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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  February 19, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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home tonight. that's it for this special report. fair, balanced and still unafraid. greta is down here, too, and she starts right now. from the uss york town for a live election special on the record on the trail, the countdown to south carolina. meanwhile the race for the gop nomination getting nastier by the minute. it might be hard to believe when you look at us here on this beautiful aircraft carrier. but it's not just the candidates slinging mud. donald trump has been in a fierce fight with of all people the pope. yes, the pope yesterday suggests donald trump is not a christian and tonight donald trump is here to respond to the pope right here on the record. we caught up with donald trump earlier today and sat down with
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him for an extended interview. >> nice to see you. >> thank you. >> so excited about tomorrow? >> it's so exciting. i've never done anything like that. probably the most exciting thing i've ever done. and i can tell you waiting in new hampshire for those results to come in, even though people thought i might win and then to see them come in even better than anticipated, it was one of the most exciting evenings for me. >> you've had a lot going on in your life. there has been a response from the vatican. spokesperson says the fact that you and the pope had or at least was in the media has said it is in fno way a personal attack or indication how to vote. >> that's very nice. look, with me i think he's a terrific person frankly. and i was a little bit surprised to hear yesterday to be honest with you with the pope. but to me it's illegal immigration. it's illegal immigration. people are coming across the border. there is re crime happening. i turned out to be right on
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that. but tremendous crime. and also drugs coming across the border. in new hampshire, the biggest single issue they have is heroin. they have a huge heroin problem up there. this gorgeous state and the biggest problem they have is heroin and it comes right across the border and i said i will stop it. so i don't think the pope really understood in terms of the crime problem and problems of illegal immigration and the fact that he said that, i'm very honored. >> were you surprised to find out that you and the pope were embroiled in this global dispute? >> how about shocked. the pope just made a statement about you. i said the pope? what did i do? was it good or bad? they said you won't like it. but essentially it was i think the mexican government probably said that a man named trump wants to close up the border. and i'm not closing it with
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people to come in, but they have to come in legally. but we'll build a wall and it will be very easy to do and very inexpensive to do if you know how to build. without borders, we don't have a country. and that border is just like a piece of swiss cheese. people just pour over it. >> buzz feed is reporting that they have an audiotape of you back from september 2002 mch you were asked about the iraq war and in which you said that whether you were information it or not, you said i guess so. >> very weak, very timid. i heard the tape and that was long before the war started. and it was like i guess so. howard is a friend of mine. that was the first time that i was ever asked about it. the first time. and i sort of said i guess so. and then acceseven, eight, nine months later the war started and by that time i had gone that i was absolutely opposed for it. i just thought it was destabilize the middle east and
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i was right. iran would take over the middle east and that's exactly what is happening. i called it. iraq has the second largest oil reserves in the world and iran is getting that for nothing. it's ridiculous. and 2003, you see that i was opposed to it because that's when articles started coming out. remember also i wasn't a politician. nobody really cared whether i thought about the war. i guess hourd howard live asked me, but that was long before the war started. by the time i had a chance to think about it, i was against it. >> why? >> because i always felt there was a destabilization of the middle east. a lot of people say temperament. i think i have the best temperament. of all the stage, i'm the only one wouho said don't go into th war. even if the pundits say it was recorded in 2003, that was a long time ago. for the most part, people absolutely wanted to go into the war. number one, there were no weapons of mass destruction. but this was one of the great
