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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 29, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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left this evening from iowa. we hope you'll have a great night. 7 p.m. special "on the record." see you from iowa sunday. >> "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> we have seen now in six years of obamayy been a disaster. it is the biggest job killer in this country. >> the associated press saying senator cruz's statement is not true. but the factor has been investigating the a.p.'s conclusion. wait until you hear what we found out.ññód >> in is the lie that ted's campaign is built on. he is a conservative guy and everyone else is a rino. >> senator marco rubio under fire last night. he will be here to discuss his stance on illegal immigration. >> what's youroutine like you? wake and bake? >> i wake up, smoke a bowl, go to sleep. wake up, smoke a bowl and go to work. >> we predicted it, drug
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dealers going to colorado to export from that state to places all over the country. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone from southern california. factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ s58e hi, i'm bill o'reilly reporting tonight from los angeles. thanks for watching us. the iowa dilemma. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. this coming monday we will have a more vivid picture of the republican presidential contestant. earlier this week, we reported about a third of iowa caucus voters could change their minds before they cast their ballots.ç right donald trump remains the front run arer according to the real clear politics average, followed by ted cruz, marco rubio, and ben carson. all the rest of the candidates have no chance in iowa. now, it's impossible to predict how the iowa voters will react to donald trump not showing up to the debate
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last night. we simply can't put that into any kind of perspective so we won't even try. talking points also cannot predict what will happen on monday. it's simply too foggy for me. on another front, the candidate rick santorum is saying that i, your humble correspondent, am trying to influence the iowa vote. >> sort of an outrage for the people of iowa that you have a media that tries to predetermine the race before the people of iowa vote. the reality is that, you know, bill o'reilly is playing right now. you are looking at a guy who has announcedqú=/co the last week of may and have not been invited back on "fox & friends," have never had an interview with megyn kelly. have never had an interview with bill o'reilly. >> now, i feel rick santorum's pain. he is absolutely correct. we have not had him on the factor. but there is a reason for that. we'rer&ñwçz not in the campaigng business here. we don't put politicians on the air simply spo-to-spout
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their slogans. that's what political ads are for. we cover the news. and when a politician is in the news, they get on the program. that's why donald trump gets so much air time. he is dominating the news cycle by injecting controversy into the political arena. and you know what? that's not fair. other candidates are being left out. like rick santorum. honestly, we looked for a reason to put the senator on, but we couldn't find any. his poll numbers are very low. his campaign strategy is what it was four years ago. there is simply nothing new. again, rick santorum is absolutely correct that the lack of media exposure is hurting his campaign. but it's not anything personal against rick. i like him. he is smart. he is4>#od honest. and you could do worse in electing a president. again, just to be crystal clear, the factor's mandate is to bring you new information and analysis that is independent and
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honest. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. what about iowa? joining us from new york city director of the fox news decision desk and patrick murray director of the monmouth polling operation. mr. murray, we will begin with you, any prediction about iowa? >> yeah, it's hard to predict. turnout there is very low but our models are showing there is going to be record turnout on the republican side. you know what? i think there is going to be. if that happens, donald trump wins. is trending in that direction. >> is there any indication from any of your research that prump may have hurt himself by not going to the debate? >> no. in fact, i think he may have helped himself because his voters are republican voters. they go out and vote in general elections because they don't want the democrats to win but they don't come out in primaries because they have told us that they this are unhappy with the republican establishment. and so not taking part in an establishment forum, like
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debate, actually proves-to-them that they is actually the candidate they are looking for. actually reinforces them. >> do you see it that way? >> look, without question, trump is favored on monday. at the same time as you pointed out several times, roughly half of the voters of iowa could easily change their mind between now and monday afternoon basedgó on something that happens over the weekend or some sort of trend or because they like more than one candidate and haven't decided who to settle on in the last minute. also average caucus there is by definition politicking at the caucus. it's not close the curtain and place the vote. it's listen to speeches and then place your vote. it's very possible that things could change. if you are giving me odds, i would bet something other than trump wins on monday. >> you think cruz is going to win it? >> i think cruz may win it the interesting thing that i have seen in the polling averages is that rubio, who all along has been the guy who is most promising in the field but when you look at the polls never gets
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anywhere. the last couple 'of polls, i think one that our friend here did, and one the marist poll came out and have suggested that rubio is trending up and so the notion that he could maybe catch fire over the next 48 hours is not crazy. so if you give me odds. >>rhu[o that would be amazing. >> i think cruz is the one that i would like for to outperform the polls. the reason why is i looked historically back in the last two cycles. mike huckabee and rick santorum did much better in the final iowa caucuses than they did in the polls leading up to them whereas the polls were pretty much on the money for every other candidate. social conservative vote that comes out and brings their friends out from church that comes out to vote. i'm still betting on donald trump winning because of his high turnout. ted cruz will do better than he is looking right now. >> if ted cruz does better than he is looking now -- go ahead. >> just what you guys have said creates very high drama for monday because you have the three guys. and it's very important for all three.
