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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  March 2, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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>> the desk is not moving. we're keeping the best until saturday primaries on saturday and were going to keep the desk right on pickup . >> are we? we will see you on radio with brian. were going to go hassle him. >> and happening now starts right now. let's hand it over. jon: if it were that easy we would have our own desk right? it's not that easy around here. the best has settled from super tuesday with donald trump and hillary clinton racking up major victories on the biggest night of the election season so far. welcome to happening now. i'm jon scott. jenna: i'm jenna lee and i'm running out of leg so we need that best. back to politics. trump and clinton one big last night. it wasn't mean sweet for either candidate and no one dropped out of the republican side as
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we've seen during early voting. ted cruz winning in texas, oklahoma and alaska. marco rubio winning his first state of minnesota and claiming a string of second, and third place finishes purple hillary clinton winning seven states but bernie can't sanders making the case for continuing his campaign with four victories including vermont. here are the candidates in their own words pick up . >> i just want to leave you with this girl i am a unifier. i would love to see the republican party and everybody get together and unify and when we unify, there's nobody that's going to beat us. >> from this day forward, let us together show that reagan's love, optimism and faith in the american people were not misplaced. >> when i am president of the united states we are going to rebuild the united states military. [applause] what i am president, we are going to have a real war on terror when i'm president of the united states, we are going to take care of our veterans again.
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>> it might be unusual as i've said before for a presidential candidate to say this but i'm going to keep saying it. i believe what we need in america today is more love and kindness. >> we have come a very long way.[applause] >> live in dallas with the latest on the gop result pickup casey? reporter: it was a big night for texas senator ted cruz. you on three states neighboring oklahoma, alaska and texas but texas was the top prize yesterday with the most gop delegates up for grabs and also it's obviously cruises home state so that is a big point. here is a look at the finish. a sweeping win for cruise here
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in the lone star state. nearly 44 percent of the vote compared to donald trump's 27 percent and marco rubio's 18 percent. in his victory speech near houston, ted cruz thanking texans for their support but he also had this message for just the gop. >> republicans, together we have a choice . we are blessed with a deep, talented, honorable field to for the candidates who have not yet on a state, who have not racked up significant delegate , i ask you to prayerfully consider our coming together. uniting. reporter: donald trump still picked up texas delegates last night since they are split
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split proportionally and he did well in parts of texas. interestingly, he won down in webb county which shares a border with mexico, a community where his proposed border wall would actually be built. the electorate there primarily hispanic. so though marco rubio did not meet the threshold in texas and walked away with no delegates , as we mentioned he did win minnesota. voter turnout very strong here in texas according to some of the exit poll data the economy was the number one topic on the minds of gop voters as they headed to the polls yesterday. jenna? >> casey, thank you.>> for more on this let's bring in mercedes slap, strategist and former spokesperson for george w. bush and a fox news contributor. also, doug for now, to for the congressional campaign committee and former communications director for congressman chris van hollen. thank you to both of you. mercedes, let's start with you. youhave said this is class warfare for the republican party. what you mean? >> this is about the political class , the gop versus this
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massive part of the electorate of the gop that are feeling they have been left behind. this is where the anger voters come out and have really made their voices heard and they are upset because of the fact that you've seen this political class saying we have been running the show and they're not pleased with the results. they feel they have been carrying the backs of this country and so you are seeing this response and the one that has been able to resonate with them, for the most part has been donald trump. jon: is there some of that same anger, doug, propelling the candidacy of bernie sanders? >> absolutely. there's a lot of anger and frustration at wall street, at big corporations, at the way people feel like the system isn't working for them and bernie sanders has been able to tap into that and i think you've seen secretary clinton
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that will i think caused irreparable damage to the republican party. i love the energy in the democratic party. we can to show up late and look, the republicanparty is very exciting .
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i understand why people are voting in the numbers they are. it's a great show. it's the greatest show on earth right now exciting. jon: what your democratic voters are not showing up. down 40 percent in tennessee compared with 2008. is the enthusiasm on the republican side? >> i wouldpoint out that there was a phenomenon with barack obama
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that it neither controls or owns to steal photos and personal information to which it is not entitled. that would set a precedent apple says, creating a backdoor making all smoke phones more vulnerable to hacking.
