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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  March 2, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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love this place ♪ ♪ god bless the usa >> whoa! [ applause ] >> what a way to end our super tuesday post date show. >> good job. bill: good morning, everybody. what is the state of the race this morning. donald trump surging ahead of the pack with a string of victories. but so far this morning senator ted cruz will make his case. with a late-night victory so will marco rubio. he feel fresh today. i'm bill hemmer. martha: no one needs 3 or 4 hours of sleep. we are good to go. donald trump dominated in 7 states last night. senator cruz came out of the evening with three which
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happened in the wee hours of the morning and marco rubio got his first state win. >> i think we have done something that almost nobody thought could be done. and i'm proud of it. i just want to leave you with this. i'm a unifier. i would love to see the republican party and everybody get together and unify. when we tunify there is nobody that is going to beat us. bill: rubio and cruz will continue to go after trump. they promise this race is far from over. >> we can nominate a washington deal maker, profane and vulgar, who has a lifelong pattern of using government power for personal gain. or we can nominate a proven conservative who has fought
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consistently for working men and women and defend the constitution. >> no matter how long it takes, no matter how many states it takes, no matter how many weeks and months it takes, i'll campaign as long as it takes and wherever it takes to insure i'm the next president of the united states. martha: on the democratic side last night hoik had a very big night. she pulled ahead clearly from senator bernie sanders. she had 8 wins to his four. >> we know we have got work to do. but that work, that work is not to make america great again, america never stopped being great. >> what i have said is this
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campaign is not just about electing a president, it's about making a political revolution. bill: so where are we now? byron york, good morning to you. your takeaways. number one, trump is where today? >> he's the overwhelming front runner, he won seven out of 11, bringing him to 10 of 15. if it were any other candidate doing this, party leaders would be urging his rivals to get out of the race for the sake of party unity. bill: cruz and rubio are still alive and they will argue math. does it add up? >> it can under the best possible scenario. cruz had to win texas.
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and rubio had to win something and he did in minnesota. but they both lost grounds to trump last night. what they are doing now is talking less about actually winning, less about getting those 1,237 delegates if you need and more about denying donald trump a winning total. that's where we stands right now. bill: victory number 3 you refer to it as the stabment republican wing of the party. >> they are thinking convention. there was a fascinating interview by a top republican lawyer who outlined the ways party insiders could use to strip delegates away from what he called a runaway nominee at a convention. if trump comes into the convention the leader but he doesn't have the 1,237 delegates they can use party rules to pull away some of those delegates.
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bill: this a super duper tuesday three weeks from yesterday. it's winner-take-all. what do you expect in the next 13 days? >> you have see a desperate effort to stop trump in florida. 99 delegates. winner-take-all. marco rubio's home state. he has to win. you know the scenario i was talking about. stopping trump becomes almost impossible if trump wins florida. bill: byron, thank you. we'll see you soon. byron york in new york. martha: ted cruz won three states including the biggest of the evening. his home state of texas. 155 delegates were up for grabs in that state.
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the senator winning 44% of that vote. donald trump came in second with 27% and marco rubio with 18%. casey, cruz is better there than even the polls suggested. reporter: that's right. when we talked on this program yesterday, there was a spread between donald trump and ted cruz of 9 points according to the real clear politics average. but ted cruz beat donald trump by double digits. 17%. the last-minute pushes across the thrown star state where cruz was running around campaigning at the 11th hour may have helped. a packed house at cruz headquarters. he thanked his supporters and
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got a few jabs in at donald trump. >> america shouldn't have a president whose words would make you embarrasses if your children repeated them. reporter the exit polling shows the economy was the number one issue on the mind of people in texas. he doesn't walk away empty handed because this is not a winner-take-all state. the lone star state award them proportionally and how well each of the candidates does in the 36 congressional district. senator marco rubio not meeting the threshold so he did not pick up any delegates in texas last
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night. reporter: senator marco rubio won his first state last night. it was the state of minnesota. he will join us one hour from now in america's newsroom. a question for you today. how does the deep south of america feel about a guy from queens, new york. let's count the ways. let's tart in tennessee. donald trump is in purple. this is what he did based on the county map in tennessee. that's nashville. state of alabama. trump is in purple. that's how he did last night. state of georgia. trump is in purple. ed a these three states in the deep south, south carolina from 11 days ago and that's what you get. trump is going to make the case they won in massachusetts, vermont and massachusetts as well. when marco rubio talks to us next hour, this will be a
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driving theme from his campaign. they believe in john kasich had not been in this case marco rubio would have won virginia. fairfax county across from washington, d.c., kasich got 17.5% of the vote in that county alone. stand to reason if kasich wasn't in that race maybe rubio has an argument. here is the catch on that. down in alabama, 20% threshold to get any delegates. no delegates in alabama. texas, 20% threshold in the lone star state to get delegates. he comes in at 17.7%. ted cruz wins texas and oklahoma and early this morning he wins the state of alaska. coming up on the calendar, here's what you have, a series
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of elections, a couple of caucuses, maine, louisiana, next tuesday, march 8 is michigan. two week from yesterday march 15 i ohio as i mention. florida, i now and missouri. they are all four winner-take-all and north carolina as well. 99 in florida, march 15. 6 delegates in ohio and winner-take-all. martha: really interesting to look at all that purple in those southern states. donald trump's victory speech was taking that in as well. instead of being supported by cheery supporters he decided early yesterday that he was going to hold a news conference instead last evening and talk to reporters and just banter back and forth with them.
