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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  March 2, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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tomorrow, megyn kelly, chris wallace and i will be moderating the republican debate right here in the fox theater in detroit. should be interesting. smaller stage. could be i intense. greta goes "on the record" right now. tonight "on the record" melania trump. you have seen her on the cover of vogue magazine and many other magazines. mrs. trump takes me behind the scenes of what it is like to be married to donald trump and tour of expansive penthouse. melania trump on commanding victories on super tuesday. >> mrs. trump, nice to see you. >> nice to see you, greta. tuesday, big night. did -- where did you watch the returns? >> i was here in new york wil@ son barron and we both watched it. >> did you talk to your husband? >> yes, before and after, of course, yes. >> and what did he say? >> a big win.
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he was very excited. >> is it fun for you? i mean it must be exciting for you? >> it's very exciting, yes. it's very different. the last kind of changed a little bit. i like to keep it as normal as possible but still it changed. he is on the road a lot. we don't see him as much. i travel with him when i can. >> and how much time do you spend here and howtnmuch do you spend in florida or wherever you go? >> we travel a lot. so we go back and forth and sometimes i go with him on the campaign trail. i went to iowa and new hampshire and i go for the debates. i'm going tomorrow to the debate. so, it's kind of busy schedule, but i'm handling it, everything is balanced. >> do you like it. >> i do like it. it's exciting. >> why? >> it's something new. i have never been in iowa before. we went to church. it was beautiful. it was very different in the church that we go all the time. so it was something really special, you know. you see different kind can
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of country and new hampshire was completely different. it's a great experience. it's something different in life. to the candidate? >> to my husband? yes, of course. of course. >> like what? >> we talk a lot. i see everything that's going on in his campaign, all the campaigns. and i follow from a to z everything. think, what is good, what is not good. i give him my opinions. i'm not a yes person. i'm yes or no but i'm not easily yes person. >> what does that mean? >> it's not everything -- if i can't agree with something, i will tell him. i would not say maybe he should not hear it i'm telling him. >> is it hard for you when other candidates say mean things about your husband? >> i have a thick skin. i know it will be out there. and i experience about me, a lot of lies. a lot of people are talking
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that they don't know me. and they talking that they know me. maybe they met me five minutes in their life, and suddenly they know me. and only i i know the truth. and i have a thick skin, and i know it will be part of the campaign. >> but you have always a been in the public eye. even before you met donald trump, you had your own career. you have been in the public eye for a long time. >> correct. and that's why. i know what will come with the territory. when he decided that he would run and we went into it. i know that will be the case that people will write untrue stuff and not even checking the facts. so i have a thick skin. i'm strong. i'm standing on my two feet, very strong. it doesn't bother me. it's just out there that people maybe they will believe it's true and it's not. >> you have given any sort of thought that there is high probability that you
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could be the first lady of the united states? >> well, he is winning a lot. i'm taking day by day. we will see what will happen, but you know, you never know what did happen. it's an exciting time.g÷ >> what do you think the job is of lady? have you thought about that? even first lady has defined it differently and i don't know that you will be first lady but you have thought about it at all? >> when the time comes, i have an idea. i will put them to life if the time comes. >> in terms of the campaign, what is it 24/7 for donald? >> it is 24/7, yeah. he is on the road all the time. he is traveling. he is sometimes like two or three speeches a day. and he is connecting with american people. >> do you think he likes campaigning? >> yes, he does. >> what's so fun about it? >> he doesn't sleep much. he is very excited about. he knows what he can do for america. he knows what america could be. and he is an amazing
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negotiator, leader, communicator. he is the only one that could bring america to the next level. >> why do you think that? is a uniter, that he can unify the party. can he do that? >> i think he can. even the people support him from the party he will have easier time so they're not fighting him all the time. he understands how everything works. and he is a great dealmaker. and is he a great negotiator has a great heart. he wants to take care of america and american people and keep it3q safe. >> why do you think he wants that? look at this beautiful place. he has a great business. he has a wonderful marriage and wonderful children. why we want to be president? >> as i see, i would say for us, for him, for me, for my
