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tv   Fox and Friends Saturday  FOX News  January 30, 2016 3:00am-7:01am PST

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hillary clinton email scandal coming just 48 hours before the first votes are cast in the 12bg 2016 primary election. two dozen emails so secret they can never see the light of day. >> plus, live from des moines, iowa, where republican candidates are racing toward caucus day. is there a new frontrunner feud? why some say marco rubio is making a late surge. we will bring you the very latest from here. >> dramatic police chase caught on camera. cops storming a cracker
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barrel to catch a criminal. >> put your hands up, right now. put your hands up. >> watch out for those yankee candles. >> the tense takedown you have to see near the peanut butter brittle near the front. "fox & friends" begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> it's time to scramble two days until the iowa caucuses and tucker carlson is getting ready to caucus with us from iowa. >> would miss you. >> good morning. i miss5z you. i'm in the middle of downtown des moines. this is the most significant caucuses of our lifetimes. we could see the republican nominee chosen here. it is possible the race
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could change completely two days from now. we will going to bring you a full four hours of the latest from des moines. >> you have a lot of great guests coming up from iowa plus a frontrunner feud you were talking about. tuck are is going to be with us from des moines all morning long. we begin with this fox news alert. i would love to get tucker's take on this how reverbiating through the hillary clinton campaign. two days before the first votes are are cast of 2016. >> state department blocking the release of it 2 of clinton's emails because the content would be too damaging to national security. >> peter does is live in des moines with more on this story. good morning, peter. >> good morning. what he would are seeing now is a big difference of opinion between what hillary clinton thinks is classified and what the intelligence community thinks is classified. because the intelligence community now says there are 22 emails that passed through clinton's private server that are top secret. too sensitive to release even in a redacted format because if the information
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in those emails got out it would beúj damaging to america's national security. >> documents are being upgraded at the request of the intelligence community because they contain a category of top secret information. >> and this is the first time in the case that documents are being withheld entirely. however, the clinton campaign still says they want the world to see the messages with the spokesman saying quote we firmly oppose the complete blocking of release of these emails since first providing her emails to the state department one year ago, hillary clinton has urged that they be made available to the public. this appears to be overclassification run amuck. but, the campaign doesn't get to decide what gets released and what doesn't. remember, these are from the batch of emails clinton actually turned over. she deleted about 30,000 she thought were irrelevant to state department recordf keepers. she also may now need to update the language she has been laging since march. >> i did not email any, um, classified material to
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anyone on my email. there is no classified material. so, i certainly am well aware of the classification requirements and did not send classified material. >> and all the experts say timing is pretty important here in the iowa caucus season, especially just days before people go to caucus and the governor, terry branstad says that he is expecting record enthusiasm. record turnout to benefit trump on the right and sanders, clinton's chief rival on the left.t5 tucker, anna, and clayton, back to you. >> thanks, peter. >> peter doocy, thank you, peter. >> this is a bombshell in completely undercuts the hillary clinton's rationale for email scandal. i spoke to someone close to hillary yesterday. yesterday morning they were still claiming that this material was just run of the mill. that it was a "new york times" article on the drone program. now we are hearing -- learning just as peter
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explained that the obama state department, which she once ran, considers this information so classified they can't release it, there's really no explanation from the hillary people as of this morning as to how they can square this with her previous claims? >> they are trying to saying well, this is information that would have hit our server, therefore, overclassified. classification run amuck. others saying look it's the white house sticking its nose in this particularly to avoid any kind of indictment. president obama coming out this week saying none of this would put our national security at risk. josh earnst at the podium yesterday saying this about hillary clinton, watch. >> you can say with certainly and confidence that secretary clinton will not be indicted because of this email scandal? >> that will be a decision that is made by the department oôjustice and prosecutors over there. what i know that some officials over there have said is that she is not a target of the investigation.
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so, that does not seem to be the direction that it's trending. >> ouch. >> if you remember, just a few days ago, fbi director james comey was on capitol hill, tucker, and said he is not going giving the play-by-play, blow-by-employee. what information does josh earnst have here. >>'s it's unclear what information he has. it is clear stepped way out of bounds. this is exactly what you don't say if you are the white house spokesman. there is an ongoing criminal investigation. you don't comment on it you take a pass on that question. of course they have thought this through. >> yeah. you are exactly right. fbi sources have told fox news this, first of all, they would have no idea what is inside this investigation. josh earnst is not privy to this investigation notes. what's going on right now. and whether an indictment should be handed down. >> he certain shouldn't be that's for certain. darrell issa, former oversight committee who is in the house is privy to a clot of classified information said. this i think we have a
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direct quote here. i think the fbi director would like to indict both yuma abedin as we speak. he is being force topt do triple time make a case to otherwise make what they call a slam dunk. this is at the highest devil of sensitivity here. presidential race going on. she is the front runner. the fbi should not be involved in. this the re radio sentiment from the fbi is profound. they don't want to feel like there is political interference and there clearly is. >> tucker, we can't pretend like the president and hillary clinton exchanged emails either. let's not forget what the top of every email has where the email came from. it would have been an address email address. >> exactly right. >> and near the hillary clinton campaign is this reverbiating right now? is there a lack of enthusiasm? are they nervous about this? >> they are really afraid. it's funny. in the airport yesterday flying here i ran into someone i knew from los angeles who was flying out
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along with a lot of people all hands on deck moment to help hillary clinton here in iowa. they realize all the sudden this bernie sanders phenomenon could be a huge problem for them. if he wins here and new hampshire that's a clear sign of weakness someone close to hillary said the other day if she can't beat bernie sanders boy, that's weakness. itn9%11 incite other people to get in the race they fear. >> you are wondering if at any point bernie sanders will go back on his statement he made in that earlier debate saying nobody cares about your damn emails an fbi investigation and that's the bottom line. >> you managed to escape, tuck err, from the major blizzard we had on the east coast. bulls eye in the caucuses there is a big threat of a snow tropical storm and wondering if it could defer voters from heading out there. rick reichmuth standing by with this storm on iowa. >> interesting one and time something going to be really
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close. the first half of monday is looking good and be second half of monday when people are caucusing is a bigger problem. east coast action all across the west. this storm that's moving on in. big storm all across much of the west. it's just how far east does it make it in time. here is a look at the future radar saturday into sunday. we will find a little thing goes through the plains on sunday. clear out a bit. on monday, 3:00 p.m. and there is a big storm out here across parts of colorado, wyoming, and nebraska just beginning to start here across areas of iowa. the bulk of this storm is going to be a tuesday storm for iowa. not a monday storm. i'm sure that bulk of it. but we are going to start to see this later in the east coast on monday. at least that's the way it looks at this point. and that could potentially have some much bigger impacts. we are also talking about some pretty significant accumulation here on tuesday. guys, there is going to be a the love people trying to get outiiñ of iowa on tuesday. they are going to have a hard time. >> snowmobiles to get those ballots across town. >> thanks, rick.
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>> he would following other stories making headlines. would will get right to this one. one of the three escaped california inmates now in custody. 43-year-old' duong turned himself n santa anna wind. other santa ana: the other two could be living inside the stolen gmc van. a teacher is being held in helping to break those three break free. >>' amir kobir ringleader of islamist terrorist cell plan to do kill soldiers in 2012. he is now in federal prison. he lived in the same california community as farook and tashfeen malik. the fbi thinks they may have crossed paths. breaking overnight, tensions with china on the rise after a u.s. navy destroyer sails
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within 12 miles of ant island. navigating near triton part of the pararec islands. no warships were in the area at the time. the drill was about challenge maritime claims placed on the u.s. and had nothing to do with the claimed island. and breakout the birthday hats. 20 years ago today the fox news channel was born. there is more news effecting everybody every day. appetite for news, particularly news that explains to people thousand effects them. i really believe it's expanding enormously. >> we would like to be premier journalists. we would like it restore. we would like to do fine balanced journalism.
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>> rupert murdoch and roger ailes announced the birth of this channel at a press conference in new york. we officially went on the air october 7th, 1996. now fox's fair and balanced broadcast reaches almost 95 million american households. those are your headlines ending on a good one. >> all right. well, shear what is coming up on the program. iowa caucus goers are notorious for changing their minds at the la minute. what kind of impact did thursday night's debated have on their decisions. our political panel next. >> dramatic police chase caught on camera. cops storming a packed cracker barrel restaurant. watch out for those rocking chairs trying to stop a criminal. >> put your lands up, right now. put your hands up! >> we will have the rest of the takedown you have to see when we come back. ♪ catch me if you can ♪ i'm going down ♪ in a blaze of glory ♪' take me now ga
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protection begins immediately. call 1800 lifelock or visit senior correspondent for the washington imer david drucker joins us and huey burns and southern institute university. one with of the most informed people about iowa politics david enson. great to see you all so much. >> good morning. >> did the debate change anything? >> i think it gave marco rubio a psychological boost. >> yes. >> i think it cass detrimental from cruz. he fumbled around and chatter afterwards was not good for cruz and pretty
3:17 am
good for rubio. >> are we overstating caitlin the importance of ground game? seems like cruz has a pretty good one here. does it matter? >> it matters in a state like iowa, cruz is stabbing into the more reliable conservative base that tends to turn out in caucuses. donald trump is trying to bring newer people in. the question has always been if trump can translate all of his support at the alleys into actual caucus votes. if ruj station is higher. that benefits trump. and certainly the energy and( @@ momentum. people are deciding between trump and cruz at this point. and i think if you have the energy behind you, you know, that says a lot. >> interestingly, david, cruz is attacking rubio. put up a couple of seconds of new spot. cruz ad calling. >> different. championed obama's amnesty and led the gang of 8. on taxes? >> i'm in favor of a mandate
3:18 am
that they go[ out and design a cap and trade or carbon tax program. >> ouch. that hurts. why is he doing this? >> right. so earlier in the week all of cruz's money was going after donald trump. after the debate that all switched. they have now unloaded completely and relying on a super pac thick with trump. cruz campaign is all over rubio. cruz is all over rubio. that has to mean that cruz is worried that he is he bleeding votes to rubio. a lot of the underreported and under appreciated dynamic between the two that although everybody likes to say rubio is in the establishment lane, that's really not true. a lot of voters i talk to that are cruz leaner ares or rubio leaners? guess hot choice is a the other guy. i don't meet a lot that say i go with bush or go with christie. >> people are waking up to the fact that the candidate who wins iowa could win new hampshire and then rub the
3:19 am
table. all of a sudden there is panic on the establishment side between the parties. the pun thing that will effect this race that's hard to measure in the polls is the dynamic what happens on caucus night at those meetings. it's not like a primary where it's easier to poll and you go on and you vote. these are meetings. people get together with friends and with neighbors, people they respect. and they talk politics. second choices are important for preferences. maybe people can be persuaded to change their minds. and i think that explains a lot. in my experience, that explains a lot why the polls are much different than what actually happens. >> they certainly. caitlin, i don't suggest the polls suggest he is going to run away with this. why isn't everyone attacking trump? >> throughout the cycle we have had this other race primary within the primary. it's been letting people lead trump go ahead and fighting it out for second place spot. cruz was yesterday, was very
3:20 am
much, david and i were following him yesterday, rubio was very much on his mind. is he concerned as well that if -- even if rubio gets third but a close third, that is very difficult for cruz. that puts him in a very difficult spot. >> it is so weird is running for second place a winning strategy? >> look. everything in these early primaries about timing and expectations. especially because trump is this weird populist phenomenon within the republican party. what everybody else is looking at is i want to get trump. that may be the wrong way to look at this. what everybody figures is of all the other candidates, trump is the eeds yes to beat head to head. i will coalesce the rest of the party that he can't get. especially for rubio. >> rubio coming out of here with his strategy a strong third would give him so much hampshire it could jump being up -- jumpable up the race -- jumpable up the race there. >> the water crisis in the
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welcome back. quick headlines this morning. a bomb that brought down a russian plane in october killing over 200 people may have been placed there by mechanic. egypt air worker was detained after it was discovered his cousin had joined isis. officials believe he was ordered to plant a bomb, stash in a handbag on board the doomed airliner. the bad news in the war for afghanistan, a new report shows the taliban controls more of the country now than at any time since the u.s.
3:25 am
invasion in 2001. the u.s. has spent more than $113 billion. but security threats are making reconstruction projects there nearly impossible. anna, over to you. >> all right, clayton, thanks so much. 25 minutes after the hour as flint, michigan deals with the fallout of a toxic water crisis. the concern is spreading across the country like in new orleans where the drinking water flows through led pipes instawd nearly 100 years ago. how can you can ensure that water is safe to drink. president and ceo of the healthy homes initiative. best ways to test and filter your water at home. thanks for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> a lot of concerned parents out there. initially, if we want to go to the top and get our water tested, where can we go? to use a certified lab by the e.p.a. you can can go to the website. and find out where those laps are in your community it should cost about 7 to
3:26 am
$10 to get that water tested. you can also make sure if 1986, by flushing the cold water and letting it run for 5 to 30 seconds before you use it, were is a safe tip. >> that's a precautionary measure, too. first up, we can test our own water at home, too. >> you can put it in to vials and send it to a certified lab. few test kits that meet the stashed on the market. people should be careful not to buy something thata= isn't going to be helpful to them. >> what can we do that's helpful? >> if i have an nsf certified filtration system, there is only one made nor -- csf certified. berea, culligan and pure will reduce lead. you can put them on systems on your faucets and pitchers. but you are best to get that certified testing quit.
3:27 am
>> let's start here. >> these are your pitchers that are the ones being given out in flint are the zero water pitchers. which are certified. these bereas do reduce lead as do the ones that go on to the faucets. it's important to know if you have brass fittings or older pipes that lead in water is incredibly-÷ dangerous. >> what are some of the after-effects if your child is drinking water that has undue amount of lead. >> 35,000 kids that we know about in the u.s. poifned every year by lead. predominantly by lead based paint and toxic dust that comes from that. if a child is found to be lead poisoned, any amount of elevation as the federal guidelines say can be damaging and. >> can be danging to the brain, right? it effect their behavior. >> reading disabilities.
