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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  February 3, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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>> way to bring the energy today, guys. >> set your dvr so you never miss an else of "the five." "special report" up next. with the new hampshire primary just six days away, both republicans and democrats are still not buying the official results in iowa. and doing everything they can to run each other off the road to the white house. this is "special report." good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. republican and democrat presidential candidates are hitting the campaign trail with ferocity tonight in new hampshire of ahead of next tuesday's first in the nation primary. but there continue to be questions and accusations regarding the results of monday's iowa caucuses. this happens as the republican field loses one, possibly two more candidates tonight and we
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have fox team coverage. ed hen 50 in derry. they will participate in a democratic town hall this evening. we begin with chief political correspondent in dover, covering the sharp elbows in the republican race. good evening. >> hi there, bret. despite his gracious concession speech in not winning the iowa caucuses, donald trump is clearly angry about and it accusing one of his rivals of dirty tricks. >> ted cruz unloaded after the call for a redo. and accused cruz of fraud. >> it is no surprise that donald is throwing yet another temper tantrum, or if you like, another trumper tantrum. it seal his reaction to everything is to throw a fit. >> trump is not in new hampshire. he called into morning meeting. >> a lot of people didn't think
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i should go to iowa and i came in, actually, i came in probably first if you think about it. it is a total voter fraud when you think of it. that's why the polls were so wrong. >> it refers to direct mail grading them for their failure to vote in past elections. it has been a bare knuckle vote tactic for years. he also tweeted based on the fraud committed by senator ted cruz during the iowa caucus, either a new election should take place or cruz results nullified. >> he lost and his reaction is that he breaks down. he really has problems. >> in washington, ben carson held a news conference and stopped short of accusing cruz of dirty tricks or vote fraud. >> it is clear there were people who tried to take advantage of the situation. >> robidas rubio who is riding a big wave dismissed the idea for a redo but joigs the pile on
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cruz. >> i think it goes back to what i said before. >> doubled the most interesting man in politics a year and a half ago, rand paul with drew from the race today. sources say rick santorum will end his campaign and nounl it this evening. john kasich has suggested if he gets smoked in the first primary, he'll step aside. chris christie has been aggressively criticizing all of his rivals. and jeb bush, struggling to gain momentum will bring his mom out on the campaign trail to bring momentum and some applause. >> please clap. >> survival for bush, christie and kasich, independent voters can often sway the outcome. >> trump's assertion that there ought to be a redo is virtually impossible to imagine and it comes more than 36 hours after came in second. he had not mention it until this
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morning but he did mention perhaps skipping the debate might have hurt him. the idea that there would be any ramifications from this are very small. the dirty tricks in are always far more intend than what happens in the iowa caucus. >> live in dover, we're heading your way. after an apparent narrow victory in iowa, hillary clinton faces an up hill battle in new hampshire against a popular senator from a neighboring state. clinton and bernie sanders face off tonight at a town hall in derry. the chief white house correspondent ed hen 50 in concord. not er dderry. he is always on the move. >> reporter: just wrapped up a news conference behind me. he revealed he now has campaign offices in 15 states around the country and vowed he is going distance. an awkward moment today for hillary clinton when a voter asked her about cyber security.
