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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  February 22, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> how are we doing? harris: he is "outnumbered." better than that. harris: happy everything. ready to rock and roll? ready to rock and roll? five candidates. donald trump with commanding huge win in south carolina's primary. trump beat ted cruz and rubio by 11 points. now the billionaire businessman is predicting he will face hillary clinton in the general election as the gop nominee. trump says he will win states in
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november that republicans can only dream about. >> i think it is going to be between hillary and myself. they say that it will be the largest voter turnout in the history of the united states elections. i'm going to win. i will win places like michigan that the republicans can't even think of. i will have a chance winning new york. if i win new york, the election's over, from a electoral college standpoint. i have a chance of winning new york. i will win states that they are in play. harris: senators rubio and cruz are saying not so fast. rubio says time for trump to stop with the rhetoric and spell out his policy ideas. >> i think donald's campaign has been largely how bad things are. we need to recognize how difficult things are. you can't just say you will make america great again. you have to explain how you will do it. at this stage of the campaign voters need to know in great detail how you will achieve some these things. harris: rubio told "fox news sunday," that republicans need to coy a less
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around a single candidate. cruz said they should choose him, with his iowa win and caucuses there, he is only one that has beaten donald trump. >> it is now apparent the only campaign that can beat donald trump has beat donald trump is our campaign. a lot of republicans are concerned that donald trump is the right candidate to go head-to-head with hillary clinton and bernie sanders. as the field narrows we're seeing more people come to us. harris: i go back to donald trump, they say it will be huge. >> huge. how are we doing, ladies? i see magic hands working the billboard on saturday night. the thing really awesome about that, harris -- sandra: what does that mean? harris: i don't know. go with it. >> you get to see the data as comes in real time and themes and storylines. what i will tell you from south carolina, trump dominated everywhere. he won 44 out of 46 counties. he didn't win richland county,
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and charleston count. but he was real close in both counties. what you find in horry county and myrtle beach, south carolina, he won by 49% of the vote. go to some of the rural counties his votes are extraordinary. if that is repeated in the panhandle of florida. if that is repeated southeastern ohio and rural counties, kasich won 86 out of the 88 counties, re-election for governor. trump has already shown that he can compete significantly in these areas, and that spells really tough going for. harris: isn't it important, sandra, he is competing in place where people said he couldn't, evangelicals. go forward to nevada. new polling suggests that 10 out of the next 14 states show donald trump with a lead. sandra: that brings up question, is he unstoppable? you can talk about this for hours, hemmer. i will defer to you on this. that is the question right now.
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marco rubio is painting donald trump as he has been as a guy simply saying what he will do. not spelling out how he will do it. doesn't seem to hurt him. >> i think the real story in nevada is whether or not trump places second. i mean if he doesn't win nevada, that is your story. i expect him to based on everything we're hearing. cruz and rubio will fight it out. you move on the calendar, first of march -- harris: next tuesday. >> texas, 155 delegates. march 15th, two winner-take-alls that day, florida, and ohio. already people are starting to think, on march 16th if pattern continues this way you might have your nominee. harris: i want to go to andrea real quickly, just idea of cruz versus trump. look at texas where trump is trailing by 6.7%. that is not that far behind. your quick thoughts. >> it is not. ted cruz never really had strong
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and clear pathway out of iowa. harris: in his home state. >> he doesn't. he resonates with evangelicals, donald trump as bill just mentioned resonates more. he is anti-establishment guy. he has taken on the establishment but that doesn't seem to translate t translates for donald trump. i got your joke about the billboard. magic jazz hands you used to give us the data, i want to know what kind of workouts you use. >> miles davis. harris: andrea: to get your fingers ready. let me finish. i do think this call for donald trump to get more specifics it is fool's errand. you see past candidates, giving 37, 40-point plans. voters eyes glaze over. it is who can fight and speak for the blue-collar vote. that is what i'm looking at. in these counties that feel left behind by the republican establishment, they feel the past administration and last two candidates didn't speak tore them. they feel donald trump speaks
