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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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and you know every bite of 'lobster lover's dream' lives up to its name. hey, eating is believing. so stop dreaming and start eating. welcome back. it's 8:00 p.m. in new hampshire. polls are now officially closed across the state and fox news can now project that donald trump will win the republican presidential primary based on fox exit polls and early voting returns. in the all important battle for second place on the republican side, ohio governor john kasich is currently slightly ahead of texas senator ted cruz, florida senator marco rubio and former florida governor jeb bush, although it's too early to say in what order these four will finish tonight. there you see the numbers on the screen. exit poll numbers and raw vote total in. 4% in. trump's victory while expected is a victory of
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sorts. he was beaten by ted cruz in iowa. he regains his frontrunner status in a crowded field that places greater importance who will finish second, third, even fourth tonight. kasich currently in the second position. but as far as the others, they are bunched up in third. and the other interesting development is chris christie, who is mired in single digits tonight with carly fiorina and at this moment dr. ben carson. again, too early to make a call in that effort. >> on the democratic side, we have news as well. vermont senator bernie the democratic presidential primary here in new hampshire. and the second place finisher will, of course, be former secretary of state hillary rodham clinton who last week barely eked out a victory over sanders in iowa. sanders' back-to-back strong significant momentum in a nominating process cake walk
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who won new hampshire eight years ago. however tonight it was not to be. now the question in this race will be by how much has he beaten her? >> let's wring in our panel, fox news senior political analyst brit hume. "u.s.a. today" columnist kirsten powers, senior writer at the "weekly standard" and fox news contributor steve hayes. brit, thoughts? >> the federation fed up it appears has carried the day in the republican party, at least, and it may indeed do the same on the democratic party. gives you an idea of the atmosphere in our nation's political system. the voters that were for trump were people who consistently we have seen in polling in this exit polling tonight are people who have politicians. now, whether this will -- how far this will carry forward in the upcoming states is anybody's guess. that's where we are and this establishes it as well as anything we have seen. >> let's stay on the republican side and just look at this. this changes the dynamics, steve in new hampshire.
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only held 11 town halls. 23 days total here. compare that to john kasich who had 190 stops, 104 town halls. spent 62 days here. he is fighting for second. looks like he may finish second before the end of the night. but it changes this place, this whole election. >> it sure does. there is a spending gap, too. trump spent $3.7 million here. kasich spent 12.1. you go up to jeb bush he spent $36 million here. this is a hugej9px victory for donald trump. it looks like. it's early but it looks like he is almost doubling the second place finisher. that's an extraordinary win for somebody who came from outside of politics, has campaigned mere here as you say placed a lot of emphasis here. in the days after iowa he thought the voters of new hampshire were more like him. were more likely to support him. more like ily to be open to the kinds of things he was saying and campaigning on. brit is right. it sends a signal about just
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how fed up voters here in particular were. and the other -- final point i make about trump. if you look at the issue breakdown. the issue-by-issue breakdown. donald trump won every single issue. he won every single issue decisively as you might expect given the top line result. it's a clear, convincing win for donald trump. >> they have been in his corner since june. he has been at the top of the leaderboard here since mid june. almost fallen below that in almost no polls. on the democratic side, kirsten, if you look at the polling a year ago, hillary clinton was up 56 points in this state. and now tonight she has lost -- she has lost new hampshire after she barely won iowa. if you look at the numbers on the polling, honest and trustworthy, which one of these four qualities matter the most to you? if you cared about your candidate being honest and trustworthy, the latest numbers show 92% voted for bernie sanders just 6% voted for hillary. how does that -- i mean, we
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saw terrible numbers for her on honest and trustworthy for iowa, too. how does that bode for her going forward. >> it doesn't bode well for her. what actually bodes worse for her is he is winning people who typically)would have gone for her. people that went for her when she was running against barack obama. people making under $50,000 were voting for hillary clinton. 62% of them went for bernie sanders this time. if you go up to 100,000, still 63% or going for bernie sanders. when you go to 100,000 or it's still 50% to 49%. he is he winning every demographic. most importantly winning the demographics that were her demographics in 2008. >> brit? >> for all of the anger that we talk about, there is a divide between the two the future which i think is interesting. on the republican side you ask the question do you expect the life of the next generation of americans to
