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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  February 11, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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they're getting little fish served in heart shaped blocks of ice. they want to get them in a frisky mood. >> that's all it takes? >> nothing like a cold fish to get that going. thank you for joining us. >> have a great day, everybody. "the real story" starts now. welcome, everyone. wall street getting whacked again today. wish i had better news. let's start with a quick look at the big board. right now down 344. stocks still not recovering from the start of the year as oil prices continue to fall to their lowest levels now in 13 years. dragging the markets right down with them. gold on the other hand is rocketing as investors look to hold on to something a bit more secure in a volatile global market. we're going to keep an eye on the markets throughout the show. we're going to bring you an update just 30 minutes from now. meantime, back to politics because donald trump will be rolling into south carolina with a very comfortable lead in the polls. hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. this is "the real story."
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trump with the wind at his back holding a double digit lead after a big win in new hampshire leaving the rest of the pack in a fight for survival. blake burman recording for the fox business network. hi, blake. trump is the only candidate not in south carolina, right? >> hi there, gretchen. he's in baton rouge, louisiana. tomorrow he goes to florida. the trump campaign says they expect thousands in attendance at those two events. that's the way they've put it. trump has already made his presence felt in south carolina. take a look at this. this was the scene in pendleton. that's near clemson university. thousands packing a livestock arena there where trump kind of took a victory lap for his new hampshire win. trump's schedule does put him back in south carolina though on monday for the majority of the week. meantime, gretchen, "the wall street journal" is reporting the trump campaign is changing part of its messaging in south carolina. the journal reports the campaign has taken a 30 second ad off the
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air waves that focused solely on and slammed ted cruz. it will be replaced according to the journal with more positive ads including one the campaign feels worked in new hampshire. gretchen. >> very interesting. so mr. trump took some new cross fire today in south carolina. who was that from? >> he did, indeed, after his fifth place finish in new hampshire. marco rubio is back to engaging donald trump now. foreign policy, gretchen, as you know, is a huge issue for voters there in the palmetto state. take a listen as to how rubio assessed trump's foreign policy credentials during a town hall earlier today. >> donald trump has zero foreign policy experience. negotiating a hotel deal in another country is not foreign policy experience. >> now trump has yet to respond, but he said on the fox business network earlier this morning that he feels rubio is, quote, hurt very badly. gretchen. >> okay. blake burman, thanks. democrats next caucus, they're not going to south
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carolina, they're going to nevada in two weeks. senator bernie sanders and hillary clinton have to first make it through the pbs debate in milwaukee tonight. sanders surged with young voters in new hampshire defeating clinton 68 to 30% with only the elvis age group backing clinton. you can be sure she'll be angling for as many voters as she can. mike emmanuel live for us in milwauk milwaukee. mike, how much pressure is there on mrs. clinton? >> reporter: gretchen, there would be considerable following. the debate stage is city set here where sanders and hillary clinton will face off at the university of wisconsin milwaukee. clinton did well in new hampshire with women over age 65 and acknowledged she has work to do particularly with young people. be listening for new lines trying to make her competitive in the other demographic groups. meanwhile, in the tv interview sanders said there's a huge gap between congress and the american people and has asked if president obama has closed that gap? >> no, i don't. i mean, i think he has made the
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effort but i think what we need -- when i talk about a political revolution is bringing millions and millions of people into the political process in a way that does not exist right now. >> i should note that hillary clinton just tweeted in support of president obama so a little bit of friction there in that interview, i should note, will air in its entirety this evening, gretchen. >> tell us about the state of the race in the upcoming contest for the dems then. >> well, it's fascinating. some of the polling is not all that recent so it will be curious to see if there is some movement after new hampshire. but as you take a look at nevada, real clear politics average of recent polls has clinton leading by 19.5 points and south carolina real clear politics average of recent polling has clinton up by 29.5. clinton is trying to maintain her edge with african-american voters. >> that's why i went under cover in alabama to expose racism in schools.
