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tv   Cost of Freedom Dash to the Clash  FOX News  January 30, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PST

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clayton. let me put it this way, it's the iowa caucuses, we will have the cream of the crop on tomorrow's show, don't miss it. >> it's going to be huge. >> have a great day, we'll see you tomorrow. log on to this is a fox news channel special election. now, live from des moines, iowa, neil cavuto. welcome everybody from iowa, and you didn't hear from me, but there's a caucus coming up here in less than 48 hours. and it's got the world's attention as we formerly kick off the 2016 presidential season. and this, of course, is the state that will forever go down in political lore for making jimmy carter famous. the year 1976, he finished second to none of the above, or no choice. but since no one saw that one coming, all of the sudden, it
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was jimmy carter, an unknown georgia governor who was coming and went on to win the democratic nomination and of course, the presidency of the united states. so this is a state that makes kings. and right now, there are a lot of potential kings, and queens, out there. today alone, in the next two hours, ted cruz, ben carson, carly fiorina, john kasich, mike huckabee, and i hope, before these two hours are out, the singer adele. on the controversy of her songs. now, i know what a lot are saying, back home, neil, there is no way in heck that adele will do your show. i beg to differ. we've got all these potential presidents of the united states, i mean, adele, hello? hello? all right. we're now looking at really the breakdown of of this. when you look at the candidate's schedules, you really get a sense of this dash to the clash
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as we pointed out. rand paul, throughout this weekend has 28 appearances all over iowa. marco rubio, 15. ted cruz, 15. rick santorum, 15. chris christie, 12. suffice to say, that when you add up all their appearances, the odds you could walk outside and not bump into a presidential candidate, well, they're very, very, very low. extremely low. i'men to right now to kick things off with dr. ben carson coming off a very good debate performance. he's very popular. especially in the evangelical community which of course will be a crucial constituency to win over in this important state. doctor, good to have you. >> thank you. >> how are you holding up? >> no problem at all. >> now as a doctor, and you know obviously how to take care of yourself, what do you do? i mean, to deal with that. >> first of all, in terms of the hours and the stress, i'm very
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used to that. you know, 36 years of 12 to 16 hour day was a lot of life and death. this is a piece of cake compared to that. you have to watch your diet, obviously -- >> you and me both. >> and take the stairs whenever you can. >> i've heard of that. i've heard of that, but i'm not a very high floor here. you know, one of the things i was thinking about, doctor, we chatted about this before, we've talked about the evangelical vote, very important in this state, it's what made mike huckabee a winner a few years ago. rick santorum a few years ago, now there are a lot of guys competing for that vote. simplistic, how do you stand out in a crowd that preaches to the same choir? >> you know, everybody says that they are the epitome of e van jellism, but, i just say to people, what does the bible say? it says by their fruit, you will
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know them. look at the fruit. don't look at the rhetoric, look at the fruit. that'll tell you all you need to know. >> many in your campaign, when there's a campaign shake-up, doctor, urge you to more obnoxious. you chose not to go that route. you throw zingers every now and then, certainly the fox business debate. there is some things you will do, some things you will not do. what will you never do? >> well, i'll never compromise my principles. i won't lie. i would much rather lose than lie. because what good does it do a man to gain the whole world and to lose his soul? >> even if you get the white house? >> the white house is not as important as making sure that your integrity is in tact. >> you know, the one thing that makes you sand out again, i don't want to cast you as popular evangelical candidate, off lot of money. your campaign takes in a lot of
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money, some of your competitors on that front, not so lucky. ted cruz maybe successful in that regard, but he was wounded after the debate. do you ever envision a scenario where you sort of run up the middle? if he stumbles, trump stumbles, maybe people ticked off he didn't show up to the debate. trying to argument marco rubio's people are using? >> i don't look as it in terms of taking advantage of someone else's fall. you know, the book much proshs talks about it not being a good thing to root for somebody else's fall. >> but that was before campaigning. >> so i don't believe in that. and you know, as far as money is concerned, the thing that i would emphasize is that i refuse to take money from special interests and from billionaires who to influence me. i believe that one of the reasons that washington is messed up is because we have special interest groups influencing people. one of the reasons people are
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not interested in traditional politics is because they know of the relationships that exist. and as i pull the covers up and looked underneath and seen what's going on in washington, it is quite disgusting. >> when you follow money though as i do, doctor, it follows a proceed winner. and the fear is that if you don't do well in iowa, you don't do well until new hampshire, you're remarkable fundraising starting drying up, and i believe you raised more money than any of the other candidates. do you fear that you've got to post good numbers? if you look at it that way? >> i do not. i look at you know, this was never on my bucket list of things to do. i responded to the hundreds of thousands of petitions that were flooding my office and my house.
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and the people everywhere i went saying, you've got to run. and i am. and when i decide to do something, i put my heart into it. and i really want to save this country, and i will do everything i possibly can to do that and provide people with that choice. i will always assess to see if that is still something that people want. they will make that very clear, if that is something that appeals to them. if they'd rather have, you know, entertainment, you know, that's okay too. you know, you get what you deserve. hopefully the american people are ready to reclaim the values and principles that made us into a great nation. and not settle for something that entertains us or makes us do that. >> having set a chance to look at the tv, there are a lot of campaign departments.
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the people of iowa are getting hit with too many candidates, you would be hurting your cause. >> there's a lot of them. i hope you've noticed, i haven't put any negative commercials out there. i don't believe in that. at least at this phase. now -- >> oh, oh. >> now when we get -- >> proverbs advances to negative campaign pg. >> well when we get to the general election -- >> right. >> i wouldn't call it negative campaigning, but i would say, putting the facts out there. >> okay. >> okay. you know, truthfulness versus deception. and making that very obvious to people. >> all right. dr. carson, a real pleasure. i know off crazy day, we do appreciate it. dr. ben carson, i miss the chance to ask more questions about that man cave of his. we have a lot more coming up including ted cruz. his take on that debate and how he's bouncing back after a lot of people are going after him. he's all over this state. as is dr. carson, all of these
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all right. after all this time now, less than 48 hours away from the first votes being cast, in this caucus state of iowa, and already including ted cruz. donald trump has been reminding folks about the aforementioned senator cruz, take a listen to this. >> so what happened is all of the sudden people said, can you imagine donald trump said that that baby is not a u.s. citizen? now ted cruz may not be a u.s. citizen, right? but he's an anchor baby, he's an anchor baby, ted skruz an anchor baby in canada. but canada doesn't accept anchor babies, they just waited a long time. >> that was a bit of a cheap
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shot, senator cruz, what do you think of of that? >> well, neil, good morning it's good to be with you. listen, donald is clearly rattled. and you know, when he does that, it's interesting, a month ago i was donald's favorite person in the world, then his poll numbers started falling, and every day i wake up and take a look at my iphone to see what the latest insult is. you know what neil, i like donald, i'm going to continue to sing his praises. i don't think the people of this country or iowa are interested in people throwing insults and mud. i think what they're interested in is a positive optimistic conservative vision. i think what they're interested in is a real record as a proven conservative and consistent conservative. that's what i'm talking about on the campaign trail, and neil, it is resinating in the state of
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iowa powerfully. i think that's why donald is talking the insults. >> all right. you say you like him, but do you really? i mean, after that, you guiles have had some, you know, tit for tat here, i mean, really? >> oh listen, i understand why he's doing it. donald doesn't to want debate the issue. he doesn't want to debate obamacare because he supports expanding obamacare and turning into hillarycare, turning it into bernie sanders socialized medicine. he can't talk about the issue. he doesn't want to debate amnesty, even though people think he's tough on amnesty, he supports it right now. he supports sending everyone back to their home countries then doing a touchback and letting them back in as citizens immediately, and that, you know, establishment republicans have been pushing trump touchback for years. he don't to want debate croniness because he supported the bailout of the wall street banks, donald supported president obama's stimulus plan and if you can't debate the issue, the only thing you have left to do is toss insults.