3:28 am
certainly. attention deficit disorder, hearing loss. violent behavior. it also has impact on the kidneys and heart and long-term mortality. >> so it sounds like we ought to send our water away or take it to a site if we can also, run our water for 5 to 30 seconds before we use it and put it through one of these filters is there any visual test we can do that will get any information? >> you can test your pipes if you can use a lead check swab on your pipes but it'sx still better to have a certified testing organization to do this. because the impact of lead poisoning is irreversible. even levels as two micrograms per deciliter have long-term impact. >> go to the e.p.a. and find out which filter works. >> absolutelily. >> thanks to lowe's home improvement for giving us to these products to share with you as well. >> thank you. >> 28 after the hour on
3:29 am
saturday morning. dramatic police chase caught on camera. police storm cracker barrel to catch alleged criminal. put your hands up, right now. >> the rest of that tense takedown you have got to see next. and more on this stunning development in the hillary clinton email scandal. the republican candidates now reacting to the breaking news and we will bring it to you straight ahead.
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of paragraph welcome back a fox news alert. dramatic development in hillary clinton's email scandal. two dozen emails from hillary clinton's private server contained information so secret they can never see the light of day. the news hitting the presidential race and the g.o.p. candidates are starting to react. watch. >> hillary clinton put some of the highest, most sensitive intelligence information on our her private server because maybe she thinks she is above the law. >> clinton on her email server had 22 top secret emails. well, that actually is an accuratebj statement. this is getting more and more serious. >> she has said that she has done nothing wrong, but she has lied. she has lied. and she is under investigation by the fbi.
3:34 am
>> we have to remember the information is not classified because it's marked. it's classified because it's sensitive information. it all comes two days before the iowa caucus and surely be talked about as iowans get ready to vote. rich edson is in iowa where he is getting a sense which way voters are leaning. good morning. >> good morning, anna. we are in the northwestern corner of the state in the town of okabogey. winter festival and jeb bush event happening in a couple of hours. evangelical, more conservative part of the state. we talked to voters yesterday about this. they said top issues on their mind are social. >> i know jeb is very a dam mat on right-to-life. i know he signed some bills regarding partial birth abortions. that's important. >> i'm catholic. i'm a pro-life voter generally. however, i have been a
3:35 am
little disenchanted on either party getting much done on that issue. >> for me the social issues i have a strong feeling on, you know,l abortion, education, the cost of education. >> >> 30% of voters in the western part of the state went for rick santorum in 2012. one out of five voter from that year were from the western part of the state. number of candidates are campaigning on the western half of iowa. ' a major focus here in the western part as we get u(ur+es playing a big u(ur+es playing a big the state and the entire state. clayton, anna, and kook canner back to you guys. >> you mentioned tucker carlson he is live with us all morning long from des moines, iowa. tucker, you know the saying there is three tickets out of iowa. if you come in first, good standing. are they going to be able to cull down the number of candidates to that number and will it matter this
3:36 am
time? >> it will be a little bit different this year. kay -- kay cusses are hard to poll it's not voting it's talking. on the hillary side there is panic. whole point of the hillary campaign is she is going to be the nominee shut up and accepted it. if bernie sanders wins iowa and he is very likely to win new hampshire. at that point you could have a snow bect. highlight her weakness and draw others in the race. they are really worried about this all of the sudden. on the republican side something similar can happen. no republican has ever won in history without iowa and new hampshire. if that happens to trum)o it completely resets the table. i don't have a real sense of what is going to' ha. i you know that potentially we are looking at major political upheaval. major. >> tucker, you know the thing that people are talking much about senator marco rubio. i understand that senator cruz has launched additional attack ads, shifting from donald trump and now marco rubio. i imagine you are seeing a lot of that in your hotel room inundated. >> yeah. there is a lot. every person who lives in
3:37 am
des moines, iowa, i think, has had dinner with at least a presidential candidate or two. i you mean, there is just very intensive, the campaign here. the focus on rubio is a little bit baffling to me. i'm not a political strategist. but it seems like the threat to every other candidate is donald trump. what you are not seeing are a lot of attacks aimed at him. i am sure there are smart reasons for that not exactly clear to me what they are though at this point. >> tucker is going to get the kant continue negligence breakfast at the hotel. we will check back with him. >> enjoy the croissant. >> 3 7 minutes after the hour. see you in just a bit. >> here is what else we are following for you at this hour. two bundy brothers armed occupation in oregon denied bail. remain in jail while the owmtions. four people remain inside the wildlife refugee. the occupation began nearly a month ago over alleged policies. and a suspect flips a car on a busy roadway and flees into a nearby cracker barrel
3:38 am
and it's all caught on camera. >> put your hands up. right now. >> put your hands up. >> chaos erupted with albuquerque police officers chased a ban down at the restaurant who was believed to be armed. anthony lujan was wanted for a string of crimes over the last month. he was eventually taken into custody. the texas supreme court has decided in favor of which school cheerleaders in a bible banner suit. the squad argued their freedom of speech war was trampled by school district when it ordered them not to display banners decorated with with bible verses in football games. in 2012 the justices determined their ruling was necessary to protect the future of display of religious themed signs because the district has argued it remains the right to restrict them. of the case now returns to the court of appeals. that's what we are following. >> it's a classic 70's rock
3:39 am
and roll movie. >> sandy? >> tell me about it, stud. >> now, agrees -- grease is going live. >> this car is automatic, systematic. grease is returning. and for the first time live on multiple stages rain or shine. i sat down with actor aaron who is stepping to the role of anna clayton's favorite heart throb. >> ♪ it's systematic. ♪ high my degree matic. >> congratulations on the role. >> thank you. >> stepping into the shoes of travolta. >> big shoes. no pressure at all. >> how are you feeling? >> i'm feeling good. we started rehearsal last week. this is our second week.
3:40 am
it's going great. >> the travolta part is so iconic. >> yeah. >> what are you going to bring that's so different. >> what he does is so interesting. he is at all times he is funny and vulnerable and tough and cool. it's like all these things at once. i feel like there is a responsibility to kind of nod to that and honor that at the same time make it my own. >> tell me about it, stud. >> how is it going with juliet? she is fantastic. >> she is amazing. >> everyone knows her from all other amazing dancing and cuyahogaography. she is amazing actress and singer. for her this is something she has wanted to do for a long, long time she is amazing. >> everybody is so excited to be a part of this.l ♪ >> you have a favorite song? >> summer nights is my favorite song in the show. that was a song that they use to do play at the end of like our high school dances. so i you probably sang that at the top of my lungs many times
3:41 am
♪ summer nights. >> grease live, i can't wait. >> it airs tomorrow night on fox at 7:00 p.m. eastern. it's the first production with a live audience integrated into the actual show. >> was travolta involved at all? did he swing by? >> he make make a cameo appearance. you never know with these things. go to fox find me at fox light michael. >> did you learn any moves. >> i learned a lot of moves. i have to show them to you in a little bit. >> not on live tv. >> this early in the morning we can't show the moves. >> i don't have role. thanks, michael, can't wait to see it coming up on the program, is the next terror product, is it the high seas why experts are saying crewsships may be the new frontier for those looking to attack innocent tourists.k8l@ >> not just looking at grade point average social media is fair game.
3:42 am
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welcome back, in the first 18 days in 2016 there have been over 40 terror attacks across the globe. vicious attacks of violence killing over 500 people. many targets have been pop last tourist destinations. a fact that hasn't been lost on british commander saying cruise shapes may be the next target. tim, nice to see you this morning. welcome to the show it sounds like this would be a sophisticated style attack. not your run of the mill guy carrying aab backpack. it would have to be a big amount of planning to pull something like this off.
3:46 am
so r. they capable of doing this? >> the trade towers are a good example of some good planning. but cruiseships are a lot slower. a lot easier to get close to than you think because they come into real populated cities and areas and we have them right down here on the hudson river. >> is that the real concern, foreign ports where these things are docked? and what kind of screening process does disney cruise line or carnival cruise ship' have. >> severing exrayed. they check everything out. on cruise ships they are letting people in and out and it's in the thousands. frankly when they are at these ports the whole idea is to get ashore to enjoy it there is a ying yang of getting people ashore off the boat and on the boat. in a comfortable manner that is a business. so they have to accommodate that. are we talking about armed guards on the gally deck. is something the marketing departments would want. >> it doesn't seem good for
3:47 am
business. it is a business. there is risks out there. and there is a -- they are a target. they are a group of people all aggregated together that could be targeted. >> so isis looking at these potential targets and, you know, they like having these shock and awe moments that captivate the world and what would need to do as an expert in maritime traffic. what would need to do. these crews ships protect -- cruise ships need to do. >> they can avoid the troubled areas. that's probably the biggest thing. prevention is gained by intelligence as a tip. there is no police force out there doing research to try to find these things. 90% of what prevented the stuff is a tip. they have to pretty much police themselves if they can. and that is, again, it is a ying yang between the
3:48 am
marketing department and scaring customers off and being safe. >> right. we also saw what happened with the "u.s.s. cole" in yemen, of course, at these troubled ports and troubled areas. tim, great to he so you this morning. we appreciate your expertise. unbelievable. breaking news now for the manhunt for the inmates to broke out of that california prison while one is in cu+pody. we got new information where the other two might be. check your child's social media it could be the reason they won't get accepted to their dream school or get that dream job. kurt the cyber guy here with all the warnings that parents and students need to hear ♪ i'm having fun ♪ don't put me down ♪ sweep me off my feet ♪
3:49 am
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3:52 am
paragraph hi, everyone. college applications are in and the waiting game has begun. but did you know your kids'' social media profiles could be costing them their acceptance letters? >> turns out the number of college admission officers checking the social media profiles of applicants6 is at all time high. here with us is kurt. >> we are talking about 90% of regular college admissions for people throughout the u.s. it's a nail biting moment right now. >> yeah. >> am i getting in? so right about now up until march the 15th is the ish date that college admission officers around the country digging into the pile and looking through all of those applications. they are going to look for the essays. they are going to read everything about you. this is that moment they all say let's look on social media and see what it might
3:53 am
say publicly about somebody and in many cases what may have seemed like a regular night out and just having fun with your family and friends could, instead, back fire on you and look like you are a party animal and they go next pile. boom. >> so we need to have our kids censor their profiles. >> we went accept you. they help college students write essays and understand the structure of the essays that are most successful in admissions around the country. and they came back with some really good information that's just the basics. which is a really important reminder. so if you are watching yourhs ea parent. if you are up early and you are young and waiting for that answer from the college, now is a moment to go right now and set those privacy settings away from public. there is just really no reason to have public information out there that
3:54 am
could be. >> it's not safe anyway. >> it's not safe anyway. we get carried away and don't think about it all the time we need to turf that off. >> paint as broad picture going through social media. instagram, twitter. goal through snap chats and you say delete inappropriate pictures and look at your overall, i guess, portfolio of social media. because this is really part of the application pro%$kuáy >> go grab a friend and ask them. a friend you trust. and say look at these pictures. if you didn't know me, what does this say about me? nation is to go bye bye. you have got to get rid of it there is no reason you want an admissions officer at this moment to stare down of a photo with you hanging without two beers in your hand. it doesn't make sense. >> google your first and last name. find out what comes um. >> these are the basics. this is your friend. if you can't get a friend to sit next to you. obviously google yourself. google yourself with new eyes as if you don't know what it might say.