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be better than life today? that's 43%. that's a plurality. you put it with about the same number, you get the 64% who thinks things will be better or about the same. democratic party. only 25% say that life will be better going forward. so, the republican party, at least in this electorate in this state tonight is more anger expressed in the result for donald trump. >> there is not a lot of -- sorry. there is not a lot of drama obviously in these first place calls. but, steve, when you look at the fight for second and third, second looks like it's lining up for john kasich. but third place, between these establishment figures, bush, not so much in cruz. he is not establishment, but he is fighting for third place. >> yeah. >> and rubio. >> that's likely to be the other story coming out of here. if this clot of the second, third place finishers remains or even if it's
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close, if you have a number of candidates in the teens, for instance, or in the low double digits, i that you have potentially five candidates go on from here. go on to south carolina, go on to nevada, go on to march 1st contests. you are likely to hear from jeb bush's campaign. they are already spending money in these states that are down the road. ted cruz's campaign has done tremendous amount of planning. get out the vote operations. groundwork in these states that are in front of us. marco rubio's campaign, the same thing. and i think john kasich's campaign, if he does, in fact, come in second here, he will have the most immediate work to do. he spent all of his time here, 100 days i believe he did is 06 town halls. he focused on new hampshire. he bet his candidacy on new hampshire. evidence is hoping that a second place finish propels him forward into these other states. i think it most certainly
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will. and the question will be for kasich, how does he scramble to build some kind of operation in south carolina and beyond? >> even if he does finish in second place john kasich tonight will emerge from new hampshire with one and one. cruz won iowa and trump won new hampshire. so, what does that mean, brit, as we head into south carolina? >> it's worth remembering this when people are thinking whether marco rubio who looks like he is going to finish third or fourth tonight can go forward. since iowa and new hampshire became the two twin early pillars of@m this primary season 40 years ago when jimmy carter won iowa and put it on the map. no republican has ever lost both of those states and went on to be elected president. that's not true on the democratic side where bill clinton lost both and spun himself in to being the come back kid and went on to win. >> can i make a quick point about the importance of debates? i think we are looking at a situation where debates have really mattered in these
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last two contestants. in iowa you look at donald trump skipping the debate. even he acknowledged in the aftermath that that probably cost him a significant number of votes. in this race you look at the debate performance that marco rubio had and not just the performance itself, he had obviously some bad moments at the beginning but then finished much better. but look qulawnd that look at the coverage. look at what people have been talking about almost incessantly for the last couple of days. you see a major difference in where late deciders went in new hampshire versus iowa. marco rubio won late deciders in iowa. won voters who made their decision either on caucus day or in the last few days. in new hampshire, marco rubio came in fourth among those voters, behind donald trump, john kasich, and jeb bush. all won more of those. and then the final point, 90 percent said that the debate was a factor in their decision. only 8 percent said it wasn't a factor. >> all right. panel. stand by. thank you. >> let's check in now at the winning candidates' campaign
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headquarters. we begin with chief political correspondent carl cameron live from the trump headquarters in manchester. carl? >> hi, megyn. it's become a victory celebration. the huge crowd went up. they lit it up. they were excited to the hear the news that trump has been projected as the winner tonight. and trump did it in a way that was very unconventional in new hampshire. he didn't come here very often. he did he, however, concentrate most of his large events along the massachusetts/new hampshire border. about 85% of the republican electorate is comprised iué, some sort of a triangle that runs from concord, new hampshire to the vermont border on the west and sea coast on the east. that's where he spent most of his time. it also had the function of bringing in a lot of of voters from outside of new hampshire from massachusetts, rhode island, and even connecticut. so the crowds were huge. the trump campaign set a goal for itself of getting 100,000 votes. literally 20% of the projected turnout by the secretary of state bill gardner who has it at a
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record 550,000 votes. they are on track right now somewhere in the neighborhoods of 80 to 100,000. the one thing that the trump campaign almost dared not ask and hoped for was that the number two candidate would come out of new hampshire being john kasich. they believe that that's a pushover for them because kasich lacks the type of organization that the panel has been talking about in the last few minutes. he has spent so much time in new hampshire, he lacks the kind of infrastructure in any of the upcoming states. by contrast the trump campaign today launched attack ad at ted cruz. the texas senator has serious organization in southern states starting in the first in the south primary in south carolina. and then going on through the march 1st states including what's been euphemistically discussed as the sec states when, in fact, some of them are actually acc in the naacp collegiate acronym dialogue. this is exactly what they wanted. they believe that jeb bush is even better for them. and they make the argument
