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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  January 30, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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in the next few days you are going to have iowa caucuses all over you. >> we will be back tomorrow checking out des moines throughout the day. don't go anywhere, your best coverage is right here on the fox news channel. a fox news alert as the manhunt has just ended for two men who broke out of a maximum security jail one week ago. these two have been caught now in san francisco. the two were caught just moments ago. this announcement made by the orange county sheriff's department in california. just yesterday a third escapee turned himself in. we are waiting a news conference for 3:00 eastern time, one hour from now. with more details about how these three very dangerous men are now back in custody.
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an american election headquarters alert. live pictures from ames, iowa. there are some warm-up speakers right now on stage before hillary clinton comes on. what will she say about news of even more classified e-mails on her private server? ed henry is there with what a new state department investigation might mean. her archrival, bernie sanders, is in iowa right now to try to gain enough votes to take the lead in the hawkeye state. all this as the gop candidates are blanketing the state of iowa to get out the vote. our own campaign carl is in hot pursuit of them on with news on what they're calling marco-mentum. well, can you believe it? after all the talk, it is now the saturday before the iowa
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caucuses. nice to be with you. >> welcome to a special edition of america's election he headquarters from washington. 18 acres, 132 rooms. it is a beautiful sight, and inside is only one oval office. as you look at a live picture of the white house, our coverage begins with those who want to occupy it come january of next year. hillary clinton often jokes on the campaign trail that she knows exactly where the oval office is inside the white house, but her path to sitting behind the resolute desk looks very different than it did when she announced her candidacy a year ago. our ed henry has been following her campaign since really before it even officially began, joins us now from iowa. ed, there's two issues here, the e-mail server, one. bernie sanders surging in iowa. number two. is the campaign worried or in panic mode about either?
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>> reporter: no, it's interesting, leland. you're absolutely right. when you talk about her experience, that's something she's touting out here and she has been touting since day one. i've been out here since early last year, going back to april when she first announced it but her experience continues to dog her. her time as secretary of state and that e-mail controversy will not go away. she's here right now on the campus of iowa state. a pretty large crowd. she's been struggling to get big crowds. over 1,000 people here on campus on a saturday. she has mark kelly up there, you can see the astronaut who is with his wife, gabby giffords, talking gun control, something hillary clinton has been touting a lot, along with her daughter chelsea clinton as well. the final last couple of days, both chelsea and bill clinton, the former president, on the road with hillary clinton. she is not talking about the e-mail controversy of course in her stump speech. she did tell nbc news yesterday there's nothing new here, although clearly now that there have been found, according to the state department, not her
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critics, but the state department says there are at least 22 e-mails with top-secret information. this is a big revolution just two days before those iowa caucuses on monday night. last night though with the former president, she was talking all about fighting for the middle class. listen. >> take my views, my values, my vision here to you to ask you to stand up for me in the caucus on monday so that i can stand up and fight for you. >> reporter: now she also has just won the endorsement, hillary clinton, of "the new york times." but interesting, they also endorsed her over then senator barack obama in 2008. we have pictures as well of bernie sanders. he's been getting much bigger crowds at here than her. a lot of energy. his campaign is hoping he can win iowa. if you look the a the latest fox poll, he's up in new hampshire by 22 points. >> unbelievable. we know that the end of hillary clinton's 2008 campaign began in
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iowa with barack obama's win. we'll see if that happens again. ed henry covering it all. thanks, ed. the e-mail scandal has taken many turns since we learned about it. here's a quick look at how things unfolded. first on january 13, 2009, the very day of mrs. clinton's confirmation hearing as secretary of state. it is not until four years later in march of 2013 that hackers first exposed the private server and mrs. clinton's e-mails to sidney blumenthal, a former aide to her husband. >> by the summer of 2014, the benghazi committee requests documents about the terrorist attack that killed four american earns in libya. it is only then that the state department realizes there are no records to or from an official state department e-mail account for then-secretary clinton. march of last year, a month before she declares her candidacy for the white house, "the new york times" reports clinton used a private server to
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conduct official business. eight days later in her first public comments about the growing scandal, she says she used a single device for "convenience." >> by summer, the fbi investigation widens. an inspector general's report shows some clinton e-mails did include classified information. the clinton campaign shifts into damage control mode as she is questioned about it on the campaign trail. >> you were the official in charge. did you wipe the server? >> what? like with a cloth or something? in retrospect, this didn't turn out to be convenient at all and i regret this has been such a cause celeb. but this does not change the facts. and no matter what anybody tries to say, the facts are stubborn. what i did was legally permitted. number one, first and foremost. >> it takes several months but clinton eventually apologizes for the private server calling it a mistake. days later she even joked about it. that brings us to yesterday and
