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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  March 2, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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count in the south, mostly involving black voters. hayes was made the president and a messy election came to an end 139 years ago today. "your world" starts now. well, it looks like a soap opera but it's still a presidential race. it's gotten even nastier with news that ben carson could be on the verge of dropping out. hard to say. this much we can say, the candidate is not going to participate in tomorrow night's fox news debate in detroit. we don't know what is going to happen after that. we just know that he's stated there is no viable path to the presidential nomination. in the meantime, mitt romney is back at it again after appearing on this show last week to demand the candidates, mainly donald trump, submit their tax forms. mitt romney says he's going to make a speech in utah tomorrow to talk about the state of the
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democratic race. we're told, of course, that he's no huge fan of mr. trump. whether that signals he's going to endorse somebody, we're told that will not happen. does that mean he enters the race? well, we're told that is not likely to happen. so what is it? we'll know and we'll discuss. in the meantime, herman cain on the fast-moving developments that all have one name at its core. donald trump. there seems to be a bit of a palace revolt, as the trump folks call it, revolting. where do you stand on this, herman? >> i believe the american people through this first group of presidential primaries, they are making a very strong statement by supporting donald trump. and for the establishment or these intellectual conservatives to be against trump and actively working against him, i believe
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it's absolutely insane. one of the reasons that the republican party has suffered some damage control over the past several years in terms of that brand is because they are not listening to the people. donald trump has been getting all of the -- he's been winning these elections and i think they are able to stand back and get over it. support whoever the nominee is, is what the mantra ought to be for the republicans. >> all right. so, you know, to be fair to that group, donald trump hasn't won anything yet. it's not easily possible for somebody else to emerge. at this point, he's only 90 ahead. that is, donald trump ahead of ted cruz. so you could make an argument, and it probably can and will happen. but i'm wondering what mitt romney's role is here. last week, he was looking into taxes and implying all sorts of things. this is from last week, my
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discussions with mitt romney. >> look, people have a right to know if there's a problem in those taxes before they decide to nominate -- >> what kind of problems would you envision? the low rate that he's paying, if that's the case, or the fact that he doesn't give as much to charity ors veterans groups or whatever? >> well, you've gone through a good list there. we may find out he doesn't have as much income as we thought he had or doesn't pay any taxes or he pays very, very low taxes. >> you're saying you think he's significantly worthless than that? >> i don't know. the fact that he is so aggressive in avoiding any discussions of his taxes and is not willing to put them out so far suggests there's something in there we don't want to see. >> when i talked to ted cruz yesterday, he said, you know, the taxes have to come out. cruz has released his taxes.
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so, too, has marco rubio. but cruz was telling me, you know, i'm not entirely sure there aren't mob ties in there. be that as it may, herman, what happens now? >> well, first of all, i don't think any of them should have to reveal their tax returns. i'm disappointed that mitt romney through this grenade out there in order to create some discussion and some controversy about his tax return. here's what i know about tax returns personally and firsthand. it would give all of the nah, nah, nah, naysayers to continue to throw stuff into the wind.
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i'm disappointed of the statement that mitt romney made. now, that being said, i don't think any of them ought to turn in their taxes. what does that have to do with solving america's biggest issues? nothing. >> giving everyone their fair due. it's better to find out if there are any problems or any exaggerations or misrepresentations there now before anything hits the fan and freely admitted that he got this tax material much earlier, the party could have been saving dragging through the mud. having said that and you're a very good numbers man, a tax return certainly doesn't show your worth. it doesn't show every detail. so it might just tell how much you made and a little more than that. >> neil, this is my point. you can pull anything out of a
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tax return that's complicated and claim that something was improper or illegal. >> absolutely. or somebody could look at a low rate in terms of mitt romney not knowing he pay a lower rates than income and a lot of journalists, to be fair, they are not big on economics or math, period. they just come up with instant reaction. >> and that would be the headline. >> yeah. >> that would be the headline. >> just someone who is a typical businessman, they come through everything. it is -- you're right. governor mike huckabee provided decades worth of having said all of the above, there is a lot of hammering over donald trump with a lot of the party leadership -- this is not an entire
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establishment poo-pooing donald trump others claim he's widening the base and whenever loses among conservative voters, which is not a sure thing, by the way, he's more to make it up among other types of voters. what do you think? >> well, what i think is that the republican establishment who are saying they will not support trump if he's the nominee, i think it is insane and irresponsible. secondly, worrying about how much they are going to dig up about trump is no different than what the opposition is going to dig up about any candidate and some of it is going to be outright lies. we know that. so i'm not over the concern about what might be there when they have absolutely no evidence that there is going to be anything there. so i think that what is happening is, four months ago, many of the establishment folks, they thought trump was going to
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flame out. well, he didn't. now they are pan necking. so now they are saying, some of them, not all, saying they won't support him but he's the nominee. that will be the death of the republican party. and it also will continue to tarnish the brand republican if they go down that road. they ought to just say, we'll support whoever the nominee is. it's one thing to work and try to get someone else the nomination. that's fine. but the work against somebody who happens to be leaving, i think that is insane and irresponsible. >> all right, my friend, thank you very much. herman cain. it's very hard to say exactly what mitt romney is going to do but it's raised some concerns that, wait a minute, add to the confusion. again, there is nothing that would indicate that he wants to do that or will do that. we'll get a better idea tomorrow. ashley, we'll begin with you.