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that rubio, bush, kasich, even christie, who is in big trouble, all were part of the establishment. and that donald trump goes to south carolina, his outsider campaign can knock megyn? >> carl, thank you. >> now let's head over to he had henry in sanders' campaign in concord. he had? >> a huge roar went up here at the top of the hour when fox news and other networks projected that bernie sanders will win tonight. can i tell you the hillary clinton campaign is already reacting. they put out a memo we have just obtained at the top of the hour from robby who is the campaign manager for hillary clinton. it says two things. that they are looking ahead to march because of the minority vote and because of math. in terms of delegates. specifically this memo from robby muke to their supporters basically tries to spin why they lost tonight and what they are going to do moving forward. they talk about how it's not as racially diverse, the
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voting population in iowa, new hampshire, as we will see in early march. states like texas, georgia, alabama. so they say once minorities start voting more, hillary clinton will do better. and, secondly, only 4% of the delegates are up for grabs in the early states, the first four states. but they note that there will be a mother load of 1800 delegates up for grabs in march. about 900 specifically super tuesday at the beginning of the month. it tells you they are talking about march, bret, because they had a veally bad night tonight. >> he had henry, we will check in later, thanks. >> let's go back to chris wallace along with karl rove and joe trippi, chris? >> thanks so much, megyn. yeah, you can see up on the numbers that only 12% of the precincts are in. but all the precincts are n laconia that town of belknap county that campaign cowboys said would be a bellwether. this is karl rove's writing as he went through the six precincts in laconia and
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adding up all of the people. karl, show us what that adds up to. >> those are six wards. >> wards, all right. >> here's the results among the republicans in those six trump a commanding victory 32.3%. nearly doubling>y john kasich in second. jeb bush in third. three points behind, 3.5 points behind. ted cruz on his heels in the battle for third and then marco rubio and then a break until chris christie who is in sixth plate. >> then we go to the democrats and you will show us that in a moment. you were saying earlier this is really important that whoever finishes ahead, bush or rubio has a lot more momentum going forward in south carolina. >> who is in third, fourth, and fifth matters a lot. there is going to be a the love bragging rights on that tonight. kasich is not thought to have a solid organization in south carolina. he may. there has been rumors that he may focus his focus on the upper midwest and not put a major effort into it. this is going to matter here what the lineup is here.
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again, the point about laconia is, since 2000 it's called the order one, two, and three since 2000. obviously lot more votes around the state. if it keeps unbroken record this will be the one, two, three finish. two to one over kasich. >> flip the board. >> flip the board. [ laughter ] >> and there it is is clinton 45%, sanders 55%. which is about what indications were. is the double digit a big deal,l5r8"? >> oh, yes. >> whether or not it's 8% or 12%? >> i think it ú is. again, this is laconia gets it within a points. you got it within 2 points last time of being accurate. this can be anywhere from hillary clinton losing by 15% to getting into the single digits. we don't -- can't read that much into it. but it's clearly a big victory for bernie sanders. >> you were making a point when the panel was
5:16 pm
discussing the fact that sanders is winning among all the demographics. you were making the point though that the demographics in new hampshire are not the demographics of the democratic party across the country. >> not taking anything away from this victory for him. it's a great victory. now the real test comes to whether he can expand this energy into the other constituencies. blacks, latinos. more conservative white democratics, that just are not insofar have not moved to him. >> the fact that he ran her to a dead heat in iowa, 7504-year-old independent, democratic socialist from brooklyn and vermont. doesn't that give him so men mum tum. i understand these are not typical states that she has got problems and he has momentum? >> yes. that's the hope -- has to be the hope for the sanders' campaign that the momentum out of that tight race in iowa and now this victory in
5:17 pm
new hampshire can get people to take a real look at him and expand, but particularly among african-americans, particularly among latinos, he has got to be-'f?j able to do that. so far, none of the energy around him has moved those numbers very much. >> but to wrap up, the people of laconia have spoken. trump, big victory in laconia, bernie sanders big victory in laconia. >> we spend all this money on graphics and still it's just the white board. >> old school. makes it simple. >> by the way on the bottom of the screen, still the raw total coming in. there you see 12% on the democratic side. 9% republican side. it will continue to happen throughout the night. >> there is still drama going on. as the fight for second place on the g.o.p. side and fight for third. we have analysis from charles krauthammer and john sununu. >> our live coverage from manchester continues next. flush ♪ ♪
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welcome back to special coverage tonight. as you have heard fox news has predicted that donald trump has won the new hampshire primary on the republican side. bernie sandals -- sandals, could catch on in the summer months.