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family, it's a selfless act to do that. because he could easily just say, look, i will be be fine. my family will be fine. i don't care about america. i will be fine. let me just to go life and travel and take care of my business. is he is not that way. he sees what potential america has. he wants to help. he wants to do. he wants to take his mind and put it for american people. >> i read some place that you told him that he should go a little bit lighter on jeb bush. is that right when jeb bush was in the campaign? >> yes. we discussed that and also for some language when he he was using it. i guess he was listening. >> i guess you are not a yes person as you said. >> no, i'm not. >> you tell him those things. >> i do, all the time. when i don't agree with something, i tell him. >> and he says, what? >> he said, you know, sometimes heñú listens, sometimes he doesn't. he will make his own choices
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he is big enough. he is an adult. he knows what are the consequences. but he sometimes take it in and he says and he is listening. >> will melania trump be the next first lady? a little later melania trump and i sit down to talk a little bit about her. >> you have been a successful model on your own. you have been on all these magazine covers and you have had your own business. what's your long-term plan? >> we will see now. everything is in the air for now. but when the time comes, way, we will see, we are just enjoying life. i want to live meaningful life. i want to spend time with family and my husband and with my child. and just enjoy. i experience a great success in my business, so it's not that i'm eager to do another
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business. i may, in the future. i never say never. because it's very -- it's very productive and it's very your ideas coming to life. i have many ideas. so maybe i will continue when my life calms down a little bit and gets a little bit less hectic and less busy. >> would you be a good first lady, do you think? >> yes, of course. >> why? >> i'm perfectionist? i things perfect. i like to put myself 100 percent into it in what i do. so, if the american people would select my h;"9 to be president, i would support him and i would support united states. i would support people. i will help them. i will work with women and children. they our future.
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we need to take care of them. we need to guide them. we need to be the guidance to them. they need us. children need us. and, also, i'm involved in many, many charities÷ already. so i will pick one or two=" z5at are dear to my heart 100 percent. >> i know you do a lot of charity work. one of them that stands out where your heart really is the charity? >> make-a-wish foundation. boys club of new york. american red cross, it's fantastic organization. helps all around the world and also first here in the states. >> that make a wish is amazing. >> make a wish. >> tough on those children. >> very tough. >> they deal with so much. >> yes. >> have you ever been in the white house? >> i have never been there. >> you have never been there? >> no. >> your husband is restoring that hotel that you and i actually we spoke before at that hotel. >> yes. beautiful place he is doing fantastic job.
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under budget, it will open soon. he is doing really -- that kind of mind he wants to put in america. he wants to build america stronger and better than it was. >> is the media fair to your husband. >> not always. they are not fair to me, too. >> in what way? >> they are saying stuff that's not true. they don't say the truth. they write stuff that -- they don't want to give him credit. they don't want to say how smart he is. what he will do. what he can accomplish. they don't want to give himéu credit. >> why? why do you think that? >> because maybe he is outsider. he is not part of washington. he speaks his mind. he doesn't sleep under the rug. he saysj]cas he thinks and
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what needs to be say. because he is not the politician. he is not just into talking. is he a doer. he gets the thing done. >> do you get a knot in your stomach at the debates with your husband up on the stage. >> no, i don't. >> you don't get nervous for your husband? >> no, i don't. >> how do you not. >> i know he can handle himself. i know him. i know he will be tough and smart and he is quick on his feet. in his mind he is very quick. >> there isn't one ounce of nerves for you? >> no. i just think, you know, do well, be who you are. >> this is what you expected? >> when he announced in june, i told him that heiú needs-to-announce it if he will just look at him and look at his polls before
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announcement. people were saying he will not be the one and the polls would not be the way they are now. he needs to announce and people will see he is serious and what he wants to do for the country. once he announced he will go like a rocket. it will be unbelievable because i know i experienced that with him when we were traveling and he was doing business. and that's what happened. did i expect it would go for that long, for all 8 months? number one? never thought about it never thought about it. it's very exciting and amazing what's going on. as you say it's movement. it's amazing the rallies when he goes. he talks, the people, the energy, the -- he brought back the enthusiasm for the country and to do good and to have a dream and to dream big and to -- that