3:55 am
then define how are and what it says about your character when you find those results. >> at love people don't know that google has its own profile. you can actually create anna with the first thing that you build. your own resume. your own picture. so that when someone googles your name that's the first thing you see. >> we should do a segment on that. does it cost anything. >> it's free but controlled by you. >> how do we use our digital footprint to our advantage? is are there ways to do that? >> undoubted limit you want to put your best forward forward and like what clayton was just saying, really define what says your -- who you are. put information out there that is obviously truthful and also flattering and nothing that would ever go against you. >> so make sure you put on some really smart glasses and stand behind like a nice bookcase that has leather bound books. moby dick. >> think if you are the admissions officer. don't be an actor. be real but just don't, you
3:56 am
know, don't put something up that isn't going to work for you. >> it's crazy the admissions process. you use to do apply one or two schools and now you have to do like 30 schools. >> the friend who is a former college admissions officer, steven freedfield he has developed this company when he when we were applying i don't think there was this. these are the kind of essays that are working. going in this direction. it's really competitive. >> gives]a kids unfair advantage if they have the money and resources and know how to hire somebody. >> we just helped you this morning without costing you a dime. right? >> it's free on "fox & friends." thank you. 56 minutes after the hour. here is what is coming up. crew members and passengers passed out on a flight from london to the united states. now we have learned it happened again on the same airline. mid-air scare. that's next. >> tired of your kids' toys and gadgets running out of batteries on the road? what if you could plug it
3:57 am
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hi, everyone, and good morning. today is suffered a, the 30th of january, 2016. i'm anna kooiman. this is a fox news alert. a brand new bombshell in the hillary clinton clinton email scandal. the first votes are cast in the 2016 election. >> this is an absolute house of cards that is coming down around hillary clinton's body. >> nearly two dozen emails so secret they can never see the light of day. we have the latest. >> with hillary in trouble, a new battle is raging on the republican side. why ted cruz and marco rubio are on the attack. we are live from des moines, iowa. in the middle of it all with the very latest all morning. >> and is it a boy or a
4:01 am
girl? this dad was literally knocked out by the result. [screams] >> he fainted. after four girls, he found out it's a boy. holly smokes. the whole family joins us live coming up. "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. ♪ ♪ the skies above tucker carlson who is live out in des moines, iowa, just two days until the iowa caucuses and we are on the ground getting all the reaction. good morning, tucker. >> good morning, i wish you all were here. i have been covering campaigns for 25 years. i have never seen anything
4:02 am
like this in my life. it's unbelievable. >> we hope you are eating a lot of cornbread and corn on the cob. >> so rosy this morning. we begin with a fox news alert. just 48 hours before iowa voters get ready to caucus. a bombshell development in the hillary clinton email scandal. the state department refusing to release 22 of hillary clinton's emails because the content would be too damaging to national security. >> peter doocy is live in des moines with more on this. good morning, peter. >> good morning, important to remember 22 top secret emails we are just learning about come from the clinton correspondence she wanted us to see. remember, before turning anything over, she deleted roughly 30,000 messages she didn't think were going to be relevant to record keepers. even though the intelligence community isn't even going to put out redacted copies of these 22 top secret notes because of the potential
4:03 am
damage to national security, clinton's campaign says they still want the emails to see the light of the campaign spokesman now tells us, quote: we firmly oppose the complete lock blocking of the release of these emails since first providing emails to the state department one year ago. hillary clinton has urged they may be made available to the public. this appears to be overclassification run amuck. there are also 18 emails between secretary clinton and president obama that aren't coming out because that's the way all presidential emails aretw handled. even though the president sent these notes without knowing they were being potentially stored on unsecure server. his spokesman is brushing off accusations of wrongdoing. >> in the context of a presidential campaign, people are going to have a whole bunch of reasons to criticize any of the candidates. so, it's not surprising to me that there are certain political opponents of secretary clinton that are looking for a way to use this situation to criticize her. and she and her team, i'm
4:04 am
confident will muster a robust defense. >> president obama still hasn't endorsed anyone. and he has remained close with clinton since she left state. but he did have a rare oval office sitdown with bernie sanders who is surging here in iowa just this week. anna, clayton, and tucker back to you. >> thanks, peter. peter doocy here is des moines. this is absolutely a bombshell right in the middle of a close presidential contest. how bad is this for hillary clinton? you just watch the obama spokesman attack the obama state department and imply that they were somehow politically motivate to do hold these emails back. you watched hillary clinton's explanation all of this see evaporate. i spoke to somebody very close to hillary clinton yesterday said none of this stuff was classified. it was not meant to be secret. "new york times" article on the drone program. really in the state department again, the obama state department has decided this material is so secret
4:05 am
that it cannot release it. that just undermines completely. it destroys hillary's explanation for these emails. >> fox sources within6ñ the fbi saying that if this doesn't happen, there will be a number of people who will leave their jobs as a result of this. jay sekulow echoing same sentiments last night on hannity show. listen to what he had to say about this. >> the fbi agents, they are doing a thorough job here. they put together a recommendation that a grand jury be impaneled and that charges be brought. and the director of the fbi concurs in that and makes that recommendation to loretta lynch, the attorney general. and she blows it off or just decides we are not going there are gets an order from above from the the president saying we are not going to do that you could rask very very serious shakeup within the department of justice where you could see career fbi agents and maybe even the director ofhí the fbi resigning over this. and i'm not sure that the president wants that as his legacy. >> well, and you have heard
4:06 am
james comey, the fbi director tell the senate1u judiciary committee that he was going to have an honest and fair and competent handling of the probe into hillary clinton's email server. and all of the emails that have -- they have been able to glean from that you also heard from darrell issa yesterday saying that he thinks the fbi is ready for a slam dunk on this and they are just having to, you know, kind of double back and make sure that all their eyes are dotted and their t's are crossed. just because of the pressure from hillary clinton. >> what you're watching something a slow motion car crash. there is about to be aw1?st collision between the hillary clinton campaign and obama administration which appears to be backing her and the fbi. they are basically saying that the people conducting this investigation are right wing hacks. they are, again, accusing their own employees of being secret right wing withers. a lot of these emails are coming out. we are learning fascinating things. one of the things we are learning that's being confirmed that hillary
tv-commercial tv-commercial
4:07 am
clinton is being courted by todayys and suckups. this is an energy department official. shirley randal here is an email she sent to hillary january 4th, 2013. if you get a chance please tell. >> keep in mind that's not a north korean email. that was sent by a u.s. government official it to hillary clinton's office. i know it sounds something kim jong il would get. >> it was sent specifically because of this performance. this is january 23rd. and that email was sent on january 224th. here is what happened on january 23rd. and she was talking about. watch. >> unbelievable. >> with all due respect. the fact is we had four dead americans. >> i understand. was it because of a protest or
4:08 am
because of guys out on a walk one night to kill some americans. what difference, at this point, does it make? >> that was the -- >> -- you know what that was. >> rock star performance there. it shows what a bubble she lives in and the yes people around her. >> you can't emulate that, tucker. mere moralities can't dream of emulating that imagine the bad decisions you could make if you are surrounded by people who are constantly telling you are like god. that's the core problem here. it's very interesting. >> that sound bite has come back to haunt her time and time and time again. >> that's for sure. >> much more on the campaign trail. we will get the republican side and how things are switching up on the republican side in just a little bit. but it's countdown to caucus time in iowa. also looking at this big snow storm and could it slow down activity at the polls. rick reichmuth is here tracking what this winter storm could mean for voting on monday night. >> i think it's going to be okay. it's going to be really close. there is a storm coming in from the west. it's going to have big impacts. real quickly the east coast today, you are absolutely
4:09 am
fine. we are not talking that much about testimony the west is where all action has been. it's going to dive down across parts of the southwest. eventually have impacts across iowa. this is the future radar. this is how we think this is going to play out the this model that we use is going to play out. storm building across the four corners. go in monday 6:00 p.m. we start to see a little bit of snow at least on this model run right here. then it fills in for tuesday. tuesday we have a big storm across the area. but for the most part, monday, i think you are going to be fine. maybe we get a few snowflakes starting to fall late in the evening on monday. and tuesday for all the people trying to get out a big mess. likely be a blizzard, snow and a lot of wind. show you temperaturewise we will be absolutely fine. go into monday and temps are going to be into the 30's. probably about 5 to 7 degrees above average for much of iowa. then just real quickly guys, give a sneak peek across much of the east coast. the snow we had last week is
4:10 am
going to be gone almost by the time we get to the middle part of this coming week. >> already melting my son's snowman.úe >> that snow could effect turnout. if there is high turnout that plays in trump's favor. this there is average turnout that plays to cruz's favor. >> they had to get snowmobiles how the to get to the eastern part of the state. they are hardy. we want to get out and vote. >> good stock in iowa. these stories imagine headlines as well. a fox news alert now. one of those three escaped california inmates now back in custody. duong turns himself n santa ana. other two still on the run at this hour. they believe they may be in san jose and could be living in a stolen gmc van. the teacher inside the jail and nine others arrested in helping those men break free. and another mid-air scare for american airlines jet for the second time this week.
4:11 am
a boeing 777 diverted due to passengers and crew mysteriously becoming i will on board. this jet from rio de janeiro headed for miami head to do brazil. on wednesday another american airlines flight head to do los angeles had to return to london after 15 people on board passed out. and the tablest have turned. isis's head honchos living in fear after a mystery sniper killed top tier terrorists. within days of each other. tipped off by marksman. swirling with rumor that isis fighters are sweeping the coast line for someone dubbed the dash hunter. incredible stunner at the ozzy open. serene into williams denied other 22nd career grand slam title. [cheers]
4:12 am
>> secht seed an leak an angelickerber. >> fox news alert. one of those inmates busted out of prison is back in police custody this morning. new information on where with the two other two could(o be hiding. inside the mind of an inmate on the run. that's next. >> then donald trump taking his latest shot at ted cruz. >> but, he is an anchor baby. no, he is an anchor baby. ted cruz is an anchor baby in canada. but canada doesn't accept anchor babies. they just waited a long time. >> coming up, the ted cruz campaign will respond. as iowa campaign chair and congressman steve king will be liveespond coming up. ♪ she looked at me with big brown eyes ♪ and said ♪ you ain't seen nothing yet ♪ baby, baby, baby ♪ you just ain't seen
4:13 am
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4:16 am
welcome back. fox news alert. were one with of the they fugitives whose prison break made national news last week. life on the run is officially over. duong turned himself in to police last night. the other two escapees are still on the loose. could authorities be closing in on them. luke adler is a retired u.s. marshall and author of chase be bandits -- chasing bandits. did it surprise you that the other two weren't close and had maybe moved on from his location. >> it was not a surprise. actually, when you have three guys like that that break out, quite often two will pair up. the odd man out goes his own
4:17 am
way. and then the authorities out there have done a fantastic job so far. and they have put a lot of pressure on the vietnamese gangs and apparently those gangs told duong you need to turn yourself in or bad things will happen to you. they are putting a lot of pressure and heat on the local gangs. >> here is a picture of the two guys still on the loose there one of them 20 years old. duong 43, oldest of the three. does that play a role in any of this? >> it may well. a lot of times the dynamics between the individuals, the@b relationships it does play a role in the situation. that may well have been. >> what's going through? put us in the mind of these guys this morning. one of them has turned themselves in, no doubt they are probably maybe watching the news to find out whatç the police' next move would be. what are they doing this morning? >> >> you know what? these guys are starting to get panicky, one. if they are watching the news, if they have access to it and see what's going on and a lot of times the
4:18 am
escapee also do that radio or television. they are probably tuning in to fox news right now to see exactly what's going on. once they hear that they begin to get nervous about who can they trust? who can they not trust? they may or may not know that duong has turned himself in. interesting fact about that, apparently, the gang that he was with had had contact with them. that's kind of an interesting take. jonathan comes from the same gang. he may well have been in contact with those. >> you know, have you mentioned of these friends, right, there has been a number much people in connection with these guys. how closely are investigators looking at those friends right now to try to track them down? do you think they are -- an arrest would be imminent be if you round up that many friends on this? >> absolutely. that's one of the things that you do. you go to their associates and resources. these guys need resources to be able to stay out it. it sounds like the authorities have done a very, very good job of that. and they have start to do burn those bridges, which
4:19 am
is, again, why duong turned himself in. now, you have got two extremely dangerous guys, jonathanpw for murder and hossein who was being charged with kidnap and torture. very, very dangerous guys. who's -- hossein third go around for escape from custody. one occasion he escaped the united states and traveled back to iran. so i'm sure he is trying to look to redo that trip. >> frightening. luke adler, retired u.s. marshall and author of the book "chasing bandits." we preached you joining us this as they close in on these guys. >> two days from the iowa caucus, is ted cruz's new target marco rubio? iowa congressman steve king is here to react to that
4:20 am
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welcome back, time for news by the numbers. first up, 40 feet. that's how far this surfer free falls during a wipeout holy smokes in a massive wave in hawaii. eventually it swallowed him up. somehow luckily he was in the hurt. next, america is number one, that's the number one favorite actor, the 3uy in this classic scene. watch. >> are you crying? are you crying?
4:24 am
there's no crying. there is no crying in baseball. >> who doesn't like tom hanks? lovable tom hanks. the well respected oscar winner topped the harris poll followed by johnny depp and denzel washington. finally 20 years ago today rupert murdoch and roger ailes announced the birth of the fox news channel in new york. we officially went on the air october 7th, 1996. 20 years ago today. anna, outside to you. >> it's cold but we are talking cars this morning. thanks, clayton. if you are in the market for a new car this year we have theu ones to consider. the editor in chief of "motor trend" joins us now. he had, thank you for joining us. this car is actually from the makers of the original minivan. >> chrysler pacifica. replaces the minivan. all these great features for little kids. >> i want to get in because there are games for the
4:25 am
kiddies. >> yes. we have 10-inch screens here. on this within we have this one which is called are we there yet mode. >> are we there yet? >> if if the parents put in the destination, the kids can follow along. on that screen kids can play some of the on board apps. solitaire, tic-tacs -- tic-tacs toe. new game. player. >> so, the. >> here we go. let's go to the next car. this is made in america car. nissan. made in canton. >> canton, mississippi. titan xd. enormous. super cable. this one is a platinum reserve model. if you look in. beautiful leather. >> this thing is massive. >> tons of technology. '60-degree camera.
4:26 am
park it easily because it's so big. made in the u.s.a. >> navigation is a nice spec on this, too. because why? >> well, a lot o3 people use phones to get where they are going. this has a navigation on board. >> you can access the apps through there, too, right? >> yes, absolutely. >> okay. here we go. we are at the volvo xc 9 0. motor trend pick of the year. why? >> gorgeous. people love the design. if you go on the inside, take a look. look at this crystal shift knob.&? very nice leather and wood. this is a plug-in hybrid. get up to 350 miles of range. you can go 14 miles in electric vehicle mode itself. seven passengers. >> 360-degree camera system as well. that makes parking easy i guess. finally let's' end with the hyundai genesis. >> luxury brand in hyundai. genesis sedan.
4:27 am
competes with vmw, audis, mercedes slightly lower price point. beautiful design. >> can i open the door? >> get inside. >> it's a beautiful sedan. >> very]p beautiful-looking car. i think it suits you. what do you think? >> very nice. so this will run you 41,000. hyundai genesis. >> starting. >> 44,000 for the volvo xc 90. >> starting. >> and chrysler pa sisk can a 30 grand. >> approximately. we don't know yet. that thing is not on sale yet. a ton of great family cars for new families. >> thanks so much. and thanksv, for tuning the heat on on this one for me. nice. >> i'm looking at that valve voyeur that might be in the family future. do you think your baby is the cutest thing in the world? well, your facebook friends are fully aware the most annoying types of social media post rest coming up. we're going to he show you. stunning new report, a top doctor thinks o.j. simpson may have brain disease. is it real or just an easy
4:28 am
excuse. and a major strategy shift in ted cruz's campaign two days from iowa. he is focusing all his ad dollars on marco rubio. what happened suddenly? so why that sudden shift? iowa congressman and cruz supporter steve king is here to react with us next live from des moines.