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governor chris christie was right over his shoulder the whole time and that has gotten his attention. bill: hillary clinton widening her lead in the democratic race. are we looking at a general election faceoff? we'll analyze that in a moment. martha: can other candidates get any momentum at this point in the race. coming up here is ted cruz from last night. >> a candidate who has not yet won a state or racked up significant delegates. i ask for to you prayer any consider our coming together and uniting. this little guy is about to make his first deposit. we'd like to open a savings account for him. yes yes. great thanks to mom and dad and their safe driving bonus check from allstate. oh. look at this. safe driving bonus. are you a safe driver? lucky little fella.
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flonase changes everything. wthat you can book on our apps to make sure your little animal, enjoys her first trip to the kingdom. expedia, technology connecting you to what matters. >> it's millions and millions of people. it's too bad winner didn't take all. if winner would take all, we would be having a celebration. bill: ted cruz winning in 7 states, cruz in three and rubio in one. hillary clinton won in 8 states
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and bernie sanders in four. winners, losers and what's ahead. you gentlemen can choose. brad go first. who was your winner from super tuesday? >> you have to say on the republican side it was donald trump taking seven states. his divide and conquer strategy is work. he gets to win and call himself a winner with a minority of votes. if this continues with a large field donald trump looks like he will be the nominee of the republican party. bill: you are saying donald trump is not a loser web's a win -- he's a winner. >> i would have to say trump was a winner last night. unless others get out of the race quickly and coalesce, then he's the likely nominee. something is going to happen quickly for that to not be the
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case. bill: i thought you were going to say hillary clinton was the winner. brad, your loser is who? >> my loser is john kasich. he's underperformed in many of the primaries to date. third, fourth, and the bottom line is he can't have his last stand in ohio. the main thing he could be is a spoiler. there is no way he can at this point i see a pathway to victory to be the nominee. bill: allen. >> the loser is marco rubio. he did not do well last night. and the only thing -- maybe he will be the president of minnesota. but you have got to win more states to be viable and he lost viability last night. bill: imagine if he went o-11. so you have got 13 days and you
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have significant events. debate tomorrow night, detroit on the fox news channel. you have got a couple events martha and i will be covering. then you have michigan, florida, ohio, north carolina, missouri and illinois. brad, what is your keefe the next coming days. >> florida and ohio. there is drama to be played out in florida. there is a misstep on the trump announcement of governor scott. the question is what is governor scott going to do? he has a whole apparatus he can turn on for the candidate of his choosing. what is jeb bush going to do? former contender, former governor. what will he do after the endorsement. will he work the state? in ohio, governor kasich is putting all his eggs in that basket. what does he have to do to win big and what is his path after
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that win. which trump will show up at the debate? the presidential trump we saw yesterday or the typical trump. >> in kasich wins ohio it won't be enough. trump may of beat rubio in florida which will be the end of rubio. either the republicans have to coalesce against trump. and it has to happen immediately. unless that happens i don't see how trump is stopped at this point. bill: think about these numbers. voters turnout. the turnout last night was 1 million. 2012, 900,000. last night it was 1.3 million. these are blowout numbers. massachusetts, 370,000 in 2012,
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625,000 yesterday. brad, what does that mean? what is the pattern you see? >> for republicans it's fantastic because people are fired you have. but they are also ticked off, they are angry. this is an angry electorate on the republican side that is fired you have and ready to come to it only if we are united. after this primary system if we are not able to unite and get those people not interested, interested in the general election. then we have a great chance of winning across the board. but if we are not united ... bill: 2008 to 2016 for democrats. six states you were all down from 8 years ago. >> i think there is not a lot of excitement around someone who is not a new and fresh candidate, though there is excitement around bernie sanders though he's not winning a lot of
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states. but when you get to hillary clinton, i think there will be a lot of republicans motivated. martha: the gop race turns to a crucial swing state. the five remaining candidates set to square off on the debate stage in michigan. all of the focus is going to be on this event. we have a preview coming you have from detroit. bill: two candidates who didn't win a state. is that stopping them? governor john kasich says he's moving on to michigan. >> people want to hear something positive. they don't want to spends their time watching people insult each other back and forth.
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bill: john kasich going nowhere. the ohio governor arguing the odds are shifting in his favor. >> we are down to the final five. if you know what they fight for all season long? home court advantage. i think i'll have a little bit of home court in mississippi and we are heading north to my home court with michigan and we'll beat donald trump in the state of ohio. bill: got to win your home state to be viable. mississippi and michigan hold
6:26 am
primaries on march 15. martha: the supreme court take up its biggest abortion case in 25 years. the justices are getting ready to hear arguments on a texas law that required doctors who perform abortions to have hospital admitting privileges. what's at stake in this case today? >> you can hear there are thousands of protesters on both sides of this debate today. what happened is pro-choice supporters say if the regulations go into effect it will make it difficult to get a legal abortion. >> these laws shut down the infrastructure by which the woman exercises that constitutional right.
6:27 am
it would close nearly all the clinics in texas and makes an end run around the constitution. saying maybe you have this constitutional right, but we won't let you exercise it. reporter: the regulations will have to look at whether -- we'll hear the difference from the bench today. he would be what we expect to be a vote in favor these texas regulations. we are look at probably a 4-4 tie, but everything will turn on justice kennedy. >> i think it will turn on justice kennedy. if you look at his support, he
6:28 am
has a responsibility to make sure a -- make sure abortions are conducted in a healthy way. reporter: if he votes against them it won't be a win for them. if it ends up in a tie and leaves the lower court ruling in place it held up most of the texas regulations. a 5-3 decision against it would be a win for the pro-choice people protesting against it. bill: donald trump making the case that he's the uniter. but the online chatter is not about trump. >> it takes courage to run. it takes a lot of courage to run for president. i have never done this before. i have been a job producer, but this is something i have never done. but this we had to do.
