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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 5, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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live results on your screen. should governor bush have brought in his family sooner? 49% yes. 51% no. good night from washington, d.c. o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves. because they left you down and they left. >> donald trump dropping the f bomb on the the campaign trail even as new polling shows him continuing to lead the republican pac. he will be here tonight. >> i hope youzt guys ask him some questions. >> marco rubio doing well in the new polling, so now he is being scrutinized. we will talk to governor christie about that. >> are you a 100 percent confident that nothing is going to come of this fbi investigation? >> i'm 100 percent confident. this is a security review
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that was requested. it is being carried out. it will be resolved. >> also ahead had, hillary clinton says no way she will be indicted over the email fiasco. but is that true? caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. some new polling out of new hampshire. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. with the big vote coming this tuesday, presidential takesnv on some gravitas at this point. "wall street journal," nbc has trump ahead in new hampshire with 30%. rubio 17, cruz 15. kasich 10. bush 9. christie 4. carson 4. fiorina 2%. cnn has it trump 29. rubio 18%. cruz 13%. kasich 12%. bush 10%.
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christie 4, fiorina 4%, carson 2%. >> cnn: should be noted the new "boston globe" poll has sanders ahead by the 9 points. i expect donald trump to win the new hampshire primary but the surge of marco rubio is worth noting. no question the iowa vote helped him. ted cruz continues to campaign energetically as do possible, not probable, there will be a surprise in new hampshire. on the dem side bernie sanders is running strong, don't ask me why. nobody can figure out why the voters in the live free or die state want a socialist to become president. last night it was very at the debate saying what he always says. the billionaires are running the country. the economy is rigged. i will stop that. on the other side, hillary clinton was hillary clinton. you either like her or you
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don't. on that subject, quinnipiac did a national poll, putting sanders and three republicans against secretary clinton. she is ahead of sanders 44 to 42. that's a tie with the margin of error factor. she beats donald trump 46-41. she ties cruz 45-45, but loses to marco rubio;o 48-41. talking points has said it before and he had henry's reporting backs it up, the clinton campaign does not want to run against rubio. for all of you partisans out of there, that's not a knock on your candidate. it is simply a fact. yesterday, on the campaign trail, in new hampshire, donald trump was his typical flamboyant self. >> we are going to have businesses that used to be in new hampshire that are new hampshire and you can tell them to go [bleep]
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themselves. >> now in all of my years of reporting that is the first time i have ever seen a presidential candidate make campaigning. trump, indeed, is unique. and he joins us from his new york city headquarters. did you write that yourself? >> no, i didn't use the word. i never said the word, bill. i don't know who told you -- i would never use the word. i didn't say the word, i said you can tell themh-9÷ to go themselves. >> the lips kind of moved in the -- well, they might have, no, i didn't say the word. even i wouldn't do that, okay. no, i never said the word. >> you just walk right up to the line. you always push it you are always going there and all that okay. be that as it may. >> but we make our point. >> you do. >> there is no doubt you make your point. >> sometimes you have to make a point. the other way it doesn't work out so well. >> i'm sure you were glued to the set this afternoon. president obama announced the economy was improving.
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jobs are 4.9% unemployment. should we give the presidentuy credit for that? >> look, you can't give credit. the economy is having the worst -- it's so bad. hey, bill. every time i go out, i have packed auditoriums, people don't have jobs. they don't have the jobs they want. >> 4 pulp 9%' you unplot. >> phony number. 29% and probably higher than that. looking for jobs. employed. bill, the economy is doing terribly. looking at the stock market, finally, that was the one passionate of the economy and finally that's crashing those are phony numbers put up by4ej politicians to make them look good. when you hear 5% and 4.9%. it's not the right number. heard. good jobs and bad jobs. i have seen 15 different reports on that. but the fact is, if you look
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around for a job for months and months, you can't get it. you just sort of go home and forget about it. you are considered employed. there are millions of people get jobs. that's why i'm filling up these stadiums. bill, if you had a real fight. >> you and bernie sanders have the same thing. coming up and he we will ask them about that both the left and the right are saying the economy is rigged. okay. so you are not going to give president obama any credit for the 4.9. now, i believe that one of the biggest problems america has is the national debt. it's rarely talked about on the stump. most people don't understand it. don't care about it. can you tell us tonight why 19 trillion-dollar debt is important to the folks? >> well, it's really 21 trillion because the new budget deal lifts it up by at least $2 trillion. so, the national debt in a very short period of time is going to be $21 trillion.