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because trump is going to win new hampshire. i can't imagine he loses there if he gets hurt in iowa. then the rest of it becomes more difficult for him. if rubio, as you might suggest, are a none, arnon he comes on fire. let's go to the other side arnon. a at a time race between clinton and sanders today. we will cover this with you. the federal government comes out and says listen, this email situation isn't going away and it's bad. it's bad. that comes out today what do you see on the democratic side, arnon. >> i don't think that hurts her on the democratic side until there is something damaging out there in which case it could hurt her. i see it obviously as a potential challenge in november for her. but in terms of the democratic electorate, i don't think that they that is going to effect their
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opinion. >> who are you calling in iowa. >> i would say that hillary is slightly advantaged because of the strength of her organization. because all the polls that i have seen that are based really on sort of conservative turnout models and i think it will be a more conservative turnout model than on the republican side where it can be wild, sort of advantage hillary. so i bet with her but i think that she could be embarrassed by how close sanders comes. >> and you say, mr. murray about the democrats? >> i'm in agreement with arnon there. it does look like lower turnout than on the republican side which actually benefits hillary clinton because she is going to have the stronger campaign. it is going to it be close. it's a little too late in the game i think with this news coming out about what's going on with her emails for anybody else to get in this race. it's not going to change the dynamic per se and the democratic side might hurt in the general election. >> all right, gentlemen. very interesting. and we appreciate you taking the time tonight. next on the rundown, the associated press says ted cruz did not tell it the truth about obamacare. but is that analysis true?
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that's not all, bro-tein shake. geico has motorcycle and rv insurance, too. oh, that's a lot more. oh yeah, i'm all about more, teddy brosevelt. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. campaign 2016 segment tonight. the associated press usually does a fact-checking article after the debates. last night the a.p. zeroed in on this statement. >> we have seen now in six years of obamacare that it's been a disaster. it is the biggest job killer in this country. >> the associated press saying senator cruz did not tell the truth there. so let's look at the data. according to the government payroll survey, there have been 13.4 million jobs added since obamacare was implemented in march 2010. however, federal data also says 11.4 million of those jobs were
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2 million part time. but, as of december 2015, last month, there are about 6 million americans who have left the workforce entirely who say they want a job. but apparently they can't find one. so if you subtract that 6 million from 11.4 million job -- full-time jobs created, that leaves a rather paltry a million jobs in five years. so senator cruz might, might be correct about obamacare but to be fair, his opinion is subjective. joining us now from des moines, iowa, kirsten, powers. these things get pretty complicated, kirsten, when people throw that out even when they fact check, right? >> definitely. i also have to say that even if what you just said is right, then you have to make the connection that it was caused by obama care. i don't think that cruz has made that connection. and another thing that he said, he talked about part-time workers and, you know, saying that people
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were only, you know, being able to work part time instead of full time because of obamacare. in fact, multiple studies have shown that's not true. to the extent that there is some people who are working part time, it's preference because they are now able to work part time because of obamacare before they had to work full time because they needed healthcare but now they have a lot more flexibility because of obamacare. >> it's a debatable issue. would you give me that? on both sides they can mount arguments that obamacare hasn't hurt employment. on the other side it has. and it's a very complicated situation. i have looked at it from top to bottom. i don't think there is a conclusion in stone at this point. >> well, i don't know. aei, which is not known as a liberal, you know, institution. it's a think tank, american enterprise institute, they did a study at the end of last ykrmzuç where they looked at it and they found that there was no correlation between obamacare and decrease in employment. there have been other studies by other
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organizations that aren't conservative. there is other sort of middle of the road organizations that have found the same thing. i think that if he is going to make that kind of accusation he needs to offer something to back it up. >> all right. maybe he should have sourced it, but it's a debate, you throw stuff out. here is the breaking news today. this is an article from the associated press, lead paragraph of the article. i'm going to read it to ynu and i want you to react. the obama administration confirmed for the first time friday that hillary clinton's unsecured home server contains some of the u.s. government's most closely guarded secrets. the government sensorred 22 emails demanding highest levels of classification. they won't even release them because the emails were lee leased today that hillary clinton had. the revelation comes just three days before the iowa nominating caucuses in which hillary clinton is a candidate. that's a pretty big deal. again, it's a sophisticated deal. you have got to be paying attention. you have got to know what it is. do you think this will have any effect on the vote on monday?