4:29 am
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4:32 am
welcome back, we are coming to you live from des moines, iowa where possibly the most significant iowa caucuses in a generation are taking place. a new battle has broken out on the republican side. the ted cruz campaign has redirected many of his iowa ad dollars away from trump. is he now focusing, apparently on marco rubio. what is the reason for that shift? joining us now is iowa congressman steve king a famous man in this state he is the co-chairman of the ted cruz campaign in iowa. great to he so you this morning. >> great to he so you. thanks for having me on. >> look what happened on the debate the night before last. there was that clash on immigration issue between rubio and cruz. and to get some clarity on that could be a piece of that it could be that they believe and i'm not looking at any numbers. this is a guess on my part that they believe that the people would come off of rubio are more likely to go
4:33 am
to cruz túuñ perhaps people come off the trump. it's hard to define a trump supporter. it's easier to define a rubio supporter. it's absolutely easy to define a cruz supporter. >> immigration is one of those issues where almost all republicans, maybe you are the lone exception have changed their views in the last so years. you have been pretty consistent i will say. you are a rare person. most people running for president have changed on that issue? >> when i look at the top three people in the polls, there is no question that donald trump has flipped his position almost 180. i think a lot of his supporters came to him because he said i will build a wall and make the mexicans pay for it and deport everybody. round up and deport everybody. they miss that part where he said but then we will bring them all back. they are operating with the belief that the last part was not true and he is not going to keep that promise. when you look at rubio, he ran on strong border security, anti-amnesty. we cheered him into the united states senate. and then, of course, he made a common cause with schumer
4:34 am
and others and lindsey graham and john mccg+9 and brought the gang of eight bill out. that was instantaneous amnesty and perpetual amnesty. it went on forever and retroactive because if they had deported you in the past. come apply we really didn't mean it that's pretty serious stuff. rubio says the national security issue has changed because we think some isis people could come across the border now i don't want to quite do this amnesty right away. >> it's all evolving pretty quick i would have to say. i want to give you a glimpse of what donald trump, who is in new hampshire, i believe, today is saying about your man ted cruz. watch this. >> so, what happened is all of a sudden people said you can imagine donald trump said that that baby is not a u.s. citizen? now, ted cruz may not be a u.s. senate, right? but. >> anchor baby. >> no, he is an anchor baby. ted cruz is an anchor baby in canada. but canada doesn't accept anchor babies. they just waited a long
4:35 am
time. >> ted cruz is an anchor baby in canada. i don't know what that means exactlymx but it's pretty tough. why isn't cruz focusing his fire on donald trump and by the way why are the rest of the candidates giving trump a pass? he is in the lead now in iowa by the polls i read. >> this is a wild man. can you imagine? this is not the w.w.e., donald. this is a race for the presidency 'of the united states of america. and it turns the destiny of our country. who could lay their head down on the pillow at night having seen that and have the confidence that the next morning we would be stable ship sailing along in a pure constitutional, conservative direction. donald trump -- i don't think can you lay your head on the pillow a night and sleep. >> you don't think that's worth responding. sounds to me that's self-discrediting. just watch that we don't need to attack that just watch trump that's enough. >> it doesn't make me mad. i look at him and say it's completely ridiculous. i have been making this point that no one challenges tedy) cruz's citizenship. well, now donald trump has.
4:36 am
as wild as it is. but, you have to stipulate j wait, people have challenged his citizenship. have challenged whether it's constitutional for him to be elected president. >> true but citizenship they have not. no question is that ted cruz is a citizen of the united states of america. >> right. >> there is only two ways that you are a citizen. you can either be natural born or naturalized. is he a natural born citizen of the united states. it was automatic birth certificate that came to him because his mother was a citizen. they just happened to be working outside the country when that happened. just like how about children that are born to our military? and they are born off base often. they ought to have a chance to be president of the united states. they are not noncitizens becausea& their parents were serving in germany or korea or wherever that might be. that's the same circumstances here. it's just this. if you are a naturalized citizen, then it's clearly you are not natural born and you wouldn't qualified to be president of the united states. if you are a natural born, born to be a citizen naturally is what that means, then you are qualified to be president of
4:37 am
the united states. and i believe that is settled law. i have gone back and not only read the constitution but the 1790 statute that addresses that. >> the original one. steve king, co-chairman of the ted cruz for iowa campaign. we will find out really soon whether it's working. good to see you this morning. congressman. >> anna b. kooiman back in new york. >> tucker carlson, thank you so much. 37 minutes after the hour. here is what is happening on your saturday morning making headlines. fox news alert. the exposed zika virus scare now reaching the halls of the senate. the senate health committee will hold a hearing on the increasing concerns of the potentially deadly virus taking hold inside the united states. right now 11 states reporting diagnoses. and at least 36 people are affected, including four pregnant women. the disease is carried by mosquitoes and it can lead to severe birth defects. the outbreak may be linked to the 2014 brazil world cup. and with the reoolympics just months away. the advisory board urging female athletes and
4:38 am
spectators to stay home. and the so-called affluenza teen won't be tried as an adult. the judge has ordered ethan couchz to remain in juvenile detention after arriving back in3 texas on thursday. he violated his probation by going on the lamb. you remember. this he went to mexico with his mother. in 2013, couch claimed he was too immature to know right from wrong after killing four people while driving drunk. and you may be a regular facebook user, but did you know what you post could be down right annoying to your friends? >> oh, i know. >> why is that, clayton? well, a new survey, this is done by showed all kinds of content that really rattled users the most. the worst offender posts that devil too deeply into your personal life. people don't like selfies or posts which show which way you lean politically. rounding out the top five pictures of your food or too
4:39 am
many pictures of i don't you are baby. >> that's all i post. >> pretty much all you see on this anymore. >> what else is there? an occasional sun set, rick reichmuth. >> that's true or anna's dogs. dogs were not on that list, anna. >> baxter stays. >> that's exactly it. >> let's talk a little bit of weather out there. obviously the big story is going to be monday and how the or whether impacts the caucuses but we also have storms to talk about. take a look at the maps. here is your monday forecast across iowa. for the most part, it is not a bad day. the problem is nighttime. there is a storm coming in from the west. it is potentially going to cause some problems for us by the time we get in towards monday night, which is obviously kind of toward the end of the caucus there he would will watch that very closely. for the most part it's going the big story there will come on tuesday. it looks like it's going to be a blizzard on tuesday in iowa. looking great. a little bit chillier. warm up a lot eastern seaboard. a lot of that snow will be gone. down to the southeast a spectacular day. very warm, tons of sunshine.
4:40 am
warmer temperatures towards the north. 40 degrees in marquette, michigan in january. that is warm. 37 in fargo. and finally out across the west. that's where our storm is now. that is going to be the storm for tuesday. and across iowa and we are also going to watch the threat for severe on tuesday on parts of the southern plains. back to you inside. >> thanks, rick. all right. coming up here, a stunning new theory. a top doctor thinks o.j. simpson may have a brain disease. could it be true or just an easy excuse? >> after four girls, a baby boy was just too much for this dad to take. [screams] >> he just falls down. the family behind this gender reveal video going viral. they all join us ahead. ♪ don't stop ♪ believing ♪ hold on to that feeling ♪ streetlights
4:41 am
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4:44 am
hi friends, good morning. the trial that captivated america trial of o.j. simpson is back in a brand new mini series. >> all rise. >> you are going to say this case is all about race? >> yes, because it is. >> a new revelation that o.j. could have suffered severe brain trauma during his nfl days is stealing the spotlight. >> here to explain is medicines call director dr. clifford stark. thanks for joining us. we are talking about cte, common in athletes from sports like boxing and football. where head injuries are common. what is it exactly? >> well, it's a degenerative disease that is something that can accumulate over multiple hits. we don't know how much trauma is required and how many incidents of trauma. so that's the kind of scary
4:45 am
thing. some people, it could happen after many years of trauma and some people it doesn't happen at all. the point is that we do have to be aware of it. and it could develop anywhere from years to decades after the last incident of the trauma. the key is it's cumulative trauma. >> some say o.j. had it and look at the5x impact of this. front page of the daily news this is your brain on football. concussions up a stunning 5 will%. how do we know? what are the warning signs? devil back in history. he was an actor for crying out loud. how witty he was in the naked gun. how do we know. >> it's very high up in the possibilities of what could have caused him to act the way he did. there is other psychological disorders or a combination of between cte and some kind of psychological disorder. so really we don't know. >> what are some of the tell tell signs that somebody has
4:46 am
cte because you can't tell until after someone dies. >> you can't confirm it until after death. the interesting thing is that i would say probably one of4é the tell tell signs is is lack of judgment and impulse control which certainly we saw. again, that can be explained by other things as well. confusion, aggression. memory loss, depression, anxiety. suicidality is very much talked about. >> this is just an excuse. this just adds to the mountain of excuses. you are not treating him. he is not your patient. what do you say to that? could this be a real problem for him? >> certainly could be a real problem for him. also, i think it's important for us to be aware of this problem for other people, but as well, we need to be careful not to use it as excuse for everybody's behavior. >> instead use it as, what, a deterrent from terrible rules in football that can cause more of this to
4:47 am
happen. do you think the football league, do you think the nfl has done enough to change the rules? >> it's really a tough question. i don't know how much -- by nature, football is a rough sport. but, i do think that when people are making their -- making up their career decisions. even back in high school and people are deciding whether or not to encourage their kids to play football, i think they need to know it's not something that necessarily is going to(g present itself right away. just because you have survived high school football and you feel fine doesn't mean that you are never going to develop this. it could be decades later. and it also should be noted that this also can cause early death. there has been a lot of people died in their 50's. >> it's amazing. look at that cover. and this is your brain on football. they showed grayed out areas in the grain. what happens to that portion of the brain' ends up essentially dying? >> we think there is a protein -- there is a protein called the tal protein that deposits in that part of the brain. that's really one of the few pieces. probably many other pieces involved in this.
4:48 am
remains to be found. >> dr. clifford stark medical director at sports medicine at chelsea. thanks for your information and insight on this cte. we appreciate united states it. >> 12 minutes before the top of the hour. the zika virus spreading faster than ever. cases spreading and pregnant women vulnerable. how you can get it and prevent it. >> some homes?w are truly one of a kind. this one with a private sawnna. we will show you some affordable listings for homes unique features you won't believe straight ahead. >> how about a recording studio? that's in one. ♪ i've been blind since birth. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. learn about non-24 by calling 844-844-2424. or visit
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4:53 am
morning, thanks for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> sometimes it can be a hinderance to have a one of a kind home. can't it? if it's too unique. >> you want to have a unique home but don't want to go overkill. you want to make sure that everyone can actually use the features that you have.j(p&@ so actually picked out five homes from across the country that had features, but from the exterior you wouldn't really notice that it was, you starter. so let's start the conversation down in enterprise, alabama, tell us about this home. >> enterprise alabama, historic downtown district. 5 bedroom home. it's a family home. completely redone. beautiful, beautiful. recreational room that also has a rock climbing wall which you will see right now. >> a rock climbing wall, wow. somebody with kids or if you have an active lifestyle, there you go.
4:54 am
>> exactly. the kids will be upstairs. the parents can be downstairs entertaining, it's a beautiful thing. >> let's head to nashville now. >> so in nashville, it is music city. this home is everything music. there is actually a recording studio in the basement which is really, really need. and the other fun feature is the fact that it also has a very large exterior deck. look at that that's awesome, right? so you can make. >> look at the privacy around there, too looks like nobody is around. >> make music downstairs, entertain outside. other good thing, according to when you have featureseó like these, your team gets viewed 10 to 50 times more than any other home. it's really really good if you have something that really sets your home apart. make sure you showcase that. >> do views translate into sales? >> of course. >> >> let's go to youkon,
4:55 am
oklahoma. were wood door has iron feature. lots of room to just about just about anything. this home has a huge closet. which, of course, is great for females. but the neat feature is the fact that it has that pocket door. that private room that you can store your valuables. it's kind of like narnia we are going to narnia seeing the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe. so many possibilities with a house like this. >> next up, we will go to new hampshire. it's a four bedroom home that has a massive rec room and what's the special thing about this? >> sure. this this is in ski country t. itqx is a ski home. the great thing about this is if it gets cold, it's snowing outside, have you is a huge rec room with a stage. so you can do character oak can i, i mean, i'm sure i like karaoke so i would love to have this room. >> get the bar out? >> exactly. can you enjoy staying warm inside while, you negotiation it's cold outside. >> all right.
4:56 am
and sam and fox news channel are owned by the same company. for more on these listings go to check out these listings. saturday one of the best day to go out and see open houses, too. >> it would be such a nightmare the one that has the recording studio. neighbors would hate me. four minutes before the top of the hour. coming up, this story is incredible. human chain, truck driver dangling over a cliff. reunites with the man he saved for the first time right here on "fox & friends." >> breaking news on the campaign trail. two days from iowa. hillary clinton's email scandal took a brand new turn last night. some of her emails so top secret they can't be shared with the public. we are live in des moines with the fallout on that. that is next. ♪ ♪
4:57 am
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good morning, everyone. it's saturday the 30th of january, 2016. i'm anna kooiman. this is a fox news alert. too classified to make public. hillary clinton email scandal coming with bad political timing as we are just two days from the first votes being cast in the 2016 election. nearly two dozen emails so secret they can never see the light of day. hillary's troubles get worse. and only two days from the iowa caucuses in generation. live on the ground in des moines, iowa as the campaigns make their final push and pull out all the stops. >> take a look at this picture, a tractor-trailer teetering over the edge of a cliff. the driver still inside. check outjú this human chain that saved his life. the driver and the man who took this photo meet for the first time right here on "fox & friends." "fox & friends" hour three
5:01 am
>> the drama, the music, the excitement from des moines, our co-host tucker carlson is there two days until the iowa caucus the first and tucker, is there any drama there or is everything now? >> it's unbelievable. i woke up this morning with a corn dog and shot of ethanol and i am ready to go. we are going to cruz rally with willie roberts after this. glenn beck is there. every person you have ever seen is wandering the streets of des moines, iowa good reason, this is the most significant iowa caucus in my lifetime for sure. it's amazing. >> iowa picked our last two presidents,k÷ obama and bush, both of them took iowa as well. >> much more on that. we are going to start with this. feelings on the ground. hillary clinton nothing could be worse for the hillary clinton campaign
5:02 am
than. this two days before the first votes are cast. the state department blocking the release of it 2 of clinton's emails. >> yeah, that's because, clayton, that the content would be too damaging to national security. peter doocy live in des moines with even more. good morning, peter. >> good morning, anna. emails from her private server, hillary clinton decided to delete roughly 30,000 she didn't think would be relevant to record keepers. she doesn't get to decide what is released now. that is up to the intelligence community and the intelligence community redacted copies of these 22 top secret messages we are just finding out about fearing harm to it america's national security because they can contain details about special access programs and could expose the sources and methods our spies use. >> the state department will be denying in full seven email chains found in 22
5:03 am
documents representing 3 7 pages. the documents are being upgraded at the request of the intelligence community because they contain a category of top secret information blue clinton's camp doesn't care what's in the messages, insisting nothing was marked classified when sent so they think the messages are okay to share with the world spokesman said we firmly oppose the blocking of these emails since first providing her emails to the state department more than one year ago, hillary clinton has urged that they madable made available to the public. this appears to be overclassification run amuck governor here in iowa, terry branstad is already forecasting record turnout that he believes will benefit berniegb sanders. bernie sanders not piling on clinton about the emails. he says there is a legal process playing out he thinks here in iowa the issues should be on issues more directly impacting the issues effecting people who
5:04 am
live in iowa. back to you. >> thanks, peter. >> peter doocy. >> this is unbelievable. we have been talking about these emails for many months now. this is a bombshell. here is why it's different from everything we have learned before. this is not the results of an investigation done by a right wing think tank or a good government watchdog group. this is the obama state department, which hillary clinton ran for four years saying, in effect, hillary, you lied. there was classified information in those emails. so classified we're not going to release it this undercuts their excuse from day one which is that information is not really classified, it was "new york times" articles, the hillary advisor told me that yesterday. now we know it's not true. so classifiede# her own people won't release it. >> tucker, we have v. also heard the fbi director james comey saying he is going to have an honest and independent investigation into this clinton email server scandal. he has said on capitol hill just a few days ago that he is not giving president
5:05 am
obama the blow by blow, play by play of this investigation. so, i'm trying to figure out what josh earnst knows that hasn't been made public based on what he says right here. >> can you say with certainty and confidence that secretary clinton will not be indicted because of this email scaddle. >> that is a decision that will be made by the department of justice and prosecutors over there what i know that some officials over there have said is that she is not a target of the investigation. so, it does not -- that does not seem to be the direction that it's trending. >> not a target investigation. >> so fox news sources in the fbi is pushing back against that very statement because, first of all, how does josh earnst have insight into this fbir6 investigation. the investigation still very much ongoing and added with certainty that a decision on this has not been made on either side one way or the the other. and then you have representative darrell issa, of course, who oversaw the benghazi hearings and had it to say, tucker, i think the
5:06 am
fbi director would like to indict both huma abedin and hillary as we speak. he is in a position where he is being force to do triple time, make a cases of what would otherwise be -- what they would otherwise call a slam dump. so, dust off joe biden at this point. >> josh earnst is way, way over his skis on this. this is a very delicate situation. you have the fbi part of the executive branch of the government. overseen by the obama white house. independent, it needs to be independent in order to prosecute criminals without regard to political consequences. here you have the white house spokesman weighing in on this and basically revealing we have need information in public. the fbi doesn't like this at all it wreaks the odor of political are interference is overwhelming. very unwise. we have dana perino on next hour white housety person. the fbi deeply recents.
