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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  March 3, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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smith. most of the day. down arrows, but look at it now, making a recovery of 41 points. neil cavuto is next. >> i know it's not presidential. in fact my wife called and said, darling, would you please act presidentially? be presidential lick the other night when you had all those victories. i said, but i have incoming. when you have incoming you can't be too presidential. i said i have incoming. >> and what does donald trump do when he has incoming? take a look. >> you can see how loyal he is. he was begging for my endorsement if could have said, mitt, drop to your knees. he would have dropped to his knees. he was begging. mitt is a failed candidate. he failed. he failed horribly. and mitt is indeed a choke artist. he choked and choked like i've
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never seen anyone chuck other than rubio when chris christie was grilling him. business. raised this issue aggressively to respond to mitt romney. >> are you saying that it would be a mistake for mr. trump to respond to governor romney by calling him any sort of name? >> oh, i'm not saying that at all. i'm just saying that mr. trump that mr. trump wants to respond. whether it is a mistake or not, i just don't see that. mr. trump has been winning being mr. trump, and i really do think it works to his benefit to stay the same. >> all right. so, maybe that telegraphs what could or could not go down in detroit tonight at the fox news presidential debate. communications director sean spicer in detroit with that. good to see you.
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>> reporter: thank you for having me on. it's a pleasure to be here in the historic fox theater in detroit. >> a beautiful place itch have a feeling it won't all be beautiful today. what do you think of this maybe preview coming attractions? >> it's cold and snowing outside but i think it's going to be hot inside here. in the debate hall. >> sean, one of the big comments that has come up since mitt romney came out to say what he said about donald trump, a., why he didn't say it-
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say, this is a concert party attack on us. is mlt7 >> if you mean party from -- riff speak suspect to the rnyc, no. clearly there's folks not in first place are and surrounding themselves and attacking the front runner in. in politics, if you not in first place the way to get to first place is to attack the person in first place. >> as one who is trying to keep the peace, i've been with you multiple debates, something always happens. could you have done without the romney comments? should they have been pushed back, said at all? >> look, as you mentioned we have spoken at length about this before. myselfq3ç and priebus are we abe
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by reagan's 11th commandment. focus their fire on hillary clinton and the democrats and promote themself. that being said we're at a cycle and we understand elbows will be thrown. that's the historical nature of our country. when we get to elections back into the 1800s, people have done sort of -- gone out of their way to criticize opponents. that's not exactly how i'd like understand that is the nature of the beast, especially at this phase of the cycle. >> i know all is fair and love and war and politics and names are called but it just seems to me to be very tough to dial some of these comments back. it's not like george bush, sr. saying reagan and his policies were voodoo economics. this is going so far as another candidate, marco rubio, calling the front-runner a con man, mitt romney, the former
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standard-bearer, phony. hard to get them back on the reservation if it's donald trump's reservation in the end. right? >> well, look, in 2008 you saw the democratic fail enclick until june. hillary clinton said nasty things about president obama and vice versa sample they had a lot of energy, excitement and rode that excitement to victory in november. when you look at our side, we now have had 19 contacts and 18 have been record turnout, on thç democratic side they're reaching historic lows with respect to 2008. i like what is going on our side in terms of intensity. once we go to cleveland for the convention we'll be unified as party and every one of the candidates understands what a hillary clinton or bernie sanders presidency would do to this country is unacceptable. they will unite and we will all unite as a party and all go to together and win in november. >> you think so? i know a very optimistic guy but i'm telling you, with the kind of language and the
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words exchanged, i have italian relatives of haven't spoken to each other in decades. this remind me of that. >> as i pointed out, if you just look -- again, the other side of the aisle in 2008, hillary went tooth and nail against obama -- >> i don't the shoulder him a con man -- >> she said nasty -- >> i understand, but do you really think then -- you are optimistic or confident enough that if donald trump is the nominee, mitt romney would support him, mark cue rubio would support him? >> i think despite all of the differences in our party, we all understand the threat of a hillary clinton presidency. there are potentially four additional supreme court justices that are up. even take policies/h aside. the trajectory of this court could change for a generation if we don't elect a republican president and stop hillary clinton from appointing far-left judges. everybody knows what is at