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>> the fbi is asking apple to weaken the security of our products. hackers and cyber criminals can use this to wreak havoc on our privacy and personal safety. it would set a dangerous precedent for government intrusion into the privacy and safety of its citizens. >> i don't see that this way. there are issues about backdoors. there's already a door on that iphone. we are asking apple , take the vicious guard dog away. let us try to pick the lock. reporter: apple is under court order to open the iphone of the san bernardino shooters. asked the judge to dismiss that because software it claims is like free speech and the government cannot force the company to create speech it disagree with this. the fbi says the phone contained evidence and apple should not be allowed to put privacy over national security. two interesting sidebars from yesterday's hearing. b fbi could break into the phone without their help. secondly, lawmakers had if they are forced to solve this standoff with the legislation, apple will not be happy because congress will not accept warrant free zones where police cannot go.back to you. jenna: thank you. jon: three violent death rock a
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small southern neighborhood. now woman is in jail in connection with the killings. tell you what we found when they opened the door to her home plus a freight train hauling chemicals jumps the tracks. the latest on the cleanup and evacuations after those tanker cars began leaking hazardous material. also, we want to hear from you. in light of last night super tuesday results, do you think donald trump and hillary clinton will be the nominees for their respective parties? our live chat is up and running. go to now. is it too late for the other candidates? join the conversation.
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jenna: price race. a north carolina woman behind bars or three violent deaths. crystal gambino is charged in
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the shooting death of her husband gop in a small community outside charlotte. police say she could face charges in the shooting of another man and woman also found in the couple's home after a family member asked police to check on them. a former high school teacher from the atlanta area is charged with having a sexual relationship with a student. julian power was a language arts teacher in gwinnett county georgia, parenting's of a 17-year-old boy accused her of a relationship after they found inappropriate text messages. and jesse malthus junior expected to plead guilty to murder according to prosecutors. he is charged with killing uva student hannah graham in the 2009 disappearance of virginia tech student morgan harrington. he is already inprison for life . >> i just heard a loud, i thought it was like a tornado was coming through. it was a loud whooshing, screeching noise. jon: that's what it sounded
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like when this freight train jumped the tracks in far western new york state. more than a dozen cars derailed last night in the town of ripley on lake erie between buffalo and cleveland. scary scene with chemicals linking from two tankers forcing authorities to evacuate several homes. laura ingle is on that story and have the latest. >> for anyone who lives near a rail line this is something you have in the back of your mind. the possibility that something could go terribly wrong in your neighborhood and for many people last night that is exactly what happens. 16 of 34 freight cars left the track of an eastbound freight train last night around eight: 30 p.m. in the town of ripley new york. a spokesman tells fox to engineers were on board. neither were hurt.three of the derailed cars contain hazardous material. one was propane which did not leech. the other two cars containing ethanol did bust open. those tax old up to 30,000 gallons each.
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one lost a gallon a minute out of the damaged area. residents say they heard that loud swishing, screeching noise then actually felt the derailment as it was happening. >> first it was like, the house shaking real bad then the train derailed right in front of our eyes. >> all the water is being secured, all the runoff is being retained and the appropriate measures to take care of that. jenna: rail officials tell us they don't know the cause but say the leaks were contained by 4:00 in the morning and are working to determine which cards can be re-railed and which ones will have to be scrapped. residents who were forced to evacuate are making their way out of those local shelters where they had to spend the night on cots. fire officials tell us the scene probably will be cleared for another eight hours. railroad representatives say they want to tell people they will help them to return to their homes and get the rail line running again, reminding the public these incidents are rare and are doing everything they can to work safely to get everything back on track.
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jon: a night spent on the cot is not a fun night. i feel for those people. laura, thank you. jenna: will he or won't he. >> and mark former mayor bloomberg's decision on running for president could come soon. will another billionaire throw his hat into the ring . and cleanup underway in one alabama community. dozens of homes damaged after a tornado touched down. residents say it came out of nowhere. >> it happens mighty quick. you don't have much time to think.
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jon: weather alert. one community in alabama picking up the pieces today after terrible destruction overnight.