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revelations that 22 clinton e-mails have been reclassified as top-secret by the state department and will not be made public. the clinton campaign demands their immediate release now calling it "overclassification run amok." another 18 e-mails between secretary clinton and president obama are also now being withheld. you are looking live at ames, iowa. that is former secretary of state hillary clinton. we are going to listen live to see if she makes any remarks on the news that broke yesterday. >> i feel so fortunate to have two people who can inspire us every single day because of who they are and what they stand for, what they have done in their lives, and what they are doing. i really agree so much with them that it is time, my friends, to stand up for common sense gun
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safety measures, to stand up against the gun lobby, and to turn that into a voting issue. the other side does. and so even though the vast majority of americans and gun owners agree with gabby and mark's commonsense approach, they agree with moms, demand action, they agree with gun sense voters agenda. they vote on many things. whereas those who oppose this mission that gabby and mark are leading, they vote only on one issue, and that is how they end up intimidating members of congress and others. the facts cry out for action. on average, 90 people a day die from gun violence.
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that's 33,000 people a year in our country. >> you are listening now to hillary clinton speak about gun control. we will continue to monitor her comments if she does make any reference to her server scandal, we will immediately dip in and bring you that news. 53 hours and counting before the voting in iowa begins. with one eye on the clock, another on the polls, the republican candidates are still battling it out in a state, all except ohio governor john kasich, who shifted to new hampshire after the endorsement of the "new york times." front-runner donald trump is holding a rally this hour. hi, carl. >> reporter: hi, liz. actually kasich because in new hampshire before he got "the new york times" endorsement. it is a big thing for him. one thing he has to do is explain to conservatives why a paper most conservatives don't like is now backing him.
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we've just wrapped up a huge, huge event for ted cruz. it was packed, elbow to elbow. one thing that happens as we campaigns get to the final days in the vote in each state, the temperature gets up to almost 100 degrees and everybody is peeling off their coats and it was exactly the kind of event cruz was hoping for. overflow crowds is a sign he thinks he has the momentum he needs to win the caucuses monday night and beat donald trump. there's a combination of things he's doing. he's talking about the warnings and the necessity of a conservative presidency, but he's also trying to enthuse people and make them optimistic and idealistic about him being the guy that can lead it. then of course there is the please, please, please go out and caucus for me. here's ted cruz' version of it. >> if everyone in this room brings nine additional people to caucus on monday night, we will win the iowa caucuses. we will win the nomination and
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we will go on to win in november 2016 and beat hillary clinton and turn is this country around. >> reporter: so that's what the candidates do when they're trying to be positive and get people energized to go out to the caucuses. the other attack is to try to erode the support of your opponents. that's what marco rubio was doing this specific going specific at ted cruz. >> ted cruz has been my friend, and he's decided to run a very defeatful campaign at the end on some things he's saying. people see through that. >> reporter: if you're the front-runner, and donald trump is in iowa -- at least in most of the polls he's got a big lead -- then what you've got to do is court the base of the evangelical vote here in iowa. well over half of the republican turnout are self-described born-again christians according to entrance and exit pollst six caucuses. and donald trump has had issues
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with his religion. he's been questioned about how serious he is. and so he put on facebook a post today to illustrate it. watch. >> i really appreciate the support given to me by the evangelicals. they've been incredible. every poll says how well i'm doing with them. you know, my mother gave me this bible. this very bible many years ago. and in fact, it's her writing right here. she wrote the name and my address. and it is just very special to me. and again, i want to thank the evangelicals. i will never let you down. >> reporter: trump's campaigning in eastern iowa over by davenport and dubuque. hillary clinton is in ames right now giving a speech. ted cruz just wrapped up his and marco rubio has one planned in ames in just a couple of hours. so no question about it, we are within that 50-plus-hour window of the first actual votes of
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2016. >> that we are. campaign carl cameron in the thick of it all, thank you so much for joining us. as candidates sprint to the finish in iowa, none may be more risk than ted cruz. chris wallace sits down with senator ted cruz. catch that tomorrow on fox news sunday. check your local listings for time and channel. just a couple of weeks ago the story line in iowa was trump versus cruz. now much of the discussion is cruz versus rubio. a.b. stoddard, associate editor and columnist for "the hill" joins us from iowa. a.b., nice to see you. a top story on "the hill," made it all the way to drudge report. "buzz builds for rubio in iowa." his folks are talking about
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#marcomentum. >> any late surge right before the caucuses over this weekend historically has produced good results and it's significant. the momentum for the candidate at the very end is really critical because people are still undecided and that's why you see marco rubio getting attacked more specifically by ted cruz who's using his last-minute dollars instead of attacking donald trump to attack down in the polls marco rubio. he doesn't want marco rubio to either eclipse him and come in second or come in a close enough third, almost tied. that's something he would was not planning on. ted cruz has some extraordinary operation here. he's been working this state for three years. he put together an incredible sort of fire wall here, a monopoly here of conservative leaders and good ground game. he doesn't want to see rubio eclipsing him on caucus eve.