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that's why i worked to reform juvenile justice in south carolina and that is why i went to flint, michigan, on sunday. >> that african-american vote is shaping up to be a huge c constituency as the campaign moves south in the coming weeks. >> mike emmanuel, thank you. hillary clinton picking up a major endorsement today as well which could be vital as the campaign prepares to move south. clinton holds a 74/17% advantage among african-american voters in south carolina. now the very influential congressional black caucus is giving its backing. >> when we needed someone to come to rally, democrats, and especially african-americans, and at the request of the cbc path, hillary clinton has been there. when the issues that are important to our constituents, hillary clinton has been there. >> the congressional black
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caucus pac. bernard whitman is a former pollster for bill clinton and ceo of whitman strategy group and ed rollins, former white house deputy chief of staff and a fox news contributor. bernard, is this a big day for hillary clinton, getting this endorsement? >> yeah, i think it's a huge day. it reinforces the 40 year career. it underscores the fact that hillary clinton has huge ties with the african-american community, both in south carolina and across the country. i think that's something that is going to be double bernie sanders particularly in south carolina as we move over to nevada. she has very strong ties in policies that are designed specifically to help lift people out of poverty that are disproportionately people of color, african-americans and latinos. >> some people in the congressional black caucus, specifically congressman keith ellison felt left out that he wasn't asked whether or not he should be part of this vote. there's also been, you know, kind of rumors around tsince th
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that some african-americans are going to start going over to bernie sanders now. >> well, the key thing for her is that she in any way has an erosion with african-american support. she'll have a tough time putting her coalition together. she's already lost young voters. she had a clobbering in new hampshire, totally expected to get beat as bad as she did. my sense is bernie sanders is now a serious candidate. he has to be dealt with as a serious candidate and democrats have proportional nominations all the way through here. every state he will compete in and he will start, harry belafonte endorsed him, a magical name in the civil rights movement. i don't think the black caucus is going to turn that around. >> you brought up an incredibly important point that the primaries are proportional. >> that's right. >> so there's no reason for him to go away. >> and he has money. >> he has money. >> he has money. more than 7 million he's raised since new hampshire. it's astounding. let's move on to this.
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former new york city mayor mike bloomberg eyeing the independent presidential race. >> i think he has a wide range here. why? as you point out, nearly half identify as independents. more than 60% say they want to see a third party. a plurality at this if not majority of americans have a common sense approach to government. they want to build consensus, build government. they're pro growth but they want protection. for example, most people favor pay leave but they want to keep their taxes low. most people want to fight climate change and want to save a woman's right to choose. they recognize you have to have woman's rights contribute to pensions. >> here's the thing, ed. if he decides to go for it, he has a lot of work to do. let's take a look. his first deadline is in texas on may 9th. that's when he needs around 80,000 registered voters to sign off in the independent run. they can't be anyone who voted in the primary the week before.
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the most signatures he needs, california, nearly 180,000 of them, let alone all of that, he would also need to hire a campaign chief in each state, needing around 3,000 people on his payroll by election day. you're familiar with independent runs. >> big task. when ross perot ran he had 6 million volunteers. they put him on the ballot before he got in the race. mike bloomberg doesn't have that. even with that, perrot couldn't get one single independent college. >> what about this year though? this year is totally unpredictable. >> if you look at bill clinton and george herbert walker bush, they were not far apart. i think that middle lane is really wide open for someone like mike bloomberg to come in in a year where we have someone shouting from the sidelines. i think the voters would like -- >> i would welcome that. he will draw from your side.
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>> i don't know about that. gun control, climate control will work well in the red states. >> funny you should mention that. funny you should mention that. i'm about to talk about that, guys. >> time now for my take. there's no way new york mayor mike bloomberg would be thinking about an independent presidential bid without these things, a serious donald trump campaign and wounded hillary clinton. oh, let's not forget a self-proclaimed democratic socialist skyrocketing into new hampshire and who knows where else. bloomberg sees a huge opening with his centrist views, more conservative financially, more liberal on things like gun control potentially reaching a huge swath of americans who find themselves similarly straddling the fence. here's what i wanted to know. which candidate would bloomberg potentially help or hurt? well, according to a recent poll, here's what it would look like. going up against sanders and trump bloomberg only gets 15%, sanders 35. trump coming out on top at 36.