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doing it. i don't take it personally. it's politics, but i don't think it's effective. i think the men and women of iowa deserve more respect than just seeing people tossing nasty words at each other. >> do you have to win, iowa, senator? do you think you have to win this state? >> of course not. listen, we are running a national campaign from day one. i think we're well-positioned. we're going to do well in this state, but we're well-positioned in new hampshire and south carolina and nevada, and we have an incredible national team all across the supertuesday states, the so-called sec primary. we just reported the most cash in the bank of any candidate on the republican field, $19 million as the end of last year. we've got an army of grass roots volunteers, you know, we've got over 200,000 volunteers nationwide, just here in the state of iowa, we've got over 12,000 volunteers.
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and that is the strength of the campaign. it is the grass roots. it is courageous conservatives coming together, and you know, even more exciting, we're seeing that old reagan coalition come together. the breath of our support really is breath taking when we've got conservatives and we have evangelicals and libertarians -- >> no doubt, senator, you've got, you've got a ravd bunch there. a very good ground game as they say in politics. only reason why i mention the stuff about winning iowa is you had told supporters the other night that if donald trump were to win iowa and new hampshire, you would be formidable, i'm paraphrasing here, almost seemed like you were saying, game over. >> look, my view is we're going to compete hard. we are all in in iowa, but we're all in new hampshire, south carolina, and we're all in in nevada. i believe we will do well in the first four states. i don't know which states we'll win and which states we won't. i think supertuesday is poised
7:17 am
to be an incredit night for our campaign, and the combination of that -- listen, the republican party is not going to support a candidate who supports amnesty. we're not going to nominate a candidate who supports amnesty. a vote for marco rubio or a vote for donald trump is a vote for amnesty. and i don't think the republican party is going to do that, instead, we want, i believe that the american people want a consistent conservative. we're not going to nominate someone whose position is the same on amnesty as hillary clinton. that's the way marco did. that's not what the republicans want. >> hate it disagree. they disagree with that, but let me go on, news breaking here concerning these e-mails with hillary clinton, that the campaign is now trying to argue that she is not to blame insubordinate information and just over this whole thing. some classified that they can't even be released to indicate
7:18 am
just how classified they are. the only reason i mention it now, this continues to devil her campaign. and there's a distinct possibility that it calls her that she does not get the democratic nomination. if you were top get the republican nomination, would your strategy change facing potential lay bernie sanders, and not hillary clinton? >> oh sure. the strategy would be a little different against bernie sanders, but to be honest, not much. i mean, both bernie and hillary have the same basic policy position, bernie is a socialist, and he admits, hillary is a socialist and she pretends she's not. one of the funnier exchanges was watching debbie wasserman sholts when she was asked to explain what's the difference between a socialist and a modern democrat. and she couldn't explain it because hillary adopted the identical policy positions as bernie sanders, they are far out of the mainstream. they support full-on socialized
7:19 am
medicine, so does donald trump, they support amnesty for 12 million people here illegally, for that matter, so does donald trump and marco rubio, and they support ignoring and in fact not even admitting who it is we're fighting. neither hillary clinton nor bernie sanders nor barack obama are willing even to say the words radical islamic terrorism, much less be serious about defeating it. their views are out of the mainstream, they're just out of the touch than american people are ready for a change. and i'll tell you, neil, as i travel the state of iowa, at just about every event, i have people who come up and say i'm a democrat, i voted for barack obama and i'm with you now. this doesn't make any sense. >> all right. all right. well senator, i know off crazy schedule, 15 stops, and maybe that's the number's been updated. all across this incredible state in the next 24 to 36 hours. hang in there. be strong as they say, right? all of you guys, i keep saying, must be taking a lot of vooit
7:20 am
mines. be well. >> well thank you, neil, i tell, i'm having tremendous fun. on monday we will complete the full grass link which is we will have been to all 99 counties in iowas. if conservatives show up monday night we're going to win. >> thank you. more after this. we're the hottest young company around but if we want to keep the soda pop flowing we need fresh ideas! >>got it. we slow, we die. >>what about cashing out? no! i'm trying to build something here. >>how about using fedex ground for shipping? >>i don't need some kid telling me how to run a business! i've been doing this for 4 long months. >>fedex ground can help us save money and deliver fast to our customers. not bad, kid. you remind me of a younger me. >>aiden! the dog is eating your retainer again. let's take a short 5-minute recess. fedex ground is faster to more locations than ups ground.
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all right. they are crisscrossing the state and certainly marco rubio is as well in iowa, right now he will be joining me tomorrow on this fine program as we continue our around the clock coverage from the state of iowa. and, you know, rubio is working on this theory that if cruz and trump cancel each other out, he
7:24 am
runs right up the middle, takes advantage of some recent momentum. maybe even a win. polls are often wrong, he's hoping that the latest polls that have him surging. we'll be talking to him tomorrow. ed henry, breaking developments on this e-mail story that just doesn't go away. does it? >> yeah, well neil, the first thing i wanted to report to you that has not been reported yet is that two sources familiar with the situation are telling fox that bernie sanders is going to get secret service protection for the first time. that obviously has not happening nobody wants to see anything negative. what i'm being told is that bernie sanders has now reached such a threshold in this campaign as a national candidate based on where he is in the national polls and also, frankly, here on the ground in
7:25 am
iowa, around the country, he's been getting larger and larger crowds, and just for context as donald trump got secret service protection a few months ago in large part because of these big rallies, a lot of people, there's obviously a general nature of threats out there. right now. specifically, i'm told by the sources they are not aware of any specific threat top bernie sanders, but i think the point is, that this shows where, you know, his standing at the beginning of of this campaign. not a lot of people, even in the democratic party, marie that bernie sanders had much of a chance of giving hillary clinton a tough race. that is often much different, we're in a much different place right now. they are currently neck in neck here in iowa.
7:26 am
>> are there known threats? >> it can be a combination of both. to be clear from my reporting, two sources say they're not aware of any thankfully any specific threats against bernie sanders. for context, i would also note in addition to large large crowds around bernie sanders, on social media, there are petitions among sanders supporters urging that the secret service give bernie sanders protection because of these large crowds around him. i want to be crystal clear that i have no specific information that that online petition sparked the secret service to act because of a anything that anybody is specifically
7:27 am
concerned about. i'm told that a couple more republican candidates have been asking about protection because of the crowds they've been getting, and so far, none have been made on other candidates getting it. ben carson as well as donald trump its been widely reported have that protection in addition, of course to secretary clinton. >> ed henry, thank you very much. a lot of breaking news right there. now i want to go to guest, a favorite of mine, i've had the pleasure to talk with, i call her me lady, and i'll tell you why, she's lady lynn dan rothchild. very big hillary clinton fund racer in the past, very enthusiastic supporter of hillary clinton in 2008, and when barack obama won the nomination in 2008, mrs. rothchild resigned from the platform committee. led a group they later called puma, which start for party
7:28 am
unity my ass. she went on to vote for john mccain, now hillary clinton running for president, so i don't know if there's another puma, if it doesn't work out that way, good to see you. >> great to see you. i love being in iowa. >> yeah, you said your ancestors are from here. >> i am the granddaughter of blanche hoover from waterloo, iowa. >> wow. >> and i came in 2007 and i hope iowa will not break my heart again. >> even you recently said, where is the enthusiasm for hillary, i think it's a fair question. you too wonder maybe about this issue that she doesn't jazz. and women particularly boomer women couldn't be more enthusiastic about hillary. >> but we're in a lot of folks
7:29 am
saying isn't it kind of sexist to look at a woman running for president and to sell it to female voters as a woman running for president? as an appeal. >> if you were a woman, you wouldn't say that. it is so great to think that we will have a woman, like hillary -- >> because they're women? >> no, no. >> kind of what you just said. me lady just -- >> because you didn't let me finish. >> go ahead. go ahead. >> to have the most qualified person in the race elected who happens to be a woman makes women feel so good. and i hope, i hope it's going to be women that put her over the top. >> the latest e-mail stuff gets bigger. we don't have them. could you support bernie sanders? >> well, i like bernie sanders. you know, i have a little thing for old jewish guys -- >> sure. >> so -- >> in other words -- >> it wouldn't be like it was with barack obama.
