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tv   The Five  FOX News  March 3, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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hello, everyone. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." we're just four hours away from what could be the most intense debate of this election cycle so far. fox news hosting the widely anticipated gop smack down showdown at 9:00 p.m. eastern. only four candidates are on the stage this time. so do or die for anyone not named donald trump who is well on his way to securing the nomination. we want to go now to a very special person inside the fox theater in detroit where it is all going down. kimberly guilfoyle will be with us the full hour.
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kg, the anticipation mounding. we're down to four candidates. this could be it for some of them. >> i can feel the excitement. back home, it's showtime. super exciting here. serve fired up for this debate and a lot of us going on about the candidates, who will go after who, what the questions might be. and i was able to get a first hand look behind the scenes right up on the stage at the podium where those last four standing candidates will be. everybody battling it out for first place, including at the anchor desk where our fantastic moderators will be wallace, kelly and baer. i shot a little video. i don't know if we want that now or later? >> right now. >> it is the night before the four remaining candidates vying for a first place position. take a look at the podium here.
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marco rubio, donald trump, ted cruz and john kasich. and here's where the fox news moderators will be. chris wallace, megyn kelly and bret baier. >> that was great. >> let me tell you, did you like that? it was very cool. everybody wanted to get up on stage. i was outside for a while trying to get inside. believe me, the security is that tight. i haven't seen it like this at other debates before or other events where we've had candidate events, the rnc, et cetera. really a tremendous am of secret service here and protection. the snow is falling but the lights are bright and shining in here. i think it will be a good one. >> it is super exciting. dana will go first. >> 25 questions. is anyone sledding in detroit with you this week? >> is anybody what? sledding? >> yes. going out and sledding. on a sled, down the hill. >> oh, yeah, yeah.
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let me tell you something. after i got that last, you know, come-uppins, thanks to you. you're like the jamaican bob sled team all in one tiny package. nobody has challenged me. they should because they would win. i brought my snow pants just in case but of course my heels as well. a little light snowfall coming. we're inside this place here. dana, you would love it. it is like phantom of the onlyra meets withering heights. i'm waiting for heath cliff. >> i'll ask you a serious question. this is a debate where we have four candidates. still the same amount of time. two hours. what do you think the moderators are going to do to try to manage that much time? that's a lot more time for the candidates to speak and a ton more for follow-up questions. >> that's a great question. i did get a chance. i tracked down, some may say bret baier earlier. when i saw him, i made a bee line across the stage. i said how do you feel? i got up close and personal,
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violating his personal space. i pretty much got everything out of him. he seem pretty fired up about it. and emmitt will be two hours, they expect to get a fair am of substantive material and questions to each candidate. keep in mine, this is a game changer. it is down to four with ben carson deciding to suspend his campaign and not come to the debate tonight. so i think you'll get a lot more than you have seen in prior debates. and they have a get feel in empls the allocating it. >> i'm glad that you're there. i have three questions. how did the podium take it? when he found out that ben carson had dropped out? number two -- >> well -- >> i'm not done yet, kimberly. it will be a wild debate. have the moderators suggested breaking the ice with a song like "happy together" by the turtles or "we are family" by sister sledge? and finally after the debate, if
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you could head down to eight mile road west and pick up a package for me. that would be great. >> right. exactly. it will be no problem given the amount of drug sniffing dogs around. i'm sure that will be okay. as for the podium, i found ben carson's podium screaming, sad, saying put me in, coach, i am ready to play! so i don't know about that. the last i saw it was still hanging out on the right side. in terms of a song i think it is more like cool and the gang, celebrate. i think people will be excited. that's kind of the feeling here. by the way, greg, you would be a little bit scared. there are not robots here at the fox theater but there are ghosts tlflt has been one sighting of a woman in red garb dressed that hangs out in the bathroom. i'm not kidding. that's what's happening behind the scenes here. somebody call ghost buster.