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as the fbi investigates her e-mail server. >> it is one of the challenges the next president will face. the advances, the offensive advances by nation states that we know are very technically sophisticated, namely russia, china, next level, iran, next level, north korea. >> that come as bernie sanders continues to electrify the left bringing in $3 million after the second place finish in iowa. last night without naming clinton, he said talked about goldman sachs. >> it is one of the large institutions on wall street, one of those institutions that helped destroy the american economy. >> which may explain why the chairman of goldman sachs doesn't want to admit he supports her. >> you're backing hillary
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clinton? >> yes. you're assuming it. >> i don't want to help or hurt anybody by giving an endorse thinkment. >> all of this with hillary clinton and other key advisers that hillary's campaign did not stifle sanders' rise quick enough. now the former president is pushing back. and the idea that he is the next president, barack obama. on the verge of handing the clintons another upset. >> there is, no, i don't. barack obama is not bernie sanders. >> as for some of the oddities in iowa, such as the six point list. sablders and raising questions but stopping short of the results. >> we will be talking to the officials. we are now focusing on new hampshire where we're working really, really hard to try to win that primary. >> now, in addition to the forum tonight, there will not be clashing. sanders a moment ago confirmed
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tomorrow night he'll be at a debate with hillary clinton. there has been some ambiguity about whether it moves forward. this is the first one-on-one >>. thanks. >> we are getting new information. speaking of hillary clinton about the top secret e-mails on her server. >> good evening. a member of the house intelligence committee who read the e-mails said there are more than 22 that are top sxeekt mrs. clinton received each one. >> i have never read anything more sensitive than what these e-mails contain. they do reveal classified messages, this he do reveal classified sources and human assets. i can't imagine how anyone could be familiar with these e-mails, whether sending or receiving them, and not realize that these are highly classified. >> 22 e-mails withheld by the state department friday contain intelligence from special access
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programs that are beyond top secret. each has its own security manager. even with a top secret clearance, there are periodic polygraphs. >> we are staying on this. we're learning new information about terrorist groups posing as refugees to try to get into the u.s. what about that? >> the homeland security department is doing social media counts but only when there are other signs. >> we are doing that, we are adding resources quickly so that we use that. the the entire body. >> is this the high risk? >> right now, and then we'll be moving to covering the entire -- >> the intelligence community confirmed terror groups such as isis are seeking to get fight enters into the u.s. during today's hearing, members of the homeland security talked about the best approach.
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>> the american people don't trust us, allowing people in here because they don't think we're getting a straight story. i don't think we should allow one single refugee into the united states if we cannot confirm factually that we have checked the database. and we can confirm that person does not possess an intent or a threat to the american people. >> to fail, to admit refugees who are in fact most severe victims of that sort of terrorism. of those sorts of threats. would cede a vital part of the battlefield. >> and tonight mark kirk has drafted a letter to john kerry and jay johnson asking for the immediate suspension of the program until agencies can identify the state passports.
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one muslim called president obama's trip to the mosque today, better late than never. the visit come amid growing call for muslim immigration, increasing concern about radical jihadists and at the same time, growing fears and complaints from the muslim community about bias and persecution. kevin reports from the white house. >> we're one american family. when any part of our family starts to feel separate or second class or targeted, it tears at the very fabric of our nation. >> an impassioned 45-minute speech that relies on freedom, president obama called on americans tonight be bystanders to bigotry. while not naming anyone specifically, he seem to accuse republicans of fomenting ant-american rhetoric.
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>> a veiled reference to the gop front-runner donald trump who has called for a temporary halt. but critics accused the president of playing politics. >> this isn't a partisan issue. it is by partisan and we beg of the president to stop using muslims as a prop for partisan one upsmanship. instead, join us in reforming the radicals. >> from the september 11 attacks, and recent assaults on paris from the murders in san bernardino to isis which has brought terror the world over. >> you've seen too often people conflating the horrific acts of terrorism with the beliefs of an entire faith. >> his first visit was not without controversy. because of where the message was delivered.
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critics stay islamic mosque of baltimore was a poor choice, because of its past. it had ties to anwar awlaki. >> the twh islamic society of baltimore is a muslim brotherhood front organization. >> that is a charge the isb vehemently degs. now today's visit to the mosque was the latest in a series of trims. you could probably call them faith outreaches that will continue with tomorrow's visit. >> let me know your opinions. you can use the #special report. syrian state tv says government troops and allied militiamen have broken a siege of two important shiite villages in northern aleppo province. their capture marks a major
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victory and aims at settling the civil war, breakdown again. jennifer griffin fills us in. a warning, there are some images in this piece you may find disturbing. >> before the syrian peace talks began, negotiators feared russian air strikes would derail the talks and today they did. after russia reneglected on an agreeme agreement. >> i talked on foreign minister lavrov and i discussed cease fire with him. and emthey are prepared for a cease fire. >> russians have carried out 270 air strikes since monday. today u.n. envoy suspended the talks. >> it is not the failure of the talks the state department denied the peace conference was a waste of time. >> it is not a shoe rate.