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rubio is -- can feel it in the crowds and people are feeling it in the polls. obviously as your viewers now know, we're waiting a very significant des moines register/bloomberg poll that's usually the most correct. it will be coming out later today. rubio is hoping to see real tangible results in that poll. >> in the last poll, nbc poll that came out a couple of days ago, he was running a solid third. certainly surged in his poll numbers. a lot of folks are going back to 2012 when rick santorum was third in that very last poll before the 2012 caucuses, and then went on to win. you say "the des moines register" poll is the most reliable. really, how reliable are any polls given just how different caucusing is from voting? >> well, that's true. i mean you can't live by the polls because you'll die by the polls. but for marco rubio, he can hope, if he doesn't do as well as he's expecting in that poll tonight, that he is rick santorum 2012 and he is going to
11:16 am
surprise that poll and come out on top anyway. but if he looks like he's made headway as of tosht night in th poll it will tell undecides he is looking like a potential winner and it will help sway people still weighing rubio versus cruz or rubio versus -- i don't know -- bush or someone else. so yes, he can defy that poll and maybe he will. but obviously he would like to see some final momentum numbers for himself in that poll because it will make people who support rubio really believe tlhat he cn do it and that's why you see the hillary clinton campaign manager saying we'd like to come out on top in the lay polling because people will be convinced, wow, she can actually take persons and co-- take bernie sanders an come out. >> you just brought up hillary clinton versus bernie sanders. much tighter in iowa than they originally thought, as ed henry and i were talking about. barack obama came out, beat hillary clinton in iowa in 2008. it was the beginning of the end for her. what is your sense right now in
11:17 am
not only terms of how the iowa caucus is shaping up, but also in terms of how these latest revelations and e-mail scandal are playing in right now to the concept of hillary clinton winning in iowa? >> right. look at the most recent polling. she's us a ahead of bernie by just a little bit. he has been lowering expectations saying it is going to be really hard to increase turnout enough to the point where i can win because he had late momentum, the expectation was, he's going to beat her in iowa and it is looking like that's not really the case, that she could probably eke it out. also the parts of the state where she looks like she'll win will give her more delegates and a better victory than if he is just turning out kids in college towns in inadequate numbers. so if you look at what's going on, these are the things that bernie sanders is hoping for over the weekend, that, a, the e-mail story actually sways more people to bernie because they end up, if they're on the fence, believing maybe she's not as electable as she says, and
11:18 am
that's been her most powerful argument. and, b, when you go to a caucus that is a democrat, you stand in limit groups in rooms. if your candidate doesn't reach 15%, you got to get up and walk over to some of the other candidates' groups. if you're a martin o'malley supporter -- and polling shows you usually are choosing between o'malley and sanders -- sanders is hoping that if you're standing in the corner for martin o'malley and there is only 200 people with you, you'll be convinced to go over and caucus for bernie sanders. that's the kind of thing that could tip the numbers, along with the saturation coverage of her e-mail scandal over the weekend in the final hours. >> that coverage is continuing. even the "new york post" putting out hillary's lame excuses for her e-mail misconduct are crumbling. more on that in the show. thanks a.b. stoddard from iowa. the affluenza teen is back in the u.s. prosecutors wanted to try him as an adult and not a juvenile. we'll tell you what a judge
11:19 am