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i don't want to go into that bathroom so i'll use the men's room instead. >> kg, keeping your seat warm over here. you left me with gutfeld so i'll be accepting apologies later. i'm curious, what tone you think donald trump will take in this debate? when you saw him on super tuesday, a lot of people saying he was very presidential. he was not doing his usual round of attacks. ted cruz was of course. but what do you think he will do? will he back off or be faced with cruz and rubio going at him and he'll be stronger than ever? >> good question. what we also saw was yes, a much more measured tone. dana americmentioned it yesterd. more even keeled. we know that you can counter punch and fight among the bette of them but this is the time now to show the seriousness of the office. and where i should be commander in chief. i think you'll see more of that tonight. especially when he was getting hit very hard by romney today.
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he did respond back. but maybe perhaps not with the vitriol that we would have expected in the past. what i do think is you'll see that tone in the beginning and as the evening goes on, and he will be taking heavy as i would like to indicate. c-130 fire from all sides. he will responsibility back in kind. he'll be true to himself, to his true colors. >> you have a question? >> sure. so kimberly, to my mine the last debate was really fireworks. people slugging it out, saying, i think, horrible things to each other. charles krauthammer has advice for them. >> unless they open the bombay doors, it seems rubio enjoyed last time around and he found it was a way to get after trump the way marco ridiculed. if you look at the exit polls,
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late deciders did not to go trump. it went to rubio and cruz. it might work. it is the only option. i would look for carpet bombing starting in about 24 hours from now. >> so it looks like charles is calling for fisticuffs of an even higher that level than we saw in the last debate. i have to wonder, chris wallace said in an interview, it wasn't presidential. he thought it was embarrassing. do you get the sense now right there, you're there. that there's a lot of tension among not only the candidates but the moderators and the audience over what might come. >> you know, when i spoke with bret baier earlier, he was saying that he expected this to be a very fiery night. that right away from the beginning, there would be exchange back and forth and pretty heated. this is pretty much last stand here. this is one last chance they have in order to try to get those delegates and scoop them up.
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now is the time to steal it out of the guy on the left or the right pocket to be able to put it in your bank. if they don't make a stand, this is it. you have mitt romney coming out hard against trump and i believe you can expect rubio to do the same. like what you said, when you saw the exit polls, it looked like it made a difference in terms of last-minute deciders. people trying to make up their minds. >> do you think there's any tension between megyn kelly and donald trump tonight? >> you know, you've seen a lot of talk about that. one thing you can count on as the fox news moderators will come prepared, they'll be fair and they'll make sure they go after each one of the candidates on the specifics, on their record. put their words in front of them of make them back it up and nail them down. megyn is like myself, she'll be very prepared to do that like we've seen in the past debates. if you want to be commander in chief, you'd better be able to
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answer these questions. next, mitt romney made a dramatic attempt on take down donald trump. will it back fire on the gop establishment? plus, trump's reaction ahead. and later, if you have a question for us on tonight's debate, tweet it to us at the five hash tag. >> hit me up on facebook. (avo) my name is pamela and i've been making dog chow for 36 years now. my dog girlfriend is 17 years old. she's been eating dog chow from her very first day
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. his name is mitt. >> isn't' huge business success? no, he isn't and no, he doesn't. his bankruptcies have crushed small businesses and the men and women who work for them. i predict that he told the new york time that his immigration talk is just that.
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talk. donald trump said he admires vladimir putin. at the same time he's called george w. bush a liar. there's a dark irony of his boasts of his sexual exploits during the vietnam war. while at the same time, john mccain whom he has mocked was in prison and tortured. a person so untrustworthy and dishonest as hillary clinton must not become president. the trump nomination enables her victory. >> there's more. >> donald trump is a phony, a fraud. his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump university. playing the members of the american public for suckers. he tells us that he is very, very smart. i'm afraid when it comes to foreign policy, he is very, very not smart. >> ouch! don't get so rough.