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>> >>
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by let's shift our gaze towards detroit, michigan. the motor city debate tomorrow in michigan. one of four state that hold primaries or caucuses next tuesday. what are michigan voters look for in this debate? reporter: voters in michigan aren't that different from voters across the nation. they are frustrated with government that doesn't get out of their way and doesn't improve america's standing in the world. they are looking for someone who will shake up business as usual. >> they are angry and discontented and they can't put
6:33 am
their finger why on the source of that discontent. they know they are unhappy with what's being going on in washington in terms of the dysfunction. reporter: the flint water crisis will enter into the conversation. they will point to the epa having dropped the ball allowing poisonous water into people's homes and prevented notification. bill: michigan gets its say tuesday. >> mitch gains one of the states in play. the biggest take in terms of delegates will be michigan itself. this is a state in terms of presidential elections usually is a bluff state. but look for those reagan democrats to cross over. it looks like they are going anti-establishment and that means donald trump.
6:34 am
it means it makes a debate tomorrow night very relevant. live from the fox theater. bill: it starts at 9:00 eastern time and megyn and bret and chris wallace will be your moderators. martha: let's look back at how this worked with donald trump last night. he didn't do things the way he usually does. he decided instead that he was going to hold a news conference instead of a rally rounded by fans. some analysts saying this was his first big effort to appear presidential. here is a piece of it. >> i'm a sun fire. i am a unifier. once we get all of this finished i'm going to go after one
6:35 am
person, that's hoik, on the assumption she is allowed to run, which is a big assumption. marthaassumption.march. >> trump is a showman and he likes to mix up the programming. when politicians win a bunch of states on a good night, they can control the message. if he knew he would get a question about david duke's back, he handles that fine. he got 40 minutes of cable news coverage. he wasn't insulting his rivals. the politicians are giving speeches to their fans, he's holding a news conference and talking about his support for planned parenthood. he was pivoting. and mix of conservative and more
6:36 am
moderate positions. martha: most presidents have very few open forum press conferences. he seemed to enjoy every minute of this process. >> he's in part by giving endless interviews to television, radio, print. he thrives on that. when they get testy and he feels he's been treated unfairly, that's okay, too. it feeds his i amingage as a guy taking on the media establishment. martha: let's talk about the chris christie in the room. he has gotten a lot of heat by many. he's been at trump's side since he endorsed him. this was the camera shot.
6:37 am
there has been music put to it on social media and watching his eyes darting back and forth. he looked a little uncomfortable standing there. >> he looked very uncomfortable. let's stipulate it's hard to stand there and watch somebody with rapt attention unless you are married to the guy. it wasn't about trump. it's that chris christie is used to being the alpha dog. he's there as a prop to show support from one wing of the establishment. some newspapers have called for chris christie to resign because of his endorsement of trump. to and there all that time opens yourself up fair or unfair. martha: it just happens.
6:38 am
if you are standing there you think we are going to walk out. eric trump was standing on ought other ends of the podium book ending with chris christie. fine, that's a normal thing to do. if the shot had bent other way eric trump would have been behind his dad, and in television, it's a tough thing to carry off. >> trump wanted him there as a symbol of the support he's getting. the reason christy was there, the establishment is a pock lip particular about trump marching to this nomination. he wanted to show him off. but at the same time he probably showed him off too much. martha: there was speculation
6:39 am
rick scott was going to endorse trump. that story remains to be told whether that was going to happen last night or whether that endorsement is in question. so let's fill up the podium. you fill up with us. >> we thought there had to be some reason. something to announce. we didn't get the fact that just the idea taking questions from the press would be a good setting for him, particularly having such a good night on super tuesday. bill: hillary clinton turning her attention to donald trump. >> instead of building walls, we are going to break down barriers and build ladders of opportunity. bill: do we have an early glimpse of what we can expect come later this year. is it clinton versus trump? and if it is, how does that
6:40 am
election shake out. martha: marco rubio and ted cruz both saying they are the candidates who can ultimately stop donald trump. does either candidate have the path or the time? here is marco rubio. >> everybody comes around and said we have to rally behind the frontrunner for the good of the party. they are saying the opposite. we have to rally to stop donald trump. hii'm here to tell homeowners
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>> it's the only campaign that has beaten, can beat and will beat donald trump. >> we are going to send a message that the party of lincoln and reagan and the presidency of the united states will never be held by a con
6:44 am
artist. bill: donald trump 285 delegates. 100 behind with 161, i should say. rubio has 87. but each of the senators insists he can turn the race around. is that the case? mark theisen, columnist for "the washington post." make the case. how is trump denied the nomination? >> i'm getting sick and tired of the fatalism. my kids play ice hockey. if they are going into the third period and they are down a full goals you tell them to go until the buzzer. trump lost four states. he just barely survived in six
6:45 am
states. you have to get 1,237 delegates and he has 258. that means there are 1,000 delegates up for grabs. bill: you are a republican, you are a conservative, you want to win, you want to beat hillary clinton. donald trump would say i'm bringing more people to the party. you want to win, make me your nominee. >> by want to win with a conservative. ted cruz and marco rubio are conservatives. up until recently nobody laid a glove on donald trump. they spent most of their money
6:46 am
attacking each other it was only five days ago at cnn debate that rubio and cruz turned their guns on trump. look what happened. they won four states yesterday. so the strategy is starting to have a dent. bill: and donald trump won virginia and georgia and tennessee, and he would argue, i can begin in the northeast and i can win in the deep south, and no one else can prove that. >> i don't think that's necessarily true. reason he won in virginia. he's winning over a divided field. if john kasich had not been in that race. rubio lost virginia by 3 points. the on reason trump is winning is because of a divided field. you mentioned arkansas.
