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tv   Watters World  FOX News  January 30, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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♪ you're? "watters world" now and i'm your host? it's. down to the wire. thursday's night debate republican candidates on fox news squared off and even though trump wasn't there we'll get to that later there were great lines. >> barack obama wants to change america. barack obama wants america to be more like the rest of the world. we don't want to be like the rest of the world. we want to be the united states of america tlnkts is 2340 one on this stage better prepared to prosecute the case hillary clinton better than i am. she will never get within ten days of the white house. the days. clinton and public housing are
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over. >> bernie sanders is a socialist. i think sanders is a good candidate for president, of sweden. we don't want to be sweden. we want to be the united states of america and hillary clinton -- hillary clinton is disqualified from being the commander in chief of the united states. one of her first acts of president may very well be to pardon herself. >> and what a debate it would be without a little spice from the moderators. >> chris, i note the last four questions have been, rand please attack ted, marco please attack ted, jeb please attack ted -- let me just say this -- >> it is a debate, sir. >> well, no. no, a debate actually is a policy issue, but i will say this, gosh, if you guys say, ask one more mean question, i may have to leave the stage. >> i don't know about that one. but the issue of illegal immigration continues to dominate the stage. candidates started going after one another. >> here's what i believe, and i wrote a book about this calmed
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"immigration wars" get it for $2.99 on amazon, best seller. >> the book you changed your position on immigration. because you used to support a path to citizenship. >> so did you. >> yeah, but you -- >> so did you, marco. >> senator cruz, when senator rubio proposed that bill creating a pass to citizenship you proposed an amendment. 2 it would have allowed for legalization, not citizenship. was that all an act? pretty convincing. >> did say a word about legalization. >> the bill you were amending allowed citizenship and -- >> megyn, the bill was 1,000 pages, each designed to fix problems in the bill. >> the bill would involve legalization. he can't have it both ways, but what is particularly insulting, though is that he is the king of saying, oh, you're for amnesty. everybody's for amnesty except for ted cruz, but it's a falseness, and that's an authenticity problem that everybody he knows is not as
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perfect as him because we're all for amnesty. >> when that battle was waged, my friend senator rubio chose to stand with barack obama and harry reid and chuck schumer and support amnesty and i stood alongside jeff sessions and steve king and we led the fight against amnesty. >> this is the lie that ted's campaign has built on and rand touched upon it. that he's the most conservative guy and everyone else is a rhino. throughout this campaign you've been willing to say or do anything in order to get votes. you worked for george w. bush's campaign. you helped design george w. bush's -- immigration policy. now you want to trump, trump on immigration. we're not going to beat hillary clinton with somebody who's willing to say or do anything to win an election. >> why you need to send's someone from outside of washington to washington. i feel like -- i feel like i need -- i feel like i need a washington english dictionary converter. all right?