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wad decisions bad decisions of all time. what we have done is $2 trillion, many more drill i don't know trillion dollars. we've lost thousands of lives. thousands of young great peoplet know trillion dollars. we've lost thousands of lives. thousands of young great people. and what else did we lose? we have wounded warriors all over the place. and do you know where we are? had saddam hussein lived, he used to kill terrorists, had our presidents gone to the beach and relaxed, we would have been better off. we're lower now than we were. and all of the problems that we have thousand stnow stem from g ra iraq. >> i spoke to tony blair a number of years ago gee and he said that he agreed with president obama on that decision because everybody thought that there were weapons of mass
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destruction. >> they made a mistake p. >> what should they have done differently? >> by the way pho whe way tony it's now a great error. and jeb bush when he announced that he was running for president, they asked whether it was good or bad. took him five days to finally get it out. but he ended up saying that it was a mistake. and it was a tremendous mistake. a traumatic mistake. the infrastructure of our country is absolutely dying. our road, our highways, our bridges, tunnels, our airplanes are a mess. i go for other countries, you see airports you and you do, too, like it's nothing like it in the world. some of the great structures in the world are airports. and we fly into laguardia, we have the potholes all over the place. we're like a third world country
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right in the middle of morning city. so all those trillions could is it been spent on our country. >> so we are where we are. we're still it been spent on our country. >> so we are where we are. we're still there. still spending money. so how do you unravel that. >> and you remember president bush said it's over, we won. and it turned out to be the opposite. you have to take out isis. you have to understand i'm the one that said don't do it, but now you're in. and obama did a horrible job getting out. he gave a date. he did it too fast. a lot of things he did wrong. and we picked the wrong people to run iraq. it was run by a man who absolutely created isis because he wouldn't let everybody be inclusive and he created isis. you have to take isis out. you have to take him out and of to take him out without question. and it has to be done in a very, very quick and surgical manner.
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>> but it's metastasized all over the world. north africa, it is all over -- >> this all happened because of the war, a large part of it, because of the decision to go if into iraq. you know, saddam hussein, bad guy, but did he ohe did one thi. he killed terrorists. he was very good at killing fists. and once he was gone, now harvard university is iraq no terrorists. in other words, you want for be a terrorist, it's the harvard you go to iraq. and he used to kill the terrorists. they didn't have terrorists in iraq. that's the one place they couldn't go. they also wouldn't go other places. but now you have on do something about isis because they're chopping off heads. they're looking for very powerful weapons. if this was 100 years ago, 50 years ago, i'd say forget it.
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but we're living in a n age of very powerful weapons. you can't let in happen. >> so what did you do about kim jong-un and north korea. president obama signed increased sanctions but they have had a recent nuclear underground test and shot off a rocket or satellite into space. >> we lost a great opportunity because one of the worst deals with iran, when that deal was made, they are the thnumber one partner of north korea. as so we could have had something in that deal. now they have a very wealthy partner. because iran has become a very wealthy partner. but they have the number one partner of north korea. we did nothing. we never even put it as part of our negotiation. and it should have been. perhaps even more importantly, china. without china, noeg doesn't exist because everything cans through china. china says they don't have that much to do. they have 100% to do.
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they're just playing with us. >> china doesn't want kim jong-un to fail i don't think or to fall apart because they fear that the people in north korea will flee into china. they don't want the refugees. >> but china has tremendous power over him, in terms of food, just getting there. china is the key. >> but iran has money and is helping them. >> iran has so much money, we gave them $150 billion. again, dumbest deal i think i've ever seen negotiated. not good countries. dumbest deal period p we should have had our police pers back years ago. shouldn't have started the negotiations. should have ratcheted up the sanctions against iran. you would have had the prisoners back four years ago. what we should do is we should go to china, just so you understand, china needs us we have badly because they're taking all of our money. they're taking all of our jobs. it's the greatest single theft in the history of the world what