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raid. the top general in iraq is being careful. >> i wouldn't characterize it as a proxy war. >> syria is starving. close to 500,000 are cut off from food stance. 51 people have died of hunger in a town of 20,000, just 10 miles from lebanon and 40 miles from the israeli border. aid workers who arrived with the first and only food delivery last month said they have never seen such scenes of starvation. a u.s. spokesman asked whether they were charged with protecting the aid convoys. >> there are no plans for that. >> we haven't seen a catastrophe like this since world war ii. >> the editorial blamed secretary kerry's compromise with russia, in part for allowing it to continue. unfortunately the obama swaigs's
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handling appears to be handling those very war crime. >> she won an award for her book, problem from hell. she asked why the united states and the previous administration stood idly by and didn't act in the face of genocide which appears to be happening again. >> jennifer griffin at the pentagon. thank you. up next, fixing blame instead of fixing the problem in the flint, michigan water crisis. fox 29 in philadelphia. a judge ruled moments ago, a sexual assault case against bill cosby can proceed. it sweeps aside that cosby's lawyer. this is the only criminal case so far. fox 6 in birmingham, alabama, the national weather service has confirmed two tornado touchdowns in the state of alabama.
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one struck fayette cone tuesday night. a stronger f-2 touched down in pickens county. i destroyed 13 homes and damaged two others. and this is a live look. the big story. two more months of raw sewage floating into the river. a waste water plan was severely flooded. the best scenario is a return to regular operation in april. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from special report. 85% of men say eating right helps prepare them for a healthy future. but up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients ... ...from food alone. let's do more. add one a day men's ... ...complete multivitamin.
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the flimt, michigan disaster is underway. official are all pointing fingers at each other over the high lead in the water and in its children's blood. >> the fact that my son has lead poisoning. the city still continues to tell everyone the water was safe as the epa sat by and watched in silence. >> reporter: she is the first michigan mother whose home
3:21 pm
measured hazardous levels of lead in drinking water. the chairman blasted darnell early, the former emergency manager of flint for declining to show up. >> we're calling on the u.s. marshals to hunt him down and give him that subpoena. we're issuing a new subpoena and he will be here to do a deposition later this month. >> he expressed his own outrage as well. >> why would they be paying for water that they cannot even use that's poisoning them? that's not american. mr. chairman said, this is not a third world country. >> a key republican noted, it would have only taken a small amount of money to properly treat the flint water. >> for lack of $80 to $100 a day, that's about $30,000 a year. it wasn't the $50 million we
3:22 pm
heard. for that much money, we poisoned the kids in flint, didn't we? >> an e.p.a. authority acknowledged -- >> there are drinking issues across the country that we are monitoring actively and working with our state partners to address. >> reporter: another republican rimmed for only going to flint after the e.p.a. official tested the water. she posted a picture of herself on the scene. >> i final it despicable that she shows up in flint yesterday instead of going there immediately. >> i'm outraged the e.p.a. continues to allow this dishonesty with testing to continue nationally. >> that i believe they're not enforcing the law. they're not enforcing their own policies. >> subpoenas have been issued and the e.p.a. is expected to turn over comes to by the end of the week. them not only should some be fired but some should end up in
3:23 pm
jail. >> the house oversight committee chairman. the office of personnel management over the big data hack. they have issued a subpoena to the opm's acting secretary beth co-bert for be documents he said she has refused to produce. a jump in oil prices sent the dow back up today. gaining 183. the s&p 500 finished ahead the nasdaq lost 13. there is a new element in the growing controversy over immigration at the southern border. it seems cubans are headed for the u.s. by the tens of thousands. many without jobs. the correspondent tells us, you're not only paying for it. uncle sam is apparently encouraging it. >> reporter: outside the embassy, they stand in line for a visa to visit the u.s. others aren't waiting.