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>> with me now is fox news contributor ebony williams, and political strat jit ed schoen consulting jessica tarr love, host of "red eye," co-host of "outnumbered," and last, certainly not least, one of our newest fox news reporters, abby huntsman. so i was watching the debate last night and i feel like trump gave these guys a huge gift and none of them were able to take advantage of it and steal the deal. how did you see it, andrea? >> everybody but ted cruz, because donald trump has acted as his human shield. time and again, and so without trump there, cruz, what did he get all of the cruz missiles fired at him by the other candidates jie thought the exchange between him and rubio was fascinating to watch. he's bruised after that debate. no question. and it really represented that fault line between the republican party, but marco rubio should have not hit him on immigration. his achilles' heel and he really
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could have and should have dinged him somewhere else. >> i have a real hard time, abby, understanding what they're talking about when they're talking about illegal immigration. amendment, pathway to citizenship, legalization. what are they talking about? >> i don't even think they know, honestly. personally, i would have like to have seen what would have happened if ted cruz actually walked off that stage. the only thing that would have made my night a lot better last night. >> rubio would have liked it, too. >> a good question. it's classic politics. right? politics at its best when they're out there and they're it retracing things they said in the past, but saying they didn't actually say it. i think this exactly why we see voters so frustrated with politicians today. because you don't really know where they stand. they said something at one point, change their mind. look, donald trump has done the same thing. how many times has he been on the other side of these issues and now saying something completely different? >> but donald trump gets away with it. >> he does. >> what about rubio? rubio was highly -- that's his
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style. do you think that's going to wear on people, or is that youthful energy, the kind of energy you need to beat hillary? >> it wore on me and i didn't think he did that great on debate and all the postanalysis, people like that, like his fighting. somebody should just say they changed their mind. >> you can't do that. >> i don't know why. >> you're not allowed to do that. it's politics. >> that's what works. everyone is so afraid of being a flip-flopper but i don't think people hold that against you. you say, look, it was a different time. we know that -- all of the republicans were pro-amnesty. george bush was pro-amnesty. so just say, it's over. we're not anymore. i think jeb bush, at least admits that he changed his policy. >> and jeb bush -- >> he evolved. they're allowed to evolve. why can't we evolve, too? >> i'm evolving right now. >> years and years of the fox channel. >> true. everyone is so proud -- >> so proud. yeah. >> growing up. what do you think about jeb? >> jeb looked like he had the
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monkey off his back. trump wasn't there. feeling loose. >> still not funny at all but i've always had a little soft spot for him because i think -- he understand policy, i don't like what he did in florida necessarily, but he understands the point about consensus, and john kasich does, too. if you want to get things done, you have to work with people who you don't agree with. and he did very well on his evolution about immigration. the story obviously, he's married to an hispanic woman and understands that. he's from florida. and i think that he does get it, but i still don't think the establishment is going to go for him. they seem to really be pushing rubio and i think what's interesting about that to me, he's, like, the prubrepublican barack obama. first-term senator, bright and shiny, hope and changy and they hate that about barack obama saying he was huge failure but think marco rubio will be much better? >> a nice line. the establishment, yes, because my dad and brother were president. sorry.
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ebony, the moderators last night, i thought did the a pretty nice job. >> i thought they looked great. i loved chris wallace's comeback it is a debate. we were laughing during the intro. that moment for ted cruz felt so flat. right? to me he was trying to invoke his inner trump and just, no. not so much. >> moderators great, megyn super classy. great questions. some were questions we heard before because think was debate seven but without trump onstage some actually got to answer in a thoughtful provocative way. a great night for jeb bush. chris christie, too. >> i agree. >> strong, really liked a lot of what he said and we now see what it would be like if christie was on that stage and he was able to beat the gregarious go-getter guy without trump overshadowing him. >> i thought christie had a great night. just doesn't look presidential. he really speaks from the heart. >> shaming. >> sorry. >> i said he's hefty.
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>> he's lost a lot of weight. >> he's looking a lot better. >> he is. >> his medical records are not out though, right? >> what's the problem? >> are we really analyzing chris christie's figure? >> it's fair game. >> democrats love to talk about people's physical appearance. i like to stick to the issues. still to come -- bernie sanders living in reality? i went to iowa to find out. plus, are we too politically correct these days? can i tell a guy he has a really night suit on? >> yes. >> why can't i tell a girl she has a nice pantsuit? >> it's not over until the lady in the pantsuit says it is. coming up next trump escapes the fox news debate. a fair and balanced take.