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stake. while you can disagree on policies and disagreements among personalities, we do understand as a party what is at stake and we'll unite and win. >> when i hear these other guys saying what they're saying about donald trump and donald trump returning fire, that there's going to have to be a lot of fence-mending if there is any fence-mending because i have from others i can't support donald trumpx?xl9 ever so why ee looking for a third party conservative alternative. others arguing like the former new jersey governor, if this what our party has come to count me out. i'd sooner support look hillary clinton. now those are likely stream cases but seems to me what is in debate here i the very dna of the rough party. some think if that's my party, want nothing of it. >> well, look, neil. what we have to keep in mind is that as these states vote, this
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is up to the voters to decide and that's where i think that a lot of people have gotten -- misunderstood what is happening in electorate. more voters than ever are going to participate on our side, and if the marco rubio or ted cruz or john kashich or donald trump wins the majority they'll be our nominee. but if you don't liksg)tj the o, go out, vote, and be active in the cycle, whether it's posting something on facebook or twitter or attending a really or doe nateing. the best an neck dolt for ensuringor out is to be successful to to be active. folksb! who want change go out d get involved. >> sean, when you go into one of these debates, you take a whole bottle of pep tobies moll or how do you handel that? >> little bit at a time.
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it's always exciting. the beautiful thing is the votes have matched up to the debates. rate examination votes and intensity, it's crimed, a great day to be a republican. outer party is going to do very well is in november. >> sean thank you, very much. to say something is not something that crosses all party lines, look at this. byiw today, everyone was glued to it, including those folks who trade stocks for a living on the new york stock exchange. that's all you need to know. this is much bigger than a party. much bigger than politics. this is everything. more after this. you can't predict
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enough fact i win ohio, then we'll probably go to a convection that's what it looks like. it's going to be the most exciting time. i actually was at a convention in 1976. i was working for ronald reagan, and ran five states for the reagan campaign, and it was really as cool as it can get. >> which reminded me of a conversation i had with a certain mitt romney long before
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donald trump had even teased entering the presidential race, back in march of 2015, and the subject of just that, a divided convention, where no one had all the delegates necessary, when they arrived. take a listen. >> can you envision a situation where they get to ohio and don't have the nominee? >> is thatwll possible? yes. is it likely? no. it's possible because with so many candidates and each appealing to different voices within the republican party, you could see someone winning iowa and a different person winning new hampshire. >> add to the intrigue today when mitt romney addressed a crowd in utah, to blast donald trump, to say that he wasn't going to be recommending anyone, he
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which would leadthhhk you to be, well, they're going to divide whatever votes and delegates out there, robbing anyone from having enough delegates by the time we get to cleveland for their big convention. crazy? well, let's ask. larry sabato, the director of the uva center for politics and rick grenell at the united nations, larry to you first. that prospect now, especially if everyone stays in the race. >> actually romney's answer still holds. it's not likely but it's possible. i might say very possible if, if, on march 15th, we see that trump's momentum has stalled a bit and, let's say, rubio wins his home state of florida, and kashich wins his home state of ohio, and maybe north carolina, which is proportional, splits three ways. you can see some things on march
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15th that would suggest that we're going to have a contested convention, or trump could run the board or come close to running the board, and then it's going to be over. >> you know, rick, i get the feeling -- i know we have gone to a lot of conventions where the presumed nominee doesn't have all the delegates necessary but pretty close, and there's no fight about or challenge that's realistic. have to back to 1976, guess, with gerald ford and ronald reagan to question how that holds. but it does hold. so, i'm wondering if donald trump has the most delegates, let's say, byiçç far, but he doesn't have the 1,237 he needs, will this party, given the uproar from establishment figures, fight him tooth and nail? >> absolutely. i think the people who control the delegate process, the convention, all of the rules, they don't want donald trump.
