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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 2, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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tore is on. tonight. >> i'm a unifier. i know people find that hard to believe but i'm a unifier. >> donald trump taking a victory lap after last night's super tuesday vote. we will tell you what his chances really are to get the republican nomination. >> instead of building walls, we're going to break down barriers. >> as we predicted, hillary clinton is now unstoppable. she will get the democratic nomination, unless. >> what i can assure you is that i am very close personally to that investigation. >> it's not bernie sanders mrs. clinton has to worry about. it's the fbi. >> also ahead dennis miller on politics, ted cop can
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pell on how -- ted koppel on how he would cover donald trump and whether the republican party is about tojc implode. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi had, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. super tuesday, that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. it is now clear that donald trump will go to the republican convention in cleveland this summer, with more votes than anyone else more than 450,000 votes. defeated marco by more than a million. therefore, there is more way that donald trump primary steadfast. is he is almost unstoppable because of the republican party did some kind of end run, regarding delegates or procedure, mr. trump could justifiably run on a third
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party ticket. therefore, dooming the g.o.p. millions of trump supporters will not accept the party doing something ther table. now, things can happen. talking points cannot say for certain that donald trump will be the republican nominee, but, again, i can say that no one will beat him in the popular vote. i spoke with mr. trump this morning on the phone. he was supposed to be here tonight but asked forgiveness because he said he needed to rest up for the big debate tomorrow night on fox news. being the very reasonable guy i am, i said okay, but i also told mr. trump that i, your humble correspondent will be in detroit and am looking forward to speaking to all the candidates tomorrow night in a no spin way. factor will be on live at 8:00 and back on live again at 11 eastern time. we hope you catchall of it. it will be very different than what you have seen. ben carson dropped out of the race today. not unexpected. dr. carson is a good man. on the democratic(] front, it was what we predicted.
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hillary clinton winning big. beat bernie sanders by 1.3 million votes. that race is over. secretary clinton wins. i have to give senator sanders credit. running energetic campaign. does not use personal attacks. he is a man of dignity. he is not going to win. in fact, the only thing that could defeat mrs. clinton is the fbi. yesterday, director james comey testified in front of the house judiciary committee talking about mrs. clinton's email problem. >> what i can aschurr you is that i am very close personally to that investigation to ensure that we have the resources we need, including people and technology and that it's done the way the fbi tries to do all of its work, independently, competently and promptly. that's our goal, and i'm confident it's being done that way. >> now, some americans don't trust director comey, talking points does. i believe an honest investigation is being done by the fbi. and we should know the results of email situation within a few weeks. summing up, donald trump and hillary clinton will win the
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popular primary voting. mrs. clinton will be the democratic nominee, unless she is indicted. mr. trump looks to be unstoppable but it is not a lock for him yet. that's the memo. now for the top story, reaction, joining us from boston, democrat mary anne marsh. here in the studio republican andrea tan tea tear rose host of outnumbered. do you see things differently. >> i think comey is a political guy. historically we know that if youla remember, bill, during the bush administration comey refused to sign the nsa reauthorization documents forcing george w. bush to get involved they had to go to ashcroft bedside. apple will case. >> explain the political thing on the apple just briefly. >> the "new york times" reported it was the fbi who originally screwed up the case with the san bernardino terrorist phone. meaning they are the ones that reset the pass code on the phone. that's why we are having this debate.
