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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  February 12, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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♪ this is a fox news alert. a man be with a machete attacking innocent diners in a restaurant in ohio. he was known by the fbi and in their database. tonight, the investigation into a possible lone wolf terror attack. you are going live to ohio. but, first, listen to the horror in this chilling 9 is 11 call. >> how many people were stabbed? >> there is like five people. nobody knows who he is. he just came in and started of stabbing people. >> oh my god. oh my god. we need an ambulance here now. >> he has come back? >> oh my god. yes. [screams] >> we need an ambulance here now. >> and afterward one witness describing the carnage. >> a man came in and beating
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up on a man man i thought it was a2+ personal thing and then he just started down the row hitting everybody with something with something i don't know people were bleeding. >> the machete carrying suspect shot and killed by police. what does the fbi know about him? fox reporter karl more gan is in columbus. what you can tell me about this suspect who came into that restaurant with that machete? >> greta, here is what we do know now. columbus police they are the lead investigators in this brutal machete attack here at the nazareth restaurant in columbus. and the shooting death of suspect mohammed bare. we just got information into our newsroom through our sources that bary was known by the fbi but not under a full scale investigation. his name though was in a data base that includes people who have potentially relations to terrorism. police called in the fbi last night after they saw
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some red flags with this style of attack. now, police say barry went into this restaurant alone and a started slashing away at people with a machete while they were eating dinner. four people were hurt. three of them are still in the hospital, including one person who is in critical condition. police tell us he was at the restaurant about a half hour earlier and spoke with employees about the owner's israeli dissent. police do believe he did act alone, but they do not have a motive at this time. they tracked him down by police about six miles from here, and police officers shot him, killed him, after he lunged at officers with a machete and a fillet style knife. weave did speak with a roommate of bary who described him as a private person but was not radicalized. greta? >> did he say anything inside the restaurant as he
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was taking that machete and trying to kill people? >> police tell us that according to witness accounts he did not say a word to anyone during this brutal attack and that he wasn't wearing anything that was out of the ordinary, either. >> and the owner of the restaurant didn't know who he was other than that earlier time when he came in to the restaurant a half an hour before? >> that's right. police say that people in this restaurant did not know who this person was. >> in terms of the -- how many people were hit why this machete? how many people hospitalized? >> there were four people who were hurt in this machete attack. three of them are still in the hospital tonight. >> and one in very serious condition? >> in critical condition. he was in surgery yesterday. out of surgery but they are saying he is critical and stable. >> it's a terrible story. all right, tara. thank you very much.
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the owner of the restaurant believes he was targeted because he is he israeli. >> 30 minutes before he came and did the attack that he came, in looked around, asked where i was from, asked about you are food. and where was i? and then he left. >> terror expert walid phares is here. walid, obviously, look, he is in a database of some sort. he goes in there with a machete, your thoughts tonight about this? >> well, two tracks, greta. this is terrible because we are seeing more and more of these solo jihadists. i'm very interested in the conversation that the individual had with the individual inside the restaurant. this is a mall or public place. this is a restaurant serving mid eastern food. the conversation is very typical. those very radical are nervous about these middle eastern and they want to know if it's with us or
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against us. what i'm concerned about is is the fact that you are right, the fbi has his name. there are three ways here. the fbi has the names of many people radicalized or indoctrinated and smaller list as i understand of people that they monitor. and then the tip of the cone are the people that they want, they are going after. this individual, the law enforcement knows why he was on that list. >> you know, walid though, there are so many people on these lists. the fbi can't be be following every single person and after something like this happens got somebody in critical condition now in the hospital. these lists are huge. so, the fbiiç must be scrambling tonight but, i mean, what were they to it do? they simply can't. we made that call before. the fbi can determine if the individuals are on these lists but these individuals have not activated
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themselves. nobody has activated to them. so he we are talking about a social work with them. an ngo work or. the fbi cannot be dealing with thousands of people. my question really tonight is not, you know, the motive. we know what the motive is are. but it's the trigger. what triggered him to attack this specific site. it's not trigger him somebody who is radical that's clear with his actions. >> i would like to know why he happened to be on a list. they have didn't randomly pull it out of the air unless he has a name that's similar to somebody else's name. there is some reason that he ended up on this26lx÷ list. usually to end up on that list he has made him his name. trald or has friends radical. these are all questions that the fbi would consider as question mark but he has not manifested any intentions to take action, otherwise he would move to the second list.