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a bit. >> i'm a maniac, and everyone on this stage is stupid, fat and ugly. and, ben, you're a terrible surgeon. now that we've gotten the donald trump portion out of the way -- >> folks begin by being clear what this campaign is about. not about donald trump. he's an entertaining guy. this campaign is about the greatest country in the world and a president who has systemically destroyed many of the things that made america special. >> i kind of miss donald trump. a little teddy bear to me. a loving relationship in the debates and in between, and i kind of miss him. i wish he was here. everybody else was in the witness protection program when pie went after him over what the republican cause should be. >> yeah, jeb really -- two ways to look at this, andrea. one way, trump was scared. he couldn't take the heat, and he bailed. the other way to look at it is, he's dominated the news cycle, captured the attention of the entire world. shows himself to be a real, real
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outsider, in a year where an outsider is the way to go, and may have capitalized off of it. what do you think? >> i think he used the debate moderator excuse as just that. he's very, very smart. he didn't have to show up last night. >> yes. >> and, in fact, jack welsch, one of the smartest men in business, tweeted, he missed that slaughterhouse. good tore him, and he did. he was able to do something the other candidates can't do. take a huge, huge gamble to not show up, have his own event, which could have looked weak, could have, but it didn't. he raised $6 million for veterans had other republicans on the stage, again, something i don't think any of those guys would have done. they're not that gracious. i found, jesse, some of the commentators, the hatred for him, have almost become what they disdain. rude, nasty, they've all become donald trump, and trump has softened. for what did you think? because you and i have been called trump sick of it. >> a way to look at it.
10:15 pm
the megyn kelly thing a ruse and he knew it would be a bloodbath and cruz would come at him strong, moderators ready to jack him up and thinking, do i need this heat right now? i'm were inning in the polls in iowa. i can win without the fox news debate. why even put myself up to that kind of drama? and he may have pulled it off, but we'll see. do you think he's going to pull this off? >> i do, jesse. a win-win. trump was so far out in front, to andrea's point, also a win for remaining candidates onstage. able to see them talk through policy points first time in seven debates i actually can say i actually know what jeb bush thinks about something. it's true! so that was a good thing for the debate and moderators and well played by trump. >> what do you think about this? i'm not so sure. i kind of saw trump doing his thing and then you have these guys in suits, these politicians, arguing about amnesty and amendments, and it looked small. what is your opinion? >> i think first of all, i mean,
10:16 pm
i immediately took issue with the fact he did a veterans event, seems he was just using the veterans cause to fill the space. should have had that event no matter what. it's a great thing he raised $6 million, but totally trumpian. i don't want to do this thing. who can i exploit here? great veterans get $6 million. my initial thinking. a good move for him. a race for second place now and clear politics in iowa. let them fight between themselves and i think what it really showed, andrea mentioned it in the first segment, that donald trump doesn't need ted cruz but ted cruz really needs donald trump. he does not work without him. >> i agree. i think ted cruz was the front-runner the other night and he kind of pulled off looking presidential like the front-runner but also bombed some of his antics with the jokes. could tell if he was serious or not. i didn't know how that played out. everybody missed donald trump. i would have liked to have seen
10:17 pm
him there, fox would have liked to see him there, i think the voters of iowa. >> even the haters. went to the bathroom, get popcorn, god, i actually miss him. >> or watching the cnn live stream. what's going on over there? >> no one's watching cnn. >> sorry about that. >> the average guy, did they even know who these people are? hit the streets of new york a few weeks ago to find out. >> i'm going to hold up pictures of people. you tell me your opinion of them. >> i like his hair. >> salt and pepper action. >> yeah. >> do you know who he is. >> no idea. >> wow. i feel like an idiot. >> not bernie sanders? >> ben carson. >> he's -- used to be a neurosurgeon. >> always sounds like he's on nyquil or something. >> do you know who this is? >> george. >> that is jeb. >> i'm a fan of the bushes. >> sorry, you just don't have the fire deneeth you. >> i don't like he's from a
10:18 pm
political dynasty family. >> you don't like the clintons? >> and ted cruz whamplts do y. >> what do you think about him? >> um -- i don't. >> a tea party guy. >> are you a tea party girl? >> yeah. i like tea. >> what do you think about trump? >> sensational. >> you're sensational. >> i know. >> trump, if you're listening, i'm rooting for you. >> would you build a wall on the southern border? >> make mexico pay for it. >> a wall, on the southern border? >> do you lock your doors at night? >> yes, i do. >> why don't you want the country to lock its doors? what about him? >> i love him. >> oh! >> marco rubio. >> i won't tell his wife. >> a senator from what state? >> new york. >> this is not chuck schumer. already, cheers. >> he sweats a lot on tv. >> don't worry. we'll get you some water. >> what do you think about him? >> definitely the most attractive. >> you kind of look like him. wait a second. wait a second.