5:22 pm
he has bested hillary clinton. on the republican side we are waiting to see who has come in second is. right now john kasich has a slight lead over jeb bush and ted cruz and marco rubio. but it is not clear at this hour who is coming in second or third. number as the boss of your screen shows you what percentage of the raw vote has come in. side. 9% on the republican side. you can see where the leaderboard rests right now. marco rubio with 10%. christie at 8%. fiorina and carson. >> surprising to see christie in that spot. he went on the attack. he thought he was getting momentum. it does not look tonight that he has the traction according to the exit polls and raw totals coming in. >> if he hurt rubio at that debate it was not a way that helped himself, governor chris christie. we will continue to watch it in the meantime martha maccallum has been looking at the exit polls which show how donald trump won new hampshire. what are you seeing. >> they sure do. donald trump worked hard and against type, i would point
5:23 pm
out this week to down play the expectations. he said he would be happy if he won new hampshire by one vote. but, in fact, he won big. let's take a look how he did it he won with voters who were worried about the economy and about terrorism. these voters want an outsider to tackle both of those at this point in the history of the country. republicans, at least, most voters 32% say the economy issue for them. trump has said he is going to bring back jobs to america. he has got 27% of shows voters. bush is at 13%. most new hampshire republicans also say that they trust donald trump to handle the probes in the economy.ov 3 9% say that. kasich got 18% of those. bush at 11% and cruz at 11% for those voters as well. trump voters are also very worried about terrorism. 91% of g.o.p. voters worry that there will be another attack on u.s. soil. many of them agree with donald trump's controversial call to temporarily halt
5:24 pm
muslim immigration as underlying factor in all of this. 33% who are worried about another u.s. attack want donald trump to be the nominee. 14% of those went to kasich. cruz got 13%, as did marco rubio. now, about half of republicans today say that they want an outsider to go to the white house. trump wins that, no problem, hands down. 57%. not a big surprise there. cruz gets 12%. fiorina who who has burned herself as outsider candidate all along gets 9% and kasich got 6% of those. finally the much discussed independent vote came out big for donald trump today. independents made up 42% of the republican vote. 2% of those went to trump. 18% went to kasich. he has appealed to them in a broadway and bush and cruz both at 12%. think about this for a moment the late deciders who put kasich over trump by 1 point. we don't know whether or not the saturday night debate hurt marco rubio.
5:25 pm
consider this, with the momentum he had coming out of iowa. marco rubio was in a great position to grab those late decider votes. but it turns out looking at these numbers that those who decided in the last days ended up going for kasich. 21%. rubio 14%. let's swing over to the democrats now. sanders won the new hampshire democratic primary with strong support with voters under the age of 45. not a big surprise. he got 74% of them. independents gave him 72% of that vote. and 70% of voters whose top inequality, an issue he has pushed hard went for him. 92% of those who value honesty in their candidate picked bernie sanders as their candidate tonight. a lot to look at. especially when that t. it comes to that second and third place spot. seeing interesting fundamentals in exit polls. we will bring them back to you later. >> looking at martha doing the exit polls all evening. she looks like she is in another building. check this out. she is right there.
5:26 pm
why can't we just be together and talk about it? >> we can make that happen. we have the technology. it makes it look like we are so all over the place. >> like we don't like you. put her over there. >> we do like you. >> taking reservations over here. >> we like a table in the front. >> cafeteria, is it? >> it is. >> let's bring in syndicated columnist charles krauthammer who joins us from washington. charles, welcome to our cafeteria. what do you think of this election night? >> let's start with the democrats. i think the main -- the most striking elements are race and gender. of course, race doesn't show up because iowa and new hampshire are lily white, which is why i think in the end even though this is a terrible night for hillary, i do think in the end it's not going to matter because a large part of the democratic constituency is african-american and sanders is going to try to appeal to it by pandering tomorrow. he is going to be meeting in new york.