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we are mortgaging our future. we are mortgaging our children's future. >> what does that mean? how is that going to come back to hurt the kids? how? >> pause we are going to have to pay this money back at some point and at some point it's going to be impossible. you know, i have always heard and read a lot on it and understand it and went to wharton and all of that stuff. i have always heard that $24 trillion we become greece. and to a certain extent we are a large scale -- we are getting to be a large scale version of greece. we never do cutting. we never do anything. you know, i saw a statistic the other day, we're the biggest purchaser of drugs in the world. drugs to make people better for medicare, et cetera he, et cetera. we spend the same, practically, as if you are going to go buy drugs from a counter, we spend the same. we could have saved $300 billion a year if we did the right job with the purchasing just of drugs.
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>> negotiated a better deal but here's the thing. >> but you know why. bill, do you know why this is? because the drug companies have all the politicians taking care of them. >> yeah, the lobbyists. >> they are all supporting all these politicians. they are not supporting me because i'm self-funding, okay? >> you how are you going to bring down the debt though. look, with all of the social security payments, with all of the medicare payments, with all of the social welfare programs that we have, how is any human being going to bring down the debt? i mean, what are you going to do? >> okay, bill, are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> we have a country. we have a country with no growth. we have no growth. last quarter, did you see that practically zero growth which is almost unheard of. when china does 7%, they are practically in a depression. we do nothing. because our jobs are leaving. our companies are leaving. >> how will that bring down the debt? >> i will tell you how it is going to bring it back, we will create a dynamic
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economy again. we're going to bring the jobs back from china, from mexico, from japan. >> you still owe the money. >> from vietnam. we owe the money. >> you bring it back, howe are you going to get the debt down? >> because the country is going to start growing and we will be up to 4 and even 5%. and when we do that, we pay it back so easily. >> how? >> it's easy to pay it back. >> how? >> how? because essentially if you look at the country like a profit-making corporation, or a losing corporation, right now we are a losing corporation. we are going to make it a profit-making corporation. >> but then you are going to have to raise taxes tojç get more money in to pay down that debt. >> the problem we have is our taxes are so high that nobody can -- everybody is choking. >> i don't know how -- even if you gin the economy up, how does that pay down $21 trillion? you have to take money from the corporations and people to do it. >> bill, the politicians
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have caused this problem. just so you understand. >> i understand that. >> they have caused this problem over the years. listen, the politicians have caused this problem. we're going to make our country dynamic again. now, companies, big companies like pfizer are leaving. they're going to make itks worse. they're leaving. it's called corporate add version. many companies are leaving because the taxes are so high. we have to lower taxes not raise taxes. >> the revenue to pay down the debt then leaves. okay. but that's for another day. >> no. no the country will be more dynamic. it will be a dynamic. we are going to create a dynamic economy where real jobs are going to be pouring into the country and we'll have a country that is sustainable. it will work, bill. >> still the debt is still on the books. now, you say. >> you are going to slowly pay down the debt. >> you are going to be in the next debate you? confirmed that. fox news debate in detroit? you showing up. >> yes. >> do you want to confirm tonight that i was right
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that you should have gone to debate in iowa? do you want to confirm that too. >> no, you weren't right. >> oh, i wasn't right? why are you going to this one then? >> flip a coin. flip a coin. >> i don't have a coin. >> i raised $6 million that fight for the veterans. >> we could have done that day. can't you give me a little credit that i was right? can't you give me a little credit. >> i will give you a little$ñ credit but not too much. >> you should have gone. >> i raised $6 million for the veterans. >> you could have con that any other day. >> i don't think so. >> you gave cruz and rubio a lot more air time. >> i gave them more air time, that's true. they had more air time i agree with that you know what? the veterans like trump so i'm okay with that i think it maybe sort of evens. the veterans love me. remember this, $6 million i raised during that debate in one hour, actually, not two hours. and all came n one hour. pretty good. >> all right. maybe we should have a telethon and pay down the debt. >> that's another way of
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doing it. that's probably not a bad idea. >> good luck on tuesjjy. we always appreciate you coming on the program. we know you are busy and you take the fire and we appreciate it next on the rundown, governor christie will enter the no spin zone. later, hillary clinton says there is no chance she will be indicted by the justice department after the fbi investigation. kirsten powers on that. also, how about accusations of denver bronchos quarterback peyton manning used performance enhancing drugs? up ahead. and i'd like to... cut. so i'm gonna take this opportunity to direct. thank you, we'll call you. evening, film noir, smoke, atmosphere... bob... you're a young farmhand and e*trade is your cow. milk it. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity.
