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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  February 3, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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there a bomb on board? >> jackie ibanez with more. >> the video is frighten will. passengers with nowhere to run at 10,000 feet scrambling to get away from a gaping hole after the explosion rocks a jetliner. >> check out the video shot by a passenger showing the size of the whole. one person badly burned was sucked out of the plane. their body found in a nearby town. somalia officials are treating this investigation as suspicious with varyying reports of passengers of fire and a bang just after takeoff. incredible photos of the damage from the outside you see it showing the impact of that explosion. the jet safely landed about 70 passengers and crew on board. the flight took off from somalia and was headed to djibouti
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africa. al shib babb has recently launched attacks on tourists in somali. no one has taken responsibility for it as of this morning. >> jackie ibanez live for us this morning. thank you. >> the presidential hopefuls are already battling out for votes in new hampshire. >> molly line is live in new hampshire from there. >> nays to see you. >> good morning, heather. with iowa in the rearview mirror and candidates coming to new hampshire a busy first day post caucus. let's kickoff with the withiner ted cruz making a brief stop before taking off for south carolina where the voters in south carolina a bit more conservative than they are in the more moderate granite state. the granite state a tougher
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place for him to win. remember with the evangelicals the conservative voters that helped him get the victory in iowa but is already back in the granite state today with the events planned. the second place winner trump after the humbling rather conceal tory tone following the second place finish in iowa is back expressing frustration and all of the attention being paid to the third place finisher senator marco rubio. trump last night saying this on "hannity." >> i have been up in new hampshire for years. i think i will do great here. i think i would have done probably a little better in iowa had i not begun out and wanted to do the events for the vets. i am happy with a second place finish. >> democratic party in iowa finally handing hillary clinton the win by a minuscule margin yesterday. it's a two-person race as martin o'malley dropped out. clinton shifted her strategy on
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the ground in new hampshire from the deep focus on hitting her opponents to striking the gop telling voters when i listen to republicans it kills me. sanders is taking his finish in iowa with enthusiasm. >> last night in iowa we took on the most powerful political organization in this country. last night we came back from a 50 point deficit in the polls. last night we began the political revolution, not just in iowa, not just in new hampshire, but all over this country. >> in the schedule for the white house hopefuls both sides of the isle rallies and town halls will see a lot of handshaking.
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heather? >> molly line life for us. we will follow it all. molly will be there for us. >> bernie sanders backers meantime booing hillary clinton when her speech came on in his iowan headquarters. democratic strategists and executive director for the accountability project says millennials don't trust her. >> this is a battle between experience, which those entrance polls said those over 60 valued experience and those under 44 value trust worthy and honesty. i was in the room and i went to the caucuses. they talked about the trust worthy factor. that shows me those are the people who are not going to turnout if she is the general election nominee. that is bad for democrats. if millennials don't turnout in the general election, democrats don't win in states.
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democrats won't win a preside y presidency. al sh the choice is bernie sanders. >> the fox news entrance polls takes a look at iowa. when it comes to honesty and trust worthiness they favor sanders at 83 percent and hillary 10 percent. >> robert durst is expected to plead guilty to a gun charge that could bring him closer to being extradited where he faces murder charges. durst is accused of killing his friend susan burman 16 years ago. he gained notoriety during hbo's documentary "the jinx." >> a convicted killer who escaped from a maximum security prison in up state new york this morning. david sweat is already facing a life sentence for murdering a sheriff's deputy back in 2002 but you could get 7 more years added to that. sweat and richard mat were on
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the run for three weeks sparking a massive manhunt. matt was eventually shot and killed before sweat was captured. >> extreme weather now. two states down south trampled by twsers. cleanup underway in mississippi andal barometer ma after a total of six tornadoes were reported. >> the same storm system bringing winter warnings across the plains. wind gusts exceeded 60 miles per hour causing white out conditions. >> maria molina is tracking the latest. it is causing a lot of airport delays as a result of that. >> you had the winter weather in parts of the plains and severe storms across the southeastern u.s. we are seeing tornado warnings extending further north from alabama and mississippi. take a look at our storm system now. this is a very massive storm. we have the area of low pressure near parts of the midwest. a band of snow stretching from iowa into parts of wisconsin and into the upper great lakes.