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>> thank you, walid. and, of course, "on the record" will stay on top ofki of this breaking news story. >> the fight for the faithful. happening in south carolina. two no shows, senator ted cruz, senator marco rubio, governor jeb bush and dr. ben carson all speaking at today's faith and family presidential forum in greenville, south carolina. each candidate trying to woo the all important evangelical vote. senator ted cruz tapped into those voters in iowa propelling him to victory, but can he do it again? >> i'm a christian, and my faith is integral to who i am. >> we begin every morning in the senate with prayer. you may argue it's not working very well but we are going to keep doing it. >> my view is live and let live. >> maybe we should pray every hour is what should happen. >> is anybody here worried about the front running candidate shouting out obscenities in front of children? >> i believe in matthew 7:20, it says by their fruit you will know them.
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>> we are one justice away a radical five justice liberal majority the likes of which this country has never seen. >> south carolina attorney general and co-moderator of today's forum allen wilson goes "on the record." gink, sir. >> hey, greta. good evening to you, too. >> nice to see you. had you two no-shows at least you i call it no shows, governor kasich and donald trump were not there do you know why they didn't show up? why they weren't there? >> no. we actually reached out to both of those campaigns and there was an ernest effort on both campaigns to be here. mr. trump sent a surrogate and i know that mr. kasich tried to but they had irreconcilable conflicts. so we understand. this forum was only created about two and a half weeks ago. >> how important or how big is the evangelical vote in south carolina? >> it's huge. i can't tell you enough. nearly 40% of the electorate in the south carolina is in the upstate and right here in the heart of greenville, this is a huge forum, it was
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well attended by over 4,000 people by our estimates. it was a huge impact today. i think it was received very well. notably, greta, i polled the audience and i would say nearly 30% had not made up their mind yet on who they were going to vote for on february 20th. >> did you have any indication of who the other 70%, whether they were going for any of the other candidates? >> well, when i polled the audience, about a third raised their hands and said they had not decided yet. there were a number of people who were clearly here for a specific candidate. some came for their candidate and left. others came in for the new candidate. i would say about half the people here today stayed for all four candidates, which tell its me that they wanted to see if these people were going to say something different that changed their mind or maybe sway them their way. >> what do you think is the hold-up in making a decision for the 30%? >> well, in the last couple know, you you have had two dominant people. eight years ago you had mr. -- you know senator mccain.
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you had mike huckabee and four years ago you had two individuals basically vying for, you know, the leadership of the republican party. here we still have about five or six solid candidates and people here in south carolina truly are torn. it's like a buffet where you want to eat everything at the buffet. not quite sure what you have a hankering for. >> some evangelicals have said that they care about donald trump's language. some said they don't care at all about his language. they look at what he has done in his life. any of sense of how he sort of is perceived by the majority of evangelicals there? >> well, there was no hostility toward mr. trump today at this event. there were a couple of people who, you know, were obviously upset that he had used certain words recently in interviews or on stage in front of large groups. there were a few people that shouted out about it. and, like i said, my sense of things is that there are some people if they are already for him, him using that language isn't going to turn them off there might an a few people on the fence that are offended and not go his way.