10:19 pm
wait a second. >> did you use to play football? >> a great arm. >> this is watters and this is his world. >> very good! up next, our panel will predict what happens in iowa. see if they can put their money where their mouth is. and later -- whashgs is happ what is happening with the clinton campaign? where's the love? there has to be a way. carry the centimeter, divide by 3.14 something something something...
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we're always looking for ways to speed up your car insurance search. here's the latest. problem is, we haven't figured out how to reverse it. for now, just log on to plug in some simple info and get up to 50 free quotes. choose the lowest and hit purchase. now...if you'll excuse me, i'm late for an important function. saving humanity from high insurance rates. less than 48 hours, people go to the polls in iowa. on the republican side, donald trump still has a small lead over ted cruz. and on the democratic side, the race is tightened dramatically with bernie sanders and hillary clinton now running neck and neck. what do you think will happen on monday? predictions from the panel.
10:23 pm
andrea, cruz must win iowa. even told supporters if he doesn't win iowa trump's going to run the table. top lee in iowa. what do you think is going to happen? >> i think trump will probably come in number one. i think cruz and rubio are going to be fighting for number two. but it's going to either be cruz or rubio for two and three spot. donald trump is leading in a lot of the polls. these polls are always wrong with iowa. just because the caucus is so unpredictable. >> you're right. >> hearing a ground game but rubio focused on a ground game. ted cruz, i don't see where he goes if he doesn't win here. he won't win new hampshire. >> down double digits in new hampshire and south carolina. what will happen, best guess. >> i predict cruz will win iowa because everything i've heard, all my people on the ground and in the cornfields telling me that he's got a great organization out there, and that's what matters, because i don't know -- this caucus is so confusing.
10:24 pm
i still don't understand it. i've watched the youtube videos. >> aren't you in the news business? it's your job to understand this. do you get it? >> i don't understand the whole caucus thing and why, how it's different from primaries and whatnot. i don't think anybody else including the people out there caucusing. >> oh, come on. all of us get to a room with all of our friends and choose a side. >> already losing me. >> and try and woo you over to one candidate. got to stay committed to the whole thing. no one can waver. >> and what do you think? quick. >> on the republican side, goes trump, cruz, rubio. >> no carson? >> no. but it's like a whole lot of hummus he'll be eating or whatever. and a big disappointment. >> okay. >> the hummus thing -- >> i got it. i does not pick up on that. >> hum-mus. >> hillary crushing a few months ago. now neck and neck.
10:25 pm
surprise bernie victory in iowa? >> i don't think so. the turnout issue which could hurt trump and sanders. they need voters who don't typically vote to show up. barack obama brought in amazing amount of youth vote. kids were home from college, voting in different districts, caucusing in different districts and they're all in session right now. >> and love the caucuses. andrea, quickly, and we're going to actually hold you to this, because we're going to show the tape if you get it wrong. what do you think's going to happen? bernie or hillary in iowa? >> is there a don't be a pinhead wind breaker on this? >> yes. >> okay, good, stormy matters. i think hillary squeaks it out. lost iowa before, came in third. she has spent so much money in this -- state, she squeaks it out. if she doesn't, i'll be wearing my wind breaker sucking my thumb, feeling bad for her.
10:26 pm
>> feeling the burn. i feel like, he's the -- >> sounds like a personal issue. >> there's a cream for that. >> these people are -- they're excited. that america video? i mean, i almost, like, joined bernie with that. >> wow! >> whoa. >> almost converting. all right. speaking of iowa, does anybody even know where iowa is on a map? ap few months ago, we hit the beach to find out. roll the tape. ♪ >> where are we? right now? >> i would say right about -- here. >> that's virginia. >> where was president obama born? >> hmm -- michigan. >> south dakota. >> you only black guy in south dakota? >> yep. maybe. you never know. >> not south dakota. hawaii. >> shut the front door. i was close. >> not really.