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china has done to the united states. we have tremendous power over china, but obama doesn't understand that. and he doesn't know that. we have to get china to solve that problem. the other thing, we spend a fortune protecting south korea and many other nations. they are an economic be me behemoth. we have 28,000 soldiers on the line between north and south korea. i wouldn't wab to be one of those soldiers. we have to make sure that south korea where i ordered thousands of televisions, all coming out of south korea, lg and samsung, we have to make sure take that country, south korea, where i have very good -- i have buildings in south korea. i have actual buildings in south korea. and i say this despite this. we have $19 trillion in debt. with the omnibus deal, $21
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trillion in debt. they have to reimburse us for our costs. >> when the justice department signs a big deal with a big bank like morgan stanley, which accordinged eed their settleme agreement, there were misrepresentations. i call it lies and fraud. which contribute to the 2008 financial crisis. but it's just a civil settlement and it doesn't seem like anybody ever has responsibility for the giant things that happen where in are material misrepresentations. would your justice department have criminal investigations? >> i think so, yeah. i mean there were things that were done that were very illegal, things that were done that were very bad. they have -- >> do you have any problem with the fact that it was strictly a civil settlement? >> i don't have a huge problem with it because i understand. >> but you know who pays for this? it's not the culprit. it's the shareholders and those
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that -- >> if somebody did fraudulent, absolutely. if somebody made bad business decisions, absolutely not. >> bad business decisions with misrep misreputation? >> you have bankers that you know and i know and $30 million and they have no you power in the bank. regulators have the real power.e bank. regulators have the real power. we have to open our banking system. we had no growth last quarter. if china goes down for 7%, it's slik a major catastrophe. we had zero growth. practically zero growth. we could have zero growth this next quarter. our country is stagnant. we have nothing going. we get larger, we have nothing. our country is doing very badly. we have very bad jobs. the job report is a phony report, it's made to make politicians look good. our real number is probably 25% to 30% unemployment.
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you understand understand what i'm saying. you look for a job, you can't get the job. you go statistically considered you quit, you quit looking. statistically you're not looking for a job. we have no growth. you have to let the banks go out and loan hone. i ha money. i have friends that can't borrow money from the money. i have friends that can't borrow money from the bank.e. money. i have friends that can't borrow money from the bank.. money. i have friends that can't borrow money from the bank.. i have friends that can't borrow money from the bank.. i have friends that can't borrow money from the i have friends that can't borrow money from the bank. >> scott pelley asked hillary clinton whether she's ever lied to anyone and her response was you're asking me to say have i ever. i don't believe i ever have, ever will. i'll do the best i can to level with the american people. so the same question to you. have you ever lied to the american people? >> i don't lie. if anything, i'm so truthful that it gets me in trouble. they say i'm too truthful p no, i don't lie. i'm self funding the campaign. i tell the truth. p. >> how much have you spent so far? >> probably $20 million, $25 million. high money money. it's not money from an electric
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company or lumber company, or johnson & johnson.igh my money. it's not money from an electric company or lumber company, or johnson & my money. it's not money from an electric company or lumber company, or johnson & johnson.h my money. it's not money from an electric company or lumber company, or johnson & johnson. my money. it's not money from an electric company or lumber company, or johnson & money. it's not money from an electric company or lumber company, or johnson & johnson. jeb burgett about your bush gete money from -- >> why do you talk about jeb bush? >> because he spent $20 million on negative ads. so i hit him whenever i get the chance. >> what about marco rubio? >> we've had a pretty cordial relationship relatively speaking. it will be interesting to see how he does. it will be a very interesting saturday. >> and senator cruz? >> he lies. and rubio actually called him out. i was so happy that rubio said that because i've never heard a politician actually say you're a liar and rubio said you're a liar too cruz. what he did to dr. carson was a terrible thing. cruz. what he did to dr. carson was a terrible thing. he said he had left the race and he knew about it and he calls up for minutes after the election is over and says i'm sorry, beg de big deal. they should overturn the