5:07 am
this political interfeerns unwise to be doing something like this. >> not helping hillary clinton's honest and trustworthy. joe biden says every day he regrets not getting into the race. >> by the way, don't hold your breath. i mean, depending on how things go, you could see other people get into the race. the hillary people are saying oh, that's impossible. it's too late. it's not too late and that could happen. >> we could see bloomberg as well. there is also a shifting on the republican tucker, get your take on this. because you are knee deep in these ads out there. ted cruz campaign pulling their ads against donald trump and now squarely focusing on marco rubio. do this see him as a threat? watch this ad. >> they call ted cruz obama's nemesis because cruz fought obamacare, said no to big spending. stopped amnesty in its tracks. caucus for cruz to undue do obama. and led the gang of eight.
5:08 am
>> on taxes? >> i'm in favor of a mandate that they go out and design a cap and trade or carbon tax program. >> tax hikes, amnesty, the republican obama. that's marco rubio. >> one hits him on immigration. the other one paints him as the republican obama. >> it's tough. it's really really tough. i think it hurts. the question is why are they doing it? if you look at the polls, and the aggregate of the polls, combine them all, donald trump is in the lead in this state. why are the rest of the field focusing their attacks on one another are? why the circular firing squad? why no attacks on donald trump. they have polling data. they are doing it for a reenget doesn't make much sense to me at all. you would think they would be attacking the frontrunner but they are not. >> those come in second and third place in new hampshire. marco rubio firing back against ted cruz saying it's like an honor that they are coming after me. watch this. >> when a candidate is beingdñ attacked obviously someone is worried but.
5:09 am
obviously senator cruz is worried about my candidacy. he has a lot to answer for. today we were showing people a tweet that he put out during the immigration debate where he talked about how he supported legalization. i think people are starting to learn that the truth about ted on immigration and a bunch of other issues shows the history of calculation. i think it's starting to hurt him a little bit. >> des moines register had ted cruz on the front page saying what a rough night it was during the debate for him. >> it gets bitter at the end. there is a lot at stake. whoever wins this state could really, i mean, the momentum could change dramatically after monday. these guys tend to pull out all the stops. >> tucker, what do you think? with marco rubio gaining momentum and as iowa does its job and new hampshire does itscd job to winnow the field, do you think cruz is starting to think maybe some of these establishment candidates are going to start rallying behind rubio? >> boy, that's the hope of everyone in washington. i have no idea if that's actually happening or not. it's so hard to tell because the caucus process itself is so complicated. i'm sorry to take a pass on the question.
5:10 am
i just don't know. i do know everyone where i live is really hoping for rubio, whether that's work going work not clear. >> another factor in all of this too, tucker is this snow storm which is barreling down on your neck of the woods in des moines. rick reichmuth is standing by. will it slow down activity at the polls? >> there is a big storm coming. right now it looks like a tuesday storm. but a blizzard. i mean, if this were one day before, it would be big problems for them. and we're still, you know, two days out from this, two and a half days out and some stuff could change. average high 32. we're going to be above that we're probably going to be about five degrees above average. this is a storm that we have out across the west that's going to be pulling on in, having a big impact for a lot of people over the west over the weekend. tomorrow and in to monday. be prepared for that denver could be in for a massive snow storm. a line of÷%2ñ storms eventually, this is the future radar here. you go in through the day on monday. most of the energy is back across nebraska. and in towards colorado and wyoming. but we start at least on this one model to see a little bit of the snow pick up here on monday a after --
5:11 am
late afternoon into early east coast. and then we are going to watch this become a blockbuster on tuesday. if it4 trends a little bit faster. then we have an earlier storm here. unfortunately, guys, we can't rule it out that we could be looking at pretty significant storm. we are certainly looking at a storm for tuesday. does it get in there early enough on monday night to cause some problems, we can't for sure say that yet. >> it sounds like there will be a rush on the grocery stores there at the same time the caucuses are going on. rick, thank you. is 1 minutes after the hour. on to other stories making headlines. one of those three california inmates back in custody. duong turned himself in to authorities in santa ana after a week on the run. experts say the pressure is on the exescapeees. >> when you have three guys like that that breakout. quite often two will pair up. the odd man out goes his own way. and then the authorities out there have done a fantastic job so far. they have put a lot of pressure on the vietnamese gangs. and apparently those gangs
5:12 am
told duong you need to turn yourself in or bad things will happen to[you. >> other two inmates may be in the san jose area. also this morning was the san bernardino terror attack linked to an even bigger plot to kill americans? so omar kabir, ringleader of islamic terrorist cell planning to kill soldiers in afghanistan in 2000 12. the plan was disrupted by the fbi. he is now in federal prison. he lived in the same california community as syed farook and tashfeen that ma leak we are learning. the fbi thinks they may have crossed paths. not so surprising development in the expanding v.a. scandal. former saint paul v.a. director kimberly grave who allegedly stole $130,000 in taxpayer money was reinstated after she appealed her demotion. the reason for the reversal is not being made public right now. but she will most likely get her old salary back it was
5:13 am
cut by 50 grand in the demotion. and those are your headlines. >> all right. coming up7c here on the show the zika virus. everybody is talking about in this. spreading faster than ever expected. pregnant women, particularly vulnerable. what you need to know next to protect yourself. >> also, after four girls, a baby boy was just too much for this dad to take. >> it's a boy! [screams] >> wow. >> video of the morning just falls out there. the family behind this hilarious gender reveal party. the video is going viral. they are going to be joining us ahead.
5:14 am
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5:17 am
good morning. it is a fox news alert. the national instiewft health now calling the zika virus a pandemic inside the united states with 36 cases separate states. this as experts say the illness may have start to do spread back in 2014 during the world cup in brazil. how worried should would he be? joining us now s. a neurologist at hackensack university medical >> thanks for having me. >> somewhat zika virus. >> transmitted by mosquito. in this is a virus that can infect multiple people if they are bitten by infected mosquito. >> pregnant women can have have babies with birth defects, maul heads, brain damage, what else? >> oh, absolutely. this is the class of population that is the most at risk so. pregnant women can pass this on to the fetus and they can develop something called
5:18 am
crowcephallc small sir circumference, death. >> similar to the flu. you get rashes, red eyes, joint and muscle aches. headaches, things like that. if you are exhibiting those go see your physician immediately? >> potentially. if you have traveled to endemic area, there is more than 20 countries in central and south america where this is running rampant. you may want to seek health. usually if it's a virus and not pregnant it will go patients may not have symptoms. >> we don't want to ring the alarm on this. it is something that is transmitted from mosquitoes. rarely you do see cases where it's person to person, right? >> there have been reports of potential transmission person to person. very small case recordings. maybe during sexual transmission. >> it's january right now. so we don't have to worry about mosquitoes. what about july? >> well, this is where i think we have to have a lot
5:19 am
of education, awareness, protection. this type of mosquito is found in the u.s. in the southern most states. through adequate prevention, you know,kj hopefully this is not going to be a worry here. >> you think we are a lot better at handling it anyway, right? turning over if you have a baby pool in the backyard or bucket from your sandbox, don't let anything collect water, wear your bug spray. >> no open buckets of water. long sleeve repel. >> not the last we have heard of the zika virus. >> no. >> dr. gupta, thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> coming up on "fox & friends weekend," cops in one major city are calling it the largest scam they have ever seen. you will hear the threatening phone calls claiming to be the irs. that's aheads. and is it a boy or is it a girl? this dad was literally knocked out by the results.
5:20 am
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whfight back fastts tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue and neutralizes stomach acid at the source tum, tum, tum, tum smoothies! only from tums
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quick head lanes for you, quick camera edition. look at this car crash. holy smokes. hard to believe anyone survived but they did. pickup truck crossing the center line launching a small black truck in the air which hit two other cars. good samaritans ran in from all directions but amazingly no one killed in that. man charged with drunks driving, of course. >> remember the saint
5:24 am
bernard saved from icy lake? >> come on, buddy. >> well now recovered a-year-old myelo is being reunited with the emergency crews who saved his life when the 120-pound dog was pulled out of the frozen lake, it was only 21 degrees. doing well. favorite segment of the person who. father got the surprisehy of his life during a gender reveal party. watch this. >> it's a boy. it's a boy. [screams] >> i'm glad you guys are all giggling that the, too. what an amazing surprise. a baby boy after four girls. joining you us now are julio and kerry and their four daughters are are all on the couch with us this morning. you guys were all laughing
5:25 am
at dad falling down there. what was going through your mind? you slice into that cake. did you think it was a joke and how long until you remembered anything? >> at first when i cut it, i didn't believe so i had to like do it the second time. when i seen the color, that's when i was just -- my reaction was like, i just went blank. i couldn't hold it. i just collapsed. >> you fell down almost instantaneously. what's going through your mind. are you happy? >> i look at him and i'm like -- i went down with him, too. to see if he was okay. and hug him. and i'm laughing and crying at the same time. >> girls, are you guys excited are you going to have a brother? >> yes. >> this is going to be the hard part for the brother. because it's all girly stuff around thethere is dolls. there is barrettes, there is scrunchies. there is hair ties. are you going to be combing his hair? making him all pretty? that's what i you thought. do you know what's so amazing about this? just from a chemical response, kerry. because bodies, when women have multiple genders, they are not likely, because of
5:26 am
the acid at this or have opposite sex after you have already gone down this path. were you just as shocked? >> i was in shock. when we put the knife the first time, i seen the color already. and i just started jumping myself. and then he couldn't -- i they stood and the second time that's when he was like and fell down to the floor. >> these gender reveal parties are are so much fun. you you didn't want to know. put it in a sealed envelope and give it to chastity. what was it like for you to keep the secret. >> actually, i had spoke to the tech and asked her what was the baby because i want'ed to know. it was nerve-racking because i wanted to tell somebody so bad. >> you kept your mouth zipped. you didn't tell anybody. >> told it to the dog. >> the dog and is he is not telling. >> julio, did you have any idea? did you think there is no way i'm having a boy? >> i was just like in shock. i mean am i like is this really happening? am i having my boy?
5:27 am
is this really true. >> you have got plans. >> i have already got plans. >> barber shop? >> take him to work. barber shop. hang out. i'm going to do a lot of things. >> what about baseball, football, basketball,. >> all those sports. >> music concerts. >> i already got him a car already. >> you got him a car? are you serious? >> power wheel. >> what's it like to be outnumbered? >> i'm good. >> can you can watch football on a sunday? are you allowed -- are you able to? >> we sit with him. we all sit with him. >> all right. >> it's all right. >> of course i will be the one in the kitchen doinrñ the snacks. >> you can stop now that you have had four and you have a fifth. are you going to have more. >> i think we will stop. we are stopping. >> congratulations, are you excited for baby brother. >> yeah. >> when is the due date. >> in june. >> what a beautiful family already. can't wait to see pictures. i hope you will send us. >> of course. >> thanks so much for joining us.
5:28 am
wonderful. >> here is what is coming up on the program. it's crunch time for the campaigns as the candidates spread out across the hawkeye state. how are the candidates making their final push. a live report from iowa next. >> and wish you could just roll out of bed and go straight to work? now you@e can. i need these. with business jammies? they are called bamies. i want to wear these on the show. >> i thought lululemon already had that covered. >> i'm going to way these next ♪ enough to drive you crazy if you let it ♪ 9 to 5 ♪ for service and devotion ♪ you would think that i ♪
5:29 am
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oh! join the nation. ♪ nationwide is on your side representative?