10:27 pm
>> first of all, is it a state? >> hawaii is a state. >> alaska is a state. >> we have 52 now, or 50? did i make myself clear? >> 50. remember the follo folly, anywh particular you'd like to see in this country? >> australia. >> not technically in america, but -- >> i'd like to go [ bleep ] to. >> where is the pick ocean. the pacific ocean? >> um -- here? >> that's the atlantic. >> where is washington, d.c.? our nation's capital. >> somewhere right around there. >> that's pennsylvania. if you were to go put a big hat on and go to the kentucky derby. >> you do that anywhere in the u.s. >> where would you go see it? >> i want to say it's kentucky. >> you nailed it. >> okay, good. >> if you wanted to smoke pot legally -- >> i smoke every day. >> wait. i can tell. if you wanted to do it legally, what state would you do it in? >> colorado.
10:28 pm
>> excellent. where is colorado? >> how about over who? minnesota. >> give that direct. >> around here. say that one. >> that's utah. moringville like weed. >> of watch "watters world"? >> "watters world," no? >> i'm watters, and this is my world right here. >> oh. is this like -- for a show? >> yes. >> oh, okay. >> wow. i think the sun really started affecting their brains there. later in the show, "watters world" conference the police down in washington, d.c. and up next, why is hillary having so much trouble connecting with people? hillary's headquarters is now here in brooklyn. does that excite you? >> no. hillary's a liar. when i went on to ancestry, i just put in the name of my parents and my grandparents. and as soon as i did that, literally it was like you're getting 7, 9, 10, 15 leaves that are just popping up all over the place. yeah, it was amazing. just with a little bit of information, you can take leaps and bounds. it's an awesome experience.
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all three inmates who escaped from orange county, california jail are back behind bars. police captured two of the escapees in san francisco saturday after receiving a tip. a man flagged police down to point out a parked van believed to have been stolen by these two guys. the third surrendered friday. all three have been awaiting trial. i'm jackie ibanez. now back to "watters world." hillary clinton is supposed to be the front-runner. right? the inevitable candidate. why all of a sudden is she scrambling at the last minute
10:33 pm
and challenging bernie sanders to more debates? why isn't she resonating? we went to brooklyn, the home of the hillary clinton campaign headquarters, to find out. ♪ >> reporter: you guys have a new neighbor in brooklyn. hillary clinton's campaign headquarters just came here. >> oh, wow. really? >> is that exciting? >> ah -- [ laughter ] >> are you excited about hillary clinton? >> hell no. neither is her husband. >> i can't vote for hillary because i don't trust her at all. >> the fbi doesn't trust her either. >> what excites you about hillary? >> she's a woman. so that's exciting. >> women excite me, too. [ laughter ] >> i think she has new ideas. >> what are some of the new ideas? >> ah -- >> what does hillary clinton stand for? >> i don't know that i know how to answer that question. >> i think she's still trying to
10:34 pm
decide also. do you think hillary clinton's going to protect the country if she's president? >> absolutely. >> but she couldn't protect the embassy. >> hillary's in trouble with the fbi. who's fault is that? >> i think it's all a bunch of trumped up stuff. >> then why is the fbi investigating? >> honestly, i don't really know enough about it. >> you don't know enough about it, but you think it's trumped up? do you think hillary's an inspiration for women? >> absolutely. >> then why did she smear all of the women who accused her husband of sexual misconduct? >> you're from france? >> provocative. >> do the french like hillary? >> well, we tend to be more socialist. health care and education for all. >> okay. >> so who wants that? >> so bernie sanders? >> feeling the burn. >> yeah, feeling the burn. >> where specifically? >> right here. >> in the loin?