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by what forecasters say almost certainly was a tornado. at least four people injured, 30 homes damaged southwest of birmingham. the red cross is there assisting victims and setting up temporary shelters. some residents absolutely stunned at what happened. >> i just couldn't say anything. i was just so shocked that it happened to the house. jon: emergency crews conducting house to house searches. they say no one is unaccounted for so far. we will keep an eye on this developing story. jenna: former new york city mayor mike bloomberg has been considering getting into the race for the white house for weeks. he's been named number 40 on the forbes list of world billionaires so he would seem to have the resources but a source close to berg bloomberg tells news the odds of him running for president our quote, very low, almost 0. his decision will likely come next week or this week perhaps. another bloomberg confidant
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would not confirm or deny that characterization but told abc news we are in crunch time though let's get somebody on the record on this. doug is a current advisor to michael bloomberg, also former advisor to bill clinton. set the record straight. what's the truth on what's going on with bloomberg? >> the mayor is going through a process of assessing his interest and his likelihood of success in a presidential race. he has spoken out i think pretty articulately jenna about the polarization we've seen in the process on both sides and i think he is at the point of reaching the end of his process but no decisions have been mad , at least as far as i know. jenna: when an unnamed advisor tells abc news the chances are very low, almost 0 you say what? >> i say news to me. as i said, the mayor has carefully been studying the process, the electoral process, the issues and the challenges he would face personally given
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that he runs one of the most successful companies in the world. he's at the end of that proces and i think we will know something fairly soon. p7 how much is this decision about hillary clinton ? >> i think the decision is really about himself and whether he thinks this is the right time for him to run. he's made it very clear the kind of politics he wants to see. i think it's about himself and his contribution into the political process. reporter: jenna: do you want to tell us more done and of course we will be there for that exclusive never the case. in the meantime i want to take a little bit about where the campaigns are after last night. because you are an advisor to potentially competitor to hillary clinton but somebody watches the democratic party. what you think is the biggest weakness in the clinton campaign moving forward a couple of things. there was relatively low turnout yesterday as there's been before. hillary clinton's support is concentrated with
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african-americans, minorities and older whites, particularly older white women so i would say that while bernie sanders i think one for states in caucuses last night, there are some warning signs for secretary clinton even though it was by all accounts a big night for her. jenna: interesting contrast between hillary clinton's speech and donald trump. since they both talked about each other, i put some sound together. let's run that. >> america is strong when we are all strong . and we know we got work to do. but that work, that work is not to make america great again, america never stopped being great . [applause] we have to make america hold.
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>> she wants to make america hold again and i'm trying to figure out what is that all about? make america great again is going to be much better than make america hold again. jenna: we are pointing out very different events. hillary clinton had supporters there, this was a pseudo-news conference. who has the stronger message? >> they both have good messages. ifshe emphasizes unity , lowering people's voices and bringing people together as she did last night on the campaign trail, it's a powerful message. candidly, i don't understand what making them america hold is and donald trump's make america great again is clearly resonating with a section of the electorate. at the same time, he has polarized in ways that we saw over the weekend that were quite unfortunate. i think both have strengths and weaknesses. i suspect whatever happens it will be a close election, jenna. jenna: just to quick couple final pieces from donald trump
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because we did see a change in tone. let's play that. >> it's been amazing from me even from an educational standpoint and i think honestly we've done something that almost nobody thought to be done and i'm very proud of it. >> he is saying this is a special time for him, his daughter is about to have her third child. this has been an interesting time for him and i wonder as a democrat watching a change of tone in donald trump, what you think of it and whether or not you think it could be productive after so many weeks and months of a different side of donald trump and we've been watching. >> i think it will be very helpful and productive for him personally to change his tone, to lower his voice and emphasized as he started to last night humanity. i think we seen on the campaign trail signs of humility in donald trump which is healthy and what i hope happens is we have a robust debate on policy in the general election and the candidates try to find some degree of common ground rather