6:47 am
in that 8 trump won 33%. so the majority of republicans do not want donald trump as their nominee. the problem is we have got a divided field. so his opposition is divided. bill: look at some of these numbers. a million in virginia. up over 265,000 from four years ago. these are blowout numbers. if trump is the no knee, what does the republican party look like in november? >> well, i'll jump off that bridge when we get to it. bill: take a shot. you thought about it. if he's the nominee and takes up all the oxygen for the next seven months and says i'm not going to turn my fire on rubio or cruz anymore. i'm going to it on hillary clinton and barack obama. for those on the fence who say i will never vote for trump even though they are in the
6:48 am
republican party, dose win that argument? when necessity tart to hear him going after hillary clinton and barack obama, they are going to sit back and say, yeah, that's what i have been talking about for 7 1/2 years. do they change their mind? >> if we do get to that point. you have to choose between the devil you know and the devil you don't. the lesser of two evils. people are going to have to decide who is going to choose a better supreme court nominee. these are open questions. but i still don't think we are there yet. i think there are 1,000 delegates to go. marco rubio is running in florida. if he wins florida and john kasich wins ohio that might be enough to stop donald trump. bill: the polling suggestions he
6:49 am
wins in ohio and florida. >> marco rubio closed a 20-point gap in five days in virginia. he has two weeks to close a 20-point gap in florida. kasich could very well win his home state of ohio. he wasn't shouting. the buzzer hasn't sounded. there is still time to deny donald trump this nomination. no fatalism. let's fight until the very last second. and if trump is the nominee we'll jump off that bridge as we cross it. bill: stand by. martha: we are in the third period of this hockey game and there is a little bit of time to go. speaking of marco rubio, what is his strategy moving forward? >> we believe in free enterprise.
6:50 am
we believe in a strong national defense. we believe in limited government. we believe in the constitution of the united states. martha: mark tee season's word were music to rubio's words that this is not over. he got his first win in minnesota. he will join us live. martha: sarah palin was one of the first to get behind donald trump and did it publicly. what kind of impact did she have in alaska. the results are in. thousands of people came out today to run the race for retirement. so we asked them... are you completely prepared for retirement? okay, mostly prepared? could you save 1% more of your income?
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martha: late-breaking results out of alaska. they finally came in. ted cruz emerging as the winner there. dan springer is following this story live for us this morning. did this come as a surprise? >> good morning. it kind of was. republican party leaders in alaska thought their state would be another win for donald trump. but when all the votes were counted this morning it was ted cruz getting his third win of super tuesday and his fourth of the primary season. it was close. cruz with 36% and trump 33% and marco rubio 15%. there were 28 delegates up for grabs. cruz comes away with 12 delegates.
6:55 am
trump gets 11 and rubio wins 5. ted cruz did make it there to campaign for dan sullivan who went on to win his election to the u.s. senate. martha: what did we learn from the turnout? >> the democrats hold their caucuses in three weeks. there was an increase over the republican party numbers from 2012 when mitt romney won the state. there were long lines in anchorage. his political incorrectness plays well in the last frontier state. but many people are ready to come out against him saying he's too much of a loose cannon. no one in the state's congressional delegation made an endorsement. but the senator dan sullivan said he would support whoever is the nominee. martha: very interesting, thank
6:56 am
you very much. bill: bernie sanders winning in 4 states, hillary clinton winning in 7 states. is there a path for him to be heard. trump and cruz back on the road. that's next. >> it's going to be an easy race. i beat hillary in many polls. i don't think mash co-will be able to beat her. i think ted will have a very hard time. but ted has a shot because he has won a little bit.
6:57 am
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7:00 am
turnout delivering major victories in several of the states. are trump and clinton headed for of face off or are there more twists in this story? time will tell. welcome to a brand new hour of america's news room. bill: donald trump racking up wins across the board, he needs northeast and south, backing from conservatives and moderates, his closest rivals vowing to fight but here is donald trump. >> we are going to make america great again. i watched hillary's >> cheese talking about wages have been poor and everything is poor and doing badly, she has been there for so long if she hasn't straighten that out by now she is not going to straighten it out in the next four years. it will become worse and worse. she wants to make america whole again and i'm trying to figure out what that is all about. >> together we can do it.
7:01 am
if we stand together if we return to free-market principles, we can have morning in america. >> i will not give in to the fear, do not give in to enter, did not given to scam artists and con artists trying to take advantage of your suffering and hardship. instead, believe as we always have as that nation and as a people that if we do what needs to be done, america's greatest days are always yet to come. martha: steve hayes of the weekly standard and fox news contributor joins us. what do you think? is there any 1/2 isn't donald trump at this point? >> there are paths but they are narrow. donald trump had a good night in seven states. it was an impressive performance. if you look at the overall
7:02 am
popular vote, we talked about this last night. 36% is where other campaigns and analysts put his so-called ceiling. the question is can donald trump push above that and does he need to? if the field remains splintered is possible for donald trump to pick up 50% of the delegates. mid 30s in the popular vote. martha: let's look at the delegate count. as it stands for the republicans in this race, you will see donald trump at 285, it was said 300 would be an insurmountable thresholds. ted cruz at 161. marco rubio 87 bondage they both argue as this case is, there's a long way to go, 70% of the delegates are outstanding. a touch balance to that is momentum. and psychology.
