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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  January 30, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm PST

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call their baby. finally. >> i like that name. fits him. >> works well. >> thank you so much for joining us. >> have a great sat. see you next weekend. ♪ all eyes on iowa as the nation waits and watches to see which presidential candidates emerge with tickets out of iowa first in the nation caucuses and momentum to carry them to new hampshire. welcome. >> do not did confused, it is saturday. >> it is. >> we are happy to join you on the big news day rolling into the iowa caucuses that are monday, of course. candidates criss crossing the state pleading supporters to turn out on a cold and maybe snowy monday night. to gather with iowa to hash out
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a choice for a nominee. a lot going on as the republican side senator cruz due any moment in hamlin, iowa, and we'll continue in a moment, but going out to california for the breaking news from orange county and capture of these two fugitives that have been on the run for more than a week. let's listen in. >> certainly, i have fbi, orange county office supervisory special agents and chief inspector, and two of the primary investigator incident command folks working this from the beginning. captain stu greenberg and lieutenant dave sawyer. yesterday, vicki vargas asked captain jeff is now that we think these dangerous individuals are up north, can
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the rest of us in orange county breathe a sigh of relief? he said, absolutely not. well, i can say this morning that the entire state can breathe a sigh of relief because we have the other two dangerous individuals back in custody where they should be. they have been captured and were taken into custody this morning by the san francisco police department. at approximately 8:50 this morning, san francisco police officers from the park district station were handling an unrelated medical aid call in the area of 8th and stenyan in the city of san francisco. a female citizen approached the officers and proiointed out a we van parked in the parking lot of the whole foods market located
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at 690 strenyan. officers approached the van as one fled the area on foot. a short foot pursuit ensued before he was taken into custody by officers. officers immediately returned to the white van and discovered the other escapee hiding in the van. san francisco police department has confirmed the white van is, in fact, the same one stolen from los angeles that we believe they were driving and possibly living out of. based on the preliminary investigation and search by san francisco police officers, a number of .380 ammunition rounds were located in the van. however, no weapon was recovered. both suspects have been arrested and taken to san francisco police departments park district
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station and will soon be transported to the san francisco county jail. orange county sheriff department investigators are in san francisco and will be interviewing both suspects in attempt to gather additional information. we are currently in the process of coordinating with san francisco sheriff's department to coordinate transportation of both to our custodies here in orange county. we have that lot of people to thank. in addition to the host of orange county sheriff's department personnel, i would like to thank the following law enforcement agencies and partners working with us around the clock to ensure all three suspects were taken back into custody. they are the fbi, the u.s. marshals's office, orange county
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district office, breya police department, buena park, cypress, fowler police department, fountain valley, fresno county sheriff's department, fresno police department, fullerton police department, garden grove police department, irvine, huntington beach, l.a., laguna beach, newport beach, orange county parole, orange police department, san francisco police department, san jose police department, santa ana, tuston, uci police department, west minister, and county board of supervisors offering the $150,000 reward, the three of which are standing behind me today. i want to thank the media for your continual coverage of the incident. this has been a
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multijurisdictional investigation that we knew had potential to span orange county and possibly state borders, and you stepped up big time by keepikee keeping information out and helping us get the information out that we had in the ongoing -- >> good news from orange county, california that the two dangerous fugitives on the run were captured in san francisco right in the ashbury area. it's on the edge of golden gate park, a lot of people coming in and out, and a random white van parked on the street may not have been noticed unless there was such an outreach to say, hey, pay attention for the guys, may be as far north as san jose or san francisco. they are in custody now, and the sheriff is thanking those involved, and there's more to the investigation and how exactly these guys broke out of prison. in the meantime, we want to turn back to iowa because that's where the focus is today. a lot of politics taking place, and many of the candidates are
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criss crossing through a particular town called ames, iowa, and we are live there kicking off the coverage this hour, carl? >> reporter: hi, and ames, iowa used to be where republicans had straw polls, a big part of the caucus politics. it did not happen this year, first time in 20 years it did not. hillary clinton is here, ted cruz, and marco rubio will be here in an hour and a half, and we'll see what marcomentum is. he's been pulling bigger crowds and surveys and being increasingly offensive when it comes to his rivals, and marco rubio and ted cruz are locked over the battle in immigration and votes in the senate for months, and, today, rubio went another step and essentially
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accused ted cruz of misrepresenting the record and being dishonest. watch. >> you know, ted cruz has been my friend and is, and decided to run a deceitful campaign on some of the things he's saying. people see through that. >> reporter: while all that's going on, we are looking forward, shortly, to donald trump and jerry fallwell, jr. campaigning in the quad cities region, dubuque, davenport, et cetera, and mr. trump landed and is ready to wow the crowd in eastern iowa. tomorrow, he has to go to the western part of the state, the nebraska border, and the eastern part of the state is more liberal, democrats spend more time there, and republicans spend more time in the west, and then there was, in fact, ted cruz today a while ago in ames
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taking a shot at donald trump talking about how the race is like no other, that the american republican voters faced before because of trump's presence. listen to the comparison he made. >> it has been a crazy year. it's been an entertaining year. next cycle i'm told lady gaga's going to run. [ laughter ] you've seen millions in attack ads. you've seen millions on television, on radio, and you've seen mailers filling up your mailbox. >> reporter: just an idea on spending of the ads, nevermind the comparison of trump and lady gaga, but in iowa alone, $80 million worth of ads have been bought, paid for, and aired. same in new hampshire and a little less in south carolina. add up the campaign spending alone, it's $70, and the super
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pacs it's an astronomical number, and this is only the first four states. the massive market does not vote until march. >> we know, for sure, if lady gaga enters the race, you'll be ready, especially now with the reference. we'll see you, it's only 30 days into the new year. we'll see what happens next. >> reporter: this race with trump in it stretched political reports' imagination. lady gaga would be an exercise. >> refreshing, though, good to stretch the imagination a little. carl, thank you very much. >> reporter: change, seems like a year when anything can happen, doesn't it? voters gathering just a few days after the last debate by republican candidates seen here on fox news channel. some analysts think jeb bush had the strongest performance of the campaign on the stage thursday night in des moines and took fire for being part of the so-called establishment, a role he appeared to embrace. listen.
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>> look, i'm establishment because my dad, greatest man alive, was president of the united states, and my brother, a fantastic brother was president, fine, i'll take it. i'm the establishment because barbara bush is my mom. i'll take that too. but this election, this election is not about our pedigree. this is an election about people who are hurting, and we need a leader that will fix things with a record to prove it and take on hillary clinton, a record who has been tested and totally transparent. >> did the debate help jeb bush in ohio? he's in fifth place, and a lot of ground to make up, but could he still play spoiler and gain momentum headed for new hampshire? i'm joined now by the chief strategist for jeb bush's 2016 presidential campaign, former director of the republican party of iowa, and former mitt romney adviser. david, good to have you here.