5:27 pm
but i'm not sure that's really going to help him. the other one that struck me in the exit polls, is the gender issue. sanders wins the men by almost 30%. and sanders also won among the women. i think is a madeleine albright who said just a couple days ago women who don't help women, essentially don't support hillary have a special place in hell. i think it was mark twain who said heaven for the climate, hell for the company. it looks like the sisterhood of the marching pant suits is going to have to dress light. if she loses women, it shows you how much of a she lacking she took. on the other side, of course, this is a huge night for trump. not just the margin, which i think the word uge actually is going to become the -- spelled with a y is going to
5:28 pm
enter the dictionary this year as the word of the year. his margin over number two is really astonishing. the most interesting element is the one event in the debate, the hit that was put incidentally appears not to have been helped. it was something like a suicide attack. but the others have been helped. but the one who is helped the most is trump because now you have a muddle among the so-called mainstream lane. it's easier to see four of four preceding. and as we saw, with the late deciders, rubio won them in iowa, which[=knm gave him a strong kick but he lost them in new hampshire. lost by 8 points to kasich. imagine if those numbers were switched, kasich and rubio, he would likely be number two now and have the momentum. so he looks like he has been stopped in his tracks right
5:29 pm
now. and imagine one other thing. trump gets over 30%, which is extremely impressive in a big field. but had the field been winnowed today, tonight, to one person for the mainstream lane, cruz and trump, 30% or so means a dead heat among the three. the longer that is postponed and new hampshire has postponed it, the better it is for trump. >> quickly, charles, if marco rubio finishes fifth, or sixth, what does that mean for his campaign? >> he continues because he has strong essential elements on paper. he is the best candidate, i think, against hillary, his youth being hispanic, his energy, his ideas and his sort of charisma, but he has been terribly hurt by one event. having in history with muskie in new hampshire 40 years ago, with other events, single events that
5:30 pm
not only hurt the candidate, but that give a story line to them. i mean, after all, you showed a bunch of guys showing up in robot suits outside of rubio event. you can be sure that's going to be hammered. evidence is going to have to overcome that i think he can do it in south carolina or in the sec states. but this now is going to be very hard slog for him, much harder than it would have been otherwise. >> charles, as always, thank you. and it looks like your bets in candidate paying off on trump tonight. >> we are getting some sort of color from inside some of these campaign headquarters which is always interesting to see. according to some inside of the rubio campaign headquarters, they are barely trying to save face tonight. their spin is it's going to be a long race, which you might expect. as jeb's h.q., they are really most concerned about finishing ahead of marco rubio. that's their number one thing. they didn't expect to beat donald trump. then we hear that the folks inside the kasich headquarters cheered as fox news reported that the late
5:31 pm
deciders picked him more than%g anybody else. but then they booed us when we said that -- when carl cameron said that kasich isn't organized in later states. they love you and hate you. >> it's campaign karl's fault. >> the night is not over in new hampshire. donald trump winning the republican race. as we mentioned, there is a tight race for second and third. jeb bush, marco rubio, ted cruz all bunched together. >> john sununu next as our special coverage of the new hampshire primary rolls on live from manchester, new hampshire. ♪ i hope you like it spicy! get complete protection with the purple pill. the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection.
