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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  January 31, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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you're a bachelor -- wait, that's from my wife. all right. that will do it here. a lot more coming up. the countdown is on to the vote and the snow and our staying here all week with me and pat and jell-o shots. it gets too good. hi, everyone. all eyes are on iowa today and tomorrow as the kickoff to the presidential nomination process just over 24 hours away now. hi, i'm gretchen carlson. happy sunday. most of the candidates not wasting a single moment, virtually every republican and democratic candidate on the ground in the hawkeye state today trying to win over those undecided voters in the final hours. one candidate is choosing to skip the iowa excitement. republican john kasich looking ahead to next week and devoting his entire time to the state of new hampshire. chief white house correspondent ed henry watching the extremely close race.
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check i checking out the all-important ground game live in iowa. john, busy day there, right? >> reporter: very, very busy day with the exception of john kasich being in the state of new hampshire. they're making a final push to make the votes. what's happening, gregretchen, what's happening away from the candidates is as important. in the final 48 hours, the ground operations of all of these campaigns are working at warp speed to turn out everyone to the caucuses. marco rubio tried to ex semt ce iowa's biggest cities, folks that have moved in off the farm. >> that's why we have an infomercial running on every station in iowa this weekend, and we're doing more events than any other candidate. obviously on facebook we're working hard, e-mails, and the traditional knocking on doors, phone calls and rallies. >> reporter: the campaigns are making tens of thousands of
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phone calls. ted cruz even brought in celebrity glenn beck to pump up the troops to volunteer. volunteers are banging on doors burying potential voters in election materials. >> it's just a matter of who you think is telling you the truth. i almost hate to say that. but you have to believe somebody. if you're going to caucus and vote, you have to believe in somebody. >> reporter: the sales pitch, gretchen, will continue up until people start voting. at these caucuses, a volunteer representing each candidate stands up and makes a final pitch to their peers to say, come vote for my person. 45% of people according to a "des moines register" poll said they could be persuaded to vote for someone other than who they've chosen now. >> do you believe a politician?
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you have to believe somebody. >> who do i believe is telling the truth? >> the iowa caucuses is all about the turnout. what do we know about that this year? >> reporter: in 2012, people came out. we're hearing there could be record turnout as long as the weather doesn't throw a wrench into all of that. the predictions are if it's 150,000 or above that bodes very well for donald trump. if turnout is less than that, ted cruz probably does well. >> crunching the numbers for us, john roberts. the democratic side, new poll from the "des moines register" shows hillary clinton and bernie sanders statistical dead heat. ed henry live in waterloo, iowa, where bernie sanders is holding a big rally. i'll speak up, ed. you were at a rally that sounded like an obama '08 rally. >> reporter: it did. it was incredible at the university of iowa in iowa city.
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vampire weekend was there, by the way, the very popular band. it wasn't just about bernie sanders. when we came in, we were bringing our gear in and one of our photojournalists was talking to the folks there. in order to get more people in, they put a wood frame around the loading dock in the back of the fieldhouse. and why did they do that? the fire marshal said if you create more doors here, you can get more people out in case of an emergency. that is how big the crowds are for bernie sanders. i've never heard of hillary clinton having to build doors at one of her events to get more people in. so they got 3,500 in and the fire marshal said another 1,000 or 2,000 outside that they simply would not let in. and bernie sanders when he finally took the microphone was very hoarse and he said he's about to shock the world. watch. >> when we began this campaign, we were 3% in the national polls. here in iowa it is virtually
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tied! we are going to make american history on monday night. >> reporter: so he's getting these obama-style crowds, but will he get obama-style turnout? it shows a dead heat and among caucus goers, definitely attend, 65%. probably attend, 35%. they are not expecting obama-style turnout on the democratic side like we saw just record turnout in 2008. that's the challenge for bernie sanders. >> but he has a second career as a singer and he know this is land is my land and your land, too. he did well there. he is avoiding the e-mail issue for hrc but there are new troubles for hillary clinton this morning. what did you find out? >> reporter: that's right. last week we brought you that exclusive information about the former state department official wendy sherman who said on camera
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they had used blackberries in the clinton state department to send sensitive information over nonclassified. watch. >> i take classified information very very seriously. you can't get information off the classified system in the state department to put on to an unclassified system, no matter what the system is. >> now we have blackberries, and it has changed the way diplomacy is done. things appear on your blackberry that would never be on an unclassified system, but you're out traveling, trying to negotiate something. >> reporter: so you can see the exact opposite being said there. bottom line is hillary clinton also said on abc to her this is becoming benghazi in that she thinks republicans are just pounding on the e-mail thing no matter what and that might be a signal to her democratic supporters to rally the base and
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say they're coming after me but there's no there there. we'll see. there's still an fbi investigation. >> there's something called the fbi. they so far are in charge of this thing. ed, thank you. so let's break down some interesting trends on the dem side of the "des moines register" poll. sanders gets only 27% of those people. also, 57% of voters with an income of $100,000 or more choose clinton while only 28% choose sanders. sanders gets 63% of voters under the age of 35%. just 27% in the age, well, they like clinton. first-time caucus goers prefer sanders. 53% to clinton's 47%. chris anderson of anderson and robin's research, a political professor put together these great polls here at fox. great to see you in person. so let's talk about this potential humongous upset on the dems' side.