4:16 pm
election. in my opinion it was a election. in my opinion it was a they should overturn the election. in my opinion it was a fraud. he lies. >> if you are the nominee, what is your criteria fvice presiden? >> somebody that can be a great president. >> do you have names? >> i tdo, but -- >> somebody in politics? >> i've been a politician all my life in a sense that i deal with politicians. but i would rather get somebody that could rather really go a job within politics. need one of me and a politician. i can't believe that i'm sort of a politician now, but one day it was going to happen. >> what does it surprise you about the needed i can't covering your campaign? >> i think the media is very dishonest.i can't covering your campaign? >> i think the media is very dishonest. financial media is different because you have a job and you make a lot of money and they
4:17 pm
report you made x dollars. i find the political media to be very dishonest like 75% of them 37 i think it's a very, very dishonest group of people. the amazing thing is the public understands it.think it's a ver dishonest group of people. the amazing thing is the public understands it. if they didn't, i wouldn't have the poll numbers that i have. i talk about it, but i find the political media for be unbelievably dishonest. >> what too do we get wrong abo you the most?tfor be unbelievably dishonest. >> what do we get wrong about you the most?ofor be unbelievably dishonest. >> what do we get wrong about you the most?or be unbelievably dishonest. >> what do we get wrong about you the most?r be unbelievably dishonest. >> what do we get wrong about you the most? be unbelievably dishonest. >> what do we get wrong about you the most? . >> i'm a nice person. i love the people in my audience. i love the people that are supporting me. every poll says trump has the strongest support. whereas you look at some, 10% you could change 90%. to me, it's up in the 90s p. they don't ever want to change. i love my people. >> thank you for talking to me. >> thank you very much. >> and the 2016 gop candidates
4:18 pm
have less than 12 hours to court south carolina voters. so at this hour, the candidates are pulling out all the stops. >> donald trump has never shown any interest in anybody other than himself. marco rubio and ted cruz have shown nothing that suggest they could make a tough decision. >> if you've lived 50 years of your life without ever writing or saying or doing anything to prove you're a conservative, you ain't. >> i want to make sure that our kids will be able to have the same kind of life that we got from our parents or maybe even better. >> you want for be in a socialist country, move to a socialist country. we want to be america. . what are people saying here in south carolina? andy, nice to see you. right now the polls have donald trump leading. but it has marco rubio and ted cruz both competing for second place. when the voters look at senator
4:19 pm
ted cruz and senator marco rubio, what is the difference in their mind? >> i think the main difference is that senator cruz has been aiming his campaign at the social conservatives, evangelicals that are in our state. marco rubio has been looking to sort of at a broader base of voters at the moment in the state. so i think right now senator cruz trying to replicate what he did in iowa by finding the evangelical voters, making sure they turn out for him. marco rubio is now trying to of course make himself into the establishment candidate are or the anti-trump or anti-cruz choice. by getting governor nikki haley will be a bit of a plus for those not wanting trump, not wanting cruz. >> so how do you explain that rump trump is winning? is he getting the evangelical votes instead of cruz? >> i think what is going on, he
4:20 pm
is winning the evangelical vote here in south carolina. a man married for three times, a man who says he's never asked forgiveness from god. but these are folks who think that donald trump can tear down and rebuild the government and still respect their views even if they don't agree that he is the most christian person in the field at the moment. i think what he's also getting are a number of folks who have not voted in a while or who maybe have never voted. so that -- he's going to be drawing some new voters to the polls just like we've seen in new hampshire and iowa. we're expecting record turnout here in south carolina. >> that will be very exciting to see what happens. in just a few hours, we will know. andy, thank you. and in just hours the voting is it begin right here in south carolina and we have brand new poll numbers, that's next. also you heard from donald trump. but how are senator ted cruz and
4:21 pm
senator marco rubio preparing for tomorrow? that's coming up. our live coverage continues aboard the uss yorktown. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything.