decided. >> that's the most troubling part of this, ethan has gotten all this notoriety and i hope people aren't forgetting that the reason that we're here, the resources are brought to bare to years ago and continue to be brought to bare is for the victims. three teens fall into an icy pond. a police officer forced to improvise using whatever he can to try and rescue them and it is all caught on tape. plus, the latest on the armed occupiers in and out of custody at that federal wildlife refuge in oregon. hi, claudia. >> reporter: hi there, that's right. four hold-outs left up at that refuge now demanding pardons for everyone who has been arrested as a condition of their surrender. i'll have a live update right after this. how do you stay on top of your health? ahh... ahh... cigna customers have plan choices and tools to take control. so they're more engaged, with fewer high health risks
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now to an ongoing story we've been covering. affluenza teen ethan couch will not be moved to an adult jail. at least not for now. the 18-year-old is back in texas after being deported from mexico on thursday. at a brief hearing on friday a judge ruled couch could stay at a juvenile center until a february 19th hearing. couch is under investigation for possibly violating his probation.
11:24 am
>> the history with him has taught us that he doesn't learn. >> has he ever apologized to the victims? >> he's never aapologized to the victims. that's a point we've brought up every time we've talked to him. >> couch was sentenced to ten years probation for a 2013 drinking and driving crash that killed four people and injured several others. the armed standoff continue at an oregon wildfire life refuge stretching now into its 28th day and, clearly there is no end in sight. main leaders of the occupation are now in jail, but officials say four holdouts remain on that remote federal snow-covered land. claudia cowan is near where the standoff is taking place. claudia, what do these four people want before they are willing to leave? >> reporter: well, they want to be pardoned. we'll get to that in a moment, leland. tuesday's deadly confrontation
11:25 am
actually did prompt a mass exodus from the refuge and the group's leader has repeatedly told his followers to go home. but these four people refused to give up the protest over federal land policy and this normally quite town here of burns remains inundated with law enforcement officers and media. and also there is a general sense of unease, and that is because other groups calling themselves constitutional rights advocates have put out a call to action asking for more like-minded activists to come to burns and support the cause, if not up at the refuge which is surrounded by federal agents, then in the town. most residents here say they wish the group hadn't brought weapons but they do support the protest over how much land here in the west is federal property. more of half of the land here in oregon is federally controlled. rancher tom davis says states and cities lose out economically. it is often a challenge dealing with the federal government on issues such as grazing rights and he says he hopes this
11:26 am
protest leads to change. >> i hope the county -- it's our land that we all can share it. but the county needs to receive their revenue from the land, not the federal government. not somebody that's going to spend it on some project, past project in illinois or wherever. it's got to come back here. if it happens, who knows. at least there was a try. >> reporter: at a detention hearing in portland yesterday, the group's leader, added this occupation was a peaceful demonstration but the judge denied bail. so far 11 people have been arrested all on conspiracy charges. all for those four holdouts still up the a the refuge, they say they will peacefully surrender so long as none of them are arrested. now they are also demanding pardons for everyone who has been a i rested here. that is highly unlikely. back to you. >> i was going to say, if that's
11:27 am
what they want before they leave, it could be a while. claudia cowan in burns, oregon, we'll check back with you in anything develops. thanks. a little more than one week after their escape, the hunt is now over. a short time ago the remaining two refugees -- fugitives, rather, on the loose in california were caught. we'll have details coming up. and our political panel is here to talk all things iowa. who's leading, who's making a comeback, and who needs to pack it in. they're going to join us on set after the break.