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you see the energy for bernie sanders. what do you make, chris, of these numbers with regard to age first? >> well, i think he could absolutely win. the polls show there's still 10% undecided. there's still room to shift. i wanted to take a moment to put iowa caucuses in context. they are not an especially good representation of america. >> right. >> they are not especially good at picking the actual nominees. they're overwhelmingly white, disproportionately rural. they picked rick santorum, mike huckabee before that. i like to look at iowa caucuses like a preseason baseball game. everybody gets a chance to play but you know when the real season starts a lot of the players won't be on the field. >> you got my attention because i love sports. if they're not that important, then with regard to the democratic side for first, what does that say about the bigger picture with regards to sanders/clinton? >> the reason we take iowa
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seriously, they're the first contest where votes are kept. there's an argument to be made that they equalize some of the things that come out much more later in the campaign. so the money game, the name recognition that dominates if you're going to run in new york orac california, in iowa and ne hampshire that gets deequalized. you can meet one-on-one. iowans demand that. it's not a fly-over state where you can shout liberty and freedom and get out of there. you have to spend time get to go know them. what people are looking at is hillary and bernie sanders are basically on kind of even footing there and if sanders wins in iowa, and there's a chance he might do that as you suggested, goes on to win in new hampshire, that suggests there's, you know, some cracks in the edifice of the inevitability of hillary clinton as a candidate. >> interesting. let's go on to the gop side. according to that same des moines rejs it ter poll 5% of voters' minds are made up but 45% could still be persuaded. only 40% of the likely gop electorate is made up of
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first-time caucus goers on par with the 38% of first-time caucus goers reflected in 2012 entrance polling. so who does that benefit, chris, if you get these people -- i think i know the answer to this, but if you get these new people out there and they actually sit through the process and they bring their hot dish and do the three hours before the storm rolls in who does that benefit? >> who does that benefit, chris? >> my gut tells me trump. the numbers bear that out. the other thing that he thought was interesting in the des moines poll was he wins among everybody. it's not just -- or he's leading among everybody. it's not jufs the early caucus goers, but the more of them there are, it looks like the bigger advantage he has. another thing, the biggest surprising number for me in that poll was how few voters choose him as their second choice. >> interesting. okay. so let's look at the second choice because that is really important if you factor in the undecided number as well. look who gets the most second choice here.
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well, it's not donald trump. it is rubio. right? >> and, in fact, this is what you're hearing from people who are wired in to iowa that rubio has had a good last few days. the people who wrote the analysis said, well, there's a sense that maybe rubio has slid since the debate. our sort of position is there are so few people that you're getting interviewed over the last couple of days, that's not necessarily to go on. it contradicts what you're hearing on the ground. the marco-mentum, that he seems to be doing better and trump by virtue of missing the debate, staying out of iowa a little bit, cruz by virtue of the difficult couple of weeks he's had with the canadian citizenship, they have not pulled away and maybe they've created an opportunity for a candidate, specifically marco rubio, to do better on monday night. and doing better than expected is good in the primaries and caucuses. we know that historically. >> all right. amazing to get the insight from the two of you.
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you do this on a daily basis. great to pick your brains. thank you. let's take a look at the candidates out on the trail right now. let's go to council bluffs, iowa, chris christie holding a town hall at a quaker state and lube. one candidate not in iowa, john kasich. he's looking to build on recent momentum in new hampshire with an event in salem. back in iowa to ted cruz at the fair grounds in iowa city lo looking to firm up support before tomorrow's caucuses. we are monitoring all of the events, we will bring you the news if it breaks. our caucus coverage is only getting started here on "the real story." we're keeping an eagle eye bringing you in-depth coverage including a step-by-step guide on how the caucus actually works. it's not like just going to vote. much more complicated. plus, last-minute push, what candidates are doing to solidify their support and which strategies could sway those caucus goers. >> both iowa and new hampshire is a very sophisticated voters who know exactly what they want.