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coverage from the new hampshire primary. governor chris christie. you just heard my interview with donald trump. 4.9% unemployment. should barack obama get any credit for that? >> listen, i do believe that, you know, you move the rate down. you get some credit.
5:16 pm
but here's the problem. the problem is these jobs are lousy jobs. and the problem is that middle class incomes, hard working taxpayer's incomes have gone backwards over barack obama. median income has gone backwards $3,700 in the last seven years. even people with jobs are moving backwards rather than forwards, bill. the numbers are the numbers the numbers are the numbers and i do ag8; those numbers, you know, are make believe. but, no doubt about it, the problem is income in this'5rh country. and that people are not making the kind of money they need to make to move their families forward. that's why we need to grow the economy. >> that's why people are angry and you are seeing a lot of nonpolitician people being considered for president. now, on the national debt. again, i don't think most people understand it it's a very tough thing to sell when you're outcampaigning. don't -- it's not real to them. $19 trillion right now and we're adding. do you have any plan to bring down the national
5:17 pm
debt? >> i do. i'm the only person in this race, bill, with a plan on entitlement reform. 71 cents of every dollar that's spent in the federal budget right now, 71 cents of every dollar is spent on entitlements and debt service. so they asked willie sutton why did you rob banks? because that's where the money is. and that's where the money is in the federal budget. so i put forward a plan that over the next 10 years will save over a trillion dollars by reforming entitlements. we need to do. this and i know people don't like to hear about changing social security or medicare or medicated. but, if we don't, we are going to be become a nation where regular folks. >> get too microinto it but what's the headline of the plan? >> headline on the plan on social security is raise the retirement age two years and phase in over 25. anyone has over $200,000 in retirement income, which means they have 4 or 5 million bucks in the bank at least they don't get a social security check. >> social security, even though i paid into it all my working life, i get jobs, i don't have get any money? >> yeah, the government lied
5:18 pm
to you and stole from you, bill. they jobbed you. >> all right. you are are running in single digits in all the polls in new hampshire. you spent a lot of time there. you got a lot of media3 attention. i think we have been fair few fox. you gave the "fox & friends" guys a little jazz saying they were rooting for trump. do you believe the "fox & friends" guys are rooting for trump. >> i think that doocy gets me on the air and asks me, you know, four questions on donald trump. you know, and why -- should donald trump have a do-over in iowa? you know, once you ask it the third time you should get off it. you know me, bill, i have been the kind of guy where i will take a couple questions that i beaten trail. >> but you are dodging my question now, do you think they are rooting for trump in the mornings here? >> i think doocy might be rooting for trump. >> yeah? i think doocy got promised he is going to be the ambassador to a very warm country. no. i don't know. i mean i watch the show. >> caicos probably, bill.
5:19 pm
>> i don't think there is any surge for any one candidate on this network. i think it's all over the place. i mean you have got people rooting for you. people rooting for trump. people rooting for cruz. rubio, whatever it may be. now, with your position in the polls, you have to make a surge in the next three or four days in new hampshire. do you have anything different you're going to put on the table or anything dramatic that you're going to do? >> well, i'm going to let you watch for the next three or four days, bill. i understand the position that i'm in and the other folks are in, at least accord tog the polls. let's remember something else about the polls they were 9 points wrong on the trump cruz race in iowa and 8 points wrong on marco rubio's total. >>#ç i'm saying they are all in uniform. they are all saying the same thing that rubio is surging because of his iowa performance. trump is still leading. but, are you saying to me tonight that you have something that you are going to pull out in new hampshire that we haven't heard or something new that you might do? >> what i'm going to say
5:20 pm
bill i will bring greater focus and greater clarity to the discussion over the next four days and that will move my numbers even more than i feel like they are moving already despite what the polls are saying. >> sanders a tree up there? >> is that a recommendation, bill you will? >> i love bernie. i have got to tell you. i think bernie is the most entertaining politician and so is trump and so are you. i love interviewing all three of you. bernie isax running away from me now. >> why? >> why? because it's rigged. that's why. all right, governor. good luck to you and we appreciate your coming on the show tonight. directly ahead had. >> bill, thanks for your time. i will see you. >> hillary clinton says no way she'll be indicted on the email scandal. kirsten powers will react. and, later, the crazy city of san francisco says it wants to give 12-year-olds condoms in the public schools and not tell their parents. factor is coming right back.