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the cold front pushing eastward ahead of that we are looking at heavy rain up state new york to alabama. we had a lot of severe weather with the storm system, some severe weather and a lot of moisture that is in place. there is a chance of additional storms anywhere in florida to eastern alabama extending into north carolina lena and virginia. the threat today will not be as high as yesterday. we were looking at threats for isolated tornadoes. that will be something to watch out for. damage wind threat. another concern will be flooding. we will keep a close eye on that. that will be in place in the mid at pl atlantic with heavy rainstorm. >> we will check back with you. >> president obama is said to visit a controversial mosque today. it is drawing criticism due to the mosque ties to extremism and the muslim brotherhood. the mosque works with a virginia mosque where former al qaeda leaders want before being killed
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by air strikes. they have visited mosques overseas but this is the first visit to a mosque in the u.s. >> oo billions of american dollars can still be used in the fight against isis. secretary of defense ash carter says the pentagon is requesting $7.5 billion in the budget. that is a 50 percent hike for this year. carter says the money will be used to buy thousands of smart bombs and laser guided rockets. also combatting russian aggression in eastern europe. >> the fbi joining the investigation into the flint water crisis that is ahead of us here on today in capitol hill. most trying to figure out who is at fault for dangerously high levels of lead in the city's drinking water. the outbreak now suing a flint hospital and state workers for $100 million for possible ex moshe our. it -- exposure. it is unclear if the legionnaires disease is linked
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to the flint river. >> more fallout for chipotle. their sales tank. it sickened hundreds of people was declared to be overlilier this week. chipolte has just been issued a subpoena as part of a federal investigation into food safety at their restaurants. this he will have to hand over documents on food policy dating back three years. >> a denver blanco plon -- bron player will be benched. he was sent home by the team. he and his brother were in a car outside of a san jose motel when a suspected prostitute got inside. murphy was not charged. the broncos say it's best for the team to prepare for the super bowl without him. >> you will be there? >> i will, yes. >> peen time i think you are going to tell us about johnny menzel as well? >> it could be game over. the cleveland browns are cutting ties with the quarterback next month. menzel is being investigated for
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a domestic dispute with his girlfriend last weekend. he has history of off field incidents with partying drinking and rehab. he is undermining his teammates and organization. >> under pining himsel -- undermining himself, too. just play the game. >> a robber picks the wrong store clerk to mess with. >> she is not allowed to be buried next to her husband. the church's reason that is sparking outrage. >> love at first like? the couple married just seconds after seeing each other? you think that's a good idea? the unusual way they met up next. >> ted cruz was the winner on the republican side. donald trump expected to win came in second at 24 percent and marco rubio was hine him at 23 percent to come in third which is pretty good considering the
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fact that most iowa voters think marco rubio is a game you play in the swimming pool. thanks. ♪ [ male announcer ] fedex® has solutions to enable global commerce that can help your company grow steadily and quickly. great job. (mandarin) ♪ cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪
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the bold nissan rogue, with intuitive all-wheel drive. because winter needs a hero. nissan. innovation that excites. >> a local health emergency as the first case of the virus is contracted in the u.s. and the way it was spread sparking panic. kristin fisher is life with the developments. >> up until now the zika virus was only known to be spread by mosquitos. we know of one case in texas where someone became infected through sex. this person had sex with someone who came back from venezuela.
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it is one of the countries in latin america and caribbean which reported active transmission. while it is rare it is not not totally knew. it is reported to have happened with a couple in colorado. doctor mark seigel puts it in perspective. >> you should not be concerned about sexual transmission. i talked to the head of the cdc he said that is very isolated we will not see a sustained sexually transmitted spread. the women should be concerned if they have affected to infected countries. the virus is linked to brazil especially where they have an abnormally small head.