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everything is possible >> what's the one word that you thvg5zwvf@i describes him? >> amazing heart. amazing mind. leader. that's what i say. qeader.[ >> and there is much more of my interview with melania trump, including a tour of their penthouse and how melania and donald first met. he did something she didn't like then. that's all coming up. and donald trump dominating super tuesday. trump winning big in seven states. senator ted cruz grabbing wins in three states and senator marco rubio finally getting a win on super tuesday. governor john kasich and dr. ben carson coming up empty. and ahead of tomorrow night's big fox debate, the candidates are back out on the trail. >> i am a unifier. i would love to see the republican party and everybody get together and unify. when we unify, there is nobody, nobody that's going to beat us. >> we can nominate a proven
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conservative who has fought consistently for working men and women and to defend the constitution. >> we don'tle have to wait for somebody to come riding into town okay on some stallion to solve our problems. >> why sit there and talk about each other and tear each other down when we have such important issues to deal with? >> no matter how long it takes. no matter how many states it takes. no matter how many weeks and months it takes, i will campaign as long as it takes and wherever it takes to ensure that i am the next president of the united states. >> and "on the record" has live team coverage. fox news chief white house correspondent he had henry has all the democratic news. but we begin with fox news carl cameron in detroit with the republican race. carl? >> hi, greta. all the republican field candidates, minus 1, will be converging on detroit for tomorrow night's fox hosted debate. this is a big one coming as
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it does after super tuesday and with the candidates now in a mad sprint to march 15th when the% first winner take all states florida and ohio will cast their ballots. donald trump had a big win last night, just not seven of 11. overall he has won 10 of 15 states. and has a lot of momentum and the republican establishment is freaked out about it. trying to figure out a number of different ways they might be able to bring him down. marco rubio and ted cruz will be be on either side of him in tomorrow night's debate. they have been from&ñ both sides attacking donald trump and, yet, he continues to have measurable success, better than those two. ted cruz and marco rubio are also in a fight of their own. battling for survival. cruz won three states last night alaska and oklahoma. cherry on top he won texas which is just not his home stage it was the biggest delegate stage last night. it was a big win for cruz. anybody was low in the delegate count or hadn't won a state should get out, unify try to put together
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anti-trump candidate and a few minutes later marco rubio actually won his first state he won the caucuses in minnesota. ben carson didn't do very well last night. hasn't done all that well from the very beginning and has told his supporters and sent out a statement today saying that dose not see a path toward the nomination and that he will not be participating in tomorrow night's debate he hasn't said exactly what he he is going to do but he plans to tell it the political conservative action conference on friday what his plans are. aides say he got into the race because of grass roots support. people around the country saying they wanted him to run. he will talk to cpac and say what his plans are. it's been just a crazy 24 hours since the super tuesday vote. and tomorrow mitt romney gives a big speech, greta. and this has been taken by donald trump as a threat. and he spent the day tweeting aboutcl it it retweeting about it saying that mitt romney who he says weigh as a loser and chokener 2012 and should
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have beaten barack obama but didn't is going to come out and attack him. romney's team has said that this is not about an endorsement speech, and even though his supporters might want mitt romney to get into the race that would be akn heck of a shocker. here we have the 2012 nominee, potentially giving a speech on the day of tomorrow's debate hammering the frontrunner for what is likely to be a criticism of tone and conduct on the campaign trail. mitt romney was a big fan of donald trump's and accepted his endorsement back in 2012 and was quite praiseful of mr. trump at that time. apparently the times have changed, greta. >> indeed they have if that's going to happen tomorrow. anyway, carl, thank you. and on the democratic side. secretary hillary clinton shined on super tuesday. secretary clinton winning seven states to senator bernie sanders' four wins. senator sanders is hoping the race is far from over. >> america never stopped being great.
4:18 pm
[cheers and applause] we have to make whole. we have to fill in. >> this campaign, as i think all of you know, this campaign is not just about electing a president. it is about transforming america. [cheers and applause] fox news he had henry is. hillary clinton just wrapped up a rally here. she had the governor, the+ mayor trying to gain momentum out of what you just noted was a big night for her, winning most of the states on super tuesday. more importantly than just the symbolic victories would be the delegate count. mathematically she is now putting bernie sanders in a very difficult place. in sanders defense, he certainly had a better night than many expected by winning four states. one of them being his home.