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i don't think it's going to move the needle one way or the other. >> what do you think is more important, social issues, economic tonight? >> a lot of issues we talk about involve all three. you know, a lot of issues involving regulations come out of the federal government. the federal government right now sending nuclear waste in violation of the federal agreement with russia. that's also a public safety, it's a nuclear issue. issue utility rates are going up in south carolina because of the policies coming out of this administration. people are sick is and tired of the regulations coming down and choking them and raising the colmes of living and the cost of running a business. so i think they are all run together. they all flow. governor nikki haley has not yet endorsed, would that be an important endorsement? will that sway any voters there? >> it's not going to humplet the governor could give
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endorsement that could help a candidate at the last movement. i could tell you personally a lot of people are coming to me saying i don't know who to pick whonç are you going to vote for. who are you going to choose i tell them i'm not ledy to make that decision. if they are asking me, they are asking the governor. i can only assume a governor's endorsement would be helpful to a candidate. >> are you undecided? is that what you mean you, too, are undecided at this point? >> well, for me, my role in this election process is to have these forums and present a stage for these candidates to present themselves. i really am going to wait as long as i can before i make a personal decision. right now i have gotten to know many of these candidates that are still in the race. my goal is to help them reach the citizens of this state and then at some time late next week i might come to my own conclusion. for right now, i'm sitting on the sidelines and seeing how it's going to play out. >> thank you very much, sir for joining us. >> yes, ma'am. thank you, greta. glad to be with you. donalddonald trump did not maken
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appearance. he opted for tampa, florida where is he ready to speak at any moment.0f if trump makes any news we will bring it to you immediately. why is trump in florida and not south carolina? karen tumult at this and from the daily beast betsy woodruff. one of the interesting pars of the political news today is donald trump threatening to sue ted cruz saying that he has standing to sue ted cruz over citizenship unless the texas senator cleans up his act. >> this is a direct contradiction how many times did we hear in january did we hear him promise he would never sue. he thought the democrats might do that it's interesting, too because the lack of consistency is one thing. there is also the fact that he is not suing because of the merits of the legal argument. he said he would sue because he is being"y insulted. so, that also, again, is
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we're not exactly talking about the high ground argue ament here. >> betsy, donald trump is winning, at least as we understand, in south carolina. >> he is doing a great job. chronicle poll came out says he is leading cruz so percentage points among evangelical voters as equally important in south carolina as they are in iowa. something is working for him. something that is remarkable and special to me about this particular threat that he made is that of course any jody would take motive into account, you would think. what's really special is that trump is criticizing cruz for being too negative when trump has gotten so much flack for just being relentlessly almost cartoonishly negative, nonstop. it's really interesting. going to be fun to keep an eye on. >> bring the viewers in on this. now is your chance, viewers, by voting at home going on twitter. do you think billionaire donald trump will sue senator ted cruz tweet yes or no using #greta. live twitter votes throughout the show. karen, the g.o.p. primary that's coming up if he had
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make donald trump their winner he goes on to next race. is he the guy that can't be beaten? >> if he wins south carolina, he is setting himself up for a sweep of the south. he is setting himself to run the table, which is why he was in tampa today. is he already looking forward into the calendar, into these crucial march as we e march these contests become winner take all. if he is still on a roll he can be racking up delegates fast. >> he is totally smart. he is smarter than any of the other politicians in terms of strategy. >> right. florida has 450 delegates and it's winner take all. it's very difficult to win florida and not go on to be the ultimate nominee. depending on what poll numbers you look at, trurem is currently doing better in florida than bush and rubio combined. it makes sense for him.
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>> and carson. don't forget carson. >> everybody from florida -- for him to compete there. >> the viewers don't think -- they say no, 74%. i wonder how many of those people follow his twitter account. do you follow him on twitter? >> of course. >> do you follow him on twitter? >> everyone in the media is following donald trump's twitter account. >> i wake up in the morning and i refresh his twitter feed to make sure i didn't miss any news. >> how many times do you go to it a day? >> the funny thing is if you don't see it in your own feed some people are retweeting it or talking about it you can keep up that way. >> this is why in many ways he didn't have to spend his own money on this campaign he was smart enough to play all of us so that we keep repeating everything so that we have him in the news, it's brilliant. >> if you ignore him then you are making the mistake of ignoring the frontrunner. at this point, just looking at the numbers, the likely republican nominee. either you are part of helping him out or you are missing the biggest news story of thier. >> he foxes his opponents