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than emphasizing their differences and where they disagree. jenna: we couldn't have to billionaires on one ticket could we doug? that would be too far off. >> i don't necessarily think it would happen but stranger things havehappened. you never know . jenna: i'm putting out another opportunity we have to entertain. with michael bloomberg and candidates we currently have in the race. always great to have you. jon: sportscaster erinandrews takes the stand again in her multimillion dollar civil trial. her emotionaltestimony on how she tried to move forward after her traumatic running with a stalker who filled her new . plus , can marco rubio's turn his first win in minnesota into momentum he can sustain against donald trump? >> if we do what needs to be done, america's greatest days are always yet to come. we always believe in this country that tomorrow can be better than today. [applause]
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>> we have some states waiting for me in the next few days but then we are coming to florida. [applause] and two weeks, you will send the message to the nation and the world that america's greatest days are yet to come. jon: marco rubio striking an
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optimistic tone after super tuesday that saw him winning his first date in minnesota but only that state. the florida senator telling supporters that the wind is at his back.but the headlines paint a different picture. today's washington post reads, trump own super tuesday but cruz and rubio see glimmers of hope. political wire rights , rubio left gasping after super tuesday. let's bring in karine jean-pierre, democratic strategist and pete snyder, fox news contributor and a former republican candidate for lieutenant governor of virginia. p, it is said one of the effects of super tuesday is to give the also-rans , primarily crews and rubio just enough victories to keep them in the race. you see it that way? >> look, i think there's no getting those two out of the race or even john kasich or ben carson at this point but then it goes to trial, doesn't it? it certainly could. it's looking like that. i like both ted cruz and marco rubio, i think they're both
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great conservatives i just find the path very difficult for them from here on out and you are hearing all of washington doing a little bedwetting right now and talking about a brokered convention. i just don't see it happening. this is like getting the warlords in iraq right now together to try to figure out how to topple isis. it's hard. these guys don't like each other. it would take a confluence of events to happen for them to get together in a back room that doesn't exist to work out a brokered convention how they are going to stop trump. it's just not going to happen. jon: if there are warlords in this race if i can continue that analogy, donald trump is the leader. is what political rights. mike allen says rubio bombed in his chance to be the alternative. turned out doing a cheap impression of trump's cheap trick does not a winner make. this was the week when we thought marco rubio kind of
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trying to throw some of trump's own medicine back on him. did it backfire or was it simply not effective? >> i think it did. i think there's so much rich irony in rubio winning minnesota, a state that he talked about with jesse ventura comparing him to trump just a couple days ago at his town hall and also, minnesota being so liberal going with the establishment candidate. i think that rubio, it hurt him son because he didn't get any of the trump voters by attacking trump. if anything, they went elsewhere but the one good thing that did happen is that a lot of the late deciders broke his wayso i think it did hurt him . at the end. jon: here's how the political report sees it. they wrote, yes he can say he want to stay, minnesota, but at the end of the night rubio came in third place almost
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everywhere else.the fact that rubio lost virginia, i say tailor-made for a candidate with his profile was a harsh blow. it is hard to see how he wins his home state of florida. whatever hope the rubio team had of becoming the consensus trump alternative died last night. you know the voters of virginia pretty well. >> i do. jon: why did rubio do better there? >> i didn't think he did a good point of closing the gap with a week or two to go. he won over millennial's and young professionals in northern virginia. did well in the richmond area but donald trump ran up the score in southside and southwest where they are having a tougher economy. his message resonated there. the cleanup in massachusetts with the duncan crowd. largely in the worcester and local area where it's tough economic times so donald trump clearly has the message right now that is resonating with
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folks that don't think washington is working for them. don't think the economy is working for them and he's trying to pivot and go after the general election by saying look, hillary clinton did nothing to solve income inequality and you've got to give me a chance so i think he's already looking toward november . jon: he's pinning his hopes on florida trump is ahead there in the latest polls and states his own claim to florida with his business dealings there and a lot of expatriate new yorkers living there. you are here as a democratic representative. which i would you like to see in the state of florida given its electoral prominence come november? >> florida, florida, florida. it's all about florida. i think as it pertains to marco rubio, he's going to have a tough time. clearly the math is against him. it doesn't add up and he's just going to have a really difficult time. he'sunderwater in florida . i just don't know how he gets there.also, while the republicans are trying to figure out who is the candidate they are going to finally coalesce behind and push