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campaign 2016 segment tonight, there was a debate as mentioned between the two democrat presidential contenders last night. and here is the headline. >> are you a 100 percent confident that nothing is going to come of this fbi investigation? >> i'm 1100 percent confident. this is a security review that was requested. it is being carried out. it will be resolved. but i have to add, ifís there's going to be a security review about me. there is going to have to be security reviews an awful lot of people including republican office officers. we have got this absurd situation of retroactive classification. >> joining us is kirsten
5:25 pm
powers. some say that is audacious. word of the day audacious, kirsten. >> i do agree with ywq it is audacious. if i were her i wouldn't have stated 100 percent. because there is no way for her to actually know that now, most likely i think i have said before i don't think she is probably going to get indicted. but there is no way to say for absolute sure what's what is going to happen. >> remind the viewers why you do not believe the fbi would accumulate enough evidence for indictment. >> i think for two reasons. one i think there is a a basic political issue of is the justice department going to bring -- you know, convene a grand jury to indict a presidential candidate of either party,bú&> they have to if the secretary of defense there because everybody has it to be treated equally under the law in this country. >> oh, bill, that's sweet. >> it's what? >> sweet that you think that. >> that's the kind of guy i am. >> yes. that's really not how the system works unfortunately. >> oh. so the testimony is corrupt,
5:26 pm
ms. powers is saying? >> i think that it is a little bit. yeah. so i don't think -- i think honestly presidential candidate of either party, the fact that it is hillary clinton i have a hard time believing the obama justice department would bring anhb indictment. say. and it's mostly on the democratic side. but, if you have an fbi grerkt comey, who -- director comey putting 150 agents out on the case and they come up with enough evidence that there was obstruction of justice or that there was knowingly she that was illegal because she didn't protect the information enough. it's impossible then for the politicians, whether it be the president, the attorney general, to not take up an fbi recommendation. it is impossible. >> i don't think that's true. >> it can't happen. >> i think it should be impossible. >> firestorm of impeachments , could you understand if comey comes out and says the evidence,
5:27 pm
there is enough evidence to indict and they don't indict, do you understand what will happen then in this country? >> first of all, who is to say that he is he going to come out and say that. >> they have to say something. >> have to make a recommendation. no reason they are going to come out and say something. >> he would be dragged before the congressional committee as you well know that he would. and he has to testify under oath about what they have come up with. so, that is a given. he has to. and if you are going to say that the director of the fbi says we are going have enough today indict they're citizen, not hillary clinton the candidate and not hillary clinton the former secretary of state. the citizen. and+ loretta lynch says no we're not. that becomes a constitutional crisis. >> it wendt wouldn't be president obama. it would be the justice department. >> she can't. she can't. >> okay, fine. well, we will see what will happen. the other thing is i will be surprised if that happens. i don't think that based on the law, that you have to show that she knowingly
5:28 pm
mishandled this classified information because the information was classified after the fact. you can argue that she should have known, that's fine. but you can't. >> that's her defense. and i'm not going to convict her. i would say that would be crazy. all i'm saying to you is i thought the statement was audacious by secretary clinton. >> we agree on that. >> this the director comes out by fbi director comey says indict this american citizen. she is going to be indicted. they cannot not indict her or as i said all hell will break loose because all americans are to be treated equally under the law. iénow it doesn't happen. but on this case, everybody is watching it. last word? >> yeah. like i said, i think the problem is it's just a big a problem as the fact that i don't think you can show she knowingly did it. >> that'sa?-uq of a hope on your part because you are north -- >> -- it's not a hope on my part. >> you are not an investigator. you don't know what they are coming up with. that is a hope. >> bill, i'm not a hillary
5:29 pm
clinton supporter. i mean, i have plenty of problems with her. so i am not saying. >> emulate me. >> i'm saying what i think is going to harassment i try so hard to be like you, bill. >> you should be like bill. >> my goal in life to be like bill. >> i don't know what happened. >> my motto. >> i don't know what happened. and i'm not going to say that i think she is guilty or i think she innocent. i don't know. be like bill. kirsten powers, plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening with super bowl sunday looming, there are still rumors about denver bronchos quarterback peyton manning using performance enhancing drugs. villains of the week. leaders of san francisco topping the list. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. ,d heart pendant. now just $399.99 each. that's $300 off! helzberg diamonds here's to love.