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updating a story we brought you moments ago. the manhunt for three dangerous inmates has ended in california. the last two fugitives were captured a short time ago in san francisco a week after a dramatic jail break and a day after another inmate turned himself in. we're expecting a news conference from the police in the next hour. but in the meantime, will is in
11:32 am
the latest from los angeles. >> reporter: these two escapees were last seen in the bay area so not exactly surprising that they were taken into custody in san francisco. we've learned that they were taken into custody in the city's park district. authorities had told us that jose nayeri and jonathan tieu were armed and dangerous. they thought they could be heading to fresno where nayeri had tied. they were driving a white gmc van that had been stolen last week and authorities had a lot of momentum leading up to their capturen. on thursday they arrested a woman who taught english in the orange county men's jail where they broke out of. she admitted she provided nayeri google maps of the jails. he was taking her class which definitely raised some red flags because nayeri served in the military and already spoke english so they believe she may
11:33 am
have played a more significant role in this escape. she appears in court on monday. then yesterday you had the third escapee, bac duong, turn himself in this santa ana, about a half-an-hour from los angeles. he walked into an automotive shop. he knew the owner of the family there and said he wanted to turn himself in. we have learned he was affiliated with some gangs in the area. evidently those gangs may have threatened him, told him to turn himself in or things could get pretty bad. so after he turned himself in, we've since learned that he was cooperating with authorities. that may have potentially led to the surrender or the capture of the other two escapees. we're expecting a press conference at the top of the hour. we hope to get a lot more information. >> weill carr, thank you. of course we'll take a closer look at all the charges they'll be facing later in the show and there will be a briefing of the developments at the top of the hour. well, it is what everyone is talking about.
11:34 am
a major headache for hillary clinton just two days before the iowa caucuses. . the state department says nearly two dozen e-mails from her private server are too classified to release in any form. the controversy hasn't derailed clinton's plans to crisscross across the state this weekend. she's hoping to do what she did not do in 2008, eke out a victory in iowa. nearly all the presidential candidates on both sides of the aisle are in the hawkeye state today. you are looking at live pictures from dubuque, iowa, where donald trump is about to hold a campaign rally after a brief stint in new hampshire. let's go back for a fair and balanced debate. thank you both for joining me. i appreciate it. corey, start with you. a lot of big headlines yesterday. we've all been talking about how iowa voters, some of them are undecided until the very last minute. so what type of effect is this going to have on her voter base? >> i don't know that it is going
11:35 am
to have any real effect at the end of the day because there's no real new information here. it is more about the e-mails. but it is not any real specific information about the e-mails. look, when we went through 11 hours of testimony. i think it was the longest and best yet that the republicans could have given hillary clinton as far as the campaign commercial is concerned. we've had multiple congressional investigations. state department has made the move that they've made as far as implementing changes. so i think this is really a dead issue. but it is going to continue to fester because there are more and more e-mails that are going to be investigated. at the end of the day i think iowa voters are smart enough to listen to hillary clinton on the ground in iowa, what she has to say about her record and what she wants to do for the country. >> i'm going to let angela respond to that. i can see her sort of champing at the bit. >> you are so optimistic. >> for good reason. >> bottom line is hillary's really losing with single white women right now. she's losing millenials. also her independents are going to turn. if sanders wins iowa, this could
11:36 am
be a game changer. this could give him legitimacy in new england, but also it could impact the other primaries. remember 2008 obama, hillary never gained momentum after that. so -- >> expand on that. we did hear candidates respond, donald trump tweeting out hillary clinton is a major national security risk, not presidential material. rubio, christie have all mentioned it. the sanders campaign has stayed away from it. is that a tactic? will we see him be more aggressive over the next 24 hours? >> i think with bernie sanders, the more that he talks about the issues, i mean he's exciting not only the base, he's bringing in new voters. i think the more he stays on the issues and away from hillary the better el he a eter he'll be. >> bigger threat, bernie sand s sanders? >> right now no one is more surprised by the success of bernie sanders than bernie sanders. hen is within the margin of
11:37 am
error right now in iowa. he's had tremendous crowds. what those crowds mean is that he has the ability to go back to those individuals, collect their information, and then mobilize them to get them to the caucuses on caucus night on monday. that is huge. that's something that once again, the clinton campaign didn't anticipate, like you say, like they did in 2008. i thinks ultimately she'll eke it out because she'll have better mechanics on the ground, but it is going to be very close. one thing to watch though -- followers for governor martin o'malley. >> what followers? >> the way it works, if you don't get 15% after the first two rounds, then your supporters get to move literally move their entire bodies from one corner to the next. he could -- his supporters could wind up being the maker. >> i want the republicans to