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for them and numbers on the billboard bear that out. harris: the question whether he does in in general election might have to be different. here is what donald trump said over the weekend. >> i can act, pretty soon. we started off with 17 people. i've been hit from 97 different angles. now we're down to i guess five. we'll see whatps. i think, yeah, i think i will be very presidential at appropriate time. right now i'm fighting for my life. i was fighting against a tremendous very talented, very tough people. and, i didn't really have time to think about it. i had to be tough. i had to be smart and sharp. that is okay too. harris: this is interesting moment. chris wallace said when will you begin to act presidential said donald trump said he could? >> he actually wasn't defensive as i thought he might be anticipating the answer for that. i think he is going to appear presidential, when he releases his tax returns. when it is a little later in the game and more convenient for
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him. you asked his trump unstoppable? no i think he is stoppable. unfortunately not by any candidates running against him for republican nomination right now. harris: wow. >> i honestly think cruz and rubio are so both so invested in the race and excited about their second and third place finishes, that give their egos to stay in it one of them has to get out to consolidate it if they want to make a real run before it is too late. harris: talk about the strategy donald trump has -- they're saying his floor could be as much as 35%. that leaves a lot left on the table. if you have split amongst people he still whoever beats who gets that but if you get somebody out of the race. sandra: conversation with the bush supporters where are they going. cruz says more and more they are going to him. numbers as they pan out in this nbc survey they're going to marco rubio in larger numbers, right? that will make a huge difference going forward. >> it might.
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tantaros, your point about blue-collar voters, white america, read charles murray from "wall street journal" 10 days ago. it is long, well worth your time invest in it. subscribe to if you need to. it will spell out what these people have been feeling and experiencing over the past 10 years. why they're so jazzed for a guy like trump. did that piece not make sense or what? >> it did, are you getting a cut from the journal. i will point out -- >> i pay for my subscription. andrea: you're right, bill. journal has been polling, months ago, december, 53% of the blue-collar voters peeling off for donald trump. that was lasser i don't. that is what's happening in the republican party. and to the point that ted cruz is making, where he talks about donald trump, i'm only one beaten him, you beat him in iowa and barely beat him in iowa. if i were cruz, his compelling case that he has fought the establishment in washington, d.c. i would take that approach
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if i were him. it depends who gets out. if cruz or rubio gets out, if cruz gets out, those voters are not natural move to rubio. i think they're a move to a trump. if rubio gets out i think something different. if cruz gets out it will also be something different. harris: quickly before we move on, andrea, i want your take on endorsements overall. we saw something odd over the weekend. we saw announcement but was wrong about mitt romney endorsing rubio. rubio came out, said, no, no. that is not true. we worked on campaigns. endorsements, are we even in period where it matters right now? andrea: matters depending who they are. mitt romney will not move the needle. mitt romney only reminds voters that establishment put up candidate last time around. used to be pro-choice. rom care was very liberal on a lot of issues -- romney care. that lost. that is not the endorsement
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rubio may want at this time. harris: moving on. andrea: moving on to the democratic side. hillary clinton surviving a major challenge from senator bernie sanders in nevada. sanders close ad 20-point polling deficit in the weeks leading up to the caucus. clinton's so-called firewall held, partly, especially thanks to union support in las vegas. clinton struggled with latino voters as you saw the billboard show, mr. bill -- >> magic jazz hands. andrea: glitch us that data you saw. >> i think the data tells you a lot. if you compare 2016 to 2008 in nevada, she won. she beat barack obama in that state but the margin on a percentage basis in clark county, las vegas is, same this year as it was in 2008. and the county up around reno in northwestern corner of the state, about the same, nine, 10,