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comey said 18 months ago that he wants to end all increption encryption technology. this is obama administration has to grasp our last corner of privacy. comey is in on it. that's why apple needs to hold firm. >> you have no confidence in comey. >> the small group of fbif, agents. the espionage team is very, very good. they are taking this seriously. i believe that they will recommend charges. they will,for hillary, i believe cheryl mills and yuma abedin based on the facts of this isca. do i think that the doj will indict? i do not. >> all hell will break loose. impeachment. loretta lynch. all of that. >> he they will leak the charges to the press. the media will yawn as they have every other scandal. >> that will be the biggest story since watergate. >> when i was going to get talk about the democrats. let's you have mary ann talk about the republicans. anything i said in memo
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wrong? >> no i agree with your premise. the only thing that will derail donald trump or hillary clinton is politics. if the republican party decides to game the system and work the system. >> they can't. >> if they try. >> there are are too many trump supporters. they know they can't. i don't even want to get into that speculation because when i was watching, i have got to tell you, ladies, when i was watching the returns i was flipping around last night, i wanted to do in the muslim tradition of protest, i threw my shoe at the tv3 screen. i did. because it was so much blather and bloviating, look, the republican party knows it cannot deny donald trump the nomination if he has a plurality of 10 million votes because all of those votes would go with him to the third party run. now, mitt romney is going to talk tomorrow from utah. we understand is he going to say bad things about donald trump. i don't know at this point if mitt romney, whatever he says, has any bearing on anything. does it? >> probably not. i mean, the fact is donald
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trump got more votes than massachusetts last night than mitt romney got in 2012 and he was the governor of massachusetts. so i doubt it has much effect. he certainly is positioning himself as the leader of the republican party. >> romney is positioning himself? >> yeah. don't under estimate. ben ginsburg architect of recount for making george w. bush president has laid out a blueprint to do just exactly that to donald trump to game the delegate situation. don't rule that out. >> it's not going to happen in this day and age. it's a different time. do you agree with that? >> i do agree with you. the establishment is embarrassing themselveség and mitt romney is humiliating himself. reigniting this republican stereotype rich white guy versus other rich white guy -- >> -- wait, wait, wait what if in his heart mitt romney believes that mr. trump is not the right berne to lead the nation? doesn't he have a right to go and say that? >> sure, he has a right. but if the question at hand
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which you asked mary ann will he be effective the answer is no. >> that's a whole another deal. >> pro-choice, pro-immigration, liberal gw> he lost, all right? >> he lost. >> exactly. he has no credibility. >> he has a right to say what he wants to say. >> he has a right but it won't do a thing except embarrassment establishment even more. >> now, hillary clinton has to be breathe ago sigh of relief. get to he2p had henry why she wants to run against trump. i said the other night and we only have 20 seconds for two answers. i don't believe hillary clinton will debate donald trump one on one. she will say i don't want to get involved in that kind of stuff, particularly if he does campaign on a way that brings it to her. i don't think he is going to show up. possible? >>. no she has to do it. >> she has to do it. >> you have to stand up for yourself because voters want to see that they know that you will stand up for them. >> even if there is invective and personal stuff
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involved you have got to show up? >> yeah. because, bill, this is going to be the dirtiest campaign we have ever seen. that's the price of admission if you want to be president of the united states this year. >> you say? >> i think he should show up tomorrow. does he need to? >> no, no, no, no. this is hillary clinton vs. donald trump down the road. hillary clinton going to show up for a debate? >> i think so. absolutely. she has to show up and trump should show up every time as well. it's going to be the greatest between the two of them. >> i don't think it's greatest would be the word i would use. >> oh, mary ann you know you want it to. it's going to be fun to watch. >> it's going to be ugly. >> first debate between the two outrates the oscars. i bet you it does. especially if i moderate it? >> oh, boy. >> oh, boy. >> you are going to owe me a don't be a pinhead wind breaker because we have a bet on hillary clinton going. i say no indictment, you say yes. we will see. >> that was a fun bet, ladies and gentlemen, not editorial bet. >> i have the tape. >> it was done on her dopey show, outnumbered. >> i'm going to it win it. >> i was making corn on the cob when i made that bet on
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everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? personal story segment tonight tonight. legendary ted koppel has interviewed people. mr. koppel also the author ofn9 the book "lights out" cyber attack, nation unprepared, surviving the aftermath, "new york times" best seller. joins us now from washington. let's assess donald trump. i have interviewed him a number of times. not an easy interview. how would you do it? >> you know something, bill, you and i have talked about this general subject many times over the years. it's irrelevant how i would do it. you who made it it irrelevant? you did.