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>> well, i tend to think that the people who are upset about the email situation are probably already people who are voting for bernie sanders. because one of the things that i think where she really was hurt with the email and the server was the fact that a lot of people felt that she really made her trust level plummet. that's what you hear from a lot of sanders' voters. they like his policies but they also feel that hillary isn't trust worthy. for her core voters, is it going to make a difference? probably not at this point. partly because, like you said, you have to be paying attention and it has to be something getting the coverage from the news outlets that you are paying attention to and i'm not sure that it will from the news outlets that your democratic base voters would be following. >> taking into account that the experts on the iowa caucus say between a third and half of all'b08 voters who show up on monday could change their mind. this certainly can't help mrs. clinton. the clinton campaign, to be fair, have said we want all
8:17 pm
of those 22 emails that the government said too sensitive to release, we want them out there. we don't have anything to hide. however, the clinton campaign government is not going to put them out there. but that's their retort to this. last word? >> well, yeah. i mean, if they are that'm,y3yóo sensitive, then obviously they can't be released. and this is the obama administration after all. i don't think they have any interest in lying about something to harm hillary clinton. so it absolutely does not help her. there is no question about that even if she ultimately can prevail on the issue of whether she broke the law, which requires her knowingly, you know, to have mishandled the classified information at a bare minimum this shows bad judgment. she should have known in setting up her own server she would be exposing -- potentially exposing -- >> do you think she is going to be indicted? >> no. i don't. >> okay. all right. now, we have that on tape,
8:18 pm
powers. we got it on tape. here we go. >> you got it, yeah. okay. >> directly ahead, a conservative and a liberal will battle it out over who won the republican debate last night. then, later, barney's villains and senator rubio on illegal immigration upcoming. 73% of americans try... cook healthy meals. yet up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more... ...add one a day men's 50+. complete with key nutrients we may need. plus it helps support healthy blood pressure with vitamin d and magnesium. ♪song: "that's life"
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impact segment tonight, who won last night's debate in iowa? who won? joining us now from st. petersburg, florida jessica erhlick a democrat and from des moines eric bolling. all right, bolling, no waffling, man. who won? >> waffle? i don't know' how to waffle, bill. okay, so here's the ticket. ted cruz had to make his case that he was going to be the other nonestablishment
8:22 pm
candidate. he was the one who was going to take on the frontrunner. he didn't do it last night. look at the des moines register. i'm sure you saw the front page saying cruz had a rough night. all day he was campaigning in iowa. he neveré mentioned his base. didn't want to talk about it marco rubio was talk about the debates. he had a great night. he talked about his faith. when he talked about his faith, that resonated. there are billboards for churches. i turned on the tv when i got in, i swear to god there was a local newscast going and the two hosts were holding hands praying. the people of iowa believe in their faith. they love their faith and i think marco rubio struck a tone with their faith. one last thought. >> rubio? >> but, again, the establishment group, i think rubio made his case, is he going to come from the establishment lane and get it. and then you have the frontrunner who is going to stay there, trump. >> what do you say we
8:23 pm
haven't seen in any of the last seven debates. i don't know if it's because trump wasn't there. too little, toodoesn't like late. for me was definitely the winner there. >> do you think it's too little too late in iowa. wait, wait, eric. do you think it's too little, too late in iowa, jessica? because bush is in it for the long run are. he has money and organization enough to do it. he doesn't have to win iowa, new hampshire or south carolina. he can stay. do you think it's too an incredy
8:24 pm
attractive candidate on many different levels. >> okay. you have got to put votes on the board on -- we have the senator coming up just a few moments. bolling, you are a trump guy. you like trump. do you think he hurt himself not showing up at the debate? >> i don't think he