4:19 pm
that is what they expected. others like colorado that was a big lift for him. what he takes away since democrats award their delegates proportionally he scoops up some delegates. is he raising more money than hillary clinton right now. raised $12 million more than she did in the month of february. what does that tell us? he has the fuel to stick around. he vowed today he is going all the way to the democratic convention in philly. i think the bought line question is, is he going to be be going to that convention as somebody with a lot of delegates who is trying to have a voice for his movement or is he going to go as the nominee? the fact of the matter is, hillary clinton, after last night, combined with the super delegates, these party bosses who are largely siding with her over sanders, of course, right now she is nearly halfway to securing the democratic nomination. right now she is riding high, greta. >> alldw other supporters are dancing on tables saying she has got this locked up. are there any names being floated around as a possible vice presidential nominee
4:20 pm
with her or is it way too premature. >> it's a bit early. they told news private they are not thinking about that yet. they maybe have learned a lesson which is at the beginning of this campaign they might have taken bernie sanders a little too lightly and yes, mathematically she is jumping ahead but sanders is not out of this race. secretary of state he is going to stick around. once they can secure, the nomination, if they secure the nomination. let's not forget that there is also that fbi investigation looming for hillary clinton. so they can't be counting any chickens just yet, greta. >> indeed, never good to measure the drapes too early. anyway he had, thank you. and how did melania trump meet her future husband? >> well, i first, when we met, i didn't give him my number. he was with a date. >> more from my interview with melania trump coming up. first, breaking news in the 2016 g.o.p. race. two major nowments one from dr. ben carson and one from governor mittyc romney. former house speaker newt gingrich talking about all
4:21 pm
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206 news never stops. dr. ben carson announcing he will not attend tomorrow night's debate. on top of that he says he does not see a political path forward. that's not all now 20212 g.o.p. candidate mitt romney announcing that tomorrow he will make a major speech about the republican party's direction. what does this all mean for allegedly wild 2016 race? former speaker of the house newt gingrich goes "on the record." good evening, sir. >> good evening. good to be with you. >> nice to have you. i suppose it's not really big news that dr. ben carson is dropping out. i mean that writing was on
4:25 pm
the wall, right? i think so a question of how long he want to do. was still raising money. 7, 8, 9%. he wasn't getting attention at the debates the way he thought he deserved. probably from his standpoint, it wasn't a productive future. >> all right. what do you make of governor mitt romney? he has been tweeting very busy tweeting. he tweeted things like another bombshell. trump should authorize the "new york times" to release the transcript of his editorial board interview which, of course, is off the record. all the candidates do that he also says he is accusing him of being coddle ling bigotry. why is he suddenly coming out from the shadows and taking swipes at trump? >> in all fairness, mitt is a key member of the establishment. is he part of exactly of what peopo)jz the country have been mad about the establishment is going crazy. they were sure for months. they were saying trump is going to implode.
4:26 pm
trump is going to disappear. when serious he won't have any votes. now they suddenly look at super tuesday where trump did pretty well. he didn't do well enough to be overwhelmingly desizingly the nominee, but he sure did well enough to be the frontrunner. and now they are suddenly x;we actually end up withf trump? so you have seen it in -- there are consultants who are going to make millions of dollars the next few weeks convincing billionaires to put up immense amount of money. some of it is funny. the very guys who spent is hundred million dollars for jeb bush and failed are now out convincing billionaires to spend even more money and i think this is a sign of panic. i think romney getting this engageside part of the same process. they are all talking to each auto other. they are all desperate to stop trump. and this is part of the same proces right. i'm going to ask the viewers to participate because now is their chance to vote at home on twitter. should mitt romney inject himself into the 2016 battle tweet yes or no using
4:27 pm
#greta. show you live twitter votes throughout the show. mr. speaker, is donald trump going to be the nominee? >> he is clearly the frontrunner. you would have to say as of today is he far and away the most likely person to be nominated. i will tell you we will know a lot more on march 15th because if rubio doesn't win florida, for all practical purposes his race is over and if?e6= kasich doesn't win ohio for all patrol car ting particular call purposes his race is over and at that point trump will become the nominee, period. >> looking at the voter turnout. the voter turnout in the republican party. we have two graphs showing. alabamaz] up 51% for the republicans for republicans since 2008. goes through alabama, arkansas, massachusetts, minnesota, oklahoma, tennessee, texas, vermont, and virginia. all enthusiasm up for republicans and dropping for more voters republicans and not democrats. is this instructive or us
4:28 pm
having with polls? >> no, i first saw a part of this on "fox & friends" and i was blown away. in massachusetts, for example, 20,000 democrats left their party is they to vote inigible the primary. saw that in southwestern virginia when an amazing number of democrats ended up voting in the republican primary. something is goings on out there. neither hillary clinton or bernie sanders are attractive to moderate democrats there ask great enthusiasm in republican side. if i were a democratic strategist that would worry me. >> mr. speaker, thanks for joining us, sir. >> thank you. >> you have seen melania trump on stage with her husband donald. what is she like behind the scenes? that's next.