7:30 am
no, i'm not going to go for him. >> i said, at the time, i said, i love my country more than i love my party. and i still love my country more than i love my party. and i am so excited that our country actually has the opportunity to have hillary clinton as our president. >> but as friends and supporter, are you worried with this trust worthy. it might all be fuzz, but it's a bad sign for her. >> it's ridiculous. there's nobody in the world i trust more than hillary clinton. i would trust her with my life, my children's life. >> you trust her more than family members? >> i trust her right -- my -- i've got a big group of people i trust, thank you, jesus. >> but you think she's going to pull this off? >> i didn't hear what ed said about the scandal, i know you like to be fair and balanced because this is fox news. so i want to say two things about the e-mails. >> very quickly. >> very quickly. number one, those e-mails redacted were not classified at
7:31 am
the time -- >> we have said that. >> they were not sent by hillary clinton. they were part of an e-mail chain. >> correct. and it might amount to nothing. >> sick and tired of her e-mails. let's go on to bigger and better issues, and -- >> but you still think she'll get the crowd. >> doesn't take time, it has to be a choice. she's made the choice to go to small venues in iowa because that's what iowans expect. do you think hillary clinton couldn't get 10,000, 20,000 people to show up for her? she could at the drop of a hat. >> why? >> she wants to be in the small venues. >> she can't get 10 or 20,000. >> he could get them in a heartbeat. i could get them on my twitter feed. >> all right me lady, thank you very much. always good seeing you. >> great to see you. all right. well she wants a lady for president, carly fiorina is a lady running for president, powerful, female executive in her own right in the past. what does she think of this race? and what does she think about
7:32 am
hillary clinton and did she really mention bill clinton and what he did and his pride should be an issue? we have a general debate. i think she did. ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. ♪ those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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well, i don't have to remind everybody, there is another woman in this presidential race, her name is carly fiorina. i caught up with her just a few minutes ago. welcome, good to see you, how are you holding up with everything? >> well, it's great. you know, i have come to know and love iowans. we are crisscrossing iowa, we're going to surprise here. so actually i'm having a lot of fun. >> all right. when you say surprise here, place a lot higher than trump right now and top three, top four, what do you think? >> yeah, i'm not going to give you an exact placement, we're going to exceed expectations. you know, the polls and the
7:36 am
pundits have decided how this race is going to come out. the voters of iowa haven't started voting yet. and every single election in the past, the polls have been off by sometimes as much as 30 points. so i know what i see here on the ground and i know what voters are telling me and we're going to surprise. >> you're right about that, the polls are not only mostly when it comes to republicans, recent history, always wrong. what do you think -- >> that's right, by a lot. >> a lot is right. >> who the polls or the voters? the vote rs aren't missing a thing. that's why we're doing well here. i don't know how they do them. i know there are tons of vote erts who say i never answered a pollsters call or i say whatever i want and it has nothing to do what with what i'm going to do. i can't answer the polls. >> there is that. let me ask you a little bit about the evangelical vote in the state. when you have a junior, popular community coming out for donald trump, sarah palin, very popular
7:37 am
with that community, certainly in iowa coming out for donald trump, does that surprise you where that it might represent a shift in the way evangelicals typically vote? >> well, you'll have to ask jerry fallwell jr. and sarah palin why they endorsed donald trump. donald trump is the ultimate insider. he has made billions of dollars buying people like hillary clinton on the inside. he freely admits it. you'll have to ask them why they endorse him. what i know is that the people of iowa are tired of promises from politicians that somehow never get delivered. and they're looking for real results and real leadership, and that's what i offer. >> you also, given the fact that you can say a lot of what you say as a woman that you went after the whole elephant in the room with bill clinton and the debate the other night, miss fiorina, if my husband did what bill clinton did, i would have left him long ago.
7:38 am
you've got quite a reaction from the audience there. and that is among many issues, you said, would make you uniquely poised to challenge hillary clinton should she become the democratic nominee. would you bring that issue up if you were debating her? >> look, i'd bring every issue up that is relevant to her grasping for power, her entire life. that's what this is about. you know, here we have news that there are 22 e-mails shock and surprise on her server that are classified top secret. why can she get away with it? do and what whatever you have to do and say to gain power and get into office. she's more qualified for the big house. look, i'm telling iowa voters to vote for me because i'm the most qualified candidate to do this job. i'm also the most qualified candidate to win this job. and we have to win, but then we
7:39 am
need a leader in the oval office who can get this economy going, who can lead in the world, who can cut the government down to size, who understands technology, and has a track record of leadership. and i humbly offer that kind of leadership to the people of iowa and the people, the citizens of this great nation. >> so those e-mails you eluded too, the clinton camp classify ed something that people shouldn't look at, period. you say, what? >> well, you know what this reminds me of, neil? remember bill clinton saying it depends on what the meaning of the word is is. this is a lot of gobblely gook. hillary clinton tried to explain what she meant about a video. here's the truth. police clinton lied about benghazi and gave a pass to terrorists who attacked an embassy and murdered four americans. she lied and the fact that there is nothing classified on my
7:40 am
serv server, lie as long as you can get away with it. that is the clinton way, we've seen enough of it. >> um, well, the white house is looking now to collect equal pay data from corporations, of all sizes, and how much men and women are paid. and a lot of -- ab lot of folks say, well, that'd be a good thing because we'd have brute from the disparity between male and female pay figures. what do you think of that? >> i think it's a terrible idea for a whole set of reasons. yet again thrusts the federal government into a role it shouldn't have, but beyond that, what hypocrisy. the federal government pays on a seniority system. seniority system is bad for women. why? because it pays for time and grade instead of contribution. the kind of pay system that works best for women is one that actually pays for contribution, for results, it's called a merit.
7:41 am
it's not what the federal government uses, it's not what unions use, so why doesn't the federal government start with itself, that's what i would do as president of the united states, let's start by paying people for what they produce. and the value they bring. >> do you think there is a gap, and a disturbing one between what women are paid, what men are paid? >> here's what i know. when women are given of a chance to compete for any job, when women are given the opportunity to produce results and are paid for those results, regardless of who they know, or how old they are or how old how long they've been in a job, women will do very well. and i would challenge mrs. clinton to publish how she pays her staff and how many women versus how carly fiorina pays her staff. this is a height of hypocrisy from mrs. clinton and height of hypocrisy from president obama. >> carly fiorina, thank you very much. good seeing you again. >> thanks neil, nice to see you.