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and all of us. stick around. ted cruz making headlines today, one of them is making waves and for allñ@ wrong reason. the cruz campaign pulling this ad after it was discovered the blonde actress has a history in soft core porn. parody hit office space. >> damn it feels good to be. plays a cards right. ♪ fight on the airways, lap dogs in the press keep them out of sight ♪ because the clinton need to explain why it is what they done or with whom. ♪ a real clinton knows they are entitled ♪ and you don't get it know what they do. >> former g.o.p. presidential candidate mr. herman cain goes "on the record." good evening, sir. >> hello, greta. good to be with you. >> nice to have you. well,)j pulled the ad as soon as they realized i guess they probably got a lot of emails or tweets from people that the actress in it was a porn
11:18 pm
actress, soft porn. but actually, you know she answered a casting bad luck for them or do you think this is terrible. >> i don't think it's terrible. i agree with you. look, how deep do you have to go into somebody's past professional history in order to be able to make sure that you don't have anybody that might have something of that. that just means that somebody that is against cruz, they had to dig really, really deep in order to come up with that. i don't think it's going to hurt cruz campaign at all because they determined this. and, secondly, they have already pulled the ad. now, i would have questioned whether or not i he should have pulled the ad at all if it were a good ad. i think that's the bigger question. not that because a lot of people are going to pay attention to that. >> think' how expensive it would be to get air time for the ad and, instead, by booking this woman and by pulling it, here we go again. it's the same thing with donald trump, we are getting so much oxygen to these ads that they get all this
11:19 pm
advertising, all this promotion, everybody knows now that senator ted cruz had an ad that was taking a hit -- that was going to slap marco rubio, a senator from florida around and it's not costing him any more money. >> not any more money aim liberal press talking about pulling the ad offset the money he would have set if he played the ad. in the liberal press is he going to come out ahead. in the conservative press it's not going to make any difference that he pulled the ad and that this particular lady had the background that she had. >> how important is it to senator ted cruz that he win the south carolina vote, the evangelical vote he did win iowa now he has matched up in south carolina donald trump and by all indications donald trump is winning down there. >> i think ted cruz has to finish in the top three in south carolina. donald trump has such a big lead, according to the first early polls from the augusta
11:20 pm
chronicle that ted needs to finish second or third in order to basically substantiate the fact that he has been getting a lot of the christian evangelical vote in the earlier states. so i think he needs to finish in the top three. if he doesn't, something has gone wrong and we would have to analyze what that is what do you think he is thinking tonight with donald threateningo sue him. >> that is donald trump as you said to get the media to follow that story for a while and follow donald trump talk about following anything. he didn't say he was going to sue. he said he was going to threaten to sue. you pointed out in the earlier segment this is how he continues to get media attention from a lot of folk by simply saying he might threaten to do something he even though he might not do it. so he will be in the news because of that. >> and he is the frontrunner and we have to fault frontrunner, so we're all sort of boxed in on all of this. >> yes. >> anyway, thank you very much for joining us, sir.
11:21 pm
>> you are welcome, greta, thank you. >> oliver north is here. he says the russians are ramping up bombings in6$oc syria and a civilians are going to be the ones to die that's next. governor john kasich may be the hottest g.o.p. candidate out on the trail. the governor just swooping up some big
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oh remotes, you've had it tough. watching tvs get sharper, bigger, smugger. and you? rubbery buttons. enter the x1 voice remote. now when someone says... show me funny movies. watch discovery. record this. voila. remotes you are back. the x1 voice remote is here. x1 customers get your voice remote by visiting why did the u.s. agree to this. colonel oliver nortçñ$rq)e to go "on the record." good evening, sir.
11:25 pm
>> smart one first of all. >> is it what? >> smart. this is a tragedy for the people of syria. what we have seen already is incredible russian air power. you will watch between now and the day this is implemented if it ever is. you will see enormous ramp up in russian air attacks all over. particularly to help assad take back aleppo. >> all right. so why did the u.s. agree to this? >> it's because diplomats in the words of ronald reagan, well, they all believe in diplomacy and the fact is diplomacy is not backed up by something doesn't work. the reality is what you have got right now is russian dominance over the fighting in syria. not so much in iraq. i had a conversation with one of my iraqi friends that i was just out there as you know in kurdistan. and he called me. he is you have interviewed him. and he is on the way here. he is going to see a couple of our friends. and he said this is worst thing that could happen. and that's because the russians are going to take enormous advantage of it
11:26 pm
this is what i don't get about the deal. russia, assad, the u.s. thezw people that are supposed to cease fighting with aren't even part of the deal. the rebels. >> did you see any syrians in that press conference? look it to believe this is going to work. >> i mean, the rebels who are part of this they are not even part of the agreement. they are not part of the deal. >> neither was assad. >> who is going to enforce this. >> lavrov is going to tell. >> foreign minister for russia. >> yes. remember how well ukraine worked. this is a disaster. we have already got over 400,000 people have been killed in the fighting in syria alone. you are got 14 plus million refugees flooding into europe. >> ollie, if you want fighting to' stop, the people who are fighting have to be part of the agreement. and the people here are they part of the agreement. >> no. >> how does it? >> it looks like a diplomatic break through. these are the words that this administration has consistently use.