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ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at welcome back. breaking news now live in new hampshire, the big winner is donald trump here. the battle for second place is really full force at this hour. donald trump pulls off a victory in the granite state, but ohio governor john kasich, senator ted cruz, governor jeb bush and senator marco rubio are all fighting for that number two spot. it seems that john kasich has a lead right now. but it is only slight over jeb bush. ted cruz, marco rubio, there you see the breakdown. and the raw total coming in on the bottom of the screen there we are looking at a lot of details from these different precincts and it looks like john kasich may hold on to second place but it's too early to make that call. let's go riffe now to peter
5:36 pm
doocy who is at bush headquarters. peter, i won't call you bush, how about that? >> and, bret, the party here at bush headquarters in manchester is off to it a relatively slow start as you can see. behind me i was circulating with some the volunteers and bush backers who are here who are telling me as they look at some of the slower numbers on the screen and wait to share until they can see themselves on screen be(uj that they would be happy with a third place finish today because that is moving in the right direction. that would be an improvement over iowa. and if they can finish over marco rubio, these volunteers are telling me then that would be a good thing. they also say that a finish just behind kasich, going into south carolina would be good because they want to make sure that i know these volunteers who -- the folks here in new hampshire have been doing doing a lot of door knocking that the bush team has a very strong operation going right now in south carolina.
5:37 pm
you can see it has been pretty quiet here. the governor has not appeared. this party does not even start until 9:00. we're told that governor bush has been relaxing with family in concord. and he is set to take the stage some time after 9:00. the word across the state everywhere that we have been going from a lot of people who were undecided was that bush finished strong here in north carolina. so, again, they are saying here while they wait to celebrate potentially with governor bush, that they would be happy if things stay about where they are right now. but people are very anxious. and, again, they are not looking here at the headquarters for bush. at the big numbers on the bottom they are watching very closely at those smaller numbers on the side, just to see if they can stay where they are ahead of rubio and ahead of cruz but behind kasich and trump. bret? >> peter doocy at the bush campaign headquarters. and megyn just getting word
5:38 pm
that power is out to half of the john kasich campaign headquarters in concord so the media is scrambling. lights are on. tvs are on but apparently power out in half the room and they are trying to get it figured out. >> win some and lose some. >> we will see. >> speeches for both donald trump and bernie sanders. former governor sununu he served as white house chief of staff to george h.w. bush. good to he sue. >> thanks for having me. >> you said iowa picks corn and new hampshire picks presidents. what do you make of tonight's results. >> it's asg big win for donald trump. the interesting race now is who comes in second and third. the two governors kasich and bush are there. and then you have the two senators cruz and rubio. the battle over the next couple of cycles. the february 20th primary in south carolina and then the 11 or 12 primaries on march 11st will be to sort out the non-donald trump candidate for the party. it will be a tough battle in
5:39 pm
south carolina. a lot of monday will be spent down there. and hopefully new hampshire will have launched with its second and third place finish for someone, two candidates that will battle it out for that position. >> i know you are not a donald trump fan, right? and you are not a ted cruz >> but do you believe, based on new hampshire's past, in what you said that tonight they have picked one of the likely next presidents of the united states, that one of those two men will go on? >> i don't think bernie sanders has a shot at it frankly, i still don't think donald trump is the best choice for the republican party. party trying to find a non-donald trump candidate. i think that's what position two and three gives of value to candidates and position four and five may even be acceptable going into south carolina. >> really? what do you make of that. because obviously marco rubio, the conventional wisdom is stick a dagger in him. rubio let it happen.
5:40 pm
he wasn't prepared and could have handled that moment better. >> that's right. he didn't handle it well. >> did it have an impact. >> i think it did. marco came in here being the hook around which people might have been casting a strategic vote for a nontrump candidate. what christie succeeded in doing is making him not the place to receive those strategic votes. >> um-huh. >> they went, obviously, to other candidates like bush and kasich. >> everyone says they are going to go on. realistically, do you see fiorina, carson, or christie going on from tonight? >> i think fiorina and carson should get a message out of tonight, but they probably won't. i think christie will have to take a look as where he really ends up. if he ends up in single digits. he is going to have a l/os of soul searching. if he manages to come in double digits and manages to move himselfself up one position where he is now he may have to go to south carolina. i don't think they can go down there if they don't have the funds. the question is does christie -- is christie able
5:41 pm
to maintain the flow of funds if he want to go to south carolina? >> how about ted cruz who we haven't discussed much tonight, but he is doing better than expected in new hampshire tonight. still vying now for second or at least third position in a state whose demographics shouldn't favor him but he is doing rather well. >> and he should do even better in south carolina. so he is definitely going there. >> and he does have money and he does have a ground game. >> he has tons of money and with the voter base in south carolina. i think cruz is definitely going. i think kasich from the numbers i have seen so far is definitely going. i think bush is definitely going. beyond that, i can't tell. >> just if we can put it up on the border -- board before we go. jeb bush is 3990 and ted cruz now moving up above jeb bush and very tight there between those two. ted cruz is effectively fighting jeb bush for third. >> right. >> and that's a lot better
5:42 pm
than he might have expected. >> so tight. governor, great to see i. >> thanks for having me. >> the night far from over here in new hampshire. we are awaiting victory speeches from donald trump and bernie sanders. we are watching a close fight as you just saw for second on the republican side. john kasich, marco rubio, ted cruz, jeb bush. >> and our coverage continues throughout the night. don't go away. we're right here for you on the fox news channel. o'reilly will be here at 111:00 p.m. eastern followed by yours truly on the kelly file in a live special midnight edition and then sean hannity staying up late for you tonight. he will close out the evening at 1:00 a.m. eastern. don't miss a moment.