7:42 am
all right. as you know, one of carly's big pinches is as a former ceo, from her days running hewlett packard, she knows a thing about business and getting businesses right. critics will say otherwise, but it's a big theme this year given the fact that we have these volatile markets just coming off of january that we had a good final day of trading. still saw the dow slide close to 8%, and of course that's a market average is in the correction territory right now down 10% or so from its highs. then you had a reminder that in the final quarter last year, we were barely limping along here. it's not growing at all. the former presidential candidate in his own right in the iowa kau us ises going me right now. do you think that the relate of these volatile markets, the reality of the slowing economy
7:43 am
changes the complex of this debate is not in iowa now where polls are all over the map. maybe in future primaries, what do you think? >> i think it's going to have an enormous impact and already is. you see it in the rise of bernie sanders where some people feel we need more of leftist policy, see it in the rise of donald trump. people are fearful that we're in the so-called new normal, wages are stagnant, or employment opportunities are shrinking, we don't have a chance to get ahead. and that produces a lot of worry and anxiety and contempt for the political class that can't seem to deal with the issues out there. as you know, by ten years of subprime growth, the worst since the 1930s, if not in american history, and people want to change and one of the surprising things among the republican candidates, many of them have not forth rightly put forth things like the flat tax or other radical reforms leading -- >> why would that be the the great, why would that be the great elixir, why would that fix
7:44 am
stuff? >> well, first of all allow people to focus on real things, simplifying the tax code. we've seen it in ronald reagan, booming the american economy. third economies around the world have flat taxes which work well. let people focus on real things. and other proreforms, repealing obamacare, not enough to say repeal obamacare, what are you replacing it with? i'm surprised none of the candidates have been forth right in advocate the prices for products and services. and so good reforms, that's what they have to do. the economy's forefront. >> that's it. all right, thank you very much. >> yeah. drimpd dreyfus is next. the microsoft cloud allows us to
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access information from anywhere. the microsoft cloud allows us to scale up. microsoft cloud changes our world dramatically. it wasn't too long ago it would take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome. now, we can do a hundred per day. with the microsoft cloud we don't have to build server rooms. we have instant scale. the microsoft cloud is helping us to re-build and re-interpret our business. this cloud helps transform business. this is the microsoft cloud. all right. this was a leak we learned that another billionaire could enter the race, and he has a lot more money than donald trump, michael bloomberg. i'm rethinking this independent
7:48 am
run for president. and apparently he's commissioned some polls that show he wouldn't do too shabby. frank luntz knows all things polls. >> pleasure. >> i was looking at these polls and going through them, depending on who the respective nominees are. >> he did well, what do you think? >> doesn't matter who the republican is, marco rubio, ted cruz, or donald trump, bloomberg starts in the upper 20s. who would have thought this? he takes about 20% from the republicans and 20% from the democrats. >> even stake. >> it doesn't matter that he's got the three things that some americans are looking for, they don't feel they get in the republicans and the democrats. number one, he's a billionaire and doesn't have to take money like trump. number two, he's got a record of accomplishment as mayor of new york, and neither the two other candidates, neither -- >> supersized soda thing. >> it bothers some people. i happen to like my sodas and my
7:49 am
food supersized food -- >> you indicate that he's coming out of the gate strong. >> and doesn't have to depend on democrats or republicans. >> why is it democrats we hear, frank, are the ones who are most worried about this? if he draws evenly. because he draws better from younger voters and democrats have been doing so well. bloomberg's best, survey, bloomberg's best vote is among 18 to 29-year-olds, and normally they'd be voting for hillary clinton. that's what they're afraid of. >> let me ask you about the third party candidate, ross panther row was one of the most successful in recent memory. not a single electoral vote. >> you have to get over 25%. at 25%, you start to win certain states. let's say bloomberg only gets 30%. that's worth three or four states and he's close enough and by the way, it's not that this is bad, when it explains why there's so much upheaval in the political system, why sanders
7:50 am
does so well on the left. why trump does so well on the right, is there's so many americans who are fed up with politics as well, fed up with politicians making promises they do not keep and fed up with candidates that don't get things done. >> but don't they have their range choices and trump and sanders? >> on the republican side or the democratic side, but what about in the center? they don't. and that's why bloomberg now gets 42% of the so-called swing voters. nobody else comes close. >> quickly, trump wins iowa. picks up new hampshire! then i think he is the presumptive nominee. if you tell me trump wins iowa and new hampshire, i think he wins the republican nomination. >> wow. mark it down. accurate with a lot of stuff. and he's good friends with richard dry fus and i'll tell you, he is a hell of an actor, but if you've seen him in some of these ads promoting, it's
7:51 am
like bernie madoff and i'm telling you, just looking, just looking at it makes you want to spit in his face. i mean that in a good way. in a good way. >> i did. you're here to buy a car. what would help is simply being able to recognize a fair price. truecar has pricing data on every make and model, so all you have to do is search for the car you want, there it is. now you're an expert in less than a minute. this is truecar.
7:52 am
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7:54 am
all right. we've got richard with us now. he's going to announce on this show he's backing trump, so without further adieu. >> i was backing him in traffic. why not? first, i'm not a fan of anybody's. i'm what i call pre partisan and this is a phrase which has not taken off, so, i am a pre partisan american. >> who is the least offensive of all the candidates out there to
7:55 am
you? >> george washington! he's not running. >> got to catch up on my reading. more democrat. more democrat simply means that i haven't gotten to their crimes yet. >> oh, i see. you play bernie madoff in a special that's coming up and it is uncanny, the resemblance. uncanny. how did you feel playing that role? >> great. i mean, it's like being handed one of the great, most complex characters in the world and someone handed you the role in a good script, adolf hitler, you'd say, wow. and you'd want to throw anyone else who was competing for that role off a bridge. >> do you think that he, you're going on one of the dpraetest ponzi scheme artists ever. and he was a swindler, but very effective at winning people
7:56 am
over. >> yeah. >> he was more effective had he used that money in some historic way. and that's also what bernie didn't do. and i mean, he could have been remembered as a great memory and complex. >> the only thing that stopped him was the town market. he could have continued. >> the only reason he got caught or caught himself was that the world that he was working in turned out to be you know, hollow and everyone was running for the exit. so, he had to turn himself in. >> it's interesting. knowing you, a couple of times, at a convention was very loud. but talked about the need that the rich should pay more. paraphrasing, at the time, you
7:57 am
were saying higher taxes isn't out of the question. and you were going significantly higher than nearly 40% returning to the old clinton era. barack obama brought that, but you think significantly higher than that, right? >> well, i can't really tell you now that i've kept my tax structure u in my mind. >> bernie sanders -- a topic he's brought it down. 9%. >> look. there was an editor of "the new york times" in 1920 and he says there's only one war between the halves and the have notes. that it turns out is basically true. the rich get away with murder and they keep their boots on everyone else's neck. >> you didn't answer my question. >> i'm about to. i'm not one of those takes me five minutes to clear my throat.
7:58 am
and so i'm not -- but when have nots get just enough dust in their face to even realize just for a minute how they're being taken, they get pissed off and they eat the structure. they tear it down and everyone else is in trouble. and people start again. and that's what this is. >> i understand that. but to you, if it's not 40% and tax rates have gone up, should they pay significantly more? >> it's like this. and this happened at the republican convention. one of the radio people said your friend rob rheiner hung up on me just now. i said, really, why? because i said that the rich pay too much. and he hung up.