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what are you expecting? what you expecting for jeb bush in iowa? >> well, i think it's going to be a great night in iowa for a lot of candidates. of course, we have the biggest field in a long time, and what we're looking to do here is have a strong result. we're looking to do very well, particularly among the governor's lane, people who got real experiences, and there's a lot of talk lately about the united states' senators in the race, but there's a lot of talking in the senate, and not a lot has got done. we think in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, and beyond people are ultimately going to look for a gov your with real experience, getting things done on behalf of the american people. >> it is often said there are three tickets out offize io iow you hoping and saying there will be more? >> i think it's different in iowa this year because of the size of the field. normally, what iowa does is win over the field somewhat, particularly with social conservatives who come out of iowa, obviously, and in 2008 and
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2012, governor huckabee and governor santorum were successful, and my guess is the race goes on into south carolina where you really see it get down to the final two or three contestants, and governor bush has a great record as governor in florida, but we have the resources to compete into march. we're on more ballots across the country than anywhere. that's a strength of the organization nationally, and all of the polling averages in new hampshire have us really moving up and surging over the last couple weeks, and i think new hampshire sorts out the race as well, and then on to south carolina with the support of the senior senator there, we have the best organization on the ground of any campaign. >> illegal immigration and what to do about it seems to be a big issue among iowa voters. get a comment in on that in a bit, but first i want to play the exchange between governor bush and marco rubio over that in the fox news debate thursday night.
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>> it's interesting that jeb mentioned the book. that is the book where you changed your position on immigration. he used to support a path to citizenship. >> so did you. >> you wrote a book where you changed position from a path to citizenship to a path to legalization. bottom line is we are not able to do anything on the issue until we bring illegal immigration under control. the american people were told for 30 years they'll enforce the rule and build a wall. it was never built. there's no progress on the issue in any way shape, or form until you prove to the people in the country that illegal immigration is under control. when i'm president, we are going to bring it under control once and for all after 30 years of talking about it. >> marco -- >> go ahead. >> you brought up my name. i support the an approach to solving the problem wherever it came up, and in 2007, it almost passed as my brother as president of the united states,
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and president obama had the poison pill to stop it then, and you led the charge with the gang of eight and i supported it because you asked me to. it's important of people in elected office to solve problems. there's never going to be a perfect bill. >> did governor bush win that exchange in your view? >> yeah, he did. it's not just in my view, but the view of the people in the room and most people after the debate thought that governor bush not only had his best performance, but the best performance of the night, absolutely. >> why? i mean, why now? it's awfully late in the campaign season to turn in your best performance of the debate season. >> it's not awfully late. not a single voter cast a vote yet in the race. there's only four contests in february, and most was delegates are chosen in march. we have the resources to compete into march when you see both delegates chosen, and we're looking forward to monday night in iowa where we'll do better than expected and go on into south carolina, new hampshire, nevada, and super tuesday on
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march 7, 8, and 15th where the campaign is in florida. >> jeb bush is in fifth place in the average of real clear politics polling there in iowa. do you think he's going to finish higher than that? >> you know, i'm not in the business of predicting the outcome of the iowa race. i know iowa well, and it's -- it'll be an interesting night. i think turnout will be good. we have to do well, like i said in the governor's lane, you see a lot of senators doing a lot of talking, and, ultimately, the american people settle on a governor with a real record with proven results, and president bush has the conservative record among the three governors in the race, and whether it's cutting taxes, whether it's civil service reform, or reduce the work force by 11% in florida, and unleash the economy there with rising incomes and job growth that nobody in the nation could match, so we think we got the best record among the governors, and i think when people get right down and serious to the voting in the race, they are going to turn away from the senators who do a
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lot of talking that's produced very little for the american people, and they are going to want to go with a governor who got things done. >> your candidate got a lot of positive press from the performance thursday night. david, chief strategist for the jeb bush campaign. thank you, david. we have quite a few different guests supporting campaigns throughout the next several hours so you'll get a host of diverse opinions on the show. in the meantime, on the democratic side, hillary clinton is maintaining a very narrow lead over bernie sanders, only two days before the iowa caucuses. according to the real clear politics average poll, she's up by two and a half points as her e-mail controversy took a twist over 24 hours. state department confirms they found 22 e-mails deemed too top secret to release in any form. our chief white house correspondent, ed henry, is following it from ames, iowa as well. hi, head. >> reporter: this is the last thing, obviously, that the clinton campaign mewants to dea with on the final sprint before
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the iowa caucuses here in the state -- the campus of iowa state. hillary clinton had a large crowd, notable because in recent days on the ground, we've seen her getting small crowds, a couple hundred people compared to democratic socialist, bernie sanders, firing up the base, tapping into the anger in the year of the outsider when hillary clinton is running a much more cautious, sort of campaign based on her experience as secretary of state, and a little while ago, she was here with her daughter, chelsea clinton, talking about how she wants to build on that experience to fight for the middle class. listen. >> what they are proposes would cause great harm, great damage to our economy and to our society. we have to prevent that from happening. it's not enough just to stop bad things from happening. we've got to continue to build on the progress that we make. that is what i am offering.
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that is what i will do. >> reporter: you can see her there, clinton trying to look ahead to the general election than she would be, in her estimation, obviously, a better general election candidate against the roster of republicans out there, but bernie sanders has been making a much different argument. remember clinton started out as the inevitable democratic nominee, but not now. in the beginning, sanders was not given a chance even by democrats, but just breaking today, fox learning that very shortly bernie sanders will be getting secret service protection, a sign of how he's risen in the pollsi ipolls, mor i.d., but getting larger crowds, and they want to up the security around him, and in his message, he's really talking about nothing short of a political revolution in trying to get similar turnout to what president obama had in iowa in 2008. listen.
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>> right now, election held today, it's a tossup. polls have us ahead, others have hillary clinton ahead. virtually tied. we will win the caucus on monday night if there is a large voter turnout. we will lose the caucus on monday night if there is a low voter turn out. >> reporter: now, is the clinton camp nervous about a large turnout for now? they have a poker face keying off what carl said about lady gaga reference. >> very nice. ed, thank you very much, who knew that was a theme today. how the e-mails could impact hillary clinton's chances in iowa monday is fair and balanced debate straight ahead. john? overseas, peace talks underway in geneva to end syria's civil war. two negotiation attempts in 2014 did not pan out. are there signs things could be different this time? it takes a lot of work... to run this business.
