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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  March 2, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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a puerto rican woman will hand you the knife. >> don't do psycho. >> there you go. >> and all these little things. a gigantic, the biggest tic-tac you've seen yushgs red bull. >> look at that, man. >> i want to see eric eat this cake. >> the day after a super tuesday for donald trump, ben carson says he has no path forward now. and the survivors cram for a detroit debate that could be their last best chance to try to stop the trump momentum. this is "special report." >> good evening. i'm bret baier. welcome to detroit, michigan, and the historic fox theater, site of tomorrow night's republican candidate debate. i can tell you it is gorgeou in here. fox news will be here. most of the remaining republican field will be here. ben carson will not. he said today he sees no way
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forward and will not attend the debate as you look live at the stage. tonight, the others are picking up the pieces from another blockbuster trump night. the billionaire businessman won seven states on super tuesday, ted cruz won three, marco rubio took one. trump leads in delegates with 319. ted cruz has 226. marco rubio, 110. carl cameron had a is in utica with a look at where the race stands now. good evening, carl. >> hi, bret. the candidates are converging on michigan in advance of tomorrow night's debate. as you say, they are dealing with the aftermath in some cases boasting and some cases spinning from the super tuesday results last night. >> reporter: donald trump won seven out of 11 super tuesday states as diverse as vermont and tennessee, massachusetts and alabama. republican voters are coming out in record numbers while democratic turnout is down.
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trump has now won 10 out of 15 contests. >> they came from the democratic party and the long time democrats and they were never going to switch and they all switched. and they were independent. and we've actually expanded the party. trump called himself a unifier last night. rivals say he's a liberal passing as a conservative. a month after winning first caucuses in iowa, ted cruz racked up the second, third, and fourth wins in texas, oklahoma, and alaska and urged the others to quit. >> for the candidates who have not yet won a state, who have not racked up significant delegates, i ask you to prayerfully consider our coming together. uniting. >> minutes later, marco rubio knock the first win in minnesota's caucuses. he early voted florida today. >> it's my home. we're going to win florida. we feel great about it. >> he's a distant third in the delegate couch. >> we're going to campaign in all 50 states and do whatever it
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takes to ensure that not only i'm the nominee but that republican party does not fall in the hands of someone like donald trump. >> reporter: a conservative establishment anti-trump pact was released to day. >> trump organization for racial discrimination in the 1970s. >> we're going to do great with the african-americans. and you see that if the poll. i'm going to do great with the hispanics. i'm going to do great with virtually every gruchlt. >> reporter: trump dismissed paul ryan's warning that anyone that wants to be the gop nominee must reject any group or cause built on bigotry. >> i don't know paul ryan well. i'm sure i'll get along well with him. if i don't, he'll have to pay a big price, day? >> next up, kansas, kentucky, maine, and puerto rico all have gop contests. as for dr. ben carson, he says he'll tell supporters and the koer conservative caucus today what his path is. he doesn't see a path forward an
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he won't ab tending tomorrow night's debate. suffice it to say that come friday he may find ways to make -- to keep faith with his supporters but it won't be getting presidential votes on his own. bret? >> carl, mitt romney is trying to have a voice in the debate. what is that all about? >> yes. well, governor romney is going to give a speech tomorrow. the 2012 republican nominee is going to talk about the race in and out utah. we know that it's not ab endorsement. of course supporters may think that maybe he's getting into the race. that would really be a shock. it is most likely almost inevitably going to be about the state of the race with donald trump as the front-runner. trump has made no secret about disdain for mitt romney. in fact, he's retweeted old videos on his twitter account of mitt romney praising donald trump when trump endorsed him back in those days. bret? >> carl cameron just up the road here in michigan. carl, thanks.