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you have changed the television landscape over the past 20 years. you took it from being objective and dull to being subjective and entertaining. and in this current climate, it doesn't matter what the interviewer asks him, mr. trump is going to say whatever he wants to say as outrageous as it may be. and the fact of the matter is his audience as much as anything is not even a televisionzxm'ñ audience. it's an audience on twitter. they deal in messages of 140 characters or less, which keeps it nice andqb simple. >> okay. but, you know, your old network abc does interview mr. trump on a regular basis. and, you know, it comes in. and you have got to come in with a strategy with,l him. you have got to come in with sharp questions. and, you're right, maybe his supporters don't care what he says. however, our job, whether i'm a commentator or a reporter, is to get as much information, number one, and,gn two, show the viewer who the person really is. so, again, i will go back to
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he is sit ising on nightline , you are opposite of him. how do you do it? >> the first way you do it is not in the interview. you do it by some reporting. it's an old fashioned concept but i think demonstrating who and what mr. trump is what his various policies amount to is something you don't do in an interview. he doesn't answer the questions. i have seen any number of your colleagues and mine ask him very pointed questions and do it in a perfectly professional and reasonable fashion. he just ignores the questions. when is the last time you have heard donald trump spell out a real policy on anything? other than we're going to be the biggest, the best, we are going to be the greatest, i'm going to be negotiate the best deals you have ever seen. there is no substance in any of that. and nobody among his followers seems to care about that. >> it's true that he is getting a pass because is he
8:16 pm
is not a traditional politician and he is appealing to emotion, which is a a brilliant strategy in this age of dissent in america. bernie sanders doing the same thing. let's be honest. bernie sanders' programs are just as wild as some of mr. trump's programs. >> no, but he is coming in a poor second and trump is way ahead the pack. it does make a difference. >> right. donald trump to it account because is he not playing by the traditional rules. >> is that a smart thing for him to do though if he wants to be president? >> it's obvious been incredibly smart thing. i don't want to pretend that i have been predicting all along that he would win. quite the contrary. at this point i find it hard to believe that he won't. i still think that the republicans are going to do everything they can to take it away from him at the convention if need be. >> as i said, if they do that, they losed election, because millions of trump
8:17 pm
voters will say, you know what? the fix is in. trump himself would run on a third party if that happened and then would destroy the g.o.p. >> he might, but, bill, i think what they are more worried about right now. >> senate and house. >> senate and losing the house. >> but with all of that defection, all of the republicans who support donald trump not voting for any republican, so, you know, you have got to be very, very careful. now, would you, as an anchorman, you obviously don't approve of donald trump. and i tell everybody, look, because he gets angry at me sometimes because i will have commentators on the program that don't like trump and i point out, listen, it's their opinion, all right? and they are entitled to their opinion and i'm being fair and i ask their opinion and i challenge. i have just as many on who like trump as andrea tantaros than don't. but, you are in the chair now, not when you were back at nightline but now today, with all the things that you
8:18 pm
point out, it's a whole different ballgame on cable tv. commentators on tv have ruined the country. i cop to that. >> that's true. >> i have ruined everything. journalists outnumber the commentators 50 to 1. maybe the journalists aren't as powerful as they should be. anyway, would you show your distaken at certain point for a certain candidate? that t. doesn't have to be donald trump. it could be bernie sanders or anybody. under these new rules in television is, that allowed? >> no. i don't like the new rules of television and, quite frankly, i don't think i would adhere to the new rules of television. it's not a question of what i personallyg" think. it's a question of whether there is any substance there. you ask me what questions i would ask, i think the first thing that has to be demonstrateside a little bit of journalism go into some of the details of who and what mr. trump actually is. what those policies amount to, and then after you have laid it out, you remember on nightline that's what we used to do. >> you opened up the piece.
8:19 pm
>> sure. exactly. a five or six minute piece that lays out the issues. then you talk to the candidate and you say why is it that we don't have anything more than just fluff? >> okay. but the problem is that now the network news on the three cbs, nbc, !@abc perceived to be liberal so the people you might want to persuade saying you know what? they don't like them and they are going to twist their reporting and it's same thing with the "new york times" and the "the washington post" thatsç;z a lot of the straight reportage that used to be acceptside now questioned because of this purr -- perceived liberal bias, correct? >> you deserve both credit and you have to accept responsibility. for the past 20 years as i said at the outset, have you been changing the land same. the fact of the matter is, it's hard to believe these days but 30 years ago a television network anchor walter cronkite was the most trusted man in america. there is not a man today, yourself included, on
8:20 pm
television, as an anchor who is trusted by anything approaching a majority of the american people. >> i did get in the gallup poll most admired in the top ten. anyway, look, i'm an honest guy. >> that's because you are tall and handsome. >> thank you. you know i'm an hun guy or you wouldn't be sitting there. whether i have ever done anything i always try to be fair and bring folk as straight story. ted, thank you very much. we appreciate it it very pro-patrolive. he had henry on why hillary clinton wants to run against donald trump. and then later miller on politics. rove on why he is so hard on mr. trump. upcoming. this is how lenders saw me. in my 20s, i was super irresponsible with credit cards. it was time for experian. they gave me tools so i could finally get serious about my credit. now lenders see me for who i really am... go to and start your credit tracker trial membership today. i tabut with my back paines,
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♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. campaign 2016 segment tonight. hillary clinton defeated bernie sanders last night by a million votes.