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what about with ted cruz? bloomberg still stands 15%, cruz comes in at 36 and this time sanders wins at 37. of course, that's before bloomberg spent one dime and with a billion of his own money to spend, who knows what the eventual shakeup would be. talk about this now for a moment. prison riot in mexico turns deadly as the place is totally set on massive escape attempt? plus, we're going to have this. young voters feeling the bern this election cycle. are they sure they know the actual cost of his political revolution? >> need a revolution like he said. we're signing this tonight. we're going to go across the country and spread this revolution from the east coast to the west coast.
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welcome back to "the real story." dozens of inmates killed in a prison riot in northern mexico. a fire was set, fights broke out between rival factions of inmates including one connected with the zeda drug cartel. some inmates' family members rushing to the prison demanding answers when news of the deadly riot spread. this just days ahead of pope francis's visit to another prison nearby. back to politics now for some real talk. senator bernie sanders calling for a political revolution. so, are you ready, america? >> you've got to follow your
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heart. go your own way. the revolution is possible. you are the revolution! in this time the revolution will literally be televised. >> so, his revolution includes sweeping tax hikes to pay for an estimated $18 trillion in new spending over a decade. he's proposing an additional 6.2% payroll tax on employers to pay for health care. an extra 2.2% income-based tax on most households. a hike in the capital gains tax up to a record high 60% depending on your income. and major tax hikes on anyone making more than $250,000 a year with a top rate of 52%, but add to that all of the other taxes and you're looking at a combined tax rate close to 75% or higher. guy benson, political editor for town and a fox news contributor. there's smoke in the back of
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your pants, it's because the wallet just burned up, guy. everyone else's wallet just burned up talking about all those taxes. what is it about -- i mean, people are feeling the bern, but have they looked into the headlights? >> in many cases, no. i think so much of the attention paid to bernie sanders, gretchen, is about oh, look how he's challenging hillary clinton in the horse race. he's anti-establishment, isn't this fascinating? wow, this populus rhetoric is striking a tone with a lot of people and striking a chord, but when you start to examine his proposals and policies, they really are quite extreme and radical when it comes to american politics and just the number that you've quoted, $18 trillion so far in proposed spending and nearly $20 trillion in proposed tax increases already. >> right. >> these numbers dwarf the size of annual u.s.gdp. this is a huge expansion and a very expensive expansion. >> yes. >> of the federal bureaucracy.
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>> let's just call it what it is. it wouldn't be america anymore, okay? we would be like european socialist countries and if my 12-year-old can figure out watching the primary results the other night saying to me, mom, why would they need to raise even more taxes when all they do right now is waste it? i mean, why would we raise taxes $18 trillion when the government right now, guy, can't figure out how to spend the money that they already have? >> not only that, we're already deeply, deeply in debt. i mean, it is true, it is a european vision for the united states that really the democratic party has and bernie sanders is just an extreme of that general direction that we're heading under democratic leadership, and it's interesting. he talks about investments and spending and raising taxes. one area -- one of the few areas that he talks about cuts is defense. that's also straight out of europe. europe has a back stop when it comes to the military and national defense. it's called america. so if america relinquishes that
11:19 am
roll, then they're handing over that -- they're creating an additional power vacuum. i think the planet is a lot less safe off if america weakens itself voluntarily in order to pursue this hugely expensive welfare state. >> right. it's fascinating to me because so many people were against obama care. what bernie sanders wants is a single payer system which is far more expensive than president obama ever envisioned or at least could have passed. >> right. >> the other thing i don't understand with the whole revolution, we're seeing it on the republican side and the democratic side for the political outsider, but two things. bernie sanders isn't a political outsider. he's been in the senate forever. by the way, if people are so angry with the federal government, guy, he wants to expand it! that's what i don't get. >> yeah. let's take all of that failure and make it a lot bigger and more expensive and raise everyone's taxes to pay for part of it. there's constantly short falls. in this health care system alone, gretchen, you look at
11:20 am
socialized health care, this is an issue if you take all of the numbers and add them up, let's say you find a way to pay for this so-called free health care, then what do you have? you have a system that's the va system which we've seen here in this country wright with corruption and ineptitude. they ought to have health care pay for by taxpayers who have earned that and it's been a failure. >> yes. >> we've seen that in stark relief here. >> we have. >> over the last few years. that's why i think it's so fascinating that so many people want to take it to even more of an extreme when you look at those models that are not working by most -- by most estimates. okay, guy, we could go on and on. thanks so much for delving into it. appreciate it. >> thank you. senator ted cruz may have gotten a boost from evangelicals in iowa, but there's another influential group in iowa that could make all the difference in the primaries. guy was just eluding to this.