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many establishment republicans are not just worried about trump losing to a democrat in november, they're afraid he'll be atop the gop ticket could spell disaster forrest of the party's candidates. of course, rich he hadson tells us how from washington tonight. >> donald trump leads in the republican presidential race. for some republicans, a disturbing development for a party aiming to return to the white house and maintain control of the house and senate. trump atop the ticket will cost candidates in other races. those running for the house, senate, governorships and state houses. >> uncomfortable and cold reality for republicans is there is exactly one candidate right now that's not defeating hillary clinton in the general election matchup and it happens to be the front-runner. >> senate majority whip says that trump would be anal abou 1
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albatroal b albatro albatross. >> let me make it perfectly clear. senate republicans condemn david duke, the kkk, and his racism. it has nothing, that is not the view of the republicans that have been elected to the united states senate. >> mcconnell said senators need to actively separate themselves from trump even if he is the nominee. and through this in fighting, republicans will try to keep the majorities in congress. republicans control the senate with 54 seats and can maintain control with 51. there are 34 contested senate seats this year and republicans are defending 24 of them including in states president obama won in 2012. ohio, pennsylvania, illinois, wisconsin, new hampshire, florida, and iowa. democrats are already tieing republican legislators to trump. >> trump is the republican party's frank enstein. republicans spent last eight years stoking a fire of resentment and hatred building
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trump piece by piece. >> if they choose to separate from trump, campaigners say they have options. >> what means for down ticket races is they have to aggressively define who they are as individual candidates because the wave at the top is probably not coming. >> reporter: trump continues to tract first time voters and win primaries convincingly. he's also won endorsements from a republican senator, two governors and a handful of house members. bret? >> rich, thanks. hillary clinton is sitting on a big lead in delegates after super tuesday. she won seven states and americancy mowa. bernie sanders took four. clinton is way ahead in the numbers games. she has 595 regular delegates and 457 super delegates. sanders has 405 delegates and 22 super delegates. chief white house correspondent ed henry tells us what it all means from new york tonight. good evening, ed. >> bret, good to see you. hillary clinton at a rally
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behind me in new york city trying to get momentum. a big night last night. beneath the surface are enthusiasm problems for democrats. >> what a super tuesday! >> reporter: it turns out the night was not quite as super as hillary clinton originally thought. yes, she did take control of the all important delegate count with big victories from virginia to texas. in addition to beating bernie sanders in massachusetts, a state he wanted badly. mrs. clinton did not run the table and win everything but vermont as her senior advisors touted. sanders carried his own state plus colorado, minnesota, and oeb oak, and outraced clinton by $12 million in february meaning he's not going away and is already trying to win the next caucus on saturday. >> and if we win maine, we move another step forward towards a political revolution in this country. >> if clinton seals the nomination, she'll have to deal
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with the fact that in primary after primary, democratic voters are not turning out like they did when president obama was on the ballot. the huffington post reporting democratic party elites shouldn't be high fiving each other. they should be very, very worried. one reason clinton and her victory speech last night was looking past sanders and itching for a general lection fight with republican donald trump who wr she can use some incendiary comments to juice democratic turnout. >> it might be unusual as i've said before for a presidential candidate to say this. i believe what we need in america today is more love and kindness. >> though some democrats are warning clinton to into the take trump for granted. dave mud saunders, a strategist to jim web who now supports sanders declaring, "i think trump could beat her like a tied up billy get to. there are many areas in swing key states like virginia, north carolina, ohio, and pennsylvania that look like sherman went
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through and didn't burn anything. empty factories, empty buildings. it should nobody surprise to anybody that voters in those areas are gravitating to trump." >> reporter: the bottom line is from combining the college delegates and super delegates, they're siding with clinton, she's almost half way to getting this nomination. bret? >> and, ed henry in new york. thanks. president obama is not running for re-election, obviously. but that does not mean he and his administration will stay on the sidelines. tonight correspondent kevin corke at the white house looks at how the president and the people are infecting taffecting campaign. >> so i want to thank donald trump. that's a joke. >> reporter: perhaps, but the strategy to attack trump is no laughing matter for an oeb administration eager to joint political fray ahead of the 2016 election. >> the stuff he's doing and others including cruz and others, he's making the american people look in the mirror.