8:24 pm
a lot more. secretary clinton is looking forward to running against donald trump. but why? with us here in new york city he had henry is covering the clinton campaign. okay, so she is looking forward to running against trump. >> democratic turnout has been awful in primary after primary. no where near where it was back in the good old days in 2008 when you had obama v. clinton. how do you turnout. you take on donald trump who has offended mexicans, mexicans, women. and hillary clinton. this is not something i'm pulling out of thin air, i'm on the trail with her. she is saying these things already in the primary process. >> what is she saying? >> she is saying we have got to be nicer to people. we don't have to make america great again. we need to to make it whole again. and come together. i see this divisive rhetoric, she says. it's reached a new low on the other side. so she is trying to say that trump has brought a new low to the process. and she wants to elevate it now whether that's true or not is a whole other story. but that's her case. >> i don't think that's a winner. and i'm trying to figure out, you know, we have the electoral college map here.
8:25 pm
all right. 270 electoral votes to win. and hillary clinton starts with a big advantage because she is going to take california, new york, illinois, montana -- not montana minnesota. she has got states that are locked down there. is no way that trump can winb them. trump has texas and some in the south that he is locked down on, too. but hillary has more. but trump is going to run against hillary in a very simple way. she's incompetent and she is corrupt. and he is not going to hold back at all. is he going to do what he did, scorched earth to her. >> sure. >> do you agree with that? >> i agree with that in general. will it work or not? we don't-z know yet. >> that's what he is going to do. he is going to bring it to her. >> remember rick in that new york senate race who tried to bring it to her and it back fired. >> rick lazio had no constituency. trump has 35% of republicans who will vote for him no matter what as koppel just said. no matter what they are going to vote for him. >> here is where strategy
8:26 pm
may back fire. donald trump has the opportunity from, my reporting, being out there in these states, to put some of the states that you're putting in your column already for hillary clinton could actually flip. whether it's pennsylvania, an ohio, a michigan, white, working class voters who are turning out in droves. there is data behind this. this is not out of thin air, that donald trump is getting the turn out. basically, the old reagan democrats who have not been not likely to be with hillary clinton, but could go with donald trump. >> okay. so, he is going to continue to do what he does, all right. and he is going to be attacked by the press. i said unprecedented attack by the media against donald trump, unprecedented. you saw the "new york times" editorial today. it was, you know, it's t. sounded like donald trump wrote it against donald trump. i mean, it was really nasty. >> your point about scorched earth is true as well. remember what donald trump did a couple months back when he said bill clinton is fair game. he stopped the clinton
8:27 pm
campaign cold. >> they didn't know how to react. >> they better learn because is he coming back with it. he is coming back. as soon as she says anything about women, bang. >> that was just a taste. >> right. the final question and then we have the debate. i don't think hillary clinton is going to debate him one-on-one. >> i think she has to. >> i guess i'm in the minority. >> that's frequent, right? >> yeah, i will stand alone. >> but you are one of the most admired men in america. >> thank you. >> you are standing alone and standing tall, bill. she has to debate and go monomano. >> i'm on the trail with her and she says the republicans have called me everything for 15 or 20 years and i have the scars to prove it she wears it as a badge of honor and i bet she wants to face him down. >>s7 you think she wants to face him. >> she has no other choice if she wants to win. >> all right. this makes the race unbelievably fascinating even if you don't like the candidates. he had henry, everybody. plenty more as the factor moves along this evening.
8:28 pm
there were surprises in the exit poll. martha maccallum has the top five voter. miller will the
8:29 pm
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8:32 pm
we asked her to come up with five surprising things that she herself learned. and here is martha, just like a game show. >> it is like a game show. >> we are going to count them down like casey kasem used to do. >> buzzers. >> texas hispanic vote. what did you learn. >> good news in here for donald trump. everybody believes that hispanics don't like donald trump. he keeps saying they love me. and thekj news here is that he did okay. he did okay in the first measurable state where we have seen hispanic vote. he got 26%. you can see how the numbers work there ted cruz is in his home state and took that group. that's good news for donald trump. >> all right. and the fourth one you have is massachusetts noncollege graduates. what does that mean? >> we know that he does blue with blue collar workers. he has to make argue. that he can win places like massachusetts and new york. in massachusetts they figured out about 20,000 voters switched over from democrat to either independent, or republican. and those people appear to have voted for donald trump when you look at the blue collar number thing.