7:03 am
>> it was a much more compelling argument before yesterday. you had four contests before yesterday at a small percentage, the challenge, john kasich does not have a path for the nomination. the challenge for ted cruz and marco rubio is what changes? what is different? wheat saw sifting through those reams of exit polls, the exit poll data from last night looks like the exit poll data from south carolina. going back to iowa, certain patterns emerging and if those patterns are not destructive donald trump is the nominee. martha: if those patterns are not disrupted, for so long republican party just assumed that eventually the pattern would be disrupted. that the cosmos was not in the right place for donald trump to get the nomination but it turns
7:04 am
out the many american people disagree with that. >> i am not a donald trump person. there were a lot of people engaged in wishful thinking. i had this conversation at the beginning throughout the fall being assured by other campaigns that he can't possibly win. even had a point it seems there is a path, he could win and gradually crept up on people. now you have full scale assault on donald trump being mounted by the two viable candidates end these outside groups but is it too little too late? martha: that is all just started in earnest. it started a week ago. we will talk to marco rubio and a few minutes but what we are a hearing is they are going to hang on and fight a war of attrition and dreyfusards him of the number of delegates that he needs to close this thing up and they will slug it out at the convention. where does that leave the republican party? >> if donald trump wins the
7:05 am
republican party, you saw the division last night, 50%, a lot of big states said the red dissatisfied with donald trump. donald trump ruins the modern republican party, you are fine cabinet brokered convention. if donald trump is your person you look at other people, get with the program. the challenge for marco rubio and ted cruz turned from an offensive race last night to defensive race where rather than simply trying to accumulate the 1237 delegates themselves to become the republican nominee they are trying to block donald trump. it changes the strategy, the approach end it makes a different race. martha: we look at virginia and the argument is a couple more days, they would have been able to clear that hurdle and were very close and john kasich robbed them of what they needed. how long can you make those if this was over here and that was over there it could have been
7:06 am
great argument. >> not much longer. the marco rubio campaign is about florida and they will argue if we win florida on march 15th we win florida, we each race ted cruz, ted cruz's delegate lead, we cut deeply into donald trump bay you have a new race and they would be correct about this. public polling in florida shows a big gap between donald trump and marco rubio. there is some public polling that suggests it is within 5 points, 7 points and other polling ranges as well. they are not terribly concerned about quinnipiac polls as an out liar. they think they have a good shot and that is our race changer. martha: thank you very much. coming up in a few minutes, marco rubio will join us with his plan and how he hopes to put this together. it is all about florida. she will give his argument for
7:07 am
why he thinks he can win florida and change the dynamic coming up. now over to build. kalobios bill: these are the state's debt will have their say. four of the five are winner-take-all. can ted cruz win again in this election? he will make the case he can in the state of missouri. we showed you this past midnight. go back to 2012, rick santorum won every county. do evangelical pastor of active ted cruz? here is more evidence. mike huckabee is in blue, look where -- the counties where he cleaned up. ted cruz will make a case he can't in missouri. we will see. some of the polling suggests donald trump is in front by 10
7:08 am
or 12 points. winner take all. this is on march 15, '99 delegates, ohio, so critical, 66 delegates on the line. john kasich's home state, marco rubio's home state. why could this be difficult for marco rubio to win in florida? again the results. in georgia, trump in purple. all the kelsey's he won were in purple and look how many of them border the northern edge of florida, alabama, trump in purple, all these counties border with fla.. marco rubio was asked about those last night. he suggested that the population centers in this part of florida although important for the race and the elections are not as significant as you find in other parts of the state. is he right or not? watch that as we go forward. another thing i picked up on in south carolina, want to bring
7:09 am
your attention to this. a lot of people live there, myrtle beach, south carolina, trump got 49% of the vote in this county. it is lead the effort you get from the ocean, more blue-collar it becomes, have the veteran population, a lot of transplants from the north as well. many of those same voters live here in the panhandle of florida, pensacola, a lot of these talents along the gulf coast. can trump dominate up in here? if you look at these border states, purple for from here, purple for trump in alabama. one of many things we are watching over the next 13 days. this is from supertuesday, trump picked up 223, marco rubio 71, down the line. that will be contributing to the allotment they already had and that is where we are now. 285 trump, 161 ted cruz and
7:10 am
marco rubio. magic number, 1,237 before you clinch the nomination. that, my friends, is where we stand. martha: very clearly put, long way to go on the numbers. they will roll in quickly. march 15th, it will be really hot. that is my mathematics. you like that? tomorrow night is a very big night in this process and there is a lot at stake. the big fox news debate live from detroit at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. cancel all plans and watch that live. >> ted cruz wants trump one on one. will that help the texas senator as much as he argues? we will talk to greg's that live
7:11 am
today on vanishing. martha: marco rubio scored his first win of the campaign. she joins us with his vision for the weeks ahead coming up next. >> here is the good news. we do not have to remain on the road we are on right now. when i am president of the united states we will not just save the american dream. we will expand its reach more people than ever. you totaled your brand new car. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> five days ago, we began to and mask the true nature of the front runners of far in this race. five days ago, we began to explain to the american people that donald trump is a con artist. in five days, we have seen the impact it is having all across the country. we are seeing in state after state he loves to talk about polls, we are seeing in state after state his number is coming down, my numbers going up. martha: marco rubio after his supera tuesday win in minnesota, his first win of the campaign. joining me is marco rubio, good morning, good to have you with us. we heard what you were saying and it is true. five days ago, you began a campaign against donald trump that includes calling him a con artist and there are some indications some of the numbers
7:16 am
we saw last night that some of that may be sinking in which voters. the first question is why did it start just five days ago? >> i hoped it would take us on course. like many of us i thought eventually donald trump would be exposed by the media and the others. unfortunately i think he has gotten a real pass in the media over the last few months. cbs said they love donald trump, he is good for ratings but it is having an impact. 65% of the people who voted yesterday did not vote for donald trump. he underperformed in every state on the map. let's not forget last night was supposed to be ted cruz's big night, the night he was going to sweep, that tailor-made for the kind of campaign he was running. we have seen him in georgia and half the states throughout the map, we saw him in arizona and 100 delegates and a significant count, florida will be huge. it is my home state and i feel good about it but if this was anyone else has a front runner 50 people saying let's rally around the front runner, that
7:17 am
will never happen with donald trump. what you are hearing now is how do we prevent the party of reagan, lincoln being taken over by someone who refuse to condemn the ku klux klan and is carrying the most elaborate con job we have ever seen in politics. you're seeing -- liquid happened in virginia. martha: let's put the total delegate count. as you pointed out if has just updated and will continue to update in these are the new numbers, donald trump three 16. many people said he needed over 300 he was going to be very difficult to take down in this race. ted cruz at 226, you are at 106. let's look at virginia. virginia was the big story you talked about last night in terms of how much you accelerate your campaign in virginia. you are only one delegate away from him in virginia. a lot of discussion that if john
7:18 am
kasich hadn't been in the race you would have won. it begs the question, is that a viable excuse at this point? if you change around a lot of things, things would be different. >> if you got to deal with what you have, it is what it is. we are one delegate who died in virginia. the state's that are on the map moving forward look more like virginia or some of the other state's we saw last night, the answer is they look more like virginia. we feel good about that. florida, 99 delegates. if i win for a what does the map looks like tonight? ohio is still there but illinois is the delegate rich state. we feel optimistic. last night was not supposed to be my night. i never said supertuesday would be our night. we wanted to do well and pick a lot of delegates but we in this another campaign spent a lot more time and money in some of these states and that was reflected. in georgia, a state where ted cruz was on the offensive we beat ted cruz.