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>> reporter: the vice president's comments part of a full on effort to negatively brand the gop front runner while boosting the democratic candidate for the white house believes is best suited to carry on the president's legacy. an effort that soon will see the president take a speech for his replacement direct to the american people. mr. obama telling allies he would love to portray mr. trump as incapable as handling the duties of the oval office. >> i have a lot of faith in the american people. and i think they recognize that being president is a serious job. it's not hosting a talk show or a reality show. it's not promotion. it's not marketing. >> reporter: president obama's decision to campaign for his possible successor is a rarety. some like george h.w. bush, carter and ford failed in their re-election bid so they never got the chance to stump for a
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replacement. president reagan stumped for his replacement as president obama will now. and why not? reagan had a 50% approval rating through year seven in office. president obama, meanwhile, is hovering around 49% approval according to the latest fox news survey. experts warn more obama on the campaign trail could be a bad thing for democrats. >> if donald trump is the nominee, then that actually becomes something of a net negative for hillary clinton because it will assist donald trump in making argument that this election is a referendum on barack obama's presidency. >> reporter: and that's the interesting part of the story, bret. if you're a democrat, you're saying, listen, a clinton or sanders term means a third term essentially of obama. but that's an argument to the gop would love to have their number of the candidates out there in field who say that's a record they would love to run against, bret. >> kevin, harry reid on the snad
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floor said the perfect says close. maybe just days away from submitting the supreme court nomination to fill the vacancy left by antonin scalia last month. what are you hearing tonight? >> you may have heard me in the press briefing to night ask josh earnest if he had seen judge jane kelly around the building? i asked for a specific reason. we know that she is being vetted by the white house for those of who don't know, she 51 and is on the eight rnlg circuit court of appeals. she was a classmate of president obama's at harvard law and maybe most important of all, bret, she's from iowa. senate judiciary chairman. >> kevin corke, thank you. >> up next, what is it like to be back on earth nearly a year after being in first, here's our fox affiliates around the country are covering. fox 6 in birming wham a possible
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tornado touched down south we have of the city. four people were transported to hospitals with nonlife threatening injuries following the storm tuesday night. fox 13 in tampa, taxpayers are lining up as early as 2:00 in the morning. some people waited in line for eight hours to be turned away because there was not enough time to see them. this year's tax filing dead shrine april 18th. and this is a live look at new york from our affiliate fox 5. the big story there tonight, the nypd is increasing the presence in the subway system. they're either on the subway or platform. that tonight's live look outside the beltway. we're outside the beltway, too. we're back here to detroit after in.
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woman:man: yes.a newspaper? woman: it's quaint. man: did you read about this latest cyber attack? woman: yeah, i read it on my watch. man: funny. woman: they took out the whole network. man: they had to hand out pens and paper. woman: yeah. man: could it happen to us? woman: no. we're okay. man: we are? woman: yeah, we brought in some new guys. man: what do they know that we don't? woman: that you can't run a country with pens and paper.
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it's not just security. it's defense. bae systems. welcome back to detroit. the beautiful fox theater, site of tomorrow's republican candidate debate. top democrats in michigan state house is calling for governor rick snyder's resignation.
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snyder is a republican is being accused of negligence in the state's handling of a flint water crisis. he said in the past he is committed to fixing the problem. flint switched the water source in 2014 while under state if many management. lead went into drinking water and legion airs disease outbreak linked to the flint river caused nine deaths. >> america's all time space endurance champion is back on earth tonight. scott kelly completed the year long mission that scientists hope will pave the way to mars. thnchts is a very closed environment. >> reporter: it is the simple inning this is earth that scott kelly said he missed while aboortd international space station. like running water and fresh air. >> back on mother earth. >> his capsule opens in kazakhstan. it was the first fresh air in 340 days.