3:24 pm
traveling through central america to texas. cuba has sent to the united states over 2 million people. how many more? >> reporter: the exodus from cuba accelerated last year when the u.s. reestablished ways to the communist station. a signal that america's open door was about to close. unlike other immigrants, cubans get a free pass. >> they stand in immigration for a if you hours and then they're released from there. >> with food stamps, medical care and enough cash for eight months. weeks later they can be legal permanent residents. >> the most people go through the program. miami is and different cities in florida. >> 45,000 arrived last year. looking, like him, for a better life. >> translator: the current situation in cuba is really bad. you can't live there. >> instead of dangerous trip across the straits, cubans travel across ecuador, through
3:25 pm
central america to mexico city where they catch a flight to the bored he. then walk into texas. >> we have to end the abuse of american generosity. >> reporter: nine out of ten foreigners getting refugee assistance in florida are cuban. an estimated 700 million a year. the problem is many make a mockery of that aid by returning to cuba while letting u.s. relatives cash their check. every cuban is still presumed to be a political refugee. today most admit they are not. which is why the cuban american congressman says it is time to end the policy. >> we have to reform this. >> reporter: until that happens, experts say more cuban there's try to get into the u.s. that eliminates the special immigration status. big brother really is watching you from 250 miles in space. we'll tell you who is watching
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what do you think michal? i agree. let's get out there. let's meet these people. a law enforcement source tells fox news,al shabaab is being looked at in the bombing of the airliner on tuesday tfl plane made an emergency landing at mogadishu airport. 74 passengers were on board. one man was killed either falling out or being sucked out of that plane. tonight u.s. military investigators in turkey are trying to determine what caused an american predator drone to crash in a field near a coalition air base. incirlik near the border with syria and the home to u.s. fighter jets and other aircraft involved in the fight against isis. no one was hurt in the incident and there has been no comment on
3:31 pm
the drone's mission. another set of eyes is getting a much better view tonight on some of the european borders. it comes from 250 miles up. the correspondent steve hairigan tells us about the potential profits and pit falls. >> reporter: a canadian company's offer to rent out spaces on board to help the european monitors of borders has raised questions in the young field of earth observation. the company earth cast installed two high resolution cameras on the russian side of the space station in 2014. the russian space agency owns a small percentage of earth cast. >> the russians have been aggressive to find ways to make money. >> reporter: there are also concerns that russia could use it to military ends in ukraine and syria. >> russia is doing targeting beginning syria in what we would
3:32 pm
like to think are isis targets. it turns out they are targeting many of the groups we support. so clearly this could be used to identify and locate for strikes by russian aircraft. >> reporter: nasa has been pushing hard to it for exploration. the commercial use of cameras on the research station shows how the line between government control and private enterprise in space is vanishing. these darkss analysts say, anyone with a money has a seat at the table. >> governments and militaries are having difficulty dealing with that because they want to foster innovation. they don't know what that means in the long term. they're always concerned about it. >> reporter: design to be a lab, it is increasingly being used as a destination point for private companies trying to find a way to make space travel profitable. going at it hard in the
3:33 pm
granite state. we'll look at the presidential races and the continued questions that what really happened in the iowa caucuses.
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so i apologize for that. that was a mistake on our part. >> it is a total voter fraud when you think about it. he picked up a lot of the votes and that's why the polls were so wrong. a lot of people didn't think i should go to iowa. actually, i came in probably first if you think about it. >> it is no surprise that donald is tloek another temper tantrum or if you like, another trumper tantrum. his reaction to everything is to throw a fit. i understand that donald finds it very hard to lose. >> we can say whether or not we take something like this and just sweep it under the rug.