8:25 pm
unexpectedly, everyone is looking for the big turnout. you might have a very, very low turnout come caucus monday. look at the candidates that needed the big turnout. they area probably get it. >> well, trump is the one who needed beck turn out according to the guys at the top of the program. donald trump motivated and i think that's true. if it snows it snows. >> your question to me was did trump hurt himself i don't know if he he did either. i will tell you putting cruz in that middle seat, that middle podium, with everyone taking shots at him and watch how cruz reacted and again i love ted cruz. i think he is a good conservative. i like the way he handled everyy
8:26 pm
does gone against mainstream media. >> we appreciate it as always. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening from california. we have learned hillary id not want a fundraiser held in a house associated with the murder of kate steinle. wait until you hear this. then senator marco rubio is mentioned on illegal immigration. has he been consistent? we hope you stay tuned to
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you just wait. ♪ truth serum segment tonight, big story out of san francisco that has been buried on the national level. clinton campaign was set to hold a fundraiser out there in the home of attorney frank petrie. len the clinton people found out that counselor petrie is representing the family of kate steinle and the lawsuit against the san francisco sheriff's office. you may remember that 32-year-old kate killed by illegal alien felon who had defied deportation five times and protected byowñan sanctuary city policies in san francisco. so, the clinton campaign switched the fundraiser from the attorney's home to another place. joining us now from des moines, iowa, shannon bream+ao shawn. so how does all of this go down surrounding the steinle case, >> bill, no one is talking
8:31 pm
about it it you really hit a nerve.(g0:l. clintonaid the campaign was supposed to this fundraiser $1,000 a head at frank petrie's house in hillsborough, california, a very upscale suburb of san francisco. oops, turns out when they did some, apparently they realize mr. petrie represents the steinle family in suing the san francisco. the letting sanchez go, the shooter. change in the schedule president clinton was was supposed to appear. instead switched to monday. campaign is not talking. petrie is not talking. the stanley ---the steinle family says they don't want to talk about this. lie level democratic source told adam housley they didn't vet the guy appropriately saying quote it's better than to take a little hit now meaning having cancelled did than later having the president of the united states, the former president sit there at the steinle's family
8:32 pm
lawyer's home for a fundraiser for hillary. >> yeah, but sean,>mkr/ññ -- shn why would you not want to associate with somebody trying toh'?qq+ñçzç help the ste family? >> she has been very critical of san francisco, denouncing the city saying it it made the mistake and what they did by letting this guy out. but, you know, they would kind of play into what you have been say on the show all these months. i think the clinton campaign has insulted the family of kate steinle and this attorney and i wonder what the attorney thinks? does the san francisco chronicle have anything from the attorney. >> yeah. >> what does he say? >> well, no, i will tell you everybody has been zip. it's like. >> yeah. >> completely, nothing. >> not talking? >> nothing. san francisco chronicle did have a little piece about this. as you are right, bill, in the lead as you said no one
8:33 pm
has picked this um. >> all right. i may have to go out there, shawn, now, shannon bream, are you swedish? >> i'm not. i'm irish. hence the name shannon. >> irish, better still. >> i am. >> in sweden, the interior minutester, says the country is going to expel 80,000 migrants seeking asylum. 160,000 have applied for asylum in sweden. half of them are getting the boot. why? >> yeah. they are having issues there, as you would imagine when you take on a huge influx of people, people complaining about spikes in crime. there is obviously going to be a financial burden on the government trying to take care of these folks. they said, listen, we are probably going to turn away about 80,000 of them. normally we would put these people on commercial flights and have them leave. because of the gigantic numbers we are going to have to use charter planes and stagger this over years.