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pounding the ground, talking to the people taking to the airwav airwaves, whatever they can do ahead of the caucuses including marco rubio who is running a 30-minute ad in the hawkeye state. take a look. >> that our rights come from god. this he they do not come from government. almost every other society believe your rights are what your laws say they are. >> co-host of the five, eric bolling live in des moines joins us now. great to see you. thanks for being on "the real story." we're seeing these last-minute pushes. i can only imagine what it's like to be in iowa and turn on the television or go to one of these events.
12:17 pm
>> it's really super exciting. so here's what the feel from iowa is. i go running around this town from des moines, i run around and see the retail stores. i see bernie sanders posters everywhere, young people knocking on restaurants and clothing stores saying can we put a bernie sanders sign in your window? and they do. there's a huge bernie sanders representation at least in this town. i wouldn't be surprised to see bernie have a good day tomorrow. a bunch across the river over there was -- the governor was there, senator grassley was there and the campaigns were represented. donald trump jr. was there. eric trump was there. huckabee's guy hogan was there, rand paul, and you can feel it. the last-minute push is super exciting. everyone's going for it. you showed clips of the actual candidates stumping, working hard, making five, six, seven stops today across the state.
12:18 pm
it's the final before the super bowl. >> another good sports analogy. you know that i like that. we see marco rubio with the 30-minute ad he put out. ted cruz made it a pledge to make it to all 99 counties. i think he was at 93. he had six more to go. and his shift has focused away from donald trump and attacking marco rubio over the last few days. have you sense d that as well? >> yeah, that's the big talk here is it cruz or rubio. people have made their mind up about trump one way or the other. marco rubio has gone very hard on faith. he's selling his faith across the state right now. as you well know a very faith oriented state. 57% the last time around are evangelical. i met some people in the restaurant last night very die
12:19 pm
hard rubio fans. it seems like it's going to be the big fight, cruz/rubio. >> let's take a listen to frank luntz talking about some of the different strategies between those two. >> cruz is in your face. rubio is going after the christian conservative vote. >> ted cruz has been going after the evangelical vote as has donald trump, for that matter. >> it's 57% of the caucus goers. by the way, you teased that you're going to tell people about the caucus situation, the caucus situation is important because it's so extensive. my point here is this, it's not a five-minute deal. if we have a snowstorm blow in here like they say is going to happen, it's going to make it difficult for a lot of people to spent time and you're going to
12:20 pm
see what the time they need to cast a vote and the way it's compiled is fascinating. snow will have an effect tomorrow. >> the other thing, eric, i grew up in minnesota north of iowa and they're going to bring a bunch of hot dishes tomorrow night, too. have you ever had hot dish? >> i have to be honest with you i have not and i come from chicago, the midwest. >> tuna noodle casserole would be at the top of my list. >> i think they have it for breakfast here. >> i'm sure they do. have fun. we'll see on tomorrow night live from iowa. who is courting the youth vote on the gop side? senator rand paul has cult like support from young er voters bu who else is pulling it in? we know young voters like bernie sanders but what do they think of him singing? there he is.