7:19 am
martha: if that is the case given what has happened and the momentum and the psychology of this race, you will absolutely obviously have to win florida which you guarantee you can do. the polling, there are polls that show you down by 19 points from donald trump. your polling looks better than that. can you guarantee you will win florida? what is your path to making up lost territory? >> i don't believe it is lost territory. florida is a big place to poll for different reasons including a significant number of republican voters in south florida who get the majority of their information -- 10% of the whole electorate. florida, those are not accurate numbers. we have our own numbers and we will see other numbers that will show the same budget will be close but we know how to win in florida and we will especially with donald trump exposed for
7:20 am
what he is doing now. donald trump is a guy who takes on illegal immigration and bring jobs to ch he makes -- all donald trump clothing is made in china and mexico. would bring jobs right back by saying all my clothes will be made in america. what he has done with his business does not match the rhetoric he is using in this campaign. that is like what he did with from a university where he promised people they get this wonderful education and the only thing they got was $36,000 of debt and nothing but a picture with him. a cardboard cutout picture of donald trump. numbers coming down, virginia is a good example. martha: rick scott, everyone thought he would endorse donald trump. is there something in the wind? could he endorse you instead? >> we would love to have endorsement. i don't know what he is going to do at the end of the day. i think it would be an important endorsement. it won't decide the election but a governor of a state like
7:21 am
florida, we would love to have his endorsement. don't know what it will be, you have to ask him about that. we will continue to campaign hard. we feel good. donald has a significant presence in florida. he owns property here and spend every weekend here and people are watching national coverage and it has an impact in florida but we feel strongly about what we are going to do in florida. if we win fla. weaver talking today, doesn't matter. the bottom line from last night is it was supposed to be ted cruz's night. was not. 65% of people who voted voted against him. that is the problem he has. he can never bring this party together. martha: in the time we have left, there is a report that you and your campaign and your donors are saying there is a scenario where donald trump continues this march but you have the ability to basically keep him down through attrition and starve him of the delegates he would need to get over that
7:22 am
1237 bridges that a scenario you are committed to seeing play out? are you committed and forcing that in anyway, shape or form in your ability? >> we are going to campaign and do whatever it takes to ensure that i am the nominee and the republican party does not fall in the hands of someone like donald trump. our plan is to get to the white house with 237 delegates. that is a tough thing to do for anybody in this race, not just need the donald trump and ted cruz. it is a very unusual election cycle. we almost half. i ask people to go to our website, mark cohen reason but no one will work harder. martha: we will be right back. my school reunion's coming fast. could be bad. could be a blast. can't find a single thing to wear. will they be looking at my hair?
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7:26 am
connell: 20 donald trump won georgia easily but did not get all the delegates. 30%, marco rubio 24%, ted cruz 23. >> reporter: one of the big surprises is donald trump's ability to gain the support of evangelical voters, once thought to be a safe voting bloc for ted cruz but it is not just that. donald trump brought many new voters to the polls in the south. his front runner status concerns many in the republican party establishment. former u.s. senator of georgia says the new rates of gop voters create opportunities. >> there is excitement, a whole
7:27 am
new crop of republican voters out there so i think even the establishment will look at it and say, might not be our favorite candidate but it is an opportunity to take the white house back and get some leadership in washington that is so desperately needed. >> reporter: gop voter turnout was high throughout the deep south, setting records in many precincts. bill: what about democrats? what you find in those numbers? >> reporter: hillary clinton is the clear favorite in the deep south. she has enjoyed the support of the african-american community which makes up a huge proportion of the democratic party electorate in this part of the country. the protest movement behind bernie sanders's campaign is not driving democratic voters to the polls in the same way that donald trump's anti-establishment campaign is driving voters on the republicans side. nevertheless sanders shows no sign of backing down and
7:28 am
continues to speak to his core message of the income inequality and the need for campaign finance reform. martha: enjoy that weather. martha: ben carson picked up three delegates on supertuesday. why he says he has no plans to drop out of this race. bill: gregg abbott, ted cruz's supporter, is here in a moment. what is ted cruz's path forward from here? he will make the case next live. >> so long as the field remains divided, donald trump's have to the nomination remains more likely. that would be a disaster for republicans.