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tand that's what we're doings to chat xfinity.rself, we are challenging ourselves to improve every aspect of your experience. and this includes our commitment to being on time. every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. welcome back, developments from the state department announcing 20 e-mails from hillary clinton as secretary of state will not be released because they contain information by the intelligence community to
12:25 pm
damaging to make public. the question is now how this latest controversy could impact decisions made by iowa caucus goers on monday. the senior adviser at global strategy group, and former deputy assistant to president george w. bush. you come from different sides, but you agree on something here, which is if this is not so much a game changer, brad, because it just reenforces what people may have thought previously about the e-mail scandal. why is that? >> well, i think it's cumulative now. we know there's 1300 e-mails that already contain classified information. we know that hillary clinton told her staff to take off headings. this is just adding to what we know about her, and i think people already feel and we've seen in the polls they do not trust hillary clinton, a mar seniority, and, also, they don't like her, and you have to like and trust somebody before you get policy. i'm talking about democrats now. the caution here is for bernie
12:26 pm
sanders. he's now gloves off. he doesn't want to touch the e-mail scandal. he's letting republicans do his dirty work. nice guys finish last. >> steve, your opinion on the timing of this first. here it is, friday, saturday, right before voters vote in iowa on monday. what about the timing of it all? will it have an impact? >> i don't think so. it's not great timing for her, obviously, but voters in iowa know there's an e-mail controversy around her, and, you know, to brad's point, she's so unp unpopular she's ahead by eight points and endorsed over the weekend, and she's in strong position in iowa, it's not good timing, but she's used to dealing with it. it's important what the state department has said about the e-mails is they were not classified at the time they passed through her server. >> that's what they said originally. >> no, what they said yesterday. >> they came out and said they
12:27 pm
are investigating now, starting a probe -- >> that's great. >> whether or not they were classify the at the time they were sent. so they are kind of backing off that assertion, although, they made it all along to your point. i have to ask about bernie sanders. this is not about the e-mails. yesterday, they announced they will be doing a probe in investigating whether or not that is the case. it seems that some people are getting nervous about what's been said previously based on the latest information out. >> they said she is nots a target. >> okay. that's -- that's what they said. we'll see. bernie sanders in his strategy will be a big topic because as brad said nice guys finish last. we'll see. saners was asked if he had regrets not attacking hillary clinton on the e-mail controversy earlier this week. here's the exchange. >> absolutely no regrets at all. in fact, i would argue the reason we are doing well is that people understand we are trying to run a different kind of
12:28 pm
campaign. not one of personal attacks. one of dealing with the real issues facing the american people. i'm not going to be engaged in personal attacks against secretary clinton or anyone else. >> brad, wrong move? >> it is. it's not a personal attack, but it's the core of her competenac. she decided to withhold information for her convenience. there's a corruption charge now about pay to play with the clinton foundation that went all the way through the state department as to what speeches would be approved, what acts within the -- not acts, but what contacts would be made with people from the state department to help the clinton foundation, which they made a fabulous -- this attack on the e-mails is not a personal attack at all. the fbi does not investigate personal attacks. they investigate crime. >> what do you think about this, steve, bernie sanders and his strategy so far and over the
12:29 pm
next several hours? >> the right one. as he said, it's a competitive race in iowa and new hampshire, although few other places by being a more positive candidate, but, look, i understand why the republicans are attacking hillary clinton and they attack her constantly and will continue to do so because they are desperate not to run against her and have the extremely flawed front runners essentially against everything have her be the candidate against them. it's not democrats saying that, but bleeding republicans saying that over and over again. >> brad, is it enough republicans attacked hillary on this? someone is doing it so bernie sanders does not have to do it. >> again, the clintons fall back on the right wing conspiracy, the fbi is not part of the right wing conspiracy, and last i checked, he was approved by the senate and put up by the democratic president. this is nonsense. again, it's a diversion. look, if hillary clinton is the nominee, so be it. she's not going to be able to serve from jail. that's where i think she's
12:30 pm
headed. >> a quick final question for steve because we started with you, brad. steve, when do you think this, as it continues, because the state department has a few thousand e-mails it still has not released. when do you feel like it crosses the rubicon, if you will, to being a real issue for the campaign as we continue, not just through iowa and new hampshire, but the other states. >> it's already an issue. it's been an issue for months for her because of the attacks. the attacks will continue. the argument that somehow the republican argument is she somehow committed a crime because they were classified later is like something out of "minority report", and it's baked in. the republican candidates right now are -- it's not a right wing conspiracy. it's a political attack. >> it's also an investigation. >> they continue to have to do that because they can't actually hold their candidate's platforms up against her. >> one of the reasons why we're talking about it is not because republican candidates are talking about it, but because there's an ongoing investigation
12:31 pm
into it, and, apparently, it is ongoing at this time. steve, brad, great to have you both, thank you so much. >> thank you. well, the winter storm is expected to hit the rockies and parts of the midwest. the hawkeye state right in the path. will the bad weather hit iowa before the all-important caucuses? candidates are now in the final stretch hoping for their ticket out and on to new hampshire. what can we expect come monday night, especially from lower polling candidates? the chair of iowa's republican party joins us. those that have the strongest on the ground games -- >> getting people from the homes to the caucuses. >> absolutely. it's not just everyone at the top. on her feet. and give her the strength and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! yay! the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in! what's that, broheim? i switched to geico and got more.
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whfight back fastts tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue and neutralizes stomach acid at the source tum, tum, tum, tum smoothies! only from tums fox news is america's election headquarters with two days to go before the first presidential contest. the candidates are making a final push in iowa, and monday night, people from both parties gather to determine their choice
12:36 pm
for a nominee. with more on what to expect to see on monday from the caucuses, let's bring in the chairman of the republican party of iowa, and, jeff, you gave a great description of what caucuses are really liking and the difference between the caucuses and a primary. tell that to the viewers. >> absolutely. a primary is a vote, just like any vote you'd see in a general election or any kind of election, city council, whatever. a caucus is a little bit different. it's a conversation, a presentation of ideas, sometimes a little back and forth followed by a vote. that's why caucuses take a bit longer. >> and so what are you seeing from folks within your state about how they are feeling about monday night? >> i'll tell ya, i don't think i have ever felt this much emotion and enthusiasm and passion on the ground. i attended, oh, lord, at least ten events yesterday, and every single one of them, almost regardless of size, there was this enthusiasm, anticipation.
12:37 pm
that's one thing. the second thing i'm feeling is people are still making up their minds. i just talked to a republican activist on the way in to do the show today, and this person is always opinionated and knows what he's doing, and he said, i don't know who to vote for, and when will you make up your mind? when i get in there. that's the beauty of the caucuses. you can enter into a caucus, hear about the candidates, and make your mind up then. i really think there's going to be a lot of indecision leading up to the caucuses, and i think there's going to be a record amount of changing of the minds and having some of the speeches actually make an impact. >> that's coming from you, that means something. we say that iowa, and i say "we," national media in general, say there's a surprise that comes out of iowa. where are you looking for the surprise? looking for the surprise early? what campaign are you looking at? who are you looking at to be the surprise? >> well, i think there's still -- i mean, obviously,
12:38 pm
first place is still up for grabs. there's no doubt about that. third place is up for grabs, and there's indications today that rubio is making a pretty strong move. the thing about iowa is there's almost always three tickets out of here. in other words, a way that you can leave the caucuses with momentum and declare somewhat a victory. if you're tenth in the polls now and jump to fifth, you've just got yourself a ticket out of iowa. we got great ground games out here by a lot of the campaigns. we had unorthodox ways of campaigning. is that going to work? are people able to deliver to bring their people into caucus? i can't remember a caucus season with this many unanswered questions and this much drama. it's exciting. >> we heard from carl cameron that ted cruz campaign was getting more aggressive, more negative, a change in tone for the campaigns and how they spoke
12:39 pm
to iowa earlier. i wonder, jeff, your opinion on that, how that's playing with voters? is that resinating with them or turning them off? >> you know, it's unique for this particular caucus cycle, but very predictable looking at the way the campaigns go in the past. i think iowans realize -- it's a full contact sport out here. we recognize that. there's elbows thrown. i'd like to tell you, jenna, that negative campaigning and maybe some tough contrast pieces don't work, but, frankly, they do. at this point, i think every kind of campaign makes a difference. the short answer to the question is, yes, i think some of the commercials are resinating. >> i have to run, but are you concerned about the weather at all? >> i am. right now it looks like it's going to miss caucuses, so i'm actually more concerned that some of the fox folks out here will not get out tuesday, but we'll care for them on friday. >> i like it. what's one more day?