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5:32 am
g.o.p. candidates hawkeye state just two days before the iowa caucus can. this as iowans get ready to vote. can you believe. this rick edson is on the campaign trail in iowa. gets a sense which way voters leaning. you are on like okoboji. i use to do go camping there. >> this is a huge vacation destination. we will get to that in just a minute here. this is the northwestern part of the state. this is a more conservative part of the state. a more evangelical part of the state. many questions here of how people are l. caucus on monday night? will they go out for tedjn cruz. will donald trump supporters come in and caucus instead of saying they will vote for
5:33 am
him in a telephone poll. is senator marco rubio the surprise candidate who can surprise everyone with a surge in the polls and a surge in the caucuses? we talked to a number of folks yesterday and they say for the most part. they are still undecided. >> >> a couple buddies told me that this morning. i think rubio, i think he is just looking good now. he is just beginning to look good. >> marco rubio, i'm kind of intrigued by him. my personal view is i don't think he is ready, but i think what i see here in iowa is that a lot of the younger republicans who are very active are rubio people. >> i'm donald trump all the way. i like people that ain't got a problem with saying what they think. >> take a look at the map here where folk or campaigns are actually going today in the state of iowa. much of it is in the western part of the state. rubio, paul, bush, carson,
5:34 am
cruz, martin o'malley, hillary clinton. you mentioned this is a vacation spotted. it's a big party weekend here. this is their winter party weekend because of that, sign. we are at a jeb bush event. it's getting started in couple of hours. they found it leaned up against an open window. somebody was passed out outside after they had taken it. >> i can tell you my family reunions did not get that rowdy and they were in the summer. that's how you track them down. track them down by the stolen sign he is passed out. tucker carlson nowhere it to be seen. they didn't track him down. in des moines, iowa this morning getting a sense is of what caucus goers are seeing and hearing and which way they are sort of leaning. tonguer, much has been made about the ground game, right? that you are hearing that donald trump maybe ground game hasn't been as strong as ted cruz's ground game. how much of a factor do you think that will play? >> we will find out. clearly his ground game hasn't been. trump two weeks ago doing a
5:35 am
rally in burlington, vermont which doesn't have a meaningful republican primary set. running in fact a national campaign. will it work? if it does it will rewrite the way people feel about iowa that's for sure. there is panic on the democratic side for the reason that bernie sanders is way ahead in new hampshire the next contest. if he were to win on monday here, that would basically destroy the presumption of inevitability that has huddled around hillary clinton in the beginning and caused her potentially real problems. the same thing honestly must be said about trump and republican establishment if he wins iowa. election results do influence voting behavior in subsequent states. a guy hock loose like he is the winner gets more votes than the guy who looks like he is the loser. you could see a real reordering of the republican party. there is a lot riding on monday's a lot. much more than usual, i have covered all of these going back to 1992. i have never seen anything like this. this is intense right now. >> tucker, real quick in a net -- nutshell.
5:36 am
what is it about the iowa caucuses make them so quirky. >> they are inherently quirky. i have been doing it 25 area and i don't fully understand how the caucus works. people participating don't fully understand. take place in church basements and union halls. take place in elementary schools. people literally get together and debate. it's a 19th century way of picking a candidate. but it's really cool and complex and it takes a lot to get people to do it because it's a massive commitment. it's not just like punching a ticket and going home. you have to stay there. >> takes a significant amount of time. >> for sure. >> you would think they are quite well informed to be able to argue a for their candidate. really grass roots. >> impressive. >> rick santorum didn't get the benefit of the iowa bump. we had to wait to count all the votes for a few weeks to find out that he had actually even won. >> that's right. by the way has never happened on the republican side where had you a candidate win both iowa and new hampshire. i mean, you usual will have
5:37 am
different results. very different states. this could be the year where you have a candidate win you have a candidate win both of them. the way we think about this completely. this is a very unusual year by every measure. >> you are absolutely right. tucker carlson is live from there. we will check back in with him a little bit from des moines. >> we will hand it over to rick. you say akd8/r-zard may be coming that may or may not entry inteefer with interfere with caucus goers. it's a tuesday storm in iowa. monday storm across wyoming and into nebraska. this is a a look at monday's forecast here. should be saying a sunday storm a little bit farther out across parts of the west here you go. look at that temperatures a little bit above average and for the most part cloudy skies. not thatw bad of a day. there is this storm though that's going to be coming from the west and hopefully it holds off until after this is done. it's going to be a tight call.
5:38 am
probably just a matter of hours. um across the northeast today. a beautiful day. down across the southeast. a beautiful day. the west has been looking -- excuse me, the east. i have got my directions all messed up today, guys. ith north. another nice day. all the patrol cars are out across the west where you have the snow falling. we will continue to see that pretty heavy. that dives down across southern california and arizona for your day tomorrow. send it back inside. >> we will get you a2 compass. >> thank you i need it. thanks, rick. >> thanks a lot. >> 38 minutes after the hour. we start your headlines with. this it is a fox news alert. the flint water crisis is bringing attention to other cities with potentially dangerous lead levels. listen up. people in new orleans dealing with contaminated water from lead pipes in many homes installed more than 100 years ago. experts say there are ways to protect your kids if you are worried about your water. >> you have to use a certified lab by the e.p.a. you can go to the website and
5:39 am
find out where those labs are in your community it should cost about 7 to $10 to get that water tested. but you can also make shiewrks if you live in a flushing the cold water, letting it run for 5 to 600 seconds before you use it. >> she says most water filters you can buy at the store are not certified to reduce lead so go to the e.p.a. website for information. a suspect flips a car on a busy roadway and snrind a nearby cracker barrel and it's all caught on camera. >> put your hands up right now! >> look at this. chaos erupting when albuquerque police officers chase down a man at the restaurant who was believed to be armed. anthony lujon wanted for a string of crimes. he was eventually taken into custody. largest irs phone scam
5:40 am
philadelphia says they have ever seen is making the rounds. >> i'm calling regarding an enforcement action executed by the u.s. treasury ignoring this will be an intentional attempt to avoid initial appearance before a magistrate judge. >> dozens of people report getting a similar call. someone asks for a name, a phone number,óu even a social security number which can land the scammers a huge refund for a fraudulent tax return in your name. police say do not give out any information. hang up. call 911 and file a report with we have those days where we feel extra exhausted at work but still have to set up. >> i'm exhausted. >> grab a nap at work. >> not with that big glass window looking out at the hall. i love a good nap. it's the only thing getting me out of bed in the morning. >> well, you still may be able to nap while you are at work. but you can wear comfortable
5:41 am
bamies. that's the name of a combo business. it's called bamies and its business and jammies combined there company owners promise sheik office outfits as comfy as pajamas. women who want to deck out long day to the comforts of their own home. those are your headlines. they are pretty cute. >> i live inb lie lululemons. >> i would wear that to work. i wonder if they would notice. >> you would wear the women's one? [ buzzer ] >> slap a tie on a bamy. >> we do sit on a couch and have pillows. >> too much information. coming up on the program. he may have won#a debate but say he doesn't have a shot at iowa. that's actually a good thing? >> group of strangers form a human chain to rescue a truck driver gang gangling over a cliff: driver and
5:42 am
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5:45 am
welcome back. it looked like a two-man race here in iowa. some are saying it's actually a three-man race after marco rubio's performance at the debate in des moines the other night. google users say rubio won that debate followed by donald trump and then rand paul and ted cruz. well, columnists the daily caller and excellent book too dumb to call matt lewis joins us with analysis.p it's great to see you. >> good to be here. >> marco rubio, who knows what is going to happen. nobody knows. the caucuses are famously hard to predict. doesn't seem like he is in danger of coming in first here. but you say it doesn't matter. >> no, not at all. i think that, number one, on the republican side, winning iowa is not the best
5:46 am
predictor of who the nominee is. second, i think what rubio has always tried to do is run this campaign that gradually builds and gains momentum. he is kind of peeking at the right time in iowa. and for him when i say peaking. i don't mean finishing in f9gnq place. i think if rubio comes in a very strong third place position they will feel very happy about that that could be the spring board that takes him into new hampshire where he hopes to finally have the establishment lane coalesce around him. >> what exactly are the differences between cruz and rubio on policy or really the differences about substance or about style and temperament? >> i actually think it's much more about style and temperament. look, ted cruz and marco rubio have so much in common. obviously both the sons of cuban immigrants. both young. i think they are around 43, 44. both of them, almost the same age. and both are solid conservatives.
5:47 am
both defeated establishment republicans in primaries. not that long ago. they everywhere both tea party candidates. i really think the big difference is in style. rubio, i think, is more optimistic. i think cruz is better at sort of preaching to the choir. but very similar guys. >> now, what about the criticism you are hearing from the cruz campaign that there is really nothing to rubio? that he is wispy, he hasn't accomplished anything. he ised in the cruz spot a republican obama? what's the response to that? >> first, my response would be a republican obama might be great. barack obama won two presidential elections and pushed through some liberal legislation. it might be great to have a conservative who wins two presidential elections and pushes through conservative legislation. but, look, marco rubio has a pretty good answer for this on the campaign trail. i have been seeing him talking about this on the stump in iowa. just watching the clips. you know, this is a guy who
5:48 am
was the speaker of the florida house of representatives. ted cruz has actually only held elective office now for three years. marco rubio has a much more extensive time as an elected official. i think the problem rubio has thoughóx is he has this youthful appearance which can help him and hurt him. and i think that's what they are really trying to play against him. >> interesting. so, in other words, the response from the rubio campaign would be who are you calling lacking substance? >> exactly. >> matt lewis, author of a great new book just out. thanks for joining us this morning. good to see you, matt. >> thanks, tucker. coming up. a lot to come on this show. still on tap, neil cavuto. dana perino, geraldo rivera, we are live from des moines, iowa. stay tuned, plus, a tractor-trailer teetering over the edge of the cliff. the driver is still inside. look at that that's a real picture. check out the human chain that saved his life. the driver and the man who took this photo reunite for
5:49 am
the first time right here on "fox & friends." there they are. ♪ there goes my hero ♪ ñw release technology, ñw helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq. you're down with crestor. alright! now there's a way you can get crestor for $3. adding crestor, along with diet, lowers bad cholesterol. crestor is not for people with liver disease, or women who are nursing,pregnant, or may become pregnant. tell your doctor all medicines you take. call your doctor if you have muscle pain or weakness; feel unusually tired; have loss of appetite, upper belly pain,
5:50 am
dark urine or yellowing of skin or eyes. these could be signs of serious side effects. ask for the crestor $3 card. ask your doctor about crestor.
5:51 am
5:52 am
welcome back. take a look at your screen. look at this the photo. chain of heroes managed toe rescue a driver after his tractor-trailer careened off a snowy road. someone captured the rescue moments before being pulled to safety. meeting for the first time is the truck driver in that accident. the man who took that picture. nice to see both of you this morning. you're meeting for the first time. tell us what happened in this accident. how did you wind up almost going over this cliffside? >> well, the weather was rather foul.
5:53 am
couldn't hardly see a couple four wheelers, couple vehicles were in front, meanwhile started to spin out, and i hit my brakes in a turn, and that's the wrong thing to do when you're driving one of these things. >> you've been driving for a long time, truck driver for a long time. had you ever seen anything like this? >> only, you know, when i came on scene like this that had happened you know an hour or two prior. nothing that happened right in front of my eyes like that before. it was quite scary. >> matthew, you guys met this morning, did you say to arlan? >> thank you for being there. i did really know what was going on at the time. i just wanted to get out of there. i was in there for a little bit. and just wanted to get up the side of the road and get, just get home. you know, and i didn't say thank you to anybody, i just got right into the paramedic vehicle and that's the last, last time i
5:54 am
said anything. >> arlan, i want to get your side of it this. from the dual perspectives, you're outside looking at this chain of human beings trying to pull him out of this. what did you see, from the scene, describe what you were seeing and did you know there was anyone in the cab? >> believe it or not, it didn't don on me right away that there was someone in the truck that might not have been in good condition. i was concerned with the traffic behind me getting stopped. so i spent the first few minutes looking in my mirror to see if everyone behind me was getting stopped or if this scene was going end to up as like a 22-car pile-up or something. >> gee. >> and i say that to my own shame. my mind was so confused with all of the images and the things that were going on in that moment. and it wasn't until i looked forward again, after everyone behind me safely got stopped, and i looked forward again, and
5:55 am
i saw people running to the truck. and that's when it sort of struck me that hey, there's a person in that vehicle, and we don't know if that person is okay or not. >> matthew, were you okay? what physically, how were you feeling after this crash? >> oh, my pride, little cut on this little finger. and that's, that's it, sir. >> wow. >> god was looking over you at the time, but what -- >> you know what -- >> what did you feel and experience in that cab? you're so in tune with your truck, i'm sure, did you smell odd things? what was going through your mind? >> you smell the diesel, you think you have -- when a situation arises, you think you have one of those poetic prayers to say. it didn't come out that way. i said hey lord, i'm in your hands, looking straight down, sliding down a hill. i was sideways, the tree stock kept me from going further. >> you heard the trees cracking,
5:56 am
read an interview that you had done. what about the people? now you see this chain of people, what went through your mind then? >> going, let me out of here. and it was, it was a hard climb. once you got out of the tree line there, there was nothing but rocks, and you would get a little footing, and then slide down three feet. you had to start it all over again if it wasn't for the people helping me with that. i would have been there a long time. >> yeah. what would you like to say to those people? >> like i said, this is the first time i've ever seen all the chain, it was just like a vague memory to me. i'd like to say thank you to everybody, it's nice knowing that people are out there helping each other out. you don't see that a lot anymore. and it was, it was a real touching. it really was. >> mattheus and arlan great to meet you both this morning. and out of this crazy storm came some real heros there, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> thanks, guys. all right, coming up here on the show, incredible story.
5:57 am
normal every day photo saves this baby's life. look at this left eye. his momentum discovered something when the flash went off. the mom quick, she called the doctor. we're going to have her amazing story when we come back.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
hi everyone, and good morning, today is saturday, january 30th. this is a fox news alert. brand new bomb shell in the hillary clinton server scandal. just 48 hours before the first votes are cast in the 2016 election, nearly two dozen e-mails so secret, they can never see the light of day. plus, we're live from des moines, iowa, with the republican candidates are racing toward cause kus day. is there a new feud between front runners. why some say marco rubio could be in that category. we'll bring you the very latest, coming up. and, can you spare some change? will that be cash or credit
6:01 am
card? this panhandler is now accepting plastic. he says being homeless is his business. he's running a business. i wonder if he's incorporated as an llc or not. >> there's an app for that, calculate. >> plus you need an address. fox and friends hour four starts right now. we have a live look at our own tucker carlson, live from des moines, iowa, there at the hotel. embassy suites joking earlier about the continental breakfast. >> is there some corn muffins there? you had an ethanol shot this morning. what's on the menu? >> i bring every morning in iowa, i start with ethanol. you get a little lonely, i fill the void with food and there's no better place than iowa. after i stick mike with me now.