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we're pa back live in south carolina. and the battle for south carolina has been fierce and a nail biter. and tonight on the eve of voting, we have a brand new poll of likely gop south carolina vote ar has donald trump on top with 28%, ted cruz at 23%, marco
4:25 pm
rubio in third at 15%, jeb bush in fourth with 13% and ohio governor john kasich and dr. ben carson both tied with 9%. our political panel is here. let's talk about the poll numbers. matt after i spoke to donald trump, he has called for a boycott of apple over about not releasing the code. >> he said i didn't plan to say this, just proposing it right now, we should boycott apple if they don't change. trump later tweeted that he will get rid of his iphone if they don't do this, too. he uses an iphone and samsung. so i think he's trying to push it in the final hours. >> now the poll, it's not so close between ted cruz and marco rubio. that surprised me because they had been neck and neck. >> this is the closest poll that we had seen. but frankly, every poll prior to
4:26 pm
this has shown trump with a big lead anywhere from 5 to 17 points. i think the race is really a battle for second place now. none of the campaigns i talked to said they would beat trump outright. they would they were gaping ipi them. marco rubio and ted cruz have been going back and forth at each other. they want to be the alternative to trump. >> have you run into anybody who is undecided? >> yeah. >> what are they undecided about? >> marco rubio was supposed to be there earlier today and had to cancel because his plane couldn't get there, his plane had some mechanical issues. so some voters were sort of frustrafrom us frustrated? >> did they blame him? >> yeah, they said i'll go to the trump rally next.>> did the? >> yeah, they said i'll go to the trump rally next. trump and rubio both going after
4:27 pm
cruz pretty aggressively. >> people are undecided this late hour? >> people say they're undecided. >> they hmay change their mind, but i don't think they're undecided. >> people have prfseferences. i think a lot of people like to say they're undecided because they like to be courted. they don't want to reveal their answer until tomorrow. >> all right. stand by. on the record has the inside scoop. we'll take you inside both the cruz and rubio campaign next. more live coverage right here on board the uss york towne. ♪
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tonight on the record coming to you live from on board the "uss yorktown." and senator ted cruz pulled off a stunning win in iowa. and for senator cruz, it all came down to a well oiled ground game. so how is senator cruz's ground game here this in south carolina? can he do it again? >> he has a powerful n he do it? >> he has a powerful ground game. 10,000 volunteers and there was a lot of excitement. take a look. >> easy to say let's make america great again. you can even print that on a
4:32 pm
baseball cap. but the question to ask, does he understand what made america great in the first lays. >> i know ted better than anybody else and i know how principled he is. every single day he's worked hard to implement the values he talks about. no one else has the proven consi consistne consisten consistency. i'm feeling confident in the vote ar voters. >> against washington as usual and a vote for someone who will be consistently conservative. >> cruz is the most conservative option right now and he's the best qualified to get the job done and defeat trump. >> ted cruz, staunch conservative from the beginning to the end. godly entire life. strict constitutionalist. >> ted brings the distinction between the republican and democratic party. he won't just roll over and let
4:33 pm
the republicanic party adopt democratic platform. >> do you think he can win here in south carolina? >> with god all things are possible. >> and tonight sean hannity sits down with ted cruz so you will hear correctly from h hear directly from him. >> he's got the best interview tonight after 8:00 hours. thanks. and senator marco rubio going into tomorrow's primary with some momentum. senator rubio picking up some big south carolina endorsements. snor nikki haley, senator tim scott, the two joining senator rubio at a rally today. >> we will take conservative principles to the people who are living the way i grew up, we will take our principles to people living the way tim scott grew up. we will take our principles to the people who are living the way nikki haley grew up. >> and just a short time ago, senator tim scott went on the
4:34 pm
record. nice to see you, sir. >> hey, greta, how you doing. >> i'm very well on top of a beautiful aircraft carrier in your home state and obviously very interested in it what happens tomorrow. is your candidate senator marco rubio, is he ready? >> i think he's very much ready. he's surging at the right time. the crowds are swelling. the electricity, you can sense it in the room. there is a sense of optimism and hope for the future of this country. and i'm excited about what will happen tomorrow here at home. >> is third place a win for him? because he's neck and neck in the polls with senator ted cruz. but if he comes in third place, is that still a win for him? >>mazed that he's moved to a distant third with a neck and they cneck race for se.