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so, they're going to do everything they can at this point to try to keep donald trump under the 1,237 magic number. whatever that may take, i think they'll try to do that. i was a little disappointed in mitt romney's speech today, that he didn't come out and put all of his weight, which is a lot of weight, very influential leader in the party, -- why didn't he pick somebody? is it such a dire consequence? why didn't he come out and say i'm picking marco rubio, i'm picking ted cruz. he should have picked somebody lgc÷ rally the anti-donald trump it's not fluff to say trump is not worthy of the nomination and then not tell people where to go. >> well, there is that. the next question you have to ask is, how much juice does mitt romney or other establishment players have when they say, this will be a disaster for our party, when donald trump comes back and says, well, you
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neanderthals have to recognize it's a different party and the millions of people i'm bringing into the party. >> i think the romney statement, which was very strong -- i haven't seen something like that, frankly, 1964, the goldwater race when you had senior republican officials, including, yep, mitt romney's dad, governor george romney of michigan, came out with statements just as strong against goldwater. >> by the ware, professor, that raises a good point. they were warning that putting someone like goldwater at the top would lead to disaster in november. and that's what we got. so consider -- >> they were right on that one. may or may not be right this year. i think romney galvanized the anti-trump forces. it's true, he is not going to attract a bunch of other people who have been for trump. he is not going to subvert anybody. the more the establishment beats up on trump, the more people supporting trump like trump.
1:19 pm
but it's also true, you can't galvanize forces that may be in disarray and the everyone trump people have been in disif a ray. >> rick, i'm looking at the at/e&i|k people and saying what broke you up now? he has been amazing debt good ats good ats and polling well for months now and once the race has ensued for weeks. so are they too little, too late? do they look like wipers and cry babies? device sis? he who gathers he most delegates wins, everyone else shut up and go along. >> i think that he is -- mitt romney was absolutely right, and but i don't think he looks like a whiner. he looks like somebody who really is caring about the party even though he came to the conclusion too late. there's a lot of people saying that mitt romney did not endorse anybody today because he wants to make sure that donald trump doesn't get the nomination, and he still himself wants to keep
1:20 pm
his foot in the door. if there is a brokered convention, if we have whole bunch of people in the race, winning different states and trump is denied the magic number, then at the convention could everybody look to mitt romney and say we won't give tout cruz or rubio, let's go with the last nominee, who is more mature, or can kind of bring in both sides more than one or the other. >> gentlemen, thank you both very much. we said yesterday ex-everyone could be getting a little hate of themselves here. -- ahead of themselves here but i have any (avo) after 50 years of designing cars
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now, to hear marco rubio tell is ahead of tonight's big debate, florida is a must win. haven't said it's such a must win he would drop out if he doesn't one about john kashich said that about ohio on the very same day his 66 delegates are all up for grabs a>"amç( the wir gets them all oar, in his case, if he is not the winner, he goes home in florida that where is you'll find donald trump focusing hiszxi8)l efforts. he really wants to win there, and he was trying to cultivate
1:25 pm
governor rick scott for an endorsement. now, when i was with florida governor rick scott last year when he that the big economic summit with respective presidential candidates he wouldn't let any, any talk of maybe siding with a candidate, one over the other, come up. he shade welcomed them all to florida and wished them all well and would take no sides and that will remain the case, even going up to the primary day. so, the real clear pot ticks rebecca byrd on where things stand now. all of these fights and ad spending going on and for donald trump to commit a million bucks to the state, that's a huge deal but obviously wants to take down rubio here? >> right. huge deal. a million dollars to any other
1:26 pm
campaign is a drop in the bucket. so this is basically an acknowledgment by donald trump that not only does he want to win florida and it's an important state because he wants to deal somewhat of a knockout blow to marco rubio but also campaigns and outside groups like the club for growth are going to be spending big in florida to take him out there and keep the hope alive for a contested convention.$vj)d(>> ih is saying any cand%qoo-[3 at all on local, state, national levels, that is doing anything or saying anything nice on behalf of donald trump could be targets. so, having said that. how too you think florida goes? rubio other was saying the polls showing him down by double-digits don't reflect the hispanic community or reflect other stuff going on in his favor. i think by now, those who poll in florida kind of do factor that, in but what do you think? >> that's sounds to me like a little bit of spin from marco