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so was there a good idea? frankly, i don't know. but returning fire after months of abuse. trump's aggressiveness is often lauded by those who love it when he tells it like it is. but when others tell it like it is, boo who. so they'll hit mitt for speaking out against the front-runner while they demanded allegiance before the primary began. if trump reflects anger, mitt reflects concern. why not listen to both? here's why you will not win without reconciliation. it is no longer trump who has the powers but those holding fast to their principles. those authentic conservatives. they didn't fall for trump like a farm girl fresh off the bus in a big city. you think you're angry? try those people. if you don't convince him, he'll use. why not persuade donald? if you put off 55% of republicans, maybe stop putting them on. you got the fans.
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get the rest. the truth when romney ran, we wished he was more like trump. we wanted a pit bull. with trump we wish he was more like romney. less attack, more tactful can't we have both? trump seems ready but it is tough to expect unity after insulting everyone for so long. if you want it, come and get it or lose to hillary pafl raiding christy out like a prized carp age enough. like him, we are not for sale. so we're back with kimberly. she is still in detroit. hasn't been mugged yet. >> for you. >> oh! >> no takers so far. >> it's a very good place. any way, do you want to talk about mitt in or do you want to go to trump's response? >> i think we should talk about mitt. >> all right. >> i know jed die a, you just can't stand mitt. >> he is a failed candidate. you said we want trump to sound more like mitt romney. i don't. i don't want a guy who --
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>> why didn't you like him? >> he is not a conservative. romney has been on both sides of every issue. now you're coming out and criticizing trump, this is the guy who lost the last election partly because of his demeanor. he looked like a wimp the whole time of i'm glad he grew some grumps. i'm not greg gutfeld. you have the failed 2012 gop guy coming out and speaking out against the gop front-runner. the timing is ridiculous. i think he looks ridiculous. i don't know who put him up to this but it helps trump. maybe john mccain can come out next to give a speech to boost the numbers a little more. these are the guys who lose elections. if you want to come out and endorse marco rubio, fine. g out just to pick on the front-runner when you're a guy who has been on both sides of every important issue. there were wents devoted to which mitt are you going to vote for? >> trump is on both sides of
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every issue too. but you don't mind that. >> i didn't say that at all. >> do you have a problem with trump? >> do i. i've often said on air, i don't know what donald trump will actually do when he gets into office and that's a concern of mine. what i have a problem with is people who will look to mitt romney and say there guy is a great guy. he is trying bring conservatives together. he is out there quoting ronald reagan. that does not make you a conservative. your record does. i have a problem with donald trump and i have a problem with people who support romney but somehow pick on mitt romney for the same thing. >> there were definitely some people who wanted him to run in 2016 including ann coulter so maybe as he conservative too. >> mitt romney? >> yes. >> maybe he's evolved. then be consistent and say maybe trump has evolved. i don't see the benefit to having this guy come out and give a long speech devoted to taking on the gop front-runner. >> he picked on everybody including the establishment. you're upset that somebody steps
2:20 pm
back. >> donald trump is running for office. he is picking on the establishment. >> mitt romney? really? the guy who lost the last election? >> i think he was standing up for a lot of people who felt that they had been impunld. >> i think what he is doing is telling that whole, the public is voting for trump. republicans are backing donald trump. so mitt romney can take him on. but we'll see. >> it is not all republicans. as we, eric and i have been fighting over for a week. two-thirds of republicans are not voting for trump. the thing is he's not alone. today it was 50 foreign policy experts came out and said this guy will damage america and the world, damage the economy, damage foreign relations. it is not just mitt romney. if there is an establishment right now. you put him in as a loser. i don't know. john mccain, mitt romney are seen as the leaders of the republican brand in this
2:21 pm
country. >> according to whom? >> seen as leaders of the past republican party. >> there is a new brand of republicanism. >> what is that brand though? >> whatever it is. >> certainly from anger, we'll final out what it ends up being if and when donald trump is nominated and -- >> can other people be angry too with being called so many names? >> can we just talk about what that was? is mitt romney coming out and making a very passionate speech and a very poignant speech. no doubt. jedidiah points out, what was the reason? if you have that much passion for it, put your hat in the ring. you can still get in. you probably won't win but you'll stop donald trump from getting the points he needs. you can get california, a couple other states and trump doesn't get the delegates. but you won't do it. why not? you don't want to look like a third time failed candidate.