4:35 pm
i think a strong push could push him into second. i think he'll get in the top third and with a strong surge will do even better. >> nobody knows the south carolina voters than you, so why isn't he in first place? >> no doubt trump has done a very good job of harnessing the anger and frustration. marco is looking at the long game. we know this is a cross-country run. i think he's consistently been improving. he learned a lot from new hampshire. he's applied to south carolina. we were looking for a strong finish tomorrow and that will carry us into the first race in nevada next tuesday and then into the march madness or the sec primaries. >> we're so close to the polls opening down here. do you think there are still people here who are undecided? are you running into those
4:36 pm
people? >> we are. and the good news is according to the latest polling information, the un sdidecided voters are breaking forward marco in a significant fashion. we heard there were 7% to 10% of voters that were still undecided. that is a significant number especially when you consider the fact that we're looking at record turnouts tomorrow. so that could be a significant push in the right direction if we're able to achieve the numbers that we think we'll see tomorrow. >> senator, thanks very much. you have a beautiful say the. it's very exciting down here. and this aircraft carrier, if nip is ever in the area, stop in and see it. >> thank you. have a great day. >> evangelicals make up about between-thi two-thirds here, so who will get that vote. that's next. real cheese people, don't eat pasteurized processed cheese food. it's only required to contain 51% real cheese.
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thousands of people paying their respects to supreme court justice antonin scalia. the cassette he's lying in repo. the eight remaining justices were the first to say their final farewells. the funeral is being held tomorrow morning. now back to the campaign tram. senator ted cruz hoping once again evangelicals turn out and vote for him. whoever gets the evangelical vote is most likely to be the big winner here tomorrow. >> i'm a christian and my faith is integral to who i am. >> christianity is being chopped around at, chop, chop, chop. >> america was founded on a powerful spiritual principle. >> the presidency is a tremendous opportunity to affect the whole being of a country. >> my faith was an important part of how i made decisions.
4:42 pm
i do not believe that you put your faith in a lock bockbox whu are in public life. >> you lie and hold up a bible. no good. >> the political panel is back. david, the evangelical vote, is it locked up for ted cruz or not? >> no, it's not. trump has made inroads here big final among evangelicals. the reason is social issues aren't on the top of their agenda this year. if you look at why they like trump, it's immigration, national security issues. it's economic think he's a stro candidate on those issues. gay marriage and abortion, they're with cruz but they prioritize those other issues. >> is donald trump so much tougher on those issues than ted cruz? >> i think he presents himself as tougher. once you get down to the
4:43 pm
policies, it's maybe thought. the other thing i think that is interesting is the pope didn't hurt him. >> did it help him? will. >> it helple him actually. they question is the pope a christian. the pope shouldn't be questioning donald trump on this. so i think among those voters, it did help. >> the vatican today issued a statement that enyou'red to the benefit of donald trump. sdl and there are not a lot of catholics in south carolina and evangelicals sort of view the pope as a liberal figure given what he's said on climate dhapg and immigration in the past. so it meet help me ask you abou topic. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are getting ready for tomorrow's democratic nevada caucus. secretary clinton's campaign has been dogged with issues over her honesty and trustworthiness, but secretary clinton may not see it
4:44 pm
that way. >> in '76, jimmy carter famously said i will not lie to you. >> i have to tell you, i have tried in every way i know how literally from my years as a young lawyer all the way through my time as secretary of say the to level with the american people. >> you talk about leveling with the american people. have you always told the truth? >> i've always tried to. always. alwa always. >> some people will call that wiggle room. jimmy carter said i will never lie to you. >> you're asking me to say have i ever. i don't believe i ever have. i don't believe i ever will. i'll do the best i can to revel with the american people. >> now, the republicans jumped all over that. does that discussion that secretary clinton had with scott pelley, does it matter to the democrats? >> i think it does. you're seeing that even in the democratic polling about the
4:45 pm
trustworthiness of hillary clinton and a lot of people have concerns over it. and that's why bernie sanders has caught on is this lingers distrust of hillary clinton. >> the democratic primary here is a week after the republican one. is the clinton campaign doing much down here to address issues like that? >> i don't think they feel like they need to. they're focusing on the african-american vote which is more than half the vote in the south carolina democratic primary. so if she loses the caucuses tomorrow, they will immediately turn here and look for a win to salvage that because she is up double digits here. but overall, trustworthiness is her longing problem. it will be her vulnerability throughout even if she's the nominee. and i think trump will wield against her. >> gentlemen, thank you. so far here, there have been record turnouts among millennials in this election season. in iowa, new hampshire, there were big numbers. will that happen here in south