7:59 am
i said, okay, let's start again. you think that the american people should pay firemen and cops more than they pay them now? and he said, no. and i said nurses and teachers and went, well, teachers, teachers, they're just rotten eggs. rotten apples in a barrel. and i said, here's my idea. fire -- risking their lives for you and your children and they take you out of your home. >> you triple it. do you think that the rich have paid for that? they've had a good ride and should pay more? because i'm only wondering what their share is. their share for the rich used to be, bring it up to 39.6 for them and more percentage points added to the president's.
8:00 am
>> under eisenhower, what were they paying? >> so, you want to return to the upper 70s. >> the 90s. >> three people take that. are you into that? >> yes. for a short period of time. i'll tell you, you're such a complex person. when you, when he did that, everyone knew u he was paying for the second world war and it was for a finite period of time. and everyone understood that. now, what we have to do is be able to raise and lower rates as needed. >> so, be a moving figure. the fact john kennedy lowered those taxes. >> he lowered them to 70 and they wanted to impeach him. >> but you have been very successful, a very rich guy, i'm shoe, right? >> no. >> the residuals have to be outlandish. >> no. the idea --
8:01 am
>> but you would be happy to pay that much? >> for a finite period of time. >> your friends in hollywood? >> i have no idea. i don't have friends in hollywood, actually. >> you're a lenld. >> being a legend is the way they get away with not paying me. just give me a great -- >> you've been very patient. i did want to get your thought obser on this academy dust up. >> you should give me an hour. >> i wish i could, but i can't. but how do you feel about that? >> about -- >> a number of -- oscar nominations. >> what's his name. has been passed over twice for two incredible performances. >> will smith. >> no -- >> a lot of them are even protesting being at the show. are you going? >> no. i haven't been to the awards show in ten years. and people like me perhaps
8:02 am
should be politely shown the door for a while. >> academy racists. they're not racist, maybe they were not good enough to get a nomination. >> neighbmaybe no one thinks of because we are at the bottom, we didn't see the film when it came out because it was about black people, which is not racist, just doesn't touch my life. >> interesting. >> all right. i know you're doing it today. >> you're going to be ashameded of yourself. the networks are going to be ashamed of themselves because they're the ones. >> always wrong, aren't they? >> no, it's not that. it's that you were in a position to turn to the people of the country and say in various ways, is that an acceptable thing to say? is that, are we pose supposed to
8:03 am
treat this guy with the same seriousness? >> he's leading in the polls. >> so what? >> everyone's free to say what they want to say. you're free to say what you want to say. >> yes. and you're free to say the people of the country are very much like a person and sometimes, a person needs therapy. >> you think trump needs therapy? >> i think people of the country do. and i'm serious. the people of the country have been flown into a tsunami of bad, negative events and they've not any training. >> how do you know he or any one of the other candidates are catching traction? the ant dote to all that? >> why do i think that? that they're not equipped to handle, because they insist upon dealing with these things from
8:04 am
the lowest common denominator. there's not one intelligent thing. if you have an iq or whatever, no one is treating these people from the top. >> so, you value that quality in a president. >> i think the president has to as we all must, have the ability to say, a, i haven't read this whole thing, so i'll give you an answer tomorrow. b, i've changed my mind. c, i have to ruminate on this. i have to contemplate on this. and next, they should be able to say, i have to find out that the information that comes to me is true information. because they might have their own agenda and -- >> you know there's a lot of wisdom there. nothing wrong with saying, i don't know. >> bingo. >> very good. a real pleasure. thank you very, very much.
8:05 am
>> people should remember the thinking. it should be taught to young people. how to think. how to think with clarity. nobody is teaching it and they should learn that starti ining the fourth grade and you're probably the best one here on fox. and you should be saying giving civics up is a very stupid thing to do. and we shouldn't support it. and you should say there's a civics curriculum out there and everyone in the country. >> get engaged. everyone get engaged. >> well, what did, what's his name say at the time of the spanish american war? the wexler party, when they all, the publisher said, what are you doing in there. and the other guy said the question is what are you doing out there.
8:06 am
>> good luck with this acting thing. i think you have a future. thank you very much. all right, as you know, a lot of candidates are dealing with the same. of course, evangelical voters. particularly in western iowa. that's where you'll find rich. hey, rich. >> actually -- >> you just missed it. we going to break any way, right? oh, hey. oh, we're not on break. you just missed the jeb bush photo bomb? you catch that at all? we are just wrapping up a jeb bush event. this is northwestern corner of the state. it is a very conservative part of the state. it is a very evangelical part of the state, so to a number of voters throughout today and
8:07 am
yesterday, asked them which way they're leaning, many are still trying to make up their mind even a few days before the caucus. for them, they say one of the most important issues are social issues. >> i'm catholic, a pro-life voter generally. however, i've been a little disenchanted on either party getting much done on that issue. >> for me, i think the social issues. i have a feeling on abortion -- the cost of education. >> governor jeb bush, or former governor bush, just wrapped up about an hour long event here. he spent much of the time explaining his tax plan, knocking hillary clinton, president obama, donald trump, all those running on the republican side. he's behind me answering questions now. but also in line with everything we have been discussing here, he did discuss how important faith is to him. >> i believe that life is a gift
8:08 am
from god. that divinely inspired. we're here for a purpose. not just organisms wandering around. we have true purpose in life and that we should respect life from its beginning to its natural end. >> we're trying to get him over here, but do we have him? hey, governor. listen, how are you? good to see you. rich, fox news. >> yeah, what's happening? we're a little wired here. >> how important -- doing a live interview. >> i thought i was doing a photo bomb. >> how important is the western side of this state and does it change from one side to the other? >> no, my message is the same from every state. it's, i'm not smart enough to have one message for one group and another for another. i say what i believe and i say it with heart and it's the same message, which is we need a proven leader to restore our country's greatness by fixing the broken mess in washington and rebuilding our national
8:09 am
security to be kept safe and people respond to that here. there's deep concern about the future of this country all across iowa and they're legitimately concerned. >> do you think trump's absence gave an opening for the rest of the field to talk? >> i think i did really well. because i got to talk about the issues that are important to people here in iowa and in the country. trump is a phenomena, an entertainer. he blocks out the sun, but he's not qualified to be president with the way he disparages people and he's not a serious conservative based on his record of supporting hillary clinton and barack obama. bill clinton. the clinton foundation. nancy pelosi. the list is long. and i'm not going to him to hijack is conservative cause that will create the chance for people to rise up again in this country. >> why do you think he's lead ng all the polls? >> people are angry. the fact is though he's not going to win the presidency as the republican nominee and his ideas aren't conservative and if
8:10 am
conservatives are supporting him out of anger, they may want to reconsider. they're going to be dispinted. there's nothing that suggests he's a conservative. >> can you finish top three here? >> we're organized in all 50 states. on every ballot. we have the resources, we're in it for the long haul. with we will do better than expected here and then off to new hampshire and south carolina. these early states really matter. >> governor jeb bush, thanks for your time. >> take care. >> live at a jeb bush event. there you have it. >> way to go, buddy, way to go. always good seeing you and of course, the governor. another governor joins me right now. he and i are in quick pursuit of getting clarify from adele. the governor in case you didn't hear, i thought hysterical and it was meant to be funny. tongue and cheek. featuring her song, the new and some words, maybe at the adele
8:11 am
camp were saying no cease and desist. i don't know if it's coming from adele, but if you're out there, come on. give the governor a chance. the iowa winner eight years ago, governor mike huckabee. great to see you. >> hello, it's me. >> did you know when your staff was putting this together that it would get the reaction it did? >> no. we're thrilled it did. the buzz, but we shot it on iphones, for heavens sakes. it was done by people on our staff. one of our volunteers, she was the vocalist who recorded the vocals. one of our staff members wrote the lyrics. just something we did for kicks. >> is the ad still running? >> no, it's been pulled down because adele's lawyers. >> can't be adele. >> why don't you talk to her and tell her she's being very petty
8:12 am
about this. >> has adele called yet? >> yell, she needs to call. zpl you know what's weird, to add to this drama, that trump had a rally and another adele song is playing in the background. and i didn't hear her people go after him. >> well, she knows that i'm the real threat here in iowa because i'm the guy that's going to search from the back, end up winning and she's afraid of that. because i'm the person who can take down hillary. if you've ever wondered are they political conspiracies, yes, there is and we're seeing one today. >> you're the person to give this to. >> as i was the first to try to reach out to adele. in all seriousness. you know, you won this state when no one thought you had a chance. and you had huge evangelical support. added to a good run of wins.