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with that case in texas the person was not pregnant and there for not in danger of having a baby with birth defects. a oo kristin fisher from texas thank you. >> a skier restore reto tell you about. a well-known wrestler met his toughest opponent yet. brett heart also known as the hit man announcing he has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. he has been a prominent figure of the wrestling word for decades. he will undergo surgery to defeat this nemesis once and for all. we wish him well. >> good for him. >> outrage in minnesota after an 84-year-old women is told she is no longer able to be buried next to her husband. >> it made me angry they would tell her her soul is in mortal danger. >> she has been a member of the
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lutheran church for more than 50 years. she hadn't attended 4 services last year so she was no longer welcome. they say they were trying to send her a letter telling her she has been peacefully released from the church after she told the pastor she p didn't want to be a member any more. the family will be meeting with church leaders rater today. does the church have a right to refuse burial because of missed communion? we have a live debate with the hashtag keep talking. >> beware your air bag could deploy when you least expect it. lauren simonetti is here with an important recall that you need to know before about you get behind the we'll. >> toyota is recalling trucks because of the roof air bag. the air bag certain tundras
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sequoia and land cruiser and other vehicles are affected. owners will get notice. amazon opening hundreds of book stores physical run ones. as many as 400 book stores at malls through out the country where amazon would sell books and also the kindle and fire devices. leaf your wallet at home. 41,000 bank of america, chase will soon let you take your cash with your smart phone. many of the atm's are being retrofitted. >> the airlines are getting nicer. they are letting families with little kids board the planes early. the airports are getting more entertaining. portland international will show movies this summer. not blockbusters but shorter films by local producers. all you have to do is log on to
2:19 am to find lauren. it is 19 after the hour. campus housing for black students only? is this a good incentive for promoting segregation? we report, you decide. >> super bowl 50 going high-tech whether you are in the stands or on the sofa. we have the best app to enhance the game.
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>> one would be robber picking the wrong store clerk to mess with. he tried to hold up a convenience store in florida but the iraq war vet behind the counter not having any of it. david digs tackled the man and let him have it.
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after five tours in iraq as a specialist his instincts kicked in. >> he made the first mistake. he took the gun off of me for that split second and i was able to take control of the situation. >> i went into training mode. i had to get the gun away as fast as i could and inflict as much damage as i could. >> the crook who dropped the gun was turned out to be a fake and took off. >> he is still on the run. >> unbelievable video. a license plate skaping company offering help. they are giving departments access to their data base. police can use the data to find people who have tickets or have outstanding warrants. >> it is time to brew on this. the top army and marine corps officers now saying women like men should have to register for the draft.
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>> now men only legally residing in the u.s. and between the ages of 18 and 26 are required to register. this comes after they open all jobs in the military up to women without exception. >> what do you think is requiring women to register for the draft, fair or going too far? send up your comments on fox news first. >> it is the count down to super bowl 50. i am excited are you? weather you are in the stands or the sofa there's an app for that. he is here with us to enhance our super bowl experience. >> good morning. >> good morning. there are many ways from watchi catching the game to sharing the experience there's an app for that. if you were lucky enough to be there grab the levis stadium
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app. you can deliver food right to your seat. if you are at home but you still want the food grab the post mate on diomande livery service can get you anything from chicken wings to befr vajs maybe even the adult variety. it was just for this year's 50th anniversary of the super bowl. it connects people in the bay area to find super bowl related events with prizes this week leading up to this. if you are rooting for the panthers there's an exclusive app for the caroline in a you team called per-moji. if you like the lights add-on the on switch app it can blink the team colors of whoever scores the touchdown. the app is free. i have this app at home.
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it is a lot of fun during game day. it lightens things up. pun infended. if you put keep pounding you get an emoji automatically with that one. >> you can hear brett larson on sirius xm 115. >> one of top music's biggest stars set to sink the national anthem at the super bowl. >> lady gaga has been chosen for this year's honor at the big game. beyonce and cold play are also set to perform at the half time show. >> but what will she wear? that's the big question. >> the time now is 26 after the top of the hour. easy entrance for illegals. we are going to talk about this. this secret under ground tunnel was just discovered.