4:46 pm
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we're back live on board ty"
4:51 pm
tomorrow is a big day for republicans and a week later the democrats will have their primary here. and millennials turned out big in iowa and new hampshire. will they do the same here tomorrow? and next week will they do it for the democrats? the millennial panel is here. president of the university of south caroli south carolina. nick, first to you. do you expect the made lillenni will turn out in big numbers? >> oh, yeah, a lot of enthusiasm across our campuses. >> what are they interesting in? >> i think both our democratic candidates are speaking to the issues that really matter to south carolina krians, specific students. making college more affordable and making sure the student loan
4:52 pm
debt doesn't hold everyone back. >> anna, how about you. do you think the republican millennials will turn out tomorrow? >> oh, absolutely. we've been pushing better turnout since day one of this year. and people are very, very, very excited. i think donald trump has added a lot of excitement to this race. and it's gotten everybody interested and they're all very excited to turn out and vote for their candidate. >> anna, when you walk around campus, indo you see more trump signs or other republican candidates? >> actually, the two campaigns that have probably been the most active on campus because all of the campaigns had to do stuff because they weren't registered organizations, the two that have been the most active have been ben carson's campaign and jeb bush's campaign for sure. >> nick, you talked about affordable college and that caught my attention because
4:53 pm
secretary hillary clinton talks about affordable college and senator bernie sanders, he talks about free college. which of the millennials are the more interested in, the free college or the affordable college? >> well, i think both campaigns have strong appeal in south carolina. i am personally a hillary supporter. i think her new college compact is the only comprehensive plan to make college affordable to everyone that wants to attend kre college on either side of the aisle. >> anna, do you have a candidate tomorrow? >> i am undecided. i'm currently trying to go decide between john kasich and donald trump. >> and what has to happen in the next, i don't know, 12, 14 hours? >> oh, gosh. i have to sleep on it and i probably won't make a decision until i get to the polls tomorrow. >> all right. good luck and enjoy your voting.
4:54 pm
thank you. and coming up, live from south carolina, i'm going to let's you in let influence onyou in on a sec hero and movie star. that's next off the record. 0 shs of drywall into my mercedes-benz metris. to get 60 sheets of drywall into my van, i invented the fold-o-matic 5000. my metris also holds over 2,500 pounds of payload. hauling 2,500 pounds in my small van is no problem. i just divide and conquer. hauls more, stows more, tows more and fits in your garage. the mid-size metris from mercedes-benz. vans. born to run. (toilet flush) if you need an opioid to manage your chronic pain, you may be sooo constipated
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let's go off the record. i'm standing on the "uss yorktown." a decorated aircraft carrier. she, yes, she, they're all called she and don't ask me why, but i'm proud to claim her as she makes us all proud. she was commissioned in 1943. it's the tenth to serve in the
4:59 pm
u.s. that he have and guess what, she's a miro. during world war ii, she wassed awarded 11 battle stars and then later for her vietnam service, she was awarded five battle stars. and over the decades of her brave military service, she has been home to many thousands of brave sailors and of course those sailors are the reasons she was award all her stars. and speaking of our brave service members and this really 1 fis fun to all of us, our staffer's great grandfather was the first aviator to land his plane on the u schlt sch"uss yo during world war ii. and she's a movie star. she starred in the documentary the fighting lady. yeah, she's a pretty girl and even a big girl. 880 feet long and 101 feet wide. in 1975 she moved here where she
5:00 pm
could rest and retire. she deserves it. she worked so hard for us. and that's my off the record comments tonight. that's all for now. thanks for being with us for this live election special on the record on the trail. i'm in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching this special edition of the factor. we'll go right to our top story, the clash between donald trump and the pope. earlier yesterday, trump delivered a stinging response to pope francis after implying the ton all was not christian. >> trump appeared to soften his tone. >> with the pope, does it give you pause? >> i don't like fighting with the pope. i think he said something much softer than wa


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