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bigger. it's gotten thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. welcome back to "the real story." no shortage of young voters embracing bernie sanders. ♪ this land is your land this land is my land ♪ >> sanders singing with indy rock band last night. many popular groups including foster the people and even rapper killer mike campaigning for sanders. joining me now is the federalist millennial politics and pop culture writer. this is your bailiwick. you know all about this. thanks for giving us "real
12:25 pm
story." we know he's popular with the young folks but why? what issues are they gravitating towards? >> bernie sand eers is popular among young voters because he takes the issues important to them seriously and the most serious issue facing millennials is the issue of student debt. last year 70% of those who graduated with a bachelor's degree did so with debt, and the average amount of debt that they graduated with was $28,000. so this is a really big issue that millennials are concerned about, and bernie sanders, his message has been clear and that is make higher education free-for-all. >> okay. which candidate is doing it on the gop side as far as attracting the younger vote? what do you think? >> sure, so i see two candidates on the gop side doing really well among young voters and that is marco rubio and rand paul. but for very different reasons. i think the voter who is going to support rand paul is not really going to necessarily gravitate towards the issues marco rubio has been talking a
12:26 pm
lot about lately, very different candidates who reach very different types of young voters. >> so which issues? i suppose the nsa situation with rand paul? >> right, yes. that's a very big issue. millennials really value the fourth amendment right to privacy more so than previous generations because we grew up with facebook and other technology that makes so much of our information public, we value privacy and we really want the government to stay out of that and stop collecting information about us. i think the fact rand paul has stood up to the nsa and has a proven record on this and really values the constitution particularly in regards to the fourth amendment does well and resonates among young voters. >> it's interesting because he also said abortion, 59% think abortion is morally wrong. >> right. >> 58% think it does more harm than good. a lot of people would be surprised with those numbers. and foreign policy. i guess on those issues they're going towards rubio? >> no, on those issues they're
12:27 pm
going to rand paul as well. all of those issues. those are the three. so in regards to pro life issues rand paul has a proven record of being stridently pro life and is one of the most qualified as a doctor. he's really certified to make the distinction that life does begin at conception and he has stood up for this. i think this really resonates with young voters who are pro life and especially in regards to foreign policy. we're a generation who grew up watching the conflicts unfold in iraq and afghanistan and watching the situation there be more unstable than ever. i think his sort of hesitance towards involving ourselves really resonates with young voters as well. >> it will be fascinating to see and whether or not the young actually turn out or not will be fascinating to see. bre, thanks for your thoughts. >> thanks. >> clouds over hillary clinton as she heads into the caucus.
12:28 pm
her campaign playing defense over the documents on her server considered too damaging to ever release. and we're talking about it, but do you know how it works? we break down the iowa caucuses for you, and what winning means for the candidates. >> it's a big responsibility for iowans. we want to be a part of it and be educate body it as well. and we also -- we're political creatures. it's fun. 73% of americans try... cook healthy meals. yet up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more... ...add one a day men's 50+. complete with key nutrients we may need. plus it helps support healthy blood pressure with vitamin d and magnesium.
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bottom of the hour, we're going to explain now the caucus situation because tomorrow iowa voters will kick off the presidential nomination process. so at the caucuses you don't just walk into a voting booth and pull a lever. this is a very different process. we want to show you how it works. republicans and democrats have different procedures. voters listen to speeches by candidate representatives. they can also show up. voters then choose who they'd like to see in the oval office. some cast a ballot. voters indicate who they'd like
12:33 pm
to support.
12:34 pm
john mccain placed fourth, well behind mike huckabee back j c1 2008.t(jffá gretchefáe1
12:35 pm
gretchen? >> james, thanks. a bold statement about donald election.e1 mikec emanuel joins me live now ]!q5ñ s sanders and his supporters are hoping to shock the political w/jf" with an upset after clinton held a massive lead for months. todayok sanders rejected thet( suggestion that his call will hurt other democrats running in november. >> i think, in fact, hillary clinton will be the problem.t( because i think our campaign is the campaign that is generating excitement and energy that will result in a high voter turnout. republicans win when voter
12:36 pm
turnout is low. democrats win when voter turnout is high.xd >> reporter: as you mentioned in your intro, sanders is talking a big game, talking about how he could win the white house.ok >> if we run against trump, we'll beat him. i'm confident that we can win the general election.t(fáçóok4÷( >> reporter: first things first, though, bernie sanders has tow3 try to win iowa, of>dcourse, tomorrow ni ey gretchen. >> what is the challenge then for hillary clinton in the state oft(c iowa?ht >> reporter: it's widely believed hillary clinton has the organizational edge. a lot of staffers here on the ground infá iowa, whicht(x certainly help drive peop÷er to theq caucusesr a lot of folks here on the ground in iowa are saying sanders has the energy at this c point.é@ sanders' folks are out basically knocking doors for him hoping to make a difference int( ]m,t fin hours. we talked to a political expert