10:35 pm
>> do you know who i am? >> no. i'm sorry. >> i'm watters. >> okay. >> you're in my world right now. >> hey. >> how ya doing? >> here again to discuss, andrea, jessica, ebony and tom. andrea, this lady had all the money, the name recognition, supposed to be the front-runner. she's a big shot. why is this race so close? is it a personality thing? >> i think they're just tired of her. the same things on the left is happening on the right. i just think that the base is so sick of the establishment. and whether you like bernie or not, and i don't agree with him, i respect him and respect his supporters for bucking the establishment. i mean, he really believes what he says. but hillary's not doing well because she doesn't like people. she doesn't want to do this. her own campaign manager said that she's tired. >> you have to like people to be in politics. i don't see any hillary bumper stickers. there's no excitement in the air for hillary. all i see is bernie sanders
10:36 pm
stickers and -- >> yeah. in brooklyn. >> yeah. >> you have to like people to do your job. >> that's true. >> was that guy from the duck dynasty brooklyn edition? >> i think so. >> hopefully wasn't packing any heat. so what do you think? i mean, this woman had this thing locked up. now look at her. she's trying to get a new debate on the schedule. i think the more people see her, the more her numbers go down. would you agree with that? >> 100%. i see a pattern, jesse. given the choice between someone with a personality and hillary clinton people choose the alternative with personality whether barack obama, bernie sanders, doesn't matter so much. yeah, just really not her thing. she should find something else to do. i really do. >> being in politics -- >> yeah. what is she, barely electable. >> people say you vote for the president because you want to have a beer with them. with hillary, only if her husband's at the bar. no one actually wraunts to have a beer with hillary.
10:37 pm
>> i would like to. i am, as a resident hillary lover here, full throttle. the poll 80% of demming think she'll be the nominee, she's beating bernie nationally over 15 points. things are close in iowa. i think she will lose new hampshire but has a firewall in the south. when you head out west, way ahead. the honesty and trustworthiness issues are real but the new abc news "washington post," she's not that great. >> no. that's okay. i wasn't paying attention the last 30 seconds. you're right. you're right. super tuesday kumps aroucomes at of latinos, her base. >> that's where we're shifting. >> can't be so sure about that. >> you think this is going to be a long deal and she's going to fight to the end? >> not even that. what happens to the general? fine, maybe comes across the finish line limping across the democratic nomination line. what happens in the general? without enthusiasm, she has major problems. >> look at it. she was beating donald trump by
10:38 pm
ten in the latest poll. sanders by 13 or 15. the abc news "washington post" poll, who would you vote for tomorrow, not that, who do you think. >> and trump is smoking hillary. >> yeah. >> how do you think trump matches up with hillary? >> really well. i think trump has tremendous crossover appeal. i think he can appeal to that blue collar voter a republican hasn't been able to in the past. you see that because president obama identified him by name and stirring up white males. they see numbers and know it's a bad thing. i don't know if hillary clinton can rebuild the obama coalition. not winning millennials. saving her, democrats don't care she might go to jail. we don't really mind. you're right, jessica. i think they'll drag her over the finish line. they will try. will the doj indict if the fbi recommends charges. >> what do you think, jesse. up next, the quality sanders
10:39 pm
supporters are looking for in a president. >> i'd like school to be paid for. why s [richard] we're handing out 32 million dollars, a thousand dollars at a time. a thousand people win one thousand dollars. every single day. get in on this! it's refund season.