5:43 pm
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we're building what we learn back into the cloud to make people and organizations safer. welcome back, everybody. we are now awaiting victory speeches from donald trump and bernie sanders. we understand that bernie sanders will be out very soon. he we are told it will be after hillary clinton speaks. we are now getting wind of the fact that hillary clinton and her campaign released a statement half an hour before the race was called, sort of trying to set the stage for what her plan is, her ground game. and attempting to diminish the importance of the first two contests. one of which she barely won. one which she lost. we have more of that in a minute. we are awaiting victory speeches now for mr. trump
5:47 pm
and bernie sanders momentarily. >> let's bring in fox news contributor juan williams and former white house press secretary dana perino. both co-host of the five. the republican party put out a statement, not surprising reince priebus saying about hillary clinton, quote: it's clear the fbi investigation into hillary clinton's reckless conduct as secretary of state has become a massive liability for that campaign and that even democrats find her dishonesty and hypocrisy unacceptable. >> yougk know, i think what's been clear in iowa and here in new hampshire is her campaign messaging is in trouble, big trouble, bret. i don't think it's come through loud and clear that she stands with democratic values, principles, et cetera. bernie sanders has had a very clear, unmistakable message about finding flaws with wall street, the banks, that the system is rigged. but when it comes this honesty question that you are touching on here in the exit poll findings, and especially when it comes to
5:48 pm
the email issue, i think you have lots to play with on the clinton plate. one i think the foundation and the relationship between her tenure at the state department and contributions made to the foundation. it seems to me like a quid pro quo. you know what? that's not getting the ink. what's getting the ink is the email question and there, i think both the republicans and to some extent bernie sanders although he says no, i'm not going to bring it up, are playing on the idea that hillary clinton has a big problem. i personally have doubts as to whether she will be indicted but as to whether or not -- and i think i'm using your language she was reckless, i don't think there is any question having a personal server and a personal email that could have been hacked.>> dana, the sn shot at jeb saying the longer he stays in the race the more likely it is donald trump will be the nominee. this is shaking out between rubio and jeb to be an elbow in the eye socket. each one. >> as we were walking out, i
5:49 pm
think there was one vote between the two of them for that third place spot. interesting battle in south carolina where president bush 43 has said he will campaign with his brother. that is definitely going to be a case. and if you look at florida where they both come from, you know, rubio is actually more in favor than the former governor. so. >> let me ask you this because what we have seen in the past couple days is in which rubio didn't perform well in that one moment and jeb bush was credited with having a strong campaign performance. >> what the bush campaign would say to the rubio campaign is you blew it. that might be the headline tomorrow. i'm the one with the maturity and ability to take on donald trump. that's what hf will try to tell his supporters tonight. >> one moment today where jeb bush was asked whether rubio was a robot and. >> to jeb bush's credit he said no he is not. he is substantive and he is smart. i have known him for a long time. i don't think he is ready he was a gentleman in response to the question. >> are we done?
5:50 pm
>> we are. >> just for now. >> just getting started. >> i had a great point. >> can i add one point to dana's thing? >> is this how the five works? >> no. i'm asking your started. >> is this how "the five" works? >> no. i'm struck that christie is the guy that put the knife in, and he didn't get any benefit from it. >> somebody was saying he pulled a jeff galulie. >> as we head to break, this is bernie sanders a short time ago beneath the campaign headquarters. he's playing hoops with his two adult sons and seven grandkids. this is the 74-year-old vermont senator who is getting ready to give a big victory speech tonight. >> is this a joke? how is he making every single one of them? >> he's from brooklyn. >> better than president obama on the basketball court.