12:40 pm
extend it at this point. jeff, great to have you on. >> absolutely. >> we appreciate the insight and we'll see what happens over the next few days. looking forward to having you on again, thank you. >> thank you. >> carl cameron will walk to new hampshire if he has to. a major winter storm is bringing those blizzard-like conditions to the rockies, the plains, and upper midwest early next week. heavy snow expected in iowa as well. will it fall before the people of iowa get the caucus on monday? our fox meteorologist in the weather center has the answer for us, we hope. j.d.? >> carl should have packed extra change of clothes because they will be stranded according to this forecast. he's iowa. this is our big winter storm, okay, bringing rain and mountain snow to the west. that's going to develop into our big blizzard across the central u.s. and the upper midwest. your guess was correct. we think that caucusing on monday is going to be clear and dry, but overnight monday into
12:41 pm
tuesday, that's when we are going to see heavy snow, blizzard conditions, and upwards of a foot to even maybe two feet of snow, so in a lot of cases, we're going to be dealing with the potential for cancelled travel plans. monday night into tuesday, but as i mentioned, right now, the forecast looks really good for caucus goers on monday. it's going to be monday overnight into tuesday when campaign carl cameron will have to have an extra set of long underaway. there's a quick look at the des moines climate. around this time of year is freezing, and record snowfall is 6 inches, and this one misses it by that much. >> thank you for updating us, thank you. >> of course. >> iowa has the highest voter registration in the country, and will charge turn out in the hawkeye state signal more voters in new hampshire and beyond?
12:42 pm
>> the variations in some of the polling right now is trying to figure out who is turning out. 122,000 people turned out the republican caucuses last time. most people agree more people turn out this time. your core. trubiotics a probiotic from one a day naturally helps support both your digestive and immune health by combining... ... two types of good bacteria. trubiotics. be true to your health.
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fox news alert and breaking news from denver to tell you about. we are getting reports from police in the area saying they are responding to reports of multiple shootings and perhaps a stabbing as well. the colorado motorcycle expo is being held this weekend there at the coliseum, and these reports are coming in 45 minutes ago, but they continue to come in, and we wanted just to mention this to you as we are trying to figure out what exactly is transpiring around the coliseum. shooting, stabbing, and police response. john? >> so the viewers are clear, this is mile high, that is not the denver coliseum. this is the football stadium where the broncos play. the coliseum is further to the
12:47 pm
north along i-70. >> perhaps this is the only live shot we have, but it's nice to have a colorado native when you need it, john, so thank you very much for that. more on the breaking news as we get it. well, presidential hopefuls from both parties flooding the hawkeye state to make a final push to try to win support ahead of monday's highly anticipated caucuses, so as the first of dozen of contests nationwide, what does a win in iowa really mean for candidates in both parties? let's handicap the iowa race and beyond with jamie weinstein editor of "the daily caller," and what's the question in your mind for each party right now looking at iowa, jamie? >> well, the question is, what are caucus goers going to have at the top of the mind going into the caucuses monday night? i was just in ames, iowa for a ted cruz rally, and i talked to
12:48 pm
voters there, and they are undecided. going into the caucus on republican side, and you want a message of electability, that may benefit marco rubio, if orthodoxy is on your mind, that's cruz, and if you have a screw you attitude, that's donald trump. it could shape who comes out, one, two, three, and four on the republican side. >> there are two candidates in the race who have won iowa the last two go arounds, mike huckabee and rick santorum. they appeal to the evangelical vote, but this time, there's others with evangelical appeal, ted cruz, obviously, dr. ben carson, and donald trump is doing well among evangelicals, so where does the evangelical vote split? that's about half the vote in a
12:49 pm
republican kaucaucus in iowa, right? >> you saw rubio weave a religious message into the answers, even when the question had nothing to do to it to appeal to that evangelical vote. who knows who they split towards. if marco rubio is seen as having momentum as conventional wisdom is now, perhaps the votes go his way, and that helps propel him the second or who knows into first place if the caucuses, so this is really clueless. all the candidates you mentioned are vying for the evangelical vote, and right now, trump and cruz have the advantage, but things could change in the next couple days. >> we were talking with the bush campaign, you know, saying his guy had the best performance yet in the debate on thursday night, and he expects to do well in iowa. if jeb bush comes roaring back, would that surprise you? >> it would surprise me. i mean, it might have been the best performance for jeb bush yet in a debate, but that's somewhat a low bar, unfortunately, for jeb bush.
12:50 pm
he's not been good in the debates. there's really no momentum on the ground for jeb bush talking to people. if he actually came in and surprised everyone, that would provide him a lot of momentum i think because no one's looking for it. if he comes out and does it, well, you know, that would be a story certainly going into new hampshire. >> talking about momentum, lisa bernhard -- bernie sanders has an awful lot of it on the iowa side. are iowa voters feeling the burn? we'll talk about the democratic side on the other side of this commercial break.
12:51 pm
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12:54 pm
back to politics in a moment. but the u.n. opening talks aimed at ending the civil war in syria. negotiations taking place in geneva to stop the five yooir bloodba -year bloodbath that's forced millions to leave their home land. things got off to a rocky start when syria's main opposition said it would boycott saying it wanted humanitarian demands met first. the largest kurdish group claimed it had been left out of negotiations. president assad had a sitdown with the u.n. envoy. we'll see if that produces better results.
12:55 pm
john? back to politics on america's election headquarters and what's going to happen in iowa on monday. let's bring back jamie weinstein, senior editor for "the daily collar." we played some sound of bernie sanders earlier in the hour. he was basically begging people to go out and caucus because he says the higher the turnout on the democratic side the better for him. do you agree? >> i do agree. you have to think that bernie sanders, if the turnout is high, those people are people that don't usually caucus, who are doesn't draughan to his message, are coming out to support him. if you see a big turnout, the conventional wisdom, and that would benefit bernie sanders on the democratic side. and on the republican side it would be someone like donald trump. but turnout i think would help bernie sanders. >> hillary clinton famously placed third in iowa in 2008. if she places second this time around, does that badly damage her campaign or can she overcome it say in south carolina? >> well, it wouldn't be good for
12:56 pm
her campaign, especially going into new hampshire, where sand sand has a pretty large advantage right now. if he won the first two states, the idea has always been there's a fire wall after iowa and new hampshire, but if bernie wins two states in a row it might make supporters in other states reconsider bernie sanders, take a second look if this guy might be someone they could support. she doesn't want to lose two states in a row. that wouldn't be deadly but certainly bad. >> jamie weinstein from "the daily collar." thank you. keep it locked on america's election headquarters for more on the iowa caucuses and who's tuning into the debates. apparently more americans watched the republican debate than democrats watched republicans. does that tell you something about the turnout? ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life"
12:57 pm
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welcome back to america's election headquarters. the clock is ticking in iowa. candidates are pulling out all the stops in the final two days before the caucuses get under way. florida senator marco rubio will be airing 30-minute tv programs this weekend in every market in the hawkeye state. rubio has seen an uptick in the poll there and his campaign season opening to the top, but iowa is known for being unpredictable, and anything could happen on monday night. it is a new hour here inside america's election headquarters. i'm john scott. >> hi, everybody.