2:22 pm
that's part of the problem. that's why people are so ticked off at d.c. politics and the establishment class. a brand of politics. we're done with it. if you're going to do it, do it. but don't cry about it and take someone down that you're not even running against. >> what about the other people who are behind trump and have to sit here and be call establishment over and over again. >> i think he probably was. what i had was an out of party experience. i sat back and just looked at him. we're witnessing history. parties evolve and this hasn't happened in over 100 years. i also feel like it was a decent speech, well written. speaking for a lot of people who are saying why isn't anybody saying anything? and he says it. if you look down at the list, i worry that they may have brought romney to a knife fight and that is not going to be good enough.
2:23 pm
i don't think it is really going on change any minds. it might harden some opinions for people who are maybe afraid to say that they are not going to vote for trump. those people might be a little more brave to do so now. but i don't think it will have that big of a difference at this point. i think that rubio and cruz are the ones and kasich. rubio and cruz are the ones who will have to convince people in the debate that they can lead the future of the american party. >> let me get kimberly in here. in terms of convincing, it is time for trump to talk to people that he's alienated. not just the other way around. >> perhaps we'll see that tonight when the lights shine on. perhaps he will make his case and demonstrate that in the face of such adversity and criticism. where were those huevos in 2012 when mitt romney needed to be adapt on barack obama and instead we ceded the white
2:24 pm
house. it should have been an election that was a lay-up. where was that during the debate? this is the issue here. great. i'm glad he stood up for what he believes in. he represents the voice of people who are dissatisfied. at the same time, are you a late game spoiler? i don't know. there is a little bit late in the game to try to go for a hail mary pass. i'm not sure what good it will do. ultimately absolutely his right to do so. i like mitt romney. i also like to have a republican and a conservative in the white house. so to what end are we able to move forward? >> but he said he doesn't think that donald trump can beat hillary clinton. he said he doesn't like hillary. it is not just mitt romney. you have now club for growth, lots of big money people on the republican side who say they're going to bombard the upcoming states with ant-trump advertising.
2:25 pm
>> sure. and you have to look at what are people's motivations? what are the special interests of what they're doing, the fakes they're making going forward. mitt romney is someone who sought out donald trump's endorsement. they've been back and forth about that today. so a lot of factors in play which by the way, makes for great television tonight in terms of the viewers getting answers. >> but let's talk about what this really is. call them something else. in place d.c. elite who say it can't be trump at all costs. so marco rubio has zero path to the nomination. yet he stays. in john kasich has zero path to the nomination. he stays in. so that donald trump doesn't get 66 delegates in ohio. and mitt romney comes out now and says, known but donald trump. they're so desperately afraid of the changing of the guard in d.c. that they're doing everything in their power to do
2:26 pm
it. i agree. a little too late. >> what if somebody has a concern for the country over the party? you can't just, you don't know the intent. it could be about the the country and not the party. >> does kasich really think -- >> talking about romney? >> he might care. >> like when he endorsed trump? >> and trump gave money to hillary. >> not happening. >> how much money did romney give to hillary? >> he supported trump. he told us how great he was. we have tons of clips of that. >> if they truly hate him, why doesn't rubio, kasich and everyone drop out and put, put your support behind ted cruz. >> fair point. >> i don't know what they just. to me but we have to run trump's response in the next block. and kimberly will be sticking
2:27 pm
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welcome back to "the five." we've been talking about romney's krilt six of donald trump. what does donald trump have to say in response? let's take a listen. >> this is a failed candidate. he failed. he failed horribly. that was a race that absolutely should have been run. i don't know what happened to him. he disappeared. and i was not happy about it. i'll be honest. i am not a fan of barack obama. and that was a race that i backed mitt romney. i backed him. you can see how loyal he is. he was begging for my endorsement. i could have said drop to your knees. he would have dropped to his
2:32 pm
knees. he demeaned 47% of the people in our country. he should have won. >> we still have kim berly guilfoyle. it looks like he is going to come back fighting strong. i asked you before what his tone might be. >> you saw a little of all of it. right off the top you saw trump coming out, this is someone who is a failed candidate. he disappointed and let down the party. then he says this is a guy who begged for my endorsement. he would have done anything including he would have gotten on his knees to show this was a man willing to be subservient to me because i was superior to him. that was the language that he was kind of wrapping his comments in. it was a very short quick but effective in terms of getting his message that he wanted to across. he has to try to take the sting out of that.