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impact segment tonight. super bowl sunday this week means millions of people will be partying and some might even watch the game between the carolinak panthers and the denver bronchos. joining us now from san francisco where he is covering the event on west wood one radio jim gray. start with the quarterbacks, peyton manning, very angry about al jazeera accusing him of using performance enhancing drugs. anything new on that front? >> well, his crisis management team apparently hired some private investigators to go and look at the people who are coming out with the story. it's got new life if there garbage. he welcomes the investigation from the nfl. the nfl says they are investigating. the one thing we know, bill,
5:34 pm
it will have zero impact on the game on sunday. >> okay. and i have always admired peyton manning and i'm hoping that there isn't anything to this. report. and it's flimsy. that's the word. filmsy. but the nfl is investigating. they are doing some kind of inquiry into it. >> that's correct. who knows where this will go. it seems, you know, peyton manning has always been forth right and open in dealing with the media. he. >> in the past. you know, let's take him at his word. >> i do. >> he has done nothing to dishonor his reputation at any point during his career. the whole thing right now seems to be a bunch of nothing to it me but we'll have to see where it goes. >> okay. and this country you are innocent until proven guilty. now, peyton manning, to me, has lost some arm strength. did you see that as well over this season? he has lost a little arm
5:35 pm
strength. >> of course, yes. he was floating the ball. it didn't look good. it started at the beginning of the end of last year. carried over into this season threw 17 interceptions just 9 touchdowns. had the foot injury. looked like his career might beíl over. oswyler came in and doing well manning got his job back. they have didn't know two seed to possibly out of the playoffs and now playing for the super bowl. >> the denver defense, i have never seen a quarterback get beat up like brady got beat up. it looks to me like cam newton the carolina quarterback, there is a a big difference right now in skill on theç field. so you would have to give the odds to, and i think carolina is up by 5 and a half. you would have to say that carolina has a better chance to win based on the quarterback position, which is so vital. >> cam newton has been spectacular this season.
5:36 pm
he runs the ball. evidence throws the ball. his accuracy rating has gone way, way up. he has been unbelievable. is he going to be named, in my opinion the mvp tomorrow night at the nfl honor's program. he has been fantastic. people are complaining because he has too much fun. if that's the only thing you can find wrong with a guy that he has too much enthusiasm and exuberance then something is really wrong with you. this guy has been sensational. >> he didn't buy into the racism stuff. >> he has to manage the game and let his defense try and win it. >> and to newton's credit, he didn't buy into the racism stuff and all of that. that became a story last week. want to make a prediction, gray or are you going to not? i'm going to make a prediction. are you going to make a prediction? >> i'm going to call the game so i'm going to leave the prediction to you. let me say. this everybody is discounting the denver bronchos. so far the carolina panthers have been the best team this season. they should complete that this season. but we have seen everything from villain nova to the giants when they were way down. we% have also seen.
5:37 pm
>> sure, a couple of turnovers. >> even rocky balboa so you don't know until they play. >> is rocky balboa in that game? he is playing half back. >> he could be. >> take this to the bank. tell all your west wood one viewers. carolina 24 denver 16. that will be -- >> -- sounds like a good number, bill. you may be right. >> jim, we appreciate it? >> you may be right. >> when we come rightytt back bolling and rivera on sanders doing excellent job and varney with his villains. popping up all over the place. yeah, it was amazing. just with a little bit of information, you can take leaps and bounds. it's an awesome experience. i'm in charge of it all. business expenses, so i've been snapping photos of my receipts and keeping track of them in quickbooks. now i'm on top of my expenses, and my bees. best 68,000 employees ever. that's how we own it.