3:38 pm
and say, that's just the way it is. or are there consequences? >> donald trump says there should be another vote in iowa. it is just not fair. ted cruz says this is a trumper tantrum. ben carson says he should have done better. but for dirty tricks being played by the cruz people and perhaps others. meanwhile, the attention is on the granite state. look at that. john kasich, neck in neck with chris christie will these are stops in new hampshire. here's the real clear dlp polls. it doesn't really translate the number of stops with the percentages there. at least as of yet. who knows what can change in the next six days. let's bring in the editor. okay, what about this back and
3:39 pm
forth about iowa dominated today? >> it was funny. donald trump for the first, what? 36 hours. i think there was a clock on it. >> behaved graciously and maturely. and then he seemed like he couldn't contain himself anymore. the problem was that by behaving conventionally, he seemed like a conventional politician. that's a bad place for him to be. when he is not dominating, he goes down in the polls. i think he wamts to throw a trumper tantrum in order to be back in the limelight. i'm not sure it will work the way he wants to. >> every time i leave happen hal, i say this is a hot mess. how is it that we cover this every four years? every four years, something goes wrong. we call the whole thing into
3:40 pm
question. then four years later we come back and we say isn't this quaint and cute? it is a process that is rife with the potential for fraud. you have a blank piece of payment. you write a name on it. you stick it in the ballot. on the democratic side, hang out with a bunch of people and film koinls. >> those coins are rigged. >> that's the process. to me, i don't know this is helpful at all for him. a way to get into the media. this makes him look much more about being petty and self-centered, rather than being about strong and defiant.about self-centered, rather than being about strong and defiant.this m about being petty and self-centered, rather than being about strong and defiant. >> he came in second although he now says he probably came in first. and he says now he lives another day in new hampshire. >> the reason he can't admit to coming in second is because if he loses anything, the earth
3:41 pm
wobbles off its axis. i do disagree slightly with john. i don't think the reason he insists right now with the attention coming back to him for electoral strategic reasons. i think it is just a psychological need. speaking as a layman there. but the one thing i will say, as to the effect. i think this has a weird effect of helping rubio. this is the scenario where the top two dogs, they attack each other. they each are somewhat diminished by it. and then rubio just sneaks in there. it has happened in iowa in 2004 with the democrats. in some way you could say it happened in iowa this time around with rubio. so i think he gets the benefit.
3:42 pm
it is probably a minor one. that doesn't help. >> rand paul is out. he opens up the libertarian part of the party. why didn't he do well? everybody thought going in, he would catch fire. isis was really the reason, was not it? >> i think that's a big part of it. i think the rumors of the libertarian moments on the right were greatly exaggerated. there were moments that were. they don't, a lot of these issues, they like the lump together as one coherent whole aren't in people's minds. i think one people who believes it was rand paul. and i think isis in particular brought out the jacksonian
3:43 pm
desire in america to kick butt and take names. >> we should point out that while ted cruz often agrees, he is talking about second amendment. obviously the campaign. there's some opening there. >> it has been woven into the fabric of the debate as opposed into the entire could not continue genetic. the debates the role of american foreign policy. that's all been encompassed within this debate. it. the other thing that i never understood about the rand paul focus. he was talking about what we needed to do as a general election candidate. here's who we need to talk to. it was fine for general election. it was never going to appeal in a primary electorate. >> you mentioned it.
3:44 pm
you have governor kasich, governor bush, carly fiorina. they are all fighting for that spot on the establishment side. >> it's the three governors and carly. and i think all of them gds, unless they head up ahead of rubio, they have to leave the race. so they're going after rubio. not necessarily trump or even cruz. it was an internal one. he had hess eye on that constituency years ago. remember when rand paul stood up and had his filibuster and ends up on the could have of "time" magazine. cruz then supported rand maul and had good shoes, apparently. he went after evangelicals and who dropped out today.
3:45 pm
he went after the so-called liberty vote. and you saw today rand paul. by the way, he is going to endorse. he is on greta van susteren in the next hour. >> he says his foreign policy position stands between rand paul and john mccain. >> it's time to check out this week's results from the new "special report" contender's app. the statement about the middle class that was most. in 1961 can he kennedy reduced tax across the bored. . this has to be the mission we have to do. that statement belongs to jim gilmore, virginia governor, who is still in the race. he is creeping up the board.