1:01 pm
i'm jenna lee. here's where the republican candidates stand. the poll is an average of all national polls, which is one of the reasons we like showing it to you. donald trump maintains the lead with more than 31%. ted cruz is six 25%. marco rubio is the only other candidate in double digits with about 14.5%. our chief political correspondent carl cameron kicks off our coverage from iowa with more. >> reporter: marco rubio is going to hold an event in ames, iowa, in a little bit. he is one of three candidates to be campaigning here today. hillary clinton as well as ted cruz. and donald trump has just wrapped up his first event of the day and he'll have three -- excuse me, his second of the day. he's in dubuque, iowa, and flaming ted cruz yet again. for more than a month now mr. cruz's citizenship, having been born in calgary, canada, has been questioned by the billionaire front-runner, and with less than two days of
1:02 pm
actual campaigning in iowa ahead of him, he did it again today. watch. >> ted cruz, who was not born on u.s. soil is the problem. it's a problem. he's going to have to -- by the way, has to solve that problem. that is an incredible -- the democrats are going to sue. i mean, he was born in canada. he was a canadian citizen until 15 months ago. how the hell can he run for president? >> pretty tough stuff. in addition, ted cruz was campaigning in ames, iowa, today, and he's got a sort of a two-part message here. one, he is criticizing his rivals and saying it's time for a real conservative, and you can't have any more moderates on the republican ticket. he's going after the democrats, barack obama and hillary clinton, but mostly he''s trying to motivate people to get to the polls. cruz had a lead in iowa, donald trump pummeled him on citizenship and his numbers have dipped to second place. cruz recognizes the way you win
1:03 pm
is by bringing people into the caucuses on monday night and often scaring them doesn't do that. you have to appeal to them, in some cases beg. listen. >> if everyone in this room brings nine additional people to caucus on monday night, we will win the iowa caucuses. we will win the nomination. and we will go on to win in november 2016 and beat hillary clinton and turn this country around. >> reporter: it is rally time in iowa. the caucuses bearing down quickly and not a lot of time for these candidates to shake as many hands as possible. you mentioned marco rubio in his 30-minute ads he'll be running in the various different iowa tv mafshgts. it's worth noting that his campaign in the last two weeks has been very intense in iowa. but over the last year and a half he hasn't been here as much as a lot of the other candidates, certainly more than some but not the kind of
1:04 pm
comprehensive hand-to-hand campaigning that in the past has been necessary to win iowa. so in the last two weeks and with this tv air blitz he'll be taking on tomorrow he's trying to make up for a lot of lost time. given the enthusiasm of the crowds as they grow in psi at each event, he may be making some headway. jenna? >> interesting observation, carl. carl cameron in iowa. for throughout the day on fox. one republican candidate is skipping the action in iowa all together. john kasich focusing his efforts on the second state on the primary calendar, of course being new hampshire. kasich has held more than 75 town hall meetings there and has eight more scheduled through monday but won't be alone in the granite state on caucus night in iowa. jeb bush and chris christie are focusing heavenly on new hampshire. they plan to spend monday evening there after a final pitch to iowans before the caucus doors open. meanwhile, the leading democrats are crossing iowa today with bernie sanders and hillary clinton holding dueling
1:05 pm
rallies at this hour. with the clinton campaign in damage control over the latest e-mail revelations, the first in the nation caucuses are likely to go down to to the wire. ed henry has this report. >> reporter: john, it's certainly getting more intense on the democratic side. bernie sanders, the democratic socialist senator in recent days has pulled this into a dead heat on the ground in the hawkeye state and has a double-digit lead in the next contest, new hampshire. for now, hillary clinton is dealing with a much more complicated task because of the fact that the state department, not her republican critics, has now confirmed that 22 e-mails on her server had top-secret information reviving that controversy that's dogged her throughout this campaign. her campaign insists that intelligence officials have told them it was mostly innocuous information in these e-mails. nonetheless, this is the last thing the clinton campaign wants to be dealing with in the final hours before iowa voters go to
1:06 pm
those caucuses on monday night. at an event with her daughter chelsea, hillary clinton laid it on the line that if she is defeated, republicans have a better shot at winning the general election and pulling the nation back from progress made under president obama. listen. >> and that's why i'm so passionate about the stakes in this election. they could not be higher, my friends. you know, you look at what the republicans are saying as they go from place to place in iowa, and they want to turn the clock back on nearly everything we've achieved. and they're absolutely up embarrassed to tell you that. >> reporter: this was a pretty large event for hillary clinton. just over 1,000 people here on the campus of iowa state. why that's significant is that in recent days bernie sanders has been getting much larger crowds. you can see from these pictures, as he talks about a political revolution. he is really firing up his
1:07 pm
hardcore supporters. listen. >> right now if the election were held today, i'd say it's a toss-up. some polls have us a little bit ahead, some polls have secretary clinton a lit ail head. virtually tied. we will win the caucus on monday night if there is a large voter turnout. we will lose the caucus on monday night if there is a low voter turnout. >> reporter: two other quick notes. "the new york times" has come out with their endorsement. they've picked hillary clinton over bernie sanders. but worth noting they did the same back in 2008, picking chinton over then senator barack obama, citing both times her experience. the sanders camp is trying to tap into that anger as an outsider that is sort of dominating this election cycle. the other note, fox news broke the story earlier today that two sources familiar with the arrangement say sanders in the next few days will be getting secret service protection. another sign of how he has risen in the polls and is now someone who will be getting the same
1:08 pm
protection that hillary clinton has. john? >> ed henry reporting from iowa. thank you. hillary clinton getting a much-needed boost today picking up a key endorsement from "the new york times" editorial board. but it also comes as a recent bloomberg/"des moines register" poll shows 43% of iowa democrats describe themselves as socialists. yet another potential problem as mrs. clinton tries to pull off a victory against bernie sanders. let's bring in the mayor of miami beach, florida, and clinton campaign surrogate. most people like to stay in florida in january instead of coming to new york city. nice to have you here. >> thank you very much. >> what do you make of that read about 43% of democrats in iowa consider themselves to be socialists? is that an issue for mrs. clinton? >> i think we have to focus on the national poll, but of course secretary clinton is way ahead in the national pgs national po. iowa and new hampshire are important, and secretary clinton is fighting for the people of iowa. >> some are watching her tone to
1:09 pm
see if she'll lean a little more towards bernie sanders to try to gather some of those that may be more sympathetic to socialist philosophies. you know, the dnc chair was famously asked about what the difference between a socialist and a democrat today. how would you describe it? >> most important, secretary clinton's resume, her experience is unbelievable. she's fit for the job and shows up for interview. the other night in iowa, we were all watching. of course it was a house twied with the republicans. secretary clinton has the resume, the experience for this job. senator sanders has brought a lot of great flavor to this campaign, made it competitive. i'm an entrepreneur. i like competition. but i think that, you know, senator sanders' resume is not really right for this particular job. >> why is that. >> it would be right if he was running for president of france. >> what is the difference between a socialist and democrat? >> what you would say is france is a socialist country. the united states is a democratic capitalist country where there's opportunity for
1:10 pm
everybody. what secretary clinton is about is making sure everybody gets opportunity, that people can go to college -- >> isn't bernie sanders doing that too? what's the major between the two of them? >> that secretary clinton wants to build on what barack obama has created over the last eight years. more opportunity, more opportunity for people, and more of a safety net. i think what senator sander wants to do is tear it down and start from nothing. listen, the republicans would love to have senator sanders as a candidate because of course we'll have a president trump or whatever else. >> do you really believe -- you're a democrat and saying if it is sanders representing your party you believe you would lose to republicans? >> no question, but it's not going to happen. secretary clinton is way ahead in the polls. she is going to be the democratic nominee. >> we'll see what happens in io iowa. ed mentioned the secret service support. i want to ask you about the latest e-mail, chapter in the e-mail controversy. that still happenings over mrs. clinton. i had an interesting question asked of us today, which is why don't democrats care more about
1:11 pm
this? why does this seem to be a partisan issue when it is an investigation that's being done by the fbi? they department say directly of her but an investigation that includes her. why is this more of an issue? >> i don't know what the fbi is investigating. i don't know if you do or if p the republican party has direct access but i don't think so. think about what it's about. one, those e-mails went sent years ago, they were not classified. all of a sudden three days ago they became highly classified because a republican-controlled committee in the congress decided they would. >> the state department came out in the last 24 hours and said yes, we did say they were classified but now we're issuing a probe and investigation to see if might be maybe they were. >> three days before iowa. >> do you think the state department is leaning republican? >> a few e-mails went out to the highest ranking republicans, democrats, and military. no perp said hey, they're come from your personal server. remember q in james bond? >> take megaway back.