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free trips. >> welcome to "fox & friends first". good to have you with us. >> great to be here. >> i am abby hunts man. it is 31 after the hour. mid air explosion terrifying video inside of a plane packed with people. th the blast ripped through the cabin. forced to make an emergency landing. you can see why many asking was there a bomb on board? jackie ibanez has more. >> this may be one of my worst nightmares the big question was it a bomb. passengers and crew reported fire and a loud explosion on board just after takeoff. it ripped through the fuselage. one person badly burned from the explosion was sucked out of the plane. their body found in a nearby town.
2:32 am
two other bodies found on board. they are treating the investigation as suspicious. early tests show explosion residue was found on the damage from the last. this photo showing the impact on the outside of the plane. 74 passengers on board. it was headed to africa. still not using the word terrorism. islamic extremist groups like shabab have had deadly attacks. if it was from a bomb no one has taken responsibility for it get. >> another escaped inmate. accused killer steven bright was released by los angeles county sheriff's deputies bedue to a paperwork error.
2:33 am
he was awaiting a trial for a 2011 murder in pasadena. there's a 20,000 dollar reward for information lead to go his capture. >> a couple known as bonnie and clyde may be to blame for another robbery and kidnapping. surveillance video captures 31-year-old fitzgerald she let her go a short time later. the crime spree began with two robberies and a kidnapping. >> oo cleanup underway in mississippi and add ball maum after a total of 6 tornadoes were reported. the same storm system bringing winter warnings across the plains in the midwest.
2:34 am
wind gusts causing >> in the warm sector had weather and in the cold sector places in nebraska and iowa. the storm system is on the move. it is still bringing in snowfall across eastern parts of iowa across parts of wisconsin and into the upper great lakes. the cold front associated with it very widespread bringing in a lot of heavy rain from parts of the gulf coast extending into western new york state. today it will be bringing in additional severe weather into the midwest and parts of virginia. an isolated tornado will be possible. we have a flood threat and damaging winds as well. the flood threat extends into the atlantic with flood watches
2:35 am
in effect. you are only in the teens across colorado and also into utah. ahead of the system mild air. take a look at those numbers in the 60's in atlanta and later on this afternoon you will be close to 60 in new york city and also in cleveland. let's head over to you heather. >> maria molina live for us. thank you, maria. >> we are america's headquarters. the presidential candidates hitting the ground in the granite state. they are busy ramping up attacks on rivals as expected before the nation's primary. molly line is there with us. >> the first full day post iowa was busy for the candidates packed with town halls and rallies. the top tier with the steam at their back but the rest of the field was firing hard as well. new jersey governor chris christie was already here on the
2:36 am
ground having chosen to forego caucus night in iowa to spend a little more time in the moderate granite state. he slammed the third place iowa finisher senator marco rubio. >> maybe lasted more than two weeks. (indiscernible) >> rubio hit the grounds here with hopes of capitalizing on his better than expected finish and fired right back at christie. >> when people don't end well they react poorly. i have been with you once a week. we did a debate. you asked me tough questions. others asked me tough questions. i answer tough questions all of the time. >> party leaders handed hillary clinton the win by a tiny
2:37 am
margin. clinton seems to have shifted her strategy hitting the republicans hard but she still went after sanders, too. >> i am the one who has the ideas and commitment to make sure we never let wall street wreck main street again. the best evidence of that is the republicans and their wall street allies are running ads against me. senator sanders has a different approach. shares my goal of universal coverage but he wants to throw our country into a contentious debate over healthcare again to start over to face the gridlock that would come. it is easier to get from 90 percent to 100 percent coverage than from zero to 100 percent coverage. >> he is taking it with a lot of enthusiasm and looking forward. >> next tuesday new hampshire
2:38 am
will hold the first primary of the country. you will have the opportunity to help lead this country in a very, very different direction. if we win here in new hampshire after a great showing in iowa we are going to do well in nevada and south carolina. >> the underdog part is not easy. she remembered a big win over senator obama in 2008. >> we will be following it all for you. molly line, thank you. another stunning revelation hillary clinton's e-mail scandal. the secret e-mail john kerry sent was from a personal account. that is now classified. the message was released with nearly 1,000 other e-mails last week. the state department says the
2:39 am
e-mail account is no longer active. >> the dramatic rescue of the taliban hostage in afghanistan earning a navy seal the highest military honor. edward byers will be awarded the medal of honor on february 29th. in a december 2012 rescue operation byers through himself on a doctor being held hostage to protect him from this. a secret under ground tunnel just discovered under a home in tijuana mexico is 30 feet wide and 700 feet from the california border. police say other tunnels have been found on the property before. crystal mt and marijuana was also found in the home. >> this is not scaring any one.