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11 points as it was in 2008. in addition to that, the caucus turn out on the democratic side was off 32% from eight years ago. we saw that in new hampshire. to a lesser degree. you saw it in iowa. if you're concerned about an enthusiasm gap, if you're concerned about like, getting your voters to the polls, there is a trend that is now been laid in all three of these contests. we'll see if south carolina is the same. republicans were predicting 650,000 come out in south carolina, which would be all-time record. blow out, blowout number. did more than 700,000 primary voters in nevada. >> what do you chalk that up to? >> i think enthusiasm. >> you have candidates polarizing and authentic. they energize respective bases in sanders and and trump and why -- >> i don't think there is any doubt so far story is on republican side of political ledger. as long as trump is in there i
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don't see that changing. andrea: what about numbers you showed us with hispanics, sandra, in nevada. astounding. hillary clinton used to do with with hispanics. she argues she is candidate best represents minority voters. >> she continues to tell us that. listen, on saturday, a lot of people i was in the room watching with, when hillary clinton gave her victory speech, there was a change in her tone, a change in her confidence. it is going to be interesting to see what momentum that gives her and her campaign because you didn't hear her, obviously in her non-victory speeches before that, but the hillary clinton came back. the old hillary clinton that was winning, that was getting enthusiasm up from her supporters, i think something dramatic changed for her on saturday night for sure. harris: something else we heard from hillary clinton was almost a page out of marco rubio's book. she took one on the chin. admitted fact she had work to do, in terms of getting trust back into the conversation with her name, which i think is
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fascinating. i do understand that all the polling out there, we see it all, and bernie sanders kicks everybody when it comes to trusl aisle, she can can not ignore the fact if she becomes the party's nominee. it doesn't mean she has a mandate from democrats. means she doesn't become the party's nominee. >> she was asked about jake tapper, asked about the trust deficit and how she blamed the republicans in the past. listen. >> i know that you have blamed whole trust issue with independent voters on decades of unfair attacks by republicans, smears against you by republicans but how do you fix it? >> i think there is underlying question that maybe is really in the back of people's minds and that is, you know, is she in it for us or is she in it for herself? that is a question people are trying to sort through. and i'm going to demonstrate i've always been the same person
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fighting for the same values, fighting to make a real difference in people's lives, long before i was ever in elected office. even before my husband was in the presidency. andrea: no, you did not just halling hallucinate. hillary clinton gave a shred of kernel of truth where people wonder whether she is in it for herself. >> she is in it for herself. she said people are trying to sort through things. how do they sort through things? asking questions and getting satisfying answers. that was unsatisfying answer. after being shipwrecked 14 days and getting a piece of. does she understand non-answers do nothing for hungry voters. i'm shocked the trust issue isn't a bigger issue driving peoples to the polls. harris: >> caller: and bacon will fill you up. >> everything with bacon. andrea: when you look at superdelegates she still crushes bernie sanders. is this already a lock?
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is this coronation? >> i think she wins in south carolina on saturday. i think it will give her two in a row. i think it will be a big head of steam. andrea: you said on this morning in "america's newsroom," rage against the machine. on both sides. >> i would have thought that in new hampshire with bernie sanders but let's see what happens in these forthcoming states. andrea: all right. >> i do believe it is true on the republican side, that is, that is quite clear. harris: 502 delegates in hillary's column. 70 in bernie's. we'll see. andrea: we will. we'll watch the billboard where we get all our amazing data. harris: bill, board. get it? andrea: escalating between apple and the feds. fbi director james comey is weighing in as apple's ceo issues another warning about what could happen if they're forced to hack into people's devices. and is a new front opening
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up in the war against isis? the u.s. launching airstrikes against the militants in libya. so what this means for the overall fight and whether it will force president obama to maybe finally rethink his strategy. after the show. catch more from the couch. "outnumbered overtime." we have bill hemmer. "outnumbered" over time, mixed with hemmer time. you know it is good. click the o.t. tab. because you asked we'll have special edition with hemmer. >> that's more? >> there is. it takes a lot of work... to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste.