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forward to face most likely secretary hillary clinton, on the democratic side we have the opportunity to hone our message and continue to build a coalition that you saw coming out last night's primary vote, building for hillary. jon: i think i heard karine say she doesn't want to face either of them. marco rubio would be a nightmare for democrats and donald trump is the great unknown. i was a wrestler in college and you always want to wrestle against the traditional point you can train against, not some wild man where you never knew what was going to happen. he's a heat seeking missile out there i never got that much strategy but all right. karine, we will leave it there. we will have you back another time. karine jean-pierre and pete snyder, thank you both. jenna: more trouble for royal caribbean's anthem of the sea. why the cruise liner was forced to cut another trip short and returned for early. plus, dramatic developments in
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andrew's trial. what she says theordeal has done to her life and the tough questions she is facing from the defense .hi has all the... get off the computer traitor! i won't. (cannon sound) i felt like there was so much
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attention on it already and it felt like i walked into it when i was already different.i told urban meyer who was the head coach of florida at the time that i walked into the coaches office to sit down and talk with offense and defense and i felt like everybody was looking at me like they'd seen the video and i just want to do everything i could to be normal again. jenna: erin andrews talking a littleabout the aftermath of having a video leaked of her . she had this video taken secretly in her hotel room through a people and suddenly it hit the internet in july 2009. andrews, who works force fox sports is taking the stand in her own defense in a 70 million
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civil trial against nashville marriott where the incident occurred. jurors expected to hear more testimony from witnesses today. the defense test of fine against her as well. discussing the cases richardst. paul, a former prosecutor and criminal defense attorney. it was on google trend , taking a look at what is trending today. erin andrews naked video, brian, is still among the top 10 trending items. there is this huge court case bringing attention to it but it's not the court case people are looking up so this video as she argues is still on the internet and still impacting her career. what do you make of the defenses argument that her career somehow has improved since this video was firstweek . >> jenna, there are two types of damages in a civil case. one is economic damage. in other words, what money have you lost as a result of the trauma that you suffered?
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that's what the defense lawyers are doing here. they are saying look, this happened to you. it's really bad. we're sorry it happened but at the end of the day you, your career has escalated. you have other than being a fox news anchor, she's got one of the best games on tv with dancing with the stars. she's got the fox news contract. she's got the reebok endorsement so the defense is saying look, there is no harm here. maybe there was a foul but no harm and very little in the way of damages. jenna: i wanted viewers to see some of this cross-examination. let's play this sound. >> you have a contact with fox sports, right? that was a contract and a better contract than espn, right? since july 2009, you gained endorsements. your income has gone up substantially since this occurred.
8:47 am
jenna: andrews says i poured myself into my work after this because i had to to survive. it was such a traumatic event for me. does the defense risk looking like it's punishing her for her success that she had in spite of this video, not because of it which seems to be a little bit of the connection they are trying to insinuate. >> a jury wants to listen to what makes sense and here andrews is claiming she suffered permanent psychological injuries, that she is emotionally distressed all the time, that when she checked into a hotel she barricades the door. she doesn't let people in to deliver her luggage or feud and this is with her the rest of her life. so what the defense is doing is trying to chip away at that $75 million judgment. as mentioned earlier, you have economic damages which they are chipping away at. you also have punitive damages which are to put on the plaintiff to say that this type of behavior was outrageous and
8:48 am
shouldn't be repeated. in addition to that, he is claiming psychological and that's where you really have to determine what psychological injuries they were and on the plaintiff side, she's putting forward her parents and on the defense side saying her parents are saying she hasn't beenthe same. on the defense side they're putting forth her former employer espn singafter the incident nothing changed about her behavior . jenna: what the jury is watching is , we saw her on video on the stand weeping say i'm a completely different person. yes, i've been successful but this was my choice and i don't want this to happen. , life has changed in ways i didn't want to. what about that argument and the jury? >> jenna, here's the problem with that.most average jurors make about 40 to $50,000 a year. their average people on the street, working their tails off
8:49 am
to make an average income. when you walk into a courtroom and i'm not minimizing what happened to erin andrews but she wasn't physically assaulted and you are trying to tell the jury that for the rest of my life i'm going to have to have therapy and my life is ruined, yet i'm doing very well in the real world with my career. it's hard. it might alienate or polarize the jury because they are going to sit there thinking, wait a minute. i'm making this kind of money and she's making 20 times that were 50 times that and she wants more money? another thing, you ask for a ton of money in a civil trial you have to have a reasonable connection or a factual basis to ask for that. otherwise you risk offending that jury. you can't just float out millions of dollars. jenna: i wonder richard what you think of that. also with the fact we talked a lot about anger in relation to politics. i wonder if it could go the other direction where someone that is making average income is angry at the big company were not protecting the innocent customer coming in to their place of operation.