3:20 pm
>> it's not like cold air coming into the capsule. >> help was there on the ground if he needed it to climb out. kelly did not appear. to despite almost one year in conditions of microgravity. leaving the space station, said, was bittersweet and he could have stayed even longer if necessary. >> i look forward to coming home and there's things that i miss. i felt like if it was for the right reason, i clear cloi have stayed. you know, however long it took. >> part of the goal of the endurance trip is to measure how the body toll rates long periods of space and increased exposure to radiation in preparation to possible travel to mars. that round trip alone would take 2 1/2 years. this mission generated tremendous interest around the world. fuelled in part by kelly's use of social media. he has one million followers on twitter and instagram and posted 1,000 pictures from his unique
3:21 pm
vantage point including spectacular sunrises and sun sets from his 5,440 orbits. kelly's mission is not over. testing i had physical response after one year if space began immediately in kazakhstan and further tests of stamina, vision, circulation and reactions will continue for at least nine months. as for kelly's trourn houston late wednesday, reunite with his family and he says jump in the swimming pool in his backyard. the 20 hour flight from kazakhstan to houston shouldn't be too much trouble for a man who just travelled 144 million miles. bret? >> steve, thanks. what's being called the most important abortion case before the u.s. supreme court in two decades is in the hands of the eight remaining justices tonight. chief legal correspondent on today's arguments over a controversial abortion law in
3:22 pm
texas. >> reporter: it's the most significant abortion case at the supreme court in decades. the case centers around a texas law that requires most doctors foreman ago borgss to have hospital admitting privileges no more than 30 miles away and mandates abortion clinics meet the standards of ambulatory surgical centers. >> can they enact valid patient regulation that's improve safety and when over 210 women annually are hospitalized due to abort n abortion, texas can. >> reporter: the arguments were so vigorous that they spilled over from the one hour to almost 90 minutes. justice breyer questioned why abortion facility could be held to such high medical standard asking what is the benefit here? when the risk is small compared to common procedures that women run every day in other areas without ambulatory surgical centers. texas solicitor general said lawmakers acted following the evidence that surfaced during the trial that ended in multiple murder convictions for a
3:23 pm
philadelphia doctor. he noted one brief said some texas clinics had "holes in the floor where rats could come in, the lack of any equipment to adequately sterilize instruments." 75% of the abortion clinics that state will close if the regulation goes knee infect. >> they have no rational for why they would restrict access to abortion in the state of texas with the kind of regulation that's have been passed. >> justice kennedy is likely the key to this case and it wasn't clear from today's arguments which way he will vote. he did at one point ask whether the court had enough evidence and whether the justices should send the case back down to the lower court for further consideration. a move that would almost certainly delay supreme court action until after a new justice is confirmed. if kennedy sides with the conservatives and there is a 4-4 tie, the lower court ruling upholding most of the texas law would stay in effect. bret? >> shannon, thank you. stocks were up to day.
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welcome back to the fox theater, home of the republican debate tomorrow night. should be interesting. a senior administration official says the cease-fire in syria is going better than expected but not as well as hoped. the state department is not confirming an israeli accusation that the assad regime has been using chemical weapons on civilians since the truce began. fighting against terror groups continues in kurdish led alliance is in control of a hill overlooking a main road in olepo, syria, tonight after taking it from the militant group. that could spell major trouble
3:29 pm
for rebel held areas in syria's largest city. a car bomb targeted a meeting of u.s. backed moderate rebel groups killing 18 people including the faction's commander. tonight, north korea is facing the harshest e esest international sanctions in two decades. they approved penalties drafted by the u.s. and north korean ally china. this follows the latest test on programs that could expand north korea's nuclear weapons capability. whoever wins the white house eight months from now will inherit a world full of threats to the u.s. including north korea. tonight, chief intelligence correspondent katherine harris focuses on the dafrpers posed by isis and reluctance of the obama administration to acknowledge it. good evening, katherine. >> the director of the defense intelligence agency testified today that they are preparing for so-called black swan scenarios. these are the out of the box, unexpected threats with sweeping consequences. the lieutenant general said the rise of isis was predicted.