8:13 am
became a test shot in the end. i wonder though, governor, if now, there are so many sharing that evangelical vote going after it. and that's what's really hurting it. >> honestly, it was not the evangelicals that were my main force in iowa. everyone thinks it was, but it was working class. it was a working class. now, a lot of the working class people are indeed evangelicals and they're church going people, pro-life. for traditional marriage. but many of them, the reason they supported me, because i was the only one talking about the economic issues that affected working class people. everybody else was talking about the investor class. the donor class. the job creators. i was talking about the job holders. the folks standing on the concrete floors. the folks lifting heavy things. the people who came home and had to take a shower before their wife would let them at the dinner table. people who sweat through their clothes. >> do you find it odd and it
8:14 am
might be just early reads, could be very wrong, but when jerry jr. or a sarah palin in this community you want to call evangelical community, who would back donald trump and even those who go to church, they're angry beyond this religious issues. >> there's no doubt about that. i think listening to my good friend, jeb bush, we have been friends a long time. when i hear him talk about it's an anger vote and there is. there's no doubt about that. and i think some people, they just want there to be something different. now, what i would suggest to them is that they need to look at the candidates and see where the money comes from. follow the money. three words in politics, follow the money. >> speaking of money, the issue that always comes up and i hate to be so tacky about it. as well, the adele connection. >> and many other things.
8:15 am
>> they say some other things, but we can't talk about it. >> not going there. >> that you've got to do well in iowa. because your donor, your supporters, are going to give up. >> well, some of our supporters would never give up, but let's be be realistic. we've put most of our resources here in iowa, i've spent more time than any candidate. we've done more events here. planted our flag here and you know, i still think we're going to do very well here. >> one, two or three. you know the drill. >> everybody says that, but it's really the cluster. how close are the numbers? if you have numbers one, two, three, four and five, then you may have a lot of people coming out of here. if there's one person who breaks away and everybody else is way far behind and there are two or three that are way, way behind, then i think those candidates have to look at it, but right now, we are full speed ahead full flthrottle. the governor of this state has
8:16 am
been governor for over 100 years. longest serving governor in america. he probably thinks he has, but he's a great guy and the most astute observer of iowa politics. no, he's not. why should he be? ted cruz would cost iowa farmers, their crops, jobs in ethanol. he's taken so many positions on things. whatever you want to say about terry, he's a good public servant and has been consistent. said mike huckabee is the guy to keep your eyes on. i think there will be a surprise on monday. he's never lost an election in iowa in his career. his goes back a ways. i think that's significant. >> well, i remember vividly, you were nowhere to be found. >> i remember. >> boy, do i remember that. yes, i do. >> we picked up the phone and we said. to adele. >> is she calling? adele, give me a call, please. call me. >> she's not calling governors.
8:17 am
>> it's saturday. i'm sure she'll call me monday. >> it's like the future. six hours from now. >> crazy. >> we had a tweet, whatever it is, you know, we got a tweet out there. you can retweet our tweet. is that what they call it? when you retweet? what does that mean? >> kind of like regurgitating. >> i have no idea. just do that thing with twitter. i'm going to stop. thank you, governor, very, very much. >> nice to see you. >> a role that corporate america is playing is the role microsoft. it is really playing a key software role in tabulating a lot of the numbers that will ultimately come out of the iowa caucuses and governor huckabee's time that they were doing with slips of paper and sharing it in a room and tabulating it that way. mike is going to try to bring this into the 21st century we're told, but a lot of folks are
8:18 am
very worried about that, particularly the sanders folks, who said a lot of microsoft executives and staff members, so they fear some shenanigans. stephan smith is joining us now. political scientist, professor, good to have you. you think that the sanders folks have a legitimate beef that microsoft could pull something? >> i think paranoia oruns amuck. i'm more worried about microsoft not functioning. my smart phone often goes kaput on me and i have to reboot it. so my concern is that people haven't been trained to do it right and i don't know if that will discriminate against sanders or one of the others. i really doubt it because the supporters of sanders and each of the -- can write down you know, who was there. they know most of the people. and if the numbers come out
8:19 am
really weird, that would be the, a zas e for microsoft. the company would die if they did that. trying to jiggle the american presidency is a capital punishment for a business. >> do you, the first time, like the first iphone, the first windows software that comes out. there are bugs in there, right? so, i get nervous for iowans. microsoft, a great company and great, smart people there, that something inevitably will go wrong the first time out the high-tech gig. >> i know mitt romney found out how badly that could work out when the high-tech system crashed totally. it probably cost him the election. frankly, i think orca cost him more than any other glitch in mitt romney's campaign because all of his presinlgts, all of
8:20 am
the people who drive to the polling places, they couldn't get the information. they had to go back to paper and they weren't used to that because they were sort of trained on blackberries. >> it gave misleading information and was doing a lot better than he was. and he might have pulled his punches, right? >> absolutely. you know, you have to be really careful. you have to really test it and test it and test it. i've got a couple of contacts here, i've been here for 46 years doing this, who say a lot of the democratic people at the precincts have not been trained properly and even if the system works well, they're not going to know how to run those things, so this could be tense. we may be up until 2:00 in the morning trying to figure this out. >> please don't say that. thank you very much. we're getting news now from "the new york times," which has officially endorsed hillary clinton for the democratic nomination and on the republican side, john kasich.
8:21 am
we're waiting on hillary. we do have john kasich.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
"the new york times" endorsing hillary clinton for the democratic presidential nomination. probably not a huge shock, what might be more noteworthy is who the newspaper is backing for the republican presidential nomination. ohio governor, john kasich, of whom the great lady has said he is maybe a little conservative, but a veteran of partisan fights and bipartisan deals going back nearly two decades in the house. he's been capable of compromise and believes in the ability of government to improve lives. a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants and
8:25 am
speaks of government's duty to protect the poor, mentally ill and others in the shadows. now, the man who just won that endorsement against a pretty impressive field. congratulations on that. >> just to correct, it's just fantastic. to be endorsed by "the new york times." it's just really awesome. and you know, i've received seven out of eight in new hampshire and also the boston globe. the only thing i need to correct, i don't favor a path to citizenship but legalization, i'm not going to quibble with "the new york times" here today. >> you know, it's a great, it is an honor, governor, but immediately, people pounce on it. yeah in a conservative race, they're going to say he's holding a badge of honor, an endorsement from "the new york times." you say what? >> well, you want to have everybody for you. i think that what works for me is i've proven that i can attract voters across the board. i have people that come up to me
8:26 am
in town hall meetings and say, you know, i'm an independent and i'm either you know going to vote for bernie sanders or you and somebody came up to me today and said it's down to you or trump. i think, i've been fortunate to have you know, have accomplished things in public life and have a tone or whatever that can be attractive to people that normally don't pay much attention to republicans and maybe it's because my dad was a democrat. i don't know. but i've been a conservative all of my life. i'm an includer, as you know. i'm an includer and national security issues is getting things done in america and we haven't been doing well at that. >> you know, before you came up with this, i know you have a busy schedule today, but the actor, who would probably not label himself a reagan conservative had been saying the one thing that probably rattles him the most, the names we call, i think he was referring to
8:27 am
trump, but he was just saying it's uncivil. not right. what do you think of that? >> i think he's absolutely right. we don't have to abandon our principles to get things accomplished. but we've got to treat each other with respect because when we don't do it, we're not going to pick social security, the board of any of these other issues if we don't have a level of bipartisanship and we've got to respect people that don't agree with us. it's not right that we tear eechl other apart and frankly, my approach is we lift everybody. we have them build a strong economy and once we do that, we let everybody have an opportunity to succeed in america and in order to do many of these things, we're -- remember reagan, he had graham, got to do things with other people in the other party. can't just do it alone. >> you know, the one thing that read this, new york times editorial endorsing you as governor, you're not antigovernment.