1:12 pm
>> q was in charge of communications. bring in q from the state department. >> you're not concerned at all. >> america trusts secretary clinton. >> tay don't, that's the thing. >> they do. they know she can get the job done. >> "the washington post" said of democrats in the mid-30s, 36%, going off of memory, that she's honest or trustworthy. 36% say she's honest or trustworthy. that means the majority of democrats don't believe she is. >> they trust that secretary clinton can get the job done because she has a history of doing that. in today's day and age, the republican debate, it was like a jellyfish fight. did you notice all the -- >> good miami beach reference. jellyfish. >> people couldn't understand what they were saying. the main candidate left the stage and has his own debate. >> you feel confident about mrs. clinton's results in iowa and moving forward? >> no question. i think she'll win iowa and probably new hampshire.
1:13 pm
the fact she's doing so well in new hampshire when you have a senator from the state next door is very encouraging. nationally, secretary clinton is going to be the next president of the united states. >> nice to have you on our program as we continue to look at all the candidates. look forward to having you back. >> look forward to it. thank you. >> john? >> we'll see the next interview in miami beach. >> you got it. >> next from duck dynasty star phil robertson about his time on the campaign trail, who he's supporting and why. also new polls show democrats are more interested in the gop debate than vice versa. what does that say about the democrats' interest in their own party's contest? a fair and balanced debate ahead. >> you flew in with your 767, didn't you? >> i'm not talking about now. i'm talking about the future. >> when you head back to the airport, check what's there. check it out. it takes a lot of work... to run this business. but i really love it.
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i want to collect more records from terrorists but less records from innocent americans. >> that's a completely ridiculous answer. i want to collect more records from terrorists but less records from other people. how are you supposed to know?
1:18 pm
>> use the fourth amendment. get a warrant! >> that was one of the most heated moments of the republican presidential debate thus far, and that kind of sharp exchange might be what's driving more democrats to tune in. a new poll from pew research breaks down viewership of the debates. check out these numbers. 70% of democrats tuned in to watch the republicans duke it out on stage. but on the opposite side, just 49% of republicans tune in for the democratic debates. what does that say about democratic enthusiasm, and could it translate come november? let's talk about it with tammy bruce, radio talk show host and a fox news contributor. alan colmes you know, he is host of "the alan colmes show" on fox news radio. all right, tammy. what do you think? does it suggest that the republican debates overall are more interesting or why the bigger viewership from democrats? >> i think it's definitely more interesting but i also think we know from december that the
1:19 pm
enthusiasm gap is huge. you've got a 36% enthusiasm rate mopgs the republicans to 19% to democrats. this of course will speak to turnout. but i also think that there's a realization on the democratic side that hillary is not going to win, that she might not even be the nominee, that bernie sanders, they're not going to let him be the nominee. they don't know who the nominee is going to be. that's probably depressing, but it does speak to the framework of what people think is going to happen. liberals and democrats want the future to be together and i think they realize the republican nominee will be the president. >> professor colmes. >> this has been decided already. fantastic. >> professor colmes, you say it's a matter of mathematics. >> there are more republican debates, more opportunity to watch. a carnival is much more entertaining than a policy discussion. there's a lot of conflict in the republican debates and you have two democratic candidate who is generally like each other. there are fewer of them.
1:20 pm
there's much more to watch in the republican debates, all kinds of reasons why democrats may have spent more time watching republican debates than converse. also it might be said it's a lot more interesting to watch a republican debate say on a thursday night than it is to find a democratic debate on a saturday night. >> or on sunday, a big night to watch television. we talked about that on our regular monday get-together. the pew data you're citing doesn't go into why more democrats are watching republicans and the other way around. all these possible reasons why. >> the last fox news poll showed after the debates the numbers for every single three of the democratic candidates goes down to undecided. that was one of the little gems inside the last fox news poll. sanders, clinton, and o'malley lose points to the next, you know, democratic nominee, mr. undecided, and that tells you again about enthusiasm. they're watching their debates and hating their candidates. and the democrats just announced four more debates.
1:21 pm
that means they're going to be in the negative by the time this is over. >> tell all the people going to the bernie sanders rallies how much they hate their candidates. you have thousands of people showing up. there's excitement about a movement. >> or it could be just like you said a circus and mr. -- >> the circus is on the republican side. >> but, again, 94% of all republicans out there, according to the polls, have watched their own party's debate. doesn't that suggest they're hugely engaged? >> another reason could be republicans are less open to seeing the other side. how about that? >> we see the other side every minute of every single day through the rest of the media. it is unavoidable to know what's going on with hillary, the support of hillary, mr. sanders out there -- poor omar wilkins. he also went down after the last debate. he's got like 1% at this point. but we've seen this for years. a jep ration we know about. >> republicans actually tune in
1:22 pm
and watch the democrats who are seeking the nomination for president, one of whom will be sitting in the oval office this coming january. >> e predict i predict the democrats know they won't win and this is why there's so much support for bernie sanders. it's like, why not? let's have a party. >> that's the reasoning because democrats have decided they're not going to win. >> i think they know and also why they're watching the republican debates. >> okay. okay. >> always fun. alan colmes, tammy bruce. jenna? >> as you mentioned we have a whole bunch of different people, surrogate supporter, campaigners, a variety of different candidates running. joining us over the next several hours. and a surprise guest inside america's election headquarters. phil robertson, patriarch of "duck dynasty" joins me now on the phone and for a specific reason. you left louisiana, the comforts of louisiana, to go to iowa in the winter? why are you there? >> well, this's only one thing that could have gotten me out of the duck blind.
1:23 pm
it's the fact that we've been down in the deep south looking for a man that's comparable to either george washington, john adams, thomas jefferson, james madison, james monroe, or john quincy adams. we've searched to and fro and the guy that is the closest we can find is one ted cruz out of texas over there. >> no kidding. >> so i'm coming up here to iowa to spend a few time with the man. >> that's a nice roster of people that you listed, phil. why do you have such firm belief in ted cruz and why are you supporting him to be the next president? >> it's because i researched the list of names i just gave you and after researching them, several things became crystal clear. and number one is they were a
1:24 pm
all -- all one has to do, i don't care if he's a left winger or rewriting history or not. all one has to do is research what the founding fathers were saying and you come away -- take on noah webster, who was not a president, but he was the father of public education for crying out loud, and he does the webster dictionary thing, you know. noah webster said things like this -- education is useless without the bible. well, all of those guys don't like that. george washington, a quote this morning, i may give that when i'm up here on the little cruz campaign. you have to remember something, i've never done politics. i do spiritual warfare. however, since we're in such a spiritual crisis and the people we're seeing running washington is a result of the spiritual crisis, because the electorate
1:25 pm
are putting people in charge in our country and they are doing a pitiful job of running it. so therefore we're at our road's end, we tied a knot in it, we're hanging on. >> definitely picking up what you're saying for sure. was there a moment you had when you were talking to ted cruz or was this an issue that came up when the light bulb went off for you and you said, okay, this is the guy i'm going to get behind? >> here's the litmus test. e've run up on a lot of guys and gals in my 70 years on my earth. i've never run up on a true conservative who was not a godly man or at least a god-conscious man. and by the same token, i've never run up on a godly man who wasn't a true conservative. now, what i have run up on is a fair sized throng of individuals who claim to be both, godly and conservative, but they lie.