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thanks for staying with with us, i'm bill o'reilly, in the personal story segment tonight. bernie sanders got attention last night for saying this. >> do i think president obama is a progressive? yeah. i do. i disagree with him on a number of issues, including the trade agreement. but, yes, i think he has done an excellent job. >> with us here in new york city eric bolling and rivera. bolling, i know you don't like president obama. >> you think? i don't dislike the president just his policies. >> excellent job. >> i think the president of the united states is not given enough credit for the economy. 4.9% unemployment is half of what it was. we have to recognize what he has done right. he has done a lot of things
5:42 pm
poorly like immigration, like race relations, like isis, but when the guy has. >> would you sayc< excellent? >> in terms of jobs when it was 10% unemployment, this country was bleeding and we are now at 4.9. >> you say he did an excellent job. >> on the economy, yes. >> why on both sides the left and the right are the folks so angry about the economy? and, why have so many millions of americans left the workforce not even looking even though they want jobs? >> you know in terms of the people who have left the workforce, i will leave it to the economist to tell us i know there were a lot of people who opted free lunch, disability rolls growing. no doubt laziness. >> i don't know if the economy is as excellent as you and bernie think it is. >> i will give the number if you add the people who have left. >> aforementioned. >> bring them back. in. >> who say want jobs.
5:43 pm
unor when the unemployment runs out go on disability. t?juz searching for a job. the unemployment number pushes 10% again. it doesn't improve. i will give you one thing though. for the first time in seven years, wages do look like they are starting to improve. >> 2.5% in 15. see, i ought to be dobbs. forget about dobbs and bolling. 25%. >> 17.9 million insured under obamacare. the rate 6 uninsured lower than ever before. >> all those people getting subsidized or freebies. i don't know if that's helping the economy. with the stock market imploding, you will see the slow down in big things like cars and houses and everything else. i wouldn't be championing the economy so far. >> i he wish you wouldn't say that. >> i will never retire. >> i have to report the truth. >> aren't you like a royal or something. >> i have five kids and agree grand kids. >> big thing is that the right wing fanatics and left
5:44 pm
wing fanatics are all dissatisfied with the economy because people aren't making as much money as they feel that they should. and rich guys like all three# of us are the targets. somehow we are bad because we are doing okay and most of the folks aren't doing okay. so, i'm not a big champion in the economy. now, did you guys watch -- you watch the debate last night. >> all the way true. >> what did you think? >> i think they spent a lot of time bashing wall street. trying to wall street each other. blowing my mind that hillary clinton who spent the last 25 or 30 years using wall street as an atm to finance her various campaigns is trying to tell bernie sanders and the american people that she can't stand wall street. here are the numbers. $21 million wall street has don't nateed to her election. to the current+ campaign. $44 million. >> this is the artful. >> goldman sachs, jp morgan. wells fargo. they have all donated. >> maybe they will wall
5:45 pm
street is their friend. >> that is what she has labeled the artful smear. >> it's fact. >> i don't deny that this. >> you can't smear with fact. >> this candidate has taken hundreds of thousands of dollars in very lucrative speaking fees from the likes of goldman sachs but people like you cannot point to one example of where she has rolled over on wall street. >> fair enough. >> you want the best thing that came out of that debate last night chuck todd who i'm not a huge fan of asked a best question anyone has ever asked in the history of hillary clinton. will you release the transcripts of your goldman sachs speeches, she balked. she couldn't answer the question. >> how about that? >> i am sure that these were not off the record. there must be people with recordings. let them publish them. >> let me point out that the secretary of state cannot do anything for wall street unless wall street moves to to your knowledge. >> that's a good point. >> she wasn't in an opportunity or she didn't have. >> from new york. >> that's way, way, way, way
5:46 pm
back. >> now and i say this last night. i believe wall street has expectations that if hillary clinton becomes president she is not going to do anything against them. she is not going to move against them do. doo a few little things. >> she has a program more fleshed out i believe than bernie sanders. >> she has a program that she talks about. action. okay. there we are, everyone. you make the call. stuart varney on deck. he has his alans of the -- his villains of the week. a pop guy we are going to miss. coming back. nx
5:47 pm
. with an easy open cap.