8:33 pm
>> had a surge of people, ordinarily wouldn't vote for any republican candidate a and as pointed out earlier in the program he got more votes than mitt romney who was the former governor of massachusetts. >> that's right. it's the noncollege graduate deal. >> he is the republican. paying attention to rural areas and states that republicans don't generally pay as much attention to. >> it has nothing to do with wisdom of voting? you think it's demographics where the votes are. >> it appears to be demographics. when you look at where he won yesterday, it's huge swaths of rural areas. if you can do that in massachusetts, or are in new york where he says he can, that could be map changing for a republican candidate. >> always keep in mind, massachusetts is 3 to 1, i believe, registered democrats and republican. and a the new york state there is no way on earth that donald trump is going to carry thisñ@ state. no, the city is too much -- too liberal. do you know the mayor of new york city is? fidel castro. i'm sorry, bill de blasio. but it's really the same so,.
8:34 pm
>> i mean, if he can do that either one of those states, new republican party in this building. so he is going to have to prove it by doing that in those states. >> let's go back to the commonwealth of massachusetts f the women's vote there. what did you learn? >> number three on your list. >> hillary clinton did well with women. this is a big headline. she said she had work to do with younger women and her demographic moved a little bit lower. 30 to 44. she did well and beat bernie sanders. she lost with women in new hampshire, which is unbelievable. >> massachusetts rallied to hillary clinton. >> yeah. >> i was a little bit surprised that sanders didn't win massachusetts. all right. the second thingha that martha maccallum learned that shocked her is donald trump won the nomination, virginia would do, what? >> so virginia, rubio really wanted, and need to do win virginia. he lost it basically by a very slim margin. >> because kasich was in the race? >> that's his argument. but he won it in a state where voters said that they were 54% dissatisfied if donald trump becomes the nominee.
8:35 pm
>> that's all voters. >> yeah. >> 54 percent said they would be disappointed. >> 54% of republican voters in virginia. >> would be disappointed if donald trump was the nominee they said yes, i would be. i-bassian of trumpism. not a >> tough territory but he won the state. >> he won the state anyway because the other -- >> -- that's the closest state race. >> his unfavorable numbers are are big. 57% nationwide. >> he has a lot of time. >> so are hillary clinton's. makes it difficult wining those states. >> both candidates have time to bring those unfavorables down. the most important, compelling word you want to use. martha maccallum learned last night was. >> when they asked people what's the most important candidate quality to you number one is bring needed change. number two, tells it like it is. this is a virginia polling. can win in november. you would think would be important to republicans but they don't care. once again, this has been confirmed. this is a state rubio really wanted to win and he was close. he got knocked out by those two things. can bring needed change and
8:36 pm
tells it like it is is both which are huge. >> shares my values and tells it like it is. >> donald trump gets like single digits. he can win a state and get single digits with shares my values so people are saying i love what this guy is doing and i don't care about values at all. >> if i don't like the way he acts. all right, very fascinating. thank you very much, martha. we appreciate it when we come right back it, will be miller time. our pal will dennis will weigh in on super tuesday. karl rove on why he has been so hard on donald trump. moments away. my belly pain and constipation? i've heard it all. eat more fiber. flax seeds. yogurt. get moving. keep moving. i know! try laxatives. been there, done that. my chronic constipation keeps coming back. i know. tell me something i don't know. vo: linzess works differently from laxatives. linzess treats adults with ibs with constipation
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. in the miller time segment tonight, let's get to the sage of southern california, joins us from santa barbara. miller, you are looking a little like captain nemo these days. missing. under the water in the sub? >> the way the world is now, u submarine and never comeo back. >> there is no primaries down there. dive really deep. >> in a second when your worst problem of your day something attacked by a giant skid, you have got -- squid you have got it
8:41 pm
knocked. >> looks like clinton vs. trump. if that happens, which way are you going? >> listen, you know, i have said many times, every time i'm on here, they might as well put clinton, not clinton on the ballot, i'm voting for not clinton. but before we get into the nuts and bolts of it. can i say that somebody has gotkk to not overly sedate chris christie like that again. when they pumped that sedation darted into his hunch they loaded it up with too much -- look at him. he looks like he had a drink with cosby. what is that look? listen, here is the thing about trump. >> can i explain what that look is? >> what? >> what the hell am i doing here? >> i don't know about that. listen, oddly enough, and i didn't see this coming, but trump, the billionaire, has a b. i think when john roberts
8:42 pm
jammed obamacare through, john roberts, i remember thinking that is the straw that broke the camel smoker's back. i think all these guys in the rust belt are thinking and i'm getting screwed around out here. i know trump has a gold plated apartment. in an odd way he is appealing to the rust belt. i think i heard romney is coming out tomorrow. i love mitt, i worked for him. i voted for him. i don't know what is he doing if is he is not jumping in. if is he coming out to trash trump, i see, is he going to be done in by the republicans. it's going to be that a 2 thing in the sen senate with long knives come out and there is no coincidence involved that there istc ru in cruz, rubio, and brute. these guys are going to go after him. it's startling to me. >> what miller is referring, to tomorrow morning, in utah, mitt romney is going to deliver andreas that we believe is going to be kind of an anti-trump tone.