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♪ >> the we've been following a very public fight over apple and federal government. it is escalating again. fbi demand that happel hack into the phone of one of the men in the san bernanadino shootings. james comey saying quote, we don't want to break anyone's encryption or set a master key loose on the land. i hope people will take the time to understand that. maybe the phone hold as clue to finding more terrorists. maybe it doesn't but we can't look the survivors in the eye or ourselves in the mirror if we don't follow this lead. this morning apple ceo tim cook
9:21 am
firing back in an online post, and an email tome employees, demanding that the fbi withdraw its request. cook warning that any technique that could hack iphones could be replicated or used by cyber criminals. high-profile attorney now representing apple excoing those claims. >> this is pandora's box. we're not talking about one magistrate. there are hundreds of magistrates. there are hundreds of other courts and there is no limit to what the government could require apple to do, even if the fbi director has recognized it is important national debate. the congress hasn't addressed this issue and apple is adhering to the trust of its millions of iphone users. >> but how -- sandra: kennedy, dying to get your take on this because seems daily there ising changing on the story. this morning i heard judge napolitano say he believes this
9:22 am
will go all the way to the supreme court. >> no, absolutely it could. apple is right to f ght this why you're seeing facebook, google and other tech companies put bush pushing back against this form of coercion. sandra: do you think they should. >> i absolutely do. i trust tim cook talking about technology and encryption a lot more than james comey. sandra: is government getting real story that they can't get into the phone and they're making demands of apple to get in one phone? >> do i trust the government talk about encryption and spying on people when they have a track record dotted with mountains of lies? unfortunately no, i can't necessarily take him at his word. i have to look at him, say, what sort of a failure was it on part of the intelligence community this happened in the first place and somehow blaming a deceased terrorist iphone is not a satisfying answer. andrea: bill, those not taking side of technology companies, not just apple and google but
9:23 am
many others have supported tim cook, those criticizing, why wouldn't you do anything to help us track down terror? >> i'm not surprised the rest of silicon valley is behind apple on this i don't know what you should do here. crowd hammer suggested take the phone to a deserted island and close it down between two people get it there. i don't know if that is answer but it was a creative idea. i heard what napolitano said on our show this morning. that this is going to the u.s. supreme court now with eight justices. i think it is great marketing for apple. someone in washington told me, who will go nameless, that the edward snowden leak really hurt the company. gave everybody the impression that apple was in bed with the government. now we find out not necessarily the case if at all. as a citizen i thought the whole nsa stuff was catch all this stuff any way, so why aren't they using nsa stuff? does that not apply here. what staff facility in utah all
9:24 am
about? harris: exactly. >> the fbi can get into the phone. talk to any expert to use supercomputers to a force break. they want to do it legally to have precedent -- >> why is the precedent so important? because this will go on for a long time. andrea: yes. >> san bernardino is number one. it will happen repeatedly as technology continues. andrea: how do we know san bernardino isn't an excuse? motivating by reason to persuade through emotion. oh, think of the terrorists and
9:25 am
families. that is an emotional argument that should be shelved. this is how they coerce people like sheep. ignore, ignore. apple should not budge. sandra: why is this so public? why hasn't tim cook sat down with james comey, look if i do this, it is dangerous, this happens. this is what we can do? why isn't more closed-door meetings happening? harris: one bill said about marketing. don't you want to be the guy going against the big fat government, telling them no, get your hands off my stuff. that makes you look heroic in in the public's ice. we talked about this early on. the government isn't asking for information. the government is asking for apple to do it. i refuse to believe the government wouldn't want to stick its hand in the middle of it. can you tell me a little about what you did? so i can know next time. when you talk about as krauthamer said, putting two people on an island, unless you don't let them off the island
9:26 am