8:28 am
so, explain that to some conservatives who might be rattled. lab rall "new york times" john kasich, the boston globe loves john kasich. how do you address that? >> well, i don't know anybody who was played a bigger role in balancing the federal budget. i was the chief architect. we cut the capital gains taxes and created jobs. i was also intimately involved in welfare reform. i was involved in reforming the pentagon and saving money. in ohio, we've gone from a loss of $350,000 jobs to a gain of over 400,000. an $8 billion deficit to a $2 billion surplus. $5 billion worth of tax cuts. more than anybody in the country and a big, strong advocate moving forward on school choice. maybe it's any tone. i don't want to hate the other side. i want to bring people together because i want to solve problems and look, i just, i like the fact that i can get all kinds of
8:29 am
newspapers to support me. think about it. i've got seven out of eight newspapers in new hampshire. and identi've got the boston gl and "new york times." what is there to complain about? h maybe people ought to listen to what i'm saying. i have been a conservative all of my life. but maybe i'm a little bit of a different definition than some of the others. did you ever think about that one? >> it's a good point. i'll let you have that one. governor, let me ask you, you dismissed talk that you would be everyone's number one, number two. if you didn't get the nomination, almost everyone would have to think about you as vice president. you dismiss that, saying you're going for the big job. let me ask you about what would be your number two. would you consider trump? >> well, neil, that's like taking measurements of the drapes. look, i have to do very well in
8:30 am
new hampshire, which we think we will do. we just had a town hall meeting. it was jam packeded. standing room only. i don't think about that. it's too far down the road. you've got to take care of business today and tomorrow, you've got to win every day in this. i'm just hoping that i can get my message out here in new hampshire and if i lead, if i get out of here in a strong position, that people can hear what i have to say and we'll let the chips fall where they may, but in terms of my strongest candidate for vice president, i tell you, i think it can bring in a lot of different folks. neil, he's on my short list. >> certainly would lose some a lot of support right there, governor, but we'll look at that. but again, congratulations on this endorsement. you have been running the table with these endorsements. we'll see what happens with them. thank you very much for joining us. >> thanks. god bless. >> thank you very, very much. gotten big, prominent endorsements here and has been surging of late in crucial
8:31 am
states like new hampshire. stick around. polls are one thing. adequately predicting the states outcome is quite another. you know that from various races, but with iowa in particular, they are almost always wrong and i mean, a lot wrong. i mean, really, really, really wrong. i'll prove it after this. ♪ every insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families who've supported them, we offer our best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. ♪
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all right. every time i come to a city and i'm traveling, first of all, i order four dinner, room service, for me. then i turn on the tv and i like to see what the local ads are and they're all political. i don't know how the fine people of iowa deal with it. one ad after another. i would be sticking needles in my eyes, but that's a whole other issue. still, it does represent a boom
8:35 am
for this area around des moines. the entire state, the likes of which you cannot imagine, but griff jenkins can. you're getting a sense of the poll, how big this iowa caucus is. >> that's right, it is for business owners, the caucus is the super bowl. the cash cow. it brought it in 2008, the last time there was no incumbent running, so both parties were here in full force. it brought in more than $20 million. we're at submitty's tenderloin and he looks like you. but it's not just the restaurant, the hotels, the t-shirt venders and retailers. they're seeing the boom. these campaigns have office space, venues. those ads on tv and radio you mentioned and billboards, you can't go down this road without seeing them. just to give you perspective, trump steps off a $100 million plane and steps in a holiday inn
8:36 am
express for roughly 100 bucks. we were down on main street earlier and we talked to one of those owners just about this. here's what we had to say. >> because there's more interest and excitement and i think that's just good for everyone. sometimes, people are reluctant to get out when it's colder, but it gives a nice boost to a time that might be slower. >> so, we are now inside with smitty. you're third generation and we have these delicious tenderloins, but tell me about the economic impact here and your business. >> it's been great. we make about 200 a day and now with the caucuses in town, we've been making about 100 more per day. >> also, you benefit in other ways because if someone comes in from another state, another campaign and wants to get this when they get home, they can
8:37 am
order it. >> they can get all the information on the website. we ship them all over the united states and alaska, too. >> so, fair to say the caucuses are your cash cow. >> yes, it's been very good for us. >> and if everyone gets snowed in. you are also trying to capit capitalize. caucuses translate to capitalism, but you're selling t-shirts. >> we've been selling those and do mail order, too, with those. >> i got to see what this is all about. which one, the big or small? >> we've got the big one here and also the small one. >> i'm not going to be afraid. got to find out what this is all about. this is pork tenderloin, right? how long you been doing this? 49 years. >> look at that. that is totally perfect and neil, we brought you a political t-shirt as well. didn't i interview you four
8:38 am
years ago. >> deliver, do they deliver to my hotel? just saying. we'll find out. >> we deliver these to neil for lunch? >> sure can, yeah. >> we got a tenderloin coming to you for lunch. tell them i know adele. that opens doors. thank you very, very much, buddy and all the fine folks there. new yorkers, we're all in a rush, get out of my way, get oyefuwa my wout of my way. they're not that way. the last poll before the iowa caucuses is coming up tonight around 5:00 p.m. right now, rubio in all of these polls generally placing about third, which don't you know, was the position rick santorum was in four years ago when he went on o to win in a real squeaker. on the significance of that a, if any.
8:39 am
>> cruz will go after rubio on air and in the -- he usually goes after trump and this time, he was naming rubio by name. >> he was going after him quite a bit. what does that generally mean to you that he thinks that rubio is a rising force? >> i think so, he's looking at this competition with trump and he sees rubio on his heels and rubio doesn't have to come in second or first. i think if he comes in third, making, can't do worse than third. i think this will be a blow, but if he comes in third with a little room between himself and cruz, i think that would be, cruz would be very worried about that. >> i can see happening that everyone expects, trump and cruz. but they cancel each other out. someone moves up the middle. right, when you have candidate a versus b, that usually makes room for c, but this time,
8:40 am
candidate c this time around is engaged in this brawl with d, e and f. it's rubio's struggle this whole time is breaking free of that lane he's in with bush, with kasich, with chris christie. so, if he can distance himself. >> how is christie doing? >> i think new hampshire is really the state where he's putting all his stakes. he is campaigning here. he was here yesterday, bush was campaigning here as you saw. >> he's got a zillion appearances. >> rand paul is focused on the city centers. i went to one of his events at drake university this week. he had a good turnout. in iowa, you have to have a broad coalition. people throughout the state. can't just concentrate. >> you were reminding me given the caucuses, that you have to hang out there and be very, very loyal. >> right, exactly. that's where the passion and enthusiasm for your campaign really matters. so, ted cruz has a really good ground operation and he's really able to target voter, people who
8:41 am
have turned out before in caucuses. trump is targeting people who haven't caucused before, so that's a risk. if you have enough enthusiasent people will turn out. we'll see what happens monday. >> thank you very much. real clear politics. we have already heard bernie sanders wants to raise taxes on the middle class, that it's long overdue. richard dry fus would raise taxes on the rich to 90%. what's behind this passion? more than you know. we connect, you decide.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
you want to return to the upper 70s? >> the 90s. >> three people. are you into that. >> yes.