8:43 pm
let me tell you something about trump. you raised a good point. is he ball narrow. but the blue collars love him. is he a blue collar guy, miller. i sit there at the game with trump. we are not eating caviar. we are eating hot dogs. he is an exshortstop. he played baseball. he is not -- he doesn't walk around -- >> -- all that seems superfluous to me. he is starting to make good enemies. that always intrigues me. ted cruz seems like a smart guy but is he stiff, man. they have got to pump some goose grease into those arm pits and get him moving. rubio i'm. i thought i knew him a week ago. i didn't know himf at all. he is he a nasty piece of work. i find it interesting that rubio only found his voice when tellingly the higher told him to find his voice. >> he had to do that though to get the attention he needed. he had to do it. >> i don't know. billy. i liked rubio for a long
8:44 pm
time. you know that. in the last week, i find him -- he is scary. let me get this. in it's a great joke and then i will get out of the way. just this one. his theory on losing fascinates me, rubio, aboutbçd+q there being other people in. marco, carolina would have won the super bowl if denver wasn't in it. okay? i get that but is you have got to start winning somewhere. >> all right, miller. that's a good point. the point i wanted to make is -- >> -- that's my last joke,ing. >> by nature, by nature, trump's not that nasa a guy. he is not. by nature, rubio is not. they are doing what they do because they think it's the pathway to victory. that's it. dennis miller, everybody. and a quick reminder in 10 days the d man and i will be at the microsoft theater in los angeles with a big who wants to be president live show. few tickets remain. then on may 7th a mother's day special in fairfax, blast at these shows, check it out on bill o' karl rove on deck.
8:45 pm
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8:48 pm
back of the book question tonig"7vrmj4(p&c@ no question donald trump has shocked the political establishment and in is doing so he has alienated many people. up is karl rove who is not a fan of donald trump. >> that karl rove why is he after me. that charles krauthammer, they don't like me. they are killing me. why do you put them on the show, blah blah blah blah blah blah. so, you have gotten to him and i said, look, it's rove's opinion, it's krauthammer's opinion. we have people on defending you. that's what we do. are you personally against donald trump? do you feel he is bad for the republican party? >> yeah, look. i don't support him.