8:34 pm
they are north going to do this overnight. finland says it's probably sendingbe away 20,000. germany is cracking down. listen to this. in denmark they are doing something new. the government has passed legislation there saying when somebody shows up seeking asylum. if they have something of value more than $1,500. they are going to confiscate it to help pay for taking care of these folks before they come into the country. another way to discourage people from coming here unless they are legit. >> you know, and this is the stunning thing about this is these countries are the most liberal countries in the modern world. and now they're saying, you know what? mentioned finland. finland had 32,000 asylum seekers and booths booting 20,000 out. that's two thirds of the people. is there criteria to deport? do you know if you get booted out why? >> well, i can tell you in one country, in germany what they have done is tightened up the list of countries that you have come from. if germany now has assessed your home country they view
8:35 pm
it as safe, you are getting booted. they don't think you need asylum. places like morocco and other places they are saying tunisia where we know a lot of arab spring. your country listed on our safe list, you can't stay. germany has been one of the most liberal. >> shannon, thank you very much. when we come right back from l.a., senator rubio on immigration. big topic last night on the debate. debate. right b get fast-acting, long-lasting relief from heartburn with it neutralizes stomach acid and is the only product that forms a protective barrier that helps keep stomach acid in the stomach where it belongs. for fast-acting, long-lasting relief. try gaviscon®.
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thanks for staying you with us. i'm bill o'reilly reporting tonight from southern california. in the personal story segment. senators marco rubio and ted cruz have been questioned very aggressively about their stands on illegal immigration. tonight we'll talk about w. mr. rubio. in 2010, he said that illegal aliens in america should be sent back home. before they can apply for legal citizenship. however, in 2013, senator rubio supported legislation that would not have sent aliens home. did not pass, but he supported it. he joins us now from iowa. now, this isn't a gotcha segment, senator. i want you to know that off the bat. i have dhanged my mind on a lot of issues myself. did you, indeed, change your
8:40 pm
mind about the illegal f beforeoing homeç they applied for citizenship >> well, first, bill, that's never been my position. what i said is we are not going to grant blanket amnesty. in truth when i got to the senate i saw this major issue that's been confronting our country 30 years and do something about it and try to fix it in a way that's good forñí1-#cu amer. in the process what we have0w after two orders, migratory crisis with minors and problem gets worse. you have to do it one step at a time. that begins with with making sure that we can prove to people that illegal immigration is under control and until you do that, you are not going to be do anything else. >> i agree. >> not be able to do it in the way it was done in the past. >> i agree. i want to get this on the record. you are going to tell me here tonight that your position has been consistent from 2010 up until we're talking tonight. you have not had any change of opinion on this issue?
8:41 pm
>> well, first of all there is a change in approach. never on position. i never felt and still do not support amnesty. >> you wanted to send them back and supported a law that would not have? >> no, no. bill, what i said was that i was not in support of blanket amnesty and in fact i had ♪ supported previous efforts to do it that way, either. i don't support that effort now to do it that way. >> all right. >> there has to be a process. we are not going to round up and deport 12 million people. i have always said that we are also not going to grant blanket amnesty. we have toeethççóç deal with the people we have here now. american people know this. >> i think so too. >> until we deal with illegal immigration first. >> let's move the policy forward. this is a series of short questions and if you can answer them right directly we can get more. in the wall, all right. trump wants the wall.