2:33 pm
nobody wants mitt romney on the eve of the biggest points in this primary. this fox news debate in detroit. making the comments about the front-runner. >> romney did seek out his endorsement. there are clips of him speaking wonderfully about trump. does that bother you? >> no. it is the same lodge pick trump used when he chased around hillary. let's stick to the topic at hand. what trump said. come on. mitt would have gotten on his knees. what does that mean? what would trump have done after that? he left that part out. >> isn't that typical trump? >> and you're okay with that? >> no. i'm not saying that. it is not about being aggressive. for me it is not being aggressive. it is about being a giant hypocrite. >> would you like your children to listen to that? >> this is why people, like him
2:34 pm
or not. some people love him. some people hate him. this is why people are voting for him. donald trump says what he thinks and sometimes it is crass and inappropriate. but this is why people like him. i think anyway. >> well, yeah. i don't know about that comment. people like someone who will tell it like it is. like do they like their that presidential candidate to be able to deliver a line like that? i don't know. just three days ago we were talking about what a great performance he had on tuesday night where he was looking all presidential and had a different tone and he was making a pivot. and i remember eric said something that i thought of too. i don't know if people are going to like that one. this is more of his comfort zone. and i realize there are a significant number of republican who's are voting for him in an open primary. in a closed primary, not so much. the message from mitt romney was specifically to republicans and the republican party and the legacy of it. and whether it was effective or not, that was the audience.
2:35 pm
trump's audience, he needs to grow it. you can't win with 36% of the vote. you have to grow that. you might be able to get some independents and democrats. you have a lot of enthusiasm in new voters. republicans have to overperform their 2012 numbers and i think hillary clinton is on track to get the nomination if the republicans don't figure out to pull together. >> part of the problem is the climate. talking about small hands. these are the kinds of things thrown out. is this what it will look like? >> apparently that's what it is. >> no doubt that donald trump said if you hit me, i'll hit you back hard. >> he went after carly's face. >> that's who he is. >> i'm not saying it is acceptable. i'm saying that's what launched him to success. >> i'm not done.
2:36 pm
>> oh! >> by no means am i finished. what mitt romney did, and everyone knows if you hit trump, he will hit you back harder. the one thing that he can play. the thing thatti irks him, if y criticize him. as he fake successful -- is he successful in business? romney says no. what? of all the things to attack a guy worth anywhere between $5 and $10 billion, maybe you don't attack hill on his business. >> how many did he get from his daddy? >> $200 million. >> for mitt romney to say that. and then donald trump mentioned a thing that he had said in the past, that he has one store worth more than mitt romney completely. i went and looked at that. his gucci store front on the upper east side is worth 500
2:37 pm
million. >> there's also the four bankruptcies, chapter 11s. >> one more question and then we'll go. the republican party is now coming out. 67% higher rate the last time there was uncontested primaries. >> he is a great entertainer. here's the thing. >> the sexual inwend over of what the man said to another man is insulting. i really didn't hear david duke's name. i was talking about blood coming out. >> when i go to church i pray on my knees. >> i'm telling you, eric, anybody who is a leader and an adult would say i don't want my kids hearing this. inappropriate. >> i'm getting yelled at. new developments on the fbi's
2:38 pm
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some breaking news on hillary clinton's e-mail investigation. fox news has learned the fbi could interview her in the next few week along with some of her top aides. we've also confirm the form he aide who set up the e-mail server has been granted immunity by the justice department and is cooperating with the fbi. brian pleaded the fifth before a benghazi committee this summer. >> a federal judge would only grant immunity for a witness to testify. a witness could only testify if a grand jury was already hearing evidence. they want him to testify against some person or persons north of him on the totem pole. the justice department apparently believes he was present at the creation of this conspiracy. he knows who led it and he knows
2:43 pm
who was in it and he is about to spill the beans to a grand jury. >> still with us from detroit, kimberly guilfoyle. i want to start with you because of your legal experience and your great insights. earlier there week, loretta lynch, the attorney general, gave an interview to bret baier. he said i don't understand the time. this helped clarify it for me. i don't think that the immunity offer would have been granted without some sort of okay by political leadership at the justice department. does that sound right to you? >> i think you're right. especially with your insight and experience and years in the white house, you ought to know. and my experience as a prosecutor, i'll tell you something. this is significant breaking news and a crucial development in this criminal investigation. you do not grant immunity like that to someone who is right there at the inception of this without going after the higher ups. that means that hillary's inner