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10:43 pm
some of his supporters in iowa couldn't really give me a straight answer. take a look. >> bernie sanders. wants to help the poor people. how is he going to do that? >> the percentage rates of -- the -- how much you pay back. how much percent of -- interest -- interest percentages. >> saying the approximately at the -- >> bernie wants to raise the top tax rate to 90%. >> for the people who have not been taxed enough, yes. >> i like you. >> you think 90% is fair? >> i -- well -- we both aren't in the top 1%. we'd probably both benefit from that. >> speak for yourself. >> which republican candidate do you fear the most? >> ben carson. >> you're scared of ben? >> yeah. >> you're the only one. >> what specifically are you
10:44 pm
looking for the next president to do? >> definitely help more with college students. >> i'd like school to be paid for, because why should i have to pay for higher education? >> do you know who i am? >> no idea. >> i'm watters, and you're in my world. >> joining me now is the host of "kennedy" on channel. the lovely kennedy, and the executive director of the accountability project, the equally lovely -- whatever. anyway, you have to realize that even if bernie by the grace of god is elected president, there's no way congress would ever go along any of these crazy ideas. you have to acknowledge that. >> smart politicians start where they really want to go and compromise to the center. i got to say, bernie sanders has been in office over 30 years from the congress to the senate. he does know how to work with
10:45 pm
the other side. he has, he has negotiated more bills than any other democratic congressman or senator in office. >> so -- >> something to be said here. >> bernie's putting the 90% tax rate up here and going to get together with republicans and bring it down to 60%? >> exactly. so bernie sanders center, looks something like marxism. >> oh! >> like -- back to center. >> moving to the middle. >> yeah. >> marx iism. >> a great complement for him. >> they've tried socialism in venezuela. how did that work? >> and north korea. worked great. i mean, ask the people in the -- the former soviet republic. like, it really worked out well for them. >> lines for jeans, and, you know -- >> i don't think he's going to overthrow the government and make it a socialist government. i don't think he can, would, no possible way. >> you don't have to do that to do a lot of damage. the thing with bernie sanders to keep in mind. we have so much unserviced debt
10:46 pm
in this country. and what you're going to do is add to that, and add to the deficit by trillions and trillions of dollars. >> cut the military spending. taxing the -- >> his own admission. no way to cut the military by $18 trillion, because that number doesn't exist. we don't have -- >> how does he plan to reduce the debt? >> first thing, when people have job, 78% of his supporters of millennials, debt at average, can't pay it back, can't get jobs, under employed, rent out of control because of the billionaires setting rates, and allogards coming in. >> new word. >> it's not going to be out of the middle class taxpayers, though he says he could raise taxes for middle class. 300 times more than making 20 years ago. you have to look at that.
10:47 pm
>> no matter how much you raise the tax rate you're never going to pay for all of bernie's mumbo jumbo. when we come back, political correctness, run amuck. >> islamic terrorism. do you think that's offensive? >> the term terrorist can be associated to anyone who is causing terror. so you interviewing me and pointing questions at me i could say you're a terrorist. >> d check this out, bro. what's that, broheim? i switched to geico and got more. more savings on car insurance? yeah bro-fessor, and more. like renters insurance. more ways to save. nice, bro-tato chip. that's not all, bro-tein shake. geico has motorcycle and rv insurance, too. oh, that's a lot more. oh yeah, i'm all about more, teddy brosevelt. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more.
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10:50 pm
welcome back. one of the reasons that donald trump has been so successful in the campaign is that he is not going to be politically correct, and so we went to washington, d.c., to find out what is so offensive.
10:51 pm
are you plolitically correct? >> i think so. >> and if i said, you look dashing today. >> i would think that is a little bit leading. >> now sh, at work, am i a allo to compliment a woman's physical appearance? >> i do. >> if i say that you a smashing tank top on? >> well sh, it depends p the ta are hanging out, it might be offensive. >> well, you have a nice set of ho hooters or the owls are nice. >> and get that away from me. >> and i can't say that she has really nice legs? >> well, it might make other people unkcomfortable. >> anything below the chin area, i feel kind of off limits. >> can i tell a guy that he has a really nice suit on? >> yes. >> all right. >> hi. is that a clip-on? >> yes. >> why can't i tell a girl she has on a nice pantsuit? >> it is not over until the lady in the pantsuit says it is.