8:42 pm
he is going to build it. mexico is going to pay for it all that stuff. you are president of the united states. you build a better wall to keep out narcotics and illegal people from coming in here. >> yes. we need 700 miles of fencing and walls. particularly walls in key sectors of the border and all the experts acknowledge that law requires it congress hasn't funded it. when i'm president they will. >> the people that are here, probably around 12 million people, all right? do you give them working papers? do you give them the right to work while you're processing who they)7q]ç are? >> well, first of all we don't do anything until not just the wall but everify, entry/exit tracking system and 20,000 new border agents are hired and it's working. until all of that is place and working we don't do a thing. we will see what the american people support. what i have suggested in the past is people that have been here a long time and if
8:43 pm
you pass a background check. if you can't you can't stay. pay a fine and paying taxes they get a work permit. that's all they should have for 10 years before they can apply a green card not awarded a green card apply for. >> i assume if you are president you will sign executive -- okay. i assume if you are president you will sign executive orders to get that wall built fast, to hire the agents you need, to get the everify up and running with strict penalties for employers who violate our immigration law. now, sanctuary cities. you have got them in florida in your home state. sphranel the most well known. do you shut off federal funding. >> absolutely. federal law enforcement funding is cut off. absolutely. >> all right. kate's law. all right. we are having a hard time getting that passed. you know the struggle i'm involved with. part of the it is the republican party. they won't stand alone vote it they keep attaching it to
8:44 pm
legislation they know is not going to pass like the sanctuary city bill. they know that how do you get kate's law on the books? >> well, i would ask congress to pass it stand alone immediately and as soon as the it reaches the oval office i would sign immediately. as you know i'm a co-sponsor of that law. i think we should pass it as soon as possible. >> all right. because that would stop the madness about convicted foreign alien felons defying deportation. do you and this is just a personal question. no politics just me and you, guys, all right? are you ready to be guys with me and you? are you ready? >> sure. >> you can believe that not every single politician in this country would support you can blanking believe they would oppose that? i'm just stunned. >> yeah, i know some of them. their argue. s are pathetic. look, the democratic party has reached a point now where they have been taken over by the extreme left. there are no moderate democrats left, at least not in national politics.
8:45 pm
and you have got to be bernie sanders to be leading in the polls and hillary is right there next to him. the democratic party has become completely unreasonable and it's not just about immigration. it's about a host of issues. that's the great untold story of american politics is that the democratic party has been hijacked by radical, left of center movement in this country that is completely outside the mainstream of american thought. >> listen, politics aside, just on a moral basis, you're telling me that if you are an elected official in the united states that you're not going to try to stop felons, aggravated felons who are illegal? you are not going to try to stop that? if makes my head blow off. we appreciate your time. >> thanks, bill. >> stuart varney on deck. he has got his two villains of the week. we'll be right back with it.
8:46 pm
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back of the book segment tonight, barney's villains. after a two-week lavish vacation in australia, he's back spotlighting bad guys from us. he joins us from palm beach, florida. australia, palm beach. what's next, rio? are we going to have to do remote from rio next week? >> just living the dream, bill, thank you very much. >> associated press reports a bunch of done dealers moving to colorado, getting into marijuana because it's legal to grow it, and exporting it all over the u.s. makes sense. who's the villain besides the deal sners >> the villains are the done
8:50 pm
dealers who are taking advantage of colorado's legalized marijuana. they're shipping it out of state for big money. you grow it in colorado, where it is legal. you get it out of state. it's easy to get it out of state. you take it to someplace else. you sell it with no tax. it's illegal, high prices, big money to be made. and the villains are these done dealers who are exploiting colorado's situation and making big money at it, too. >> i see another villain, but i want to give you this piece of information. there's a guy in denver, he puts 100 pot-filled fedex packages together and sends them to buffalo, new york, okay? and then they got him. so they arrest him. because remember, it's a federal charge across state lines. you take the pot out of colorado, then you violate federal drug laws. i think the villains are people who voted for legalization of marijuana in colorado.
8:51 pm
they had to know that this is going to happen. that there would be a lot of social problems. aren't they villainous? >> nevada and oklahoma have gone to court to try to force colorado to reverse the legalization. >> and nebraska, i believe. >> yeah, because this exporting is happening on a large scale. so you can say that those who want the legalization in colorado to continue, that they're the villains, i'm not going to get into that argument, but these bad guys exporting it out for big money are messing up both sides. they're creating opposition to legalization and at the same time they're showing that colorado is making a great deal of money after legalization. so the villains are screwing up both sides of the argument here. >> ever been to italy, stuart? >> yes, i have.