1:26 pm
are you with me here? >> definitely. >> so around cruz, i researched his history. i said that guy is a solid -- you have to remember james madison, the one who wrote -- teaching, he said, listen, this constitution, the strength of it is not this document. the strength of the constitution -- now, this is a guy who wrote it, for crying out loud. he said the strength of it is that it's the laws of god that it's based on. and he also said it was written for a religious and holy people and the constitution is holy for any other. well, we've had these "any others" in there quite a string of them in the last eight years. you see a guy like barack obama, i hate no man and i don't dislike anyone that i know of, but i'm just looking at the facts. he didn't swear that oath to
1:27 pm
protect and defend the constitution. he studied the constitution before he was elected president to circumvent it. that's why he studied it. he didn't study it to protect and uphold it because all you have to do is look at these presidential edicts he's done and you come away with saying this guy does not believe that document, does not take it as seriously as -- >> it says something, phil -- it's one thing to support somebody, another thing to get off your couch and get on a plane to another state to hit the road for them and hit the campaign trail. so it's great to have you join us and to hear the passion behind one of the reasons or a few of the reasons why you're supporting ted cruz. before i let you go, a an unserious question for you. do you have a cruz zip-up on or is it all camouflage even though you're in iowa? are you keeping the camouflage with you? >> remember, honey in my line of work, you better travel as incognito as you can because you may have to be hidden at some
1:28 pm
point. >> i love that. i'm just guessing i think you got your cammo on. phil, a pleasure. thanks for the time. loved hearing from you today. thank you. >> thanks. see ya. now a "fox news alert." the "denver post" is reporting now at least one has been killed in a string of shootings at the denver coliseum. that's an entertainment venue on the north side of denver. nine other people have been take on the hospital according to the post. on twitter, misare saying that the incidents happen shortly after 1:00 p.m. mountain time. the colorado motorcycle expo is being held there this weekend on the national western stock show complex grounds. one unnamed witness telling the paper this was a feud involving rival biker gangs. one person reportedly dead in a shooting at the denver coliseum. we veal more as we get it. come monday in iowa, the first contest in the
1:29 pm
presidential election will officially be under way. but the process in the hawkeye state is a bit different from most of the country. when we come back, our next guest explains just how the famed iowa caucuses really work. you're here to buy a car.
1:30 pm
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of a heart attack or stroke. decrease alcohol use while taking chantix. use caution when driving or operating machinery. most common side effect is nausea. being a non-smoker feels great. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. well, people in iowa are getting ready to head not to the poll bus to their caucus sites. in two days they will gather in common spaces like schools and churches to discuss which candidate their community should back instead of individually casting ballots. a dozen states actually use this form of election process, but iowa is first. so what should we expect come monday? max shelly is chair of the political science department at iowa state university. good of you to join us. >> good afternoon from des moines. >> complicated process. not every state obviously has caucuses, and the way this works, different on both the
1:34 pm
republican side and on the democratic side. one of the key issues to look at is turnout. correct? what are you expecting as far as turnout on monday? >> well, it's kind of hard to predict exactly how money will come out for either party. the democrats' record is about $240,000 in 2008. the republican high-water mark was $121,000 and change in 2012. i heard it will chair of the republican party a few days ago guesstimating about $150,000. i've seen other estimates about $170,000. i wouldn't be too surprised if the republicans get to that level. the democrats i don't think will be likely to go over about $240,000. >> this is not like election day when polls open at 7:00 a.m. and stay open in most states for 12 hours or more. a lot of this has to do with timing. right? >> well, it sure does, yeah. timing of which campaign is peaking at the right moment or maybe getting in trouble because
1:35 pm
of late-breaking developments. the other part of timing that really matters is when voters decide. right now the poll we did from iowa state university and media partners was showing over a third of iowans haven't made up their mind even yet. >> some of the campaigns boast about having huge numbers of workers to get out their voters. but there are independents or, you know, nonaffiliated voters who can also go to the caucuses. right? >> that's correct. and actually the folk who is don't officially register with a political party are really the biggest block in the state. there are about 800,000 of those. about 630,000 democrats registered. you can be a registered republican by the way and go to democratic caucus and vice versa. the ones who aren't registered with either party, they have to pick one for the evening and anybody who makes one of those switches can change back the next day. >> let's talk about the
1:36 pm
democratic side because i know that bernie sanders, key to his hopes is bringing out a large percentage of younger voter who is seem to be favoring his campaign. but the calendar this year doesn't necessarily favor him because a lot of those student have already gone back to school. correct? and if they are all kons trapted in a handful of spot where is the big universities are, doesn't there effect get diluted? >> could be. in 2008 and 2012 we had the caucuses january 3rd so, pretty much right after new year's eve. when those students would have been at home and able to caucus with their parents if they wanted to. whether it's going to increase turnout because you can mobilize more students and kind of march them or drive them off to the caucus sites in big groups now, whether that's going to make a difference we'll have to wait and see. one other problem of course is
1:37 pm
that students sometimes have classes monday night or other commitments. they also have other people who aren't students who are working and others who are making taking care of older adults or young children. so there is a bit of disenfranchisement that could go along with the process. >> of course donald trump has said he has generated all kinds of excitement, all kind of new people are going to roll out and caucus for him. is there evidence of that? >> well, there is, yes. and i think you see that in the projected higher turnout rates. it's pretty likely that the new voters that will be brought in is what political scientists call expanding the electorate are pretty likely to vote for a they're not plugged into a party structure or favorite establishment candidate. i think trump is likely to benefit the most from a particularly high turnout on the republican side and sanders would probably benefit from a higher turnout from democrats. >> it is going to be fascinating to watch. we appreciate your time helping us break it down.