8:49 pm
i have strongly held beliefs that he is not the right guy for the job. >> why? >> well, let's talk first of all issues. and then let's talk character. on the issues, we have a debt crisis coming. and ij8 is being driven by entitlement spending. and he stands up and says i will not touch social security or medicare. those are the principle drivers of our budget problem. and you need to reform these institutions before they go belly up. social security goes belly up in 2033 and the hospital portion of medicare goes belly upw@ in 2032. >> you don't feel he has gasp of issue. >> i'm an advocate of trade. this idea of starting a trade war with the chinese over currency is nuts. we would hurt our economy deeply by doing. so i believe in smart trade but that's dumb trade. so i don't agree with that look, i don't agree with his attitude on life. planned parenthood should not be getting government funds. not only for the reason that they are involved in delivering abortions but because most of the services
8:50 pm
that planned parenthood delivers, they don't deliver. they get the money from the federal government. take a slice off the top, and pass it on to the groups and organizations at the local level who are actually doing the work that >> but all of that is issue oriented, and that's a good thing. we want people to debate on issues. but there are people who believe that because you are an establishment republican guy, that you look down your nose at a guy like trump, who has, you know, made his reputation in marketing and building and shouldn't be in the club. >> that's an excuse to avoid talking about his deficits as a candidate. this is a guy who systematically alienated groups that we need in order to win. we cannot win this election by getting 27% of the latino vote as mitt romney did. and here is a guy who has a 12%
8:51 pm
approval rating among latinos. if we lost when we got 27 -- >> let me challenge that. he says, and i think it was born out yesterday, that he's going to bring in all kinds of new voters, all kinds of independents and conservative democrats that are going to overcome his deficit in the minority communities. and you saw it, record turnouts for the republican side. >> first of all, don't give all of the compliment for the record turnout for one guy. take a look at virginia. 1 million people turned out and voted yesterday, versus 252,000 four years ago. 370,000, nearly 380,000 for donald trump. that's more than voted last time for all the candidates. but then marco rubio got 20,000 votes less, about 350,000. he got more votes than everybody else got four years ago. it's the whole field. >> it's no doubt driven by one
8:52 pm
guy. >> no, it's driven by -- >> trump is driving everything here. >> if one guy was driving it, why has he gotten 34.4% of the vote? >> because there are plenty of anti-trump voters. >> that's my point. that's exactly my point. >> he's the guy shaking it up. >> there are multiple people drawing people into the primary. the winner is going to have to unify it. and so far, in february -- >> he's already the winner. >> no, no. in february, he got 34.2%. last night he got 34.4%. to be the winner, every single republican nominee -- >> nobody is going to get more votes on the republican side. he's going to take it to cleveland. >> he better start getting 45 or 50%. >> last question, real quick. he's the nominee, you support him, yes or no? >> i'm going to wait until the convention and then see who the nominee is and then make my
8:53 pm
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george kennedy passes, in a moment. but first the mail. >> likely they will, charles. that's the power mr. trump now holds. >> doubtful many committed republicans would do that, but some will stay home and won't vote at all. >> not to me, kathleen. sentiment is all over the place here.
8:56 pm
>> last year mexico received $165 million in aid. much of that anti-drug money. >> so i look forward to your new show on msnbc, bob. >> well, we will see you guys in ireland this summer, seamus.
8:57 pm
>> well, you're right on, guys. and thank you for watching us. >> very smart thinking ahead, lawrence. big discounts right now on billoreilly for everyone. and a happy birthday to paul in irvine, california. former bomber pilot in world war ii. 100 years old. actor george kennedy passed away on sunday. he was 91 years old. >> what you got? i can see that. ain't got nothing. just call him. >> sometimes nothing but a real cool hand.
8:58 pm
>> i'm going to sit here next to my boy. >> kennedy won best supporting actor oscar for that role. but more importantly, he was a hero. at age 75, he adopted his granddaughter, taylor, whose mother had drug problems. does taylor understand that her father is dead and her mother is in jail, does she understand that? >> she not only understands it, she has, up until this last time in jail, she sees her mother. one of her pictures shows taylor with her mother. that's her mother, beautiful girl. >> beautiful girl. and then a nice upbringing with you and the affluent surroundings. but you can't save everybody.
8:59 pm
you can't. some people are self-destructive, that's it. how does taylor cope with the fact that her father's dead, he was a drug addict and her mother is in jail, does she not grasp it? >> it came up a long time ago and she said, that lady is the lady that carried me. you are my mother, talking to joan, and i, i'm her father. >> george kennedy, rest in peace, good actor, much more importantly, a very fine human being. we were pleased to feature him in this story. taylor has grown up and she is doing well, all because of george kennedy. "factor tip of the day." and that is it for us tonight. check out the fox news factor website. and spout off about "the factor." name a town if you wish to opine. word of the day, no billingsgate. live in detroit, so if you're in
9:00 pm
michigan, join us. again, thanks for us. please remember, the spin stops here because we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight. republican front-runner donald trump gets closer to the gop nomination winning 7 of 11 contests last night. but now he's in for perhaps the toughest stretch of the campaign to date, including a new challenge from a former presidential candidate. welcome to "the kelly file," everyone, i'm megyn kelly reporting live tonight from detroit, michigan. where 24 hours from now, four republican presidential candidates will face off, in a kobe bryant moderated by bret baier, chris wallace and yours truly. earlier today dr. ben carson announced he will not participate in this debate, saying he does not see a political path forward for him in this race. the debate tomorrow ces