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5:49 pm
back of the book segment, barney's villains. we begin with a shocking story
5:50 pm
in san francisco. >> kids as young as 12 could be getting their hands on condoms at school. it's already going on in many high schools nationwide. but in san francisco -- >> we decided that it was time to expand the conversation to our middle schools. >> including more than 10,000 students in grades 6, 7, and 8. before getting a student would meet face-to-face with a counselor or nurse. >> they will be able to determine if a student is ready and able to enter into the next step of a relationship, which would include sexuality, sexual relationships. >> you think a 12-year-old could call into that category? >> for 5% of our students it's happening. >> but there's even more to this story. so the worst part about this is the parents are not even going to know about it. >> precisely right. local reporting suggests that the parents are split. some are saying having sex behind their parents back make it safe. i'm on the other side of the
5:51 pm
fence, clearly. those parents are saying it's not your call. on what ground does a school administrator hand over a condom to an 11 or 12-year-old? >> i think it should be against the law. this secular craziness that no matter what the conduct, we're going to make it safe. >> what about the principal of the school coming right in the middle of a family, between the parents and the child. it is my call as a parent, not the administrator's call. >> should be against the law. this is what happens when secularism runs wild. san francisco is chaos on every level because of these people who don't respect parental rights or anything else. >> they are the villains. >> in afghanistan, the general in charge is named john campbell. he made a shocking statement. roll it. >> i have the authority to
5:52 pm
protect coalition members against any insurgents, taliban, al qaeda, if they're posing as a threat to our coalition. >> but do you have the authority to strike the taliban because they are the taliban? >> to attack the taliban just because they're taliban, i do not have that authority. >> that is amazing. >> it is. >> where are we at, 10,000 american troops over there, cannot go on the offense against the enemy trying to kill them because of president obama. this is a president obama policy. >> they are sitting ducks. >> absolutely. >> if you're sit thing in a war zone, you can't go after them, they can come after you. >> you can defend yourself. but anybody who knows anything about the military knows that you don't wait to be attacked. you don't wait for the japanese to bomb you like pearl harbor. you go out and neutralize their ability to do so. >> precisely. >> this story got no coverage,
5:53 pm
nothing. and it's president obama's policy. so he's the villain here. >> they are there. those troops are still there, 9,000 of them. they are political pawns. they're only there because kabul, the capital of afghanistan, was probably going to fall. so president obama keeps those troops in there. but he won't let them attack. >> it is so bad. >> they have to sit back and take it. that's wrong. the policy is villain nous, my opinion. "factor tip of the day," another pop legend dies. the tip, moments away. love drama? go on a first date. my passion is puppetry. here? i think we're done here. hate drama? go to research, price, find. only helps you get the right car without all the drama.
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5:55 pm
>> >> "factor tip of the day," the passing of a pop legend. but first, you may have noticed my red tie tonight. that is to honor the american heart association. bringing attention to women's heart disease and stroke.
5:56 pm
much of that can be prevented and the association can tell you how. just contact them. and if you can help them out with a donation, please do. now the mail -- >> what you should be disappointed in is your own misreporting, jim. i said the story will vanish unless there's legal action. not even close to what you allege. wise up. >> oh, now i understand, dorothy. thank you. >> here's how it works, mike. secretary clinton and many other famous people have agents who
5:57 pm
make deals and try to get the highest price as possible for the speech. the agent has no other duties. it is up to the speaker what happens after that. there is no quid pro quo on these booked speeches. >> it's called capitalism, zach. if bernie sanders becomes president, i guess all that will vanish and only recorded music will be allowed. >> i hear lots of folks are doing that, sally. fairfax very close to washington, d.c. and the eagle bank arena is a great facility and we'll see you on may 7. also, miller and i will be in los angeles on saturday, march 12.
5:58 pm
>> that's right, keith. that's how insane we are. we want everybody to join. enjoy the free books and copy of the constitution. >> well, i appreciate that, paul. i love "pauley's island." very nice place. finally tonight, "the factor" "tip of the day," some of you know one of my favorite groups of alltime is earth, wind, and fire, this week the founder maurice white passed away at age 74. ♪
5:59 pm
>> our condolences to mr. white's family. he was a musical genius, that includes my pal, his brother. the group will still tour and if you haven't seen earth, wind, and fire, one of the best shows on earth. that is it for us. we would like you to spout off about "the factor" from anywhere in the world. name a town if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not by mendacious when writing to "the factor." monday, he have krauthammer, hume, mary katherine, everybody. tuesday, we "the factor" will be
6:00 pm
here live at 11:00 eastern time to analyze the new hampshire vote. so lots of interesting stuff coming up. thanks for watching us tonight. ms. megyn is next. i'm bill o'reilly. please remember, the spin stops here because we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight. four days out from the first in the nation primary, and suddenly the political pros say they are seeing some big changes in new hampshire. welcome to "the kelly file," i'm megyn kelly. "the boston globe" dropped the series in the latest of polls, showing a changing race. donald trump is holding steady in the lead in new hampshire, senator marco rubio and his rivals are closing the gap. rubio surging nine points in the survey. this poll from nbc tells the same story with trump at 30%, and rubio again making a move. a poll from new hampshire tv station wmur sees the same


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