11:27 pm
did love rof, the question you asked did lavrov the russians outsmart the obama ha administratñ+óññ4j4(p&c@ of course they did. the o team has been absent without leave for this entire conflict. >> what does putin get out of this. >> putin gets the idea that he knows his one mission in life and he has given that to all his commanders in syria both in. retaking aleppo is a big part of that retaking aleppo. >> also isis isn't part of this, right? >> no. this is absolutely fool hearty. the worst part of it, greta, a little rule of life in big people, long pants stuff, national security. unfulfilled expectations are the greatest cause of anger, frustration, and death in the globe, and you have got to have a lot of unfulfilled expectations here. if you believe in this thing, you believe in the easter bunny. >> colonel, thank you. >> always good to be with you, greta. want to see the dog? >> yes. casey, up here.
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come on, there you go. >> there is a dog on the set. anyway, colonel, thank you. and did former secretary of state madeleine albright tell women to go to hell? can you believe this? i have got a dog on the set. brand new comments straight ahead.
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former secretary of state masvát)áp&bright apologizing. secretary albright came under fire for campaigning for secretary hillary clinton by saying there is a special place in hell for
11:32 pm
women who don't help each other. and today secretary albright apologizing in an op-ed in the "new york times" saying, quote, i an absolutely believe what i said that women should help each other that was the wrong context and wrong time to use that line. did i not mean to argue that women should support a particular candidate based solely on gender. i understand i came across that came across as condemning those who disagree with my political preference. >> betsy, i feel like search getting way too sensitive. >> yes, i think you can say that on the other hand i talked to a number of young women outside of voting so not going to victoryáparties and picking out who is a bernie sanders fan i heard over and over from women in the 18 to 25 demographic they were frustrated at this idea of being lectured by older people in the democratic party that their gender meant they had to do something a certain way. that's the opposite of how
11:33 pm
people think about feminism that got under their skin. >> the "the washington post" we did a poll recently on feminism with kaiser. and we listed 12 things and asked women, you know, what would make your lives better, you know, better child care, less sexual harassment, whatever. of the 12 things electing more women to office came in dead last. it's just that. >> but i'm saying it it was a dopey thing to say but everyone got so whipped up about it. that's what i don't get. all the dopey things that are said on the campaign trail by everybody, like really? >> it was in the context of gloria steinem. >> that was stupid, too. again it was all young women feeling like they were being lecture dollars to. >> fragile and frail. so many worse things done and said about women in this world gee that's going to upset them. they should see sharia law. >> on the other hand, though, there is such a
11:34 pm
sense among bernie sanders' supporters and young women might vote democratic not loyal to the party super rigged. they don't have the choices they want to have. were pulling strings. >> suggestion is gender should factor. >> of course it shouldn't be it was a dopey thing to say. gloria steinem she gets a bigger prize saying something dopier. all these young women are so shaken up by. this they are shaken up and this is real. i talked to so many said i'm even thenner jizzed than ever. i gave money to bernie because of this comment. >> it was palpable. when the news broke i was in d.c. i he thought this was some beltway hall hullabaloo. ' voters are not happy. >> i will probably get in trouble what i said.
11:35 pm
i'm not taking it searsn serious enough. >> it was early warning indicator the fact that hillary clinton waste going to lose women in new hampshire by double digits. that was pretty extraordinary. >> i guess, you know, like dopey things happen and putting a soft porn actress in an ad is a dopey thing to do but it's not fatal. mad lineal albright saying something dopey is not fatal. we have so many more serious issues if everyone is seizing upon that we have got problems with national security. we have got a guy going into ohio with a machete on some fbi list and people are all fussed up about this. >> it's a weird thing to say. it's alien nateing. it's lecturing. it's condescending. four young women look at figures like mostly cloudy and madeleine albright and think these women have been in power forever they have been telling women what to do. afford a house. madeleine albright say i have to vote for hillary clinton because of my gender and it sets off a nerve. >> people shouldn't vote
11:36 pm
because of gender so no one is out there getting mad sending me a bunch of emails. i don't think you should vote because of gender. anyway, karen, betsy, thank you. it's friday. >> thank god. >> break out the parkas, you are going to need it. frigid temperatures are headed your way. that's coming up. "on the record" takes you back to south carolina. presidential candidate john kasich is coming up.