apparently apple says they can't protect their own secrets. i don't know that i believe that you don't have any other apple phone -- there has to be happen medium to get into terrorist's phone and not get into kennedy's phone. >> one of the arguments tim cook made, possibility to destroy the digital ingredients once they are manufactured. one thing that can unlock a phone is a fingerprint. this is bit gruesome. >> if you have it, right? andrea: bill hemmer, last word to you, sir. >> if you still have it. harris: if you still had it. >> had it at some point. sandra: fox exit polling from saturday night revealing a lot what voters think of the leading gop candidates. split among republicans when it comes to electing outsider, versus choosing someone that can win in november. what this means going forward. plus when college studies getting in the way of student activism. protesters at one of america's
9:27 am
premier universities complaining about emotional breakdowns because their professors are demanding they do their homework. what is going on here? ♪
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♪ andrea: gop in south carolina may be in the history books but fox news exit polls brought to you by our one lucky guy, bill hemmer, revealing a lot about republicans that turned out to vote and why they prefer certain candidates. voters who are angry how the federal government works made up 40% of republican voting. and, they went substantially for trump, 44% of the them. also, voters looking for an outsider, they also went big for trump, who, way big. 63%. but republicans who want a candidate who can win in november voting overwhelmingly for marco rubio. the florida senator pulling in
9:32 am
nearly half at 47%. and this also catching our eye. marco rubio and ted cruz, the voters choice among those looking for a candidate who has political experience. okay, martha mack and bill hemmer, are our data gurus on this. anything stunning? >> i would correct the record. those were brought to you by maccallum. andrea: i was going to say. bring martha into this. >> riddle me this, ladies, they are angry, correct? they want change, right? they want an outsider, right? harris: but they want experience. >> shares my values, trump is not even on the board. what is going on here? andrea: make sense of it, hemmer. >> i can't! the other thing i can't make sense, who ran the most unfair campaign? trump. cruz trails him by six points. andrea: they love it. >> bush and rubio are in single digits. unfair campaign, i don't know,
9:33 am
two plus two doesn't equal four on this. go. andrea: make sense of this too. this is mind-boggling. cruz beats trump with very conservative voters 359-29. -- 35-29. look with evangelicals, trump wins 34 to 26. hemmer, i thought evangelicals, i'm one myself, are more conservative. what is going on? >> some of this polling is suggestive, there is kind after class difference within the evangelical voter, upper class, middle class, lower class. the counties up in northern part of south carolina, we showed you this repeatedly on saturday night, huckabee dominated in this area in 2008. trump took all the votes! harris: talk about that unfair fight tactic and why trump sits above -- did you guys notice he stopped in atlanta yesterday and lights went out. he worked it to his advantage. we want to keep the lights out. let's rally, let's chant, keep
9:34 am
the lights off. they tried to turn them back on, he wanted to keep them off. we're not going to say we mind the lights are off, we'll work it and lower the rent bill for the venue and complain we had the lights off. that is not exactly right or fair? >> great closing line though. harris: but it wins. >> that is how you negotiate. harris: want a mind this sick negotiating for the united states is how he ended it. andrea: evangelicals have this class fault line between them. there is a group of evangelicals putting trump as this frontrunner, in frontrunner status they believe he can fight to defend them. not necessarily that he is has conservative values but that he can fight. sandra: go back. he doesn't have to be like us. he doesn't have to hate us and will support our beliefs. that is a big one for him. something i was taking note of, terrorism top issue for republican voting in south carolina. the economy came second. that was a bit different than we
9:35 am
had seen in the previous contests. late deciders, we kept talking about how the undecided voter would be huge. guess where they went? marco rubio. that late-deciding voter went to marco rubio. >> terrorism and security doesn't surprise me because there is so much military in south carolina. the thing i love about the schizophrenia in exit polls, no one can really predict and no one can tell. there are some different factions seems like people should be cannibalizing themselves. and people, poor glenn beck is going to starve to death. harris: rubio have to go negative? >> you know what? i made the comment today they have had a bit after pillow fight between the two. they're not laying hands on them. harris: that is sweet, right? >> there is a piece in the "new york times" a month ago before iowa went into caucus. and it basically said, you know, christians in iowa think trump is christian enough.