10:52 pm
>> can i say homosexual? >> i think that is fine. >> is gay okay? >> gay is fine. >> and can i say that someone dresses gay? >> no, i wouldn't, because i mean, it is offensive. >> and what if you say that person dresses xgay? >> that bothers me. >> nice ascot. >> and what does dressing gay mean? >> you know it when you see it. >> and if you are referring to gay, that is almost like saying that is retarded. >> wow, you guys like talk like grown-ups. >> can i call someone fat? >> people's bodies are off limits. >> that is a pig, p-i-g, pig. >> i like a little junk in the trunk. >> can i call you skinny? >> yes, yes. >> would you say large and in charge? >> no, hefty, and i don't know if i would say hefty, but maybe b
10:53 pm
big. >> big. >> islamic terrorism. okay. do you think that is offensive? >> the term terrorist could be referring to someone causing terror, and you interviewing me and pointing question questions at me, i could call you a ter r terrorist. >> do you want to waterboard me? ♪ dream weaver >> there is far too much connections of people in this country with terrorists in this country right now. >> the muslims fighting now presbyterians? if we can'ted adequately descri the enemy, how do we defeat the enemy? maybe this is why obama doesn't have a strategy yes. kennedy and omeki join me again, and what is this, i can't compliment a woman in the workplace? what is this world coming to? >> well, you can't compliment them with your hands.
10:54 pm
like i tell my daughters with a lot of crystal figurine, look with your ice and not with your hand, and everything is fine. >> you seem easily offended, and do you walk around to walk and look for things that are to be offended by? >> yes, and i am known for yelling on the streets by the guys that whistle, and i am upset by that and sometimes in the moods, an smile and i am having a bad day, and the podcast. >> yes, that bothers me still. >> that is how i know that i put together a great outfit, and i walk out 150side and somebody s very good. that is my barometer. >> and people think down in georgetown that is offensive. shou that offensive? >> well, going back into the roots of the political correctness, and this label, and it started around the time of william sapphire acknowledged that when feminism started and it is a tool that was used
10:55 pm
originally, and then became a conservative tool to fight feminism, and so it was broken down, and he attacked feminists who were breaking it down instead of the linguistic case. and so he used it to break people down. >> and are you a tool some. >> and he is microgreszed. >> you think that things are getting worse or better with the pc drama? >> it is interesting. i think that some people who are sick of it, they have become more p.c. as a backlash on the college campuses, it is creating a nation of babies who have to be coddled and bubblep wrapped, and that is very dire for the society. >> and all right. you can compliment my physical appearance any time you want. don't go anywhere. and now, going on a python hunt and now, going on a python hunt in the
10:56 pm
othis highly sought-after device "nafrom progressiveool. can be yours for... twenty grand? -no! we are giving it away for just 3 easy payments of $4.99 plus tax! the lines are blowing up! we've got deborah from poughkeepsie. flo: yeah, no, it's flo. you guys realize anyone can use the "name your price" tool for free on, right? [ laughing nervously ] ♪ [ pickles whines ] i know, it's like they're always on television. what?
10:57 pm
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10:59 pm
last week i went to the everglade oons python hunt. i think that he secretly wanted to see me get bitten. i don't like snakes or any other animal, but i was ready to rumble. do i have to sign a waiver or something out there? >> well, a alligators eat belt buckle and all. >> i will take the front. >> i will take the rear. that did not sound good. can snakes smell fear? >> no. >> good. >> oh, oh, oh. >> that is goinging the take out a snake. >> oh, i think that i hurt my back. >> relax. >> i do the cha-cha like a sissy girl. >> i was a pretty good outdoorsman there, and i got a lot of heat there. can you understand why? >> well, i think that that is it
11:00 pm
the shorts. >> you were looking like you were with the kennedys drinkinging an hour before. >> all right. i may or may not have been drinking. follow us on twiare definitely looking out for you. ♪ [ applause ] 8:00 here in des moines, iowa. i'm bret baier, with megyn kelly and chris wallace. >> tonight, we are coming to you live from the iowa event center in downtown des moines in the shadow of the iowa state capital. in just four days, people here in the hawkeye state will caucus and cast the first votes of the 2016 election. >> tonight, we're partnering with google for an exclu


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