5:51 pm
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welcome back to america's election headquarters. we have declared two winners. donald trump and bernie sanders. and we are awaiting their victory speeches. we expect hillary clinton also to make a speech some time before we're told bernie sanders will come out once he gets off the basketball court. donald trump will speak at some time in the 9:00 hour. and expect that speech to be fiery, because he is going to be fired up with his victory. it looks like he could have doubled second place in the finishing. doubled the vote. >> the people of new hampshire have spoken and they feel strongly about their choice. >> huge. >> bill hemmer is live at a primary watch party at thirsty moose. >> i told you i was comfortable in a bar. i found this couple, the howard family, all four of them. on december 2, they will be
5:56 pm
married 50 years. she made up her mind when she was in the polling booth tonight. he made up his mind today. let's start with the lady. why in the end were you so back and forth between marco rubio and whom? >> i really like marco rubio, and i found out on my way into the polling booth that mexico -- ford was building a big plant in mexico and i'm worried about work in this country and jobs going away. >> and you went for? >> i went for rubio. i stayed with rubio. i almost changed but it was a tough decision. >> you went for trump? >> yes. >> how come? >> because i heard ford was going to build 400,000 more cars down in mexico. we send jobs to mexico. they send back drugs, illegals,
5:57 pm
and i feel trump is the strongest against immigration. >> it's been a big part of his message. did you waver at all or had you narrowed this decision down? >> i nailed it down as soon as i heard that. >> and both of your sons voted for trump, too? >> i believe so. >> they're making it out to be. thanks to both of you. quickly over here, megyn and bret. you voted for john kasich? >> i did. >> currently in second place, what do you think? >> i think he's not going to catch up, but i'm having trouble believing anyone can fill in the little oval for donald, because what's going to happen when real politics comes his way? >> bret and megyn, back to you guys. saving a cold stella for you guys. see you real soon. >> you're a good man, bill. >> kind of interesting. >> fun. >> we're awaiting hillary clinton's concession speech here in new hampshire. ed henry is standing by live at
5:58 pm
the hillary campaign. is that correct? >> reporter: that's right. i'm at the sanders' campaign. their victory celebration, they're chanting "bernie, bernie" behind me. we're told the choreography might hillary clinton coming out and conceding. she's already privately conceded. she placed a phone call a short time ago to bernie sanders, conceded she had lost new hampshire. she's going to come out, talk about that, and bernie sanders will speak, as well. what's interesting as well is that they are playing music like "bern, baby person." they are chanting "bernie has our back, we don't need no super pac." so you get the idea this is a very big celebration, because bernie sanders came so close in iowa but fell short. tonight, he was supposed to win. that was the expectation. and he followed through on that. his fans are jubilant.
5:59 pm
the key question is can he keep this momentum going or is this just a flash in the pan, bret? >> is the campaign saying south carolina is the be all, end all? they have nevada first on the democratic side. >> reporter: that's right. i was talking to sanders aides today. they said they had a decent ground game in nevada and you have a lot of union workers there who might look at these results in new hampshire. they might have been with hillary clinton in the early polls and break late to bernie sanders. the second piece of this, bernie sanders has to do a better job with african-americans and hispanics. he has to do it down south. bret? >> ed henry at bernie sanders' campaign headquarters. we are looking live at donald trump campaign headquarters.
6:00 pm
we are awaiting victory speeches from donald trump and bernie sanders. >> hillary clinton calling bernie sanders with a concession. now we'll wait to hear directly from the candidates to come out and take their victory laps. >> as we wait for the top of the hour here on america's election headquarters. >> it is 9:00 p.m. eastern here on the east coast and we are awaiting speeches from donald trump and bernie sanders. set to speak any moment. welcome, everyone, to america's election headquarters. i'm hmegyn kelly. >> and i'm bret baier. we are hearing that hillary clinton is waiting to concede by speech. let's go to carl cameron at the trump headquarters. carl? >> reporter: well, donald trump said after the iowa caucuses that he actually won it


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