1:27 pm
rubio and not surprised. if you look at the polling -- should i say there isn't a ton of polling right now but what we have available, he is trailing donald trump by a big margin, and ted cruz is also up there in the mix and doesn't have any sort of home state advantage in florida so marco rubio has a lot of ground to make up there and that's why he is spending a lot of time in florida in advance of the primary there. he really needs to win there his campaign has promised he will win there. if he doesn't his campaign might as well be over. >> what about the tone they're going to take? a lot of people assume when he not nasty and responded tit-for-tat with some of the low blows or criticisms of donald trump, that it hurt him, but yet with late-breaking voters didn't appear to do that at all. a majority of them did go to senator[ so. what can we expect and -- in terms of tone tonight and ahead
1:28 pm
of this all-crucial march 15th 15th primary day. >> it's hard to pull out any one hey diddle diddle,
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donald trump is a phony infrastructure, his promises ising a worthless as a degree from trump university. >> mitt is a failed candidate. he failed. he failed horribly. the third debate -- he failed badly. >> both those guys going at it today. at separate time periods and separate events but the gist of what you're hearing out of the
1:34 pm
romney side of the camp, the establish. camp, they're concerned for the future of the party and the direction the party is going, and hearing mitt romney tell it, nominating trump would lead to blowout defeat in the election. not long ago senator john mccain worried about the republicans losing the senate. in that event. speaking of the senate, alabama senator jeff sessions with us right now. with this particular republican senator doesn't share that view and is supporting mr. trump. good to have you. >> thank you, neil. good to be with you. >> what do you see that these other colleagues of yours, who have been bashing donald trump, do not? >> well, he is bringing in a great new group of people. let me tell you this, neil. i've been saying this since the first idea came forward after romney lost, that we should be more moderate and grant amnesty to illegals to enter the
1:35 pm
country. i believe we lost the election with the under 55 a year voter. we got killed. romney had a terrible image, he didn't care about people like me. from 30 to $50,000 a year voters, romney lost. george bush split that vote. under 30,000, romney lost it 28 points. and it's time for a republican nominee to talk to the average working american, until we do no matter how white your shirt and is how pretty your tiec0[zó yout generate the votes to win, and trump is bringing in youth, a big rad in alabama was huge and all kinds of people there and they were seeing hope, a change agent, somebody who is going to break through the business as usual, and i think the voters are right. the government has not understood their needs and that's why they're upset. >> senator, what do you think of
1:36 pm
your colleague out of the fine state of nebraska who says he can't brink himself to support mr. trump and that he would sooner look for a real republican, paraphrasing here -- conservative, independently minded if not independent outright candidate. >> well, look, we all know donald trump has been aggressive in what he said and how he makes his points but i think if -- a good person, a good senator, but i think if we give him a chance to lay out his program, we'll see that more and more americans are going to be drifting to that kind of vision for the country. i think he could be able, perhaps -- who knows. i'll admit i don't know how these elects would come out. to add to the party, bring in those lower income voters that we have been losing, because hewçwç!x
1:37 pm
demonstrates he is upset about what is going on, he said it's hurting you, and i'm going to do the things necessary to fix it. that's a good message. i think it can make a real difference in november and maybe surge the republican party even more than we thought. that's what reagan did fundamentally. he brought in the reagan democrats, working people who hadn't been with us and achieved great victories. >> that is the arguing factor and certainly has brought in many, many new voters, to your point. one thing that mitt romney and others mentioned what is happening to the republican brand? what does the party stand far? tariffs and maybe enacting trade wars, talk about a plan on illegal immigration that is inconsistent that he says things to t folks, different things to "the new york "new york times" than the regular folks.