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sfx: car engine. ♪ my opis slowing my insides to a crawl. that's opioid-induced constipation, oic, a different type of constipation. i'm really struggling to find relief... paint a different picture. talk to your doctor about oic and prescription treatment options. now more of our would you have with melania trump she went from a small slovenian town to a famous model to marrying a billionaire to politician with donald trump. she spoke to me from trump all-star when did you meet him. >> we met in new york in 1996 in december. we met at a fashion party. if was a big fashion party that my friend organized. fashion week. and he invited me. that's how we met donald. >> did you like him immediately or not? >> i liked him. he had a great charm but he
4:33 pm
arrived with a dated. >> oh. >> and he was very charming and great mind and great energy. we had connection from the beginning. >> when is the next time you saw him. >> we saw each other i think around week. because i had obligations, work obligations. i travel to caribbean for a so, when i came back, i called him and we got together. >> so you called him? >> yes. >> he didn't call you? >> well, at first when we met i didn't give him my number. he was with a date. so, i told him give me your number and i will call you. number he would give me, business, home, if he would give me business number, i'm not a girl doing business with him. why we give me a business number? so he gave me all of them.
4:34 pm
and when i came back i said give me your number i promise i will call you. i came back after the photo shoot and a i called him. >> and so then you went out >> we went on a date and we had a great time where did you go? >> we went to roomba. a place downtown. a fun place and we stayed for quite a lock long time and had a great chemistry. >> did you think maybe there is a possibility with this guy? i might want to marry him later or was that way too soon. >> way too soon. you need to know somebody. you need to spend time with the person. and you don't knowró yet. in such quick time you cannot know marrying a person or not. especially the known person as he was. it's very different when you are dating celebrity or if you are dating somebody unknown. >> several years later before you got married.
4:35 pm
>> yes. >> how many years. >> we got married it was seven years we know each other. >> do you have a nickname for him? >> no. >> no nickname. >> no. >> does he have one for you? >> no. we don't have nicknames. >> so he asked you to marry you. where was he asked -- where were you when he asked to you marry you. >> it was a gala in new york. we were both dressed, and he asked me to marry me. >> no hesitation? >> no. but i knew a little bit that he might propose sooner ortz later. and of course no hesitation. we were together for so long. we know each other. we were very compatible. we like the same things. we are very independent. we gave each other space as well. so he does what he wants to do and he loves to do. and i do what i love to do. that was my decision not to
4:36 pm
go on the campaign because i said i want to be a parent to my child. and heh-9÷ completely agreed with that and i said i would be there when i can be there and support him 1100 percent every day all theáu time. >> you got married down in florida. >> yes in palm beach on the church. >> former secretary of state hillary clinton and president of the united states bill clinton was there. >> yes. they were there. >> how was that. >> 2005 was different time. private citizens. he was not for the office as he said. he was friends get along with many, many people. i don't see anything wrong with that. >> have you ever socialized with them besides the wedding with the clintons? >> no, no. >> any thoughts about secretary clinton as his opponent? >> >> well, now we will see where it's getting into. we will see.