3:30 pm
>> the morphing of al qaeda into isis probably took some elements by surprise. but all of the pieces were there. so much of the things that we're seeing today, we saw the precurseors of those things in 2009, 10, 11. >> his testimony appears to back up criticism from the earliest days the obama administration hiss dissed the strong intelligence that isis was gaining a foothold in iraq because it did not fit the white house's view that terror threat was waning. he said isis in iraq is recruiting specialists to manufacturer chemical weapons. >> and can you comment on any concerns you have about the nexus of isis and wmd? >> isis nor al qaeda walked away from their desire to develop chemical and biological capability they can use against the west. >> the committee chairman pressed stewart on allegation that's intelligence analysts were pressured to paint a more
3:31 pm
positive picture of progress. >> it is a matter of interest for this committee if, in fact, intelligence is being shaped in some way to please superiors whether they're military or political superiors. >> there is an issue there. the only thing i asked folks do is let the investigation play out. >> the senior isis operative captured by an assault force, stewart said to expect more raids and interrogations of terrorists overseas when is a departure for the obama administration, bret. >> katherine, thank you. the fight between apple and the obama administration over access to incrypted cell phone data is back in the hands of the court. the company filed an appeal of an order that it must help the fbi break into a terrorist's phone. we look at both sides tonight from los angeles. >> hundreds of millions of law abiding citizens trust apple's products with the most intimate
3:32 pm
details of their daily lives. >> reporter: details that are subject to a police warrant and potentially hackers. if a federal judge forces apple to create software to allow fbi to unlock an iphone belonging to the san bernardino terrorists. >> the fbi is asking apple to weaken the security of our products. hackers and cyber criminals can use this to wreak havoc on our privacy and personal safety. >> i don't see that this way. i mean there are issues about back doors. this is about -- there is already a door on that iphone. essentially we're asking apple, take the vicious guard dog away, let us pick the lock. >> late tuesday, apple filed an pale against an order forcing the tech giant to unlock the shooter's iphone. the fbi and apple took the cases to capitol hill. >> it would set a dangerous precedent for government intrusion and the privacy and safety of the citizens. >> the fbi agrees on precedent but says national security trumps privacy. >> the question for americans and lawmakers is not whether or not incription is essential, it is. but instead, whether law
3:33 pm
enforcement should be granted access to incrypted communications. >> lawmakers appeared split. some feared giving police too much power, others fear not enough. >> we want a pack of vicious guard dogs. >> what they want is the ability to have courts order companies to essentially bypass their own systems and to do it in a way that is quick and easy which is exactly what we want to protect the american people from. >> reporter: most believe the san bernardino case will be answered in the court. the bigger question, should police have a back door in noo computers aand smart phones is already in congress. lawmakers try to balance national and cybersecurity. bret? >> william, thank you. >> can donald trump be stopped? it's a question establishment republicans are asking. what about hillary clinton? we'll get super tuesday reaction from the panel when we come back. we asked a group of young people
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the candidates who have not yet won a state, who have not racked up significant delegates, i ask you to prayerfully consider our coming together. uniting. >> we have expanded the republican party. i'm a unifier. people find that hard to believe. believe me, i'm a unifier. >> last night was not supposed to be my night. i never said soup you auper tue going to be a big night. we understand they spent more time and money in these states. that was reflected. >> getting ready for the fox debate tomorrow night at the fox theater in detroit. as you look at the stage, we can tell you that we were getting ready for five podiums but now there are four. that is because today ben carson issued a statement saying, i
3:39 pm
have decided not attend the fox news gop presidential debate in detroit even though i will not be in my hometown of detroit on thursday, i remain deeply committed to my home nation, america. i do not see a political path forward in light of last evening's super tuesday primary results. i'll discuss more about the future of this movement during my speech on friday in washington, d.c. john kasich said he talked to dr. carson today. >> by the way, i don't know what you heard. i just had a very, very nice conversation with dr. ben carson who announced to day he is suspending his campaign. he held his head high. he's a very, very good man. >> so let's bring in our panel from washington, d.c. david gregory and syndicated columnist charles krouthammer. state of the republican side?