11:38 am
stop focusing on hillary. >> did you learn anything new about the candidates after the debate? are we seeing any momentum ahead of iowa, and is that important? do you want momentum or do you want a surge? because a lot of people are still undecided. >> i think momentum is most important. steady as you go. i've always said that rubio is the dark horse in this race. watch him, it is like the tortoise and the hare. i think he is going to move forward. as far as a surge, i think we've seen that with ted cruz but it is not going to ask very long. >> we have three ms in this race -- media, mechanics and momentum. trump has been relying on media, giving more interviews than anybody. rubio has potentially the best mechanics, identifying voters and getting them to the polls. rubio has not had a whole lot of moment. he's been treating iowa and new hampshire as flyover states, not a lot of time on the ground. but he's moving in the polls, he's third now and moving up
11:39 am
fast. we'll see how this thing turns out on monday night. >> all right, thank you both very much. i hope to continue this conversation as the primaries roll on. we've heard it for weeks. the political wins in iowa can change in a flash and leave pollsters ducking for cover. here's a big reason why. undecided voters can pick a party and register to vote as late as monday night when the caucus doors open. voters will gather at more than 1,700 precincts across iowa's 99 counties. for the republicans, there are a total of 30 delegates up for grabs. they are chosen by secret ballot after speeches from representatives of each candidate. for the first time results will be reported about i-- by a microsoft smartphone app. the delegates themselves will be voting at the party conventions in july. gop delegates are bound to their nominee and committed by party rules to vote for that person at
11:40 am
least on the first ballot. >> for the democrats, the process is a little different. there is no paper ballot. instead, voters gather in so-called presidential preference groups. any candidate with less than 15% of the room will be deemed non-viable. that's when the wheeling and dealing begins as other contenders try and poach voters to their side. we won't get vote totals from the democrats monday night. just estimates. the their 52 delegates will be awarded proportionately at the state party convention in june. >> when the democrats hold their convention in philadelphia in july, the winning candidate will need more than 2,300 delegate votes to get the nomination. winning republican will need just over 1,200. it was a terrifying day and a parents' nightmare in colorado. we'll show you this dramatic rescue caught on tape now that the tape is out. what a moment.
11:41 am
plus this -- bernie sanders says a big turnout holds the key to his iowa dreams. so, how will the weather factor in on a monday night in iowa? >> right now we are watching the potential for a big winter storm. monday looks good but monday night into tuesday, we could have a blizzard in the state of iowa. we'll talk about it next when america's news headquarters returns after the break. i've smoked a lot
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why you couldn't be healthy but one really good reason, that's our family. that's the beauty of working at gnc, we've got something for everybody. we're here for you. just ask. we make it simple. gnc. for the first time we are seeing body camera footage as a police officer runs to help a colorado teenager. cole robinson and his two buddies were on what they thought was a frozen lake. it wasn't. all three boys fell in to freezing waters, and by the time the officer arrived, only one of
11:46 am
the boys was visible. the officer then grabbed a nearby tree branch and went to work rescuing that young teenager. sadly, the two friends who were there were also rescued but they later died. we're following two major storm systems moving across the country, one bringing heavy rain, the other snow and blizzard-like conditions. is one of those systems headed for iowa? meteorologist janice dean is the a the fox weather center. hi, janice. >> hi, elizabeth. yes, we are watching this big storm system develop across the west bringing rain and mountain snow to the big mountains across california, in towards the great basin and the rockies. and this is the system that's going to develop across the plains and the central u.s., and is on its sights as we get into monday night, into tuesday. saturday, sunday, big massive
11:47 am
storm system bringing several inches of rain to southern california. then developing across the plain states, in towards iowa. this is monday night. we'll have to really watch the timing of this storm. if it moves a little quicker, that means we'll have snow in the forecast for the day of the caucusing in iowa on monday. but tuesday you can see here, heavy snow, blizzard conditions across the central u.s. as well as the midwest. so traveling on monday overnight into tuesday is going to be in some cases impossible where we could see upwards of 6 to 12, 18 to 24 inches of snow by wednesday, and blizzard conditions in this area. also want to make mention monday and tuesday we're going to have a severe weather side of the storm with the potential for many tornadoes across dixie and the mississippi river valley. this is one to watch certainly for iowa and the rest of the country as well. >> there may be some people who will be staying in iowa a little longer than they planned.