1:38 pm
this but just don't feel he is a real republican, or is even a real conservative. what do you say to that? >> i say a couple of things. is it liberal to -- or conservative to believe we should have a lawful system of immigration that serves the interests of the united states of america? that's conservative. it's liberal and radical to go along with the lawlessness we have today. having a trade agreement with -- seeking advantage every single day and we never defend the integrity of agreement, never insist the american worker and american manufacturers be defended against unfair competition? how is that -- >> would you be for his -- intimated tariff is would be in order. >> sure. >> would you be for that? >> this is what romney said in the primary. so important. he said if you don't stand up to
1:39 pm
china, they'll run over you. if you stand up to them, people like you will say, you are going to create a trade ward, but he said we're already in a trade war. we have just not fighting -- >> i wasn't clear. if you do enact tariffs -- talking tough, the end result -- the fullout would be on the american consumers,cfcg9[ right? wasn't that the fear competitors raised, american consumers would be paying dearly. >> you don't want to do it. that is true. you want to avoid that but what romney said was, they have more, china has more to lose than we do. they need our market more than we have to have their products. maybe a few cents more expensive somewhere else. it will not devastate america but we are getting hammered on manufacturing is being eroded, a lot as a result of unfair trade practices. it really is. >> senator, let me ask you -- on that point, and what they're
1:40 pm
saying and whether it works or not, did you notice in governor romney's remarks today, he didn't throw his support behind one candidate. he urged the others to stay in the race, all good men, all do a great job. all but anticipating if you buy the math, the more in the race, more mow difficult for one guy to mass all the delegates, drew think a brokers convention is possible, we don't have all the delegates for one time by the you? it's a raucous campaign, a real battle royale. i like the other candidates. i support them enthusiastically in november. i'm just afraid to win the election we need to appeal to there's no numbers that add up to put you to victory other than doing better with them, and right now, the onea-(]ç candidae that is gelling with them is trump.
1:41 pm
>> senator, the senate is known as a very gentlemanly, gentle womanly environment. a conduct that is respectful, admirable, and that the feeling seems to be, anything but among the republican party these days. and that it would be very, very tough for everyone to get alongt and march out united, assuming donald trump is the nominee, especially when people like marco rubio have called him a con man and mitt romney called him a phony. do you think those guys could rally around donald trump in the end, if indeed he becomes the nominee? >> neil, it is a real serious question. if they unite in a way that's perceived by the people and the new voters for trump as being unfair and illegitimate, then it could create real damage to us. >> so your recommendation, your
1:42 pm
recommendation to marco rubio, to some of these others who said i could never support him, or i'll sooner vote, as christie todd witness who insaid, for hillary clinton, than donald trump, they should cool that and start coming together now? what? >> i think they should continue their campaigns and support who they want but, yes, we need to cool this rhetoric. and i tell you, i disagree with republican members of congress and the senate, but there are lot of great people there, and trump would need to work with them. so he needs to understand that in the end, we need to all get together. he is going to need the congress -- >> doesn't he have to start that process? >> he needs to -- >> with the water bottle thing and criticizing marco rubio, that is not presidential, and so they don't forget that stuff either. it's led to ill will on both sides. >> we need to elevate the campaign rhetoric on all sides. we need to be moved to a more
1:43 pm
effort to deal with real issues, wages for american citizens, how we can help them have a better life, and, yes, you're right, i believe that. but it's a free american republic, from the begin good have been ruff campaigns and this is one of the roughest i've seep. >> it always works out. >> it does. a great country. hard to kill it off. thankfully. >> when i'm at family reunion i just say, pass the pasta when they're yelling at each other. eventually it works out. senator, thank you very much for taking the time. >> thank you, neil. >> senator sessions, big backer of one donald trump. social media is going nuts already. already ahead of the big fox you won't believe what they're saying online. some of it is a little out of line.
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everything aligning for off the charts presidential debate tonight. well, shannon bream is in detroit on what some voters are already saying on social media ahead of the big showdown tonight. what do we have? what's going on? >> reporter: this is really cool. this is data that facebook has collected, just looking at people's conversations on facebook. let's start in michigan. we can see the top issues, the top candidates, not surprising you see the economy, something on the forefront of everybody's mound and split between the genders who is talking about and it but you can feature the primary age group is job wage earning -- primary earning yearsers younged and retired not as big of a focus but the prime earning years, there is big focus on the economy here in michigan and also the top candidates and this isn't by positive or negative. this is just the amount of
1:48 pm
volume they're generating on facebook. the number one spot, but it's interesting to see you have more women talking about him than men. 58% to 41% in michigan. that's how voters are thinking about things and look at heat maps nationally, measuring the talking about. we'll start with donald trump because when you look at the heat map for him, the entire country, all of these red counties here show you the intensity of where he is getting the most play, interesting to note across the border states, as he talked so much about immigration and building the wall, not surprising there. let's look at the top five here. second to him is ted cruz. we can do the map for him as well. second in the respect that he has won the second most primary early contests to ted cruz. not surprising you would see a lot of attention for him in texas, where he won his home state on tuesday.