3:40 pm
>> i think all the talk about how there is a civil war coming is the civil swar already here. i think that the not trump forces are galvanized and moving in a way that a lot of people didn't think could happen. there wasn't any time left for it. the central battlefield will be florida and there is a chance that not trump forces will prevail. trum health care plan a good night last night f you add up the returns and all of the primaries, his hostile take over the party amounts to a 34% of the vote. there is still room in there for the forces to prevail. it's going to be very hard. >> just looking quickly at the exit polls from last night, angry with the federal government. you see about 48%. texas, tennessee, arkansas, georgia, prefer the next president to be a political
3:41 pm
outsider. texas and va vashgs a3% of alabama, 50% in arkansas, 45% in georgia. so there is some flux there. >> people want an outsider, not just this outsider. and there's still all this -- you know, to joan's point, in a normal year, you'd have the party establishment and the party apparatus pushing donors and others to start to rally around the front-runner, even at this point. what is different now is they are trying to see the idea of these rivals to trump getting traction and denying him the nomination even if it comes to a brokered convention. i think there is a feeling that perhaps not on their own, neither rubio nor cruz can take trump and defeat him. but maybe they can stop him. on their own, perhaps together and, of course, there's a lot of ranker, i think in the party ranks about john kasich right now who they feel is really
3:42 pm
getting in the way of a path for marco rubio. >> charles yushgs thoughts a day after digesting all the results? >> well, this is pretty significant victory. but even more important for trump is the way that it all ended up. it was like a break in the game of pool. the balls ended where trump needed them but there are still two evenly matched contenders, rubio and cruz and neither is going to get out. as long as they remain with equal strength below trump, he wins plurality in which coming up now are states or with a plurality in the 30s or 40s, it's winner take all. so at this point, up until now where the vote was split, it was okay to lose states but now you can't. the question is what will -- will one of them drop out? i think cruz right now has a stronger claim. he's won four states. he's got strength across the
3:43 pm
board. and then if you play it out theoretically, you could see the rubio people headed largely into a cruz camp with cruz it's not that certain that a lot of big number, perhaps even a majority would go to trump since this is the so-called outsider lane. so if you are planning it that way, you'd say that rubio should see. the other way to play it is they all stay n they deny trump a majority of the delegates. then he goes into cleveland with a plurality but not enough and then you have to do some kind of coalition where the other candidates pull their del cats, win the nomination and decide among themselves who gets it. there is one caveat. if that happens, trump walks out with 1,000 people walking out behind him and that would be a calamity. >> yeah. it's an amazing story that is developing. either way you look at i. our james rowsen was with cruz
3:44 pm
campaign yesterday. we caught up with senator cruz last night, late early this morning and asked a question that a lot of people are asking, what took so long? >> for a good eight months or so when all the other candidates were attacking donald trump and trying to slow the momentum and questioning conservative way, you were thanking him for raising important issues. didn't you give donald trump political cover that is serving him well? >> i have been taking on donald trump directly for months now. going directly at him. >> about a month and a half. >> there are stages to the campaign, as i said. you saw candidates who took on donald from a position of weakness and it didn't work out. they got squashed. from our end, we had to consolidate our strength. we will to build the base to be in a position to take him on directly. >> what do you think about that? >> it's a theory. at the end of the day, the amount of blame to be distributed across the landscape from the mainstream media to
3:45 pm
various people in talk radio and the republican establishment, you have to set up fima tents to distribute what deserves to go around. but at the same time, look, they're all in this to win. and he picked a strategy that backfired on him because did he not expect that donald trump would eat so much of his base which is a lot of what we saw in super tuesday. >> especially with evangelicals which is the surprising story. what about setting up the debate on this stage tomorrow night and perhaps how consequential it is as a moment in this race where he seems to be big moments. >> i think it's another big moment. you not only have more going on in the field with dr. carson getting out. you have an opportunity and you directly and your colleagues are posing questions to really get to this ultimate point of disqualifying trump. what it is -- what is it about his rivals that they see in him
3:46 pm
that they see disqualifying. it has gotten real for voters out there to take a look at him and think about him being the standard-bearer of the party. you know, this assault that rubio has started as well which was overdue and so late in coming, if he's able to sustain it now and can keep it going for about a month and if there is a lot of super pac money that comes in behind it, there is certainly some hope that there is enough there to slow him down and allow cruz and rubio to catch up. it's about denying him a chance to get over the top. >> ten seconds here, charles. the other option here as we have seen before is donald trump comes out of the debates better positioned. >> unless his opponents' name is rubio and cruz open the bombay doors and trodrop the remaining ordinance. rubio enjoyed doing that last time around. he found a way to get after
3:47 pm
trump, is with mockery and ridicule. and if you look at the exit polls, late deciders did not go to trump. they went to rubio and cruz. so it might work. it's the only option. i would look for carpet bombing starting in about 12 hours -- 24 hours if now. >> charles, david, john? as always, thank you. >> next up, local journalists set the stage for michigan primary and tomorrow night's debate. i am benedict arnold, the infamous traitor. and i know a thing or two about trading. so i trade with e*trade, where true traders trade on a trademarked trade platform that has all the... get off the computer traitor! i won't. (cannon sound) then your eyes may see it, differently.ave allergies. i won't. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything.
