. we have to be americans before we're republicans and democrats. and we're developing, as i pointed out last night, a
6:40 pm
national security problem when we can't fix anything. we can't fix the border. we haven't beenible to fix social security. we can't balance the budget. there are really simple solutions. the only thing that stands in the way are people who put their party before the good of the country, and all of my career, i've been able to pull republicans and democrats together to get things done, including balancing the federal budget and create jobs. >> do you feel like the gop is moving one faction of it so far to the right where they say, you know, the cruz folks who are like, no compromise, we're sick of compromise. then you have the trump folks, blow up the whole system. >> yeah. megyn, look, one of the national reporters said something about me. they said there's an establishment lane and anti-establishment lane and a kasich lane. so i'm not trying to compete against any other candidate. i'm just trying to win every vote i can by letting people see
6:41 pm
me, letting them hear me and letting them understand who john kasich is. i've been a uniter all of my career. a conservative who unites people and gets things done. and you know, i always talk about this old record, like balancing the federal budget, which people have a hard time believing, but we did it. and also what i've done in ohio and what i want to take to the country. i think when politician's lips move today, people don't believe them. so i like to talk about my record and resume so people can understand what i'm saying now is something i've already done. although i am promising a chicken in every pot. >> excellent. i love chicken. it's a lean protein. i have it several times a day. great to see you, governor kasich. >> all right, megyn, thank you. you did a great job last night. the whole team did. >> thank you very much. and i should mention governor kasich has the endorsement of seven papers in new hampshire. he's a favorite there for sure
6:42 pm
and in second place right now, according to the latest poll. so less than 72 hours to go until the first iowa results. we're almost there. and stirewalt and lowery are next on how much can change before the votes are cast. then the fascinating story behind this picture. ♪ ♪ halfway there, whoa, oh, living on a prayer ♪ ♪ take my hand and we'll make it, i swear ♪ test. test. test. test. get fast-acting, long-lasting relief from heartburn with it neutralizes stomach acid and is the only product that forms a protective barrier that helps keep stomach acid in the stomach where it belongs. for fast-acting, long-lasting relief. try gaviscon®.
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well, now less than 72 hours until the first votes in the race for the white house. even in that short amount of time, the political pros tell us a lot can change in a state like iowa. chris stirewalt and rich lowery join me. hi, guys. so chris, you say the race is going to be decided this weekend. >> i hate to inform the voters of america, but we have substantially ripped them off for the last year, talking about all the things that are going to happen. because what happened in the debate on thursday put the race all kablooey and scrambled everything. the front-runner skipped. the second place guy fought with everybody. the third place guy showed mojo, sleepers awoke. and all this stuff happened. and plus, you know what iowa likes to do?
6:47 pm
confound everybody's expectations. that's what they do and they'll do it again. >> there's an elevator behind you going up and down. it looks like a sparkly necklace coming down. >> keep us posted about the elevator, megyn. >> that's all i can look at. i'm tired. >> i thought it was very compelling. you're just focused on the elevator. >> it's very sparkly. [ laughter ] >> let me ask you, rich, there's a lot of buzz going on about marco rubio. what do you think about the fact that cruz moved his attack ads from trump to rubio? >> there's been a buzz about a marco rubio surge. this is an indication that the cruz team believes it. because you don't spend precious resources, like three days before the caucus, attackings n. that shows the cruz people think he's moving, and the rubio
6:48 pm
people have been playing this expectations game where they have down played expectations everywhere. two days ago i was talking to some rubio strategists. i said i think you can guys can finish 20 here. oh, a meteor strike is more likely. then the nbc polls come out showing them at 18. so there's a chance that rubio overperforms here, which will be all the more incredible, given the right to rise money that's been dumped on him, millions of dollars, and now the cruz negative ads. >> there goes chris stirewalt's pretty little necklace. the iowa race is crazy, chaotic, you never know. let me show the viewers what happened in 2012, three days before the caucuses. romney had 24%, was leading. ron paul at 22% in the number two position, and rick santorum at 15%, nine points behind the front-runner. he wound up being the winner.