1:49 pm
>> if you don't mind, shannon, tap your fine legal mind. we're just getting word of six relatives of the san bernardino attack victims filing a legal brief opposing apple against the justice department essentially saying that apple should be doing more to help. what do you think of this? >> i haven't seen the brief but saw some initial information coming out and sounds like they're pressing apple. they want apple to cooperate more with the justice department to get inside and access information of the cell phones of the killers in san bernardino. it's interesting that the families would sign on. gives the emotional component and weight to this argument. to pressure apple a little bit to say, the victims of people who -- these are people who lost someone or were victims themselves, apparently joining in the suit to say to apple, please open up what what you're doing and give the justice department more access to this. apple has repeatedly said if we
1:50 pm
give them access it could potentially open up security flaws and concerns for people using iphones, so we'll see. but it certainly rent that emotional voice to that argument. >> thanks. emotional voice. >> i didn't mean to throw that one at you unannounced. thank you very much. we are getting a little more. shannon was speaking about this in this legal argument, the families are saying that apple's arguments are misplaced because the government said one does not enjoy the privacy to commit a crime. they go on to say that apple routinely modifies its systems to comply with chinese government directives. stick around. e power of active management. by debating our research to find the best investments. by looking at global and local insights to benefit from different points of view. and by consistently breaking apart risk to focus on long-term value.
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there is a big debate tonight. i passed on tin futures for bret baier. i'll see if he uses them. in the meantime, in detroit with the very latest until the hours tick down. >> reporter: i would like to hear some of those answers. let's run through the four candidates. we are down to four. donald trump, marco rubio, ted cruz, and john kasich. trump held a rally earlier today. no where near here. he was in maine. he said at that rally that he ntd with a to act presidential tonight. he also kind of couched that by
1:55 pm
saying from what we heard before, if he ends up getting hit, he will punch back. marco rubio, remember, it was one week ago, one week ago today when he basically turned his campaign upside down going directly at donald trump for the first time. last night he sent out a fundraising e-mail in which he promised part two of that would be later tonight in detroit. ted cruz, i was just speaking to a campaign aid a little while ago within the hour. and they said they hope that they stick to the issues. we hear that all the time from these campaigns. i kind of got the feeling that they felt the last debate got off the rails a little bit. then there's john kasich. speaking with reporters earlier today, he is one who said he wants nothing to do with the attacks and the insults that might be coming on this stage later tonight. >> it stood out today that ted cruz and marco rubio were not
1:56 pm
going after each other. they both went after donald trump. to your point, kasich stood back and didn't participate in that. but now, you know, there is this separation of the turf. and you have ted cruz trying to say i'm the alternative and the fallback candidate to donald trump. marco rubio saying he is. so how do you expect, what are we hearing about how those two guys handle things tonight? >> well, that will be one of the interesting things to see. if you have cruz going after rubio and rubio going after cruz. in this conversation that i just had, i didn't get the sense really that you might see cruz directly go right after rubio. but in this conversation, we're also saying, if rubio just starts going after donald trump within the first couple minutes like last week, especially with the warning that trump gave earlier today, then really anything could happen. >> anything could happen is right. thank you very much. one of the stars of fox business. he'll be there with the big
1:57 pm
debate tonight. remember, 9:00 p.m. this starts, eastern time. and in case you hear that zimbabwe tin futures start to come up -- ent. then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges. you stay up. you listen. you laugh. you worry. you do whatever it takes to take care of your family. and when it's time to plan for your family's future, we're here for you. we're legalzoom, and for over 10 years we've helped families just like yours with wills and living trusts.
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hello, everyone. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." we're just four hours away from what could be the most intense debate of this election cycle so far. fox news hosting the widely anticipated gop smack down showdown at 9:00 p.m. eastern. only four candidates are on the stage this time. so do or die for anyone not named donald trump who is well on his way to securing the nomination. we want to go now to a very special person inside the fox theater in detroit where it is all going down. kimberly guilfoyle will be


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