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if he doubles down on the tax thing, mitt romney tomorrow, or mitt romney himself declares that he's going to come back in this race, then what? >> well, i don't think he's going to do that. what i think he's going to do is bring himself into the conversation and i think he'll do that quite smartly. i think right now hell has no fury like a party scorned. and after super tuesday, they are in full freakout mode right now. and having mitt romney come out, no matter what announcement he makes tomorrow, he's, again, injecting himself into the conversation and making himself a possible viable nominee if people want to rally around him. that's what they need to look at here. despite what he says, he's inserting himself into the conversation and that might be his strategy going forward. >> you know, looking at this, kaitlyn and maybe it's just me.
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donald trump is a quarter of the way to the 1237 delegates you would need to become the republican nominee. which also means he's three-quarters of the way not there. the closest guy to him, ted cruz, is only 90 delegates behind. rubio is at 106. john kasich, less of a factor. carson, if he does formally step out, no factor. i'm looking at all of these win or take all states and it can and likely will happen. we have another 26 with proportional leading. nine states with win or take all loading. that can dramatically change the course of the vets. why is everyone getting hot and bothered? >> a lot of the republicans that i've talked to have pointed to that mass specifically and are looking at this map and saying, if donald trump hasn't won majority support in the states
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that he has one. the pressure is on for the anti-trump effort to come in florida and ohio, the win or take all states where they think if john kasich can win ohio, marco rubio wins florida, they can continue on a track. if not, it's very difficult for them to continue. but in between them, the strategy of these candidates is to just scoop up delegates, scrape up delegates where they can. >> and do it a couple at a time. >> exactly. >> and i'm playing that out, s.e. receipts s let's say kasich picks up the state and gets the 66 delegates, picks up some caucuses and primaries over the next ten days. let's say he gets 100 delegates, best-case scenario. marco rubio picks up his state of florida. he's got 106 now and now we're
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talking over 200 delegates along the way. maybe we're talking about 50. cruz, not a favorite of the win or take all states but could pick up in all of the states to come. he gets up to around 300. let's say trump picks up another 50 delegates and he's around 360. let's give him 400. you see what i'm getting here? i know i'm a numbers nerd but it's changing it later and later and later, right? >> right. and trump wouldn't have the number needed going into a convention. that's why everyone is so hot and bothered. this could be an all-out floor fight. again, florida is very much in the air. as long as there is not one
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candidate being coalesced around with support, trump benefits from that. >> donald trump is one delegate short of the 1237, they would fight like hell he doesn't become the nominee. whereas with mitt romney, the momentum with was with him and nobody was going to argue. now you have grounds for a real, legitimate fight and now you have reason for the trump folks to say, whoa, right? >> right. exactly. that is the risk that they run. the strategy right now is certainly to prevent trump getting from the necessary delegates even if it's just a few and fight it out in cleveland but run the risk of alienating all of that support that trump would have collected from them. i think it's going to be a difficult fight even if they
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could make it through florida and ohio. >> absolutely. >> they are going to face really a large backlash and i think it has potential to backfire. >> ladies, i've got to go, thank you. >> and a hillary nomination. >> i don't foe about that. i don't know. i would remind people here, donald trump is the best case right now and has only a quarter of delegates to do so and he's up at about 90 delegates over the next guy. so here's the message to everyone saying that this race is over. i don't care whether you like donald trump or the other guys. everyone calm down and take a chill pill or i'm going to give personally each and every one of you a percocet. stick around.