1:38 pm
thanks very much. >> okay. thank you. a number of supporters for bernie sanders are young voters. can sanders get them to go out to caucuses monday is the question. ed rollins joins us on sanders, trump, and everybody else. google is using new data to provide clues about the state of the race heading into monday's caucuses. >> i'm catholic. i'm a pro lifer generally. however, i've been a little disenchanted on neither party getting done on that issue. choice for him is aleve. he's agreed to give it up. ok, but i have 30 acres to cover by sundown. we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. yeah, i was ok, but after lunch my knee started hurting again so... more pills. yep... another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? for my pain... i want my aleve. get all day minor arthritis pain relief
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analysts say the demographic of the hawkeye state is offering a unique opportunity to test bernie sanders' staying power. a large portion of his supporters come from the so-called university towns, which are concentrated in just 3 of the 99 counties in the state. the presidential hopeful is trying to get young people to go home and caucus in their own
1:43 pm
districts to spread the love a little bit. sanders today also receiving secret service protection, giving him official presidential clout. joining us now, ed rollins, a former principal white house adviser to president reagan, longtime strategist of business political leaders of course. you don't need an introduction. we know who you are. what do you think about iowa, the turnout, and watching iowa as a bit of a bellwether for bernie sanders? >> it is a bellwether. it's a unique state. they take their policy very seriously. the last 30, 40 years they've been the starting point. people there care deeply and passionately. bernie sanders obviously is a guy who if we sat here a year ago wouldn't need to mention him. today he's giving the former first lady a run for her money and he is there. i think he'll win new hampshire easily because it's a neighboring state, but here he's really getting young people enthused. obviously, young people go to the universities there and obviously may all may not want to go across the state to vote
1:44 pm
but it will be a very close iowa. if he can win in iowa and kwo on to win in new hampshire he basically has put a torpedo in the side of mrs. clinton. may not be there eventually but it will hurt her. >> what are you watching specifically? >> the intensity, where they're turning out. the structures, both are pretty well organized. obviously the clintons have been through this process before and lost it last time so they're trying to make um for the mistakes. she should win it and win it going away, but he's got the momentum and that's important. >> this was so interesting, you mentioned when people vote the emotional attachment to a candidate but also the intellectual attachment. what wins out at the end? >> emotion, because in this particular case you have to go out of your house at 7:00 at night, actually before that, you have to be in a building by 7:00 at night, democrats have to spend two or three hours there on monday night, a cold night, with snow may be coming. you have to be committed to stay there. >> who do you think that connection? >> i think sanders has that connection. he may not win it because of her organization, structure across the state, but right today the
1:45 pm
people that have the real emotional attachment are trump and her. >> i thought it was interesting looking at a "new york times" piece today, sand sand and trump voters share anger but directed differently. comparisons out of iowa say the folks turning out for donald trump and those turning out for bernie sanders are more similar than they are different. what do you think about that? >> they're both for change. they don't like the system that's there, and my 20-year-old daughter who's a hillary die hard said to me, you know, all my friends are for bernie sanders. so, you know, which is hard for me, but that's okay. >> you're a very open father, though. very open father. my father was too. at the end of the day, it's a good indicator there's a lot of change going on with young people. >> when you look at the republican side and look again at the war inside a voter, between emotion until and intellectual attachment, when you look at your top candidates, what stands out to you about who people are emotionally connecting to and how that can affect -- >> the three front runners in our side, obviously trump came in, has become a phenomenon,
1:46 pm
people, again, the can-do guy, give me the ball, i can score, not real policy driven or thoughtful in his answers and kind of insulting, versus two very smart young men, cruz and obviously marco rubio. i keep hearing rubio's on the move little bit and certainly has had good debates and sort of the establishment and others want him to be the nominee at this point in time because they don't see anybody else that can be -- >> one of the things i'm watching is ted cruz is coming out with an attack ad or has done which is talking about rubio's lack of experience, and that's something we saw from jeb bush as well in a moment me leaked out of texas. marco rubio is like the barack obama of the republican party. you keep on seeing those attacks of marco rubio. you mentioned they're up-and-comer, but they don't necessarily have the depth of experience. >> a very significant difference and that's a different philosophy. marco rubio basically at a very young age became speaker of the floor in the legislature, got elected to the senate, governor, switched parties, was not an odds-on favorite. he's very thoughtful and obviously the best debater on
1:47 pm
the stages. cruz has a more more offices but not anything and trump has had no experience. my sense is your philosophy, who can motivate and inspire people. >> while i have you here saturday before the caucuses, everyone talks about that surprise. the surprise is going to come out of iowa. what's your gut telling you about what it might be? >> trump doesn't make it and -- >> doesn't make the top spot. >> the top spot. certainly it will be very close. or rubio or cruz at the end of the day for second spot, those would be surprises. the truth of the matter is the way the delegates are drawn they'll probably go out two front-runners pretty much the same amount of delegates. >> real quick, we know that kasich and krissy by mid-monday they're going to be in new hampshire. cacic in new hampshire now. >> their portfolio is there. that's where they spent their time, their energy. it's a primary so it's different and obviously they have to do well there. >> we'll see what happens. great to have you on the program. interesting about your daughter too.
1:48 pm
lots of diverse thinking. >> i was a kennedy democrat, went for nixon in 1972, my father a ship worker, didn't talk to me for months. >> american family. >> became a republican by the end. >> we all can change. it's very interesting. thank you very much. great to see you as always. john? >> freedom is a beautiful thing. we are learning the sanders and clinton campaigns have reached an agreement in prince. to hold another debate next week ahead of the first the nation new hampshire primary as well as three more later this spring. both camps say the democratic national committee has yet to sign off on the deal. we'll keep an eye on this developing story. looking to another race, the eldest daughter of former vice president dick cheney is taking one more shot at politics. liz cheney is running for congress. she's looking to replace wyoming congresswoman cynthia loomis, who plans to retire. liz cheney took a run, a brief campaign for the u.s. senate in 2013 but dropped out citing family health issues.
1:49 pm
she plans to formally announce her congressional campaign on monday. but an interesting development there. john? as presidential hopefuls make their final push in the hawkeye state, a wealth of new search data revealing some people in iowa still have major questions for the candidates. what they are asking next. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at whfight back fastts tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue and neutralizes stomach acid at the source tum, tum, tum, tum
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1:53 pm
with the first in the nation caucuses now 48 hours away, new data from google is providing a few possible clues about the state of this race. shannon bream reports live from des moines. >> reporter: don, you can break this down county by county. when we looked at iowa, we want to talk about democrats. they have a very tight caucus race going on here as well. who is the most-searched democrat? bernie sanders is at the top of searches. this isn't positive or negative, it's traffic. the top three trending questions for bernie sanders, first of all is, is bernie sanders a socialist? of course there's been a lot of conversation about that, based on his own statements about what he believes and who he is. second, what does bernie sanders do? a funny question for a sitting senator, but that's it. followed by how old is bernie
1:54 pm
sanders. let's look ahead to new. that will be the first place voters go to formally head to the polls for traditional voting. they're in new hampshire in virtually every county, donald trump is the top trender, breaking down the gop field, who is being searched the most, followed second by ted cruz. one county in northern new hampshire, ted cruz is the top search followed by chris christie. someone else getting a lot of attention in new hampshire, coming off his endorsement by the new york times, ohio governor john kasich. what are some of the top trending questions with regard to kasich? number 1, why would john kasich be a good president? followed by, who is his wife? and, what is john kasich's religion? we know people are making decisions about who to vote for in these early, important states. during the first debate the other night, one of the top
1:55 pm
fights was about jim gilmore, who fought so hard to get on the stage. the question being, who is jim gilmore and why is he still running for president? it's interesting to use this google data and be able to look at things in realtime and get a sneak peek about what people are asking about these candidates and these issues, john. >> such a high percentage of iowa voters decide at the very last minute. those queries have a lot to do with what they eventually decide. shannon bream, thank you. we'll be right back with more from america's election headquarters.
1:56 pm
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an update now on a story we're following out of denver, colorado. at least one person killed in a string of shootings, and at least one person stabbed at the coliseum there. nine other people have been taken to the hospital, according to the "denver post." so far no one is in custody, no arrests have been made so far. the colorado motorcycle expo is being held this weekend at the coliseum on the national western stock show complex. some folks who left the building and crossed the police tape are not being allowed back inside. people inside the expo are not being allowed to leave. according to what we know, events there are continuing to go on. this happened right around 1:00 p.m. local time there, so about two hours ago when we got on the air. no one in custody, so a big question about what happened there in denver today. a story we'll continue to watch. >> shades of what happened in
2:00 pm
waco, texas, talking about gang violence. we'll see. that does it for us. >> see you back here at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. >> "the five" is next. live from iowa, hello, everyone, i'm eric bolling along with dana perino, kim guilfoyle, juan williams, and greg gutfeld. this is "the five." welcome to special saturday edition of "the five" from des moines. we have another huge show for you tonight, a ton to cover on both races. but we want to show you first what we, "the five," have been up to here, the iowa escapades of the five. we'll go down the row, really cool stuff. we'll start with


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