3:46 pm
here's how all the candidates did. users ranked the middle class toppeck as a fatherly important issue, ranging it on average 3 3/4 stars. panelists, who are you end up with? >> i was with ben carson. >> charles in. >> i was with fiorina. and my second was christie. could i just say that gilmore creeping up reminds me of the newly discovered tortoise on st. helena who is 180 years old. there is hopeful i think he's related. sorry. >> we'll leave it there. >> i didn't think we could get those things together. >> log on to the fox news app. next u
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do you think hillary clinton is a progressive? >> some days, yes. except when she announces that she is proud moderate. >> i get accused of being moderate and center. i plead guilty. i think sometimes it's
3:51 pm
important when you're in the elected arena, you try to figure out how do you bring people together to get something done? >> it was kind of a low blow when senator sanders said, in response to a question, well with, you know, maybe she is a progressive on, you know, some days. it's about our records, hey, i'm going to win by a landslide on tuesday. >> so the battle in new hampshire is who is most progressive. at least that's the back and forth. we're back with the panel. hillary clinton and bernie sanders. a.b., they were also talking about iowa. sanders saying it's time to move on. they are going to ask the iowa democratic party to it look into the six coin toss deals that you talked about before. as we take a look at the rcp average in new hampshire, sanders has still a big lead and one would think being neighboring senator he is going to be well positioned this week. >> you would think. though, the one thing i
3:52 pm
remember about new hampshire, and we should all remember about new hampshire on both the democratic and republican side is, the people in that state who say they make up their mind on who to vote for in the last week is somewhere between 45 and 50 o%. i mean, the polls are going to look very different four days from now and will look very different on election day. what i'm curious to see is whether bernie sanders is going to follow up with the heightened criticism he has been making on the trail both about her lack of progressivism, about her speaking fees from wallq street. whether he is going to take into the debates. whether he is going to take that into these forums. and a the emails. he is notoriously every time he has gotten the chance in the debate, they throw him a softball. he decides i'm not going it take it i'm very curious to see if this is is the time he does it. >> they are going to debate there is a town hall tonight. a debate tomorrow night. they have agree to do three more debates on the democratic side. we have tried endlessly with the dnc and multiple partners and pitches, so far
3:53 pm
we have not gotten the debate. >> that's because you would be throwing hard balls. none of them has seen a hard ball in any of their debates until now. number one on iowa and the coin toss, i would check and see my theory would be that the coins were under inflated. that's got to be checked. the other thing that is, i think, is remarkable is that, i mean, it's going to be exciting. there is a lot of drama here. all kinds of questions. who is is going to win. the margin going to be be and how much of a home field advantage does sanders have. but i don't think it matters in the end. in the end you're going to go to south carolina. you're going to go to the southern states. i don't see sanders having a chance. he is going to an a one and it will be a footnote in history and an interesting one. he represents a serious constituency among democrats that in the future would actually prevail under some circumstances. but, in this race, it's up to the head of the fbi to decide if it's going to be hillary or not.
3:54 pm
not up to sanders. >> exactly. hillary, by the way, has a 29 and a half lead according to the average of polls in south carolina. but, it's not just us covering this email scandal situation and what is in these emails. to listen to the people on the intelligence community, in the intelligence community and on the committees, talk about these emails, it seems increasingly serious. >> yeah. ty tie the two together for a second is there is a a reason hillary started comparing this to benghazi that was in effect to inoculate herself against attack its from bernie sanders. attacks from the left has become illegitimate partisan attack. code for that now. unfairly and ridiculously. she is trying to make
3:55 pm
real problems for hillary down the road. the one thing i will say about the fire wall thing, i don't know if this idea that somehow the various constituencies in the democratic party are not for sale to bernie sanders if he starts becoming popular and starts looking like he can really beat hillary or the emails become a problem. i'm not sure the fire wall holds. >> a few seconds, amy, electability is hillary clinton's pitch. if emails become an increasing problem, isn't it electability becomes bernie sanders' pitch. >> it already has become bernie sanders' pitch. when you look at the national polls which i think are ridiculous to start doing head to heads now he can say why you are calling me unelectable, look at the numbers. i'm winning. that is it for panel. stay tuned for nfl smack talk. ♪
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4:00 pm
online. yea. >> on live butang. >> that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. greta has a big interview "on the record" right now. "special report" onlibrary begins in three seconds. ♪ >> not one but two breaking news announcements. presidential candidate rick santorum is standing by. he will be breaking news right here and only "on the record." don't miss this. but first strord taking on the trail. trump and senator cruz were already swinging hard at each other but now the gloves are off between these two candidates and blood could end up on the floor. donald trump is here to go "on the record" in just seconds is. but, first, check this out. >> donald is throwing yet another temper tran o ---tantrum. he. >> he insulted ben carson. what he said is unthinkable. he said the man


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