11:48 am
>> i think so. be prepared. >> i who end they packed extra clothes. the manhunt for the two remain incredibly dangerous fugitives in california is now over, but how did they get out of a maximum security jail to begin with? they were on the lam for a week. we'll ask someone who has been to that facility. ice cream socials to former presidents hitting the campaign trail, it's all going down in iowa this weekend. fox news is there for it all. more election coverage this hour and all weekend long as we continue. ♪ i want it all ♪ i want it all ♪ i want it all and i want it now ♪
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>> back to the top story we've been following, the man hunt for three dangerous inmates ended in california. the last two captured a short time ago in san francisco a week after a dramatic jailbreak and the day after another turned himself in. >> they were on the lam for a while, and joining us now, diane bass, been in orange county detention facility where this escaped occurred. diane, these were three pretty bad dudes. give us a sense of what security
11:53 am
precautions were or were not in place to prevent something like this from having happened. >> reporter: sure. what people don't realize is there's a difference between a jail and a prison. the orange county jail where the men were housed is one of four jails in orange county, and this one is particularly old. jails are where people are held pre-conviction awaiting trial. a prison is where people are sent after they've been convicted. we keep hearing they were in a maximum security facility, and we picture a prison with towers and guards. that is absolutely not the case. they were in a maximum security unit within the orange county jail, which is clearly not a maximum security unit. we've seen photos of events that led to the air shaft that led up to the roof where they escaped and now compliments of the men, there's a how-to escape guide. it will be interesting to see what changes they make. >> okay. diane, now, they were held in a county facility, not a federal
11:54 am
facility, and they are accused of very violent crimes. are there other, perhaps, men or women who are not legal being held in other county facilities like this across the u.s.? >> reporter: yes, absolutely, they are in every county, certainly, in california and probably across the united states. i visited this particular jail many times, and as an attorney, when you walk into the visiting area, there's a deputy sitting behind glass, and i kid you not, they are playing computer games. i've seen it myself. you do not get searched or go through a detector, but through a set of bars that reminds me of "get smart" if you remember the tv show, but you have contact with the client, not talking through glass, and it's the federal facility right down the street, also a city jail, you have to go through a metal detector. as attorneys, we take off our shoes, belts, watches, deputies go through the files and take paper clips from us. meanwhile, the people working in
11:55 am
these facilities who are like this esl teacher accused of helping the men do not get screened every time they go in. they walk right through. >> we're out of time, and we appreciate the insignificant on this. we hope to have you back, thank you so much. >> thank you so much. last weekend, fox news inadd ver tently show the the wrong candidate in the fox news poll. we mistakenly showed jeb bush when it should have been rand paul. we apologize to anyone, including the campaign, who may have been upset or affected by it. now as we move on to iowa, two days out, the first actual voting, in this case, caucusing in the 2016 presidential campaign will have more live coverage from iowa as we head back and check in with what bernie sanders is doing coming up. hey!
11:56 am
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text mom. i'll be right back. be good. boys have been really good today. send. let's get mark his own cell phone. nice. send. brad could use a new bike. send. [siri:] message. you decide. they're your kids. why are you guys texting grandma? it was him. it was him. keep your family connected. app-connect. on the newly redesigned passat. from volkswagen. good news in the form of a reunion, a dog and rescuers together again after last week's blizzard. >> come on, come on! >> you remember the story. milo, the st. bernard went through the ice frantic 911 call from his family brought firefighters to the rescue in the midst of the storm, and yesterday, milo and his human family visited the fairfax rescue staff offering gratitude for saving the 130 pounder they
12:00 pm
call their baby. finally. >> i like that name. fits him. >> works well. >> thank you so much for joining us. >> have a great sat. see you next weekend. ♪ all eyes on iowa as the nation waits and watches to see which presidential candidates emerge with tickets out of iowa first in the nation caucuses and momentum to carry them to new hampshire. welcome. >> do not did confused, it is saturday. >> it is. >> we are happy to join you on the big news day rolling into the iowa caucuses that are monday, of course. candidates criss crossing the state pleading supporters to turn out on a cold and maybe snowy monday night. to gather with iowa to


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