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get ready to speed read the news, north korea about ready to be slapped more w. more sanctions. the bill overwhelmingly
11:41 pm
north korea for firing up nuclear weapons program. last week north korea launched a rocket carrying a satellite into space and last month the north koreans conducted an underground nuclear test. and pope francis making history in cuba. the pope stopping in cuba to meet with the operate arc of the orthodox church. first time in is 1,000 years of the leaders of the catholic church have spoken. pope francis is now head to do mexico for a six day visit. and this is absolutely horrible. a massachusetts woman killed by a flying manhole cover. the woman was driving on the interstate when the 200 manhole cover shot up from the ground and landed on her windshield. police have no idea why the manhole cover went airborne but response from massachusetts department of transportation is inspecting all manhole covers on boston highway. and the flint, michigan water crisis coming to capitol hill, asking rick
11:42 pm
snyder and gina to testify before the committee. two years ago in an effort to save money michigan switched water fly from lake huron to flint river that river is loaded with lead. that's tonight's speed read. this is is a fox news alert. get ready, it's going to be dangerously cold. fox meteorologist rick reichmuth is tracking it all. >> get ready for the coldest air certainly this year. possibly the coldest we will see all winter long northeast around around the great lakes breaking low temperature records the next couple of days, around 20 to 30 degrees below average but it's going to be reallyo4 windy. wind chills are going to be feeling potentially minus 35 at times across parts of the northeast as well as in towards the upper plains here. here are where our typical -- or our record temperatures are across all the big cities in the northeast. take a look at what sunday morning, saturday night into
11:43 pm
sunday morning all of these cities, boston, providence, albany, new york, pittsburgh, plus a lot of other small towns are going to be flirting with with your records. all of the cold air has been up across canada. you see this cold air and the wind chills that is beginning to dive down towards parts of the south. it's going to start tonight. across parts of the northern plains. fortunately we will tell it you does not get down across parts of florida. we will not be seeing the incredible cool. get ready here is what happens tonight across the northern plains. look at these wind chill temperatures. put these into motion. bye the time you are waking up tomorrow feels like minus 17 in chicago. minus 15 in des moines. minus 2 in st. louis. then going into parts of the eastern seaboard and take a look at this cold air mass comes in tonight into tomorrow morning. tomorrow real little windy day and tomorrow night is the coldest one, certainly we will see all year long and it's going to feel like minus 123 in new york city, minus 27 in boston by the
11:44 pm
time you are weighing up. getting better monday into tuesday. sunday into monday, get ready we will be watching potentially a big mess of a snowmaker here and icing across parts of the south. maybe even up around the d.c. area. >> rick, thanks. a warning to everybody if you know somebody sick or elderly or pets outside, p &c @&c@ win in new hampshire governor john kasich is standing by to go "on the record" and the governor takes south carolina. that's next. also, donald trump just taking the stage in tampa, florida, "on the record" is monitoring his event. if it breaks any news we'll bring you that as well.
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test test.
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ohio governor john kasich coming off a huge finish in the new hampshire primary. governor john kasich goes "on the record" from south carolina. good evening, sir. >> how are you, greta? >> i'm fine. i want to talk about what happened in your state in that restaurant with that guy coming in with a machete tonight. actually last night. very disturbing story. he was apparently on some list. >> yeah, greta. i have some information but i'm not at liberty to say. what i can tell you is the fbi has moved in to provide assistance. fortunately nobody noe one was killed but a lot of blood in that restaurant. imagine being in a restaurant and having somebody come at you with a machete. we are going to let the process take place here, and i don't want to get ahead of law enforcement, obviously it's really important and we
11:50 pm
will give you information when it's proper, appropriate. >> it's a little bit of a reality check though, things like this happen, how dangerous and how important things are. i can get hung up on who said what on the campaign trail a little bit and get sort of/js[ consumed with that even while whether madeleine albright said something or didn't say something. you have got four citizens, actually one critical in ohio right now from this machete thing. it's a reality check. >> you know, greta, i mean, the deal is that our joint terrorism task force, which are homeland security, state and local law enforcement, they really are terrific people and we just have to make sure they have the resources and they have the tools and the tools can involve some things that it's better not to talk about in public but i have great confidence in them and when it comes to the lone to do is rely on our neighbors to say hey, i'm seeing something that i don't like that doesn't fit
11:51 pm