9:36 am
so did voters in south carolina think that he was evangelical enough? did they think he was christian enough? or has he addressed those concerns? remember the closing days, you get in a fight with the pope, right? >> i thought that would hurt him with catholic voters! >> not many catholics in south carolina. you get into a fight with george bush and iraq war as a republican candidate and in a republican primary during a republican debate on prime time and you still win. andrea: because nobody picked up on the fact that the gop voter is so sick and tired of the establishment and they have been especially since the midterm elections where they believe the establishment failed them over these last two years. if you get on the ground and talk to the gop voter you could see it coming. talk to the restaurant owners. talk to people doing blue-collar jobs, crux workers, they were -- construction workers they were telling me all summer they were
9:37 am
tired of it. if you get out of the ivory tower and talk to the people, they want results. harris: it is interesting, you talk about donald trump not having a ground game and ted cruz certainly does. and we'll find out how strong marco rubio's is going forward. what donald trump has done interesting andrea talked about, voter feels heard and talked to even though he is not there, he is strong in social media. look at some of the social media, barack obama started this. >> listen, they spent a lot on data analytics in south carolina and where did it get them? rubio and bush did. andrea: our own sean hannity will do some q and a with the frontrunner donald trump in front of a live audience of about 300 or so people. things will likely get very fiesty. be sure to tune in, 10:00 p.m. eastern right here on fnc. the isis threat growing
9:38 am
beyond the middle east. the terror group expanding its reach into libya and pushing closer to other countries in the region. president obama mulling over how much military action he should take. does the u.s. need to rethink it is strategy fast? we'll debate. ♪
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♪ harris: the fight against the islamic terror army jumped to whole new battlefield. united states has launched airstrikes in libya against the isis savages. the obama administration reject ad full-on assault. pentagon is warning that isis expanded its grip on the north african nation. some of the terrorists who were killed were planning attacks on western targets. fueling the belief that libya is emerging now as the forth front in the fight against isis. on the list, syria, iraq, afghanistan as you see on the map.
9:43 am
andrea, time and time again we talked about why libya was fertile ground. remind us. andrea: because hillary clinton said that we needed to out of muammar qaddafi and barack obama supported her. she takes credit for the whole thing in her book. that created the vacuum we saw and see now that isis filled. this is not a new story. just so happened "the new york times" decided to write about it, conveniently the administration is taking note. wonder why they have the story? anyhow, this has been issue. we've seen the story. isis attacking al nusra, specifically. the brittish consulate in 2012. we saw them attack embassy. they gained ground. the story i think the obama administration can no longer contain it. it is completely out of control. harris: what is interesting, too, bill, about libya you see isis kill forces on the ground, forces, terrorists, killers, savages who won't side with them as we saw boko haram do in other
9:44 am
areas. >> islamic jihad has been rampant in libya for 20 years. they come from a town called derna, that is in the eastern part of the country. they did a poll or survey on percentage of fighters coming into afghanistan during the last decade. by far and away, sheer numbers, saudi arabia, but on percentage basis it was not the country of libya. it was the town of derna, libya. we've known about this a long, long time. if democrats want to argue you could not or you failed in iraq because you didn't understand the sunni-shia split, well we failed in understanding the tribal factions within libya and who they would align with if gadhafi was not in power. just add this. when the president was talking last week in rancho mirage in california, he was talking about libya. what he said is true. it's a mess. there is no central government,
9:45 am
there is no structure, tribal war all that is true but you knew that. here's the difference n this campaign, when barack obama says that or hillary clinton makes that argument, donald trump will come on tv, and what is he going to say? well it's your fault, it's your problem and these people in the truck truck party who are not on trump's too many right now, when happens when trump takes his fire away from rubio and away from cruz and puts it all on hillary clinton and barack obama? do they come off the fence now? i say, for the sake of this argument they do. >> she has a lot to answer for for libya. why rand paul talked about first running for president as libya as hillary's war. not seeing tribalism in africa is so shortsighted. how that will spread to the rest of the continent where political structures or lack there off are essentially the same? >> libya is a disaster. andrea: you know why they can't speak up? you know marco rubio can't do what donald trump will do tie her to libya? harris: why? >>
9:46 am
andrea: because he was forenation-building of ousting muammar qaddafi that is the achilles heal of establishment. you saw george bush do it and he democrats do it. he can't make a compelling case of ouster is of gadhafi because he was behind it. sandra: there is one big fundamental difference between the operations isis has going on in libya versus syria. they're not controlling oil fields that would generate revenue for them and strengthen them. big differences right? we do know that they are trying to acquire some and -- >> san bernardino was tied to isis, right, by way of saudi arabia, pakistan. what happens if we get terrorist hit that happens in the u.s., that is tied to libya? wow. you own that thing. harris: don't want to i can nor the news. there is talk russia on board with cease-fire inside of syria. you have another nesting ground for isis. raqqa is the strong hold. will be interesting to see what kind of deal-making? >> from the u.n.? harris: yeah.