12:37 pm
here in iowa who says consi%i+ejt+hj)q issues is on sanders' side.a5e1
12:38 pm
the facts are i did not.w3r
12:39 pm
an absolute inevitability. she did that, she did it quite intentionally. she is in much more diffictlt territory than myjf client wase when i was handlingt( that court-martial. if you compare her situation to just the misdemeanors of general david petraeus she -- justi] th faytx that she has publicly admitted alreadyñr convict her about 1,300r misdemeanors. >> but we all knowr complicated process. the fbi will come back with its recommendation and the department of justice will listen to it or not because we don't know what it's going to be. do you believe she'll be indicted? >> ifá believe the fcbi will recommend that. i think it's going to be very difficult for the department of justice if they maintain any level of independence to not proceed with that case as recommended by the fbi. so i think it is likely she will
12:40 pm
be indicted. >> lpokay. let's move on to the other side of politics now. iowa quite the battleground state ahead of tomorrow's caucuses. gloves off between marco rubio and ted cruz. let's listen to him slam his senate colleague's records. >> people are learning the truth about ted on immigration and at bunch of other issues. i think it's starting to hurt him a little bit.r we'll see what it turns into. it's par for the course. >> so you're supporting ted xd cruz. when you h{ sñ$ticism like that from marco rubio, how do you respond? >> well, first of all, i would note he never saysq the stuff t iowa crowds. he said that to reporters afterwards. and the reason is because it wouldn't be taken very well. marco has a big problem on immigrati immigration. he said, as was shown in the fox debate a few days ago during his campaign i am not going to support amnesty and then he verd clearly with the gang of eight bill fought for itok very hard. he changed his position xd180 degrees and as senator jefffáfá
12:41 pm
sessions, the leader on immigration reform blocking illegal immigration in thelp senate said ted cruz stopped that bill. >> okay. he did what he said he would do and that comparison is hurting rubio very, very badly. it continues toñuiq him,ok and o he's pushing back. >>r during that paul and the moderators. >> okwell, it's interesting particularly with respect to ok megyn kelly. sher rubio and ted cruz but in thei] interview immediately after the debate megyn said, well, i ñt( support your explanation ofcw3 yourxd z defeating the gang of eight bill, ted. she said that to him on your network here.xdr it struckcçó me as]v(cq oddw3oky phrased the question as aggressive. if she had drawn the conclusion that ted's assertion about fighting the gang of eight bill which he obviously did and his
12:42 pm
beliefup'd tactics in doing that were correct. that hejf hasn't misrepresented those on the trail. >> okay. >> frankly, it was nice to get that endorsement from megyn kelly. >> we'll see how the iowa voters think about thatt( and more isss when they caucus tomorrow n)#gá. thanks. republicanjf candidates showing how their faith can move mountains and hopefully an is)tant segms"ijrju(h @&h(lc% voters.oki]xd >> i hope everyw3 single day an we need to make it perfectly clear that it's okay to live by ( i=°e principles of loving you fellow man, caringlp #z neighbor and your god given talent.t( ♪ ♪ (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time.
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there it is. now you're an expert in less than a minute. this is how car buying was always meant to be. this is truecar. ♪ my colleagues are up next live from iowa. hi, guys. >> what up, gretchen? >> we're working and you guys are in iowa. i hope you make it out of there after that big storm. >> well, i think we'll be fine.
12:46 pm
what are they trying to predict a snowstorm? >> we have snowshoes. we could take our snowshoes home. we're going to downplay the storm, pretend it's not going to be a big deal. we're all going to get home fine. it will work out great. >> we have two hours of greatness, by the way. >> we're going to talk to one of the top people from rubio's campaign. a lot of buzz around rubio. they're trying to downplay it because they don't want to disappoint. this is the whole game going on right now. we have a lot coming up to talk about and we'll talk about the entrance polls that i'm going to be looking at tomorrow night. that tells us who the first timers are out there, who the independents are, who the evangelical vote might divide folks. >> after all, it is about iowa, right? >> it is all about iowa. >> gretchen, instead of laying off on all the analysts and the politicians, you will actually hear what the folks in iowa are thinking and feeling now. >> cool. >> we'll have that for you and we've had -- we had the fried chicken down the street. >> we did. we had fried chicken down the street. >> outstanding. i've had the hash browns.
12:47 pm
>> yep. you had something with jalapenos -- jalapeno hash browns. >> you have to go back into s summer when you can go to the iowa state fair, okay? we'll see you just a couple minutes from now. >> thank you, bye-bye. >> that "des moines register" poll showing 33% of caucus goers describe themselves as evangelicals. >> our nation should hope that our next president is someone who every day and every night and every moment drops to their knees and asks the lord for guidance and asks the holy spirit for inspiration. >> and the third and final thing i want to ask of each of you to do is pray. to lift this country up in prayer. >> and donald trump send iing a personal message to iowa evangelicals on facebook showing off his family bible in a last-minute appeal. joining me now the pastor of first baptist dallas and a fox news contributor.