6:49 pm
and we'll show the viewers how the board looks today. go ahead, chris. >> my only point would be, rick santorum was at 15% three days before. he was 5% ten days before that. the thing in iowa is this -- ted cruz is built for iowa. he's built an iowa campaign. he's made outroach each to iowa voters, especially evangelicals, his focus. and he's hit it hard. he drops j-bombs with regularity. then you have marco rubio, who has been back, back, back in the rest of the pack. he starts to get some traction, here's the deal. if donald trump hurt himself, we don't know how much he did. if he hurt himself substantially, there's a lot of votes available, make rubio can gobble them up.
6:50 pm
>> go ahead. >> ted cruz has arguably been running in the iowa caucuses for five years since he got into the senate primary, knowing once he got into the senate, he would run and a key to his campaign would be right here. he hasn't been lowering expectations at all here. and not lowering expectations a. couple of weeks ago he said it was a lock and hurt to finish third and devastating -- sorry. hurt to finish second. devastating to finish third. >> governor christie says he wants to be the number one governor in the placement. everybody sort of narrows it down. >> starts with a "n." >> i can see you guys. i have to go. the picture we are about the show you may be one of the best things you see all day and the story behind is told to you by glenn beck next. [woodworker] i live in the fine details.
6:51 pm
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6:54 pm
incredible blast from the past tonight courtesy of glenn beck who may have been on seriously bad medicine when they snapped this picture of a nearly unrecognizable glenn with rock n roll legend jon bon jovi. there were many great things i saw today. many great things that people generally seemed the like the fox news debate. the three moderators felt great about this and the team at fox and i thought -- >> i do. >> somebody sent me this and i said i didn't know what feeling good was until i saw this picture. can anyone find glenn beck in this photo? how -- all the crew is coming now. how did this occur? you may recognize the man in the middle. familiar to some. tell the viewers who that is. >> me to tell -- >> yes.
6:55 pm
tell them who you're be. >> bon jovi. much to his shame and mine that's bon jovi. >> how did this happen? and what is with the hair? >> i would like -- i would like to say, megyn, those are my drinking days but that's three days past my drinking days. yes. i mean, god bless my wife. you know she -- i was poor. i had a mullet. i mean, what happened to her? how did her life go so wrong? >> a great sense of fashion. i'll say that. do you know bon jovi? are you guys pals? >> no. i was -- that's when i was doing morning radio and so i've got lots of really embarrassing pictures with me with very famous singers and not good. >> i see this as maybe an inspiration because since that moment you've gotten more svelte. your hair is hipper. and, you know, your clothing is cooler. maybe this is your turn around. this is your a-ha moment meeting
6:56 pm
him. >> yeah. yeah. megyn, unlike you, there was really no place for me to go than up. so -- so -- >> you're being too hard on yourself. >> you can't -- you can't wreck that look anymore than i did. >> one more time. i so enjoy it. awesome. >> isn't that great? >> glenn, thank you for sharing that with us and thank you for being with us tonight. >> you bet. >> growing on me. how about you? we'll be right back. mmm, a perfect 177-degrees. and that's why this road warrior rents from national. i can bypass the counter and go straight to my car. and i don't have to talk to any humans, unless i want to. and i don't. and national lets me choose any car in the aisle. control. it's so, what's the word?... sexy. go national. go like a pro.
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heading back to iowa sunday and sunday night we'll host a special hour with everything you need to know about the caucuses. and then a special live 9:00 p.m. sunday night with live reports, the focus group. see you then! welcome to "hannity" and tonight the iowa caucuses three days away and last night's big gop debate we saw the candidates are holding nothing back. her's the biggest moments and the best lines from the final republican showdown before the iowa caucuses. >> i will unite the party and defeat hillary clinton and turn this country around once and for all after the disaster that is barack obama. >> i'm an establishment because my dad the greatest man alive was president of the united states an my brother who i adore was a president and barra


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