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welcome back to detroit. we can't take enough bump shots, so we will just keep doing it. the site of tomorrow's big republican debate. there you see the stage. we are getting ready let's get a sense of what is going on here in the motor city and the rest of michigan.?e> let's start with you, the polling as we put up the latest poll here in michigan on the republican side has donald trump pretty much in the solid lead. it seems like he has a
3:52 pm
position here. ted cruz and marco rubio fighting out for second. is that what you are seeing? >> that's exactly right. what we have got is trump leading by about 20 points. he is at 39%. rubio is at 19%. we have got cruz at 14% and down following kasich at 11% and finally 9% congressman, of course, he is out of the the -- carson, of course, he is out of the race. is out of the race. >> has anythingk1 >> nothing seems to have moved the needle. trump has been dominating here in michigan. you know, the question now is whether or not he can continue that -- impact the debate at the fox theater is going to have on thursday night. >> kathleen, what about people who have invested time here? which candidates have put in some work and some ground game? >> john kasich has been here a ton. i think it was his tenth visit today, and he has got visits coming up all week long. he is really hoping to get some delegates in here to
3:53 pm
spur them on to ohio, so he can win ohio. >> chad, do you see that? >> he has spent a considerable amount of time here starting last spring before he was officially even a candidate. he was here more than any other candidate before he finally got in the race in late july. and so he really needs a boost out of michigan so that he can come into his home state and win it it. and you have a lot of crossover issues. you see him running on a jobs platform and sort of a come back message. that's a message that rick snyder ran for reflection here two years ago and that's essentially what john kasich is trying. >> what is the message that resonates here? what is the topic that really goes to the top of people's minds? >> it depends on what the republican voter is.0f trump is and cruz are tapping into a very angry section of the electorate who are upset is with the status quo and at the same time kasich is trying to, you know, play to economic issues and, you know, i got leadership experience. i have been in congress.
3:54 pm
i have also, you know, run a state, and rubio is out on the flank trying to show that he has got what it take to be alternative to trump. >> the issues, the economy here in michigan and all that this state has been through, really effects things. >> absolutely. the economy is important, but tapping into that anger question, again. we ask a frank luntz question. that is do you agree or disagree with the statement i'm mad as hell and i won't take it anymore? and not surprisingly 61% of trump supporters agree with that, strongly agree with it compared to only 41% of cruz and under 40% for the rest of the candidates. is he tapping into that anger that you see everywhere else around the country. >> quickly, kathleen, democrats focusing here as well on the flint, michigan issue. obviously they are going to have a debate there it's a focus. >> it's very much of a focus. hillary clinton really, really brought that to the
3:55 pm
fore back in one of the very early debates, started talking about it and has hammered on it since then. she has been to flint once. bernie sanders was up to flint last week. bernie is here today doing a big rally in east lansing. he's going to be having a press conference tomorrow talking about trade. i'm sure he is hoping to hit on the fact that hillary has support some of those trade 4'-that hits hard with labor voters here in michigan. >> trump hits that, too. chad, kathleen, steve, thank you so much for the time. interesting local perspective. that's it for the panel. stay tuned for your voice on our contender's app.
3:56 pm
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4:00 pm
debate prep. tomorrow, megyn kelly, chris wallace and i will be moderating the republican debate right here in the fox theater in detroit. should be interesting. smaller stage. could be i intense. greta goes "on the record" right now. tonight "on the record" melania trump. you have seen her on the cover of vogue magazine and many other magazines. mrs. trump takes me behind the scenes of what it is like to be married to donald trump and tour of expansive penthouse. melania trump on commanding victories on super tuesday. >> mrs. trump, nice to see you. >> nice to see you, greta. tuesday, big night. did -- where did you watch the returns? >> i was here in new york wil@ son barron and we both watched it. >> did you talk to your husband? >> yes, before and after, of course, yes. >> and what did he say? >> a big