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welcome back to "the real story." donald trump claims he would be the best candidate for veterans. now they're getting a chance to talk to a state filled with them, south carolina. that voting block could make or break some campaigns. with only one exception every gop primary winner there since ronald regan in 1980 was a veteran. more than 470,000 residents are vets and there are eight bases in south carolina. vets make up 9% of the state's population. 75% of them served during war time. so today we have two proud veterans joining us. johnny, joey jones, retired marine, bomb technician and amber smith, former u.s. army helicopter pilot and senior military adviser for concerned veterans for america. south carolina is so crucial for the veteran vote. joey, i wanted both of you to go down the list and tell me on the
11:26 am
gop side and the dem side who you think is going to garner that vote. joey, you start. >> it's been really hard to tell so far. look at the first five debates, veterans issues were hardly brought up. who's going to put us into conflict with a defined goal? then from there for veterans, who's going to take charge and do things in the va that congress simply can't do. for me, i'm seeing jeb bush be more explicit in his plans to bolster the military. i'm also seeing ted cruz talk more about what we're going to do against our current enemy, isis. unfortunately i'm severely disappointed from any candidate. >> he's disappointed, amber. it's interesting to point out that kasich, according to the iraq and afghanistan veterans of america group, is one of only three candidates with no veterans policy section on his website. also marco rubio has put together a group south carolina veterans for marco. so where do you see it? >> well, gretchen, i talk to veterans all across america.
11:27 am
while there might not be a consensus on one particular candidate, the consensus that i've gotten from them is that veterans are sick and tired of being used as props during a political cycle and to make a candidate look good and as soon as the election is over their issues are forgotten about. there are serious issues that plague the veterans community every single day. on the top of that list is the department of veterans affairs. we've seen the scandals that have broken out over the past few years. the bureaucracy is broken and it's dysfunctional so we want to see a candidate who has intense and an understanding that the status quo at the va is broken and it's not going to change until true reform happens within the organization and veterans are allowed to make some choices when it comes to their health care. we don't want to see someone who is going to get distracted and settle for mediocracy. >> how would you rate the candidates on the gop side then? >> well, i think that we've seen some strong veteran support and intent with what i just
11:28 am
mentioned from marco rubio. we've definitely seen donald trump up his game when it comes to talking about veterans and what he wants to do. he actually has a plan. it's a start in the right direction. it definitely is missing a few areas. and then cruz and bush as well is getting a little bit more active in his game. >> i want to mention iava say it's cruz and carson who don't have anything on their websites. you know, it's interesting because you bring up the privatization of the va, joey. we were just talking about sanders, some of bernie sanders policies and wanting to add more government. is that the answer? >> well, there were five bills that passed the house just this week. of those five bills, two were mainly focused on cutting costs, and actually one bill was focused on oversight with va medical centers. so the va is established as a nonadversarial system. it shouldn't be a mile of red
11:29 am
tape, it should be walking to the nearest medical center and proving your service and proving your illness. that is not happening. i enjoy what chairman miller has done, but congress's fiduciary responsibility is taking precedence. it's up to the administration, the president, and the culture he sets or she sets to make the va and the administration to do their job with the veterans, to change the names on the doors when someone is taking -- is not taking correct action in their medical center as a director. that's not what we're seeing. >> very important part of the vote in south carolina in about ten days from now. sergeant johnny joey jones and amber smith, thanks very much. the man at the center of the most popular podcast in history who's spending his life right now in prison may get out after 15 years or at least get a new trial. a brand-new witness has come forward as we wait for the judge to make the call now. also, jeb bush finally bringing his famous brother on the campaign trail. i think it's going to happen next week.