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:31 am
>> from this day forward, let us together shows that reagan's
7:32 am
love, optimism and faith in the american people were not misplaced. let us show that we will not let the american light go out, the we will fight for our constitution, for life and freedom. if we stand together and return to the free market principles and constitutional liberties that built america, once again, we can have morning in america. bill: senator crews talking the victories last night, winning his home state of texas. he won in oklahoma to the north and won earlier today from the state of alaska. ted cruz calling on his rival to get out. she argues give me a shot at donald trump one on one. texas governor gregg abbott is with me, supporter of ted cruz. make your best case. what does ted cruz do in the next 13 days?
7:33 am
>> several things. he is campaigning aggressively in kansas, our neighboring state louisiana is coming up shortly. there are some states that will be favorable to him but secondly, what ted cruz said moments ago as well as what your panel said earlier in the prior hour and that is as long as we have these other candidates in the race who have no chance of winning whatsoever, dealing off delegates that go to people like ted cruz, ted cruz will continue to trail slightly behind donald trump. if these other candidates get out of the race there will be a chance but another revealing fact about what happened yesterday. now that ted cruz has won four state's, look what happened in the state's he won yesterday. the outperformed polling in texas and oklahoma and at the same time donald trump underperformed polling in each
7:34 am
of those states as well as alaska show it says ted is gaining ground as the campaign moves along. bill: you know john kasich is not getting out, marco rubio is not going anywhere and on down the line. evangelicals in the southeast went for donald trump and not ted cruz. alabama, georgia, tennessee. why is that? >> that is changing. i realize that was the pattern early on but if you look at the way they broke for the elections last night, here's what is beginning to happen which pays the pathway for ted cruz to be president. that is now that the field has winnowed down and voters have a true choice between someone who is a rock-solid conservative with a proven record fighting for religious liberties and the evangelical tight vote they will see there is a cute contrast between ted cruz and everybody else in the fields and i think
7:35 am
you will see the types of breaks that happen last night in favor of ted cruz the happen going forward. bill: is his attraction based more on geography? texas, oklahoma, strong performance in arkansas, more geography than religion for ted cruz? >> you make a great point. he would have won arkansas, had other candidates not been in the race. won iowa but here is his draw. there is only one true republican conservative running in this race right now. ted has a proven record with regard to rock-solid reagan conservative principles and i think people in the republican party will gravitate toward him in the closing days of the election. bill: not to be flippant but not like you can pick which had an arm and leg to put on the
7:36 am
potato. you have to compete against the field that is out there. the field might be more crowded than ted cruz would like but that is what the defense gives you. >> if i could continue with your analogy, the potato for the republican party are conservative principles will line up with ronald reagan. candidate in the race, most profoundly speaks for those conservative principles is ted cruz. he should be winning the potato for the rest of this campaign. bill: debate tomorrow night, ted cruz is very aggressive, so is marco rubio going after donald trump. what is his strategy before national audience on fox news in detroit, 9:00 thursday? >> you will see some what of a replication of what you saw in the last debate, marco rubio and ted cruz going after donald trump. think about what you saw about
7:37 am
ted cruz, when ted cruz went after donald trump, the lack of any substance, to his health care policy, lack of substance to the obamacare and law. the lack of substance with regard to who he would appoint to the supreme court. we have a huge gaping vacancy ties of antonin scalia's passing away. conservatives know the right person to appoint a true conservative to the supreme court is ted cruz. bill: thank you for your time and we will see how it goes tomorrow night. you will be watching and we have more time down the road to talk about potatoes. the analogy was's and thank you for playing along. martha: not a great night for ben carson. the retired neurosurgeon not finishing better than fourth place in yesterday's contest. he still says he has a reason to stay in this race. >> it is rotten to the core.
7:38 am
on both sides, democrats and republicans. they have weaved such a complex web, it will be very very difficult to untangle it. but i am not ready to quit to . martha: dr. carson calling on all five republican presidential candidates to bury the hatchet before the big fox news debate indeed for tomorrow night. will he be successful in that endeavor? bill: i am looking forward to someone -- ben carson saying someone pick on me so i can get some time. 22 minutes before the hour donald trump holding a commanding lead in the republican race as of today. how did he get it done last night? what were voters looking for? ben rollins, joe tricky have run national campaigns lead alabama
7:39 am
senator jeff sessions throwing his support behind donald trump. >> if donald trump wins this and continues on, continues his message of unity and bringing people together, to be a more diverse -- he has got to continue that message ended it is an important message and i think he can.
7:40 am
7:41 am
7:42 am
martha: after taking seven supertuesday states, in donald trump's favor, strong showings even in those where he lost. >> i congratulate ted because i know how hard he worked.
7:43 am
not only did i win most of the state's summer coming in. i came in no worse than second. was not like i won and disappeared. the worst i had was second. martha: there you have it. joe tripy was campaign manager in 2004, and rollins did the same for reagan's reelection campaign. both are fantastic fox news contributor is. chris christie in the back. >> someone should have moved him off the stage because he looked miserable. martha: you wrote a piece saying it is over, ted cruz and marco rubio should get out. >> a fight in this party could go all the way to the convention. there is no way they can win this thing and there strategy is how do we stop him but at the end of the day they won't do that. is winner-take-all. he has the momentum and a strong
7:44 am
element and they are not going to abandon him and to western extent we need to be very careful. martha: we spoke to marco rubio and said the thinking is that now i don't know where, anti trump group, many wondering where they have been all along who are now galvanized and went to basically saying on trump's back as long as they can and make sure he can't get over 1237. you have would be% of top supporters who are never going to go along with that. >> i've lived through the reagan/forged battle in 1976 and obviously is this is far more ferocious. new voters he brought to the table won't vote for republicans. they feel they bridge she did. i think it is not a good strategy. at the end of the day john kasich has ohio and marco rubio has florida and is 20 points behind, he may not win that.