2:40 am
the palestinian terror says they captured the tank from israeli forces and rebuilt it. a spokesman from benjamin netanyahu sweeted out this picture. the red circles around the tanks's track. the tweet says quote fyi tanks aren't made of wood and don't run on wheels. >> the time is 40 after the hour. a near death experience, a volleyball player collapses on the court. a miraculous moment she is revived. >> they have a new security feature to help cheaters hide from their spouses. >> going to the chapel or not. the couple who literally got married within seconds of meeting each other. i think it landed last tuesday.
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. . . avo: when sends craig wilson a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what he becomes?
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client: great proposal! let's talk more over golf. craig: great.
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client: how about over tennis craig: even better. avo: a game changer! avo: the ready for you alert, only at >> it is about 15 minutes to the top of the hour. google is waging its own kind of war against terrorism. the tech company is rolling out the new pilot program that would show anti radicalism leaks. it is unclear when and where the program might start. top u.s. officials might talk about how to recruit new members on-line. the university of connecticut kicking off next fall's semester with black only on campus dorms. 40 students mostly freshman and sophomore will live together and receive specialized social academic and career development support as part of an effort to boost low graduation and retention rates among low
2:45 am
african american students. university leaders say it's a good incentive but critics say it promotes segregation. >> remember ashley madison? now masking all of the users apparently. the infamous adultery web site are asking a mask to their profile picture if they want to remain anonymous. it let's you choose from a black bar that covers your eyes or four different degrees of blurring. now the new tool seems to be part of ashley madison's efforts to give members tighter security protocols following last summer's hack. >> not sure about that one. >> if you are desperate for a vacation but a little short on cash there are simple ways you can earn free travel perks. cheryl casone from our sister network fox business with loyalty programs that could help you rack up free trips. >> i am all about deals. that really is my middle name. in these days there are so many millage programs that give you
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airline deals, hotels, credit card. usually the miles is tough to do. experts say there's a smaller program that may be a better deal if they are services you already use. greyhound road rewards and bolt bus have a rewards program that could give you free bus trips pretty fast. it gets you a companion pass. eight gives you a free trip. bolt bus gives you pass after eight journeys. thanks again works with airlines for restaurants retailers and other services in your home town. you still get air mile miles but it is basically double dipping. you are an uber vip after 10 uber rides per month. it gives you access to the best drivers discounts and other perks. a preflight and a parking spot. if you are constantly leaving your car at the airport when you fly. amtrak has a rewards program you should check out and finally rocket miles gives you airline miles when you book at specific
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hotels. ladies... >> i had no idea. >> does it get you a clean car? >> you know what i know. i have had that experience. it will get you a highly rated driver. >> good to know. >> cheryl casone to find fox her go to the time is about 10 minutes to the top of the hour. in aer who rific crash caught on camera. watch as this car skids on its roof with a baby inside. it has a good ending. the incredible ending that will leave you counting your blessings. >> girlfriend 4 or girlfriend 2. >> girl 1. >> we have to put the ball to third and whatever. >> and it's back, the latest installment of the nfl battle now going viral. >> i haven't seen that before. i like that. >> what is coming up on "fox & friends" with steve doocy. >> coming up about 13 minutes from right now the fbi now
2:48 am
investigating water problem in flint, michigan, which isn't the only city with contamination. how do you know if the water you are drinking this morning is safe. we are going to show you how you can put your own water to the test this morning and figure out what the heck you are drinking. ron goldman's sister kim goldman joins us live to the reaction to the fx series "the people verses o.j. simpson." geraldo rivera who covered the original o.j. simpson trial is here live. >> heather nauert and her son peter are cooking with friends. super bowl is a couple days away and they have something great to make your super bowl even greater. busy hour kicks off right here on the channel you trust for your morning news. right now, you're not thinking about all the money you saved by booking your flight, rental car, and hotel together.