11:30 am
so can south carolina do for jeb's campaign what it did for george w.? >> i can't turn the phrase, you know, like these other guys. i'm not a debater. i'm not a performer. you'll never hear me criticizing and blaming barack obama for whatever happened under my watch. ♪ this is the night... ♪ the night for love. ♪ woah oh oh... ♪ mmmm... come on... ♪ be mine... new zicam cold remedy nasal swabs shorten colds with a snap, and reduce symptom severity by 45%. shorten your cold with a snap, with zicam.
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bottom of the hour. the end of the oregon refuge
11:34 am
standoff. the occupying leaders have just surrendered. three other holdouts gave up today. they were all part of an armed militia that seized to have federal land use policies. the standoff lasted 41 days. it appears it has come to a peaceful end. back to politics now. familiar face returning to the campaign trail. jeb bush about to get an extra boost from his brother, george w. senior national correspondent john roberts live in florence, south carolina. i understand it's jeb's first day today? >> it is, february 11th, 1953, is when he was born. makes him 63 years old today. people saying happy birthday to him today. bush spent a lot of time on his record as governor of florida. also spent some time convincing people not to vote for donald trump. next week bringing in the 43rd president of the united states to help him make that case.
11:35 am
the front-runner is not here today. he's in louisiana ahead of the march 5th primary there. last night he was in south carolina, a big rally up at clemson, university. several,000 people in the most conservative part of the state. that should bode well for trump. continuing to rip jeb in his big money campaign. listen to this. >> i've spent less money than anybody else and i'm number one. right? right? nice. so i've spent less money and then you have other people like jeb who spent more money than anybody else and he's down towards the bottom of the pack. is that what you want as a president? >> and the cruz campaign trying to further undercut marco rubio on one of south carolina's big issues, immigration. airing a new ad parentirotparro self-help ad. >> voted for a guy who's a tea
11:36 am
party man and then he went to d.c. with chuck schumer and cut a deal on amnesty. room for one more. come on in. >> come on in, you can have frank's chair. >> we're hearing reports from several voters that maybe the dirty tricks here in south carolina are already afoot, gretchen. several people have received push polls. these are polls, telephone calls, robo calls pushing negative information about that candidate to them. no one taking responsibility for those nor do they ever. we'll see if it's as bad as it was in 2000 where they got really bad? >> it wouldn't be the political season if we didn't start hearing about that. john roberts, thanks much. retrial wrapped up for a con viblted murderer and subject of the popular podcast serial. ahmad sayed serving lifetime sentence for the murder of his girlfriend. the program "serial" is the most popular podcast in the world.
11:37 am
the victim's family remains convinced of his guilt. unlike those who learn about the guilt on the internet, we sat and watched every day of both trials. there were so many witnesses and there was so much evidence. joining me now is susan simpson, criminal attorney in d.c. she's producer of "undisclosed." why did you become interested in this case? >> i started looking at "serial" around episode 5 or 6. i was hooked. it was an interesting case. i wanted to know more. as it went along i started blogging about it and trying to learn more information and eventually i started talking to chaudery and started working with her on the case. >> she was of course a close ally. she believed in his innocence. what's been going on in the last week is that he had this potential to get a new trial. there was a hearing that was going on. the star witness was somebody
11:38 am
named asia chapman, asia mcclain before she was married. she talked about the fact that she had an alibi for adnan syed that day but was never called by the defense during the original trial, correct? >> correct. >> let's take a listen to what she says right now. >> do i think adnan killed her? honestly, i couldn't tell you. by coming forward i hope i was able to provide enough information to the judge for him to be able to make a rational decision. whatever that might be is in his hands. >> so there's two factors here, susan, right? the fact that the attorney did not go to this alibi witness potentially and also that she provides an alibi. >> the case is called strickland. what that means basically and how it affects us here is that adnan has to show that gutierrez filed contact asia mcclain, filed investigate it and failed to call her to the stand.