8:45 am
>> all right. you've just heard richard, known most famously for his role in jaws, advocating for a much higher tax rate for which we would u need a bigger boot. jaws. look, basic cable. up to you if you want to laugh. imagine that. a 90% top tax rate. charles payne wants in. jonas wants in. whoa. charles. >> listen, it's absolutely nuts. and it's all really based on the same thing we've gone through with president obama. an economic policy based on rewriting the wrongs ofiester year, all about social justice. >> taxing greedy guys like you. >> exactly. how dare anyone try to be successful in this country and if they are, it's punitive. it's not anything that's going to grow an economy, we're living through it. we just had a gdp report this week.
8:46 am
0.6%. 7%. it's nuts. this is the worst post reception recovery in history because we have too many taxes, too manyoo antigrowth, antisuccess rhetoric. >> there is something to what he was talking about with the raise. it's palpable. among a lot of people who feel that they're getting gouged. and it explains sander's appeal, even when he wants to extend those tax hikes to the middle class, saying that they'll get more than they have to pay out. what do you make of this move on the left to go for more taxes? >> and i get how bernie sanders is trying to lasso in those voters who want to stick it to the man and get those tax rates up so they can be in quotes here, fulfilled and somehow economically sound, but that's just wrong. let me just put it in perspective here. you were talking about the middle class. let's talk about the lower income people that are making
8:47 am
$30,000 or less. if you, bernie sand ers, if we take his health care plan and implement that, say that happens. those lower income people making $30,000, they're going to have a 2.2% tax increase, which doesn't seem that much, but they're going to take a 6.2% payroll decrease. so that's going to be $1,860. so all of that savings that the lower income earner is making from gas prices being lower, that's just going to go away. they're going to have to pay. they're going to be losing $1,850. that's a lot of money, neil. >> i'll put you down as a maybe on bernie then. jonas. >> obviously, it's a nerve they're hitting. those who advocate that the rich pay their fair share. it's a moving target. wondering where you think that target goes. >> that's the most remarkable
8:48 am
part. it's been a long time since the politician has been able to run on a platform on a major tax increase. i think mondale destroyed his career. a very small tax increase. the increase sanders is proposing is going to raise 20 times as much as the one clinton is pau posing. that is far larger and yet, they're pretty -- this isn't a deal breaker for his candidacy. today, to your original question, people want to soak is rich even though this plan is across the board. it's more diversified than obama tax increase. but people want to hear, they want to hear 50%. >> on the left, they like it. charles, what do you think of that? >> on the left, people like it because it sounds like you'll get a lot of money to the government that will redistribute it to everyone fairly and also, they'll get their up and coming. bernie is going out there say g
8:49 am
ing i'm going to tax everybody. >> there's a certain honesty there. >> yeah, he is being honest. >> we will need a bigger move. >> didn't get better the second one. >> all right. >> has adele called yet? not yet. still waiting on adele and a doozy of a storm. after this. feel a cold coming on?
8:50 am
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energy efficiency and the environment go hand in hand. and i love how pg&e's commitment to the environment helps a community like santa cruz be a better place to live. and being able to pass that along to my family is really important to me. just being together and appreciating what we have right here in santa cruz. see how you can save energy at together, we're building a better california.
8:52 am
two big developments. one is that a storm is coming. that's one thing. the other is probably more dramatic for the time being. smitty's website has crashed. apparently, when we brought
8:53 am
attention to this famous eatery here in des moines, they do deliver. hello. hello. home run. the site crashed. it crashed. so, you're welcome, smitty's. you can work out an arrangement. unfortunately, still no update from adele. nothing? can't win them all. all right, now to the aftermentioned storm. it's going to be happening around the vote and shortly afterwards when we were intending to leave. why don't you update us on that. >> i'm so happy we could meet on a weekend, you and i. i like this. let's take a look at it. >> you know adele, by the way? you know adele at all? >> i just know her music. i don't know her well enough to call her. >> okay, we'll talk later. he's a storm we are watching. that's going to bring rain and mountain snow along the west coast and this is going to be our big weathermaker across the central u.s. and all eyes are going to be on iowa.
8:54 am
the timing of this storm is certainly going to be monitored over the next 24 to 36 hours, so there's tuesday. the bottom line here is neil is not going to be able to get out of iowa on tuesday. that's the take away here. no, i mean, we're talking about 18 to 24 inches, blizzard conditions. tuesday and wednesday. >> what? >> yes. so, keep that in mind. i think as long as you have a change -- >> 18 to 24 inches? you just made that up. >> if you have a change of un r underwear, you will need it. monday is the big day, the big caucus day. here's monday, 6:00 a.m. the storm starts to move into iowa. we have highlighted in yellow. and then by 8:00 p.m., we see a stripe of snow moving in. it's going to be a monday ov overnight, tuesday into wednesday type of situation. but the actual forecast on monday, not too bad, although whether he start to see that snow and perhaps a mixture of rain and sleet. >> what time, what time monday
8:55 am
night is this happening? >> i think monday night, 6:00 p.m., 8:00 p.m. and then into the overnight monday into tuesday. tuesday is going to be impossible to travel. in iowa. >> really? well, aren't you just -- you know, i bet smitty's would deliver over here if we're stuck because i know smittty's like this now. just say it's me. that i know adele. no? so, this went from like 6 inches of snow last night when i came in, you're saying a foot and a half now? >> there's a strong possibility. >> whoa, you just said a strong possibility. you're hedging. >> depends on where you talk about in iowa. a big state here. >> you are getting no smitty's. >> as long as you have an extra set of cavuto stuff.
8:56 am
you'll be okay. just plan ahead. call ahead. >> okay. >> and i'll be here to help you. >> terrific. >> i guess i'll see you, what, in april. all right. the weather machine. thank you very much. >> be careful out there. >> yeah, like you care. can you imagine? a foot and a half? all right, did you get the order in? they're open until 9:00. okay. before we leave, couple of things to do because martha, bill, they're just coming up. we have a lot more. a smitty's update. an adele update. ness here's to almost losing it...
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
until you finally find it. light up her valentine's day with a classic diamond heart pendant. now just $399.99 each. that's $300 off! helzberg diamonds here's to love. . all right. i have an update on adele, who said that neil, if you can get me some stuff from smitty's, i'll come on your show. we're trying work out a mutually beneficial arrangement.
9:00 am
maybe we can share with marco rubio. bill and martha, top that. top that. my name is golden. take it away. it is crunch time here in iowa. we are coming up to the moment of choice. nation's first presidential contest. so, the candidates, you know, dozens of events all across the hawk eye state courting support in the final moments here in their quest for the white house. we've got a great, cool couple of hours coming up here. as we say hello from des moines on a saturday, i'm bill hemmer. i feel special with this special election coverage leading up to the caucuses. along with you. >> best friends here this morning with us.


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