4:37 pm
>> i know my husband is strong, tough, great leader and he will do what the country needs. >> so it's going to get probably pretty rugged, i imagine, between of two of them if they were both the candidates. >> yes, we will see. >> and that's okay with you? >> that's okay with me. it's nothing personal. it's all business. >> and ever wondered what a9l billionaire's penthouse looks like? wonder no more. melania trump takes you on a tour. that's next. plus her husband donald trump won 7 of 11 states on super tuesday. can anyone stop him? that's coming up. this just got interesting. why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night.
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melania trump takes you inside the trump pent house on trump tower on fifth avenue. >> before he decided to run for president, what was your day like? i mean, what time did donald get home from work? >> normally he goes in the office, in the morning, wake up very early. goes to the office. and he is back by 7:00. so we try to have a dinner together. >> he doesn't drink, right?
4:42 pm
>> he doesn't drink. >> and your son is how old? >> he will be 10 soon. >> who is the disciplinarian you or donald. >> i am. here we team all the time. i'm raising him. morals. andd life because one day he will have wings as we say and he will fly on his own and i just wanted to raise him the right way. i don't want nanny raising him. so he needs a parent at home. >> and you have some pictures, actually. yes. he was 3 weeks old and so and then here it was almost like a year. and we have a few pictures. >> are are you tough? >> yes, i'm tough. >> you are a tough parent? >> i'm fair. i'm fair. i let him be who he is. he is my child.h-9÷ but, i don't want to change him. he is who he is. and i try to give him
4:43 pm
traditions and values and morals into his life but i don't try to change him. i like that he has his own yes and his own no. >> there is a perception by some that donald has got a rough reputation with women. that he has rough language with women. i don't know how else to say it. what do you have to say to that? >> i would say he treats equally everybody. you are a woman, you are a man. he treats everybody equally. and he will tell you what is on his heart. and he will tell you what he thinks. he doesn't hold back. and he is real. he is a real person. >> is he funny? >> he is funny. he has a great sense of humor. he likes to have a good time. he loves to get together >> what annoys him? what's he got mad about? what does he like? >> the o like what.
4:44 pm
>> something is not done the right way. and especially if you tell somebody and they don't do it, and he gets -- he likes to be the right things done and he just doesn't like it. he doesn't like somebody who is not competent to do it. >> who is more likely to apologize first in a fight. you or donald? >> we don't have fights. >> you never had a fight. >> no. >> never have an argument? >> we don't have fights. >> you don't disagree on things. >> we disagree. that's okay. that's very good in the relationship. i'm my own with my own brains he is with his own brains. >> it never gets heated. >> no, no. >> you have never had an argument? >> no. i tell him my way. and he accept that and i tell him, you know, what i think and he is the same he thinks what he thinks.
4:45 pm
>> argueit. i will tell you. pictures i don't have you are son. >> this is bay ron. barron. this is wedding night. and at home. and barron and donald going for baseball. >> this is donald'sq% dad, fred. >> is that donald with him. >> yes, that's donald when he graduate. >> wow. >> and mother is right here. >> and, of course, he is on the cover of the magazine. >> these are my parents. my mom and dad. >> are your parents still living. >> yeah. they are here. they are here a lot. yes. they love to spend time with my son and he loves them. and now it's a perfect age, too. they are really close together. >> and, of course, it helps with all the traveling, too. >> yes, of course. of course. >> just aó note to all of you at home, the spouses of many of the candidates have appeared right here "on the record" and we have
4:46 pm
requested interviews with all of them since this race got started. there is also much more of my interview with melania trump that's coming soon on the fox news channel. and is donald trump unstoppable? what would the other candidates have to do to overtake trump? can they? >> the fox news g.o.p. debate. real issues. smart questions. only one network gets america answers. watch as bret baier, megyn kelly and chris wallace moderate. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything.