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and maybe even an even more presidential front-runner at that. here's the clear example. this is donald trump a little more than a week ago talking about his opponents. listen. >> this guy cruz lies more than any human being i've ever dealt with. unbelievable. and he holds up the bible and he lies. and then i have to listen to a little guy like rubio say, oh, he's a con man. he's a con man. but it's so insulting. and he had no choice. i guess he had to come up with something because he's getting creamed in the polls. >> all right. now, last night, donald trump. >> i want to congratulate ted on the winning of texas. he worked hard on it and -- i know how hard he worked, actually. so i congratulate ted cruz on that win. it was an excellent win. i think we're going to be more inclusive and unified and a much bigger party and i think we're going to win in november.
1:19 pm
>> by the way, the only reference he made to marco rubio was one little mark-up. so i'm seeing seasoning there. what about you? >> that's right. whatever you think of donald trump, he is a master at branding. >> i thought that was a very classy speech. >> well done. >> very gracious. >> very calculated, well-done. it was reagan, it was kennedy. it's his version of president dome. no question about it. and if he is as successful at uniting the party, which is the next step he has to take as he has been at seizing attention, who, knows. >> he did something presidential. he said he was going to be making a press statement and all of the media -- we went to it. there was no press statement. it was just maybe something fell
1:20 pm
through. we're told maybe it was a big endorsement. didn't plan out the way it was planned. who knows. he ended up doing very, very well. i dare say that if marco rubio were to drop out of the race or lose florida, he'd probably be just as generous to him. now, i don't know that for sure. i do know that no one is quitting this race. ben carson seems to be poised to do so. i would imagine for the debate tomorrow night, we'll see what? >> well, he's got to unite the party, donald trump. i mean, the last time i saw something just quite like this was 1960 and the democratic party humphrey had fallen off and it came down to three. and kennedy did the unthinkable. he picked lyndon johnson as his running mate to heal the party and he would not have won if he hadn't had picked lyndon johnson and johnson and kennedy both
1:21 pm
became president. i see trump at this point, he needs rubio. he's offended hispanics. rubio is hispanic. he needs a catholic to balance his ticket if he pick as vp. rubio is a catholic. more importantly, he needs to heal the party and rubio has been his whipping boy. >> one other thing is the con man and -- you're right. they had a very nasty exchange. or maybe he goes outside to a governor if he were to get the nomination. i guess what i'm asking you, the more presidential he sounds or tries to sound, do you think he'll hold back on the personal insults or wait until he's closer to the nomination? as i said, he's still three-quarters of the way from being there. >> one of the great unknowns to me is how much of his temper is calculated and how much is spontaneous? and if it's spontaneous enough,
1:22 pm
hillary clinton and the democrats are going to provoke him for sure. >> all right. thank you very, very much. always good. now, on the democratic side, hillary clinton leads by either a lot or like an awesome lot. now to the super delegates.
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well, you know, it's all about the -- it's a good sign that they are going to make you a winner. barack obama found that out eight years ago. hillary clinton hopes to find out this go around but the numbers don't indicate that. more republicans turning out than democrats. the comparison is night and day from eight years ago. having said all of that, ed henry, it looks like big numbers behind you there. >> reporter: well, neil, it's only about several hundred people, not thousands or something like that. one of the big rallies we've seen from either bernie sanders from the left or donald trump on the right. to your point, in terms of enthusiasm, i saw union workers from the nciu, the union, gathering because hillary
1:27 pm
clinton wants to show she has an army of folks to turn people out around the country. she won a lot of states on super tuesday. she's looking ahead to the general election. bernie sanders saying not so fast. watch. >> it's not to make america great again. america never stopped being great. we have to make america whole. >> bring your friends and your family and your uncles and your aunts and everybody you can drag out. if we have a large turnout here in maine, we will win the state. >> reporter: the maine caucus this saturday. bernie sanders says he's here for the bottom line. hillary clinton almost halfway to securing the nomination. neil? >> ed henry, thank you very much. i want to do a comparison for
1:28 pm
you here. this is the breakdown of the democratic delegates awarded so far. hillary clinton has 577 delegates and 386 for bernie sanders. then there's the role of the so-called super delegates. about 715 of them. not all of them have made up their mind but you throw them in and hillary clinton is about halfway there to the number to be nominated. bernie sanders is 408 and hillary clinton is at 1,034. i guess there are 46 democratic senators, 20 democratic governors, 436 party officials and the like. do you think the superdelegate thing is just weird? >> no. they have done this to party discipline. whatever the reasons they've had superdelegates in the south, i