11:39 am
the second part is that he has to show that if his attorney had talked to asia mcclain and put her on the stand, there is a good chance it could have made a difference. >> yes. >> and he -- he -- i believe for sure he showed that last part at the pcr hearing last week. asia testified. she was very credible. very solid and endured a lengthy cross. >> you know, i think it's important to point out she has no idea whether he's innocent or guilty but that she was never called potentially could be a flaw. there's also a big discussion about the cell phones in this case. this was back in 1999 before the pings. you know, they weren't quite as technological as they are now. what was the evidence with that? >> the big issue with the cell phone evidence was that a cover sheet was originally sent to detectives along with adnon's cell phone records. outgoing calls are reliable but incoming calls are not which is a big deal because the two
11:40 am
incoming calls that allegedly put adnon at the burial site with jay wilds. >> zbliet if those two calls aren't reliable and if they can't be used to corroborate jay satisfies story, that's a big deal. >> right. there was another witness who said that they believed that the original testimony, so that one might be more of a jump ball. you talk about jay. he, of course, is the person that said he helped adnon bury the body in this case. the state really relied on his testimony which seemed to have a lot of different holes and changing over time. i just want to put up on the screen what's important for witness credibility. it relies on this. general character for truthfulness and honesty, bias or interest, inconsistent statements, corroboration by other evidence. why was he not called back, do you think, in this hearing? >> well, he was not relevant to the current proceedings, which were focused on two primary issues, which is asia mcclain and the alibi she could have provided if an attorney talked to her and the cell phone
11:41 am
evidence and the lack of the cover sheet and the failure of his attorney to either receive the cover sheets from the prosecution or if she had access to it, which is still in question, to then use it to show that the cell phone evidence was not reliable and should not have been admitted. >> okay. it's a rare occurrence to even be able to get one of these hearings. when do you think the judge who, by the way, was the same judge in the original trial, came out of retirement for this, will rule? >> hopefully not too long. it could be as long as a year. sometimes pcr rulings take that long. i'm hoping we'll get a result sooner. the judge does not have an active docket other than this case since he did come back from retirement and he already knows the issues. hopefully sooner rather than later. >> it's a fascinating story and fascinating case. susan simpson, thank you. the gop presidential candidates pushing for new support and endorsements. now that more rivals have dropped out of the race, but where did that support go and
11:42 am
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we've been watching the dow all day. stocks tanked hundreds of points. haven't seen this many wild swings since the 2008 financial crisis. we'll explain. the warning the fed chair gave congress that may have set off this latest plunge that's coming up top of the hour on shepherd smith reporting. back to "the real story." just how important are these endorsements? eight newspapers supported governor john kasich in new hampshire but he finished second, far behind donald trump who had no newspaper endorsements. the remaining candidates also courting voters who supported rivals who have since dropped
11:46 am
out of the race. suspension of rand paul, chris christie, carly fiorina race puts another 9% of the votes back in the race. joining me is greta. do you think endorsements matter? >> i think they matter. maybe not for the reason you might think. everyone likes to think that endorsements translates into votes. they have bragging rights. in new hampshire, governor kasich didn't have much money, but he could go around saying that all of these newspapers are endorsing me. each newspaper was free promo. every time we talked about it or "on the record" that was more promo. you have the more interesting situation down in south carolina because you have senator bernie sanders going to have breakfast with reverend al sharpton but secretary clinton has the congressional black caucus which is a much broader organization. they'll fan out in south carolina where there's a huge
11:47 am
african-american population. great free promo. >> all right. let's talk a little bit about the governor of south carolina because nicki haley has said in interviews that she was almost ready to say who she's going to endorse. do you think she will have any impact in that state? >> remember, in 2012 she endorsed governor mitt romney and then the state was won by former speaker of the house newt gingrich. i don't think it will put anyone over the top. will mitt romney have done worse without it? i don't know. what i do know, we were talking about it in 2012. it was a big deal. we're all waiting for governor haley to endorse. we're all trying to see who she endorses. it's a little bit of a board game. you know, it's important. but it's -- may not be as much as the candidate really wants it to be. >> what about the fact that you have rand paul, carly fiorina, mike huckabee, chris christie and all of these candidates on the gop side who have left the race. they made up a certain percentage of voters. >> not huge.