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we're back with a fox news alert. a global health emergency as the first case of the zika virus is contracted in the u.s. >> the way it was spread is sparking panic. kristin fisher live in washington from new developments. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we have the first case in this outbreak of the zika virus being transmitted within the u.s., and it wasn't spread by a mosquito. it was spread through second. according to dallas health officials, the person who contracted the zika virus had sex with someone who had just returned from venezuela and had fallen ill with zika. venezuela is one of the countries with reported active transmission. while sexual transmission is rare, it's not new. the world health organization just announced a few minutes ago that this is only the second-known case of sexual transmission of the zika virus ever. there was a report of this happening in 2008 with a married
2:53 am
couple in colorado. still, health officials are very concerned, especially for pregnant women. >> if we got lucky and found a biological part of the virus to get a vaccine, the procedures would take i think at the minimum years if not months. >> until the epidemic is under control, your best protection is either using mosquito repellant or avoiding travel to these countries. now perhaps even avoiding or maybe being more careful with people who come back from those countries. >> thank you. time for what is going viral. married at first sight. a california woman and new york man tied the knot within seconds of meeting each other at the airport. they met on instagram one year ago, fell in love despite never having met in person. >> hmm.
2:54 am
the latest bad lip reading version is here in time for super bowl 50. >> girlfriend four or girlfriend two? >> girl one. >> we'll put the ball to third and whatever. >> this side -- this side? >> bad lip reeding part two of the 2016 nfl season yet to be released. >> funny. love that. all right. the sometime currently 54 after the hour. women in the military required to register to draft like men. >> is this fair or going too far? your emails are pouring in on this one. we'll tell you what they are next. need to hire fast? go to and post your job
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to over one hundred of the web's leading job boards with a single click. then simply select the best candidates from one easy to review list. and now you can use zip recruiter for free. go to
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ten -- two mirngs to the top of the hour. an investigation after a an explosion on a somalian jetliner blows a hole in midair. one person was killed. authority not calling it terrorism related. a hearing on capitol hill on the lead crisis in flint, michigan, as lawmakers try to figure out who's to blame. the fbi is joining the investigation:toyota recalling 320,000 trucks because of roof-mounted air bags that can inflate without a crash. toyota says it is a computer issue. owners will be notified by mail. time for "the good, the bad, and the ugly." first on the good, a high school athlete brought back to life after her heart stops on the
2:59 am
volleyball court. school officials rushing to help with an aed and restarting her heart in less than five minutes. next, the bad. a florida man steals from walmart using his daughter as his sidekick. he rehearsed a backup plan in case they were caught and told her to lie about throwing a receipt away. and the ugly -- a baby in the u.k. survives a horrific crash. the car flipped on the roof with the 4-month-old inside. wow. time now for your "brew on this response." top army and marine corps officers saying women like men should have to register for the draft. this after the pentagon opened all jobs in the military up to women. >> the act is requiring women to register for the draft -- is it fair or too far? ken says, i think all 18-year-olds should be required to register. i think everyone should serve their country for two years. judy writes -- going too far.
3:00 am
men and women have different roles. i don't care what anyone else. rick says -- there is no draft for men and women. >> true that it's all voluntary, but you're still required to register for the draft. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> have a good day. >> bye. good morning, my friends. today is wednesday, the 3rd of february, 2016. i'm anna kooiman. this is a fox news alert. you've got to look at this. a packed plane explodes at 10,000 feet leaving a gaping hole in the side and one passenger literally gets sucked right out. was it a bomb? >> looks like it: meanwhile, ted cruz issued an apology after dr. ben carson called him out on this program for cruz's dirty campaign tax kicks. >> i apologize to ben for that. they should have forwarded that subsequent story. that was a mistake on our part. >> but according to dr. carson, sorry isn't good enough. wait


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