1:29 pm
think donald trump has shattered all of the plans in that if we survive this, we ought to scrap this and have national primaries because last night, for me, shattered any hope that there would be any primaries that would be meaningful. this whole thing is between donald trump and hillary clinton and that's just about it. i'm frightened that donald trump has shattered the two-party system. he's intimidated republicans from participating and even though i'm quite happy as a democratic, i'm quite concerned ags a patriot. >> you're not impugning the fact that he's a human being, are you? >> no. no. no. what i'm saying is, i think the republican party, for all practical purposes on the national level is shattered and
1:30 pm
i don't see any way it can be put back together. i've talked with republicans and deposition and i really believe that hillary clinton is not only going to receive democratic support but there would be a lot of republicans who won't vote at all or moderate republicans say they would vote for her. >> you're right that a lot of hillary clinton clinton people have told me they would love donald trump to be the nominee because they would walk all over him but you and i are lrtd enough to know that's how they walked all over ronald reagan and in fact early polls showed that they would beat him by 20 points versus the guy who won the iowa caucuses named george bush senior. do you think the hillary clinton votes are getting a little too
1:31 pm
cocy thinking that they can walk all over donald trump? >> no. i don't believe it's just a question of donald trump. it's a question of the party as a whole. >> but that's not what i asked. you can argue whether he's represented the party. >> i am saying that -- >> do you think donald trump could defeat hillary clinton? >> no way. he's alienated every -- >> ronald reagan in 1980 earlier? >> i don't know what i said in 1980. '86. i'm talking about the future is what the heck we have to do with the country with a two-party system. that's what i'm talking about. >> this is a party that's been doing what some in the party thought it should be doing. there's nothing wrong with knocking it up a little bit and scaring it a little bit. right? democrats have done that, too. >> well, i suppose from a television or news point of
1:32 pm
view, yes. >> no, from an american -- that's what -- >> as a food fight and people insulting each other, i think that it may increase -- but as an american, i don't think we can afford this. >> more after this. some research. let me introduce you to our broker. how much does he charge? i don't know. okay. uh, do you get your fees back if you're not happy? (dad laughs) wow, you're laughing. that's not the way the world works. well, the world's changing. are you asking enough questions about the way your wealth is managed? wealth management, at charles schwab.
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all right. a marco rubio event, ted cruz planning his own, donald trump ahead of the big debate tomorrow night. what if the map stays exactly as it is. after this.
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1:36 pm
the direction of the republican party and ahead of that, a billionaire and home depot. take a look. >> all of the experts and pundits and consultants are missing the big story. the big story is the american people saying we've had enough, democrats and republicans. they are saying, nobody is listening to us. i think what we're witnessing right now in the united states of america right now, thank god, is a peaceful revolution. who would have ever thought that donald trump in may of this past year would be where he is today.
1:37 pm
we would have told you you were nuts. you know why? they miscalculated the anger and concern of the american people. they are fed up with the system. they are fed up with the pundits, with the consultants, with the sunday morning shows. all of this stuff now doesn't matter. and by the way, neil, they are coming out in droves. look at the numbers. >> so what is the message, then, for the republican party establishment, the mitt romneys and the paul ryans and others and the mitch mcconnells? >> i don't care. they are one vote each. company give a damn what they care. a whole bunch of them. has anyone thought about the plight of the middle class in america? have they thought about how they are being squeezed and squeezed and squeezed? not only a generational theft
1:38 pm
but now you've got income inequality. who is working for these people? they are getting worse and worse and worse. >> well, donald trump says he -- >> forget trump. >> but there's a party that says donald trump is a con man and marco rubio says he's not the guy. >> wait a minute, neil. i didn't hear the republican party say he's a con man. >> i said marco rubio said that. >> no, you said the republican party. >> no, no, no. let me tell you something. paul ryan said the gop doesn't prey on people's prejudices. obviously referring to donald trump. christie todd whitman, the former new jersey governor, said i cannot support donald trump. he isn't us. i would soon as support hillary clinton if he were the nominee. i could go on and on. bill, senator from nebraska, these are all people -- >> those are examples.