8:50 am
>> the question is, and only the jury will have all the facts. the question is did the hotel breached its duty by allowing miss andrews privacy to be invaded? do they have knowledge that she had a stalker, first and foremost. if they had knowledge and should they have known that there lack ofsecurity , that somebody could be, their privacy could be invaded. those are questions the jury will have to think about that i think $75 million is a lot considering her career and i've seen jury awards as low as a dollar. that's where you say no harm, no foul. the jury may say you get a dollar because we don't think you suffered. jenna: we're going to have to leave it there and were bringing up an additional panel whether or not erin andrews should have given a heads up that a stalker could have been out there. that will be an interesting question. brian, richard, great to have you both. jon: breaking news out of the us supreme court on that controversial abortion case as
8:51 am
we hear the justices appear very divided. that's next.
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jon: let's check out what's ahead on outnumbered in six minutes. andrea harris, what do you have? >> donald trump and hillary clinton scoring back big inlays night's contest but neither delivered a knockout blow to their closest rivals. so who were the winners and losers? and the gop candidate starting tomorrow night's debate on fox and will the race get even uglier? can it? i don't know. or will the candidates change their tone? >> and apple and the fbi calling out on congress to step in in their battle over digita privacy rights. so should the laws now be changed . >> all that plus our hashtag,
8:55 am
one lucky guy. that's at the top of the hour. jon: the gentle, okay.>> always. jon: see you then. jon: the supreme court hearing arguments in its biggest abortion case in nearly 25 years. and its first major case since the death of justice scalia left the high court with a four conservative, poor little justice split. the justices hearing arguments on a texas law that requires doctors who perform abortions to havehospital admitting privileges . it is getting hot in there today. life at the supreme court with an update. shannon? >> it's hot inside and outside where there are thousandsgather here all morning chanting , demonstrating and protesting. inside it was slated to last 60 minutes but got so heated and complicated that they went on
8:56 am
for 90 minutes. the court wrestling with these texas regulations that do include things like requiring doctors to have admitting privileges within 30 miles of where they perform abortions and also that they upgrade their clinics to the ambulance raised surgical centers. justice breyer's objected saying why should women who have an abortion have to go to a cervical center when it could be just as dangerous to go to the dentist or get like a suction. on the other side there were questions about how this would affect access in texas to legal abortion and whether this places an undue board on women who would like to get a legal abortion. we watched justice kennedy carefully and closely because he could be the key to this case one way or the other. he asked the question today about whether the court had enough information or whether it should reman or send this case back to the lower courts. that is one way to delay acting on it. if they have a tie, it lee could leave the lower court ruling in place which upholds the texas law so we will haveto see what they do but a hot day inside and out , john.
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jon: we hear all the hubbub outside. we will be right back. ep. . . .
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>> we are going to be back here with more in one hour. >> "outnumbered." starts right now. ♪ andrea: this is "outnumbered." i'm andrea tantaros. here with us today, harris faulkner, sandra smith, democratic strategist and fox news contributor julie roginsky. today's #oneluckyguy, straight from the "new york post," we welcome to the couch for the first time "washington times" columnist and "washington post" columnist, mr. charlie hurt. you're outnumbered first time and we are thrilled. >> thank you for having me. i had no idea being outnumbered is this nice. >> wait until we get going. andrea: one of our favorite columnists. i read you religiously. >> you're so kind. harris: illusion will stop here.


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