6:02 am
we're going to walk on over here. here we are in the atrium which is dominated by fox news as you can see and the awesome signag which i have raided throughout the morning. the food in iowa, and this is not just pandering -- >> did you borrow sneakers? >> i get to wear -- >> bet you didn't think we were going to see your shoes. >> new balance, right in america, baby. haven't had that yet, that's pineapple, not native to iowa, but delicious. fruit, eggs, then the corn products. whole beef and corn. >> stock up, i hear a blizzard's coming. >> i've been carbo loading, you'd think i was running a drink at long, anna, i'm not. i'm only doing the cash-loading part. one of the great reasons to come to iowa, and i gain ten pounds every caucus is because the food is terrific. weather is bad, but the people are nice, and the food is even better, i'm not kidding, it's terrific. >> i love how there's a whole
6:03 am
corn station. >> there's a whole corn station, and here's the ethanol sauce for on top of it. it's the best. >> we're going to check in with tucker, load-up, cash load, we'll be back. >> i'm going to. >> he's got a -- >> i smell the sausage. >> on what the community is thinking about the caucuses just a couple days away. >> good thing there's a sneeze guard. fox news alert. >> big news, hillary clinton facing more scrutiny than ever two days away from the iowa caucuses. >> labeling 22 of her e-mails, quote, too damaging, end quote, to national security and refusing -- excuse me, refusing to release them. peter doocy is live in des moines with more on the developing story, good morning, peter. >> good morning, what we have now is a big difference of opinion between what hillary clinton classifies as top secret information and what the intelligence community considers classified information. and the intelligence community, which ultimately gets to decide if intelligence is top secret or
6:04 am
not has determined, clinton's private and potentially unsecured server held 22 messages that are so sensitive, they won't even release redacted copies of them. the messages dealt with special access programs that could expose the sources and methods that our spies use, but the clinton campaign says they are still okay to make public. and that quote, we firmly oppose the cleat blocking of the release of the e-mails since first providing her e-mails to the state department more than one year ago, hillary clinton has urged that they be made available to the public. this appears to be overclassification run amuck. and even though president obama has hasn't endorsed anyone yet, his administration is covering for his former secretary of state. >> in the context of the presidential campaign, people are going to have a whole bunch of reasons to criticize any of the candidates. so, it's not surprising to me that there are certain political opponents, as secretary clinton, that are looking for a wait to use this situation to criticize
6:05 am
her. and she aerohen team will muster up a robust offense. >> reporter: so the white house is making this political. but bernie sanders is not. just days after a clinton strategist called the sanlder kpanl the most negative in democratic party history, the short statement from the senator reads like this, quote, as i said at the first democratic debate, there is a legal process in place, which should proceed and not be plilt sized. the voters of iowa and this nation deserve a serious discussion of the issues facing them. and as this classification controversy continues, the 22 top secret messages are among those that hillary clinton wanted to share with the state department and with the public. because, there were about 30,000 others that she deleted before turning anything from that server over. back to you. >> great there. >> peter doocy, thank you, peter. >> this is a bomb shell, we've
6:06 am
been talking about this for a long time, there are two new fact theers change the game. one, this is the state department, the obama state department, which is holding these e-mails. you can't blame the right for this. this is the obama people saying, she had secret data on her server, and two, investigators looking into this will believe that that server, unsecured, was penetrated, most likely by foreign intelligence services. that means at a time of war, our enemies were reading her e-mails. that's what they believe. >> very least, you're even hearing liberal pundits, clayton, say, at the very least, this is a very, very bad judgment on her part to have the server to begin with. >> and saying nothing to see here, this wasn't classified, arrived at my server, i don't know about this, and president obama, the white house saying there's nothing of violation of national security. then you had the white house press secretary, coming out, josh ernest, talking about the fact that he doesn't think that
6:07 am
the fbi investigation will lead to an indictment of hillary clinton. we're going ask dana perino about this very question as a former white house press secretary. she'll be on at 9:30 this morning. could you imagine her at the white house podium and sticking her nose into an fbi investigation like this? >> right, what information does josh ernest have that either president obama doesn't have or that the public doesn't have? because fbi director james coemy just a few days ago on capitol hill says he is not giving president obama a blow by employee, play by play of the ongoing investigation. >> but for the white house to describe its own state department as running a partisan effort against hillary clinton is just demented. you would think someone would say wait a second, this political effort to discredit the democratic front runner, that's being led by your own employs at the state department. doesn't make any sense at all, actually, and they shouldn't be getting involved in it. should not be getting involved
6:08 am
in the fbi investigation. >> and who in that entourage, all these individuals who had access to these e-mails. let's talk about the gop, you're knee deep in it in des moines. and you're seeing shifting ads on television out there. does this, does this show a new front runner perhaps is emerging in iowa? >> well, the front runner right now is donald trump. that's what all the polls suggest, whether he'll win the caucus is an entirely different question, i can't predict that, nobody can. the race, trump is in his own category, but the bitterness, the ads are breaking out between the second two in line, and that is ted cruz and marco rubio who are really attacking each other with real intensity. cruz is also like trump running a campaign against not just hillary clinton, but the republican party itself, they're it the antiestablishment, and rubio is much more, closely aligned i would say with the washington establishment. he's got the support of a lot of people in washington, even though in effect, they have very
6:09 am
similar policies. really is a question of style, and so the battle is between them. you're not hearing trump's name on the air very much now. it's very striking. >> you don't, you don't put out ads like this, one hits on immigration, one hits him saying he's a republican obama, you don't fire ads at people who are not a threat to you for the most part. some pundits are wondering, is ted cruz worry about senator marco rubio, the field starts to win from iowa to new hampshire that other establishment candidates are going to drop out and rally behind rubio and rise him up. >> it's not all about that top of the ticket, right? it is that second and third place finish in iowa and new hampshire that are so important, we is that true with other candidates in the past. even eking out that third place position can lead to the presidency. >> well sure. i mean, there's a race for second and third. what's so striking though is that there's still not attacking trump, who is still leading. again, we don't know if that
6:10 am
lead is real or not with according to to the polls, he has it and they are still not attacking him. that is really one of the great stories of this campaign. is people are not touching the front run per. >> doesn't often work to attack donald trump. we'll see. meanwhile, big blizzard is heading your way, tucker. rick has been tracking all of this, whether it'll hit monday or tuesday. >> i was also thinking about this, all the people who have -- especially if you live in a farming area, and the preps you have to do if you have a big storm coming in. that could change things a little bit. even if the storm -- >> yesterday, tend to crops, animals, chains on your tires. >> do everything to get ready. and there is a big storm coming. temperature wise, the last days of campaign going on here, today, temperatures really spectacular. tomorrow, not that bad either. monday, caucus day, temps still a little bit above average, and then the blizzard comes on tuesday. watch what happens on wednesday. temps really plummet. so this is probably good thing than that's documenting after the caucus is done. east coast, you're clear today. it's a a storm that's out across the west, that is the one that's going to develop tomorrow across parts of southern california and
6:11 am
arizona, and then monday, becomes a really big storm for us. this is the future radar, this is one model depiction of what the storm is going to look like. and you see the storm sunday here across the four corners, and monday, really going across parts of nebraska, colorado, maybe a little into kansas and wyoming, but we're mostly clear here, but that said, this is a late monday night into tuesday storm across much of iowa. and we're still, you know, over two days away from this time. sop it's difficult to say, exactly when this will be here. i think the majority of monday is going to be fine, but yeah, there's going to be a lot of work to be done in a place where you have a blizzard coming on monday. >> and the candidates will be stuck there possibly, and they won't be able to go out to new hampshire. >> yeah, and turn matters so much, a lot of the pundits, clayton, are saying if there's a large caucus turnout, then that means it's probably going in donald trump's favor because many of his supporters are first-time caucus goers and if it's average, then it may lean towards ted cruz. >> interesting on the democratic side too for bernie sanders. more on that, but now we have
6:12 am
headlines. yeah, we'll start with this one, clayton, one of the three california inmates is back in custody. bac duong turning himself in after more than a week on the run. experts say the pressure is on the escapee. >> when you you have three guys like that that break out, quite often, two will pair up, and the odd man out goes his own way. then the authorities out thereto have done a fantastic job so far. they've put a lot of pressure on the vietnam in a na meez gangs, and apparently they told ba bac duong to turn himself in or bad things will happen to you. >> authorities say the other two inmates may be in the san jose area. another midair scare for american airlines jet for the second time this week, boeing 777 diverted because several people mysteriously became ill on board. this jet from rio headed to miami had to land in the capital of brazil after four people became sick, three were crew members.
6:13 am
on wednesday, another american airlines flight headed to los angeles had to return to london after 15 people on board passed out. and break out the birthday hats, 20 years ago today, the fox news channel was born. on january 30th, 1996, rupert murdoch and roger ails announced the birth in new york. we went on the 7th of october 1996, now fox fair and balanced broadcast reached almost 95 million american households. and those are your headlines. yeah, coming up here, little girl rushed to the hospital after spending six hours locked in a school van. the driver never dropped her off at school. how did that happen? and the countdown is on to iowa. two days to go, neil cavuto is sitting down with the candidates today. what will he ask? he's giving us a sneak peek, live from iowa next.
6:14 am
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to block the virus and protect healthy cells.. don't tough it out, knock it out, fast. abreva. welcome back from des moines, iowa, the countdown to caucus continues, we have just two days left until the first votes of this presidential election season are cast. there's a lot at stake. what's going to happen? the one man who may know is neil cavuto, he's host of "your world" of course, he's got interviews with the candidates later today. >> what's going to happen? >> where's waldo. the news has been everywhere. >> i've got you. >> never more confused. >> you know what is dominating my attention? words of of this snowstorm that's coming. and i know everyone's worried about can people get out to vote and you know, how will it affect the candidates, i'm immediately
6:18 am
talking to my staff, how do we handle this and when we leave, to handle new hampshire and everything else, everything comes back to being about me. >> oh, oh, this morning, i checked to see if i could do laundry in the hotel because i've run out of socks. >> all the sudden, that's a factor. it hasn't been a factor since what, in a big way, 1976. >> not since i've been here, that's for sure. what effect would that have? let's say it's hard to get out. only the most intense voters -- >> exactly. >> show up. . who benefits? >> and who are they? you know, you always see ted cruz's supporters are rabidly loyal, walk over broken glass in a blizzard to do it. this might be their test. we should add here, dramatizing it a bit, much of the snow happens monday, late afternoon, early evening. it so it might not be an issue, but you do have to wonder the crowds at the event sites, even stadiums for donald trump, are they going there for the
6:19 am
sensation of seeing donald trump? will they got extra mile, and as you know in this caucus process, to go through what is quite an ordeal to, you know, be done with it. >> that's right. >> we'll see. >> so you're interviewing today, ted cruz, ben carson -- >> all of them. >> buck huckabee. >> you know, neil, here you go. >> so is this the last stand for some of the candidates, do you think? >> interesting. i wonder about some of the ones that really need to put up here, if you think about it. if you're mike huckabee and former winner mean and you don't win here and it's an evangelical stronghold, rick santorum in the same position, i always think, i'm the money nerd, that what would money guys who are backing you, or thinking of backing you do if you don't do well? i begin to think, the issue isn't so much whether the candidates thinks he doesn't have enough support, but the money guys.
6:20 am
so what would the money guys think about their candidates showing up at a rally for another candidate? they were supposed to be competing against. >> right, right, right. >> and appearing to endorse him. >> that's got to be very ego defla deflating. i think what happens, we're seeing with the maneuvers who are saying, we loved you four e cruz is our guy, or we're more inclined ironically to support donald trump. if you would have said just a few weeks ago, tucker, that, you know, you would see jerry folly jr. talking about donald trump or sarah palin, very big in the evangelical community in the state talking about donald trump, that gives you an idea the seismic shift. >> it shows yo u that most pundits have no idea what they're talking about, but you do. thanks for joining bus. >> good seeing you. >> appreciate it. still ahead, this is an amazing story, a normal every
6:21 am
day photo discovers her four month old has cancer. it's sad and amazing. that's quick-thinking mom and her baby join us next. there's a happy ending, stay tuned. ♪ fshz .
6:22 am
6:23 am
6:24 am
listen to this story. flash photography now being credited with saving a baby's life. that's right. as you can see in this photo here, the baby's left eye has a white glow in it. his mother chalked it up to a bad camera until doctors told her it was a rare form of cancer. the quick-thinking mom flew him to new york to get him treatment and because the cancer was caught early, the baby boy will have a 99% chance of survival. joining us now is that mother and her son.
6:25 am
andrea ryder, nice to see both of you this morning, mom. welcome to the show. >> hi, tlaung. >> all right, you just thought it was a bad iphone, taking these pictures using the flash. and what is wrong with the software in the phone. is that what first crossed your mind? >> absolutely. i would turn off the flash because the glare was so bad. you know. but it didn't don on me that i'd seen a photo like that before. >> this reminded you of someone else had a quick-thinking miracle. >> two years ago, i had seen come across facebook, and i had no idea what was wrong with the little girl, but i remember it wasn't normal. >> wow. so then you switch up cameras, and you got like an nikon, like a dslr camera and took photos, did anything change? >> absolutely not. i took more photos because i loved my new camera and 97%, his eye was glowing, and that's when i knew i needed to bring it up to the doctor. >> this is amazing. then you go and meet with the
6:26 am
doctor, did the doctor immediately know or want to run tests? >> i think she knew, she didn't tell me, she looked into his eyes and explained she didn't see any red reflection and said i'm getting you to a specialist today. today is never a good thing, you know. >> and tell us about this condition, and with ryder having down syndrome, this is common? >> no. this is absolutely -- it's a very rare cancer and it's more rare on a child with down syndrome. unrelated. >> what did the doctors tell you? how do you bring it up? >> well, his tumor is a grade c. and they believe goes to an e. so we could only imagine with most children not diagnosed until 12 to 18 months how that could have progressed very fast. he's only four months old. who knows where we'd be at in a year. >> what kind of treatment does he have to go through? >> he is going through chemotherapy, but that's why we're flying to new york, they
6:27 am
go in through like an artery in his groin, and then they go all the way up to the eye and shoot the chemo right to the source. >> wow, unbelievable. >> it's amazing. >> it is amazing and no parent should go through it. our audience is amazing here at fox and friends. help support ryder and his faemt by going to a and we'll have it up on our website. all you need to do is search for ryder's battle, you can donate. we'll have all of this again on andrea and ryder, thank you for joining thus morning. >> thank you so much for having us. >> thoughts and prayers are with you guys. coming up here on the show, a stunning new report, a top doctor thinks o.j. simpson may have a brain disease caused by football. or is it just an excuse? we'll dive into it.