12:48 pm
it's appropos to be talking about this. i watched the kids do the service which was fantastic. so evangelicals so important in iowa. how do you see it? >> well, they are. and, look, this contest going on in iowa, especially between cruz and trump really illustrates the divide between ivevangelicals o what kind of candidate they need to nominate. they're what i call the evangelical idealists, the ones who believe the candidate ought to be a strong leader but also a strong christian whose faith influences every part of their life. and those types of people are attracted to rubio and cruz and carson and huckabee and santorum. and then there's what i call the evangelical pragmatist who is would say, yes, we would love to have a strong person of faith in the office but we haven't even been able to nominate that kind of candidate lately much less
12:49 pm
send them to the white house and so they would say let's find the most conservative person we can, let him concentrate on fixing the economy and protecting the nation and we'll allow churches and individual christians to articulate biblical values in so sigh ty and the pragmatists are going to donald trump. >> that's interesting analysis. the poll in the caucuses, cruz at 31%. trump at 29%. rubio 10%, et cetera, down that list. there's another really interesting part of that poll. this is the question, are you certain to support that person or think you may change your mind and support somebody else? 63% may change 35%. >> it's very fluid. remember, trump is winning nationally among the evangelical pragmatists, as you pointed out in iowa it's cruz who has a slight edge, but in the "des moines register" poll last night
12:50 pm
it was also showing that trump's numbers among evangelicals are rising so i'm telling you it is very fluid. nobody can guess at this point. >> no doubt. and that's what makes it so exciting. we've had so many sports analogies today and they're very fitting as well. great to see you. thanks. pro-life advocates teaming up against the leading republican presidential candidates. who they're rallying against and why.
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
. female pro-life leaders in iowa teaming up now. they're urging republican caucus-goers to support anyone but donald trump. shannon breen joins us live from des moines. what is the current state of the pro-life vote in iowa? >> well, gretchen, we are told it's something that cuts across party lines, not only do most
12:54 pm
republicans self-identify as pro life here, but a significant number of democrats as well. here is what some of the voters told us on the campaign trail this week. >> i'm catholic. i'm a pro life voter generally. however, i've been a little disenchanted on either party getting much done on that issue. >> definitely, i think every child has the right to life. >> so to that letter now, from national and iowa pro-life leaders, here's what they're saying. they're saying we urge republican caucus-goers and voters to support anyone but donald trump. on the issue of defending unborn children, mr. trump cannot be trusted. they add this. we've come to this conclusion after having listened patiently to numerous debates and news reports, but most importantly to donald trump's own words. so what has he said? in 1999 in a "meet the press" interview, he said he was "very pro choice" and he said he wouldn't ban partial birth abortion. he has said he has since changed
12:55 pm
his thinking on this issue after much consultation and thought. he says he's now 100% pro-life. here's what he said in the august debate. >> i've very much evolved. friends of mine years ago were going to have a child and it was going to be aborted, and it wasn't aborted, and that child today is a total superstar. a great, great child. and i saw that, and i saw other instances, and i am very, very proud to say that i am pro-life. >> gretchen, as you can tell, pro-life leaders aren't convinced. we'll see if caucus-goers are and if it's a chief concern for them. >> shannon breen, live in iowa. thanks much. we told you earlier how the iowa caucus works. now an explainer with legos. >> this is an iowan. you're probably hearing a lot about the iowa caucuses right now. >> and yes, a lego yoda there was. may the force be with the winner.
12:56 pm
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welcome back to "the real story." earlier, we explained how the iowa caucuses work. hope you took notes. but there's another explainer out there, and this one is with legos. >> they form preference groups by physically joining other supporters of that candidate. once everybody's grouped up, there's a head count to see how much support each candidate has. >> if a candidate doesn't get at least 15% of the caucus, they're considered not viable. >> yep, vermont public radio explaining the caucuses with legos. they show how the democratic caucuses unfold, and yes, that's lego yoda acting as an undecided voter. as we told you earlier on, the republicans, they caucus differently. so they don't have to get to that 15% threshold. we'll see how it all pans out tomorrow. tomorrow, i'll have cognitive dissonance. today we were on at 3:00
1:00 pm
eastern. tomorrow we're back to 2:00 p.m. eastern, our regular time. we're going to have alex conet from the rubio campaign. we'll have the power index, very important on monday. caucus voting tomorrow. thanks for being part of "the real story." bill and martha live from iowa. thank you, gretchen. this is, what, a year of campaigning, planning, fundraising, all comes down to this. we are one day until the iowa caucus here, and the candidates have got the state covered, making their cases to caucus goers all across iowa. it's like one event after the other after the other. as we say hello, welcome to a special caucus edition of "america's election we are live in des moines. i'm william hemmer. >> yes, you are. and i'm martha mccallum. so the final poll that everyone was waiting for i


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