together. and this gets back to us, you know, keeping our eyes open. and, being part of the community. you know, it's something that i have been talking about on the campaign trail. i mean, broader than. this you can't sit around and wait for the government to come and fix your schools or to deal with the problem of drugs. and there is a lot of people out there are lonely. we have got to be part of a community. that's the spirit, the essence of our country to be together and part of it is to be vigilant. when you see something that could threaten your neighbors, your family members or somebody that you really don't even know, it's critical that we as americans realize don't wait for somebody else. that doesn't go into a restaurant and take action yourself. make sure the law enforcement knows what you see. >> indeed. all right, south carolina, a little different state than new hampshire. win in new hampshire. what's your strategy for south carolina? different demographic, greta, i havee. to tell you because i'm getting great reception down
11:52 pm
here. frankly, you remember in the old movie jaws where it said we better get a bigger boat? now we have to get bigger venues. we had about 1,000 people tonight at sun city. fortunately it was warm and everybody could come. it was unbelievable. we areeul?j getting really good crowds and frankly. so enthusiasm not absorbed by the infrastructure. but the infrastructure is coming. we will compete in south carolina. but make no mistake about it it this is national campaign. we will compete here and we are going to move across the country and we're going to be involved in this for a very, very long time. and i think we can win the nomination. >> what gets asked of you most in south carolina that's maybe different than what got asked most often of you in new hampshire. what's the big issue, do you think? >> greta, i have got to till, i think people have the same concerns. they are worried about their kids having a good life, paying down the debt. getting a good job. they are worried about keeping their jobs. and if they lose it, can
11:53 pm
they get another one? what about our wages? and what about social security? you know, people are people. and there is this tendency in america to say well, if you are in the south, you have got to talk about this. if you are in the north, you talk about that. greta, i haven't changed anything. and i will tell you what they really like. they really like the fact when i tell them i want to run a positive campaign and want to talk about the horizon and sun coming up in this country and not engaging in negative campaigning and there is a cheer everywhere i go. one other thing, greta, that i know you are going to like. i tell people that to solve the problems in this country you can't just be a republican or democrat. you have a to it be an american. you get great cheers on that. i think it's pretty much the same. >> governor, thanks for joining us. and good luck, sir. good luck it's a long campaign. >> always good to be with you, greta. come on out on the trail. we will have some fun. >> i will. a quick programming note, a brand new special, fox news reporting voter revolt airs tonight so:00 p.m. eastern
11:54 pm
reverend franklin graham why the 2016 race is a wild ride? >> i think faith voters are taken for granted that the republican establishment just assumes that the faith voters are going to vote for them. they assume that it's the wrong assumption. i think that's one of the reasons why i have taken this effort with== the 50 state tour. i want to get christians, evangelical christians to vote. i'm not going to tell them who to vote for. i want people to vote for those that they see that are people of faith and who live out that faith. >> again, fox news reporting voter revolt airs tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern only on fox news. and coming up, it's friday. let's have some of this world fun. i will explain off the
11:55 pm
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let's all go off-the-the record. first, i'm going to show you a video and then i'm going to show you why i'm showing it to you. first, here is the video ♪ don't stop ♪ i wish i had said some things you thought i had said ♪ upside down and inside out ♪ don't stop ♪ can't stop. >> now that is the band okay go musical video upside down and inside out and it was shot entirely in zero gravity. okay, so why am i showing you this? well, i figured i would come up with a really good reason as we are all watching itk÷ but frankly i couldn't. so to be honest i just want to do show it it maybe because it's friday. who knows, maybe i will broadcast "on the record" in zero gravity one day. if you want to watch the full video and find out how
12:00 am
the band pulled it off go to that's my off-the-record comment tonight. that's all for now. see you monday at 7:00 p.m. have a great weekend. it's going to be cold. happy birthday welcome to "red eye." hello, every. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levy to see what exciting stories we will be discussing this evening. andy? >> thanks, tom. coming up on the big show. ted cruz uses a soft core porn star for his ad. ironically they yanked it. and the 40 greatest tv villains of all time. congratulations to tom shillue for topping the list. and jim gilmore suspends his campaign for the presidency. we almost canceled tonight's taping, but we decided in true broadway tradition, the show must go on. back to you angel of the bottomless pit. >> thank you, andy.


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