1:39 pm
when have any of those people been appointed, anointed the official spokesperson for the republican party? >> could you support donald trump and be with the nominee? >> if he's the nominee, absolutely. >> what do you think of those in the party who say if is he a nominee i won't support him? >> i won't worry about it. because guess what, the american people are operating over their annoyance. look at the numbers, neil. look at the voters that are coming out. >> so these people focusing on marco rubio, ted cruz, they are wasting their time? >> no. you mentioned names of people that have said that they -- guess what, neil, these are all people that have been part of the process for the last 25 years that people are now disgusted with. this is what is going on. i'd be worried about them because, you know what, the establishment is in trouble. >> who are you supporting right now? >> i'm supporting john kasich
1:40 pm
wholeheartedly, enthusiastically and with every bit of energy that i've got. >> kasich doesn't win his home state of ohio and he's talked about leaving if he doesn't, then who would you support? >> has he left the race? >> no. i'm asking you if he loses his own state of ohio. >> until he loses the race, i'm supporting john kasich. period. that's it. neil, everything is -- think of the plight of the -- people are fed up, neil. this is what all of these people on television and -- >> ken, i strongly, strongly disagree. i love you to death. we have talked about the rage that have made trump the success that he is. we were the first to say when he first declared that he would be a formidable candidate and that the media and those of us shouldn't joke and dismiss him. listen, i am saying to you, then, they obviously, many in the party, feel differently that he's the wrong messenger. you disagree?
1:41 pm
he is the right messenger? >> no. i didn't say that. i'm saying those people in the party are part of a group that have disappointed the american people to the point where the american people are saying, enough. we are witnessing right now, in my opinion, a peaceful revolution. look at them both. look at the way people are coming out to vote. look at the numbers. the republican party is throwing people to the process that haven't been around in years. >> so you're not in that camp that says he's destroying the brand? >> no. what the hell is the brand? look at what we've done. jeb bush, i guess, would be the brand. $110 million a year ago. >> all right. >> $36 million spent in new hampshire. 19,000 tv ads in new hampshire. >> all right. >> guess what, he paid $1400 to vote and had to drop out.
1:42 pm
and it isn't about money anymore, neil. that's what people are missing. >> you seem upset, ken. >> i am upset for one reason. the leaders should be the american people. >> maybe you are latched to the wrong guy. >> i think john kasich is my guy and i think he would be a great president. >> i think you're in denial. that's me. you need a hug. >> do i need a hug? >> do you need one? >> i get one from you ever time i see you. >> ken langone, thank you. >> i always go for the hug. that's what i do. here's the delegate count. can we show this, pam? here we go. does that look is near 1,237? no. take a chill pill. step back. donald trump is one quarter of the way there. ted cruz is not far behind.
1:43 pm
so let's say this little table that's next to me that is always set up next to me, this is the table, the whole delegates. you got this? and here's donald trump. a quarter up the way. you see that? okay. so here's the rest of the table, the rest of the delegates. once again, donald trump down here. you need all of the delegates up here. and you know what, he's not there! more after this. growing up, we were german. we danced in a german dance group. i wore lederhosen. when i first got on ancestry i was really surprised that i wasn't finding all of these germans in my tree. i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna. the big surprise was we're not german at all. 52% of my dna comes from scotland and ireland. so, i traded in my lederhosen for a kilt. ancestry has many paths to discovering your story. get started for free at
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tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. taking victoza® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. the most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. all right. in michigan, marco rubio is gathering the troops and still saying the battle is on. rebecca clinton rebecca clint, governor, is with us now. >> i know we had an extraordinary night last night and we've seen a lot of rhetoric and i had the honor of doing the
1:47 pm
rnc spin after the democratic debate in milwaukee a couple of weeks ago but i think anyone of our republican alternative is the right choice compared to hillary clinton and bernie sanders. >> and would you include donald trump in that mix because we're hearing all of these reports that there's a kabal forming to stop him. >> interestingly enough, in nevada today, each of them were surprised at the coalition that donald trump is putting together. to each of them, it appeared that this was a group of nontraditional republican voters, folks who were perhaps blue collar and more independent than establishment republican or tea party or conservative republican and even libertarian-leaning republicans who had come out to the polls and that's why we're seeing such extraordinary numbers. so regardless of how you feel about him as a candidate for him as a representative of the republican party, it's