8:52 pm
>> this week, the iranian president rohani traveled to italy. there he is in a turban. the italian authorities covered up much of the art that shows the feminine form, not to offend. see, i don't know if he's a pinhead, because i can't see under the turban. what do you say? >> i say the villains here are the italian government officials who covered up the symbols of our freedom and democracy in the west. they suppressed european culture to kowtow, bow town to this visiting statesman from a terror state. i think that is absolutely outrageous. on what grounds do you cover up who we are to just kowtow to this iranian leader? i'll tell you why they did it. italy wants the $18 billion
8:53 pm
worth of contracts that rohani delivered. and all italians are terrified of the domestic muslim population. >> they wanted the money. >> they are villains to do that. they are suppressing their own culture. they're not standing up for what we all believe in. that's a terrible thing. they are villains. >> we appreciate it. "factor tip of the day," who does the left wing media despite more, fox news or donald trump? the tip, moments away. here's to knowing she loves blueberry pancakes. and where she keeps... the fire extinguisher. our valentines diamond heart pendant can be worn four ways. surrounded by godiva chocolates, it's just $129.99. helzberg diamonds here's to love. if you have high blood pressure many cold medicines may raise your blood pressure. that's why there's coricidin® hbp. it relieves cold symptoms without raising blood pressure.
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♪ lost shipments, international regulations, security breaches, lost revenue lost respect. well crafted solutions for today's problems in commerce. pitney bowes, the craftsmen of commerce. "factor tip of the day," trump versus fox news. how the left wing media is handling it in a moment. but first, a few quick factor notes. dennis miller and i will be appearing here in los angeles on march 12th. and then just in time for mother's day, in fairfax,
8:56 pm
virginia, at the eagle banquet arena on may 7. so hope you check those shows out. and our tremendous promotion on the website, we'll send a copy of "killing reagan," get any one of my books, weihl's book and a copy of the constitution. now the mail. >> that's what i told mr. trump, marty, that he should use the debate forums to define it. >> that doesn't happen!
8:57 pm
every news program tells guests what the topics will be. but i never tell anyone what my questions will be. if i did that, journalistic ethics would be violated. >> glad to have you aboard, deborah.
8:58 pm
>> i disagree, ed. if you googled my 2008 interview with mr. obama in pennsylvania on the campaign trail, you will see it is the toughest interview he's ever done. it contains much insight into the man. >> you're more than welcome. >> thank you, matt. >> you're a good boy, thank you. finally tonight, "the factor" "tip of the day," let the voting begin. who does the left wing media despise more, fox news or donald trump? i've read thousands of words about the fnc brouhaha with trump this week, and i have to say, the media wasn't too harsh
8:59 pm
on us. yes, the usual guttersnipes attacked fnc. but in general, the coverage was fair. the attacks on mr. trump were over the top and unfair, however. he got it worse than we got it. so my vote is that the committed left media despises trump more than us. "factor tip of the day." that is it for us today. check out our website. and we would like you to spout off about "the factor" anywhere in the world. name a town if you wish to opine. word of the day, please do not be parsimonious when writing to "the factor." we want you to give us all you've got in the mail-in segment. been quite a week, huh? enormous amount of people watched "the factor" this week. and we hope you found it worthy. trying our hardest to bring you the best information and the most honest analysis. again, thanks for watching us tonight.
9:00 pm
ms. megyn is next. i'm bill o'reilly. and please always remember, the spin stops here because we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight. dramatic new developments in the e-mail scandal looming over hillary clinton's campaign for the white house. as the state department reveals there are nearly two dozen e-mails from mrs. clinton's personal server containing information so secret they can never see the light of day, even if in redacted form. welcome to "the kelly file," i'm megyn kelly. this comes as the state department releases scores of other previously undisclosed e-mails and comes less than 72 hours before the first in the nation iowa caucuses. the clinton campaign was quick to call this a class of overclassification, telling the state department release the


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