2:44 pm
circle, everybody is in play here. exactly what i did as a prosecutor. you grant immunity when you want to catch the big fish. this is a guy who can put the little jenga puzzle pieces together and really lay it out to say this is where the conspiracy was formed. this is who knew about it. this is the furtherance of it. to put this case together to make for a successful prosecution if there in fact would be an indictment. so i think this is a major blow to the clinton camp right now. >> so while the republican party is basically eating itself, the democrats are looking at the possibility that their presumptive nominee has a former staffer and a grand jury munl. >> do they have an option somewhere like in a drawer that they can just inflate? like a replacement nominee? i don't think they do. >> called joe biden. >> he is in a freezer right now. imagine someone knows about you and is granted immunity.
2:45 pm
that's like after a break-up when you're constantly worried that your ex will release the pictures. i never want any of you to be granted immunity. ever. >> okay. you have a quick question. i don't know the answer to it. i did read this is a, it is a civil lawsuit. and they haven't filed criminal charges. that's a big distinction, is it not? >> yes, it is. a lot of times these two things will run perarallel to one another. you have someone who is a significant player. his testimony that would come together. those sworn statements under oath are pivotal, crucial for any kind of case going forward. civil or criminal. we know that there is a criminal investigation as well. so all eyes are on this guy in material of what he would say. the kind of information that he would provide could be used in both arenas and that's significant. >> all right. we have to go. i'm going to get juan's point of view and we'll get it to you. a quick programming note.
2:46 pm
tomorrow i'm headed to washington to speak at cpac and will join "the five" from there. (avo) after 50 years of designing cars for crash survival, subaru has developed our most revolutionary feature yet. a car that can see trouble and stop itself to avoid it. when the insurance institute for highway safety
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a little over three hours away from now the big gop debate on fox news. in our final moments, some final predictions on how it will all go down. and the lady on the scene, kimberly guilfoyle. any last thoughts? >> i'm telling you it is really intense here. i'm hearing there will be a big push to get somebody out after tonight. so now is a chess move. do or die. 9:00 p.m. eastern. don't miss it. >> i think, let me see, kansas, kentucky, louisiana, maine on safrlt puerto rico on sunday. and then mississippi, idaho and hawaii. >> yeah. i think tonight is a huge night for marco rubio. i think he has to come out strong. i think people are watching the cruz will be rubio dynamic if they team up. but rubio hasn't won anything yet. so they're going to look and say, can he shine? it might be his last
2:51 pm
opportunity. and i would be curious to see how he plays it all off. >> eric, the establishment's last home. this is it. >> they're not going to get out or win. how do they take down trump? if i'm trump, i was wrong the last time. i thought he should have coached it the last time. if i were trump, i would focus on florida. if you nail down florida. talk about things that -- >> marco rubio. about his voting record. he doesn't show up for votes. >> if i was in a debate, i would say dana, how should i handle it? >> i wrote this book, the good news is. the if this were family counseling, the good news is that everybody is talking. it's all out on the table. i was the kid in the back seat of my car when my parents were
2:52 pm
fighting. i hated it so much. i would have rather died. i was thinking, he should say it this way and she should say it that way. i don't pretend to know what everybody should say. i think they should stop practicing right now. central themselves, pray if that's what they want to do to get themselves ready to go and just put it out. lay it all on the field. leave it all on the field. i knew -- i'm so nervous about sports metaphors around you. >> streakers take it off and leave it on the field. >> for lots of reasons, including the relationship between megyn kelly and donald trump. >> you're forgetting that carson is not there which means more kasich. more kasich for everybody. one question has to be solved. is trump a conservative or a different kind of conservative or a pretender seeking power sns
2:53 pm
i think lots of people will be watching a party imploding. right now at at&t, buy one get one free on our most popular smartphones. no matter how you hang out, share every minute of it. buy one get one free on our most popular smartphones. and right now, get up to $650 in credits per line to help you switch to at&t.