1:48 pm
undeniable that he is bringing interest to the race. >> this isn't like a whole establishment cabal. some don't like the idea of donald trump being the nominee. do you think they'll do more harm than good? for example, mitt romney said something that follows up on the comments that he made, releasing tax returns and the like, some called it a trump stopper. if he follows up on that, is he helping or hurting matters? >> neil, i just watched that extraordinary performance on the table. >> we spend a lot of money on graphics. >> regardless, you showed that we're not there yet and so i think it's okay to let this breathe a little bit and i subscribe to the paul ryan book here when it comes to reagan's commandment, thou shall not
1:49 pm
speak ill of a fellow republican. they put up a 74-year-old socialist, a wall street speak who are is being investigated by the fbi. they are really not giving america much of a choice. we are and i think that's really exciting. we need to focus on winning the general election right now and i think any one of our candidates could absolutely do that. >> what a calming, good step back view. lieutenant governor of the fine state of wisconsin. >> i am from the midwest, neil. >> you have that reasoning. just a reminder again, with the delegate count and where we stand for you at home, with the 300-plus delegates that donald trump now has, keep in mind he needs 1,237 delegates to be the republican nominee, he might very well be when all is said and done. but by my math, he's still three-quarters shy. again, saving the department
1:50 pm
money on graphics here, this table is the entire delegate slate that you need to be elected or to be the nominee. so this is all 1237 delegates. it's the whole table. here's donald trump. he's right there. a quarter of the way through. here's cruz, a little bit below him. here is rubio, just a little bit below him. what does that mean if they are all around here? they are nowhere near. right? work with me. they are nowhere near. i don't care who you are a fan of, everyone take a chill pill. more after this.
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1:53 pm
just to bring you up to date, we have had 15 primes and/or caucuses. ten have been won by donald trump, four by ted cruz, one by marco rubio. john kasich came in close with a
1:54 pm
couple of them but didn't win any. neither has ben carson who is very close, we're told, to quitting his campaign, at least reassessing his chances. having said that, the total delegates works out with donald trump, the prohibitive front-runner, we're told, prohibitive because he has 316 delegates. graphics has been busy for the big debate so they don't have a lot of time and i understand we don't have a lot of time. big debates. i wanted to graphically illustrate this point. and with that, my wonderful director here has reminded me that this table, it makes a wonderful sort of metaphor for the campaign. this is all of the delegates that you need to be nominated and it's going to work for the democrats, too. they need a little over 2,000 so
1:55 pm
the superdelegates are here. she's halfway there. now, let's switch this table, the same table, to the republican. they need 1237. and now why did i do that? charlesly gasparino knows that we're in the middle of saying that donald trump has been coronated and then hillary clinton for the democrats. >> who needs graphics when we have you. >> this thing has not wrapped up. he's almost there. it's going to be hard to dislodge him but i'm going to
1:56 pm
give you an analogy. >> it's a family show. go ahead. >> world war ii, battle of the bulge. hitler made his last attempt to defy the allied forces, make a run and defy the forces and cause a stalemate in the war. as you know, he lost, thanks to general patton. that's kind of what the republicans have to do. they have to fight for a stalemate and bring it to the convention. how are they going to do that? from what i understand, they are planning through their pacs, not through the campaigns, some kind of coordinated air package, throwing the tiger tanks at very green american troops during world war ii and see what happens, particularly as it runs up to florida. they believe if they can stop in florida, get some delegates, they can go to the convention and win. it's a roll of the dice but that's what it is. >> i don't even understand what you said but i thought it was brilliant. thank you, buddy. that's the latest delegate
1:57 pm
count. to make the point here, the math can work a variety of ways. in some of these win or take all states, the table tells the story. once again, capiche?
1:58 pm
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they later sold the cow because they had all become lactose intolerant. call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance. hello, everyone. i'm kimberly guilfoyle with greg gutfield and this is "the five." super tuesday 2016 is in the history books and it was a huge night for donald trump and hillary clinton. we've got a ton to talk about, including the news that ben carson won't be attending tomorrow night's gop debate even though he hasn't yet dropped out of the race. that surprising announcement coming up shortly. but we begin with trump's triumphant tuesday. a sweep of 7 out of 11 republican races. his delegate total stands at 319 wi


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