6:28 am
geraldo rivera covered that murder case from beginning to end, and he is live to react to these new revelations. and brand new e-mails from hillary clinton proven so top secret will never see what they said. but the white house already says there is no consequences, it's not going to be a problem. but will iowa voters agree? dana perino joins us live from des moines to react. over some corn. get fast-acting, long-lasting relief from heartburn with it neutralizes stomach acid and is the only product that forms a protective barrier that helps keep stomach acid in the stomach where it belongs. for fast-acting, long-lasting relief. try gaviscon®.
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hillary clinton's disqualified from being the commander in chief of the united states. in fact, one of her first acts of president may very well be to pardon herself. >> whoa. that was marco rubio thursday night at the debate weighing in on hillary clinton. now she's facing even more fire after a bomb shell. nearly two dozen e-mails reported, quote, too damaging for the state department to release publicly. here to weigh in is dana perino, our friend, do host of the five. >> it's nice, huh? >> i've been thinking about you all morning since i saw the tape of josh ernest weighing in to the ongoing criminal investigation, and never having been press secretary, i wanted your take. it seems very unwise for press
6:33 am
sec tire make the comments he made. >> and i don't know if he was given that advice, but this is what i would offer just friendly press sec toir to press secretary advice. i would not because one, you need to protect the office of the presidency, that's your job. also protect yourself, this investigation is growing and for good reason. and guess who they come after next? they come after the staff and that has a lot of consequences, it's stressful, expensive, time consuming, and it locks everything down if i were the white house, months ago when this all was revealed, i would have said, there's a fire wall here. we are not talking about this investigation, we are not defending hillary clinton, she is now a candidate, she's going to have to do that on her own. i would protect the president, the presidency, and myself before i put anybody else in jeopardy at the white house. hillary clinton, she's never going to help them. she's already put her staff in a
6:34 am
terrible position by asking them to remove classification and then sent her summaries of classified for her convenience. she already put staff in jeopardy. so she's not going to defend them on the back end. >> so why would the obama white house do this? here you have josh ernest implying that their own state department, the obama state department is somehow seeking to undermine hillary for political reasons, doesn't make any sense at all. why would he be this far out over his teeth? >> not sure. and again, i feel like there's, when you're the press secretary at the white house, you want to know that people are looking out for you. >> yes. >> because you can't look out for yourself all the time. so i would just take a step back, i would make sure that i was protecting myself first, hillary clinton's going to have to win this on her own, she cannot be hiding behind the white house. and besides, tucker, yesterday, hillary clinton said, i want all these e-mails released. this is an upper classification, there are overreacting, and there is one person on the planet who could fulfill her request today. and that's barack obama.
6:35 am
he's the president of the united states, he has the power to declassify this information, is he going to go against his state department? everyone in the intelligence community? i mean, they should want to protect the cia, not cya, okay. so if president obama wants to help hillary clinton that much from the white house and they're going to weigh in, declassify the documents today. >> you're the only person i've heard say that. that's a very smart point. monday the caucuses are happening, i can't remember a contest in iowa this significant potentially. on the democratic side, if bernie sanders wins here, he's overwhelmingly favored in new hampshire. that's the if tirs two contests, boy, is that as ominous as it sounds for hillary? >> i think the hillary camp feels very comfortable in the south. and so, if she loses iowa, that's a big bummer for them, they go to new hampshire, if she loses new hampshire as well, i think if bernie sanders win here would propel people in new hampshire, which likes to kind of game the system a little bit and look and say, yeah, with this information coming out, right now, that is a huge
6:36 am
problem for them, in my opinion. because that is the news. we're not even talking about the news with donald trump anymore. hillary clinton having such secret e-mails, incolliding one where she said blooming that will, never got advice from, four e-mails completely blacked out in the e-mails because they cannot be released. >> the fact that you would be taking advice, anyone would be taking advice from sydney bloomen that will, who democrats consider a nut is very revealing of her. republican side what's likely to ham? >> i think we don't know. >> i don't know. for sure. >> and there are front runners, there are a lot of polls, but look at what happened four years ago when rick santorum saw that open lane, and he just drove right through it. so he was polling at about 13%, 15%, 38 more votes and i don't know, the front runners are the front runners, out of iowa, i wouldn't predict right now.
6:37 am
i don't know. >> no, i don't either. dana perino. it is great to see you. >> thank you. >> and if you're a dana perino fan, and of course you are, the five later today, and then dana's radio special with chris steyer wallet, that's today too. >> it's already posted. gotle to fox news radio website. i mean, stirewallet looks good there. make the picture look realistic. chris nerds out, and he knows so much, there's a trivia question, name the iowa native born president that was the first president of the united states born west of the mississippi. >> boy, my stock answer is hanniballe to everything, that's not him. >> the initials are correct. hh. >> henry harrison. >> herbert hoover. >> we had more than one. herbert hoover and i thought he was from california. anna, how are you doing?
6:38 am
>> you should have something to answer the question. >> 37 minutes after the hour. we are following other stories making headlines. it is a fox news alert, the senate health committee will hold a hearing on the increasing concerns of the potentially deadly zika virus. 11 states are reporting diagnosises. four pregnant women. the disease carried by mosquitos and can lead to severe birth defects. >> i think we have to have a lot of education, awareness, protection, this some type of mosquie u.s. in the southern most states, but i think through, you know, adequate prevention, you know, hopefully this is not a worry here. >> outbreak may be link ld to the 2014 brazil world cup. the two bundy brothers leading the armed occupation in oregon have been denied bail. they were ordered to remain in jail while the occupation continues. four people remain inside the wildlife refuge. the occupation nearly a month
6:39 am
ago over alleged federal overreach by policy. and a little girl in preschool is left alone inside a school van for some six hours. >> really, really scared. and that she was screaming for help and wanting to go home. >> boston police say a person who was walking by the van heard the five-year-old crying from inside. the girl was supposed to have been dropped off at school after she was picked up at home. mother says the company who operates the van did apologize, however, they did not give an explanation as to why she was left on that bus. and this homeless guy in detroit will take your change, your bills, and also, your ammex? he's known as honest abe. and he's taking things to new heights with a credit card reader. you can easily donate money, just right to his account. he even set up awe website. this is his introductory video for people to hire him and his
6:40 am
buddies for odd jobs. >> get a square account. inside your iphone. accept credit cards. >> it's like the guy charging for the ferry. which is free. >> free. >> yeah. >> i thought this was free. no, just swipe your credit card right here. entrepreneurs, rick. >> yes. hey, i think we have some out here. this guy just showed up and said hey, we have to bring sex appeal. >> you're welcome. hey, i'm here for you. >> this is good. we need the help. guys, take a look at the weather map show you what's going on today. we are -- tomorrow, we're going to be warming up across the east coast. in fact, all of the snow we had last week, by the time we get to wednesday, all will be gone with the warm-up that's coming. let me show you today here, little bit of a chillier day, the warm-up really tomorrow, right around average for much of the northeast. we'll see plenty of sunshine, down to the southeast, look at that, 78 degrees in lub you can and tons of sunshine.
6:41 am
in fact, by tuesday, parts of the southern mississippi river valley looking at the threat of a tornado outbreak. we're watching that closely. into the northern plains, warmer day as well. 51 in lincoln. out across the west, the mountain snow and valley rain, that's going to move into southern california and arizona tomorrow and that becomes our storm monday. blizzards for places like denver through much of the nebraska and holding off, i think, until late monday night in iowa. all right. hey, thank you. we appreciate all your help. >> thank you. >> bringing sexy back. >> thank you. coming up here, is o.j. simpson the latest concussion casualty? so did a brain disease caused by football play a role in his behavior during the trial? geraldo rivera covered o.j.'s murder case from beginning to end, and he is here live to react. >> and on a saturday. come on in. also this morning, a blizzard is over, but the cold is here to stay. imagine never having to scrape off the windshield ice off the windshield ever again. the best cars for winter are straight ahead, don't go
6:42 am
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6:45 am
hi everyone, does o.j. simpson has a degenerative brain disease caused by thousands of hit on the football field? the concussion doctor says he's bet his medical license on it. here to talk more about it is fox news senior correspondent, geraldo rivera, good morning, by the ways. >> good morning. >> you followed both trials very, very closely. what do you think? >> from 1994, when the infamous trial happened, through the arrest and the criminal trial and the acquittal and the civil trial where he was found liable for murdering ron goldman and his wife nicole brown simpson, i thought that, you know, and i knew him casually before.
6:46 am
and in the sense of hi, hi, how you doing? in the kind of a celebrity arm's length way. i thought that what emerged in terms of my take on o.j. was that he was a narcissist. he was obsessively jealous. he was sop crazy about nicole dating other people, even though they had split and gone on with their lives. and then the murder weapon, i'm certain that he did it. to use a knife, so he is a rage-killing where he almost cut the heads off the mother of his children. and butchered poor ron goldman. top me, i never thought that that was related to football prowess. he had a wonderful career. he did take a lot of hits, obviously, he ran for 2,000 yards in the snow in buffalo. he was an extraordinary person in that regard. i guess it is remotely possible that there was a, you know, an organic or degenerative thing going on in his brain.
6:47 am
certainly now in prison, he seems to be a different person. >> reportedly, his defense did think about, at least toyed with the idea of using cte as a possible defense to try to get him off. he did end up getting off. but we had a doctor on the program earlier who said you can't tell if somebody has it has until after they've passed away, after they do the autopsy. so what good would it have done anyway? >> well, i think that an insanity defense, i think that jury would have acquitted o.j. regardless of the evidence, regardless of the medical, if he had chosen an insanity defense, the jury would found him not guilty by reason of insanity. i think that they were so inclined, given the fact that the rodney king police beating had just happened in l.a. with an inner city jury, white cops, mark berman and so forth, they accused of planting evidence in all the rest of it. i think o.j. would have acquitted regardless. i want to go back to the point, the doctor, i thought he would
6:48 am
be with me. the doctor in the movie concussion is portrayed by will smith in the great film that should have been nominated by the way. and it seems to me that you have to put some faith in someone so expert who has seen so many of these cases, that's why i'm willing to have an open mind. although i think o.j. simpson was definitely guilty of that vicious, double homicide in brentwood so long ago. i think that there is a remote possibility that there was this degenerative brain disease which does cause they say erratic and violent behavior. >> and criminal beheir in times. we want to draw our attention to the news, despite men's pressure from the medical community and attempts to lower the rates, nfl reported a whooping increase in head injuries in 2015. do you think cte and brain damage? do you think it's going to be a defense in other upcoming potential criminal acts by football players?
6:49 am
>> i think it's even bigger than that, anna, i think the whole cte is now the dirty secret in professional football or in big-time football college included, that experts have known about for many years, but now, the league can no longer pretend that it doesn't know how organically these people are being -- this is the comp trouble ptsd, posttraumatic stress disorder, the returning veterans have. i think that football players and, you know, constantly 300 pounders with all that violent collision, i think you're going top see more and more of this. many more lawsuits. >> well, the high impact hits is something that nfl has tried to tampa down with new rules and technology. >> and i'm all for it. that's why i can't understand why someone like donald trump has said its become a sissy support. i think the other thing is true, it's very violent. >> thanks for coming in on a saturday.
6:50 am
>> my wife's birthday -- >> happy birthday. get her something good. >> oh yeah. >> diamond's are a girl's best friend. >> coming up on fox and friends weekend, the blizzard is over, but the cold is here to stay. imagine never having to scrape the ice off your windshield ever again. the best cars for winter, straight ahead. you focus on making great burgers, or building the best houses in town. or becoming the next highly-unlikely dotcom superstar. and us, we'll be right there with you, helping with the questions you need answered to get your brand new business started. we're legalzoom and we've already partnered with over a million new business owners to do just that. check us out today to see how you can become one of them. legalzoom. legal help is here. these are the hands that plow the data, dig up clues,
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i'm the idiot without a coat on. snow and ice can cause major problems on the road. what are the best cars for the winter? >> the editor of motor trends joins us now. >> tell us about this forester.
6:54 am
>> subaru forester, great, 250 horsepower. great handling. mode called x mode which helps you in the snow. it's awesome. symmetrical, all-wheel drive. great for a small family. >> windshield wipers. >> they have heaters for them, so you don't have you don't have to worry about them getting stuck. >> okay. now let's go to the mercedes, this is my kind of car. >> exactly. this is the goe, it's got a swoopy capuano-like roof line. beautiful interior inside. tons of technology, also has a slippery driving mode for wet wintery conditions. >> what does that do? >> it helps the throttle and the all wheel drive system. this has a 40 to 60 front rear torque split and helps basically give you the best traction on the road. >> is that something else? >> that's something else. it's actually when you feel a
6:55 am
strong gust of wind, instead of having to steer into it, it's 40. >> nan, you have that car. >> yeah, best car for winter. >> what, i'm confused. mazda, fantastic driving vehicle, 155 horsepower, 50/50 weight balance and really good in the snow if you put the right tires on it. it's about having traction, tykes like these from bridgestone, fantastic, make this things hand. >> ladies, how do i look in this? >> it looks good. >> how do i look in this? whoa. >> all right -- >> shameless. >> 26,000, the mercedes benghazi 65 and 34,000. motor trends, thank you so much. live from iowa with tucker. i've smoked a lot
6:56 am
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welcome back. >> oh. >> i can't believe they caught a picture of me doing that. des moines, i was just thinking, it really is like a political walmart. you just run into these people in the aisles you haven't seen in a while. ben carson just walked by. just two different people i know from washington who've come here to work for hillary clinton. basically, it's an all hands on deck situation for her campaign. >> they're really concerned they're going to lose to bernie sanders here. so there are tons of d.c. people wandering around. lawyers, hillary volunteers. >> everyone's trying to make it to all 19 precincts. >> we have like ten seconds. who's tomorrow on the show? >> i can't tell you that,
7:00 am
clayton. let me put it this way, it's the iowa caucuses, we will have the cream of the crop on tomorrow's show, don't miss it. >> it's going to be huge. >> have a great day, we'll see you tomorrow. log on to this is a fox news channel special election. now, live from des moines, iowa, neil cavuto. welcome everybody from iowa, and you didn't hear from me, but there's a caucus coming up here in less than 48 hours. and it's got the world's attention as we formerly kick off the 2016 presidential season. and this, of course, is the state that will forever go down in political lore for making jimmy carter famous. the year 1976, he finished second to none of the above, or no choice. but since no one saw that one coming, all of the


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