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we are going to make america great again, folks. we're going to make it great again. >> i know how hard worked, actually. i congratulate ted cruz on that win. it was an excellent win. i know it was a tough night for marco rubio. it was a tough night. he spent a lot of money. is he a light weight as i
4:51 pm
said many times before. we are going to make our military bigger and better and stronger than before and nobody, nobody, nobody is going to mess with us, folks, nobody. >> well, that was donald trump as you know. and it was after yesterday's super tuesday victories and as trump continues to wrack up wins and delegates is he unstoppable? the "on the record" political panel is here from the wotion philip bump and john bussey. first to you, all the pundits last summer said he would be gone in a second. >> a lot of pundits including reporters thought it this was a passing fair. but, in fact, is he is here. and he ai( reflection disgruntledment in the electorate. every time that you see a figure in washington or a politician who has been around for a while coming out against donald trump. mitt romney being tougher on him whether that in fact empowers donald trump. they reflect what the voter is trying to project. >> the pope even had a little problem with donald
4:52 pm
trump. who would have guessed that? >> i think that's exactly right. i think the question that -- we have come to this point, right, where the establishment has been pushing back. never going to happen. never going to happen. and they have gone too far. now they are faced with this prospect of a nomn2ee who blatantly rejects them who they spent all this time building institutional power he doesn't need that at all and hasn't needed them the entire time. so, yes, mitt romney coming out tomorrow and criticizing donald trump. i'm not sure where the overlap is between people who want to listen to donald trump and listen to mitt romney. >> that brings up a problem that the "new york times" has and governor mitt romney is going to speak tomorrow has tweet about this. he says trump should authorize "new york times" to release the transcript of editorial board interview which is off the record. all the candidates do. all the newspapers. romney does that and obviously, i mean, i don't know, but i think the "new york times" it looks pretty bad in this because how did they -- how did this even get out? >> the voter doesn't care. the voter doesn't care. >> does the "new york times" care?
4:53 pm
>> yeah at this point the voter looks at anything that is attack on donald trump and sees in it an attack on the very path it sees to finally being enchan tried it looks back on washington over the last, you know, several years. and sees the paralysis that seized washington. and it wants none of it any longer. what's going to happen between now and election day the g.o.p. are are we a party that's going to support donald trump or are we a party that's going to split from donald trump and be successful in thatgañ split? this isb# incredible divergence. >> i really don't understand governor mitt romney. because is he is not asking. i assume that the other candidates had. he is only zeros in on trump and making innuendo that he seems to know something. which is stunning to me, too because i never thought governor mitt romney would get dirty. >> something switched where he thought it would be up to
4:54 pm
him to take on donald trump on behalf of the establishment. a lot of folks thought there wasn't enough being done. clearly someone got to mitt romney and he assume that mantel. i don't know that it will be successful. i don't know, you know, what they need to do is figure out how they can keep trump from getting these delegates. i don't think mitt romney is the way to do that. >> thank you gentlemen both very much. coming up, i will tell how is indecent my off-the-record next.
4:55 pm
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4:58 pm
let's all go off-the-record. sometimes people are greedy or just plain dumb. neither is good. case in point. times" yesterday that the medicare program and private health insurers waste about $3 billion a year by buying and throwing out large amounts of incredibly expensive cancer medicines.
4:59 pm
why? well the drugs come in vials containing too much medicine for one patient is so once dose, the rest of the expensive drug in the vial is thrown out. yes, wasteful and incredibly expensive and driewl very sick people. some facing possible death from illness. no one should have to pay thousands for extra drugs that they don't use just because of the packaging there is a very simple and kinda solution. drugmakers could use small vials with smaller quantities of the cancer drugs. problem solved. haat's how it's done in u.s.a.? well, the ugly answer is, there is big money in cancer drugs and people with cancer, they dual anything to try to save their lives, even pay for what they do not need. shame on drug manufacturers and shame on our government for not protecting the american people this way. it's indecent. and that's my off-the-record live twitter voting results on your screen right now. should governor romney inject himself into the g.o.p. battle 89% say no, 11% say yes.
5:00 pm
that's all for now. see you tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. eastern. good night from new york city. ♪ ♪ the o'reilly fact ton tore is on. tonight. >> i'm a unifier. i know people find that hard to believe but i'm a unifier. >> donald trump taking a victory lap after last night's super tuesday vote. we will tell you what his chances really are to get the republican nomination. >> instead of building walls, we're going to break down barriers. >> as we predicted, hillary clinton is now unstoppable. she will get the democratic nomination, unless. >> what i can assure you is that i am very close personally to that investigation. >> it's not bernie sanders mrs. clinton has to worry about. it's the fbi. >> also ahead dennis miller


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