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when they thought they should westart saving for retirement.le then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges. time for one more thing. six people. we have to go quick. >> we have a little bit of a snow shot out there and me at the podium as well where the contenders will be. and also the else where we did maybe perhaps take wrong car from the national lot.
2:57 pm
so -- yes, gta in detroit. they did let me out of the lot. it was an suv counted as mid-size. >> stolen car already. i bet that happens a lot. >> so one man's trash, other man's treasure. an anonymous family found seven baseball cards, likely valued in the millions yesterday. the cards feature ty cobb, the georgia peach, famed detroit slugger. the printing was from 1909 to 1911. previously only 15 of these cards existed. this is most valuable baseball card. if you like baseball cards, this is the one. experts describe it as spectacular, miraculous find. on the back it says ty cobb, king of smoking tobacco world. >> times have changed. >> dana? >> fox business reporter jeff
2:58 pm
block and his team went to an idle coal mine yesterday. they talk to the miners. the reason i bring it up is that coal mining country is one of the most maligned in this country by government and they are going to be very important constituency in the upcoming election. this is a mine that wants to reopen next year. they don't know if they'll be able to. they had to stay open a little bit because of regulations. you can't just close one. listen to their stories. >> we all feel like a forgotten industry. >> would you say you've been under attack in. >> definitely. the regulations are coming down every day. it makes it harder to do our job. >> do you think you'll have a job in the coming year? >> i don't know. it doesn't look good right now. >> and fox business is taking on this story. it is a big one. a lot more people should cover and it follow it. >> okay. you're up. >> okay. time for -- greg's nutrition tips. as you know, i love a good
2:59 pm
multivitamin. of course mine are beef, nachos, cheese, cheddar cheese, spicy chicken and cheetos. so taco bell has created the cheetos crunch wrap which contains everyone of those important vitamins. including crunchy cheetos. i had 16 this morning and i threw up. >> okay. very quickly. kg will be on later on. so keep it here all night long. also, bret baier is doing something very interesting from the debate. he is instagraming the whole debate throughout the night. i believe he has four of them up there. check out bret's instagram. it will be very exciting. >> jimmy fallon has an amazing clip out about trump and christie. just watch it. trump me. >> i want to thank chris christie for his unblinking
3:00 pm
support. he is like my mini me except bigger. mega mega me. >> all right. that's it. we have to leave it there. kg, have a great time. "special report" next. this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier. we are coming to you live from the historic fox theater in downtown detroit. three hours from now the four republicans still actively pursuing the party's presidential nomination will be on this stage. the debate comes five days before the michigan primary next tuesday. on the other side of the race, i will host a one-hour democratic presidential town hall exclusively with bernie sanders. on monday, march 7, 6:00 eerns. secretary clinton was invited to participate but her campaign said she is unable to attend due to a conflict in her


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