9:47 am
>> last friday afternoon, midtown restaurant, in walk security, and there was ban ki-moon. two minutes later in walked security, power from the u.n. and went downstairs. no one was talking but they were probably talking about that. harris: apparently no break for the pc police on our nation's college campuses. protesters at one major school trying to shout down a conservative guest speaker. some even smearing fake blood around the lecture hall. is the pc crowd trying to bury other points of view or just being disgusting
9:48 am
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sandra: more "outnumbered" in a minute but let's get to jon scott with the what is coming up in second hour of "happening now." hey, jon. >> man who murdered three connecticut members of -- family members, wants another trial. the new issues that could give him another trial in court. doctors warn of zika effects that could last a lifetime. completely cut off. residents after small idaho town living without power after a terrifying landslide sends people running for their lives. coming up at top of the hour.
9:52 am
i have to go book to filling up hemmer's office with balloons. >> is your birthday. >> not even close. jon, clean that mess up, sir. coming after you. >> a little joke. >> more pc craziness on america's college campus, my god, in new jersey where students at rutgers protest ad speech by conservetiff writer who about how schools have become too hypersensitive. some protesters reportedly attending a group therapy session afterwards to discuss how upset they were and how unsafe they felt and some smearing fake blood on the doors of the lecture haul and faces. university chancellor said with campus wide email the school promotes dialing on all issues and protesters in this case could be punished their behavior. school at the same time announcing series of new measures to promote respect and inclusion on campus because that is exactly what they need. they don't need to be challenged
9:53 am
of their ideas. same conservative author protested during a recent speech at university of minnesota. now meantime students at brown, ivy league university, reportedly complaining of slumping grades and emotional stress after months of protesting with just such hard work and blaming the school for making their homework get in the way of their social justice activism. sandra, this is so traumatizing. so hard for them. really is. sandra: one student said upsetting my mental health is not cared for by the university. i don't know what else to do, for us to be heard for, cared about. i deserve an apology. so here, he is saying that schools are overly sensitive, students, rather who attending colleges and universities now, they're overly sensitive and coddled. they respond by being overly sensitive and coddled. harris: god help them, when they graduate to go into the real world. i'm not convinced they're going to class.
9:54 am
what else are they doing? we talk about where is the education happening? part of the education process to be challenged by ideas that are anathema maybe to your own. learn about another person's point of view. when you get to work you may not agree with everybody but want your paycheck. >> those people chose to attend the lecture. had sort after salacious name. he is fame must on twitter, at nero, he has hundreds of thousands of followers. twitter stripped him of his verification. they took away his check marks for no reason and his followers want the check marks back. >> unverified. unverified. i don't know if this happened in my university in oxford, ohio. i said college is four year buffer zone for maturity anyway. i ask you, are they growing up. >> unfortunately they will grow up at some point and run the world and steal our social security and push us in wheelchairs down cliffs for hurting their feelings. andrea: not before they ask us for cubicle with natural lighting and listen to ipod
9:55 am
which what happens when millenials get out in the reeled world. >> that is your own assistant calling she wants more stuff. andrea: want more stuff. wants the natural sun lamp next to her desk. i want to defend him my greek cohort. why? when i spoke in north carolina, kennedy. same thing happened. i gave a speech about the rise of radical islam. some of the students were so angry and upset, one started screaming at me, i thought he would throw a shoe. they had to have breakout session. harris: about you? during your speech? andrea: university issued apology for having me. had breakout sessions because students were so emotionally damaged. >> come on. andrea: i swear. >> what did you say? harris: maybe that is them calling you on the phone? andrea: maybe the university not inviting me back. i got news for you. i won't come either. no way. >> story after story after story. he points out the hypocrisy and they play into it. harris: where can we send our kids where they're never going to have problem with another
9:56 am
human being. >> to their room? about it. harris: you want kids to be productive with society, any of them if they get the privilege pushing me in wheelchair better be smart. come on. >> not doing their homework, not getting educated. we will be right back. we have over 15,000 activities that you can book on our app to make sure your little animal, enjoys her first trip to the kingdom. expedia, technology connecting you to what matters.
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