7:45 am
martha: marco rubio -- this is not a conservative candidate. >> i am not a trump person, i am a republican and i think at the end of the day he did and said this rules. there were 17 candidates in this thing and he is the last man standing. martha: two exit polls. a degree with federal government, tx 49%, tennessee 47, george up 46, oklahoma 43. people in angry with the federal government, that is a lot of people. prefer next president the political outsider messages 56, you can see them on down. >> trump. that is why people are responding to him and why they are not responding to marco rubio, why he is not as strong as a lot of people thought he would be. the real problem, i think, everybody did well to keep going. marco rubio won minnesota.
7:46 am
he will see that as a reason to go on. ted cruz obviously won three states. even john kasich will convince himself his close finish in vermont for the second time in two new england states, new hampshire and vermont somehow makes the case for him to go forward. so actually i thought last night was great for donald trump even though it was not a big blowout people were expecting, it actually keeps all these people in ted's point, we are going to a winner-take-all primary and having everyone still fighting over i should be the last guy, is not going to be helpful, is not going to stop donald trump. everything is moving forward in a way that if you are donald trump's strategists, not that he has won i don't think, but if you were you couldn't have planned west night indeed better others then throwing a few points to john kasich to make sure he won from behind, that is the only thing that would make
7:47 am
it better for donald trump. >> the characteristics people say donald trump has, i teach about american presidency, i never had as characteristics, speaks his mind as a great strength which every single person basically saying that is an important characteristic, he wins that overwhelmingly and has everyplace. people perceive him as a leader who will shake the place up. martha: if that is right indeed is over and you seem to be agreeing with that, there are a lot of delegates out there and people in this race who believe you are not right about that. let's look at these democratic exit polls, young voters for clinton, fairly low numbers. she did better in some places, in massachusetts which was a good win for her considering it was bernie sanders's new england territory. when for clinton, she did well in massachusetts with women. elizabeth warren's home state,
7:48 am
she did well with women in texas at 70%. pink for me the picture of trump versus hillary campaign. >> it is happening already. this whole thing we don't need to make america great again, she is going to appeal, what is happening in this primary she is pulling in blacks, latinos and women and will expand. the only groups she is losing are white progressives and millennials, young women. she is losing those. the debate is going to be about passing within the republican party. is donald trump somehow putting up the wall? you see the fight between him and marco rubio and the fight within the party. martha: to make it work.
7:49 am
is there a seismic earthquake that is happening in the republican party that is showing -- donald trump says he is the leader of the new republican party and coined the phrase, i am a common-sense conservative. that is what i am. i see things as they are, a look at what i can do and a lot of people are saying of get it. >> having had a republican majority, in the house and senate people expect a lot more. thought they would stand up to obama. the difference between the two parties is the republican party wants to change washington and do not continue the obama policies. overwhelming number of democrats want to continue the obama policies. that is the big battle. we want to change the status quo. that may mean changing -- martha: everything we look at. can trump beat hillary clinton? >> i think he can. >> i would rather be running against ted cruz.
7:50 am
he is so unpredictable. everybody underestimated him in the republican party. people underestimate his ability in a general election. >> including me. martha: great to get your insights, good to see you. bill: john scott is coming up on "happening now". jon: good morning. it was supertuesday for hillary clinton and donald trump. there are glimmers of hope. ted cruz and marco rubio, some even say john kasich has a reason to stay in the race for the white house but other candidates giving from the easy path forward. the glimpse of a new attitude from the republican front runner last night. we will get into it on "happening now". bill: see you in 10 minutes. have you seen this? no one has ever spent an entire year in space until now.
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
bill: astronaut scott kelly back on earth after a your in space. steve harrington in miami. good morning. >> very good spirits and strong fiscal shape. walking on his own, 340 days in 0 gravity. opened up on the ground, on the steppes of kazakhstan, was a
7:55 am
terrific feeling. we it is bittersweet to leave the space station after almost a year. he could have stayed upbeat and long-term. >> look forward to coming home and things that i miss like it was for the right reason, i could have stayed however long it took. >> part of the reason behind this big endurance mission is to study the effects of long time in space on the human body in preparation for a possible trip to mars. that trip would take 2-1/2 years. >> nice to hear his in fizzy as some. this mission has generated a lot of interest around the world. >> instagram posting a thousand votes, amazing pictures from his
7:56 am
vantage point, sunrise, a million followers around the world. he is already undergoing a test to see how they year in space affect his body and will continue to undergo tests. he will be reunited with his family. back to you. bill: job well done. >> donald trump bent hillary clinton scoring big victories, can either -- can anyone catch up to either one? pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide.
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flonase changes everything. but directv has been number one in customer satisfaction (son) pa, i know we settle for cable... over cable for 15 years. (father) how 'bout over 15 satisfying years with that woman over there boiling your clothes. her layers and layers of...layers. >> . don't pick up >> . >>
7:58 am
7:59 am
preview of the big debate tomorrow night. that's going to be very interesting to which donald trump shows up for the debate tomorrow night? >> need to watch pickup you know, what do you think of this? >> what's that? >> this.
8:00 am
>> the desk is not moving. we're keeping the best until saturday primaries on saturday and were going to keep the desk right on pickup . >> are we? we will see you on radio with brian. were going to go hassle him. >> and happening now starts right now. let's hand it over. jon: if it were that easy we would have our own desk right? it's not that easy around here. the best has settled from super tuesday with donald trump and hillary clinton racking up major victories on the biggest night of the election season so far. welcome to happening now. i'm jon scott. jenna: i'm jenna lee and i'm running out of leg so we need that best. back to politics. trump and clinton one big last night. it wasn't mean sweet for either candidate and no one dropped out of the republican side as


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