11:48 am
>> 9 to 11 to 12% potentially. that could be a decider, could it not? not all the voters go in a big group but does it matter? >> well, maybe a little bit. i mean, senator rand paul, i don't know what he delivers necessarily. each state has a different appetite. you might want a huckabee endorsement if you're in the state of arkansas running where he was a former governor. each one brings a little different background to each particular race. you know candidates, look, if you can say carly fiorina got out of the race and she endorsed me, there's your free promo. >> right. >> you're going to be talking about it, i'm going to be talking about it, we're going to be tweeting about it. you'll have that value. it's very expensive to advertise on tv. if they can get the free kind, that's great. this is free stuff. >> you've had a lot of endorsements on "on the record." good job on that. endorsement central. >> i know. >> if you endorse, let me know. we'll keep a few minutes open for you tonight. >> greta, we'll be watching 7:00 eastern. >> thank you, gretchen.
11:49 am
new fallout from the president's push to deport central american immigrants who arrive in the country illegally. homeland security secretary weighing in on the controversial plan and its potential impact when we return.
11:50 am
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11:52 am
welcome back. new developments concerning the state of homeland security with fears growing again about cyber attacks and the growing threat from isis taking center stage. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live in washington. concern about new threats to airline security. >> that's right. jeh johnson's final time delivering his homeland security peach here in washington and this year the focus was on cyber security and the growing data from opm and the healthcare systems a by china to steal american
11:53 am
secrets and infiltrate government systems. there was a lot of the attempted bombing of a number of flights, including the flight somalia, where a computer packed with explosives nearly brought down a jet. the department has reduced the number of access points for airport employees who like in this case were part of the insider threat. >> we have the act through airlines and relationships with other countries to but out guidelines that influence the behavior of airport authorities and airport security at overseas airports. in particular, last point of departure airports. those are mostly in europe, some in the middle east. >> on the russian metro jet brought down by an isis bomb end of last year, and egypt johnson said more screening was added and the airports flying directly into the u.s. that had
11:54 am
additional screening for passengers and if the airports don't meet the standards the u.s. government has to the ability to stop the flights from ability to stop the flights from landing at american >> what about the domestic throat from isis? >> well, the secretary this morning did not go as far as the director of national intelligence who testified that isis will attempt an attack on]( american soil using its own trained operatives but referring to attacks in san bernardino where the couple gunned down workers. the secretary says the department is focused on active shooting training because the local cops are the first on the scene and most likely to get the tip that someone is on the path to radicalization. >> it's almost always the case that when somebody is self-radicalizing, there was something in a position to know about it, and the more we build bridges to communities, muslim communities5y in particular, the better off i think we will be.
11:55 am
>> one of the issues with san bernardino is that there was an individual who we understand raised a complaint to the local care representative but that did not get on its way to the fbi or the cops. so, it's clear these relationships, at least in that case, were not working effectively. >> very interesting. thank you. single serving, taking on a whole new meaning with this valentine's day treat. you may want to head to dq in a couple of of days. i like to go there every day. diabetes, steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady, clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead.
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a special valentines treat for singles at dairy queen. netflix releasing first trailer for holiday house of cards." you have to wait until next month. there's a scene filmed right here on the set of "the real story." >> christians around the world are beginning to observe lent, giving something up is a big part of that for many people so we asked if you're observing-what are you giving up for lint? elizabeth is giving up snacks but says it's best to do good for others, especially those around you, like visiting the sick and lobely. >> scott is giving up alcohol but still thinking of something to promote mercy like providing drinks to the#zç thirsty, noncoolic. kathy says it's a real challenge but not listening to or
12:00 pm
participating in gossip. emmy is praying. thank you for writing and thank you for being part of "the real story." let's go to shep. >> it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 p.m. in south carolina, where the republican candidates are duking it out in a state famous for political dirty tricks. now, the g.o.p. campaign chief is warning that the slugfest could go all the way to the convention in july. from the next faceoff, bernie sanders raking in more cash after his big win in new hampshire, and hillary clinton picking up an endorsement many say?ç could help her in the bate for a key group of voters. market madness. wall street has not taken such a meltdown eight years ago. now down 250. and next, the race to the


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